Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Missing: 18 Month Old Toddler Elaina Steinfurth

TOLEDO, Ohio - A toddler in East Toledo was still unaccounted for Monday night. 

 Police are trying to put the whole story together and find 18-month-old- Elaina Steinfurth. Steinfurth and her sister were supposed to be given to their father, Terry, on Sunday afternoon in the 700 block of Federal. The mother turned over one child but after going back to get the second, she says the baby disappeared. The mother, Angela Steinfurth, is now pointing to her boyfriend being responsible for the baby's disappearance. 

 His family is denying any involvement. 

Note the article does not say how the family denied involvement.  This is something that is necessary for analysis, and so often missing from journalists. 

 Now each side is pointing fingers, while the baby is still missing.

 "Where's my baby? I want her to come home to her mom and Dad. I miss her. Give us back our daughter," said Angela Steinfurth. 

Please note the overwhelming number of parents who 'share' a child (foster, step parenting, boyfriend, adoption) etc, use the pronouns "us" and "our", though in a missing child case, we expect to hear a mother taking strong ownership, with "my" as seen above. "I miss her" is strong.  She can both miss her and still know where she is, but we are too limited in statements to draw a conclusion. 

Here, who is "Dad"?  Is "Dad" the biological father?  The boyfriend?  A journalist trained in SCAN would likely pick up on this and ask appropriate questions. 

Note the need to say for her to come home to both "her mom and Dad"

When biological parents use the pronoun "we", or "us", "our", it can sometimes indicate potential for divorce.  Context is very important. 

"She's a loving baby she'd go to pretty much anybody and that's what scares me. You never know, you never think anything like this is going to happen. Doesn't even seem real. It's like a bad dream," said Terry Steinfurth. 

Note that at 18 months, there is often a healthy 'stranger anxiety' in children that are well cared for and children of neglect are overwhelmingly willing to go to anyone, as they are often handled stranger to stranger.  Sometimes, in a larger family, a child may have less appropriate levels of stranger anxiety, but children generally do.  

Note that the 18 month old is described as a "loving baby";  how else would someone describe such a young child?  

Note that "it doesn't seem real" which will cause people to ask, "Is this real?  Or, is this custodial or something else?"

 Elaina Steinfurth was last seen wearing orange shorts. The mother says, when she got back from the police department Monday morning, the shorts and the baby's medicine were both found in the home on Federal. Friends and family members went through East Toledo neighborhoods looking for the baby Monday. They also held a prayer circle to pray for her safe return. Both Angela and her boyfriend were at Toledo's Safety Building talking with police throughout Monday. No charges have bee filed. If you have any information, you're asked to contact Toledo Police.


Unknown said...

Wearing only orange shorts?? (Barely clothed?)

Medicine?!? (Was she sick?)

Interesting story unfolding, but I think at this point it is too early to start drawing any conclusions, although there may be suspicions cast.


Excruciating Headache said...

"Nothing disappears without a trace."

This is why I still visit your blog, Mr. Hyatt - even though I disagree with you on virtually everything. Someone knows something.

Sorry for the run-on sentence. ;)

Liz said...

"she'd go with pretty much anybody". "She'd" is past tense.

Anonymous said...


Tania Cadogan said...

Police are trying to put the whole story together and find 18-month-old- Elaina Steinfurth. Steinfurth and her sister were supposed to be given to their father, Terry, on Sunday afternoon in the 700 block of Federal. The mother turned over one child but after going back to get the second, she says the baby disappeared.

This does not make sense.

Why hand over ONE child at a time?
Why not dow what is expected and hand over both at the same time?

Iss she seriously telling us that in between her going out and handing over one child and returning to get the second, the baby disappeared?

How long was she outside handing over one child before going back inside to get the second?

Are we talking seconds, minutes or hours here?

How did the child disappear?

Where was the child in the house in relation to the door the mom was using?

Are there other doors thatcould have been used?

Were the doors locked or unlocked or even open?

What about windows?

Was the boyfriend in the house whilst mom was handing over the first child?

Was he there went she went to get the second child?

If he was there, how did the child disappear?

Where was he in relation to the mom and the man collecting the children(presumably the dad)

How did the 'abductor' remove the child without being seen?

the abductor would have been taking an immense risk entering a house where adults were present and removing a child, what if the adults returned too quickly, what if the child made a noise?

If this 'abduction' was a spur of the moment how did they know the mom would only be taking one child out at a time?
How did they know the child was alone?

This story as seen is unbelievable, there is no opportunity, it relies on a series of lucky breaks.

Why is the mom blaming the boyfriend?

Is she telling us she turned her back and he did a runner with the baby?

Why would he abduct a baby that it seems wasn't his?

How did he get out the house without being seen carrying an 18 month old baby?

Sadly this seems to be another case of child abuse by a step-parent.
The baby is dead at the hands of those meant to care for her.

I suspect if they go in with blood and cadaver dogs. the dogs will react.
i also wonder if the family is known to CPS and LE?

PH said...

"Her mother refused to give her to me. She went in the house. Was in there 15-20 minutes, came out saying that the baby was missing," said Terry.
"Her boyfriend disappeared out the back door during this time. I don't know if he took her or where she's at right now," said Terry


The above statemenents are from another news report. It sounds like there are some real issues with custody in this case.

PH said...

"I believed everything she told me, I thought she didn't have a place to stay," King said. "She lied to us."

Steinfurth, Sr. said Angela told him the baby was napping, and she didn't want to wake her up.

"I heard her inside, [crying and screaming], ‘I don't wanna give him my baby, I'll never see her again,'" he said. Eventually they talked her into letting them see the baby. "Twenty minutes later, she comes running out, [saying,] ‘The baby's not in the house, the baby's gone.'"


She lied to us……sound familiar a mother who will not tell the truth when her baby is missing?

PH said...

From what I am reading, the mother did not want to let the child go with her dad (perhaps the child was bruised or something she wanted to hide) and she had her boyfriend take the child out the back and hid her some place. If the boyfriend is from the area he has friends who could help hide the child.

PH said...


You asked how the child could be removed without being seen. Look at the photo of the house in the news link below. That type of neighborhood, it would be easy to slip out the back door into an alley and down to a friend’s house.


Anonymous said...

Police are now searching abandoned houses and trash cans for this baby.

Bring back public floggings!

Anonymous said...

Here is another theory, and I hope I am wrong.

The father said he was told that the baby was asleep, and he could hear her crying.

Maybe the boyfriend was attmpting to quiet the child or muffle her and accedently killed her.

He then carried her out the back and dumps her in a trash can.

BostonLady said...

This doesn't make sense on any level. Why was she bringing the children one at a time to the father? And how far away was she from the baby when she allegedly brought the older child to him?

The shorts the baby was wearing were found in the house with the medicine? Ummmm Did the baby ever leave that house to go with the father?

I definitely would like more information about what happened. None of this makes sense to me.

Unknown said...


I agree 100% with you and what is bothering me is what 18 month old takes "medicine" --- what medicine and why was it so important to be mentioned? Was she born with something that requires meds?
Sheer speculations - but indeed nothing herein makes sense.


~mj said...

@ anon 1:16

He heard the mother crying and screaming, not the baby.


Also, the boyfriends mother said she hadn't seen the baby at all on Sunday. The only one claiming to have seen that baby on Sunday is, Angela, the babies mom.

Amaleen6 said...


The police made everyone leave the house and they're treating it as a crime scene. I'm afraid I know where this is heading, and I hope LE has more stones than, say, the Kansas City, Tuscon, and Maine State Police agencies. They have to stop simply saying, "Oh, well, can't get the parents to talk, so in spite of any evidence, we'll just let 'em walk free."

Tania Cadogan said...

Things to ponder.

1) why did the mom not bring out both children? one could walk the other be carried.
When something is not done as expected there is a reason.
Was there a reason to not bring the toddler out with the older child?

What kind of medicine was the child on and for what reason?
Was it prescribed or over the counter?

Why is it reported she was wearing orange shorts which are then later apparantly found in the house? Are these the same shorts as described?

"I heard her inside, [crying and screaming], ‘I don't wanna give him my baby, I'll never see her again,'" he said. Eventually they talked her into letting them see the baby. "Twenty minutes later, she comes running out, [saying,] ‘The baby's not in the house, the baby's gone.'"
Why was the mom happy to let him have the older child and fearful she would not see the younger one ever again?
My thoughts on these few words are concerning.
My initial thought is by allowing the dad to see the baby he will see something on her that is not on the other child and it will result in her losing custody.
What this leads me to think is signs of abuse either physical, sexual or something else such as drugged or even death.

The dad seeing the baby will result in her never seeing her again, therefore, the dad must be prevented from seeing the baby.

The mother then delayed long enough for the baby to be 'disappeared'
Since she was in the house this leaves it to the boyfriend.
He had 20 mins to make his escape with the baby.

I have to ask why would the boyfriend stop the baby being handed over?
It apparantly isn't his thus i would think he would be glad to see the back of her for however long.

The options are that he either took the baby of his own volition in which case why especially given the mom is there and 2 adult males who if they had seen him would have chased him.
What is his reasoning, what did he get out of it?
He took the baby at the behest of the mom to prevent the dad getting her, in which case why didn't he hand her back as soon as she was reported missing? He gets nothing out of this if he keeps her except serious time for kidnap. If the mom had concerns about handing her over to the dad then why not call LE or CPS or whoever to say why she fears for her child (not seeing her ever again)

If he took the child to hide evidence of injuries, abuse etc then why didn't the mom report him if he was the abuser and why didn't he report her for abuse?
the logical conclusion is both were involved and knew the consequences if the dad saw the baby.

When was the baby seen by anyone outside the family and how did she appear?

If this was a custody battle why one child and not both?

There is missing information from the mom and her boyfriend.

If the mom and boyfriend are pointing fingers at each other this isn't going to have a happy ending.

If it is confirmed the baby was in the house when her dad arrived then she will likely be nearby.

I hope for the best, i expect the worst.

Vita said...

Toledo police Monday night continued to look for a 1½-year-old girl who was missing from an East Toledo residence since the day before, and were interviewing family members who had last seen her.

Elaina Steinfurth was allegedly last seen midday Sunday at a residence in the 700 block of Federal Street where her mother, Angela Steinfurth, was staying that night, police said in a report filed about 10 p.m. Sunday.

Police responding to a call of a missing child arrived at the residence about 3 p.m. and were told that Terry Steinfurth, the girl’s father, had gone to the address about 2 p.m. to pick up his two daughters, a 4-year-old and a 1½-year-old, but was only allowed access to the 4-year-old, police said.

Police said Mr. Steinfurth then left, picked up his father to be a go-between to keep things peaceful, and returned to the residence a half-hour later, with Ms. Steinfurth finally agreeing to allow him to have Elaina.

Ms. Steinfurth, police said, then went inside for 20 to 25 minutes only to come back stating that Elaina had been sleeping in the front bedroom but was now missing.

The woman’s live-in boyfriend, Steven King, Jr., had gone out of the back door, supposedly to look for the girl, police said.

July King, 46, Mr. King’s mother, who was standing just down the street from 704 Federal, said that she let Ms. Steinfurth and her two daughters stay at her house for the night after Ms. Steinfurth called her Saturday night and said she and her daughters had nowhere to go. She said Ms. Steinfurth and Mr. King had broken up about a week ago.

“She [Ms. Steinfurth] told me that the last time she saw her [Elaina] was about 12:30 p.m. Sunday,” Ms. King said. “She last saw her when she changed her daughters’ diaper and closed the bedroom door to let her sleep.”
Vid of Julia King, opposite of said above: http://www.toledonewsnow.com/story/22481101/child-missing-in-east-toledo

She within her tone is the Mother of Elaina had run out of discretion with her. There is obvious History within King and Mother of Elaina, that ran out.
The saddest part of this is that it wasn't about them, it should have been about the welfare of " Elaina" - she even after Elaina is missing, sounds callous. Our world that has become the haves and have nots - That an innocent is to be seen as not to be defended yet to be tossed into what the circumstance is. Babies do not chose their parents, nor do they deserve to be treated as ingrate for being born.

When an innocent is reported missing not yet old enough to walk independently, is not old enough to verbalize, yet is said " would go to anybody" this is not the Baby's truth, this is the Mother's truth. She to wish her baby had someone else to raise her baby. If she/he were not mine, they would have a chance in this world - as I am pure dysfunction, not right yet mother material.

Rest in Peace Baby Elaina - your time here, was short, as no one gave a damn of you (your soul). You were brought into the world for reasons of self improvement - not to last for a life time. If I give birth, then he will... so damn sad. Shame on Julia King, She mother of Elaina may have run out of room in your INN, you didn't think past this - that may it be, this young lady was reaching out to you, to SAVE Elaina, not herself.

Perception grudges by women towards other women needs to cease. She not the paternal grandma no, should not matter. Open your eyes and see it for what it is - when a younger woman comes to you, when she is at her rock bottom, past not to be of the equation, see the big picture. That Elaina was the one that was at the most risk -as why SHE as mother ran to you.

Coughing said...

She 'refused' to give her to me. I also think it's interesting he refers to her as 'her mother' and not Angela.
Angela is lying. That baby is dead or gas been abused and they are covering the bruises until they heal.
I would like to know about CPS and custody hearingsz

Coughing said...

I think it was Angela who was heard crying, not the baby. She's saying, I won't get her back. Why that one and not the other? The missing child would not be given back because she had signs of abuse or gross neglect. There must be a CPS report or custody battle alledging abuse here.

Anonymous said...

So lost and confused. I wonder if she was just stalling and the baby was not there from the beginning when the dad was there the first time or did they do something when he went to pick up his Dad. I pray I'm wrong and that the baby is ok.

Can someone tell me a few things that seem to be different in each case? Baby Lisa's parents were able to kick the dogs and police out of the house. To my knowledge, the police didn't immediately search Justin Dipidiot's house. What happened to search warrants? This case is different though and the police have the house. What causes the difference?

Vita said...

Elaina's Father speaks
He offers no emotions
His words are his own
He isn't numb out of shock that Elaina is missing
His use of pronouns are not of his daughters missing - his use of pronouns is he was brought in as an outsider.

He is not Elaina's father
He is a sperm donor
He speaks of his girl friend who is pseudo mother of his 4 yr old with Elaina's mother - that she is disturbed more so than anyone.
The reporter to say, you are getting emotional, he to say yeah -
His daughter is Missing - the reporter to prompt him, you are getting emotional, as he remains flat as a paper plate - seriously do you have to prompt someone as a reporter - to tell them how they are perceived, for ratings -
Because he blinked a little faster, makes him emotional ?

If it's not there, you're not going to get it out of them, to sensationalize - what they the interviewed clearly has no emotional vesting in. He is of no emotions. He is who he is.
A bystander that offered nothing to his daughters existence unless he allowed it. His Eminem white hat is surely well kept and of value. He to be interviewed to call Elaina's mother " the Mom, the Mother, - no emotional connection, none. Her, she - baby no meaning. All's well that ends well. I never expected to be a father (2nd time) with her anyway.
Toledo is of areas that are so that being human is being vulnerable, - within some of the neighborhoods. Yes. Some areas hardens a person. Not so hard though you are emotionless, when it comes to your own, and or a innocent baby.


Shelley said...

This was another article about it. I see another person posted part of it, but I have the rest of it which I think was important.

Why is she only worried about giving him one child but gladly handed over the other.
And sounds like they said the boyfriend took off with the baby but then in another area they talked about her and the boyfriend talking to the police.

Something is missing in this story.....


Terry Steinfurth came to the home of his estranged wife, Angela on Federal Street in East Toledo to pick up his daughter Elaina for a visit. He was given his 4-year-old daughter, but not Elaina, reports the Toledo News Now. Terry left to go get his father to act as a go-between and then returned to the home, said the police.

"Her mother refused to give her to me. She went in the house. Was in there 15-20 minutes, came out saying that the baby was missing," said Terry.

But, Angela says that when she went to go get the baby who was sleeping in the bedroom, she was not there and the baby was kidnapped.

Also, in the home during the incident was Angela's boyfriend, Steven King, Jr., reports the Toledo Blade.

"Her boyfriend disappeared out the back door during this time. I don't know if he took her or where she's at right now," said Terry.

The authorities searched the home and the neighborhood but could not locate Elaina, and she is still missing, with both parents stating they do not know where she is.

Shelley said...

Uh oh...Always a red flag when people feel the need to lie about the results of a test.

Steinfurth says Angela claims she passed a lie detector test, but police say they cannot confirm that.

Shelley said...

Even each reporter seems to have a slight different version.
The part I am getting concerned about is the fact it almost seems like the mom didnt have any place to live.

I really now wonder when the child went missing. I just dont think that she would give the dad just one of the kids. I have not found any reason she gave or stated for that. Refusing to give your kids to the dad is one thing, but refusing to give only one of them is a big red flag.

Im hoping my thought is wrong. that maybe she got rid of the child as she felt burdened? with no place to live. I hope not.

Here is the other article i found.

Mr. Steinfurth, a baker for Panera Bread, said he and Ms. Steinfurth are separated. The girls stayed with him for the last week, except for the weekend when Ms. Steinfurth had them. He said Ms. Steinfurth used to live with Mr. King at his mother’s place at 704 Federal until she was “thrown out” a week ago and went to live at her mother’s place, where there was no room for their two daughters.

The house at 704 Federal St. in East Toledo, where missing child Elaina Steinfurth, 1½, was last seen. Mr. King’s mother, who was standing just down the street from 704 Federal, said that she let Ms. Steinfurth and her two daughters stay at her house for the night after Ms. Steinfurth called her Saturday night and said she and her daughters had nowhere to go. She said Ms. Steinfurth and Mr. King had broken up about a week ago.

“She [Ms. Steinfurth] told me that the last time she saw her [Elaina] was about 12:30 p.m. Sunday,” Ms. King said. “She last saw her when she changed her daughters’ diaper and closed the bedroom door to let her sleep.”

Ms. King said that despite what police wrote in their report, her son had not run out of the back door to search for the missing girl on his own, but did it later when others were around.

Read more at http://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2013/06/04/Police-question-families-as-friends-assist-with-search.html#rjXWI0JMF83SdUdY.99

~mj said...


Scroll through the videos, watch July King, Terry Steinfurth Jr. and Sr.'s interviews.

JK stated she kicked Angela out because she had been too rough with the kids....not good.

I wonder if she did or did not have a place to stay at her father's?

Terry Jr (TJ) states that there are rumors about abuse in JK's home and he forbade Angela to take the kids there....she did anyways....

TJ personally thinks they (boyfriend and Angela or boyfriend and his mom??) Gave the baby to someone for drugs? What?

There is a lot not being reported.

C5H11ONO said...

If the boyfriend's mother stated:
“She [Ms. Steinfurth] told me that the last time she saw her [Elaina] was about 12:30 p.m. Sunday,” Ms. King said. “She last saw her when she changed her daughters’ diaper and closed the bedroom door to let her sleep.”

If those were Angela's words to the boyfriend's mom, that she is repeating, then the "closed the bedroom door" part would reflect the language of abuse. Would this be abuse perpetrated on Angela? If I understand correctly the closing of doors is recalled by abuse victims because the relief comes after the abuser closes the doors. And the opening of doors is recalled by the perpetrators (i.e. Jon Benet's and Zahra Baker's dad) If Angela was abused, and the reason she was kicked out of the home belonging to the boyfriend's mother was because she was abusive to her daughters, then I would be concerned if the mother, Angela, did something to the baby that caused injury/death to her daughter.

Jazzmine said...

Why would Angela, the mother, finally agree that Terry, the father, could take Elaina, but then go into the house and stay in there for 20 minutes before coming out and announcing to Terry that the baby was gone? Why did it take her 20 minutes to discover that the Elaina was not in the house? I take it that the house was not a mansion in which it would take long to search.

The baby was long gone before Sunday, IMO. Wouldn't the four-year-old sister be able to shed some light on what had been happeneing? Wouldn't she be able to answer questions as to the last time she saw her baby sister? And perhaps in what condition?

I can see the police and the reporters not knowing how to process any of the info obtained from the wacky and probably drugged out characters in this possible unfolding tragedy. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Wt with tats

Anonymous said...

I read "Doesn't even seem real. " Not "It doesn't seem real" dropped pronoun.. which is curious

Anonymous said...

"I heard her inside, [crying and screaming], ‘I don't wanna give him my baby, I'll never see her again,'" he said. Eventually they talked her into letting them see the baby. "Twenty minutes later, she comes running out, [saying,] ‘The baby's not in the house, the baby's gone.'"

what if angela wasn't talking about not wanting to give the baby to the dad? what if she didn't want to give the baby to the boyfriend to "dispose of the body" (etc) -- i hate thinking that, but who's to say that's not what she was yelling about?? maybe the baby was abused or badly injured and the mom was afraid to hand her over because she knew she'd go to jail if someone saw the injuries?

ima.grandma said...

your gonna love this one. tear him up class!

Tift County Woman Missing For Two Months 5-31-13 5:30pm

By Greg Gullberg
June 4, 2013

Tift Co., GA -The Tift County Sheriff's Office is offering more money for information on a missing pregnant woman.

The reward is now up to $1,400 for information on Crystal Hendrix.
She was eight months pregnant when she went missing, back in March.

All the money is coming from donations.

By: Eames Yates
May 31, 2013

Tift County, GA - Tift County resident Crystal Hendrix vanished on or around March 8th of this year. The 27-year-old was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Tift County Sheriff Gene Scarbrough fears the worst, and says several questions are still unanswered.

He said "the person that she was living with, he never reported her missing and when we questioned him about it you know she left with some guy so that doesn't add up."

The sheriff says her last known address was at 456 Urbana Road where she lived with her boyfriend Shawn Lily and their two young children.

Mathew Lily is Shawn's brother. He said "this is putting a lot of stress on them kids and my brother. I mean wherever she's at she needs to come out."

After searching with helicopters and dogs to no avail, the sheriff has upped the ante. He said "I put out a personal reward of five hundred dollars leading to the location of Crystal and her child. Hopefully that will spur people to come forward for that reward, hopefully that will get somebody to come forward. Somebody out there knows something."

Lily went on to say "if there is something wrong with her, yeah we would like to know but I mean the only thing we really know is she just left."

If you have seen Crystal or know where she is call the Tift County Sheriff's Office at (229) 388-6021.

Press Release: Tift County Sheriff’s Office

The Tift County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into a missing person report on Crystal Lynne Wilier Hendrix.

Hendrix is described as a white female, age 27, 5’3” in height, weighing approximately 130 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.

As far as investigators have been able to determine Hendrix was last seen on or about March 8th, 2013.

Hendrix was residing at 456 Urbana Road in Tift County at the time she was last seen.

Hendrix was approximately eight months pregnant at the time she was last seen.

Tift County Sheriff Gene Scarbrough is asking that anyone with any information on Hendrix please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 388-6021. Sgt. Jason Barber is the investigator assigned to this case.

Anonymous said...

This woman should immediately contact baby Lisa's mother Deb, Casey, Sky's mom Julia, Pillie (not)Dunn, etc.

S + K Mum said...

I agree with others, the only reason not to hand over baby Elaina was because the mother was hiding something....makes no sense to only be willing to hand over one child.

Is it just me, or is it convenient that her and her boyfriend King 'split up' the week before? Is he removing himself from the situation/ explaining/ alibi building?

It doesn't look good. Poor baby.

~mj said...

Finally, a quote from Angela:

"I just want her home in one piece, I wanna know that she's okay," said Angela Steinfurth, Elaina's mother. "It's very hard not having her around. My other daughter's going insane without her sister. They need to be together."


C5H11ONO said...


Elaina's mother speaks to media.

BostonLady said...

"I would never harm my kids in any type of way," Steinfurth told 13abc. "I don't know why people would call me a murderer or child abuser."

Not a very reliable denial.


Those words do not say "I did not kill my daughter"

Adding "in any type of way" makes it less reliable. Why did she need to add these extra words? To try to convince others ?

Who called her a child abuser or murderer??? Guilty leakage?

Imamom said...

"I just want her home in one piece"...is it just me, or is that leakage? That sounds very creepy to me.

Excruciating Headache said...

Anonymous said...


June 4, 2013 at 12:06 PM


Really? You type like a 15 year-old girl who flunked English twice.

Anonymous said...

"I would never harm my kids in any type of way," Steinfurth told 13abc. "I don't know why people would call me a murderer or child abuser."

This sounds familiar????

“I have much bigger issues than to dwell on rumor or negative talk,” Dunn said. “I know it is out there and it does anger and hurt me.

“I have bigger fish to fry — to make sure there is justice,” Dunn said. “They are bullies and they are set in their ways.”

Why not say.......I did not harm or kill my child!! The people who say I did can burn in hell!!

~mj said...

I'm scared for this baby. I'm terrified of the trend we are seeing.

With just a few quotes from mom, she has not issued a reliable denial and she introduces the idea that Elaina could be dead. She didn't call out to her child and she did not use her name. She doesn't say she misses her, or that it is hard for her, just that it is hard for her sibling. She doesn't plead with, or even mention kidnappers.

This does not look good.

Tania Cadogan said...

"I would never harm my kids in any type of way," Steinfurth told 13abc. "I don't know why people would call me a murderer or child abuser."

Oh dear, order is important, she places murder before child abuse.

Still no reliable denial and still no explanation as to why she didn't hand them both over at the same time. and then one conveniently disappears.

Did she really think the father would buy her story and be happy with just one child?

It doesn't look good, her story isn't remotely plausible. It simply leads me to conclude that when someone has a reason to obstruct, delay and be deceptive they have a reason to obstruct, delay and be deceptive.

Do we know if blood and cadaver dogs have been brought in?
Has LE used luminol?
Have LE interviewed the sister?
Where is the boyfriend?

Pam said...

The mother never uses Elaina's name in the 1:42 interview-not once.

Jazzmine said...

"I would never harm my kids in any type of way...". Oh, dear, the classic SA statement of the guilty who have, not only harmed, but have killed their children.

The boyfriend's mother has accused this woman of being too harsh with her kids and gave that as the reason why she kicked her out? But then she let her stay one night? Possibly for the sake of the children?

But how about the parents of the mother? You mean to tell me that the children couldn't sleep anywhere in the grandparents'home? Pallets on the floor, if necessary?
They didn't have room for their grandchildren...even on a temp basis until things could be resolved? And weren't the children staying with the father during the week? The grandparents couldn't have kept the kids for the weekend?

This is all a bit more than unbelievable...and as others have said, what's the real story, here?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Toledo Fire Department searches Maumee River for 1-year-old
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Divers from the Toledo Fire Department were continuing their search late today in the Maumee River, looking for additional clues in the case of missing Elaina Steinfurth.

The 18-month-old girl was last seen Sunday in the 700 block of Federal Street in East Toledo.

Numerous officials who were gathered on the banks of the river in East Toledo, near the Anthony Wayne Bridge, declined to comment.

Officials started searching in that area early today, and were taken to a particular area near a clearing in the brush after the girl's mother, Angela Steinfurth, found “something” and then alerted police.

She and her step-father, Richard Schiewe, said they came out the river at 9 a.m. and started to look for any clues police might have missed from their search of the area Wednesday.

At about 10:20 a.m., police asked for additional assistance saying evidence needed to be bagged.

At least two brown paper bags with evidence inside were taken from the scene.

Mrs. Steinfurth and Mr. Schiewe said they were prompted to search after getting a tip Wednesday evening that a fisherman at the marina snagged a heavy duffel bag. The two went out and said they talked to every fisherman, but none reported finding anything.

Two psychics who were consulted today – one by a family member and the other by a neighbor – reportedly both told police that the girl was in a Jerusalem Township field crying, “Mommy,” Mrs. Steinfurth said.

Oregon police Chief Mike Navarre said a detective and a sergeant went to the field and did a search with the department's canine, but nothing was found to indicate that the young girl was, or ever had, been there.

Mrs. Steinfurth said her mother's intuition tells her Elaina is still alive.

“I don't want to bury my 1 ½ year old daughter,” she said. “I feel my daughter is alive. I don't know where, but I feel she is alive.”

Mrs. Steinfurth said her daughter does not speak much, which might make it difficult for the girl to ask for help.

Elaina easily asks for her mom and dad, but otherwise mostly communicates with hand signals.

“When she comes home, I'M BUYING THEM A LEASH and they're not going anywhere,” Mrs. Steinfurth said.

Contact Taylor Dungjen at tdungjen@theblade.com, or 419-724-6054, or on Twitter @taylordungjen.

Tania Cadogan said...

TOLEDO, Ohio -

It could be a break in the case of a missing east Toledo toddler. A tip on Thursday morning from the family of 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth led investigators to a full day of combing a spot on the banks of the Maumee river.

The toddler was last see Sunday, according to her mother.

While searching some woods on the East Toledo side of the Maumee River near the High Level Bridge, Angela Steinfurth says she found a diaper that she says is the same brand and size as her daughter wears. Detectives went back to the spot and did not leave for several hours.

The Toledo Fire Department put its boat and divers into the water. Investigators stood on the banks. It's not clear if they have any new evidence. But on Friday 13abc saw investigators take two brown bags of evidence into their vehicle. It's not clear if the diaper was taken away.

"I'm trying. I've been shaking for the last few days and then this here, Oh my God. This makes my whole day even worse. By the river there's so many things you could do to her," said Angela Steinfurth.

Officials on the scene tell 13abc that nothing was found, but a dog brought in for searching was able to get a hit in the area, so the search concentrated near the river.

Angela Steinfurth says today's like piece of information is still not good enough.

"Not knowing where she is. What she's doing? Who's got her? Is she ok? I've got 20 million questions running through my head and the first one is ‘Why did you even take her?' You have no say so to do with that baby," said Angela Steinfurth.

Still no arrests have been made in the case. Elaina disappeared Sunday after she was supposed to go with her father.

Interesting the family got a tip, went to the river and found a diaper that was the same make and size as her missing daughter.
Is this instead a mom suffering guilt and indirectly (alleging a tip) leading LE to where the baby was dumped?
A dog apparantly hit on the area, they have not said if it is a live search dog or a cadaver dog.
Given they are searching trash cans, dumpsters and the river, they are not looking for a live baby.
If it were a kidnap would LE be monitoring the phones for ransom calls?
If it is a custody battle why has no one reported seeing her or noticed changes in a household?

Has the mom and boyfriend taken polys?
if so what were the results?

Given it is a custody battle why the baby and not both?

Is this another case of if i can't have her i will make sure no one can?

lina said...

The baby's father's cousin is evidently a member of an online community and has posted about the case. She says she doesn't trust the mother or bf.


Anonymous said...

Are you glad Nelson Mandela IS DEAD TERRORIST DEAD HO HO HO???????

Anonymous said...

Angela told the father that the baby was napping and she didn't want to wake her...the father took the older child and left...came back a short time later with his father to get baby Elaina..that is when he was told Baby Elaina was missing...Yes the boyfriends family is now out of the house...not only is it being treated as a crime scene, according to police reports the house is uninhabitable...filthy with sewage and animal droppings ...Yes I smell a rat...Also Mom is poorly educated.

Anonymous said...

Have they asked the 4 year old when the last time she saw her sister?

Anonymous said...

Funny how the mother knew the child that went missing was "injured but didn't seek medical assistance".. I have two children, and I would have them go TOGETHER, not one at a time.. their "story" doesn't add up.. That would be suspicious activity for them to only bring one child at a time.. especially when the second one was known to be injured, and they hadn't gotten medical assistance? Sounds like they did something horrible, and if they went to the hospital, the individuals working there would most likely figure out what the injuries were caused by, and probably turn them over to CPS or the Police Department... tsk tsk. Poor little girl :( and for them to "magically" come across a box with "undeveloped human remains" after the Police already searched the home? Awful stuff. Too much dishonesty, and story changing coming from the mother and proclaimed ex-boyfriend.. Why would your story keep changing if you were TELLING THE TRUTH? I call bullshit..

PhillyDeb said...

Bad news: