Sunday, July 14, 2013

Racism, Analysis, and George Zimmerman

I think George Zimmerman is  an ass.

I have always thought that Trayvon Martin would not have been shot that night if Zimmerman had just called the police and not played John Wayne.

I have also read Zimmerman's initial statement, as well as Mark McClish' analysis. Mark did a good job, and showed that when it came to the life and death struggle, Zimmerman told the truth.

Zimmerman did not murder Trayvon Martin.

I am so sick of racism in our country.  I think the President of the United States is a vicious racist.  He called a thug his "son" and the entire "hoodie" thing is nonsense.  I taught my sons to dress respectfully because we are judged by our appearance and only liars say otherwise.

I think Trayvon Martin was a violent thug who would have likely died before age 30 because he was raised to be a thug, and not because his pigment is darker than mine.

He was a thug because his parents did not teach him boundaries, respect for the law, and, by their own words, reveal their need to blame race on their own failure to properly discipline a son.

Boys are stronger than girls.

Willful ignorant politically correct society says it is not so, therefore they put them together, calling it "equality" and have then expect boys to behave towards girls in the same aggressive and natural manner in which they do to other boys.

Then they decry domestic violence.

Go ahead and put your little princess in boys' ice hockey.  It is her "right" to be in his locker room and wear a pink helmet.  Let your little girl learn what it is like to have her clock cleaned by a little boy, so she can accept it later.

It won't be, however, my son that hits her, even if it means chastisement by the coach, ridicule from the other players, and the scorn of modernity's parents.

I'm raising gentlemen, culture be damned.

Did you ever see an "anti domestic violence" bumper sticker?

Why would anyone say that they are against domestic violence?  Is anyone in favor of it?  Well, yes, those who worship upon the altar of egalitarianism, as well as those who have reduced sexuality to biology do, so perhaps the bumper sticker is a good idea.

Imagine reading, "Honk if you love domestic violence!" on  the car in front of you?

It would have to be driven by a white Protestant male.

We've sown the wind, and taught our sons disrespect for women, for life, and for the rule of law, so thugs like Trayvon Martin, you know, the president's own son, will always be, and will always give birth to self proclaimed cowboys like George Zimmerman.

It's politically correct to disagree with the verdict.

George Zimmerman shot Travyon Martin in self defense and did not lie about it.  Zimmerman should never have been there in the first place, nor should have Martin, but it is what it is.

Save your racist comments for the Spam folder...they won't last long here.

Here's a racist for ya.  This stinker should inspire enough young black males to take a pot shot at Zimmerman, who will run for the rest of his life.  Even his own race (whatever that may be) doesn't appear to be supporting him.

OJ Simpson be damned, we have George Zimmerman.

If Zimmerman wishes to say that calling the cops would not have helped, well, with lowered standards of cops today...but at least no white cop would be willing to pull his gun on a black man.  The only hope for justice, today, is if a black cop kills a black criminal.  It is what it is, today, and it stinks.

Oh, and by the way, tell your sons to grow up, dress appropriately, in a way in which strangers will not fear them.  Tell them to do this on job interviews, too.  I still haven't hired anyone in a hoodie, or who needed a bath, but perhaps I'll catch up to speed. Not that Martin doesn't have the right to dress like a scary character, but as you've read here, we all are judged by our appearance, with some studies saying that the first appearance can leave an impression in the brain that lasts for years, but we can influence others' judgements of us by our appearance. Had Martin been wearing Ivy League clothes, well, never mind.

You and I both know that when you see someone wearing a baseball uniform, you judge them to want to play baseball.

Dylan wears a hoodie.

He wore one in New Jersey once and got detained as a crazy homeless man.

He wasn't homeless.

People of faith know that clothing speaks volumes, but people of faith aren't welcome in this country any longer because, as well all know, faith hates.

The NY Giants star is an even bigger jack ass than Zimmerman.  He has, effectively, called for murder and has dishonored himself and our justice system.


After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges on Saturday evening, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz sent a threatening tweet that has since been deleted from his account. 

He tweeted, "Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up to him."


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Sus said...

What bothers me, and I do think this is where racism comes in, is what if the fight had gone the other way and Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman? I have a strong feeling Trayvon Martin would be found guilty of murder.

Bear with me. TM was walking through the neighborhood. Someone (GZ) with a gun was following him. He certainly had reason to fear imminent danger as the law says. So he began beating GZ who then had reason to fear imminent danger.

I'm simply wondering how the ruling would have been if TM had beaten GZ badly enough to kill him. By Florida's laws he had reason to, or he could have pulled out a gun and shot him if he'd been of age.

I cannot say with certainty the ruling would be the same, but it should be.

Newbie said...

Thank you Peter, well said.

Sus said...

Me again...
With these types of laws, citizens can get away with, well...murder.

The Bill of Rights keeps LE from just stopping anyone because they look "different" or like a "punk". LE has to have a reason to detain someone.

LE is not allowed to harass citizens.

LE cannot use unreasonable force.

But the new laws that are getting through are allowing citizens to decide, "He's a threat to me." and to use unreasonable force. The fear is based on differences more times than naught.

The fear of each other is getting out of hand in this country. We need to think who is benefitting from that fear? Fight against that entity and all chill out. :)

Anonymous said...

The "what-if's" are hard to resist. Here's another, if Trayvon had continued on his way during that four minute period instead of figuring out how and where to approach George and pick a fight then the shooting wouldn't have happened.
It's easy to look at any of the segments of events and see how it could have ended differently , why does it seem as if that one is so infrequently recognized.
Sadly, it seems as if Trayvon started the fight. George may have been watching him and was obviously suspicious of him ... but Trayvon had plenty of opportunity to simply get out of there or approach George differently. He asked George if "he had a problem", George answered "No" and then it was Trayvon who said "Well, you do now" ( expletive was inserted somewhere) So, who turned this into a violent event that ended with one of the two dying? I think that there is little recognition of what Trayvon himself IS responsible for, that of starting a fight. George was following him but George did NOT turn this into a violent event. Trayvon bears some responsibility for the way things ended too. It surely was not his intention to be shot dead but it was his intention to start a fight with someone. When fights get to a certain point the lives of the individuals are at risk. George was there, he was experiencing the intensity of rage and anger being expressed by Trayvons behavior. The behavior indicated that he was angry enough to try to kill him. Experiencing that and noticing Trayvons eyes go to the gun would be enough for me to think that the person trying to kill me would use that gun and that I'd better get it first and stop him.
Trayvon himself probably bears some responsibility for the way things went that evening. Sadly he is got killed and can't learn from the experience but if that part of the truth were emphasized a bit more then there'd be a better chance of this being avoided.
I don't think that it's fair to minimize Trayvons part in this. We're discussing justice and culpability and people taking responsibility for their actions. It would be far better if Trayvon were alive and could simply learn from this. He is dead, it's tragic, but it doesn't turn him into an angel. He was a flawed human being just like the rest of us, a flawed human being with wonderful qualities - just like George Zimmerman. George was held responsible for his part in this. You can call him an "ass" if you want to - that's "politically correct" - and it is certainly not politically correct to call Trayvon that name - but lets not go so far as to not hold him responsible for the part he played. He paid the ultimate price so I'm not talking about punishment - simply looking at all of what happened. He chose to do more than just walk home with skittles and iced tea. He chose to pick a fight when he could have continued on his way, he could have simply asked George is he had a problem and talked to him about it - but he chose to start a fight.

Anonymous said...

Wow Peter, excellent post. Amen!

Deejay said...

I don't believe Zimmerman's account at all- and DNA was NOT found to support his account. (several examples) I have been horrified at the racist coverage of this case, and the openly racist support that Zimmerman received including huge monetary donations. I believe that Zimmerman was the aggressor. He bent the story to fit, as the other party was forever silenced.

IMHO he shot for the EXACT reason he told police dispatch- he thought a burglar was going to get away. So he stopped him dead.

I hope at the end of this sad case, Zimmerman fades into obscurity and suffers all his days from remorse. He is not my hero. But he is sadly a hero to many with hatred in their hearts. I would love to NEVER see his smug face again, but I expect he will become the darling of NRA or some other rabid gun group.

Peter- I respect you- but you and I are 180 degrees apart on this case. Many on this blog grieved for Hailey. But using your logic of what the parents raised her to be, she would have grown up to emulate them- a sleazy drug addict. Why did people care about her tragic death, yet not care about a young man a few years older and darker??

I hope no crazy vigilante ever shots my son for being on a sidewalk.

In sadness, Deejay

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin was a young boy who was still in the process of forming his identity. He may have been "playing" being a thug -- he was not a thug. I've read, and enjoyed, your blog in the past. But I'm appalled with this post.

Deejay said...

BTW- Your advice for raising a respectful son is excellent. Real men do not hit women. But the flip is also true- I've told my teenage son that if a girl hits him, assume she has emotional problems and stay away.

Jeff said...

GZ showed deception when trying to convince police he was not following TM (stuttering, time lapse, etc). I was raised to believe force should be returned with like force. If someone comes at you with a pair of fists, then you should fight them with a pair of fists. To use a gun against a pair of fists is simply unfair. If GZ felt he could not defend himself from TM, then he should have backed off. I am not saying either side is blameless, but I do think GZ did not have to resort to using the gun.

Baxtie said...

Well, that's it for me. I had this blog on my RSS reader but today I deleted it. First, Peter ignored the trolls for too long and let the comment sections become a joke. Then he continued to post his political views under the guise of "analysis" despite frequent protests from his readers. (It is legal on the internet to have two blogs, in case that's news to you.) The cherry on top was his declaration that "Trayvon was a thug" despite being unable to produce a shred of evidence for that claim. I tolerated his other political posts by just skipping them. However, this time he let his political views interfere with objectivity and therefore lost my trust in him as an analyst. This isn't the first time I've witnessed him using his own personal slant in an "analysis". The most recent time was when he passed off his purely personal ramblings (again, in the guise of "analysis") about the alleged song lyrics referenced in a note regarding the Hailey Dunn case.

TL;DR... Ultimately, Peter, your political slants creeping into your posts hurt your credibility as an objective analyst, so there's really no point in me coming back here, especially since you don't even acknowledge that you HAVE a bias. Good luck and goodbye.

Skeptical said...

If selling marijuana to your fellow classmates doesn't make you a thug in training, then I don't know what does. A drug dealer is a drug dealer no matter what race.

Speculative Questions: What if Trayvon Martin had managed to get George Zimmerman's gun? Does anyone think that George Zimmerman would be alive today?

Baxtie, this is Peter's blog. He has the right to freely express his opinion. If you find it so offensive, then it is best for you both that you leave. Oh that Trayvon had been so wise.

Baxtie the TURD said...

Oh ffs!!! "Wahhhhhhh"GO away then!!!! Än "analsys"is än opinion you fat chimp lover!!! Ps dont come back cowfart!,observer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The chimp.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin was a young boy who was still in the process of forming his identity. He may have been "playing" being a thug -- he was not a thug. I've read, and enjoyed, your blog in the past. But I'm appalled with this post.

July 14, 2013 at 12:56 PM

I wonder why he was on a 10 day suspension from school. Do you know anon. Please share

Anonymous said...

We've sown the wind, and taught our sons disrespect for women, for life, and for the rule of law, so thugs like Trayvon Martin, you know, the president's own son, will always be, and will always give birth to self proclaimed cowboys like George Zimmerman.... TRUTH!!!!!

I am the mother of 3sons, and a daughter. They are far from perfect but they are definitely respectful. They will look you in the eye, stand up straight, shake your hand, speak clearly, and call you sir or ma'am. I get so angry when people that I don't know or that don't know my kids, make scoffing remarks about how I'm degrading or demeaning them by insisting they address people accordingly. I've heard more than once that our expectations are antiquated.

My oldest has 2 tattoos but neither are visible in short sleeves. They all refer to visible tattoos as "job stoppers." I think the only male in my house that owns a hoodie is my husband and it is what he wears under his coveralls when he goes out to cut wood so he can put the hood up over his cap.

I believe in personal responsibility. If you want to be seen as an upstanding, productive member of society, and not have people look down on you, BE that person.

Nanna Frances said...


Have you checked any information about Trayvon Martin? He was at his dad's because he had been expelled from school. He had burglar tools at school! He had a gang tattoo! At 17, he was not a child!

By the way, my political views are not the same as Peter's views. He is telling it as it is in this case.

Not reading Peter's blog will be your loss.

BostonLady said...

I agree Nanna Frances. There has been so much misinformation in the media with this case. Why is that calling someone a "creepy ass cracker" is minimized and we are told, it's not "that" racist.

Why was the Director of IT fired from his job at the State Attorney office? Because he shared evidence the state did not reveal with the Defense. The photos and texts which were hidden/deleted. Is this okay ? Should we just close our eyes?

This was a horrible situation. Both Zimmerman and Martin had options prior to getting to fighting for their life. One merely speaking out and asking what the other was doing may have prevented this all. Instead, Zimmerman is now the center of a witch hunt. The NAACP is trying to get the feds to file a case for a "hate" crime. The Martins are being encouraged to being a wrongful death suit against Zimmerman. Did the media miss that Martin's parents already filed a suit against the Condo association and settled for an undisclosed amount?

How many murders take place in this country on a daily basis? How many of those get the attention of the President?

The jury made the right decision according to the law.

Anonymous said...

Obama is ashamed of his White mother.

Anonymous said...

The girl Martin was on the phone with that night - Rachael Jeantel

She testified in court that Martin told her he reached his father's house (the father's girlfriend's house), and that home was located at the back end of the community, specifically, the most south eastern point of the community, the part of the community considered the back end, next to the back exit of the community

Zimmerman was parked at the very front end of the community, the northern part of the community, and the confrontation/fight was witnessed by people at the most north eastern point of the community, and Martin's body was found in the north east front of the community

Martin walked and ran home to the back end of the community.....yet his body was found at the front end of the community

What does that mean?

It means Martin backtracked, he turned around and RETURNED to the front end

What does that mean?


Pak31 said...

Anonymous Baxtie said...
The cherry on top was his declaration that "Trayvon was a thug" despite being unable to produce a shred of evidence for that claim.-------------Depends how you define "thug". He was suspended twice from school. Once for having a type of burglary tool and stolen jewelry and the other for possession of marijuana and a marijuana pipe. Not to mention a social network site with pics of himself posing with guns. THis may not be the sign of a top thug, but it's certainly not a respectable, sweet, charming young man either.

Anonymous said...

This? prompted the statement today from the Dept of Justice? as people had signed a online NAACP petition addressed to Attorney General Eric Holder. The petition created last night, after the verdict was read. Petitioning a Civil Rights suit against GZ.
Collecting over 100k signatures in less than 2.5hours. The people stimulated this or it was already in progress, simply set aside. The Verdict did or did not matter?

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — The Justice Department says it is looking into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin to determine whether federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted in the state case.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People earlier called on the Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman after he was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. The department opened an investigation into Martin’s death last year but stepped aside to allow the state prosecution to proceed.

7/14/2013 the Justice Department released to press:

As the Department first acknowledged last year, we have an open investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin.

The Department of Justice's Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division, the United States Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation continue to evaluate the evidence generated during the federal investigation, as well as the evidence and testimony from the state trial.

Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department's policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial.

Anonymous said...

But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. Who is on first? the Dept of Justice to have an open file in wait of a verdict. The verdict either way? they were to pursue George Zimmerman no matter the verdict? This is a different standard of law, as it is a Civil Rights case (?) To prove, to disprove? GZ no longer the guy acquitted, he passed go? that the feds are now to pursue him, as the federal case has remained open. Federal Court, is the US Govt, not the people of the state of Florida. Obama's statement released today is to who? for who? clearly this has just begun, as the people remain in the spin cycle. Just keep spinning.

7/14/2013 President Barack Obama released a statement Sunday on the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin, urging Americans to honor the slain teenager by acting to curb gun violence.

Read Obama's full statement:

"The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America.

I know this case has elicited strong passions.

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.

But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.

I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.

We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.

We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.

As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin."

Anonymous said...

Where is Daphne Webb?
Where is Ahlitta North?
Who killed Alanna Gallagher?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Peter, your article stinks to the heavens and reveals your narrow and slanted disgusting uncalled for and unproven judgmental persona; all without merit.

I have stopped reading these posts at the end of Deejay and Baxties' posts; whom I totally agree with, except that I no longer have an ounce of respect for Peter Hyatt for all the reasons you outlined, and plenty more. Why bother to read more of this drivel. The rest of you who agree with Peter, you deserve whatever befalls you.

George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin dead like shooting a mangy dog who was frightened and trying to hide, only attacking after he was approached. Who wouldn't?
George PROVED over and over that he is a liar, and a murderer, and knows he is.

I hope he never has another peaceful day the rest of his sorry rotten life. Observer

Anonymous said...

Race baiting, more of the divide and conquer methodology. What about character, what about how there are consequences for your behavior? Thuggery is to get a pass because the media lied and directed the story to create headlines/and chaos.

When will the media be held accountable for their lies? The President is obviously no leader in the sense of one who unites and calls us to inspiring actions. IMHO he is pulling us down. Things due to this thuggery mentally in high and low places stinks!

Anonymous said...

Obama asked for reflection about Travyn, after asking to take the guns away. I saw this coming from several miles away as the media kept harping on "riots, anger, mayhem" which they have helped to create by creating a false narrative from the inception of this tragedy! The media helps cover for any "Democratic party" which is the new Socialist party in the guise of "progressive liberalism."

Anonymous said...

Have you READ Travyon's TWEETS!?

It showed he had a gangsta mindset.

The "neutral" judge would not allow it into the case!!!

There are many lovely, noble acting teenagers, then there are the bad**s wannabbes. Guess where Mr. Martin was?

Lemon said...

You've promised multiple times before you're leaving in a huff and a puff. You never do. You rant and rave at liars and addicts ad nauseum, yet fail to "observe" your own lies and own addiction to name calling, over sharing TMI, and robo posting. Your hypocrisy is telling. If you should change your name again, your posting is still recognizable, another nugget of Statement Analysis you fail to grasp.

Go already. Pray do tell the truth this time and leave. 'Twould be an eary Christmas present to the blog.

~ABC said...

Observer said...
Peter, your article stinks to the heavens and reveals your narrow and slanted disgusting uncalled for and unproven judgmental persona; all without merit.

My God Observer! If there was an award for extraordinary excellence in projection you would be the all-time champ!

Jen said...

THANK U Lemon! My sentiments exactly...if you don't like what you read here OR the author of the blog as much as you say, PLEASE buzz off!

It will make the blog 10x more enjoyable for the rest of us to not have to wade through your CONSTANT repetition of the same tired topics you manage to inject into EVERY comment...whether it applies or not!

Oh, and please don't even bother with your self righteous retort about freedom of speech and whatnot...been there, rolled my eyes at that...more times than I can count!

~ABC said...

How about some federal civil rights suits for Caylee Anthony and other truly innocent children whose lives were taken by the very people who were entrusted to protect them!

So innocent children's rights are ignored while an out-of-control thug is held up as a poster child for civil rights?? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the last holdouts. They keep it going because their livelihoods depend on stirring the racial pot! And to think some have had the audacity to compare Trayvon Martin to the likes of Medgar Evers and Emmet Till. PuhhhhhhhLEASE!

Anonymous said...

What if Trayvon Martin had responded to George Zimmerman's challenge like this....

"Good evening sir! I'm Trayvon Martin. I'm in town with my father to visit Brandy Green who lives right there 100 yards away."

They both would have walked away and probably would have never seen each other again.

~ABC said...

Yes Anon @9:10 PM! Something like that.

It's called a spirit of cooperation. For some reason so many people these days feel they have the right to be provocative and confrontive with impunity!

dadgum said...

...but no. GZ got a punch to the face instead.

Look up the texts not allowed into evidence because they were 'too prejudicial'. He was a fighter, he punched first to the face, then was surprised the guy still went 3 rounds. Child? No..

Burglary tools, drugs, buying/selling guns. A child? Hardly.. Young man, yes. Sad situation, yes.

Anonymous said...

Peter, Out of all your excellent posts, this one is absolutely the best. Profound. Thank You

dadgum said...


dadgum said...

sidewalk super said...

Is this victor cruz a good buddy of gang executioner(allegedly) hernandez ?
Is this the mindset that it takes to play pro football?
Ye gods!

Anonymous said...

Nor did the jury hear of Zimmerman's past violent acts. Assaulting an officer, assaulting his wife, overly aggressive acts as a bouncer that got him fired.

Nor did we hear the watch captain identify himself to Martin. "I'm George Zimmerman, with the neighborhood patrol. Why are you here?"

Why, Peter, did George Zimmerman need to call police? Because a teenager was walking down a sidewalk? Did police need to be called because he wasn't dressed according to your standards? I love how faux libertarians are so dismissive of the bill of rights when people aren't seen as church going Christians in their Sunday best. Americans don't simply have freedoms to dress and talk how "righteous individuals" deem they should. A hoodie is a popular item of clothing and if Zimmerman can't tell clothing from crimes, he has no business patrolling with a gun.

I see the racist comments only hit the spam folder in certain cases. "Chimp lover"...nice. Yes, I know I can go away. I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

This article states exactly how I feel about this situation. Both parties could have done something different and had a different outcome. I've seen Travon's selfies on FB. I've read his phone texts. He was not so innocent. It is a tragedy that people in our country think being a thug, doing drugs, and having a gun is cool.

PS I don't think Peter wrote this article. It does not sound like his writing.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand why religion had to be thrown into the mix. Did anyone else catch this? I just found it to be very odd.

@ anon 10:38, It doesn't sound like Peter's writing style to me, either.

dadgum said...

He 'assaulted' undercover, unidentified officers (keep in mind, any attempt to touch an officer is assault. Try it.) Charges were dismissed. Not downgraded, not determent. Dismissed.

Spousal abuse? She was given a protection order..which don't require more than her words on a form. I know, I've done it. At the hearing to put one in place..dismissed. Groundless.

As for having a CCP meaning you are violence of Sam's nurses carries. She has worked in some rough areas..and we all live in a rural area where we just might have to shoot an injured or threatening animal. Glad she has one, because I don't.

Thing is..according to the law, the jury was correct. GZ had no way of knowing which hit might lead to brain damage or worse. Even unarmed, he was within his rights to defend himself, and had he landed a fatal blow to head or chest, it would have been self defense.

Even if he approached TM, does that mean TM could punch? TM had no injuries, other than a gunshot. GZ never struck him. It was a punch to the face, followed by repeated strikes while astride GZ. People usually get what they give. Violence begets violence, he just went for the wrong 'cracker'.

This does not say GZ could not have made wiser decisions. But he didn't strike TM. Or start the fight. IMO

Anonymous said...

When people don't like something such as a tv program, music, food, or blog they just don't indulge, they don't go there. Take personal responsibility. No need to behave like a Drama Queen.

Anonymous said...

If the religion comment is directed at me- I meant it culturally more than doctrinaire. The "analysis" claims we are judged on what we wear as some kind of explanation as to why Martin was treated as a criminal. If he'd been in his church clothes, maybe Zimmerman would have judged him differently. What one wears to an interview is one thing; the notion that a teenager needs to dress up to go to 7-11 is insane. This is America, we are supposed to be judged by our acts, not our cultural choices.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Zimmerman is guilty of murder. I think he took on a responsability that he was not morally or physically qualified for. It is a tragedy and perhaps a grey area -- but the verdict sounds fair to me.

The rage across the country sounds fair to me too -- because it is about history. It is about so much that is not healed. The problem in focusing it on Zimmerman is that Zimmerman is not quite as vicious as so many before him who got off even more scott free. I say let Zimmerman go and let the country protest. Let everybody feel what they need to feel and let everybody express it. It is part of growth and healing.

This bloggers post -- sounds somewhat baffling to me -- but I say let it out there too -- everybody should be angry, white and black and everybody else too. It's so damn hard to just start anew. Being white in this country can mean being saddled with a history of being an opressor as much as to be black means to be saddled with a history of being opressed. But were were all born into this inheritance - we are none of us self made in this burden -- except in those cases where we choose to add breath to the fire.

none of us can walk in each others shoes. but we can try to understand each other. when our patience and personal stability allows.

hoodies are not a crime - or a request to be disrespected. any more than slacks and ties are a crime or a request to be disrespected -- any more than robes and powdered wigs carry such meaning -- all fashion was new and un-establishment at some point. indeed change & the persuit of new ideas is the very foundation of what makes america worth fighting for.

while Zimmerman is not guilty of murder Travon Martin is ABSOLUTELY not guilty of deserving to die. It is incredible to allow for both of these truths. But we must allow for both of them. And not blame the victim simply because the perpetrator was found not guilty.

dadgum said...

Anonymous said...

Among the many mistakes George made that night was not identifying himself when Trayvon asked him if he had a problem. Why didn't George just answer that he was patrolling the neighborhood? He could have diffused the situation right then and there.

Anonymous said...


"Asked about the [Trayvon] Martin case during a speaking event at the Film Society of Lincoln Center Thursday evening, Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler said: “There’s a million Americans that don’t see Trayvon’s potential, they look at him as a thug that got what he deserved, even though he’s a seventeen yeas old boy that couldn’t even vote yet, that had never been arrested never had a criminal record. And my question is why is that? Why do people look at him and see that. We look at him and see something else. We look at him and see us.”

Anonymous said...

Hi Buckley, I was referring to Peter's comment in his post,

'Imagine reading, "Honk if you love domestic violence!" on the car in front of you?

It would have to be driven by a white Protestant male.'

What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Maybe Peter can explain his intent.

Pak31 said...

The truth is, none of us except Trayvon and George know what happened that night. We have hundreds of thousands of people getting angry and upset over something we really don't know about fully. We know the outcome. People choose sides. I have opinions on the whole thing but I am here more because people are getting upset at Peter for posting his thoughts. Where is it written that we all have to think alike? Or that he can't branch off from the norm and vent a little bit? I agreed with his post. What I personally got out of it is that if as parents, we raise our children to be law abiding citizens and love their fellow man then we are good people. The fact that this case has gotten so out of control over race is incredible. It's 2013 and we are still fighting over skin color. I don't know who is wrong or right in this case, but I don know that this should not be tearing us apart it should bring us together. But it's not. Just look at the comments here. I don't worry about this case like many others do. I have a life, family, children etc. to tend to. I live my life the best I can and I teach my children the same. I don't agree with everyone all the time but I am not going to just cancel them out because of that. I see the deeper meaning in Peter's post. I get it. It saddens me that people just can't get along.

CanadianGirl said...

I come to this site because my degree is in psychology and my masters in the area of psychology as well. I'm interested in Statement Analysis, not your political and sometimes overt (although you think it's covert) racist views. I can ignore your racism and that of your regular posters because all I care about is learning statement analysis. Why can't you stay focused on statement analysis?

This write-up you posted is really ignorant and does not help to educate your readers. I doubt you wrote this article unless you have some uneducated alter ego that comes out when you are extremely angry. As a Christian I would think that you would have posted an intelligent article about how to conquer the racial divide in this country, or maybe an article with logical points as to how/why the verdict came back as not guilty.
I think you and other white American Christians fail to realize that you claim to practice a religion that is based on the death and resurrection of a man who is NOT WHIT! If Jesus were alive you would hate him. How do you think Jesus feels as a man/deity of colour? As a racist how do you worship a man of colour? This is in-congruent, you can't be racist AND be a Christian, it is impossible to be both.

Please for the sake of those who want to learn statement analysis is it possible for you to consider staying away from racism and politics and simply stay focused on Statement Analysis only?

I hope those in the SA field make note of the articles you post and/or write and note the racism. They may be better able to tell if you racism and oppressive views have interfered with your ability to be objective when doing SA.

My comments in this post are not meant to be rude, I say this only because you claim to be a Christian and if you are then you will be open to being rebuked and corrected.

Anonymous said...

GZ was under the influence of potent prescription drugs (Adderall and Temazepam)- it probably fueled his paranoia and affected his judgement.

Anonymous said...

this post is more like something I would expect you to expertly break down-- for all sorts of psychological self delusions. guess you are not near perfect. hope you continue to foster and celebrate your strengths and take time to address your weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

it is one thing to accept or even support the verdict. it is quite another to say the victim deserved to die because of the clothing he wore or how he held his body. take time to reflect on where these beliefs come from within yourself. consider who else in history shared similar beliefs, and recognize the potential far reaching consequences - if we all embraced such beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I never realized just how many racists we have living among us. People happy that a black teenager was killed by a crazy man. Trayvon went to his death filled with terror at a stranger stalking and killing him for no reason. It's shameful that the small-minded side and even glorify Zimmerman.

Sus said...

I also suggest you look into domestic abuse, or any abuse and bullying, a bit more.

Abuse is about control and power over another. It's a mind-set or thought process, and has no correlation to playing with the opposite sex in sports.

If anything, knowing a girl is self-reliant and independent stops abusers.

Anonymous said...

Those jurors were probably recycled from the Casey Anthony trial.

Anonymous said...

During your rant you said"NOT WHIT"YOUR DUMB!

Anonymous said...

The little prick was high on drugs,prowling the area,being a little $hit!!! It picked on the wrong man,get over it,observer

Anonymous said...

Ås you can probably tell im a very lonely black,fat,lesbisk,observer

Anonymous said...


That is a very good point that suggests that Trayvon likely did *not* appear to be a regular teenager just minding his own business and walking down a sidewalk. There was likely more than that hoodie that struck Zimmerman as odd and caused him to call the police.

Not saying that Trayvon was indeed up to no good (I don´t think he was) but that may have been how he came across to someone who didn´t know him.

John Mc Gowan said...

If ever i saw a case of DUPING DELIGHT this is it..

Duping Delight:

Paul Ekman has termed this subtle and often very fleeting and/or partial smile - "Duping Delight". If this fraction of a smile is present for less than 0.5 seconds (and as little as 0.04 of a second!) it is known as a microexpression. It is the pleasure someone gets when they feel they have gotten away with something.

When the verdict is read out,@17sec "she says not guilty so say we all",watch zimmermans mouth, its very fleeting so watch carefully.He shows a micro expression of duping delight.

I think its his councel on the left,her smile is suppressed.

Anonymous said...

The truth about hate crimes in America:

In its last complete National Criminal Victimization Survey (1994), the Justice Department revealed blacks to have committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites.

Only 15 percent of these had robbery as a motive. We can safely infer that most of the rest had race as at least a partial motive. Eighty-five percent of the attacks were assaults and rapes.

While blacks were committing these 1.6 million crimes against whites, whites were reciprocating with 165,345 violent offenses against blacks.

Blacks, representing thirteen percent of the nation, committed more than 90 percent of the violent interracial crime. Fifty-seven percent of the violent crime committed by blacks had white victims.

Less than 3 percent of violence committed by whites had black victims. In 1994, a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.

This is the real story of hate in America. It is the media's well-kept secret.

Anonymous said...

"none of us except Trayvon and George know what happened that night"


Yes we do you stupid fucking ignorant moron, CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE, AUTOPSY REPORT, MEDICAL PHOTOS, WITNESS TESTIMONIES, TEXT MESSAGES, ETC tells us what happened that night

Fucking racist scumbags

John Mc Gowan said...

The language and writing style of this article dosen't sound like something Peter would post.


rob said...

I went into this case thinking GZ was overcharged, that it should be manslaughter. Then I totally quit watching the media coverage because it was so racialy bated. But I did watch testimony, no talking heads, and I figured out, GZ is innocent, and should have never been charged. I do believe TM walked up to GZ, spoke, and then sucker punched him in the nose, which I'm would think left him stunned and dazed. Then the beat-down began. If I had a gun in those circumstances, I would use it.
I have also found, that most supporters of TM did not watch testimony, as their minds were already made up.I also feel maybe that is why the parents didn't show up for the verdict,that they and seen all the evidense, and probably thought GZ would be aquitted.
I truly hope the justice dept lets this go, or we are truly opening a ugly can of worms, where even if found innocent by a jury, a polical motive can still put you behind bars.
I'm thinking that after all this blows over, and some of the LE retires or becomes more discusted and quits, we'll hear more of how this whole travesty went down.

dadgum said...

John..if GZ is not speaking, just hearing relieving news, how is it duping delight. Who is he 'duping'? If it was seen during interviews or police questioning, I might agree.

OT, but who exactly thinks Jesus is
White? Christ transcends color. He is the Son of God, a part of the triune God. The color of his human body is irrelevant.

What difference does it make what color someone's skin is, and why does it mean so much to you. We are all pink on the inside, all the same.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Dadgum,

We will never know what exactly happened on that tragic night,im still on the fence with the verdict.

I still say it is duping delight,what he has duped the the jury with we don't know.It maybe a small technicality,or a slight tweek in his description of what did happen that night.Watch poker players they leek duping delight all the time when they win a poker hand while bluffing.The duping delight comes after bluffer wins the hand,in others words the outcome of the result.As GZ shows when the verdict is read out.

What we do know for sure is a young life has been cut short,whatever the verdict.

dadgum said...

So true, John..
The pain of losing a child, no matter their age, is crippling. Life will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

I bet $5000 your a chimp.

gobsmacked by yall all said...

Oh shut up!!!!!! You "victim loving spades"make my tittys book,observer

Anonymous said...

Same here,,,,,i agree,,,

Anonymous said...

These savages came to our shores and ruined civillisation!!! Send them back.

digestive said...


Anonymous said...

That"child"would probably murdered än innocent eventually,observer

Anonymous said...

GO away turdface.

Anonymous said...

This post does sound like Peter. From the reminder of Racist Obama calling Martin his son, the "I raise my kids better" attitude, the connection to Statement Analysis and reference to McClish as Mark, the promise to put racist comments in the spam folder (as opposed to delete) to the "white Protestant" chip on the shoulder. This "analysis" fits this blog perfectly, though I agree there are words that appear that are not what I'd expect. And thanks to Statement Analysis, I know why they appear.

Perhaps Lemon, who often says what Peter would, wrote it though.


MaryK said...

It's not illegal to get out of your car and follow someone in your neighborhood. My husband has done the same thing when he saw 2 white teens acting like they were up to no good. Our neighborhood(in Florida also) has had a rash of break-ins and we are all sick of it. I think George Zimmerman deserves a medal.

lemon fan said...

Leave lemon alone you TURD! Bullying fcuker!!!

Stuart said...

I like the verdict. I don't care for Zimmerman. Beyond a reasonable doubt? I can't understand why people think that the verdict is injustice. The standard is "beyond a reasonable doubt". Zimmerman's story is plausible. He had a broken nose and scrapes on his head. Nobody knows exactly what happened except for Zimmerman which is the point. The prosecutors never came close to proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense. Justice has been done.

There must be countless other examples of injustice out there that people could focus their attention on. The focus on TM is irrational.

Shelley said...

I just have so much respect for you Peter.

You are a good man and raising good kids.

That is what I am also doing.

My son is being raised to be thoughtful, respectful and kind.

He is however in martial arts so he can also defend himself since we do not live in a world where others are taught right.

I agree with you 100% on this case.

While I do feel that Zimmerman had the right to be concerned with the breakins. I think had he just stayed in his car and allowed the copes to handle this, Travyon would be alive today.

However, I think if Travyon does have this shady history, its very possible that he would have faced this same fate at some later point.

Still I feel for his parents regardless.

Anonymous said...

The devil has some sweets to chomp on.People who run wild deserve"taming".The devil sent this wild animal Out to buy"sweets"now the sweets are eaten,the devil is full,hell is filled with Candy eat devil,eat and chomp,observer

Anonymous said...

This is reverse racism. didn't Travon call GZ a cracker?

What to do
about profiling? If I see a shady character of any race walking down my street and I don't take some precaution to keep my family safe, such as locking the doors, then it is a possibility that you will be reading how I left my kids vulnerable to an attack, and how stupid I am for not doing something because all the signs were there.

Anonymous said...

How many of you would still be giddy with excitement over this killing if it had been a white teenager instead of Trayvon?

Anonymous said...

I agree. This post does not sound like Peter. It leaves me wondering who wrote it.

Unknown said...

I'm disappointed with your post Peter. As others have said here, this is a boy still in the identity formation process and only God knows who or what he would've become with time and life experience behind him. Wearing a hoodie (hood up on a rainy night) is a completely normal way to dress whether you're a "thug" or a prep school boy.

Trayvon was from Miami and so am I...he looks no different than every other kid out here, regardless of income status. My 17 year old half Hispanic/half White son sports a black hoodie, especially when it rains. How can a routine manner of teen dress have any bearing on a senseless death? Or the fact that he got caught smoking weed?

I believe that Zimmerman chased him down that night and pulled his gun so that the teen couldn't get away. I believe the teen was frightened and reacted with violence which lead to a cowardly Zimmerman pulling the trigger. Manslaughter pure and simple as far as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 12:41 pm:

If it were a white kid that got killed, chances are, it would have NEVER made the headlines.

If it had been a white kid that was shot by a black person, chances are, it would have NEVER made headlines.

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Just because YOU have created one of "these"and you "love it"doesnt mean we decent folk have to endure its "ways".i suggest you look At life through decent folks eyes,and NOT through the eyes of a rodent breeder.

Anonymous said...


I wholeheartedly agree with you - IF Zimmerman did that it was murder, but the state couldn't prove that he did that, and from what I saw in the case they didn't even try to prove that he chased & pulled his gun. If he did then Trayvon was merely defending himself when he was shot. What a tragedy!!

But... what IF Trayvon saw Zimmerman coming down the sidewalk & though he'd be a toughguy and 'jump' him - teaching that creepy-ass cracker some respect. Would you still think this was murder? Legally it isn't, that turns things to Zimmerman defending himself.

Of course if Zimmerman had never left his car Trayvon would not have been killed that night. but it isn't illegal to get otu of your car in your own neighborhood. It isn't illegal to keep an eye on someone who matchest he description of known burglers in your neighborhood.

This is a big reason why you shouldn't pick fights with people you don't know - I've strongly believed this since the first road rage murder I heard of back in the 90's. I don't even engage people I don't know, living in Texas I assume every driver has a gun on hand & if mad enough would be willing to use it on me.

Zimmerman should never have approached Trayvon & Trayvon should never have approached Zimmerman. This is the lesson from this tragedy (in my opinion).

chimpish said...

99% of the crimes are BY BLACK/HISPANIC "kids",the People have judged,,,,the People are fed up.

Anonymous said...

If the chimp had a Gun,itd shoot the human.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Trayvon got what he deserved, but I don't believe that Zimmerman is guilty, either.

I think perhaps Zimmerman considered himself Robocop, and got more than he bargained for. Once things escalated, Zimmerman could no longer control the outcome of the situation except to shoot Travon in order to save his own life.

He should have done what the police told him to do and just let LE handle it. He didn't. But that doesn't make him guilty of murder, any more than it justifies Travon's death.

It was seneless - all the way around - and should NOT have happened.

I think Heather wrote this article. It isn't Peter's style.

Texas Anon

Just Wondering said...

Regarding AG Holder's comments today: What will the Dept. of Justice charge him with? Racially motivated self-defense?

Does the DOJ usually go after an individual, or an entity with a practice of discrimination like a police department?

Anonymous said...

If a "White"kid was shot by a black id wonder If hed also been smoking drugs,,,stealing,,,,hiding His face,,,,,i strongly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up.the "victim"sådd sad Evil animal.

Anonymous said...

1 less thug roaming the planet :)

sha said...

What if Trayvon had been an alter boy and a grade A student? He still would have been walking home from the store with a soft drink and candy. He still would have been black.

Trayvon went through all three phases of the FREEZE!-FLIGHT!-FIGHT! response that night even according to zimmerman's own account. Zimmerman went through none, as he was hunting,.....yet zimmerman did not, EVEN WHILE ARMED, have the guts to identify himself or even warn Trayvon he had a gun and would shoot him.

Zimmerman would not have done this if Trayvon would have been a female, or any other color. Zimmerman is a menace.

Anonymous said...

Vita said...

The last week of June, interview of T.M.'s step mother. She was interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

She raised T in her home for 14 yrs, with her daughters. She married to his father Tracy. He T began living with her around the age of 3. She to say that T did not have a good relationship with his mom. She did not say negative words of his mother. She said that T did not like to talk about her. She neither to have an active relationship of communication with T's mom. She not allowed to sit in the front row of his funeral. She shared more than any one person offering incite into T's world, without being motivated for her own gains, this sole interview. She to say, I am his mom yet I am not his mother. Poignant.

She/Tracy (began living apart)just weeks before T was killed. T was living with her in her home prior to his suspension, that he was then with his Dad. The press to report T was visiting the condo's that night, as his father was with his Fiancee(?)

An early on interview that can be found on YT of Tracy and Brandy Green. BG is named Fiancee. Both are outside the Condo walking the grounds. They each say that T went to the store, he came back to the condo. His dad to say I know he entered that gate, he was sitting out there. BG to say, T to the store, came back, he was on the porch, he was bored. He was on the porch she says it. How did the story change?

Tracy two versions? that he and BG went to dinner, that T was out, did not return home that night. In the am, he began texting him. No responses from T, he then called police non emergency. BG in another interview with her little boy, to say she never knew of any, nor heard of criminal activity within the condo's, she did not hear anything, see anything upon arriving home that night. Her son Chad, T went to the store, didn't come back, he heard nothing, saw nothing. He learned Monday night what happened.

T's brother 5 wks after he died, his brother you decide, he knew him or not? this backs up T's Step Mom, that T lived with her for the last 14 yrs.

J his bro polar opposite of Trayvon, why is this? J on the stand lied? he to say, T lived with him, his bio mom and Uncle in Miami. T's bio Mom filed a wrongful death suit against the HOA of the Condo's. It's not what she did it's how she did it. A lawsuit countered against her for bad practice sited unto her by the Ins Co. The pressure of the case, media, the Ins Co settled, she won, she awarded 1million plus.

T did not live with her, his brother to barely know him. Mom prepaid 50k, 8 mos salary donated by Miami Dade County, her employer. 150k to her/her ex monies donated. Parents are now employees to the Org that aided the defense. They are paid, sponsored, to make appearances, paid via the non profit. Corporation built.

Trayvon was a invincible teen, as all believe they are. He raised on technology as his generation is. No patience, instant reactions without mindful processing, push a button, it's done for you. Not happy, get HIGH, pumped 24/7 into media for all humans to observe. He to wear his ear buds how many hours a day? When your brain is wired by music, social media, by constant voices pumped into your mind, it changes a person. Who you aspire to be, to be enhanced and or derailed. It creates a theme of how you do act and react. Add drugs, as T is documented, he to type of getting high, his pot use to gain him suspended. Kids are not born bad, they are altered by what they lack fundamentally. If he were alive today, he would say, Man, I didn't know so many people cared about me. Ask a teen at random, Who takes care of you? 90%: I do, this is not by choice, it is their felt only option.

Autonomy is not to be confused with Independence. Reactions to continue upon T's death. Pay it forward, engage Kids in reading, learning to read. Mentor a young teen, before during and after their mistakes, achievements, the rewards contagious, to multiply with interest.

Anonymous said...

Wow Peter, how did you ruin your own decent assessment of the Trayvon Martin case by going on a nonsensical tangent tying domestic violence in with girls being allowed to play rough sports on boys' teams??? Really??? So, the root cause of domestic violence is men "confusing" women for men? For real? I used to enjoy your blog but do not visit often anymore, because of this kind of sexism. It's extremely obnoxious.

Pak31 said...

"none of us except Trayvon and George know what happened that night"


Yes we do you stupid fucking ignorant moron, CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE, AUTOPSY REPORT, MEDICAL PHOTOS, WITNESS TESTIMONIES, TEXT MESSAGES, ETC tells us what happened that night

Fucking racist scumbags---------------Wow, how can you talk like this to people? How is the statement above racist? Sounds like you have a lot of hate inside you. Anyway, yes there is witness testimony, medical evidence, texts, etc. BUT do we have the exact moment of confrontation on tape? NO. Do we know EXACTLY what was said between the two men? NO. All we have is an account. No one but Trayvon on George know EXACTLY what went down that night. Should Zimmerman have shot Trayvon? I say NO. Is that racist? Should Trayvon have defended himself if Zimmerman started fighting with him? YES. Is that racist? Zimmerman should have waited, Trayvon should have just gotten back to his dad's place without stopping. The fact that the two of them confronted each other caused one or both of them to react. Still, with all the evidence we have none of us were there to know every detail. I don't know how you can say we do know.

Anonymous said...

Peter I feel like what you wrote implies if women want to "act" like men by playing sports instead of knitting, they should not be surprised if they get "clocked". Please tell me your understanding of domestic violence runs deeper than this. If it does not, you need to educate yourself. Seriously, it is such a turn off reading such a distorted viewpoint on domestic violence!!

Anonymous said...

I too, am wondering if Peter really wrote this article. It sounds more like somebody doing a parody of what Peter might write. I wonder if he was hacked???

who's racist now? said...

"I think Trayvon Martin was a violent thug who would have likely died before age 30 because he was raised to be a thug, and not because his pigment is darker than mine." If you don't think this because he was black, why do you think this?

"He was a thug because his parents did not teach him boundaries, respect for the law, and, by their own words, reveal their need to blame race on their own failure to properly discipline a son." Right, because only THUGS buy candy and walk home from the store.

"Boys are stronger than girls." WTF does that have to do with it?

PETER - shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I hope the DOJ reopens the OJ case too. and Casey Anthony also...

Anonymous said...

Trayvon should not have been allowed to go anywhere while on a 10 day school suspension.

Anonymous said...

And what does Peter mean by "it would have to ve driven by a white Protestant male"??? Peter could you please explain what you mean by this? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter is saying if you raise your children well things like this won't happen. And that alot of girls today are as rough as boys.

Vita said...

Bill Cosby interviewed April 2012. He asked by reporter, what do you think of the Travyon Martin case?

His response is his own. Bill Cosby has lived this and continues to live it. And no it's not his color that I am speaking of. Bill Cosby a father first? in his reaction reply. No, had he offered his personal story all objectivity of content would be lost. He then would be judged, bias on his part, to speak of what did happen to his own son.

Ennis Cosby his only son, he was murdered in 1997. He was 28 years old, when he was shot. He shot point blank in the head, by a random stranger. Defenseless doesn't even begin here. His car had a flat tire, he road side, called a friend. His friend appeared, left for aid.

He, Ennis waiting for his friend to return, he was approached by a young male. Robbery his confessed motive, he shot Ennis assassin style, no robbery took place. He to flee, and within his own doings went on to tell anyone who listened what he had done, boasting, he had killed a defenseless black man.

Bill Cosby's response, his opinion of the Travyon Martin case, is without race, without bias, without celebrity, as he speaks it. His words. I hope you listen.

Anonymous said...

What Peter wrote about domestiv violence is extremely ignorant.
I also find it bizarre how he seemed to hijack his own article to put down girls/woman who don't "stay in their place". Even as a piece of writing it was clear his main priority was to share anti-female thoughts.
Peter, it is your own issue if you feel threatened or bothered by the idea of girls playing rough sports. They have every right to do so, and I would chalkenge you to explain coherently how this would encourage domestic violence. You have not explained this coherently in this article.

Anonymous said...

No offense meant. I'm a fan of puppets.


REK said...

Most of peter's articles are articluate and sensible. even if i disagree with some of his opinions it is well written. this is another of his that has me scratching my head. It doesn't even seem like he wrote it. Maybe he did but just some courtesy criticism that it's an unreasonable and poorly written article

REK said...

seems like this blog is rampant with trolls now. is this Troll Peter or regular Peter writing this article?

Anonymous said...


You are VERY hard to follow.

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

Bottom line for me:

The police did not arest GZ that night. His interview that night tells his story. Cops believed him. No murder, self defenc.

How could GZ have known that one of the biggest points of a trial would be who yelled "help"? He states to the cops on the interview of that night that he yelled help. He could not have known that would be what his defence needed.

Anonymous said...

"If it were a white kid that got killed, chances are, it would have NEVER made the headlines" - because they would have hauled the killer in to jail right away.

John Mc Gowan said...

Article from. Eyes For Lie's..

I was not surprised at the verdict of the George Zimmerman case. I think many people could see it coming. The state of Florida had to prove as a standard of their law that George Zimmerman DID NOT feel FEAR to win their case. A burden to prove that is overwhelmingly difficult to accomplish. I can respect the jury's decision on this element.

However, as a citizen of the United States of America, I am absolutely appalled that George Zimmerman was able to lie openly in a court of law which was proven by not only phone records but the many inconsistencies in his story and his injuries.

Furthermore, he racially profiled Trayvon Martin.

Please know George Zimmerman was not held accountable for lying or for his racist profiling when he was tried for self-defense and I am deeply disturbed this, because if we had the truth, we'd see a very different story.

It seems like today we can lie openly in a court of law. We can racially profile another person and take the life of another if we feel fear--regardless if we brought on that fear ourselves. And then if we kill the only witness who knows what the truth is, we can walk away free as a bird. It causes me great sadness and I feel for people who will continue to be racially profiled. It's wrong: Plain and simple.

read more

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"If it were a white kid that got killed, chances are, it would have NEVER made the headlines" - because they would have hauled the killer in to jail right away.

If Zimmerman was black we wouldn't have heard about this case either.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon's wearing of a hoodie is inconsequential to the case. Again, another tangent Peter did not need to go off on. Peter would probably hate the way I dress as it is not extremely conservative. That is my choice as it is anyone's choice how they wish to dress.
The ONLY relevant issue is that when Trayvon sat on George Zimmerman and began trying to crack his skull and breaking his nose, he is committing a brutal, life-threatening attack. At this point Zimmerman had the right to defend himself. The fact that the left is completely ignoring that Zimmerman was being brutally attacked and making this into a race issue is appalling and extremely insulting to actual victims of race-based hate crimes. I also feel personally offended at people on social media, etc who keep using the cliche "this could have been your son or daughter". Excuse me! No, it couldn't have been, because my son would never sit on someone, bash their face in and slam their head into a curb. Period.

Anonymous said...

Great job, well said Peter!-- McCluskeys

just thinking out loud said...

I wonder if the current president would have allowed his girls to date Trayvon.

Anonymous said...

George told his self-serving story and all the gullible people fell for it. Him and his
wife lied in court about being broke, while secretly trying to hide thousands of dollars. People are foolish to believe anything he says about that night. If you weren't so clouded by bigotry, you would see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Shut up TURD!

Unknown said...

Wow. Really?

I do not assume someone in a sports jersey plays that sport, especially when the rest of their clothing is not a uniform (and sometimes they are way too young, way too fat, or way too old to be a probable suspect for playing that particular sport.) That assumtion seems surprisingly obtuse for Peter's usual posts.

My DAUGHTER has a jacket that is pretty much a "hoodie" a lot of really good kids here wear them just like "windbreakers" were popular when I was a teen. No one here assumes any of us in hoodies are automatically thugs. Dressing like you are in IVY LEAGUE clothes and walking around in a poorer neighborhood IS NOT EXACTLY A GREAT IDEA EITHER. When in Rome... doncha know? Sticking out like a sore thumb anywhere isn't exactly the best way to try and get along.

People are way too judgmental and I can imagine if you judge books by their cover like this, you've missed out on a lot of good reads and good people over the years.

Anonymous said...

I believe Peter does have a good heart but he is way to uptight, strict and conservative in his views. He needs to lighten up and do some introspection on why he clings to very old-fashioned, traditional gender roles. Basically, he needs to stop being so uptight and open his mind a little. He seems very intelligent but needs to be more introspective and question his own prejudices against women bc he is cramping his own intelligence. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that people can do easily denigrate others not like them is the problem, not a true conservative ideology. Intelligent conservatives understand that our freedoms, privileges, and immunities, our pursuit of happiness, has nothing to do with the cultural choices we make. Some conservatives who call themselves libertarians are actually theocrats- the kind of ideology the founding fathers protected us from.

Anonymous said...

Mellisa ray Perry on MSNBC said something very REVEALING. She was talking about how unfair it was for black families, because there was no place they felt safe. And she goes on to say that she tried to figure out WHERE to settle down with her family, but it was a tough decision. In her own words, she COULD NOT LIVE IN A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD because there is too much violence perpetrated by young black males. YES, she said that.

So what exactly does that say about George Zimmerman, and his decision to look closely at the young black male in the hoodie that night?

Anonymous said...

"So what exactly does that say about George Zimmerman, and his decision to look closely at the young black male in the hoodie that night?"

Yep, still says he should have let the police handle it.

- Buckley

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:13--Well put! I would say Peter is theocratic is his viewpoints. He probably would have fit in well in a Puritan type settlement in early New England times.
To others saying George Zimmerman "should have let the police handle it" that as it may what part of the law do you not understand? Zimmerman's neighbor testified that Trayvon was sitting on top of George Zimmerman in a "mixed martial arts move" known as "ground and pound". He was pounding him in the face and smashing his head into the curb. He broke his nose. George Zimmereman was pinned beneath him yelling for help according to the neighbor as Trayvon was "pounding him".
What I don't understand is why this act of brutal, life-threatening violence is being underplayed. Seriously, anyone who was put into a position of being "grounded and pounded" would fear for their life, and rightly so.

Jazzie said...

I do not believe in guns. I do not believe a gun would have protected me back in Boston,1982.
I saw it coming. I ignored my gut instinct.
I was smashed in the head, in my friend's apartment lobby, because I ignored my gut instinct.
Simply put. Lesson learned. Don't ignore gut instinct.
Ask me my color and gender.
Ask me the color and gender of the criminal.
Ask me if I think if it matters?
It doesn't matter to the one who gets smashed.

Anonymous said...

Instead of blacks rioting we get furious white men like Peter ranting and exposing his bigoted underbelly. What a disgusting piece by Peter.

Lemon said...

It seems as though many are for open minds, free speech, different opinions and non judgemental attitudes…until it comes to Peter Hyatt.

The rampant irony is almost to great for words.

Almost :)

Anonymous said...

This post reveals Peter. Musn't let the mask slip, Peter. Now people know.

Anonymous said...

"It seems as though"

Not a strong assertion


See, the beauty of this word is that it distances who is being referred to and dodges an actual rebuttal, but at the same time implies a popularity albeit an infamous one. How many are we actually talking here?

Also, you misused the term "irony"; I think you were going for "hypocrisy".

Calico said...

OT: I am very frustrated at the lack of news about 6 yo Alanna Gallagher, bound and tortured before being murdered.

I can only imagine there must be a ton of forensic evidence found on her body. To have no suspects 15 days later is unbelievable to me.

I am confused as to why LE won't update the public...yet tell us this is an isolated case?!?!

Her cause of death is not being released, her funeral has passed..what next?

Has anyone taken a polygraph?

John Mc Gowan said...

ZIMMERMAN JUROR: This Case Wasn't About Race.

While the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial was viewed as racially charged, an anonymous juror told CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday night that the issue of race didn't come up during deliberations.

"I THOUGHT all of us DID NOT THINK race played a role" in 17-year-old Trayvon Martin's death, a juror known as B37 told Cooper.


DID NOT=Anything said in the negative is sensitive.

DID NOT THINK=Leaving others to think differently.

Cooper asked that juror whether she believed Zimmerman profiled the unarmed teen the night he called 911 and said Martin looked "suspicious" when he was walking around a Sanford, Fla. community in February 2012.

That juror pointed out that Martin was SUPPOSEDLY stopping, turning, and "cutting through the back" yards of the gated community where the teen's dad lived. She BELIEVES Zimmerman would have treated anybody who acted that way in the same manner — regardless of that person's race.

SUPPOSEDLY=Accepted or believed as true, without positive knowledge.

BELIEVES=This leaves others to believe differently.

"I THINK he just profiled him BECAUSE he was the neighborhood watch, and he profiled anybody who came in and acted strange," she told Cooper. She BELIEVES Zimmerman was "overeager to help people" stay safe in the neighborhood, and that things got out of hand the night he killed Martin.

I THINK=Leaving others to think differently.

BECAUSE=It shows that the subject has the need to explain why they did something, actually anticipating being asked "well, why did you...?" in the questioning.

This is why we highlight:

"so, since, therefore, because, hence..." and so on, with the highest level of sensitivity in analytical work.

BELIEVES:Again the juror only believes,and again weakens the statement.Believes enters the statement twice leaving it sensitive.

THERE WERE NO BLACK ON THE SIX PERSON JURY. Following the verdict, mothers of black males have spoken out and said they FEEL their sons aren't safe from vigilantes who might profile them.

FEEL=Leaving others to feel differently,again unsure.

John Mc Gowan said...

To add to my post.

Who ever this juror is, there is a lot of doubt and weakness in their statement.

Gambler said...

I don't agree with your statement that Trayvon was somewhere he shouldn't have been. I may have missed it but I don't recall Trayvon as being on anyone's property. He just happened to be in front of a home belonging to one of George's friends. If in fact he was only in front of it, that is not a crime. I don't know what its like in your neck of the woods, where I live not only blacks wear hoodies. Sad case. Regardless of Trayvon's background of being violent, George Zimmerman did not know this before making the decisions he made that night. He's guilty of making poor decisions. From George's own words on the 911, the assholes always get away (regardless if said in a calm voice) shows his state of mind. This time he wasn't going to let 'them' get away. Who knows what happened once George started following him and Trayvon felt he was being persude. Did George every identify himself prior? I'd be afraid to if it was dark (even in the light if someone started looking at me and then started following me. George blew it, he should've phoned 911 and let the police do the work.

Anonymous said...

Justice for Zimmerman finally! Yay now let this man live his life!

SO happy with the verdict for a change. Victorious!

Anonymous said...

So the moral of this sad tale IS this, ,,If you get your head smashed in and your nose broken by a black man,and you react,,,,your now "White"Not "jewish".

Anonymous said...

Plus,,,,,the fact the thug IS high on drugs isnt relivent.Typical jungle "logic"..

John Mc Gowan said...

Zimmerman Juror Defends Not Guilty Verdict.

One of the six women who acquitted the neighbourhood watch volunteer says he and the dead teenager were jointly "responsible".

A juror in the George Zimmerman trial has said the actions of both the former Florida neighbourhood watch volunteer and Trayvon Martin led to the teenager's fatal shooting.

The woman known as Juror B37 told CNN Mr Zimmerman made some poor decisions leading up to the shooting, but he had not broken the law.

She added that Trayvon was not innocent either.

"I think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into," said the juror, one of six women who made up the panel. "I think they both could have walked away."

The juror said Sanford Police Detective Chris Serino made a big impression on her, because he would have been accustomed to dealing with murders and similar cases.

He would have known how to spot a liar, and yet he testified that he believed Mr Zimmerman, the juror said.

Legal analysts agreed that Detective Serino's testimony was a blow to the state's case.

But the juror was not impressed by the testimony of Trayvon's friend Rachel Jeantel, who was talking with him on his mobile phone moments before he was fatally shot by Mr Zimmerman in February, 2012.

"I didn't think it was very credible, but I felt very sorry for her," the juror said. "She didn't want to be there."

While prosecutors accused Mr Zimmerman of racially profiling Trayvon Martin, he maintained he acted in self-defence.

The juror said she did not think Trayvon's race was the reason Mr Zimmerman followed him. She said she also believed Trayvon threw the first punch and Mr Zimmerman, whom she referred to as "George", had a right to defend himself.

John Mc Gowan said...


"I have no doubt George feared for his life in the situation he was in at the time," the juror said.

Juror B37 also outlined the process the jury went through in their deliberations.

Based on an initial vote, three - including B37 - were in favour of acquittal, two wanted manslaughter and one wanted second-degree murder. She said the jury started going through all the evidence, listening to tapes multiple times.

"That's why it took us so long," B37 said.

When they started looking at the law, the person who initially wanted second-degree murder changed her vote to manslaughter.

George Zimmerman is congratulated by his defence team after being found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Centre.
Then they asked for clarification from the judge and kept going over it again and again. B37 said some jurors wanted to find Mr Zimmerman guilty of something, but there was just no place to go based on the law.

B37 said jurors cried when they gave their final vote to the bailiff.

"I want people to know that we put everything into everything to get this verdict," said the juror, who appeared to become emotional during the interview.

"We thought about it for hours and cried over it afterwards," she said. "I don't think any of us could ever do anything like that ever again."

The juror had earlier announced she was planning to write a book about her experience, which attracted some sharp criticism from supporters of the dead teenager's family.

But in a statement released late on Monday via Martin Literary Management, she said that was no longer her intention.

John Mc Gowan said...


"Now that I am returned to my family and to society in general, I have realised that the best direction for me to go is away from writing any sort of book and return instead to my life as it was before I was called to sit on this jury,” the statement read.

Anger over Mr Zimmerman's acquittal continued into Monday night, with protesters running through Crenshaw in Los Angeles, breaking windows, attacking people and raiding a store, while others blocked a major freeway in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thirteen people were arrested on the third night of sporadic violence following Saturday's verdict.

"This will not be allowed to continue," LA Police Chief Charlie Beck warned.

However civil rights leaders said peaceful protests would continue this weekend with vigils in dozens of cities in front of federal buildings.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is determining whether federal prosecutors can file criminal civil rights charges against Mr Zimmerman, who is now a free man.

But for that, they will need to find evidence that he was motivated by racial animosity.

Despite the racially charged nature of the case, race was barely mentioned at the trial.

just thinking out loud said...










Anonymous said...

Do your boys like it when they get tossed their pansy a$$es off their teams because they refuse to play right with girls on the team? Are you also making sure to teach them your racist and sexist ways?

Teaching your daughter she should stay in the kitchen cook and clean? Your daughter can't play sports or do things like BOYS can...How does Heather stand that?

WOMEN ARE STRONG and ABLE and we don't all need some chauvinist acting like he's sticking up for us when really he's just pissed women have rights.

Observer don't like what was Observed said...

It would be interesting to see Peter take on a female kickboxer. Wonder if the female won if Peter would still be so racist sexist and chauvenistic.

dadgum said...

Sooo..did anyone see the interview of Rachael Jeantel on CNN?

She had her attorney by her side, was made over and coached, and still managed to be more offensive than anyone I have heard except Farrakahn.

Nothing was bleeped, and she claimed this is how young people, her generation, speaks daily. She stated that 'they' changed the definition of words 'in 2000', and the spellings also changed.

Cheney Mason, CA's attorney, further claimed last night that 'cracker' (Ms. Jeantel said it is spelled 'cracka') refers to any native Floridian, and is a fine word to use. He described himself as a 'cracker'.

According to Ms. Jeantel, the 'r' has also been dropped from 'nigger'. 'Nigga' refers to any male, even if 'he Chinese, like he a chino nigga'. She said that putting an 'r' on it is offensive to people 'in her area'.

She felt that all the rappers use such language, and that makes it acceptable. TM also appeared to use rap language daily.

Will try to watch it again..

Someone needs to apologize to Paula Deen.

Trigger said...

I had three children. I never witnessed any of them "playing a thug" in school or elsewhere. We did not value violence as a way of making our mark in the world.

They set goals with my encouragement and achieved those goals by their own efforts.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for four years now. This is the worst post I've read here. Terrible!


Excruciating Headache said...

Anonymous said...

What if Trayvon Martin had responded to George Zimmerman's challenge like this....

"Good evening sir! I'm Trayvon Martin. I'm in town with my father to visit Brandy Green who lives right there 100 yards away."

They both would have walked away and probably would have never seen each other again.

July 14, 2013 at 9:10 PM


Agreed. Mr. Zimmerman could have taken a similar approach.

But GZ and TM were two men; one an overeager law enforcement wannabe with superhero aspirations (just my guess), the other a troubled teen with gallons of testosterone coursing through his veins.

I disagree with Peter's stance on girls and athletics. When my daughter was 6, there were not enough girls for an "all star" t-ball team. She and her friend were invited to play on the boy's team. The parents from both teams stood cheered whenever she and her female teammate made it to home plate. I assume they wanted the girls to feel welcomed and appreciated. The boys enjoyed having Iz and Grace on their team as well.

Now Iz plays girls' softball and she's tough as nails. She crochets as well and enjoys sewing up her old stuffed animals. She likes it when her brother teaches her karate.

There's no need to pigeon hole people based on their chromosomal configuration.

As for the personal attacks on Lemon, they are uncalled for. I disagree with her on so many things (assuming Lemon's a *her*; my apologies if I am wrong), but her posts lead me to believe that she is intelligent and thoughtful, even when they are peppered with a bit of snark.

I, too, would prefer that Mr. Hyatt refrain from injecting his politics into the statement analysis mix, but his politics and religious beliefs are a large part of who he is. I am a bleeding heart liberal atheist and he doesn't delete my posts or call me names. It is his blog, after all.

Regards, EH

Anonymous said...

Why do we need to apologize to Paula Deen? Are companies risking their reputation by signing up Ms. Jeantel for multimillion dollar business deals as they drop Deen? Nope. But don't worry, Jeantel will never be near the summit from where Deen fell.

Anonymous said...

To Dadgum:

" . . . and still managed to be more offensive than anyone I have heard except Farrakahn."

That was THE intent. No self respect, no respect for others, no justice, yet DEMANDS attention and respect and justice FROM others, whether it's deserved or not.

It doesn't matter who acts that way - yellow or white, red or black, trash is trash. And that's about all she accomplished in her interview, just proving what some of us had concluded from her speech and demeanor.

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, 11:48 am

"But don't worry, Jeantel will never be near the summit from where Deen fell."

Thank goodness. There is hope for humanity, after all.

Skeptical said...

I do believe it would not hurt Peter to read Proverbs 31. This woman was an incredible business woman and manager. She ran the businesses so that her husband could fulfill his position as a magistrate at the gates of the city and not be subjected to bribery. My point being that this version of a woman's place is older than Peter's perception of what is acceptable for women and much broader.

Anonymous said...

In response to Skeptical,

Hear, Hear! A Woman of Great Valor. I won't go into biblical detail here, but the apostle Paul certainly did not like women!

Anonymous said...

Gambler said...
I don't agree with your statement that Trayvon was somewhere he shouldn't have been. I may have missed it but I don't recall Trayvon as being on anyone's property. He just happened to be in front of a home belonging to one of George's friends. If in fact he was only in front of it, that is not a crime.

I recall listening to many 911 calls; there were witnesses who stayed indoors ..and watched through windows...

Anonymous said...

From Trayvon's point of view, an unknown man was following him. Why should Trayvon stop and give a stranger information? It was up to GZ to identify himself. Trayvon had every right to try to defend himself. He didn't know what Zimmerman's intentions were.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have noticed that there is something wrong with Peter Hyatt. I noticed it when he was posting articles without attribution, giving the impression he had written them himself. He was called on it, but never acknowleged his thievery. Now this ugly screed, this diseased rant. Actually kind of scary.

themastermind said...

Some of you guys and gals sound like ol' Charlie Manson trying to start a race war. It will be a minority of trouble makers on each side trying to draw the rest of us in. We see you for what you are...a bunch of sick idiots. Furthermore, Peter wrote an honest analysis of Trayvon Martin's life. He was a thug and a wanna be gangster and got what he deserved. I tip my fedora to you, Peter.

Someone mentioned that maybe Peter's blog was hacked and the hacker wrote this article. Now pray tell, why in the Sam Dickens would my prior comments be deleted because I gave props to Peter for his unbias opinion of Zimmerman's Case. I'm going to go with maybe Peter finally decided to be himself and damn the masses. In conclusion: Peter this is by far your greatest work. Bravo and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Juror #37B has lose marbles spilling out of her stupid head. Zimmerman wasn't in fear of his life. Zimmerman was the one holding the firearm! Why should HE be afraid?!

Zimmerman always had the upper hand and he KNEW it. That's why Martin is dead, that's why Martin started screaming when he saw George's gun. Martin never had a chance against Zimms' gun.

I don't understand how some of you people who think you are so smart could be so dumb. But you are.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY owes Paula Deen an apology. For beginners, Paula Deen owes a down-on-the-knees apology to the entire black community, especially southern black women. Paula Deen was/is a thief. She took/stole their recipes from generations past and present and made them her own. Not once did she ever have a black cook on her show, or share any of her shows with the black cooks of yesterday who are the ones who brought their recipes to the southern white womans' kitchen in the first place; and those were primarily the same recipes Paula used.

Just who the he!! did Paula Deen think introduced the southern recipes to the south? It was the black women who were cooking in the white womens' kitchen; their maids, cooks, or the poor black woman they dragged in from the fields or from scrubbing the white ladies' floors, to cook their dinner and wet-nurse their babies after they fed them the food THEY cooked according to THEIR recipes.

If anything was left over, (after the dogs were fed) sometimes the poor, hungry and tired black woman was allowed to take it home to her own family. The southern white women didn't know how to cook much until the black women taught them how. Stupid, stupid woman, leaving the black woman out of her show; the very ones who taught them their recipes in the first place and whose recipes she claimed as her own. Had she ever been honest and fair, she would have had a black co-host and would have given credit where credit was due; THAT belonging to the black women.

Paula's next serious mistake was crying in front of the public. No business woman with half an ounce of common sense EVER cries in front of ANYONE; not her client(s), friends, in her office, not in front of co-workers, in meetings, in the public arena or anywhere else, and particularly NOT for the media or public to see such an emotional blabbering of sniveling nonsense. Women in business are required to remain tough and strong, NOT fall apart and become emotional cry babies.

Others in business cringe at such a display of tears and have no way to relate to whiny feminine play-acting silliness. The 'oh poor pitiful me' act gets them nowhere but out of a job. Do you see men in business situations sit around crying over their insults and losses? In business meetings and one-on-one situations, women in the business world display strength, NOT tears and weakness; otherwise, their butt is soon bounced out the door. Again, stupid stupid woman. Did you ever see your female bank manager or your female pediatrician burst out in tears? You won't, either.

Lastly, Paula should have had an attorney speaking for her, which she clearly could have afforded at the time, and NOT her obviously stupid slobbering self. Not now, it's too late. Smart thinking, she was NOT. Paula Deen shot her OWN wad. What surprises me is that it took her so long.

Lemon said...

Feel better?

Jazzie said...

I don't believe this is about race.
I believe this is about violence.
The culture of violence in America.
Violence becomes the answer for everything here.
Violence has its own reward and end.
The power of death.
The power of one.
God Bless America and the Gun.
Fear. Blessed Fear.

It is a sad statement.

Sella35 said...

I think I will give my two cents on the Zimmerman-Martin case now. I saw pictures of TM, he was not some tiny little angelic kid, as the media keeps trying to portray, and constantly show in the pictures. Trayvon was a very large man with tatoos and gold teeth and gave the appearance of a wanna-be-gang-banger.

I do not think that GZ is even close to being a racist as the media tries to portray. He publicly condemned the “beating of the black homeless man Sherman Ware on Dec. 4, 2010, by the son of a Sanford police officer,”

I do think that it is funny that the media has left out the fact that a jimmy tool was found in the bushes near the GZ/TM incident....

I find it odd that the media tried to stuff down our throats that GZ said "coon" when what I heard sounded nothing like it, but they skim over the fact that a witness admitted that TM called GZ a cracka...I know, I am supposed to think GZ is the racist and TM was an upstanding young 12 year old kid (based on photos they show) ever, I know he was suspended, I know he had mayjane in his system and I know he had been caught with a jimmy tool before...

GZ has a right to carry a gun. He also has the right to stand his ground, those who say TM had his right to stand-his-ground, should read the law, it says self-defense when being attacked...not because your high on drugs, paranoid and then be the aggressor. TM chose to attack, and GZ chose to take a stance and not be beaten to death.

I do think GZ lied or showed deception in some things. I do not know why, nor do I care now. A jury of his peers found him not-guilty. I hated that OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were found not guilty. I think they were both as guilty as the day is long. I do not think GZ was without scare while being attacked. I think that he probably had never been accosted in the past, and that TM was obviously bigger, stronger and younger. So TM had the upper-hand.

If TM had of walked over to GZ and asked who he was and GZ had answered...maybe they would have laughed it off instead of "fighting it out".

I am sick of hearing the talking-heads saying, "I need to talk to my young black son...he needs to be ware that there are vigilantes...etc etc.."....okay talk to your kids, no matter the skin, and suggest they do not try to beat the crap out of someone before they know who they are... or teach your child not to be a homophobia isn't that what TM girl-friend is now saying? That TM thought GZ was gay and going to attack and rape him?.. /sigh sad case

still here huh? said...

Anon 9:49

I thought u were leaving

Sella35 said...

@anon July 16, 2013 at 9:49 PM-
What Paula Deen admitted to from her past means nothing to me...I think it is racist that so many blacks call whites Crackers, yet we accept it as a normal word. I know where they got the term..I also know where the american-english slang of Nigg@r came about, as negro is the word for most foreign languages, meaning black.

I also know that my father who is from Paula Deens age group used the term many times. I grew up different than my father or Paula, in an age where some used the term, but normally it was frowned upon.

I also know that I was scared when my sister got married to a young black man. My sister said, mom will accept this, but dad will kill me, so you tell him? I did and my dad accepted it fine, and being his age, he chose to change and not use that word. I bet it is the same for Paula Deen. That a word she had used in the past was no longer accepted and so she changed.

I give kudos to her for not lying. Maybe you should too, since this is SA. I have not analyzed any of her statements, but I do not think this is near a big issue. She is from an age where that term was normal..if you do not agree watch some old movies.."The Cowboys" with John Wayne come to mind.

PS- I am from the south..we had no black women cooking for us (anywhere in my bloodline) and yet somehow we make awesome southern food. Try again on that argument.

creepy ass cracka said...

Leave Paula D. alone. She can use the word, niggar anytime she pleases. She can also use the word, creepy ass cracka. So what. Who gives a rat's ass? Stop deleting comments because you don't agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree with this post in every way. On another blog where Trayvon the Child has been elevated to sainthood, I had addressed his suspensions and gangsta identity.

I also spoke directly about the lack of supervision by dad, Tracy Martin, who went out for the evening with girlfriend Brandy Green, owner/tenant/resident of the condo.

Here's the sad reality:Trayvon lay dead and unidentified at the morgue until the following morning. Why? Tracy went to bed the prior evening without so much as locating his MIA son. WHO does that? A bad, irresponsible parent does that. Trayvon was clearly not grounded nor even given a curfew in a neighborhood that wasn't home.

Although George's reputation was dragged through the mud without shame, there are only crickets or accusations of racism when speaking truth about St. Trayvon. And no, he did not deserve to die.

Also Peter, I haven't posted here in ages because trolls take over the comment section. It's just as bad or worse now.

reformed troll xxxxxxx said...

I stopped trolling aged ago :0)

dadgum said...

I'd like to know why no one was 'outraged' by the shooting of 13 month old Antonio in his stroller by 15 and 17 year olds. The councilman/pastor was arrested the other day..

VLW said...

Well put, Dadgum! I see now Stevie Wonder is boycotting Florida because of the Zimmerman verdict. Funny he didn't feel so inclined over the Caysey Anthony verdict. A toddler dies a horrific death and is tossed away like refuse, but he wasn't outraged enough over that to boycott, unless I missed it. I am weary of the continual churning up of hatred over this situation (and others like it) for the purpose of political means and celebrity publicity.

dadgum said...

me too..

Anonymous said...

This case has exposed the many racists who hate and fear blacks. You know who you are.

dadgum said...

racists come in all colours..

Anonymous said...

dadgum said...
I'd like to know why no one was 'outraged' by the shooting of 13 month old Antonio in his stroller by 15 and 17 year olds. The councilman/pastor was arrested the other day..

Good point Dadgum-- me too!

The whole controversy on this trial has caused more hate by the blacks then ever. They should be ashamed for making this one trial the focus when there are millions of black on black and black on white crime everyday. I come from Memphis, I know. It's a scary place let me tell ya :/

2 black teens kills a baby in a stroller point blank... WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE?

dadgum said...

what's the mirror ball thing downtown? Love the pyramid too..

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:49 pm, July 16

I am a white, middle aged woman, who grew up on a farm in Texas, and we atE the kinds of food Paula Deen cooks the whole time I was growing up. We never owned slaves - we didn't live around black people, but the very same food that Paula Deen is known for is the kind of food I grew up on. I don't credit any black person with our knowledge of southern cooking. It's what SOUTHERNERS do - regardless of whether they are black or white.

I didn't write the following article, a good friend of mine did. But I'd like to share, just the same. This article was written regarding a black woman's statements regarding Paula Deen on Anderson Cooper 360. Here goes:

"The discussion concerned Paula Deen, the Southern cook lady. She had made some racial slurs sometime in the past.(No one said when;Was 2 days ago?; 2 weeks ago? 2 years ago? 20 years ago? She admitted making the remarks; she apologized profusely and sincerely. As a result, Food Network refused to renew her contract which expires at the end of this month. The black woman insisted that was not enough. Her apology and loss of her work was not acceptable. She would NEVER be forgiven! Anderson Cooper in his great wisdom and holiness, agreed with her. In fact, he encouraged this demeanor and castigation of Paula for a full 15 minutes. I finally changed channels. How many times have we heard racial remarks by black rappers and the likes, using filthy language, rapping about killing police, raping women and other unmentionable acts of violence. These things are totally ignored. Just think, Cooper and CNN used 15 minutes of air time for this brilliant, racial interview. They won't spend that much time on the Benghazi debacle! Seems like some people are pretty selective in what they're willing to forgive. Real compassion! Seems like I read somewhere,"Let him without sin cast the first stone." I don't know what they wanted Paula Deen to do, maybe jump off the Empire State Building?"

The poiint is this: who HASN'T said or did something in the PAST that by today's standards would be considred racial, or at the least, inappropriate? Jews have been called "kikes" - Hispanics called "wetbacks", whites called "honkeys", Chinese called "chinks" or "slant-eyes", yet its only unacceptable when it seems that blacks become the target?

I can't say whether Paula Deen's apology was sincere or not. As much aw I love down home cooking, I am not a follower of Paula Deen. But I don't believe that public castigation of her is the answer. It won't change what she said, WHEN she said it, whether it was 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years ago.

And yeah, professional people cry. How about Evander Holifield?

Anonymous said...

Grow up you rascist whore,observer

Paul said...

I beg to differ with your first assertion. I wish I had a bunch of George Zimmermans in my neighborhood. I live in Florida and am well aware of the crime here, every law-abiding citizen is aware.

Think a bit about what has happened. On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, a longtime captain in the Neighborhood Watch in Sanford, Florida, was cruising the high-crime neighborhood in which he lived. He had been doing this for years, and he had assisted in a number of arrests. If you resided in such a place, you would be grateful to public-spirited citizens such as Zimmerman, who year in and year out worked to make it less unsafe to live there. He is one among many such unsung American heroes.

In the course of this particular tour by car, Zimmerman noticed someone wearing a hoodie -- an outfit favored by burglars and thieves because it makes identification difficult -- who was behaving in a suspicious manner, wandering about and looking in the windows of darkened houses as if he was casing them for a break-in. Zimmerman called 911, alerted the police to the situation, and, when the person in the hoodie suddenly left the street and cut between two houses, he followed him on foot a certain distance. All of this is a matter of public record.

Contrary to claims repeatedly broadcast by the media, Zimmerman was not told not to follow the suspect. Nor was he instructed by the police dispatcher to return to his car. He was told that following the suspect was unnecessary. That is all. The worst that can be said of him in this regard is that he put himself in danger. What he did was not in any respect immoral or improper; it was courageous. He had every right to attempt to keep the suspect in view. There had been a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood.

According to his own testimony, when told by the police dispatcher that what he was doing was unnecessary, Zimmerman returned in the direction of his car, was attacked, knocked down, had his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk, and was told by his assailant that he was going to die. When the man on top of him noticed his gun and reached for it, Zimmerman claimed, he grabbed it first and shot his assailant in self-defense.

As the police soon discovered, the physical evidence gibed perfectly with Zimmerman's claims. His nose is broken. His face was bloody. There was plenty of blood on the back of his head. Trayvon Martin, the person in the hoodie, had been shot at very close quarters but was otherwise unharmed. Moreover, there was a witness who testified that Martin had Zimmerman under him and was pummeling him and that Zimmerman was yelling for help and asking that 911 be called. The local police and the local district attorney weighed the evidence and rightly concluded that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Then the DOJ and the Obama admin put pressure on the local police. The rest you know.

So, NO, George Zimmerman is most certainly not "an ass".

John Mc Gowan said...

Who is the silent Zimmerman juror?

Six women from Seminole County, Florida, served on the jury in the George Zimmerman trial, but only one of them has not yet commented on the case.

Zimmerman was found not guilty on all charges relating to Travyon Martin’s death late Saturday, and since the verdict, people have been clamoring to find out what caused the jury to acquit the former neighborhood watch captain.

The woman known as Juror B-37 in the trial spoke out on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" Tuesday night.

"He had a right to defend himself," B-37 said. "If he felt threatened that his life was going to be taken away from him, or he was going to have bodily harm, he had a right."

The interview did not go unnoticed by four other jury members. Late Tuesday night, they released a statement saying B-37 did not speak for them.

Click here: Zimmerman jurors: B-37 doesn’t speak for us

The names of the jurors are still under court seal, but the only remaining silent juror is known as B-29. B-29 did not sign the other jurors’ statement regarding B-37, and she has not spoken to the press.

Here is what we do know about B-29:

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda referred to her as "black or Hispanic” during jury selection
All the other jurors appeared to be white
She speaks with a slight accent
She moved to Florida from Chicago within the last six months
She has eight children and works at a nursing home
Her oldest child is 20 years old, and her other children are minors
She says her family keeps her busy
She has been married for 10 years
The Zimmerman case was the first time she was summoned for jury duty
There is no word yet as to why B-29 did not sign the statement released by the other four jurors.

Anonymous said...

The animal died eating candy.

John Mc Gowan said...

Zimmerman jurors: B-37 doesn’t speak for us..

The woman known as Juror B-37 in the George Zimmerman trial spoke out on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" Monday night.

Although she was the first juror to speak publicly about the case, the interview apparently did not go unnoticed by four other jury members.

Late Tuesday night, the following statement was released by the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit:

We, the undersigned jurors, understand there is a great deal of interest in this case. But we ask you to remember that we are not public officials and we did not invite this type of attention into our lives. We also wish to point out that the opinions of Juror B-37, expressed on the Anderson Cooper show were her own, and not in any way representative of the jurors listed below.

Serving on this jury has been a highly emotional and physically draining experience for each of us. The death of a teenager weighed heavily on our hearts but in the end we did what the law required us to do.

We appeal to the highest standards of your profession and ask the media to respect our privacy and give us time to process what we have been through.

Thank you,

Juror B-51

Juror B-76

Juror E-6

Juror E-40

Among many other assertions, B-37 told Cooper, "I think George Zimmerman is a man whose heart was in the right place, but just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods, and wanting to catch these people so badly that he went above and beyond what he really should have done.”

She added, "I think both of them could have walked away. Umm, it just didn’t happen."

The juror also revealed that, initially, the jurors’ vote was divided, explaining that three of the jurors first voted Zimmerman was guilty, while three voted he was not guilty. However, B-37 said she believed that Zimmerman was not guilty from the start.

There's no word yet on why a fifth juror did not sign the statement.

sidewalk super said...

Very funny picture of rabble rousing al sharpton with his latest young girlfriend. He is sitting, gaunt, dapper pinstripe suit, legs crossed away from her, arms crossed over his pelvic area. Poor thing, she's trying to lean in for the photo but it even looks like he's slightly tilted his upper body away.
Arm candy can't get no respect from the rabble rouser.

Sus said...

You are kidding!! Most of you on here wanted to blame the mother and father, even with such strong evidence against the boys. That's why I kept asking about mental issues and SA.

The father is in jail now for domestic abuse. Has the commissioner been arrested again? I'll look that up.

sidewalk super said...

And, as long as I'm on a roll here,
so the current president promised all kinds of racial good stuff...none of us were aware that he actually intended to destroy the legal system in favor of elevating blacks at the expense of whoever opposed. holder seems like the right candidate for that job, doesn't he?
Somewhere, the rev. wright (god damn white people) is carving another notch in a worn out stick.
While being filmed by nbc.

Sus said...

My mistake, dadgum. Antonio's father is in jail for aggravated stalking of Sherry West. SHe had a restraining order against him which he didn't follow. According to Sherry West, he has gone crazy since Antonio's death and accuses her of killing Antonio, attacking her physically and throwing rocks through her windows.

I still can't find where the commissioner was attested again.

Elkins does have a very good defense attorney, but look at the evidence list...the younger boy sang. He even went so far as to make a tape recreating the crime scene.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Sus,

I this it.

New turn in baby-shooting saga: City commissioner arrested.

dadgum said...

I don't know where I saw/heard it..I don't see it either..just that he was being held without bond, and the GSR found on the parents..both. Hard to believe this was in March.

Sus said...

I have two points I would appreciate discussion on, or your take on.

1. I didn't watch the trial. I don't know, but didn't TM have skittles and ice tea from the store? Do burglers get refreshments to take along? That has always bothered me.

2. Many commenters on here make prejudicial statements where you define others. I'm not talking about the trolls. Ignore them. I'm talking about those of you who seem to think your making sense, yet you define and pigeonhole people who are differt than you simply because they are different. Different does not mean wrong.

Example: "elevate blacks" wth? Do you have a certain level you think blacks should be?

Fear of difference should not be a defence in the courts of law.

Lemon said...

bonus points for
"Arm candy can't get no respect…" :)

Sus said...

Thanks.....and john has article abv. I'm not putting much stock in the gsr find on her. The defense attorney put that out. Of course, she had residue on her. On the father...hmmm. id like to know when he got his swab. He could have touched her, the stroller, abt anything. Heck it could be a false positive. I thought about him giving the boys the gun, but it was used by Elkins two weeks prior.

Sus said...

Thanks John!

VLW said...

For some reason my comments continue to be deleted. I'm quite puzzled! They're very mild compared to many which are posted here.

VLW said...

Unreal! Deleted again. What on earth is going on here? What is so objectionable about my comments that they are zapped off the blog almost as soon as I post them? I've been a fan and supporter of this blog for quite some time. Am I being confused for someone else?

John Mc Gowan said...

Watch Rachel Jeantel on Nancy Grace at 8 tonight. Dr. Drew will follow that up at 9. He'll be speaking exclusively to a trial witness who swore that it was Trayvon Martin heard screaming on the 911 call.

This may be good for Statement Analysis

Anonymous said...

VLW: I think your post(s) are on the "Older" page.

And by the way, I agree with your comment re; Stevie Wonder. If that ain't racist, what is?????

Texas Anon

Anonymous said...

"..none of us were aware that he actually intended to destroy the legal system in favor of elevating blacks at the expense of whoever opposed"

I'm sure you haven't noticed, but the legal system is markedly stacked against blacks, so elevating it for them might mean we reach equality. But that's what scares you isn't it?

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