Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Statement Analysis: Jevon Wameling

Statement Analysis is in bold type.  Quotes are in italics.  He did not report his child missing for two weeks, reminiscent of Casey Anthony.  When one does not report a child missing, one does not want the child found.  

Here is the article with italics, underlining, and bold type added. 

 He stopped talking to police last week, but he spoke with a NEWSChannel 2 news crew Wednesday afternoon outside his Jay Street apartment where his baby was last seen. 

While he wasn't willing to talk on camera, yet, Jevon Wameling, the father of missing baby Levon Wameling, had a lot to say about the May 29 disappearance of his nine-month-old son, Levon Wameling. 

Wameling addressed the first and foremost question on everyone's mind: why didn't he immediately report his son missing to police instead of waiting two weeks to bring the baby's disappearance to light?

"I was hoping to find him and not have to tell his mother that I lost our son. I mean, that is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," said Jevon Wameling. 

Wameling added that he doesn't blame people for drawing conclusions about him having a role in his son's disappearance.

"I'd be wrong to be mad at people for looking at me like that," said Wameling.

Wameling told police he was locked out of his apartment and was trying to get back in when his son vanished from the front porch. He said he planned for Levon and had wanted a son, badly. 

He says he didn't harm his only child.

Note that that is not what he said.  Guilty parents avoid saying "did not" or "didn't", but instead often use "would never", future/conditional tense. 

"I would never hurt my baby. He's got my full name...That's all I've ever done in my life I was proud of," said Wameling.

Note he does not deny hurting his son, and note the distancing language he uses from the child with the word "that."

Wameling said he has been out looking for his son and hanging flyers with his photo on them. 

Utica Police would not comment on whether or not Wameling offered them a similar explanation for waiting two weeks to report his son missing. They said it's their policy not to publicly disclose statements from potential witnesses or suspects in what could turn out to be a criminal case. 

Wameling said he will speak on camera about his son's disappearance in the near future. He said he's trying to coordinate a joint statement with the baby's mother.


sidewalk super said...

casey anthony in dreads.

Anonymous said...

Can we leave the Mum alone? She wasn't there she was trying to clean up her life for her son. Judge others as you would be judged yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
I agree anon 7:49. I'm sorry for any negative postings regarding the actions of LE. I have to believe that LE are the good guys. Poor Levon! Did the police search inside the home where Levon was last seen?

JerseyJane said...

The child's mother was not cleaning up her act for her son. Rehab was court-ordered. Yes, the court ordered it. No real mom on bended knee kicking in her drug monies for rehab on her sir-re!!! Nope. She was actually on vacation and digging it, who's kidding who?

She was busy at rehab creating her career path to the 'Golden Ticket' of a life of everything is 'free'...especially with a baby.
Learning of her missing baby, first thing she says, " I have nothing."

Pak31 said...

Sadly this is a case of a sweet innocent child(all children are innocent)being born to people who don't have enough love in their hearts to care for him. How people can be like this is beyond my comprehension. He's obviously lying. If he was trying to open the front door with baby in hand, why couldn't he do the same in the back. Who puts a baby in just a diaper on a porch and walks away? Then if he came back to the front and couldn't find him where he left him, panic should set in because he was too young to leave on his own. We all know he's guilty it just has to be proven. The mom is now using her rehab to gain sympathy. If she loved her son she would have cleaned up her act a long time ago. God gave them the most precious gift ever and this is how they thanked Him.

JerseyJane said...

He is one hell of a pretty boy talking the shit. He is used to being believed with his method... He sounds like he is trying to convince everyone. Sounds funny bringing up that he gave the child HIS full name. I think that irks him greatly, that he did... He is a pretty boy and he has to tell his bros and passerbys everyday that yes, I am this baby's father. Everyday, day after day.... Everyday he has to look at the baby that don't have a single drop of the pretty boy daddy in him. He mentions he gave HIS full name, that irks him beyond believe along with the childs looks and coloring. His thoughts and dreams in his head of how his son would be were far from this...

Sidewalk Super, funny, wierd and gross.. But I can see it!!! LOL this guys comments are mainly about himself..

TrishapatK said...


Here is an article where there is more that the father says.

Anonymous said...

So, now Levon's name is really Jevon? hmm......

Anne said...

I read the article (from the link posted at 10:24)

The article makes Javon's father sound like a saint. It is impossible to excuse not calling the police right away. Any innocent person would have been screaming for help when they saw the baby missing. This is just such crazy stupid talk from the father.
I can't remember what time of day, I wonder did the father leave the baby out there a long time in the cold and forget him.
I bet this guy watched the Casey Anthony trial. Now if you kill or hurt your child I guess you can get away with it if you hold out a long time before LE finds out.
The one good thing is this guy likes to talk about himself so much maybe he will mess himself up.

I don't hear much talk or concern for the baby's medical issues. Most parents of a missing baby with health problems would be all over the news telling the kidnapper the baby needs medicine.

Nanna Frances said...

Chuck Warney, Levon's Grandfather claims Jevon told him he was, “messed up” when the incident happened.

"He said, 'Pop I didn't do nothing to that baby.' He said, 'Please listen to me.' I said, 'What happened then?' He said, ‘I don't know,’ Warney recalled. "He said, 'I come back downstairs and the baby was gone.’ He said, 'I got scared."

Lemon said...

"When one does not report a child missing, one does not want the child found."


Nanna Frances said...

There are more quotes in this article.

Anonymous said...

Stop insulting the baby's 'looks' you stupid fucking TURD!

Jersey Jane weirdo bitch said...

Wtf are u on???. Bitch

Anonymous said...

OT: Lena Lunsford has been jailed again and she is pregnant with her 8th child. Still no Aliyah. So sad.

Anonymous said...

There should be a poll to see how many think confessing to not reporting Levon missing for two weeks is equal to indifference to human life.

The news articles report searching in the neighborhood, has the inside of the house been searched?

Anonymous said...

Bloggers in the Utica news articles think the justice system is broken.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned in another article, Jevon says to his dad 'I come back downstairs and the baby was gone.’


I thought he was just going from the backdoor to the front porch? Where does downstairs suddenly come from?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:49, I'll be more than GLAD to judge myself next to this doped up self-centered POS mother. Are you saying that women today haven't been taught not to drug themselves while pregnant, not to drink or dope up and try to care for a child? Rehab? Why the hell should she even need rehab? You're crazy, looking for excuses for this garbage mother! No doubt a dope addict yourself.

I certainly WILL compare her to myself. When I was first pregnant at just barely 18 years old, I knew better than to touch a sip of beer, let alone alcohol, or even take an aspirin. Not only that, I had the german red measles (ruebella) during the first trimester which was the only legal grounds for abortion in Georgia at that time. Still, I carried on protecting my pregnancy to full term and delivered a healthy son.

You're damned right I will judge this low-life b'tch. If I could get my hands on her I'd slap her in the mouth for the awful life of drugs, neglect and poor health she laid before this child all due to her drugs and alcohol. In fact, it should have been HER missing instead of her precious baby. Sorry POS ought to be shot between the eyes and left for dead. Observer.

rob said...

My understanding, the house was divided into apts, and Warney's lived in the upstairs unit.

Dee said...

Anonymous said...
OT: Lena Lunsford has been jailed again and she is pregnant with her 8th child. Still no Aliyah. So sad.


OMG...someone please sterilize her!!

Poor Aliyah will never be found.

Sus said...

I have several comments.

I believe that not reporting an underage child as missing should immediately be a charge of interfering with official police acts.

To the poster who wondered why the father said he "came down" and Jevon was gone...the father had to climb a tree in back to get in a second story window then come down stairs to the front porch.

I apologise because I'm on my phone and can't quote the interview I saw, but a couple parts are disturbing.

He claims he left Jevon on the porch in his carrier. So no one would see him, he COVERED him with a blanket. Why add this part? A 9 month old makes noises, moves, can take the blanket off. There can't be that many people wandering about the neighborhood late at night to notice a baby on the porch, and if so..they could probably figure out it is a baby in a baby carrier. It is story telling on the fathers part to make him look like a good father. "I had to leave my baby alone, but it's well and good because I hid him." I don't think so.

So what did the father do with Jevon? In the interview I heard, he says he "lost control"...after Jevon went missing. He says he was "shattered". He says it was like he had "a rock in his throat."

The admitted to his father he was "pretty messed up. that night. The father says it would "take a crowbar to pry Jevon from his arms" IF and when he gets him back safe. Notice the IF AND. He knows Jevon is not coming back safe.

I'm considering that the father climbed the tree with Jevon in his arms and dropped him. He is simply too immature and selfish to raise a child, though he's trying to portray himself as a changed man because he gave up some sperm. Whoopy door...50% of the population can do that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying that about the tree. Ive only really been able to read whats been posted here about the case.

Trigger said...

What happened that caused the court ordered rehab for Levon's mother?

A dirty test?

I think that Jersy Jane got it right when she stated that Levon's mother was on vacation in rehab.

"She was busy at rehab creating her career path to the "Golden Ticket" of a life of everything is free...etc." That is the life goal of dopers.

"I have nothing" is not the expected response of a mother who had just been informed of her missing baby."

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

WHEELING — Federal deputy marshals this morning arrested Lena Lunsford on a supervised release violation allegation, according to Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Alex Neville.

Lunsford, who was arrested this morning at a community college in Wheeling, is set for an initial appearance at 11 a.m. today before a federal magistrate in Wheeling.

The defendant, mother of missing toddler Aliayah Lunsford, is on supervised release for a federal food stamp fraud conviction.

Lunsford is alleged to have violated probation by having contact on at least five occasions with a male she was told to stay away from.

That’s alleged to have occurred between May 30 and Friday.

She’s also alleged to have missed restitution payments in March, May and June.

Authorities continue to investigate the disappearance of Aliayah Lunsford, who went missing in Lewis County in September 2011.

No one has ever been charged in the disappearance of the child.

We’ll have more on this story in Thursday’s print and electronic editions.

Sus said...

I am so sorry that I went through my whole post using the father's name for the missing baby's name. It is inexcusable to get a missing child's name wrong, but I'm asking for forgiveness anyway. Sorry!

~mj said...

I am saddened by the decay of useful comments here. The lack of empathy...

I cannot, at this time, form an opinion of this mother. However, I can say with certainty, there are all sorts of evil out there and we have ZERO idea if those evils have befell this mother.

Jerseyjane, good for you in your struggles! But that doesn't mean everyone has made that growth.

The more empathy we have for others the fuller our lives will be.

Remember,empathy is: I feel your pain in my heart.

Lets stop judging long enough to hear their pain, otherwise how can we feel their pain?

JerseyJane said...

mj, you have ZERO idea if those evils have befell this mother? Is court-ordered rehab enough?? Courts don't just make up this stuff, their has to be prove of sorts to bestow this on this mother. She didn't freely skip into rehab by herself.

As far as empathy, I have tons of it for the silence victims. I see the silence victims and innocent families everyday at the morgue. Add to that a BIG pile of statistics to back it up.

JersyJane said...

I have no time to judge, I live it, front and center.

~mj said...

Jersey Jane, I can image the horrors you have seen. I do understand.

I fear you misunderstood me. The fact this mother was court ordered to rehab indicates she has had her own horror-ridden journey. What I don't know is WHAT evil has befallen her. Where has her journey taken her? Does she deserve our empathy?

These questions I do not believe we have answers to at this early stage of the game.

That is what I meant.

Lucy said...

"I would never hurt my baby. He's got my full name...That's all I've ever done in my life I was proud of," said Wameling.

This quote makes me lean even farther towards the idea that it was becoming obvious that the baby was not his biological child. Every comment about Levon is about how he is a reflection on Jevon. He saw "his" baby as a reflection of himself, not as an individual. He sounds very narcissistic. The suspicion that "his" son was some other guy's would be motive.

Lucy said...

The article mentioned above is all about Jevon, and barely mentions Levon. He talks openly about how this is all affecting him, how tough it is for him, how he is hurt. He doesn't even say Levon's name.

“I’m sick of people trying to make me look like the monster I’m not,”

“I tried to say it, but I felt like I had a rock in my throat,” Wameling said Wednesday. “How do I say that to his mother: I lost our son.”

“I panicked when it first happened. It shattered me,” Wameling said. “Every negative emotion I felt all at once, and it just shut me down. I just wanted it to be a bad dream, and I wanted to wake up. I just lost control of everything.”

“He’s the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and I just wanted to show that boy everything I knew and raise him, to be there for him.”

His langiage is very similar to Casey Anthony's. He is a narcissist. He does not see "that boy" as anything other than his possession. He can't see Levon's being missing through any other filter than how it affects him. He never once expresses concern for what Levon may be going through. He never wonders if he is being fed, or is warm enough, or is being comforted.

What he doesn't say is as telling as what he does say.

Lucy said...

I just checked the weather archives for Utica. It was 62 and cloudy at 11:00pm on May 29th, when he claims he took his son for a walk in only a diaper.

It was, however, much warmer during the day. So it is entirely possible that Levon was in only a diaper the last time Jevon saw him. Alive, anyway.

He is very clearly storytelling here.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, Thank-you for the link. Can you find the e-mail where UPD Sargent Hauck says that the earlier rumors that Levon was found in a garbage bag are not true?

Lucy said...

“I love my son with all my heart, and if I could give my life to get him back home safe, I would,” Wameling said.

He can easily make this statement. knows this is not an option.

Lucy said...

Anon 8:00,

I found this one with a link to the audio of Sgt Hauck's interview.

Here's the Facebook page:

There are some interesting nuggets in there.

Lucy said...

I google-street-viewed the house. It's a corner lot, so you can see around back as well. I do not see a tree big enough to hold an adult anywhere near an upper story window.

Anonymous said...

Empathy???! My empathy is with the CHILD, NOT the scum dredges of society, low-down, dope addled POS mother off in rehab when she ought to have been sober and caring for her baby, BOTH during her pregnancy and afterwards. There is NO EXCUSE good enough to justify her so-called 'oh-poor-pitiful-me' pseudo pain. Is she able to lay down and breed? Then she's able to take care of her baby, pain or no pain.

I am SO sick of these whiney ass women who preach empathy and pity for these filthy women who do nothing but dope, drink, bed down with filthy ass men and make MORE pitiful babies they have no intentions of taking care of. EVER.

Who in hell but a nit-wit bird-brain would go off and leave their baby in the care of this shirt-tail ner'-do-well pretty boy in the first place? A dope addict.

This mother is every bit as much to blame for the loss of this baby and is the POS baby daddy; who might actually have dug a hole in the yard and buried the baby there after he droped it on its' head and broke its' little neck. He DID say he was wasted, right? Observer

veruca said...

Good post.

I wonder if the "rock stuck in his throat" is similar to the Justin dip "floating around" example.?

CEC said...

It is sad and awful that Lena Lunsford is breeding herself another meal ticket. Does anyone know if she regained custody of her other children? If not, will she be allowed to keep this one, I wonder. God help poor missing Aliyah and any children born to this creature and various "fathers".

Anonymous said...

I thought Lena had baby #8 last year. Wouldn't this one make baby #9? Or have I lost count? Observer

Lucy said...

Also, he doesn't mention a stroller. Just a car seat. A car seat without a stroller is the most awkward and uncomfortable way to go for a walk with a nine month old. Even for a strong guy, your arms would be aching like crazy. They're not designed for that purpose. Not to mention that few 9 month olds would tolerate it. They want to sit up and look. Yes, car seats do fit in strollers, but he says nothing about a stroller. And like I said, unless the baby was delayed and couldn't sit up, he'd want to be in the main stroller seat, looking around. Jevon would have to store a stroller upstairs; in that neighborhood it would be stolen within the hour if left outside. He doesn't mention bringing it downstairs or back up, or taking the car seat out of the stroller and setting it on the porch. He doesn't say that the stroller was still there or was gone. So where is it?

Just one more way "Dad's" story doesn't add up. As if we needed any more evidence that he's pulling this late night walk story out of his ass.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
Was Jevon seen walking with the car seat in the neighborhood at 11:30? Was he heard by the downstairs neighbors when he entered through the second story window? He may have carried Levon's body out of the house in the dark of the night, in his car seat...

Anonymous said...

THE CARSEAT!! Did the Utica Police or the FBI test the CARSEAT! The last place Levon was was in the CARSEAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Police have wrapped up their street-wide search efforts around the East Utica neighborhood where 9-month-old Levon Wameling went missing May 29, but daily searches will continue as further information develops, officials said Friday.
Authorities have spent the past 10 days looking for clues of Levon’s whereabouts in a search that involved sniffing K-9 units on the ground, helicopters from above, turning dumpsters inside out and urging residents to look through their yards and sheds.
But still no answers about what happened to Levon, other than the father’s story that Levon vanished after he briefly left the baby on the front porch of 748 Jay St. to climb into a rear second-floor window to unlock the front door. The father, Jevon Wameling, 27, then waited two weeks before telling anyone about Levon’s disappearance because he couldn’t get himself to admit that he lost the boy, he said.
Although the widespread neighborhood search around Jay Street has ended, Utica police Chief Mark Williams said other searches are still in the works to follow-up on leads that have already – and continue – to come in.
“We are always searching for Levon,” Williams said Friday. “Daily searches are not over with, however that large field search around the scene where he went missing from has been exhausted. Now, any future searches will be done on things that are case specific.”
Williams acknowledged police will have to “make our own breaks in this case,” so he urged anyone who has any information about Levon’s whereabouts to not keep it secret anymore.
“There’s someone somewhere, or multiple people, who knows what happened to this kid, and this is not the time to remain silent and not get involved. They need to do the right thing,” Williams said. “Like any investigation, we’d love to just be able to close the case tomorrow, however this is not one of those cases.”
Anyone with information on Levon’s whereabouts is asked to call authorities at 1-800-THE-LOST

Anonymous said...

UPD take a look at how real LE behave. Actions speak louder then words!

Lucy said...

Update in the Levon Wameling case. A large scale search of a field and wooded area behind the Marcy, NY fire house is underway. Marcy is about 5 miles from Utica, where baby Levon was reported missing. This is a joint operation by the Utica Police, NY State Police, FBI and DEC using ground searchers, dogs, and helicopters. Authorities are saying only that they have "information" that led them to this area.