Thursday, June 13, 2013

Modern Vernacular and Statement Analysis

I received an interesting lesson in modern (post internet) vernacular recently.

As readers may be familiar with, my opinion on video games is not a gray matter:  kids need to read books and kids need to play outdoors, even as we raise a generation of boys with very strong thumbs, but unfamiliar with the joy of a good book completed. For some, moderating the amount of time the child plays video games (passivity) versus the time of reading (engaging) may be the key.

While attempting to play a game of kickball, one of the boys wanted to call "Time Out!" to stop the runners from scoring.

His life is dedicated to video games, so playing outdoors, particularly, a sport or game, is something rare for him.

Instead of yelling, "Time!" or "Time OUT!" to stop the game, can you guess what he yelled?


I think he wanted what we used to call a "do over", so I quickly embraced his language and asked him,

"Do you want to rewind?"


Katie said...

This reminds me of what my husband said to me last night. We were watching a movie and I mentioned how fast it seems children grow up, but their childhood memories are being created and childhood seems like it was forever. He said, "That's because you had a childhood." He said that children now are on the computer all day so they don't have childhoods and won't have such childhood memories.

rob said...

My young friend took her 2 and a half yr old to the dr for a check-up. The dr asked the child to stand on one foot, hop on one foot, and several other moves. The mother demonstrated each activity, begging the child to try it. No go. The dr said to work on it, his motor skills are lacking. The father (works out of town) came home, and the mother gave the report in tears. The father said, he can use an ipad and an iphone with no help,and can't hop on one foot! So began the physical training. The tot thought they were crazy, but he learned to hop, hit a ball with a bat, throw the ball and much more. Now at 4, he is own a soccer team and actually plays outside.
When she told me this story, I just thought, what kind of kids are we raising? why are so many kids overweight?

Anonymous said...


exhausted said...

When My OlderKids Were Younger, TheyWere Not Allowed Tv/Computer During The Week, And For Every 2 Hours Outside, Got Half An Hour Screen Time. My Baby Is 2 1/2 And HaS Never Watched Tv!

exhausted said...

Said Baby Rides A Bik E WithTraining Wheels And Will Be SwimmingIn No Time :) Yes, Proud Momma Right Here...

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks for the laugh Peter or should it be the LOL?

Nic said...

It used to be that my kids had to read a book or 2 depending on what they picked (we're talking grade 2/3 so small books) and give me a verbal book report before they got 30 min of play time on their Nintendos. Max 60 min/day. They weren't strong enough to play even 30 min and would toss it aside and go back to reading. Things change. They are active and are voracious readers, (their favourite store is Indigo) but they like their video games, too. Especially Minecraft. If it wasn't creative/Lego like, I would balk more about the time spent playing it.

The upside to hand-held devices/games is that they are golden when you're having to wait in the dr's/dentist's, etc., waiting rooms. Or waiting for sister's violin lesson to be done, LOLOLOL...

brosnanfan said...

At which point the kid looked at you and said, "Rewind? What's that?"

Statement Analysis Blog said...

"rewind" was his word....

He meant "do over"

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was very young she saw something interesting and said to me,, I nearly went to, print screen'lol

Shelley said...

My son is just starting to learn to read (just turned 5 and stars kindergarten in the fall) but is already excited about it because we read to him and tell him how many cool stories he will be able to read soon.

He does play video games but he plays outside really just about every day.

He asked to have his own training wheels removed when he was just under 3. Now at 5, some of the kids his age still sport those training wheels, where my son rides like a pro, is up and down dirt hills, can stop his bike in a skid.

Its all about moderation.

You cant let them be on the computers all day or watching tv. If I feel like my son is getting to comfortable, i make him turn it off and play with his stuff or I tell him we can give it away if he does not want it.

And that always works. He has a play room that was made to encourage him to play, have an imagination and I make him use it. I want him to "play". Create his own stories. Not just push some button on a screen.

He has lots of play dates with his pre-school friends and we have him in jiu jitsu.

the jiu jitsu started as a self confidence and self defence thing, but he thrives off the physical aspect.

My son can grab a bigger kid sitting on top of him and kick him off and roll away. Which is why we choose this this over the other martial arts.

A MMA guy I know told me that this one does not teach them to just kick and hit, which against an adult or larger kid does nothing to help them if someone was on top of them or trying to kidnap them, but rather teaches them how to get away. Where to hit, push, kick so they have that few seconds that they can get up and run.

With all the stories we see on he news.... that became my main focus.

Teach him how to get away.

Anyways, its all in moderation.

Let them have a little fun. But make sure they live life for real and not just on a computer screen.

Make them interact with other kids and play. Learn how to communicate with other kids.