Thursday, June 13, 2013

Statement Analysis Training Opportunity in New England.

Too exhausted to lie
If you consider my work good, it does not compare to the work of Avinoam Sapir.  Here is a wonderful training opportunity for those in the New England area for law enforcement, civil investigators, Human Resources, journalists, writers, therapists, lawyers, social workers, sales, or anyone else interested in learning analysis.  The "SCAN" method is the backbone of all Statement Analysis, with LSI the standard of which all others are not only measured, but have borrowed from.

If I could, I'd make this course mandatory for all investigative journalists.

Turn every investigator into a "walking polygraph"!

The LSI SCAN basic course and advanced workshop will be held in the Portland, Maine area on July 15-18, 2013The course will be hosted by the York County Sheriff's Office in Alfred, Maine.  The instructor will be Mr Avinoam Sapir, developer of SCAN - Scientific Content Analysis.
Special discount!  The tuition will be $600 per student for the first 20 registrants to the LSI SCAN Basic Course and Advanced Workshop at this location (compared to our regular tuition of $800 for the two courses combined.)
SCAN by LSI, sometimes referred to as "statement analysis" -
·       is a unique, effective technique for obtaining information and detecting deception strictly by means of verbal communication.
·       SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis) gives you the maximum information from every interview.
·       in preliminary screening, SCAN eliminates individuals who are not involved, enabling you to concentrate on the real suspects.
·       SCAN taps the most effective source of information - the person's own words!
SCAN gives the investigator a major effective tool for obtaining information and detecting deception from every statement.  SCAN transforms the investigator from an ordinary "collector of information" into a "walking polygraph".

SCAN will reduce the time of investigation for your department; it will avoid costly unnecessary investigation, thus saving money, work time, and manpower; and it will solve cases that otherwise would be left unsolved.

Immediately following the basic course, The LSI SCAN advanced workshop will give the student hands-on guided practice in analyzing statements for various types of cases, enabling the student to utilize his/her knowledge of the SCAN technique in a more efficient and effective way.

Training your personnel in the SCAN technique will be
the best investment in their law enforcement career.

The regular tuition fee for the basic course is $600 per student.  For groups of two or more students, we offer a special rate of $900 for two students, and $450 for each additional student.  The tuition for the advanced  workshop is $375 per student. 

Special discount package:  if a student registers for both the LSI SCAN basic course and advanced workshop, the total tuition fee for the two courses will be $800.

Registrations may be paid by check (payable to LSI), credit card or purchase order.  To register for the course or to request further information, please call us at the phone or fax number mentioned below.

SCAN by LSI - the only way to "make a statement talk"!

For more information:
LSI, Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, P O Box 17286, Phoenix, AZ  85011-7286
website:                        e-mail:
phone:  602-279-3113 or 800-727-3113                               fax:  602-277-7502


elf said...

Re: Elaina Steinfurth
June 2, 2013
"I just want her home in one piece. I wanna know that she's okay" said Angela Steinfirth, Elaina's mother. "Its very hard not having her around. My other daughter's going insane without her sister. They need to be together." piece?
*note- the sister is 4 years old.

Katie said...

What an opportunity. Can we really learn enough at this 3-day seminar?

Dee said...

OT...Re: Elaina Steinfurth
Mother is arrested for child endangerment. Elaina is still missing.

veruca said...

Omg I read about Elaina and the mom def is a liar...short e said that "people need to make sure she's comfortable and not point fingers" (paraphrase)

Liar...she knows where her baby girl is

Tania Cadogan said...

Now the truth is beginning to come out.

Elaina had a serious injury but LE aren't saying what and the egg donor admitted she didn't take Elaina to hospital.

I guess this pretty much tells us Elaina is long dead rather than being hidden away somewhere away from dad either to stop him getting access or to allow time for injuries to heal.

It now seems likely she came up with this cock and bull story on the spur of the moment and it would confirm the allged cries she would never see Elaina againa ( either because she was being dumped/had been dumped or her injuries were such she would be charged and lose any rights to her children.

When was Elaina last seen by an independant witness?

What has the sister said?

It is reported a child was in a carrier covered by a blanket and one was asleep on the sofa.

Dead can look like asleep from a distance.

How was the child covered by the blanket covered?

was it across her lap and shoulders or was it over her face (thus hiding the injuries to her face)

The child asleep on the sofa, was she covered by a blanket?
Was she facing into the back of the sofa so her face was obscured?

The boyfriend seems to have gone out of the scene, where is he?
Who is speaking for him?
Has he taken a poly?
If he has what was the result?
If he hasn't why not?
did he refuse, did he comeup with an excuse?
Was he drunk or drugged and had to be turned away?
Has he got a lawyer?

We know the mom has since she appeared in court and is on $250000 bail with no 10% (i assume it means she needs to pay $25000 to get out which i doubt she has)

Giving her previous history and reports this may well be a capital murder case so will she plea deal and blame the b/f and minimise her own role?
Will the b/f do the same and throw her under the bus?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


It is like learning all the chords of the guitar so that you know them.

It is in the constant rehearsal that you learn to play a song.

With the internet reporting on crime, politicians and celebs, you'll have plenty to practice.

I urge anyone within driving distance to sign up.

Katie said...

Peter, thanks for replying. I see an upcoming course closer to me. There are online training courses too.