Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mother of Missing Toddler Arrested

Is Maine watching this?

Justin DiPietro should have been arrested the moment they knew he was peddling a false kidnapping account and charged him, his sister, Elisha, and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts with child endangerment.  

One of them, in the least, would have talked. 

TOLEDO -- The mother of a missing Toledo toddler arrested on a charge of child endangerment faced a judge Thursday morning.

Angela Mories Steinfurth, 25, was arraigned on one count of child endangerment for an incident that took place the day her 18-month-old daughter, Elaina, disappeared.
According to the court affidavit, Steinfurth admitted to police that her daughter sustained a serious physical injury on June 2, but she did not seek medical treatment for the child.

Steinfurth cried as the judge issued a $250,000 bond in Toledo Municipal court. She is being held at the Lucas County jail.
But Steinfurth's father, Richard Schiewe, told reporters the only mistake his daughter made was trusting her ex-boyfriend, Steven King, Jr.

"She doesn't know where the baby's at, but she knew what happened to the baby," he said when asked about the child's injury. 
"I was told the boyfriend dropped the baby and she had serious physical injuries."

The day Elaina went missing, Steinfurth and her children were staying at the home of her ex-boyfriend's mother. 
Schiewe says his daughter later admitted Elaina got hurt, but she never took her to the hospital.

"She kept saying it was Steven, Steven did it."
According to Schiewe, police haven't been able to find King since he was released from initial questioning. He asked for the community
to continue to help the family search for Elaina.

"I just want her to be home, I just want to wake up and this all be over with," he said.

Julie King, Steven's mother, told WNWO earlier this week that her son was dating Angela until recently, but the two broke up
because of “the way she treated her children.” She said her son has no involvement in the disappearance.
Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Elaina's location.


Shelley said...

I have read the articles and the police report.

I am not sure why she would just admit to her child being hurt and doing nothing about it when the child is still missing.

Yet, still wont admit to any involvement in the dissapearance.

To me, it seems unlikely she was not involved in that.

So if she was, why she would admit to that baffles me.

I think there is way more to this story.

Shelley said...

Nancy Grace covered the case. It does not appear the mom was on the show (I have not watched it yet) but that they played some statements the mom said on the news.

peter.... or anyone wish to analyze? I am really not too comfortable with that yet.

It appears the brief statements were possiblly 2 seperate interviews.

I saw the first one. The reporter asked: "tell me your emotions from tonight":

Angela: I don`t know how to explain them because there`s -- it`s crazy. I have been shaking for the last three days, and I just want my baby home. She has problems, and the only way they`re going to get handled is if me and her father can do it for her.

Then, I do not know what was asked of her prior for this interview

Angela: A nervous wreck. I just want her home in one piece. I want to know that she`s OK. It`s very hard not having her around. My other daughter is going insane without her sister. And they need to be together.

In the first video, she was speaking with no panic, just more like she was reporting that someone took her wallet.

Yet i saw her in court, and she was bawling. HARD.

Losing my child would be the hardest thing to ever deal with.

Shelley said...

I found the full transcripts so I have the questions and all the answers.

Analyze away....

Toledo News Now: What have you been going through the last three days?

MOREAdditional Links
Angela Steinfurth, mother of missing girl: A nervous wreck. I just want her home in one piece, I wanna know that she's okay. It's very hard not having her around. My other daughter's going insane without her sister. They need to be together.

Toledo News Now: When you see the outpour of support, does that help at all?

Angela: It does, but it still doesn't bring her home. It doesn't bring her home at all. I appreciate the support of everybody being here but it does not bring her back at all.

Toledo News Now: What can you hope that tonight's vigil will do?

Angela: Put an end to this so she can come home. I'm hoping someone just gives up and brings her back to me and her father where she needs to be. She has problems, and me and him are the only ones that can handle those problems for her.

Toledo News Now: What is she like? Tell me about her.

Angela: She's shy, she's quiet, she's a momma's girl over a thousand percent….She does like men, but she'll see you for a couple minutes if you're a guy, but overall it's ‘mommy mommy mommy.' That's the way she's been since she was born. She's a perfect little angel, I wouldn't ask her to be any other way.

Toledo News Now: I can't even imagine what this has all been like for you, a nightmare?

Angela: Yeah, I've been like this for 3 days, shaking. It's hard. It is very hard. I just want her home.

Toledo News Now: Is there anything else you wanna add?

Angela: Just whoever has her, to bring her home. She needs to be home with her parents.

Shelley said...

This was Elaina paternal grandfather on Nancy Grace.

Anyone that would like to analye it? Dont think hes guilty, but would be good to compare to the mother. If that is correct.

Mr. Steinfurth, first question. Where is the bedroom where baby Elaina is supposed to be? Is it near the front door?

TERRY STEINFURTH, MISSING CHILD`S GRANDFATHER (via telephone): If you go in the front door of the house, you make a sharp left, and the door to the bedroom is right there.

GRACE: OK, let me see the picture one more time, Liz. Everybody, Liz is working 15 machines at once. She`s trying to get the picture up so I can look at it.

So what I`m getting at -- no, I want to see the actual picture of the home, Liz. What I`m getting at, Mr. Steinfurth -- and thank you for being with us.

STEINFURTH: You`re welcome.

GRACE: What I`m getting at is, how could -- again, I want to see the picture of the home, not the floor plan. How could somebody get into that window and get the baby out with no one noticing it? And when we see the home, I think the viewers will understand what I`m saying. I mean, it`s about -- leave it on the picture, Liz!

It`s about, I would say, 10 or 12 feet up off the ground, that window. And there`s a front porch. People are sitting on the front porch. So how could somebody get in that window, Mr. Steinfurth, and take the baby?

STEINFURTH: They couldn`t. There`s no way anybody walked past me to go through that window.

GRACE: Terry, if I may call you that, sir -- with me is Elaina`s paternal grandfather. He wanted to see the grandchild before he had surgery the next day. The son, the bio dad -- they were married when they had the baby. This is the child`s legitimate father. Later, they separated. The baby`s dad goes over to get the baby. Mom won`t give her up. He brings in the grandfather.

All right, Grandfather, Terry Steinfurth, tell me what happened when you got there.

STEINFURTH: When I first arrived to the house, the boyfriend`s mom and dad were sitting on the porch. I asked them if I could see Angela. I wanted to see my granddaughter. The boyfriend comes down the porch, not off of it. We had a slight confrontation. The mother sent him into the house. I talked with the mother and father. They yelled in...

GRACE: What did they say.

STEINFURTH: ... for Angela to come out. She wouldn`t come out. The boyfriend`s mother went into the house. Angela and her did come out, back out. The mother and I -- Angela and I argued that she wasn`t going to give me the baby because my son wouldn`t let her have her back if she did.

After a short period of time, she agreed to give her to me. She went back into the house. I was seated on the porch with the boyfriend`s mother and father. My son`s wife never came back out.

The boyfriend`s mother went in to get her, to find out what was taking her so long, as they said, to pick up a sleeping baby and carry her out to me. She went in the house. The father and I are out on the porch. I hear what I thought was the baby crying at first. I figured she had woke her up. And then I realized it was Angela crying and screaming that she was not going to give me the baby because if she did, she`d never see it again.

Fifteen, twenty minutes later, she come

Shelley said...

more of the transcript..

Fifteen, twenty minutes later, she come out of the house saying the baby was gone. And I don`t see how the baby could go out without somebody seeing them carry it out.

GRACE: Excellent question. To the paternal grandfather, who is here answering your questions tonight, Terry Steinfurth, Sr. Who all was in the home?

STEINFURTH: The adults that I know that were at the house were Steven, my son`s wife, Steven`s father and Steven`s mother, and there was a baby in a carrier on the porch with them, and there was a young infant child sleeping on the couch when I went into the house.

GRACE: So you`ve got the mom, Angela Steinfurth. You`ve got her boyfriend, Steven King, his mom, who owns the home, July King, a couple of other adults and another younger child and a baby in a carrier, is that right?


GRACE: It doesn`t make sense to me. Terry Steinfurth Sr., the girl`s grandfather, went to the house immediately to try to get his granddaughter, baby Elaina, out of the home. Terry, if you don`t mind, could you go through with me exactly what happened when you got there and where did the mom say the baby had been? I thought the baby was napping in the front bedroom.

STEINFURTH, SR.: The mother was in the house when I fist got there. After we got the mother to come out, she argued with me, she wasn`t going to let me have the baby. She claimed the baby was in the house sleeping. After the argument, she decided to let me have her. She went back into the house to supposedly bring her out, and she never brought her back out. And 20 minutes later she came out saying the baby was gone. And I don`t see how the baby could just -- the baby couldn`t just walk out of the house. Somebody had to see the baby --

GRACE: When you confronted her with that, Terry, what did she say?

STEINFURTH SR.: While he was outside with me she was saying she wouldn`t let me have the child because my son would not let her have her back if he took her.

GRACE: Hasn`t your son had visitation with the baby before?

STEINFURTH SR.: The two - his two children were living with him. She had had them for that weekend because both my son and his girlfriend work third shift.


STEINFURTH SR.: So she had them while they were working third shift.

GRACE: Well, I`m less concerned -- I`m speaking to Elaina`s grandfather. I`m less concerned about their custody problems as I am about what she said about where did the baby go.

STEINFURTH SR.: She told me she has no idea. She said somebody came in the house and took her baby.

GRACE: OK. And this happened at what time of the day, Terry?

STEINFURTH SR.: I arrived at their house shortly before 2:30. She came out and told me the baby was missing just shortly before 3:30. So my calculations, it`s supposedly happened, according to her, between 2:30 and 3:30.

Vita said...

Updated video of Mother in court

Video earlier today - Press released interview of Granddad
Elaina's maternal grandfather speaks, the video is at bottom, he interviewed directly after Angela Mories Steinfurth's (whatever her name is)after her arraignment.
4:40 mins long

This is not the grandfather who was on NG last night as audio guest. Reporter asked Angela's father directly, "do you think Elaina is alive"?

His response: NO

Listening to his said of what he learned last night prior to and or upon Angela's arrest, is chilling.
He offers more than any presser has. Elaina was injured, sustained great bodily injury, and no one provided her with medical care (his learned) = his said, he was on a man hunt of his own.

That the Boyfriend Steven is who Angela fingered for the abuse of Elaina. He, Steven, is on the run, said Granddad. He to say that LE should never had let him, his daughter, Steven's parents out of custody, till someone broke, told the truth. It's a compelling 4:40 mins. He is on one side and that is Elaina's. He is not offering sympathy to his daughter. The Van that has been in the press, that Cadaver dogs were called in, Granddad offers his learned on it also. It was towed last night.

Video of him here, scroll to the bottom:

Where is Elaina?
Mother's lips are zipped
250k Bond no 10% she is not going anywhere. Will she talk? doubtful. She waiting until they/LE find her estranged boyfriend? to compare her, OH NOW I remember, stories to his. Her charge on Ohio records, 1 count: Endangering Children
She is in Lucas County Jail.
Her charge/ affidavit is linked to the 2nd press/with Granddad.

Incredible waste of efforts - she could have been found by now. Given her dignity. Mother though chose to lie, imagine that. It was not very difficult to figure out, as Elaina didn't para-glide out the window on her own, not without witnesses.

I pray she is found sooner than later. The weather is changing quickly and will make the searches more difficult. The storms of late (high winds/rains) to make the Maumee more active than normal. Such a damn shame. This appears to be the focal area of searching as of today: The Maumee River

Vita said...

Toledo Police, detectives, and investigators revealed new details about the case of a missing toddler from east Toledo. They say their laser focus right now is on Elaina's mother Angela Steinfurth.

In the Thursday morning press conference, police say interrogation and interviews with Elaina's mom led them to charge her with child endangerment. Questioning her also led them to Wednesday night's search of homes and a van located on Federal Street, where Elaina was reportedly last seen.

In the press conference investigators also said that they believe the baby was injured at some point, though they didn't reveal the extent of the injuries she may have suffered.

Earlier Thursday, Angela faced a judge in Toledo Municipal Court this morning. She was arraigned on one charge on child endangering.

Judge Robert Christiansen set her bond at $250,000. Angela was crying while Judge Christiansen read her charge to her for her arraignment.

Elaina Steinfurth still has not been found. Her (Mories) next court date is June 20th.

To read the whole story of the disappearance, including full interviews and an interactive timeline, click here.

Police stress that this is still a missing person's case. Additional charges could be coming. If you have any information on the whereabouts of baby Elaina Steinfurth, or you know anything about this case, police are urging you to call the tipline, 1-800-CALL-FBI.
Video of LE Press Conf held today, Q&A of many reporters. NG is going to be burning it up, if she covers Elaina again tonight.

Van towed that Elaina's granddad spoke of, same News web site
Today -TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) 6/13/2013

According to Sgt. Joe Heffernan of the Toledo Police Department, the maroon van towed from Federal street on 6/12 in the evening belonged to a member of Steven King's family.

Steven King is the boyfriend of Angela Steinfurth, the mother of Elaina Steinfurth who has been missing since June 2 form her Federal Street home in East Toledo.

The van has been taken to the Toledo Police Department's tow lot, where is currently being processed by authorities.

Vita said...

This is the full raw interview of Richard Schiewe, the grandfather of baby Elaina Steinfurth. This happened at Toledo Municipal Court, right after Angela Steinfurth was arraigned for her one charge of child endangering.

In the interview, Richard speaks his mind on missing Elaina and what his thoughts are on the pending criminal case.

Theresa said...

"Toledo News Now: When you see the outpour of support, does that help at all?

Angela: It does, but it still doesn't bring her home. It doesn't bring her home at all. I appreciate the support of everybody being here but it does not bring her back at all."

"It doesn't bring her home at all." She said that twice... and makes me think she is emphasizing that Elaina isn't coming home, no matter what the community does or doesn't do to show support. Because the baby is dead.

Jazzie said...

"they (LE) turned up the heat on Angela Steinfurth"

"they (LE) ramped up the search, looking at homes, and bringing out cadaver dogs and searching a van"

"police say they also learned more details into what happened to the baby girl before she went missing from the mother's own mouth"

Richard Schiewe, Grandfather:
"she (Angela) should have took the baby to the hospital after the boyfriend hurt the baby"

Jazzie said...


Tragedy unbound.
It hurts to hear the words
"the baby"
Gone baby gone
by the river.

Anonymous said...

Finally a reaction we should see.

Grandpa saying he's coming for the boyfriend is what I expect from a man!

I know my husband would be on the hunt!


elf said...

What disturbs me the most about the mothers statement is the additional words 'in one piece'. Since babies are not usually in separate pieces those words added to 'I just want her home..' seem like a red flag to me.

rob said...

God help these babies when mama has a boyfriend. Or, what the hey, mama is just as bad. What are the boyfriends parents saying? Are they part of the cover-up?
I hope they find the boyfriend, fast, and if his parents are aiding him, burn them also.

Trigger said...

"but it does not bring her back at all"

It sounds like the mother knows that her baby is dead.

Why doesn't the mother call her baby by name?

I would be calling out to my child and flashing a photo in front of a camera every chance I got.

Anonymous said...

"I just want her to be home."

Expected: I just want her to COME home.

Be suggests, to me, that she wishes, as indicated in the next statement, that things could 'be' different, but they're not. Why would the man run if that baby were still alive?

Anonymous said...

BIZARRE AND DISTURBING (needed the caps for that.)

: She's shy, she's quiet, she's a momma's girl over a thousand percent….She does like men, but she'll see you for a couple minutes if you're a guy, but overall it's ‘mommy mommy mommy.' That's the way she's been since she was born. She's a perfect little angel, I wouldn't ask her to be any other way.


Shelley said...

And anon 4:48...

now the baby is shy..

One of her intial statements (actually even got that off Peters first report on her)

"She's a loving baby she'd go to pretty much anybody and that's what scares me"

So she cant even keep her story straight. Is she shy or will she go to pretty much anyone.

This mom was not connected to her child at all.

While it could be the boyfriend is the one that hurt the child, does not seem like mom protected her or even cared enough after the fact to do anyting about it.

Coughing said...

I think it's repulsive that she mentioned a baby and 'man' 'guy' go to. I have NEVER heard a mother speak that way about a baby. That is very sexualizing. Or in a different light, it's very animalizing---dogs will avoid men if they've been beaten. This is a very common thing to say about dogs.
So, has this child been molested or is she referring to this child as property? The baby wants her mommy, yet sees her only every three weeks. I think this is unrelated-man avoidance to father. I think man-avoidance is a bizarre detail that speaks to sexual or other abuse and is one of the most bizarre, extraneous, and extraneouy worded details I've ever heard from a liar mother.

I do not know what to make of the grandfather shifting pronouns from hus son to the baby's father and from angela to his son's wife and the baby as well.

Coughing said...

When I say unrelated to father I mean I think there was abuse from the boyfriend. I also have a feeling this mother neglected her daughter the entire time she had her.

Anonymous said...

Baby Elaina's mom, mom's boyfriend, boyfriend's family- they're all sub-human and without a conscience. All of them need to be horsewhipped until they give the location of where Baby Elaina was dumped. They know what happened. Sickening. May they all find themselves with a millstone around their neck as well as a life sentence among the general population.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering... could the scenario be anything like this? Boyfriend and/or mom harms baby - bad enough that she should have been taken in for treatment. They don't want him/her/them to get into trouble, so they don't seek treatment and hope it goes away. Dad shows up to take girls back home w/him and mom starts to panic that he will see the injury/injuries. She starts to argue that the baby can't go. When she finally goes into the room to wake the girl, while concocting a story of how she was hurt, she finds that the baby has died during her nap. Then she really panics, thus all the screaming. Or, had the baby already died from some injury caused by boyfriend and/or mom, and she was attempting to delay dad from discovering it.

I'm just going over theories. This is so heartbreaking. Poor baby. Children should be safe with their mothers!! )-:

Anonymous said...

Anything is possible. My fantasy is that someone, a "good guy," stole this child to get her away from those unspeakable conditions...

I can dream, can't I?