Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Poll: Mother Saves Child From Abduction?

                       What do you think is proper attire for a day time attempted kidnapping?

Here we have three, (yes, three) news stories of a woman who won't give her last name to cash in on the Made for TV drama she was involved in, but, singlehandedly, fought off a kidnapper who was intent on taking her young son from her, while her hubby was just around the corner of the house.

 The quotes are choppy, but...If only a journalist would let the subject speak and quote the subject accurately!  Here are several examples of poor journalism, lacking discernment, or interest to ask relevant questions.

Question:  did this mother really save her child?  Or, is there something else to the story?  Anyone thinking "domestic violence"?

But far more important to us is the style of the kidnapper.

What do you make of a day time kidnapper wear black?  Is this a cheesy way to dress for a day time kidnapping?  Black ski mask with black shirt and black pants? Really, nobody wears all black anymore, but lean towards contrast.  It is an assault on the eyes.  I'm not saying it isn't done, but really?  Black "OJ" gloves, too?

What says you?
Did the mother really save child?
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Mother saves child from broad daylight abduction attempt

As the Herald reported earlier today, the motherly instincts of a 32-year-old woman saved her three-year-old son from an early evening abduction attempt on the quiet 10400 block of 3rd Ave. S.W. (in unincorporated King County, near White Center) on June 2.
Corey Hines and his wife Melissa had just returned from Olympia with their three and five year old sons and were preparing to take advantage of an ideal early summer evening by firing up the barbeque and playing in the yard, just as many surrounding neighbors were doing. It was just before 6 p.m.
Melissa (who chose not to give her last name in a media interview on June 3) said she was having a lighthearted footrace with her three year old to the strawberry bush in the backyard when a festive family gathering turned dangerous.
In a flash, the mother said a lanky man dressed in all black, including a ski mask and gloves, came around the corner of the house with her son in his arms.
A black eye, a few broken nails, several bumps on the head and a safe son later, Melissa was able to talk about the event the following day.
The guy came from behind me, he already had my son in his hands … and I kind of like looked, stopped for a second stunned … and then I kind of went after him and he took a couple of steps and he fell … and my son hit the ground.”

One wonders if this is a full quote or not:  does ... indicate pause, or missing words on the part of the journalist.  Note that they were playing together, a "lighthearted" foot trace game when the lanky man in black already had her son in "his hands"...
Melissa jumped onto her son at that point, protecting him from the man in whatever way she could.
Pink is more appropriate for day time kidnapping attempts
It seems like he was trying to get him or he was upset that I had stopped him maybe, and that’s when he started hitting and punching me and I continued to kick and punch him back and try to get him away from me.

Note the reduced commitment to the kidnapping.  Either the subject doesn't really believe that this was a real kidnapping, or the kidnapper is a drop out from Kidnapping University. 

Note "continued" indicates action not ceasing...
is she still angry at ______ ?
The punches and kicks stopped and Melissa held tight to the ground, ensuring no one could get to her child. She heard the rattle of a chain link fence and, looking up cautiously, realized the abductor was gone. Her son stayed still and silent and it was all over within a minute.
I know it happened in a very short period of time, but at the same time I didn’t think it was ever going to end,” she said.

"it happened":  What happened?  The assault?  The grabbing of her son?  The KIDNAPPING?

"It happened" has a softer, more passive feel to it. 
Melissa grabbed her uninjured son and ran around the house to find her five year old and husband. Around the other side of the home the entire time, they were oblivious to the battle that had just occurred. Melissa believed her black eye was from a kick to the face, and assessing her own hands used to fight back, realized several nails she had gotten done the day before were broken off. The assailant hadn’t said a word, only grunting in a male tone during the struggle.

This is a perfect place for real quotes. 
Once the family was safe inside they locked all the doors and called 911.
As soon as we took off and ran inside, (my son) started to cry then. He said, ‘That was a bad man,’ and we were like, “Yes, he was a very bad man.’ My other son said that he wanted to go outside so he could find him because he knows taekwondo.”

note emotions in the proper frame of the account (after the incident) as attributed to the son.  
We had only been home five minutes (before the attempted abduction)” Melissa’s husband Corey,39, said, making him wonder if the man was hiding in their yard when they got home. He said the family feels “OK” today, and put their son into daycare for the day to keep him from the house and media circus.

Another perfect place for actual quotes.  Did he only "wonder"?
The suspect in this case, according to the investigating King County Sheriff’s Office, “is described as tall and ‘lanky’ and was wearing a black ski mask, black clothing and black gloves. The age or race of the suspect is not known, but the mom believes the suspect was a man due to the grunting noises he made during the struggle.”

Ever notice how kidnappers love to dress in all black, and wear black gloves and a black ski mask?  They do this to be unnoticed as they lie in wait. 

Either this is the world's dumbest kidnapper (kidnappers, unlike Hollywood portrayal, may not be very bright), or...

there is something wrong with the story. 

Police are now out looking for a man with the following description:

Race:  Unknown
Hair:   Unknown
Eyes:  Unknown

Lanky, black pants, black socks, matching ensemble of black belt and black leather wristwatch, known to be wearing black gloves and black ski mask. 

He likely disappeared into a crowd. 
A K-9 unit and several patrol officers responded to the attempted abduction but were unable to find a suspect. The next day, KCSO “mantrackers” were at the home investigating every square inch of the property in hopes of finding a trail or other pieces of evidence. KCSO Sgt. Cindi West said the same trackers were those who found the trail leading to murder suspect Peter Keller’s bunker near North Bend in 2012, after he allegedly shot and killed his wife and daughter.

Sources say the dogs made a red line for the kitchen. 
A neighbor who has lived near the attempted abduction home for 37 years and goes by Clancy said he was having a barbecue with children and grandchildren at the same time the crime occurred.
Clancy said nothing like this has ever happened in the neighborhood, but he’s not necessarily in a heightened state of alarm, stating he would still bring his grandchildren over and continue on with life as before. At the same time, he wants this guy caught.
They are tying everybody’s hands who are involved in law enforcement,” Clancy said, concerned budget cuts will keep police from having the necessary resources to track the suspect down.

This is clearly about budget cuts and bad fashion statements from kidnappers who should know better. 
The perpetrators have always got the element of surprise,” he said, “If you could predict what was going to happen it would be a different world.”

Clancy borders on Einstein like brilliance. 

2nd article:

WHITE CENTER, Wash. - A determined mother fought off a masked kidnapper who tried to snatch her 3-year-old son as he played in their yard Sunday night, the King County Sheriff's Office says.

The drama unfolded in the 10400 block of 3rd Avenue SW just before 6 p.m. The family had just arrived home from an outing and was preparing to barbecue. The mom, Melissa Hines, was outside and her 3-year-old son was playing nearby. 

Suddenly Hines felt someone brush by her and she saw a man run around the back of her house with her child under his arm. 

"The guy had him in his hands, and he brushed up kind of behind me, and I saw that he had my son in his arms," she remembers.

note the change from "in his hands" to "in his arms":  something must change in reality to cause a change of language in a truthful statement. 

She gave chase and the kidnapper tripped and fell, dropping the child. A fight ensued between the mom and the attacker and the mom said she eventually laid on the ground on top of her son to protect him from the man. 

The kidnapper kicked and punched the woman repeatedly in the head and body.

"When he kicked me, I lost the wind in me," she said. "I felt like I was kind of going out because I couldn't fight any more, because I fought him for a while. I kicked and punched him."

The man then ran away over the backyard fence. 

"We're always telling the kids got to make sure the gates are latched, are closed, and need to stay in the yard, stay in the yard," Hines said. "And this guy was inside our yard, which makes it really scary."

The kidnapper is described as tall and “lanky” and was wearing a black ski mask, black clothing and black gloves. The age or race of the attacker is not known but the mom believes the suspect was a man due to the grunting noises he made during the struggle. 

The boy was not injured but the mom received a black eye and bruises from the fight. 

A police dog track and search of the area was unsuccessful. 

If you have information about this crime you are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311

3rd article

"As he fell, my son fell with him," Hines told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Amy Clancy. "My son hit the ground and as soon as my son was on the ground, I jumped on top of my son, and held my son down. The guy came back over and was trying to get towards my son and get my son, that sort of thing, and that's when he started hitting and punching me. It seemed like he was trying to get him or he was upset that I stopped him."

Eventually, Hines said, the man gave up and got away.

The boy's father, Corey Hines, said that he was a little angry, "but more just protective."

On Monday, trackers with the King County Sheriff's Office were looking for leads.

The suspect is still at large. He is described as tall and lanky, and was wearing all black, including a black ski mask and black gloves.


Sella35 said...

OT- Has anyone been reading SA on the Elaina Steinfurth, 18 month old, missing since June 2?



Sella35 said...

This story is crazy. I do not understand why she uses "yard" 3 times. The yard is sensitive, could it be because she rec'd her bumps, bruises and black eye in the yard?

Maybe her and her husband got into a fight and this was a cover-up story, to save face.

quote from article, " the backyard when a festive family gathering turned dangerous"... I think it might have but I do not think that their was a lanky man in all black, grabbing a 3 year old and brushing into a woman.

Why won't she give her last name? That seems a little shoddy.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Sella 35...

it's updated with a poll.

vgfgfdgf said...

Some"parents"are evill.

sha said...

My bottom line with this is the quote where she says she KIND OF went after him....kind of? what?? I would think that the mother would have been very definite in going after the stranger dressed in black with black ski mask who had her child in his hands/arms.
Also, you'd think she would have screamed, both involuntarily when startled and on purpose while KIND OF SORT OF going after him and during the fight.
If the bad man fell with her child, you'd think he'd fall on top of her child, even if he did not we're expected to believe she dove on top of her son? wouldn't that further injure him? If he dropped the kid as he fell wudnt the mom be screaming RUN RUN while fighting the guy?

Anonymous said...

Sha i agree!!!

Anne said...

the articles are so different, how do we know what the mom said for sure vs what the journalist reports.
During this event the mom never screamed or cried out?

The boy's father, Corey Hines, said that he was a little angry, "but more just protective"

I don't know any father that would just be a little angry, if someone came into their yard and tried to take their child! Where is the anger that his wife was hurt? Did the father even mention his wife?
To me this reaction suspicious.

Sella35 said...

I have been stewing on why would she make up a story like this, besides to cover up for her abuse?

This story changes her from a victim into a hero. It also changes her abuser from that into an unknowing innocent by-stander.

Hmm very interesting statements from everyone including a neighbor!

Anonymous said...

Well, the next time I get ready to commit some type of "wrong doing", I'll be sure to wear the more "appropriate" color pink.


Texas Anon

Texas Anon is rascist said...

Stop being bitchy you rascist lump of gorilla TURD!

Anonymous said...

Lol ;0}

Anonymous said...

Seems queer

Coughing said...

Well, Your comments are hilarious except that was malicious about the neighbor. It was hard to focus back on the article with your wry interjections.
Why would she have called the police if it was dv if none of the neighbor's noticed? Was she about to have her husband arresetedand that's why she backed down with the kind of's? Fear to go forward, trapped into making up a story?
How about this? The woman likes attention so deliberately made this story up with the bruises and her husband knows she is lying? Maybe tge husband is innocent, has a Munchausen's mother on his hands and THAT is the real reason the kids is in daycare. The child is so young, but he should be questioned carefully to see if there actually was a man, did the man actually grab him or did the mom just throw the son on the ground and act this out and then tell him there was a man? He ddn't react until he was free. That's odd. Mom is lying, but I can't vote because I am not convince it was the father. Maybe this is mom's psychological issue. We can swing wide here since this is such abad set of articles.

Coughing said...

Maybe, in addition, mom was smacking the child around for running away and has coached him.

Colleen said...

The article said the mother had a few broken nails. I wonder if the police checked the husband for any new scratches, or looked for pieces of broken fingernails and spots of blood in or around the house.

Peter, after reading your blog for a few years now, I almost feel like I've gone through some kind of police training.

Coughing said...

I just googled 'mom stops abduction' and got numerous results for all kinds of different scenarios: mom rams kidnappers car, mom beats hell out of kidnappers with racket and notices three other kids inside van (not hers) but fails to get license number, mom socks perp in face during abduction, etc., mom is a hero! Which is what the sheriff said about this mom. Notice SHE points out her nails are broken. She is not thrilled or thankful she hot her child back, emphasis on getting the child back, not who saved him. She's concerned with her nails, her eyes, etc., we don't even hear the child screaming until SHE picks him up after its over.
I think she is lying because she wanted praise. I vote Munchausen's.

Jen said...

How bizarre! Her story makes no sense...they just got home, so the 'kidnapper' must have been hiding in their empty yard...waiting for what? How would the man in black know when, or even if, they would be coming home that day. According to the neighbor other children were outside to be targeted, so why would this wanna-be kidnapper spend his day hiding in the yard of a family who wasn't even home, with his fingers crossed that when they do return, they will decide to have a race to the strawberry bush in the back yard, and give him a chance to snatch their kid!

On the other hand, if this is a DV cover-up then why did she call 911? If none of the neighbors overheard a commotion (which they clearly didn't), then she could have just gone into the house and called it a day. No cover-up, no media, nothing but a bruise or two to explain...much easier than this mess she's got herself into now! Unless as Coughing suggested, she called while panicked, or during the attack and then before LE arrived she decided for some reason not to press charges.

I would be interested to hear what was said on the 911 call...did she report an attempted kidnapping from the start, did she describe his attire the same way on the call, or did she just ask for police and then come up with all of these details later. She doesn't commit to her actions or the attackers, plus the boy was not injured after supposedly being dropped, and pinned on the ground while she was attacked/fighting back, so IMO the 'kidnapper' story is not true. I would like to see more direct quotes from her & hubby to see if they are in this lie together, or if she is looking for attention, sympathy, etc.

Skip said...

I had to call DH over to giggle at your pic's caption. I like how you threw that in. :D

Apple said...

I've missed your comments.

Nanna Frances said...

In the second article, It states the would be kidnapper left by jumping over the fence. The husband and older son were in the back yard. ??? In the first article, she said she heard the gate open when he left.

Wouldn't a mother scream for help as she fought for her son? The husband is a little mad.!!!

The two-year old probably cannot talk enough to tell what happened.

This is a waste of LE resources.

REK said...

i noticed that too. two children, a 5 and 3 year old. the 3 year old who probably can't relay the story was the one who was targeted

C5H11ONO said...

I don't understand why a child kidnapper would get ahold of her child and then proceed to "brush" up against her from behind.

She stated "the guy came from behind me". Would she be familiar with "the" guy?

Apparently the only other witness is the 3 year old. Can the little tyke be questioned?

Is her husband tall and lanky too? Did he brush up against her and she rebuked his saucy intentions, which prompted him to the beating? After all, he was just a little angry when questioned about the alleged abduction attempt that was within feet of where he and his other child were.

It sounds like she is describing the fight truthfully. It would certainly fit a domestic violence altercation description. If you read it again and apply it to DV it fits.

What I find interesting is that she didn't state that she screamed. Her husband and five year old were around the house within earshot.

Did they find the nails? They should do some DNA testing to see what they find underneath them. I say call those dogs back to the house, I'm certain the broken off nails can be retrieved by them.

Tania Cadogan said...

I'm gonna go with either James Bond or the Milk Tray man.

A quick search for either a box of tasty centres enrobed in milk chocolate or an empty martini glass will identify the culprit.

Sus said...

The information about the children leaving the gate unlatched makes me wonder. They are 5 and 3 yet they are to latch the gate. Unrealistic expectation and extra information.

The father is not angry, but protective. Could this be a defense of himself? About the gate.

I believe it is possible the mother defended one of the children from the father and once she got away locked herself in the kitchen.

I would like to hear the 911 call.

PH said...

Why no statement from the husband? He was in the area when the "failed abduction occurred" and he has no statement for the media? Fishy...

As a Dam myself, if this had happened to my wife and child I would be furious and demanding LE do something anything. I would also be driving my neighborhood looking for the guy, which would not be wise but that’s what I would have done.

PH said...

Dad not dam

Jen said...

Hi Apple! I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of things...thanks for being so sweet!

Pineapple said...

If someone tried to kidnap my DOG there is no way the next day I would take her to doggy day care. I'd keep her with me at all times, so I could indulge the full weight of my neurosis. There is no way you'd let a child out of your sight. That said, I cry bullshit on all of this. As coughing said, her nails? WTF? Peter, the neighbor DOES sound silly but if you think about the reporter asking him a question, such as, do you expect something like this around here?, it then makes perfect sense. It's an ironic response to an unanswerable question. No, we don't, but you can't predict a'holes, right?
The woman's statement is deceptive on all counts. It's like Peter wrote it out as an exercise in detecting deception. (I know he didn't; I mean it is that bad.) I wondered if she was fooling around with her boyfriend or had a fight with him in the back yard when he surprised her at home and she had to make up a story b/c she knew the kid was going to blab to the husband, but that sounds crazy, b/c who would do that?

BostonLady said...

I don't believe this story. Since when does a kidnapper who is trying to be stealth, dressed all in black, come close enough to the person he is trying to avoid? The mother then goes on and does not commit to anything she states. "Kind of, like, maybe, sort of" No, if someone tried to kidnap my family member, I would be on high alert and remember everything I said or did. The mother states her son is in his hands and then in the same sentence changes it to his arms. Lastly, the mother states she was fighting, punching kicking but how could she do this if she was laying over her son on the ground?

This is not believable. Maybe the mother was hit by her husband but this is quite a fabrication, if so.

Interesting that the search dogs made a straight line to the kitchen. How do they explain this?

Anonymous said...

"As a Dam myself"??????????????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

Anonymous said...

This IS NOT about a "dog"dogs are Evil Animals,.

REK said...

One of the more ridiculous parts of the story is that the kidnapper happened to fall down and drop the child. I mean, how else would the mother pry the child from the big bad kidnapper? Think about the probability that the kidnapper just happened to fall down..(trip over his own two feet?) how often does the average person fall down? Maybe a couple times a year? I mean.. the only times I ever fall is on some black ice or occasionally down our carpeted stairs in my socks ;) but the mom needed a reasonable explanation as to how she got her child away. So the kidnapper is clumsy.

REK said...

also this part caught my eye when she says she's protecting her son and fighting back (when she incurred the black eye and such)

"and I continued to kick and punch him back and try to get him away from me"

instead of the concern being for her child, she's stating that she's trying to get the attacker away from her, (not her child..or the both of them together "us")

Vita said...


Melissa Hines, caught with her hand in the cookie Jar. Her so called fighting hand, in her pocket. She Won? she beat the perp. What perp?

The story is fabrication, that she could not retract " after LE brought in the dogs" The officer to call her a Hero.

Yet to be revealed the why, the story was concocted. Smells like someone needed to cover up the reasons of a black eye, that would be seen on Monday, or it was used as leverage. Was not a black eye to begin with. The black eye doesn't look like a black eye, it looks like a stye. Maybe the entire story was concocted by Melissa to get out of a rent contract and or something of the like. We're not safe here. Another article showed her hand, her nails existing do not view as manicured by a pro -that were done the day before.

What are you going to do Mr. Landlord?


People are as faithful as their options.

Anonymous said...

Seattle summer...tall, lanky man in black, wearing all black including ski mask, waits stealthily in back yard for magical 3 year old, better than all the others because it belongs to a woman who won't give her name and is able to punch and fight back while laying on her stomach covering her child, thinking of her manicure.
The man in black doesn't know any of this because....well shit he's dressed in all black with a ski mask on a humid, baking Seatlle afternoon for hours, the bastard had a heat stroke, stumbled by, etc.

Anonymous said...

it could be a lie, and there are some indicators that it is -- but if it is -- what would be the purpose of the lie? The assumption seems to be her husband beat her and this sounds better than "I fell down the stairs". But normally battered women just stay kind of hidden and only give some false story if they have to go to work or must otherwise be seen. If this woman was unable to hide away while she recovered -- maybe it would be a motivation for the lie. But it's so fantastic -- seems almist as likely it's true as untrue. A potential kidnapper likely watches cheezy movies too -- he could get the goofy outfit idea in his head just as well as well as she could.

the thing that stands out though is the word "lighthearted" it is the kind of language you would use when you were trying to minimize what you are doing so somebody doesn't get mad at you -- i.e. makes me imagine the husband went into a rage because the kid was running too hard by the bbq -- and the mom was encouraging -- or something like that.

~mj said...

This is interesting...


Anonymous said...

Why do we think the color black is so strange? I'm not saying whether I believe this or not; I am just saying that I've seen stranger things that someone dressed all in black at my local Walmart store.

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

From Vita's link at Kirotv:

In interview the mother said,
"As he fell, my son fell with him," Hines told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Amy Clancy. "My son hit the ground and as soon as my son was on the ground, I jumped on top of my son, and held my son down. The guy came back over and was trying to GET TOWARDS my son and get my son, THAT SORT OF THING and that's when he started hitting and punching me. It seemed like he was trying to get him or he was upset that I stopped him."

"trying to get towards my son, and get my son, that sort of thing" HUH?
"It SEEMED LIKE he was trying to get him" HUH?

The whole thing sounds like she is making it up as she goes along.

Anonymous said...

If she and her son were racing to the back of the yard to the strawberry patch, how did the kidnapper have her son in his arms and come from behind her. I'm having trouble seeing this in my mind's eye.

REK said...

there are lots of extra words in here that aren't needed:
"and I continued to kick and punch him back and try to get him away from me

also "try to get him away from me" in present tense while the rest of the sentence was in past tense.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Texas anon,

I hear ya. Walmart, strange clothing...I hear ya.



Statement Analysis Blog said...

If she is lying, how much money did law enforcement spend on the search?

This may be a factor if they decide to charge her with making a false report, and her husband with domestic assault (assuming this all is a lie)...

I do not have enough statements to firmly conclude deception, and the part about the man wearing all black is NOT Statement Analysis, but overall, it has that deceptive feel to it...

A few more statements and...


Anonymous said...

She said he came from behind her. If mom was losing the race her son and the kidnapper would be in front of her and if she was winning the race she would be ahead and closer to the back of the yard so why would the kidnapper head to the back of the yard? Am I being dense or did I misunderstand something?

Anonymous said...

mj What I noticed about the other kidnappings was that at least 2 of them seemed to be crimes of opportunity and third could be that or a custodial kidnapping. Very unlike this masked, gloved, lying-in-wait backyard caper.

Shelley said...

Kind of looked...
Kind of went after him...
Seemed like he was trying...

That all seems like shes not committed to this story

And taking the child to day care the next day. I get taking the child someplace else but staying with them. Not leaving them someplace else. A parent would be clingy for a while.

If the guy already had her child why did he “come up behind her”. Why not take off if he was planning to abduct the child

And the man was kicking and punching her while holding a child who would have been kicking and screaming (let’s be honest, the kid would have freaked) as well. Oh, and also fending off kicking and punching from her?

None of this sounds like a memory.
It sounds like trying to make your story flow but in the process it makes it more apparent to those of us paying attention that something is off

I have watched enough news stories to now see that the parents speaking from memory tell what happened. The story flows and make sense. They are not talking about what they “kind of” thought or “kinda did”. They say what they did and what they thought.

~mj said...

@anon 5:25

Yes, I agree they don't appear related, perhaps this mother has heard about these other attempts and they may have been building material for her own story? She may feel she is more likely to be believed... Just a thought anyways.

Shelley said...

I was able to find the house on google maps just by have the block and scrolling down the road.

Most of her yard appears to be chain link fencing. So there is no privacy there.

I find it hard to believe that this all went down, there would have been alot of screaming and no one saw? No neighbors were home to see the back yard, front of the yard or this man running.

And a ski mask? In the day time on a street. Seems to me a little off.

I mean a kidnapper wants to keep a low profile. Not have a big flag on them which a ski mask would do in the summer.

Just saying.

Shelley said...

I think the ski mask was her way of not having to provide too many extra detials.

I mean as it is, she was not even sure it was a man outside the sounds.

Anonymous said...

after the sherry west thing i don't know what to think.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, I agree about the reason for the ski mask.

REK said...

I think the fear that it induces in the city is the worst of the crime

Sus said...

We talked about this on a thread in connection to the Lisa Irwin case. When a person is story-telling they tell what the "kidnapper " looked like according to their perception of a bad guy.

Bad guy dresses in black, wears a ski mask and gloves. The person is probably a male. In many cases, he is black. This is what the mind's image brings up as "bad" as story-telling is happening.

Never mind that a person walking around the neighborhood dressed in such a manner would stand out like a sore thumb.

Lemon said...

I was hoping for a three legged dog in the story, at least.

Anonymous said...

I think her boyfriend was in the backyard when she went around the corner in the chase game with her son. Her bf was mad because she is supposed to be leaving her husband. So boyfriend hit her hard enough to knock her down & she fell on top of her son. She didn't cry out or scream because she didn't want to alert hubby. Then bf hopped over the fence & she was left needing to have an explanation for hubby as to how she got a black eye. It would be very interesting to know which parent called 911 & what was said. Hubby suspects something is off, that is why he is only a little angry.

Anonymous said...

CPS will quickly remove a child in a domestic violence situation even if the child was not physically hurt. Mom is lying about the source of her injuries to prevent CPS from taking her child.

Unknown said...

If someone is stealing your kid you don't "kind of" go after them. If someone beats up your significant other in an attempt to kidnap your child you are not "a little bit" angry. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all lies must have a reasonable reason or a logical purpose. Sometimes liars lie just to lie, just because they can, just because they want to, just because they are bored.

Gambler said...

Sounds made up to me as well.
Two things (out of many) that stood out to me are, firstly the mother didn't say she screamed for help. Secondly, she said the 3 yr old didn't cry until later. If the child had really been picked up by a stranger who started running off with them, I think the child would start crying. Making the story even more absurd, she said the attempted kidnapper fell with the child. You can't tell me this wouldn't make a child cry. Absurd story.

Gambler said...

Sounds made up to me as well.
Two things (out of many) that stood out to me are, firstly the mother didn't say she screamed for help. Secondly, she said the 3 yr old didn't cry until later. If the child had really been picked up by a stranger who started running off with them, I think the child would start crying. Making the story even more absurd, she said the attempted kidnapper fell with the child. You can't tell me this wouldn't make a child cry. Absurd story.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

the mask allows her to give no facial description...

Tania Cadogan said...

I dunno about a 3 legged dog Lemons, i am waiting for it to be identified as a vampire,(dresses in head to toe black and wears a ski mask due to a sunlight allergy) a bigfoot (as it ran away i noticed the size of it's feet and suddenly realised it was a bigfoot in disguise hence all the clothing,Seeing a large hairy man would either cause a panic or an invasion of Star Wars fans)

As an aside how come no one has identified bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti as the creature it really is, which is a Wookie.

The alleged abductor could also be a mime as they too wear black.

LE need to be checking all circuses, haunted houses, freak shows and the like.
Interview anyone dressed in head to toe black or is exceptionally hairy or won't talk.
They may however be smarter than the average abductor and dress in head to toe white as a disguise, after all, everyone knows the bad guys dress in black and the good guys dress in white.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said...

This IS NOT about a "dog"dogs are Evil Animals,.

June 4, 2013 at 2:17 PM

Dogs may be evil, but You, sir, are an idiot. Go back and read the comment.

Anonymous said...

Texas Anon
Were the Walmart people wearing balaclavas?

John Mc Gowan said...

drop out from Kidnapping University.


Anonymous said...

You "sir"suck cocks .

Anonymous said...

John didnt say"i DONT fart"we Cant say it for you John.

Anonymous said...

Julie Moon, you are so right. I worked with a girl who would constantly make up the most outrageous lies. I still don't know her reason for it but I wonder why she didn't think she would be doubted just based on the volume of ridiculous tall tales she told. It'a beyond me how the payoff, whatever it was, was enough to offset the humiliation that she should have felt knowing that everyone saw through her lies. It could be that this mother has the same mental health problems or whatever causes such behavior.

investigator of minds... said...

Your talking about YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

I thought something about this story sounded hinky!

Here is something for statemenet analysis, with straight up raw video of a victim of violence and her account of an attack.


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old article, but I just recently found your blog and am working my way through it. When I read this, I laughed because, come on....dumbest cover story I ever heard. My guess is that this is a pre-emptive attempt to explain away the cuts and bruises bestowed on her by her husband. A violent fight for her child's safety, in their back yard, hubs and son 2 round the side and surrounded by other families barbecuing, yet nobody noticed or heard ANYTHING? No shouts, screams, cries of 'help' or 'Daddy!' From the snatched child? Even less believable than a kidnapper sneaking around dressed as though he decided to be a kidnapper for a fancy dress party in broad daylight, and not being noticed by anyone. Who was he, one half of Laurel & Hardy? Charlie Chaplin? How did he 'trip and fall's? On a well placed banana skin, by chance?