Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Guilty

George Zimmerman never denied shooting Trayvon Martin, but he said he did so in self defense. Late Saturday night, a Florida jury found him not guilty in the teenager's death.
The verdict caps a case that has inflamed passions for well over a year, much of it focused on race.
The six jurors -- all of them women -- deliberated for 16½ hours. Five of the women are white; one is a minority.
When he heard his fate, Zimmerman had little visible reaction. He turned and shook the hand of one of his attorneys before sitting back down, smiling only after court was adjourned.
Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, were not in the courtroom when the decision was announced. But they shared their emotions on Twitter shortly afterward.
"Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY," Tracy Martin tweeted.
Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., said words can't express how relieved his family is.
"Having said that, I don't think this is a time for high-fiving," the brother said. "I acknowledge -- we all have acknowledged -- that Mr. Martin, Trayvon Martin, lost his life. (But) it was not an act of murder. It was not an act of manslaughter."
The decision
The jury had three choices: to find Zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder; to find him guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter; or to find him not guilty.
For second-degree murder, the jurors would have had to believe that Martin's unlawful killing was "done from ill will, hatred, spite or an evil intent" and would be "of such a nature that the act itself indicates an indifference to human life."
To convict Zimmerman of manslaughter, the jurors would have had to believe he "intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin." That charge could have carried a sentence of up to 30 years in prison, though the jury was not told of that possible sentence.
Ultimately, they believed Zimmerman wasn't guilty of either charge. None of the jurors wanted to speak to the media after the verdict.
A call for calm
Both sides of the case asked for peace after the verdict. In the immediate aftermath, they appeared to have gotten their wish -- even though the Internet erupted with outrage.
But now that Zimmerman is a free man, his defense and his brother fear for his safety.
"He has to be very cautious and protective of his safety because there is still a fringe element who have said, at least in tweets and everything else, that they want revenge -- that they will not listen to a verdict of not guilty," defense attorney Mark O'Mara said.
Robert Zimmerman Jr. said his brother "is going to be looking around his shoulder for the rest of his life."
When asked if George Zimmerman will keep the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin, his brother said he has good reason to.
"I think he has more reason now than ever to think that people are trying to kill him because they express they're trying to kill him, all the time, every day, on my Twitter feed, on the Internet," Robert Zimmerman told CNN's Piers Morgan.
"He has always feared for his safety."
But Crump said everyone should stay calm, especially for Martin's sake.
"For Trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful."
The race debate
The trial may be over, but the race debate surrounding the case rages on.
"The whole world was looking at this case for a reason ... We'd be intellectually dishonest if we didn't acknowledge the racial undertones in this case," Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said. "So we have to have very responsible conversations about how we get better as a country and move forward from this tragedy and learn from it."
Prosecutor Angela Corey said Martin was unfairly viewed as a criminal before he was shot.
Amid the national debate about whether Zimmerman racially profiled Martin, defense attorney O'Mara suggested his client was actually profiled by critics.
"I think things would have been different if George Zimmerman were black for this reason: He never would have been charged with a crime," O'Mara said.
He said the country "absolutely" needs to have a conversation about whether young black males are treated differently in the criminal justice system -- but said that conversation is a separate topic from what happened the night Zimmerman and Martin met.
Martin family attorney Natalie Jackson commended the millions of people who signed an online petition "not in an effort to persecute George Zimmerman, but in an effort to say a black 17-year-old child should be able to walk home from the store and not be shot."
She said their efforts were not in vain.
"I don't want them to be discouraged because I think they may have saved the life of another child," Jackson said. "I think that from now on, if there is someone who wants to follow someone with a gun, I think they'll think twice about it."
The fateful night
The deadly encounter took place on February 26, 2012, as Martin walked back to his father's fiancee's house through the rain from a Sanford convenience store. The 17-year-old was carrying Skittles and a drink.
Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, spotted him and called police.
A 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman that officers were on the way and not to follow the allegedly suspicious person. But Zimmerman still got out of his car, later telling police he just wanted to get a definitive address to relay to authorities.
Sometime after that, Zimmerman and Martin got into a physical altercation. Questions later arose about who was the aggressor, about whether Martin may have seen or reached for Zimmerman's gun, and about whether Zimmerman should have had more injuries if he was pummeled, as he claims.
Prosecutors never accused Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, of being racist. But they did argue that he wrongly and spitefully prejudged Martin as one of those "f***ing punks," as he's heard saying under his breath in his call to police.
"The defendant didn't shoot Trayvon Martin because he had to," Assistant State Attorney John Guy said. "He shot him because he wanted to. That's the bottom line."
The defense contended that Martin jumped out of some bushes and pounced on Zimmerman as he was walking back toward his car that night, then punched him and slammed his head repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk.
Zimmerman's account of what happened the night of the shooting was a central part of the trial. He was the only living person who witnessed the entire incident, and there wasn't much physical evidence for either team to fall back on.
What's next?
The NAACP has called for the Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman and urged the public to sign a petition to support the effort.
"The most fundamental of civil rights -- the right to life -- was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin," the advocacy group said in a statement.
O'Mara said if anyone tries to sue Zimmerman, "we will seek and we will get civil immunity in a civil hearing. And we will see just how many civil lawsuits have spawned from this fiasco."
But for now, both families will reflect and try to move forward.
"Trayvon Martin will forever remain in the annals of history next toMedgar Evers and Emmett Till as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all," Crump said.
When asked what he has to say to Trayvon Martin's parents, Robert Zimmerman Jr. said he understands their pain.
"There are no winners. They will not win or lose anything more than they already have lost, which is their son's life, by any kind of verdict for George," Robert Zimmerman said. "I applaud them for asking for the verdict to be respected. ... And I will pray for them."


sidewalk super said...

I am of the opinion that this case was nothing but political opportunism perpetrated by the current president through his cronies, via the media, and, is still an attempt to keep up racial unrest in this country which is manipulated by the current president for his political gain.

MizzMarple said...

This was a clear cut case of self-defense.

Honestly, I did not think this jury would understand the LAW, but they did !

This case only went to court because of "mob rule" and not the "rule of law."

A person should NEVER be convicted based on "mob rule" ... a person should be convicted ONLY IF the person committed a crime.

And NO crime was committed by George Zimmerman ... it was clearly self defense and thank goodness, the jury used the facts and law to reach a verdict and NOT emotions!

All My Opinion.

Thank You, Peter.

MizzMarple said...

There was repeated reference by the prosecution, media and others that Trayvon was a "child" -- a "kid" -- a "boy". That is totally and completely inaccurate !

Trayvon was a 17 year old who was on a 10 day suspension from school when this happened, and, and he had marijuana in his system.

At 17 years old, IF Trayvon had committed a crime, he would have been charged as an ADULT !

So, IF the situation were "reversed" these same prosecutors who were calling Trayvon a "child" would have been going for a conviction of him as an ADULT -- IF the situation were reversed. Hypocrites.

Another point : Trayvon's parents consistently refer to him as a "child" -- so IF he was a "child," WHY did they let him road the streets at night alone ? Why weren't they "babysitting" their "child" ?

Cannot have it both ways -- it is one or the other ... so which is it ?

All My Opinion

Again, Thank You, Peter !

Anonymous said...

He could have defended himself by shooting him in the knee or another non fatal area.

Anonymous said...

Is this Peter's original article? There is no link or source. I smell plagiarism.

C5H11ONO said...

Sidewalk Super,
I agree. Divide and Conquer. The more he divides this country, the more opportunity he has to do whatever he wants, and there never will be a "majority" to get him out of power.

Anonymous said...

Ran it through plagiarism checker and indeed, here is a link to the REAL article. Wow Peter, not even linking back is pretty shady. You've essentially abandoned this site to the trolls but to commit theft of intellectual property is shocking to me and I am certain you are smart enough to know that's exactly what you did!! I'm sure you will delete this, as I've seen you delete any comment that doesn't blow sunshine up your butt.


sidewalk super said...

Hey "anonymous",
please, take your unpleasant blog attitude elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sidewalk Super, I don't have an unpleasant attitude. Peter, or whoever posted this article, stole it. All they had to do is credit it back but they chose not to. Plagiarism is wrong. Period. Guess what else? There is freedom of speech for the time being, in our country. There is also a freedom to disagree.

TrishapatK said...

Maybe Peter forgot to add the link to where it originally was posted ... ?

Peter is a fine man and he doesn't deserve this type of accusation. Could you not have simply asked IF or WHERE the article originated from?

It is very unpleasant to see such nastiness. Please try to find a nicer way to express your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:33, don't waste your breath or your energy on pointing out Peters' shortcomings. Peter was so elated that Zimmie was found not guilty he likely wet his pants, since Peter said from the beginning that Zimmie wasn't guilty. He just LOVES it when he's right, (or thinks he is) which is rarely. What Peter wants now is a standing ovation.

Not disregarding the FACT that Peter ignored every one of Zimmie's lies and perjuries commited right in court, he STILL choses to believe every word Zimmie says. Right, just ignore Zimmies' lies; be damned with all those lies, one less young black man to worry about; Peter won and that's all Peter really cares about because Peter said so.

Funny. Dim witted Zimmie will still be able to charge around carrying a loaded weapon. Still no felony against the judge's boy, even after all the prior times Georgie boy threated and fought people, even LE officers, and THIS TIME actualy shot an innocent person dead for no just cause. Too bad Tray didn't get the opportunity to bash Georges' brains in first.


Peter sometimes posts update info with no analysis included, & the rest if us are smart enough to know what Peter writes, and what is an article posted as an update without any help or accusations from you! Why do you even read this blog since you find fault with EVERYTHING the writer does?

Sus said...

By Florida's laws Zimmerman was indeed not guilty, and the jury found correctly.

Florida's laws allow a citizen to be an aggressor because he feels this case by a teen-ager walking in the neighborhood.

Seems anyone walking in Florida may not be safe as someone else may deem that person a threat and go after them.

Beware as all 50 states are adding laws like Florida's. Who may think you or your child is a threat, a "thug" and go after you?

Anonymous said...

I agree with sidewalk super!!!

Anonymous said...

It was obvious Peter didn't write this article, but I am smart enough to know he committed plagiarism by not citing the source. That is wrong and I won't let it slide just because I knew he didn't write it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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CanadianGirl said...

You are ignorant! I hope one day you get shot by a pill popping, paranoid wanna be cop, but I'd want you to live just so I can hear you defend the shooter and tell the world that he shot you in self defense while you were walking down the street in the rain on public property while minding your own business!

A person who feels that their life is being threatened doesn't hop out of their car and follow the person; they would stay in the safety of their vehicle ( or their own HOME) and WAIT for the real police officers to arrive and take care of business.

IgnorantMarple, Trayvon is a child, he is the child of the Martins just in case your I.Q. is too low for you to understand that!

You and the jurors decided to put Trayvon on trial and not Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

I am not accusing him of anything. It's not an accusation when it's truth. I'm pointing out a fact. I knew he didn't write the article. I can read his blog and disagree with him in things he does. It's the problem with this country, and one that Peter himself has pointed out repeatedly, there is no room for disagreement or discussion. We don't want to have hard conversations. We don't want to hold people accountable. If we like someone, despite what they do wrong, they should get a free pass.

Why am I frustrated? BECAUSE I believe Peter is at heart, a good man. I want to see him hold himself to the standard he speaks of holding his sons to. I want to see him stand up and say,"Yes, I did neglect to put the link and that was wrong. Plagiarism is wrong." I want to see him stand up for integrity, character, and honor. YES, I realize it seems to some as if it's not a big deal, but it IS a big deal. Peter speaks of being a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ and while it doesn't mean it will be perfect, it does mean that he is setting himself in a position as an example. I don't understand why pointing that out incites ugliness and defense. Peter is an adult man very capable handling criticism or having someone point out the issue. He freely allows the trolls to speak their filth without censure, yet you seem most offended by my speaking truth to him.

patrice said...

You're right Zimmerman is an ass. Martin would have been alive if Zimmerman would not have gotten out of the car and played wanna-be cop.
I don't see black or white or white or black or red or blue.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel GZ murdered TM but I am unsettled with the verdict. GZ is at least guilty of something like reckless endangerment.

A 17-yr-old's brain is not fully developed yet. They do stupid things.

GZ did not identify himself as neighborhood watch and did not ask TM if he needed any assistance.

GZ did not need to shoot to kill. Police carry tasers and non-lethal ammunition to use as appropriate.

GetThem said...

I agree, Zimmerman is an ass. However, my problem is that Zimmerman did call the police and was told to stay where he was but Zimmerman ignored this directive.

I have a problem with that... why call the authorities only to disregard their assistance? THAT is bs.

If Zimmerman was so intimidated, why chase down his victim after he was specifically told to stay put by police? The only reason I can figure is that he was self righteous, personally offended and had no self control which led to the series of events.

Zimmerman couldn't stay still long enough for law enforcement to get there and do their job. A job they were called for, a job they were trained for and a job THEY are paid to do... Zimmerman was none of these. Zimmerman was nothing more than a wanna-be superhero with a self inflated ego who ultimately exacted the revenge he wanted from the minute he laid eyes on Martin. Zimmerman created a cause and effect that led to the murder of a teen who according to Zimmerman and others on the blog, didn't dress appropriately.

I too raise my kids by my standards, but without knowing with certainty the way TM was raised, all we can say was the kid probably was a punk but he did not deserve to die for it.

Am I worried about how my kids dress? Absolutely, but a hoodie is hardly inappropriate and half the kids in America wear them. Good for you that you teach your kids to dress appropriately, many of us do too. To be too well dressed to have, or ever to have, worn a hoodie (or similar) is not the norm for most of the US. If in fact, you or your family have never worn a hoodie or something close makes it sound more unusual than wearing one.

Lastly, domestic violence has nothing to do with this kid's attire. Even for comparative purposes, it frankly doesn't fit with a kid getting gunned down by a wanna-be hack who couldn't manage to restrain himself, let alone restrain a rebellious teen.

Really all we did was let Zimmerman get away with murder.

annie said...

The burden was on the prosecution to prove their case. They did not do so. It doesn't matter if Z. did or didn't do it. The prosecution simply failed in their job.

I'd make more sense to go after the prosecutors. Had they done their jobs, we'd have seen the "compromise" verdict of manslaughter

Same problem with the Casey Anthony prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

sidewalk super....

TOTALLY AGREE! Rotting happens from the fish head down, and it is happening in our country, the corruption, the lies, the media in collusion. Time to pray hard, things are deteriorating super fast. Snowden knows and he acted.

Anonymous said...

Obama, the divider asked us to honor Trayvon, Yet he never asked the nation to honor Ambassador Stevens. Why? Perhaps he thinks Jihadists are right in killing our ambassador? Obama and his minions have done little investigation into the Ambassador's death, no charges no actions. In fact the opposite, fake illness for Hilary fake stories by the administration and fake stories by the lapdog press.

Anonymous said...

Same problem with the Casey Anthony prosecutors.
July 14, 2013 at 5:47 PM

Same state.

VLW said...

Frankly, with all the media hoopla I didn't think George Zimmerman had any chance of acquittal; emotions have been so inflamed and so much vitriol stirred up by celebrities and powerful organizations waying in about race, I expected Zimmerman to be made a scapegoat, no matter what the evidence.

I like what MizzMarple has to say. The case is not about what anyone FEELS, it is about the law as it is defined in Florida, and it is about reasonable doubt. Not NO doubt, but REASONABLE doubt. I certainly had doubts about both the defendent and the victim. I think both were very foolish and used poor judgment. But I don't believe Zimmerman got up that day planning to murder a young black man he'd never even met. This was a wretched situation brought about by circumstances and lack of wisdom. No one wins, everyone loses. But at least we don't have to compound the the injustice by turning this trial into a cause celebre to further vilify a man who has been lawfully found NOT GUILTY in a trial by jury.

We do not all share the same opinion, but perhaps we can try to "agree to disagree" and respect one another's views instead of attacking one another. After all, isn't that what all this outrage is about, albeit on a different scale?

Anonymous said...

Chimpy chimpchops!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been around in a while but was curious to know what was said. Excellent article Peter. There are so many valid points you made that Im sure aren't popular. I don't like Zimmerman at all. I think his lies during his bond hearing spoke volumes about his character. I also think he should of kept his ass at home instead of pretending he's brave cause he's carrying a gun. I also am so tired of people saying "oh so if a woman dresses a certain way she deserves to be raped?" Only ignorance believes that a person can wear anything they want and shouldn't be judged. I don't wear hip huggers at 39 yrs old because I don't wanna be viewed as a MILF. MILF= a pathetic woman past her prime desperate for attention in age inappropriate clothes. I also don't dress my 5 year old in filly bikinis. She's a little girl, and I don't want her to be seen as sexual eye candy to some pedophile. It ABSOLUTELY matters what we wear. IT DOES CREATE AN OPINION. IT ASKS FOR THE EXPECTED RESPONSE. then the wearer always whines how could anyone jump to such a judgement? A female walking down the street with her ass hanging out is a liar when she cries that "some pig" whistled at her. She WANTS THAT ATTENTION. did she think her outfit was the kind of clothes that made a guy wanna take her home to meet his mom? TM and many young men, black white or whatever know that their clothes whether it be a hoodie or not, intimidate people. They cry that their skin color is being stereo typed when it isn't their skin it's their CLOTHES.
Call me racist or whatever but if I see a guy wearing all red with a bandanna hanging out his pocket I'm going to think gang banger.
My dad is Cuban, speaks Spanish and looks black. My mom is Spanish, speaks Spanish and has red hair. My mom says they were called interracial and it was a scary thing. In 1966 bi racial children were not common as they are now. My dad is the assistant Champlain at CCDC here in Las Vegas NV. He has often told my brother as a man of color you have to hold yourself to a higher standard, SO PEOPLE DON'T STEREO TYPE YOU AND THAT IF THEY DO YOU DON'T FIT THE LABEL THEY ARE TRYING TO PUT ON YOU. be it gang banger, rapist or just a bum. There were no saggy pants, earrings or shirts with pictures of pot leaves. He said if you want to be respected than act and present yourself respectably. It's a harsh world. People are judged by how they look and opinions are made quickly I for one, care what people think of me, and don't want them thinking the wrong thing so I do my best to dress accordingly.


Anonymous said...

If he is killed because of this..

What will anger me more is that Casey Anthony who sought out ways to kill her baby girl then carried it out still walks freely and with out any harm brought to her.

This is about race only.

The fact that race is still more important than a mother murdering a child amazes me.

Shelley said...

I agree with MizzMarple.

If the parents wish him to be viewed as a "child" then drive him to the store.

That was hardly across the street.

And to me, I dont even feel safe walking alone at night as an adult. Granted I am a women, but even men today are killed.

There is no safe place.

And I can tell you, I would not let my child walk.

Not that it changed wrong from right, but the fact is this is not a safe world we live in.

The crazy evil people breed and that population grows everyday.

Anonymous said...

Now you can see the future of Trayvon's life had he been able to live it? Wow Peter you have made me sick,you were the wolf all along.

Anonymous said...

I think Zimmerman put himself in a bad situation that he would not have put himself in if he were not carrying a weapon. I think the law is dangerous as it allows people to escalate a situation knowing they have a deadly weapon available. Also, dead men don't talk so there will only be one version of the story available.

themastermind said...

You know what I think? I think you are 100% correct. Love the article. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I thought troll comments were supposed to be sent to the SPAM folder.

This is ridiculous.

Texas Anon

themastermind said...

Texas Anon: Are you referring to my post? If so, why is it ridiculous? Is it something I said? ie I agree with the article Peter wrote. What is ridiculous about that? Peter wrote a great article and I agree with it 100% and gave him props.

btw: Trolls comments are suppose to be sent to the SPAM folder. Will someone please send Texas Anon comment to the SPAM folder.

Thanks in advance: themastermind

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman's trial was a Salem Witch Hunt against Trayvon Martin and STILL IS. The proof is in the pudding, not only during the trial but also right here on this blog site. I can't believe some of these posts I'm reading! Some of you people make me sick.

The young man was clean AND WELL-KEPT, he was sober, he was NOT improperly dressed for the day in which we live, or the time of day/evening he was walking in the rain to and from the store, less than a mile from where he was staying at his fathers' home. He was minding his own business walking along talking on his cell phone, not disturbing a living soul and had every right to be there.

I cannot BELIEVE anyone would be so gullible they would believe anything George Zimmerman said after all the numerous lies he told inside and outside of court; ESPECIALLY you Peter, making excuses for George's lies, even praising that freak you idolize. I won't ever believe another damned word you say.

Bunch of dummies! If Trayvon had been on top of George when George shot him at point blank range, CLOSE UP, George would have had some of Trayvons' splattered blood back-splash DOWN on his clothing. It was GEORGE on top of Trayvon, I don't care WHO says otherwise. Some of you can't even reason common sense for yourselves, or else you just LOVE to believe a lie when it comes down to your prejudices against the black man.

George ALSO lied when he said the screams were his. If you'd ever heard a death scream, you would KNOW those were Trayvon's screams as he stared George's gun in the face just before he was shot. It was cold-bloodied unjustifiable murder. Period.

Some of you people are SICK, including you, PETER, who now sit rejoicing in Trayvon's murder and seek to disparage him in every way you can. PLEASE, let the young man RIP, he has suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Peter never links back to the source for any article. He consistently violates copyright laws. The only way blogspot will put a stop to it is if the authors of the many articles he steals from report him. Peter is such a great moral Christian. Let's hang on his every word.

Anonymous said...

Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said. "So we have to have very RESPONSIBLE CONVERSATIONS about how we get better as a country and move forward from THIS TRAGEDY and learn from it."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:41, Peter also interjects his own diverse opinions into these articles he lifted somewhere else that were not his own, making it appear he wrote the entire article when he didn't. Just, try not to link what Peter does and says he does to being a great moral Christian.

I'm not going to judge Peter as being a follower of Jesus Christ, whether he is or not is not for me to second guess, but from what I've seen with my own eyes, I certainly wouldn't be attempting to follow his lead any time soon. Jesus was of a kind and humble spirit, and of great compassion. I have yet to see any of this consistently coming from Peter Hyatt.

What I see is a deep-seated anger and bitterness, fueled by his own emotional instability and supported by his bloated ego and extreme prejudices of every kind that suits his whims and judgmental values. He is not a peaceful man and for this, I feel sorry for him. Nonetheless, I'd sure hate to be a member of his household and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

This is so disgusting to read how some of you people judge others by their clothing and appearances in every instance, even predicting their entire future or lack of, EVEN their early "thug" death.

You forget, AND ignore, that Trayvon Martin had just recently turned seventeen at the time of his unprovoked murder and was still at the stage of trying to find his way in life, which is a VERY hard time for a young man, or young woman. You forget, that the young man (and woman) try to fit in with their peers in their manner of dress and in every other way. Show me the young man Trayvons age, black or white, who is walking down the street in a Brooke Bros suit. You can't, not unless he's some kind of disturbed weirdo.

Not only that, you loudly proclaim how YOU are so wonderfully raising YOUR kids, like you think you can get inside their head and YOU can predict how they are going to turn out. Like he!! you can!

You don't know what day your kid is going to dabble with drugs or what kind of bad elements he/she will take up with, totally unawares to you. You're not walking behind them every minute of the day wielding a big stick. For all YOU know, one of your grown kids could be getting stoned every night and hating the sight of you. You forget, they lie.

You don't know if one of your grown kids will get desperate someday and rob a bank while wearing his Brooke Bros suit; or might snort some coke or meth and come home, rob you and blow your brains out; or if your grown son might beat his wife to death someday. You have no idea what your well-raised kids might do before the run is over.

Oh, you think not? I've known of these things to happen from the BEST of families. You're also not a mind reader; you don't know if your kid might be seething with hatred for you underneath his/her smiling "yes daddy" fa├žade and might be laying low just waiting to show YOU a thing or two.

You are trusting YOURSELVES with your almighty tight fisted rule of dress and appearances when you ought to be trusting GOD for your kids; and even THEN your kid could go astray and turn out to be a bad seed no matter HOW hard you tried to do your best.

You don't know HOW your kids might turn out or WHAT they might do in time to come, while you sit bragging about the wonderful job you are doing raising them. If I were you, I'd stop my gloating and boasting over the wonderful fine-line job you are doing with your wonderful kids, believing they can never do any wrong because YOU said so, when the show isn't over yet and WON'T be until the day you die.

THEN, imagine if you will; you'll have to go face the judgment and give an account before God of how you raised them.

john said...

Im eating cod and beans.Try missing my cod.Try missing my beans.

Anonymous said...

Is Zimmerman putting his first notch in his gun grip for his first kill? Now he's scared for his life, now he thinks everyone is after him, what ya' wanna bet he gets another notch on that same gun? (the one he FORGETS he carries)

drdebo said...

EYES FOR LIES- thinks Zimmerman was lying and that he racially profiled and murdered Trayvon like me and about half of america- altho the other half really feel the opposite- so interesting- also great articles on her/his blog- including one facebook comment someone sent him that i'll put here- love it:

"Dear George Zimmerman,

For the rest of your life you are now going to feel what its like to be a black man in America.

You will feel people stare at you. Judging you for what you think are unfair reasons. You will lose out on getting jobs for something you feel is outside of your control. You will believe yourself to be an upstanding citizen and wonder why people choose to not see that.

People will cross the street when they see you coming. They will call you hurtful names. It will drive you so insane some days that you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs. But you will have to wake up the next day, put on firm look and push through life.

I bet you never thought that by shooting a black male you'd end up inheriting all of his struggles.

Enjoy your "freedom."


A black male who could've been Trayvon Martin
Alex Fraser on Facebook"

drdebo said...


drdebo said...


Excruciating Headache said...

A couple of things...

1. Plagiarism is among the most grievous sins a college student can commit. Failure to cite a source is considered plagiarism in the academic world. There's no point in being butthurt over it, but I would have expected the the oversight to have been corrected by now.

2. Maybe Martin was a thug. Funny thing is that a sentence of death isn't appropriate in cases of growing marijuana, walking outside at night, looking suspicious, egregious wearing of hoodies, punching someone who's stalking you,flagrant thuggery,etc.

Have a good weekend. EH

Georgia Girl said...

I think George had no other choice.Trayvon punched him in the nose and got the better of George.Poor George can never have a life without watching his back at all times.All the race baiters made this into something it was not.Trayvon's parents have gotten lots of money in those trashcans they pass around.I pray for the Zimmermans and wish them well.They seem to be very nice people.

Excruciating Headache said...

I'm an atheist. If I weren't, I'd pray for both families. They both deserve to be at peace.

I probably wouldn't kill someone for punching me in the nose, but that's just how I roll.


Unknown said...

Georgia Girl said...
I think George had no other choice.Trayvon punched him in the nose and got the better of George.Poor George can never have a life without watching his back at all times.All the race baiters made this into something it was not.Trayvon's parents have gotten lots of money in those trashcans they pass around.I pray for the Zimmermans and wish them well.They seem to be very nice people.

Id buy you a dimond rihg my friend if it would make you seem ok.

Ah cant say to much for money but money cant buy you LOVE.
Cant buy you love
No No no NO

An it also cantnot buy you the return of a MURDERED CHILD
Shot through the heart with a hollow point bullet.
With the imminent arrival of PLICE an safety
Safytey for Trayvn

Arrest for illegaly detain a minor at gun point for wannabe herocop/murderer/raceist P OS / Zimmerman

He kew the police were imminent an he had a wrist lock on hisvictim an was no where ner death

Ive had worse cuts fucking shaveing.

He MURDERED TRAYVON beause TRAYVON was a legal tenant an invited geust of a HOME OWNER.

The murder wasnot a legal resident he was sqating ina home in fore clousure because he refused to pay RENT TO THE LAND LORD.

He had a few centshalf a dollar in his man purse

An 16 dollars in xa checking account of to buy a weeks worth of grogeries?

Yeah sure he was with a loaded gun that he carried every where but forgot all about.

Even although he claims to b egetting beaten to death.

Anonly remembered he had it when he though t he say the Black gut looking at it in the pith dark so pulled it out agter getting him in a wrist lock an shot him one time.

An when te Police arrived an said
Who shot him
He said I did even although later he will claim to not know he had shot him thought he had missed an didn't even know he was dead.

An that I suppose he thought they cover all surviveing missed gun shot victims ith a yellow death blanket.

Sure sure his Parents got some fucking money so did this murdering piece of shit

An hey Trayvons Parents ould give every cent back a hunded billion fold if this just ddnt happen if they coul hold an love the re son again

If raceist pieces of shit an ppoligists lik you an PETER HYAT didn't alow an encourage such thugs as Zimmerman with your slightly right of ATTILA THE HUN POLITICS an blatant Raceist Mind sets

fir shame to thin I once respected you a was foled again .

I suppose because I being a human being an part of the human race as oppsed toany colour or cred .
An see every one of us as human homo sapin an not a differing race as an ifeior differing specie .

That view point I notonly archacic it fucking nsane man game over you pratz.

Anonymous said...

If I was a black male teenager who lived in the vicinity of GZ I'd get a restraining order against him.

drdebo said...

WRONG- actualy GUILT but not convicted:
(CNN) -- A juror in the George Zimmerman trial says she feels the man who killed Trayvon Martin "got away with murder."

"George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can't get away from God. And at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with," Juror B29 told ABC, according an article posted on the network's website Thursday. "(But) the law couldn't prove it."

The juror, who used only her first name of Maddy out of concerns for her safety, told ABC that she and others on the panel felt Zimmerman was guilty, but that wasn't enough. She and other jurors also have identified themselves by their numbers from the jury pool.

"You can't put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty," she said. "But we had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence."

Zimmerman has been out of the public eye since the jury found him not guilty of second degree murder on July 13. His parents told ABC News last week that their family has received an "enormous amount of death threats."

He fatally shot Martin in the Sanford, Florida, neighborhood where Zimmerman and Martin's father lived in February 2012. Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, had a confrontation with the unarmed African-American teen after calling police to report a suspicious person, and he said he shot Martin in self-defense.

The case became a flash point in debates over racial profiling, and thousands attended vigils across the country over the weekend, decrying the verdict.

LOL said...