Monday, June 24, 2013

Poll: Edward Snowden

I am curious as to readerships' response to the plight of Edward Snowden.

Is he a hero?  Is he a traitor?

For the poll question, we will take a much simpler angle:

Are you rooting for him?

Are you hoping that he stays out of US (or allied) prison?

You can put your deeper thoughts in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

He's neither

He "revealed" to the world what the world already knows

He's severely under-educated both academically and experientially

He knows nothing about what goes on in the world, about REAL human rights abuses and war crimes and crimes against humanity committed across the globe

Everybody knows every govournment spies

Everybody knows electronic media is not private

Not even conversations are private

He claims he abhours the actions of the US govournment yet in the same breath runs to countries who are not only committing atrocities on a scale far eclipsing that of the US but are notorious for spying (hello, Russian KGB.....)

He's not a hero or a traitor, he's kid who knows nothing about the world and is now getting the real world education he missed and is predictably whining about how unfair life is and beginning for everybody else to save him from the "evil US"

He's a dope

Anonymous said...

I do not think he belongs in prison or worse, but I am not sure I would want him here in Iceland.

sidewalk super said...

Snowden's role in his world is always to be whistleblower.

I agree he is inexperienced and likely to become a pawn, or is already.

Neither black or white, just grey.

We need more people who can do what he did.

elli said...

I think Snowden is just a media-created "hero", like Julian Assange, controlled opposition that will real nothing of import.

elli said...

I think Snowden is just a media-created "hero", like Julian Assange, controlled opposition that will real nothing of import.

Anonymous said...

"We need more people who can do what he did"

We need more people to tell us what we already know????


welcome back evil JOHN said...

Great post "john"^^^^

Anonymous said...

Here's one way of looking at it: "Smart", he is not. What has he actually done? He stole massive high-level documents from the US Govm't and ran to a foreign country. That is NOT smart.

Here is an uneducated 29 year old man with 90 days work related experience who gave up a good career that earned him $200K per year (for which he was not qualified) and the good life; dumped his g/f and family, everything he owned and everyone he knew to accomplish net-zero.

NOW he has no career, no family, no close confidants, no credit cards, no bank account, no visa, no place to rest his head and no country to call his own. He is now a hunted man who WILL BE dispensed with. This is NOT a smart man.

This is a man with no perspective and no long-range planning aforethought. This is a loose cannon, so loose he thought he could take a wild hike and bring the US Govm't down to their knees; take on the WHOLE of the US Govm't and make a difference with a large segment of the population. Wistful thinking by a man who is not smart. No one ever has and no one ever will, other than MLK, who also met with his doom in doing so.

What will Snowden do next that might have serious repercussions against all of us in this country? The man is carrying around high-level govm't secrets that could seriously affect our personal safety!

This man is dangerous to our international security. This ONE individual who is not smart is to be trusted not to do this? It remains to be seen what cock-a-ninny act he will pull off next. Observer

Nic said...

"Everyone" may know that countries spy. But I don't think "everyone" realizes the extent to which their government believes it is entitled to go.

There's too much apathy in the media/public. Although some may not agree with what he did, he was the catalyst to a discussion that should have happened when Prism was just an idea.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I was concerned under GW Bush of the loss of least, the ones we still had, but the process appears to have gained much traction during the Obama years.

Monitoring our emails, phone calls, and gaining access, via the IRS, of medical records is an echo from the 1930's Germany.

I don't know if Snowden is a hero or traitor at this point, but I share his fears of what our government has become.


Sus said...

This issue has my mind churning constantly.

I can't understand why Snowden went straight to China with secrets that undermine our diplomatic relations with them. I can't understand why Snowden is sitting in Russia right now with four laptops and telling Russia what Putin wants to know. That makes Snowden a traitor to the U.S.

As for monitoring U.S. citizens' emails and calls...repeatedly Snowden says the government is capable of it. He does not say they do it. Snowden says he can do it. Snowden is fearful of the government 's power and took it upon himself to steal and give out what the government does not reveal. I elect officials to decide and appoint and make the decision what to reveal. Again, this makes him a traitor.

This brings me to the company the government contracted to give top secret clearance. Whoa. They need looked into. From what I understand Snowden lied on his application. When a person lies, he has a reason. Snowden had an agenda. He stole government documents four weeks after getting access to them. There is his agenda and why he lied.

Last, those who don't want American citizens quickly the masses change their tune. Does this ring a bell to anyone here? Boston bomber - American citizen! I read comment after comment that the FBI didn't monitor him like Russia! How about Muslims? Recent immigrants? Hey! How about someone ammassing weapons and bragging about it on facebook? These are all American citizens. The trouble is most people in America think of an American citizen as ME...what's best for me.

A government has to think what is best for the collective good.

Keith D. said...

I understand how intelligence gathering and analysis is done and why it's done the way it's done. Because of that, I can understand the rationale behind the phone record gathering, recording, spying on social media, emails, and all the rest. Where I believe it crosses the line is with abuse, not gathering, recording, or subsequent analysis. We have no evidence that there is any widespread abuse taking place, or a heck of a lot fewer crimes would remain unsolved. It would also be catastrophically stupid to use the information gathered by the intelligence community for ordinary crime solving-- even if it were legal to do so-- because it would destroy the number one weapon of intelligence gathering-- secrecy.

When you reveal what intelligence you're gathering, from where, and on whom, you give the enemy your battle plans naively hoping that they won't capitalize on them. That's a fool's game. Revealing even "harmless" information about your intelligence gathering efforts tips your hand to your enemies a lot more than most people likely realize. Just as analyzing "benign" data can reveal a lot more about a person than that person likely realizes.

I can't respect the opinions of people who claim that these efforts do nothing to prevent things like terrorist attacks against our people, because it's highly unlikely that they don't prevent attacks against our people. Did it stop the Boston Marathon bombing? No. But that failure doesn't mean it didn't stop 100 other similar attacks that we never heard about.

What we do need to be vigilant for are signs of abuse, and to take every abuse of such a system seriously and hold everyone accountable for whatever their role. And we also need to maintain a continual public dialog about issues like these for the health of our country and its people.

The only thing Snowden did was thrust the issue back into the limelight. And potentially endanger the country. What he revealed were intelligence gathering practices. To be a hero, he would've needed to reveal intelligence gathering abuses, but from what little I've heard or read so far, he didn't do the latter, he only did the former. That's not good enough to justify his betrayal in my opinion. At best, he could be considered BOTH hero and traitor. I certainly don't consider him to be only one OR the other-- that's committing the logical fallacy of false choice.

Shayna said...

I don't find Snowden to be a hero or villain, just a young seemingly idealistic man who didn't appear to know what he was doing when he opened his mouth. I do fear the direction our government has been heading since 2001. I love my country, but fear my government.

Anonymous said...

I learnt more from your essay (above)than ALL the news items here in the UK thank you :)

mrs obama stinks of turd. said...

President Obama,s wife STINKS OF TURD!

sally said...

She's a dirty bitch.

Anonymous said...

I submit that you consider the following:

How many years have you had possession of a birth certificate that gave your DOB, your blood type, the county and state of your birth, your parents names, their address, the names and ages of your previously born siblings and the name of the physician in attendance at your birth? All of your life. How many times have you had to produce that birth certificate proving your birth, that even has a little number stamped and seal on it verifying the court house where your birth was recorded? And you thought it was private?

How many years have you had a social security number? Now go back in your mind and delineate all the times, places and forms where you have used that social security number. Impossible.

How many jobs and charge cards have you applied for, loans that you've obtained and every other place where you've had to give your name, address, social security number AND your phone numbers? Consider your personal phone; so very EASY to tap into by certain entities W/O a court order, and you thought it was private? LOL.

Don't leave out the schools you've attended and applied too and all these same proofs and verifications of your children, their personal data, their shots, and every other health issue. Every bit of it has been computerized for YEARS.

How many OTHER governmental forms have you been required to complete all these years, AGAIN stipulating your personal info for verification? Don't forget those traffic violations and court matters or the times you or members of your family were hospitalized, or the time you applied for or drew unemployment benefits or any other government program. Many many. Too numerous to count.

AHH....! Did I leave out the Internal Revenue Service? The big daddy of them all? AND all the BANKS you've done business with? How about all the insurance companies, auto,,over the years. And you thought these entities weren't all correlating the same info? It was all private, for no ones eyes but yours and theirs? Where've you been, thinking everything is private and personal, when it ALL goes into the computer for further verification! Or didn't you notice?

Ahhh... now comes the king bee of them all: your email address that has its' OWN set of ID numbers; ALL correlated with the same info; that you've submitted to so many and on so many inquisitive forms, charge cards, blog sites and friends, unsolicited pr firms and companies, and on and on' who ALL maintain this same personal info that goes right into the same computers that already hears and knows nearly everything you think, say and do.

Did you honestly think that you ever, ever, EVER, DID have this mysterious privacy you allude too since the day you were born? You've GOT to be kidding. Observer

Anonymous said...

Sus, if I never read another one of your posts, or if I never agree or disagree with you again; I want you to know that I agree 100% with your post above @ 11:13 a.m.

This man Snowden has us in a very dangerous position in this country! I just hope he is apprehended quickly before he can act on the damage he is in a position to cause. Whether he does or not remains to be seen but IMO it's too risky to chance. Observer

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @12:06

ITA everything you have or hope to have is in a computer. I cannot imagine anyone believing otherwise.

As to Mr. Snowden well to quote Ron White "You can't cure stupid. Stupid is forever"

I'm not a fan of Ron White but I like that quote.

Bill Engvall, who I really like would tell him"here' your sign".

Anonymous said...

What did he do? I forgot

Sus said...

Just out...quotes from Snowden.
"My position with Booz Allen Hamilton granted me access to LISTS of machines all over the world the NSA hacked." "That is why I accepted that position about three months ago."

Snowden went to BAH looking for a specific thing that had to do with World mention of US citizens.

"If I have time to go through this information, I would like to make it available to journalists in each country..."

So he hasn't gone through it, analyzed it for value...simply knows the location it was culled from. He wants to hand it over to journalists to let them see it...something he doesn't think our government analysts should do.

"...journalists in each country to make their own assessment, independent of my bias,"

He just said he would go through it first so it would not be independent of his bias. He is also depending upon journalists to be fair and balanced. This guy is naive. In the two countries he's been in so far and the two he is supposedly going to, the media is all state run.

" to whether or not the knowledge of US network operations against their people should be published."

Oh sure...the state-run media will publish it and use the info to learn how our network works. Note "against their people". He is using inflammatory language to create ill will toward the US.

Not once did Snowden mention US citizens in his explanation of why he stole documents. He wants to save the world and only trusts himself and maybe some journalists to do that. Grandiose thought patterns.

toonces said...

People pay money for On Star, which tracks every move you make in your car. We know one's movements may also be tracked if they were carrying their cell phone, as most people do. The government may seize your computer at any time to see what you've been up to. Now all of a sudden people are surprised that Big Brother is watching????????

Anonymous said...

90 days in PRISM, several years in the CIA. He is brave if naive and he gave up everything to release this. He got nothing for it. Obama has said he can assassinate any American citizen who is deemed to pose a threat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sus. I read some of the Hong Kong links to their newspapers. Very interesting. Snowden was over there acting like their good buddy, dining in private homes, sharing KFC, Pepsi, etc and having a grand ole time sucking up. But, it is also noted that Hong Kong is scared of any lingering relationship with Snowden and how it might affect their relationship with the US and China. They seemed relieved that he left.

Snowden has put himself in the position of being MR. BIG and is loving it. It's not about us. It's about HIM and what he can do to this country and our government. God only knows what he is spilling to the Russians right this minute. He went to Booz Allan for the express purpose of stealing documents and admits it. And I believe, fully intends to hurt us in many ways.

This man is a hero? He certainly IS having grandiose thought patterns, is extremenly naive; I wouldn't say entirely 'stupid' per se', but most definitely is NOT SMART with no sense of what he's done or the possible outcome.

He is a theif, a lair, a traitor, and has commited treason and espionage. I think the US Govm't needs to tack on a few more charges against Edward Snowden! Observer

Anonymous said...

, but most definitely is NOT SMART with no sense of what he's done or the possible outcome.

As for monitoring U.S. citizens' emails and calls...repeatedly

I can't understand why Snowden went straight to China
With what info? This makes me think of the HOURS my kids spend on their electronics...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Maybe he's sharing shopping tips, girl gossip or hints for online games! HAHAHAHA!!

Nic said...

Anon 12:06, if using your condescending logic, then knowing what should be a "given" the "enemy" should be able to put two and two together, too. Thus they already know about the kinds of information the US is capturing and they know that no matter where or when, they are being watched.

There is some pretty neat technology out there. Not that long ago I was having problems with my computer and my ISP was able to fix the problem remotely. They literally took over my keyboard, remotely and corrected the problem themselves without talking me through it. I watched the whole thing... even when my password was required, the techie drew an arrow indicating for me to type it in. No doubt they could "see" what it was. BUT, (big but) they had to have my PERMISSION to do so which was granted by clicking on an agreement button. Otherwise, I was instructed to end the "live chat" session and telephone customer support and have them verbally walk me through the problem.

Also, there was (I believe) a US rent to own company who rented a computer to someone. I dont remember the exact details. But generally speaking, the customers returned it and didn't want to be billed the entire time because they supposedly weren't using the computer. Unbeknownst to them, the company had embedded a software on the computer that videoed them using it everytime they were on and thus they were able to "prove" to the customer on the spot that they were lying. Did you hear about that? Well, what that company did was against the law. They didn't advise the people renting the equipment that their usage would be monitored/videoed and therefore they VIOLATED their privacy.

My point in posting this is that in all the instances you cite, the citizen has a CHOICE as to whether they want to provide information to anyone. Of course if they choose not to provide the proper information to the feds, then they may face time in jail; however, there is also a statement saying that the information the citizen is providing is confidential and protected under a privacy acts. NOT that it would be used against them or shared with a third party, i.e., insurance company, in order to augment premiums or deny them coverage altogether.

Lastly, it is FACT that the Obama administration has used priviledged/private information to harrass Republicans only because they could. The bureaucrats are taking their lead from somewhere.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymous said...

He quit because he had a boring job sifting through internet traffic..HAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Toonces, you are entirely correct in your post @ 2:24. Anybody can be traced at almost any given moment. That's why I wonder why it takes the FBI so long to find so many of our most wanted fugitives, our major dope dealers, or to track down pedophiles who rape,kill and deal in child porn on the interwebs.

I would have to say they aren't working very hard at their surveillance, wouldn't you agree? Fact is, I don't think the FBI is accomplishing much at all.

And yes, it is true that the FBI can break down your door in the dead of night, hold you at gunpoint, destroy everything in your home and haul out your computers and cell phones at any time. I know someone it happened too, and with no warrant and for charges this family knew nothing about! Their son had been clerking at the K-Mart while in college and somehow inadvertently and unawares gave a customer a counterfeit $20 bill while making change.

When the FBI finally gave up harassing this family, finding no charges to bring against any of them three years later, they made no apologies and never replaced one thing they destroyed, nor did they return the computers and cell phones.

Still, this is a better country than many, and its' all we have. We can apply for any job we wish, can at least cross from one state line into another state without being held up and can at least purchase whatever we want too as long as we can afford it. Many countries don't allow even these small freedoms. Observer

Anonymous said...

Nic, I agree with your post @ 4:57 'absolutely', very well thought out.

But in my earlier post, what you have to do is connect the dots from beginning to end and you will see the picture unfolding concerning our lack of total and personal privacy. Simply, it doesn't exist and it never did.

It did NOT begin with the current admn. It has always existed in one form or another. Boy Blunder George reeved it up initially, (and I believe PRIOR to 911), then Obama failed to let it expire like he promised he would, instead stepping it up another notch. But to go back in time a little:

Have you forgotten Nixon and his famous Watergate break-in? Bugged? And his famous tapes of meetings and phone conversations that led to the many illegal activities that were being performed both in this country and abroad during the Nixon Admn and his being booted out of the WH? Have you forgotten how black leaders and dignitaries got themselves bugged during the Bobby Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson era?

Have you forgotten all the dirt that J. Edgar Hoover had on so many adversaries (and gays), and actors and actresses, and just plain people he didn't like; bugging them FOR YEARS? That's how he kept his position for so long. Have you forgotten all the extra-curicular activies performed by so many of our presidents and other politicians that were spied on, and every secret they divulged during 'pillow-talk' with their misresses and hos that were taped and handed over to J. Edgar? Many of these individuals had body guards and their own security, yet they wound up getting bugged!

It's just a fact of life that we're gonna have to accept whether we want too or not; any of us are subject to having our lives pried into at any time or all the time. I think it's just certain key words and phrases that set off the taping and snooping anyhow. I wouldn't worry about it (and don't) since I have nothing to concern myself about. There are far worse things that can happen to us. Observer

Anonymous said...

P.S.... Nic, I too was astounded at how a savvy computer technician was able to key right into my computer and solve my glitch problems right on my screen with me looking on! I've had it happen twice now. It was truly amazing.

Also, I was on the board of an organization who can set up webinars on my computer screen using a separately assigned password, while also setting up multiple others at the same time, while we had an open meeting and Q/A period.

I tell ya, what these savvy technicians can accomplish now on your own personal computer under YOUR name without you even touching your keyboard other than under their direction, is truly astounding! Observer

Anonymous said...

There are far worse things that can happen to us. Observer...
do you think Snowden is selling creditcard numbers to the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

You're not from the US, are you?
Your blood type is not on the birth certificate, nor are their addresses or siblings names/ages.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord. What kind of question is that?

But to try to answer a question I don't understand; NO, I don't.

So to ask YOU a question: What makes you think the Chinese would even want any of our old credit card numbers, most of which are maxed out and over the limit by people whose credit is now ruined? Snowden has something of far greater value he can sell than old bad-debt credit card collections. Observer

Anonymous said...


Please read. You may want to repost.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to curse me, Anon @ 7:00. Surely you have better and more intelligent language than this in your vocabulary?

Yes, I AM from the US of A. As a matter of fact; YES, my siblings names and ages that were born before me ARE listed on my birth certificiate, as is my parents full names and both of their signatures and our home address, as well as my mothers' maiden name, and my blood type.

Maybe diffferent states have different regulations for registering and recording birth certificates. Observer

AugustWA said...

Somehow if someone were to trash Laura Bush on this blog I think their comments would be removed. But it's okay to trash Mrs. Obama

Anonymous said...

Snowden has something of far greater value???

This is improbable. Think of the internet/call/text volume...if he has one box of data ...and he claims it's random info...

Anonymous said...

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Deejay said...

NSA has nothing on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc- if I do a search, I get instant (paid) ads. So they sell my data realtime. They are also pretty successful at crosslinks to my other computers. In fact, they are so successful that a family member started planning a wedding, and I got instant ads based on their searches on a different computer!!

I guess people are OK with that form of spying because we signed some fine print agreement.

This is just me- but if gathering my data saves even one life targeted by a terrorist- I'll gladly sign an agreement that my internet provider can hand over everything it has collected.

Anonymous said...

Ill often "communicate"my"views"even though MUSLIMS wish i wouldnt.Observer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I bet u hate Islam!.Observer

Anonymous said...

As per the latest estimates, the total number of artificial satellites orbiting the Earth today is around 8,300. Of these, about 3,000 are not operational having lived out their useful life and are part of the space debris.wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Stop "diverting"the conversation.Observer

Anonymous said...

Stop posting entries trashing Barack Obama you scumbag racist



Anonymous said...

DeeJay, I feel the same as you do. If hacking and bugging me (even following me) will ultimately save anothers' life from the clutches of terrorists, I have no problem with it. Observer

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:15 p.m.; Yes, Snowden has something of far greater value than some old bad-debt credit card numbers he could sell to the Chinese and Russia. Don't you get it? Who would want to buy up our old worthless credit card collections that are unlikely ever to be collected? (You can't get blood out of a trunip, okay?) I doubt Snowden even touched a one of those.

What Snowden stole was many thousands of documents of top secret government data of U.S. and international concern that would be of great import to other countries; in fact, could create massive problems for ALL OF US in the United States and not just for Obama.

We don't even know what all this fool is carrying around that he intends to pass out among journalists all over the world for publication in their countries (some our enemies and some who soon will be once they know what our govem'ts' been up too in their secret spy operations); but we do know that we're not talking about some piddly old bad debts;

we're talking about extreme consequences for the U.S. that could possibly lead to a third world war if those documents are not taken out of his hands fairly soon by our own intelligence before its' too late. This man is running around commiting high-treason, NOT playing around with some old useless credit card debt. Observer

Anonymous said...

What I think it all comes down too, Peter; is that Snowdens' intentions were/are to bring down President Obama and his Admn no matter what he has to do to accomplish his goal, and intends to make damned sure he does. He wants to be the guy who brought down Obama and had him driven from the White House, and for this, he is a hero who will forever be idiolized and immortalized.

Initially, he started by telling us all anonymously that all of our calls are being bugged, our computers hacked, and in every way we are being spied on by our own secret government spy shennanigans, for which Snowden lays it all at Obama's feet. Now he has everyone applauding him.

He wanted us to know that he did us all a big favor by opening our eyes to Obamas' lies and treachery and has the proof to prove it. Soon, he came out and revealed who he is since he wants to take the credit and praise for bringing down Obama.

But that is only the beginning. He intends to make SURE he gets Obama once and for all in his fast moving efforts to turn other countries against Obama and his Admn. It was all a plot, admitting that he lied to get his job at Booze Allan and that is what he went there for to begin with; to steal secret data.

Little does the idiot realize, or care, that what he is doing is turning all these foreign countries against the United States and ALL OF US in his mad scheme to bring down Obama.

ALL this scheming, lying and theivery, then running with it, and baring our most sensitive secret data to foreign countries; done in his efforts to bring down Obama with total disregard as to how the outcome can and WILL affect the United States and we the people.

IMO, this can only be his agenda. I've thought this over a lot and I can't see any other reason for Snowden running to foreign countries (some our enemies!) and stabbing us in the back by handing over our highly sensitive and secretive data to them and their journalists for publication, can only hurt us severely in this country whether it brings down Obama or not. Observer

Skeptical said...

I'm not buying into this incident. I think Snowden is someone's tool. He sounds like the Lee Harvey Oswald of the spy trade - a patsy for a bigger hidden agenda. How could he possibly have downloaded that much information without someone being aware.

Anonymous said...

You make excellent points, Skeptical. I agree with you on your Lee Harvey Oswald patsy-tool belief too.

I'm open to any theory or possibility that could point to Snowdens' ultimate goal of trying to bring this country to its' knees. There's way more at play here than meets the eye.

I do believe however, that Snowden could have downloaded that much data in just the ninety-days he was employed at Booze Allen without anyone being the wiser. Bingo. All he had to do was click a few keys and out pops the thumbnails. Course, all this remains yet to be seen.

The one thing I DON'T believe is that he is some kind of hero. As each day goes by it is becoming clearer that he is our ENEMY, not our hero. My God, the man even turned his back on his own family, leaving them with no choice other than to live in the unexplained misery of what their son has done to them; AND is doing to this country.

Whatever his motives, this is one COLD and calculating b'stard who doesn't care who he hurts to accomplish his personal goals while pretending to be a selfless martyr. Observer

Sus said...

Use Statement Analysis and SCAN. Snowden is traveling around the world with documents he hasn't had time to go through yet.

Snowden took the documents only knowing what countries and/or machines they were "hacked" from.

He is naive enough to think he will leave it to each country's journalists to decide if the documents should be published. But in each country, the government will actually decide that.

You can bet Russia is going through those documents now, just like China did.

Anonymous said...

Basing what Snowden says on Statement Analysis and SCAN, which can be a powerful tool for us, Sus; however, Snowden has already admitted that he is a liar and a thief from the get-go.

Now, the proof is in the pudding in that he plans (his words) to turn over US classified documents to other countries for their viewing and possible action, also makes him a traitor (and more) to this country.

I'm not buying into his totally innocent acting naivetee' just yet either, in how he plans to hand our documents ("that he hasn't had time to read") over for journalists in other countries to read, sort thru and publish, without knowing what he's doing. I think he knows exactly what he's doing.

Like you, I think China has already seen all those documents that Snowden intended for them, (and maybe more), just as Russia is doing right now. I'm not convinced at all that Snowden isn't following his carefully laid out plans.

I can't imagine what is taking the US CIA so long to nab this guy and reign him back in, documents and all. With their surveillance savvy and techniques, they should have been able to reel him in already. I'd betcha they could put their hot little hands on me before the sun goes down today. Observer

Anonymous said...

Im anti Islam and anti Muslim (only because THEY ARE EVIL).Observer

C5H11ONO said...

From CNN Breaking News:
NSA leaker Edward Snowden is in the transit zone at the international airport in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin says.
"He is a transit passenger in the transit zone and is still there now," Putin said. "Mr. Snowden is a free man. The sooner he selects his final destination point, the better both for us and for himself."
Putin said Snowden's arrival in Russia was "completely unexpected."

If order is important then Putin believes it is better for them first and then for Snowden. If Snowden isn't the most incredibly stupid moron on the face of this earth, then he is a spy.

Sus said...

I apologise for posting over and over, as I said this issue has my mind churning.

I do agree that Snowden is a spy or was taken advantage of because of his ideals. I think what he "released" about the NSA monitoring US citizens' calls and online correspondence was a stir up people. We already knew this. Snowden's words tell us the NSA is not reading each email. They are gathering and looking for patterns. Snowden said they COULD read them.

My problem is that Snowden said the NSA has data on private citizens of foreign China. Now he more than likely turned that data over to China. China's government is known for disappearing and torturiing its citizens who are fighting China's internet censorship. Snowden probably just helped China catch dissidents, ones we may have been monitoring and helping.

Anonymous said...

Why is he still in the news? What did he do exactly? Steal a box of sensitive data? Where is his final destination? Is the data on his person? In a suitcase?

Anonymous said...

Putin says ...the better BOTH FOR US and for himself."

Is this addressed to USA? For "us" Russia and America?
Is he now a defector?

Sus said...

You have asked us to ignore the troll, but the things he/she writes are soooo crass. Is there a way to block it?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...Snowden reported that the US went to court to obtain legal warrants. ..and then he stole the info that was legally obtained by the US, (info on a few individuals) ...and he's now traveling the world with this info attempting to sell it to nations or to journalists in other nations? ...therefore my creditcard question WAS kinda relevant... Snowden is threatening individuals.

Sus said...

On laptops, on his person. A Russian intelligence expert said no way will they let Snowden out of Russia without looking at that data and interrogating him. And there...he just gave Russia info on their dissidents that we were watching, possibly aiding.

Anonymous said...

Laura Bush is a drunk driving murderer and she smells like shit. There that should match the hateful Mrs. Obama statements.

Anonymous said...

Sus said:A Russian intelligence expert said no way will they let Snowden out of Russia without looking at that data and interrogating him

Good news! Russia should confiscate the stolen data....and send Snowden and the stolen data back to the US. He's a criminal. His job was to look for terrorists and instead he stole data on individuals in an attempt to be a government wikileaker.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Snowden stole data under the pretense of "spying", he is all about profiting off of someone else.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear about inept, stupid government employees I want to puke!!!

Anonymous said...

this guy reminds me of the da do nothing-keep-secret-grand jury-findings Hunter. Man he DID NOT live up to his name!! Losers in office ...retards for spys...and what up with UPD and others for obstruction of justice? Citizens revolt...or gag..

Anonymous said...

You should think a little longer and harder. Look at the poll. "ALL OF US" don't necessarily agree with you. Instead of microfocusing on his motives, examine what he gas revealed to you about your country, your rights, and what you thought you were living in. Then realize also, that it is simply the truth that is shaming. The truth is shaming! We own the truth, this is our country! Our truth makes us look bad, not his motives!
Then do some more research on criminalizing journalism, actual cases, this June us replete with them.
That is our country's truth being exposed/hidden because it is shaming!
What don't we know?
You are basing the dangers of repercussions on what this government has told you, how do you know it's true? We were told we were given the 'least untruthful version.'
Not in my life! The US has a truth you want to squelch for reasons based on absorbing motivated lies by prople hiding surveillance schemes.
Look at what you are missing! You have grasped onto the easy, less terrifying answer. If Snowden and Greenwald, Anonymous, Assange, etc., are shut down, or even just Greenwald and Hastings, will you have the balls to speak the truth when you can no longer live in a false state of security? A False state.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Watergate and now is that Woodward was not held accountable, Nixon was. Im not comparing Snowden to Woodward...Hastings, Greenwald, I forget the man's name in prison whose mom is facing jail time too--Nixon and his colluders were held accountable.
This time the Woodwards of the world will be silenced, not the violators. That's terrifying. That means soon we will all log off this controversial blog and others, limit our emails and fly low inder the radar as we begin to slowly inure ourselves to the gradual building of a police state in which that which is investigative journalism isn't worth reading anymore than the script for a made for tv movie. Read Hastings transcripts at Young Turks.
Sales of the book 1984 are skyrocketing.
None of us here would be willing to pay the price any of these people have and will pay.

Anonymous said...

You are acting as if the government is altruistic. Please do some digging on the contents that were uncovered prior even to Snowden, corporations exploitation.
Also, there have been hearings about citizen surveillance on which it was admitted less than 25 cases if possible terrorism were averted, but all of them had shady if any links to the surveillance done.
Please do your reading before you post these vague rationalizations based on blind patriotism and buying into what you've been told all along. Be informed. Think what you want about Snowden but read the articles, these dicuments have bern being leaked since January by Anonymous and mist have nothing to do with terrorism, but with capitalism. Read, read, read.

Anonymous said...

Peter, quite frankly, the guy is probably guilty, but my god he's only got limited time left on earth. I say don't waste the taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that prev. post belonged on the Nazi war crimes blog.

Excruciating Headache said...

So in theory, we shouldn't be afraid if we don't have something to hide.

It would be really easy for our private communications to be taken out of context and manipulated into a context that suits a purpose or furthers an agenda.

I think Snowden is a traitorous scumbag for taking the info to Russia and China. It is abundantly clear that his motives are less about preserving American ideals and more about self-aggrandizement.

Anonymous said...

I Agree! Hes a Rat.

Anonymous said...

Im In agreement also,Observer

Anonymous said...

m In agreement also, ignorant slut! Book of the month blog is two over on the left. I'm disappointed in you. Snowden was quoted saying something about his ability to read a woman's emails. He's an egotistical predator. He's ruining peoples lives, and is enjoying taunting his victims. SICK!

Anonymous said...

Everybody that works for the government should wear a t-shirt with the number three on it.

Anonymous said...

The moment he shared information to a foreign government, he committed treason.

Whether that was his intent is irrelevant. The fact that he carried that information with him to foreign countries is the same as handing it over to them directly. He should have known that.

navkat said...

I'm just shocked that so many people are ripping this kid to shreds but no one seems to give a damn about the implications of what he revealed about this government that has usurped the power of its People.