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Statement Analysis: Regional Understanding

not exactly stamp collecting  
Some have asked about what regionalism (culture) does to analysis, and it is something we not only recognize, but can answer plainly.

Principle as taught by Avinoam Sapir:  If you must use a microscope to uncover deception; it does not exist. 

Scientific Content Analysis is just that:  scientific, meaning that repeated testing should result in repeated conclusions, but it is also "content" based:

When looking at a large statement, we will not use a "microscope", that is, pick upon a minor point and jump ahead to a conclusion.

Here in Maine, the summer afternoons can seem to be "wicked hot"; that is, 'very' hot.  There is nothing inherently evil about the heat (according to most), in the way that the shoes I wear are, without doubt, about the "coolest" shoes anyone can wear.

The shoes do not have a lower temperature leather than others.

These things, however, are based upon a single word or phrase.  What about content and culture?

I have seen a few examples where regionalism is at play.  I recall being baffled at seeing filthy pick up trucks being driven through town, wondering why someone would not wash it until a local explained what "muddin'" was.  (I do not apologize for the dropped "g" having hailed from Long Guyland.)  This is where young people drive their shiny trucks through mud, deliberately splashing it all over the vehicle, and then drive slowly through their town's Main Street, proud of their accomplishment.  The dirtier the truck, the slower the drive through the center of town.  It is a point of bragging or boasting.

 I doubt opening a car wash would bring much revenue here.

Culture impacts language.  Content Analysis listens carefully knowing that if communication exists, analysis can be done.

The following was recounted to me, and I faithfully reproduce it and allow readers to comment.

A young male was driving his pick up truck (with very large tires) through town and saw a pedestrian of whom he stared at, as the pedestrian caught his attention.

The young male said that the man then got into his car, followed him slowly through town, put on lights, and pulled him over.  The man identified himself as a US Marshall, living locally.  The young man recognized him.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

The young man denied knowing, and denied speeding.  The officer of the law went back and forth from the truck to his car, and kept the young man waiting in excess of 30 minutes.  Locally, this is not unusual.  When the officer returned, the young man stated that the officer said the following:

"I pulled you over because you looked at me as if your truck was bigger than mine."

From here, a discussion continued in which the officer measured the tires, and called in, and finally let the young man go, sans ticket, agreeing that the tires were of some legal size or another.  (I have not heard of such things prior to this).  The officer owns a pick up truck of which he has considerable pride in. The officer was about 20 years older than the young man he pulled over.

What do you make of this statement?

How does culture play into the language?

Can you think of something regionally local to you that could be substituted for this statement, while conveying the meaning within the content?

Explain your responses.  Those of psychological backgrounds should have a bit of fun here.


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

"I pulled you over BECAUSE you looked at me as if your truck was bigger than mine."

When there is a need to explain something it becomes highly sensitive.In SCAN we highlight this with the color BLUE.

"You looked at me as if your truck was bigger than mine."

In some cultures,for example over here in the UK.Oftentimes men will purchase a fancy expensive car,bigger than he needs.This is looked at in the UK as false extension of his manhood(penis).The bigger the car the bigger manhood,or so they believes.

Maybe this is why he felt the need to pull him over,because the mans truck was bigger than his,so he used his authority to show who is the Alpha..

Skeptical said...

Thank goodness it was the tires they decided to measure. ;-)

Mainah said...

"I pulled you over BECAUSE you looked at me as if your truck was bigger than mine."

"as if" -- does the Marshall indicate here that he thinks different?

Mainah said...

I say, "as if" when I doubt something or think it somewhat preposterous or ridiculous. For instance, I might say, "as if you just said that" or, "as if you just did that", etc.

Mainah said...

Or, "As IF a US Marshall has nothing better to do than harass people (men) who look at them a perceived way!!!"

I hope that's not the case.

Jen said...

Why didn't the Marshall just pull him out of the truck and challenge him to a pi$$ing contest right there beside the road? It would have saved him the time and trouble of measuring tires!

Glad to know the level of maturity and impulse control our US Marshals possess!

veruca said...

Peter I had no clue!
I'm a life long "lawn guylander"!
I'll try to think of some regional references.

Dee said...

OT - Body of missing 11 yr old autistic boy Terry Smith from Menifee, CA, found in a shallow grave on family property. Terry's 16 yr old half brother has been arrested.

RIP Terry

Sus said...

They are not quotes, but notice earlier that the young man "stared" and the pedestrian caught his "attention." When he was stopped, the young man recognized the marshal.

In my area we call that "staring someone down". It is a dare. Who is the first to blink?

It's a right of passage for young men to build their confidence in this manner, and they outgrow it once they learn real manhood comes from within, not external things.

That brings me to the marshal. He hasn't outgrown it. He couldn't let the young man go on by. He has to be the "top dog".

There are many, many dedicated federal LE. But, there are also men and women like the marshal in this story who are attracted to the power.

Sus said...

Sorry, here I go serial posting again.

Working with students with behavior problems, we call it "save face." The marshal had to save face when he was stared at.

But still, the marshal gets his confidence from his possessions and power over others.

Mainah said...

I just thought of a regional/cultural saying, I'll share...

I live in a relatively (lightly) urban area in a small town. My neighbor (man, 20-ish) recently told me a new neighbor (man, 40-ish), had just moved into a nearby apartment from a relatively large city and introduced himself to the young man: " boys call me 'White Boy' can call me 'White Boy'." (He relayed additional disturbing info about jail, drugs, breaking and entering, etc., ugh!!)

The "A" in place of "Pardon me" or "Hello there", or "Hey neighbor", etc., to gain someones attention (you've not yet met) is one. The rest speaks for jail culture I presume. I had (mentally) prejudiced this as youth culture and asked how old he was.

Off Topic: It gets harder and harder for me to type ANYTHING now without analyzing it! ;) I'm at peace with my (perceived) faults, though.

Anonymous said...

So, Marshall has a small manhood and feels threatened by younger man with bigger truck and chooses to wield his power inappropriately to prove he can piss higher on the fencepost?

Anne said...

Peter, when I first read the article I took it to mean the policeman knows how big tires are allowed to be, his (the policeman's) must be at the legal height limit, so when he saw this truck and they looked bigger he pulled him over to check the size.
I guess I am projecting, because I didn't go to the conclusions people are thinking/commenting right away.

JerseyJane said...

veruca, my "long guyland-er"! No wonder, u are pretty much the only one that gets me!!! Hahahaha!!
I have no choice but to know ALL the editions of the urban dictionary too!! In my neighborhood, I'm called "bosslady". I'd be lieing if I didn't say I liked it! LoL

Anonymous said...

The boy is not being truthful, regional/culture notwithstanding.

The staring was projecting- where the boy thought the man was looking at his truck and its size, whereas, there are laws pertaining to the size of tires that can legally be on non-commercial vehicles. The man, now known to be a Marshall was probably looking at the size of the tires, perhaps in comparison to his own truck knowing what the legal limit is for over-sized tires.

I do not believe the LE stated, "I pulled you over BECAUSE you looked at me as if your truck was bigger than mine." I would believe more that is what the boy wanted him to say or believed that was the interpretation of what the Marshall had said. Teenagers have the idea that when they are out doing something and people stop and watch or "stare" it is because the are "cool" or doing something "cool". Whereas, it has been my experience the reason people are staring is due to their inappropriate behavior or as in this case possible illegal equipment.

If we are supposed to take something as someone says it and determine whether or not it is truthful and then perhaps offer an analysis- I would have to have a different statement because I can't get past the belief that the boys statement is not truthful.

The only thing I believe is that he was pulled over and questioned about the size of his tires. I also don't believe he was kept there for 30 minutes. Without probable cause or being placed in custody where someone is not free to leave- the Supreme Court has held 20 minutes is sufficient, anything longer then the officer either has to establish his/her probably cause or place the person in custody. Being in Barney Fife country is not an excuse to detain someone longer.

I don't believe there was a case of truck envy except for what was going on in the boys mind.

Anonymous said...

Peter, are you going to weigh in on the Alanna Gallagher case?

I am checking here daily for SA.

Please let us know if it will be coming,


Anonymous said...

marietje said...

Here is an example of using botany as evidence.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous said...

Peter, are you going to weigh in on the Alanna Gallagher case?

Are there any direct quotes from her family,i havn't been following this case,and have just read a brief summary.?

Anonymous said...

Yes both fathers spoke publicly.

There is tons of public blogging all 3 of them have made on line.

See comments on the previous SA below this one and you'll find plenty to bring you up to date :)

Jen said...

Anon 3:10

Read the article more was the driver of the truck staring at the pedestrian (marshal), not the other way around.

Also what do you mean you need a different statement to do analysis on because you don't believe this one? You do analysis on the statement available and then decide what sensitivity or deception you believe exists...not throw out the statement because you doubt it based on ??

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon 4:13


veruca said...

Haha! Bawslady!

I'm with ya, and you, we're like this * crosses fingers*;)

John Mc Gowan said...


Miles Mcdaniel.


McDaniel made the statement following a marathon question-and-answer session with investigators at the Saginaw Police Department.
He said he was requested to come down, and spent the afternoon and early evening hours on Tuesday talking about Alanna.

"There were a lot of questions," McDaniel said. "I think they might be cross-checking answers given by Laura and Karl when they did interviews."


Why would he think they would be cross-checking answers given by Laura and Karl.? Unless they have all got there alibi's synchronized.

Just a thought...

Jen said...

Good call John...I was thinking the same thing when I watched it yesterday. Wasn't he there to answer questions and provide info to help find his daughter's murderer? Why did he leave the interview with the police cross referencing their 3 stories foremost on his mind!

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Jen,

I would love to see the Q an A's..

Anonymous said...

Cross referencing to means they aren't buying someones stories or found holes/flaws in one of them.

I think as "tight" as they are being a threesome they are all in this together. I saw no pain or emotion on either of their faces.
Haven't seen Mom yet. But she made a fb post about how she would like some help with cleaning up the house from friends.

Also if you view the items taken from the home (109 of them) I would say it's cause for suspicion.

It is listed under the last SA Peter posted.

Will see if I can copy and paste

John Mc Gowan said...

Is it possible for someone to put up a link to the VT's,i would love to see their body language.


Anonymous said... (Laura Gallagher Alannas mother) (Laura's "Honeybear) (Karl Gllagher husband)

Anonymous said...

lost of info here along with the search warrant and items removed from the home.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Anon 5:51.

Miles McDaniel, the father of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher, spoke about this daughter's death for the first time on Tuesday, shortly after speaking with investigators for a few hours.
"I want to find out who did this," he said. "I want justice. And I hope that they can be found."

"I KNOW there's always that suspicion -- I KNOW the odds are high that IT'S A FAMILY MEMBER in this sort of situation," McDaniel said. "I can say that anyone who knows OUR family knows better."

Strong use of the pronoun "I" when refering to what he claims to know.He then switches to the pronoun OUR,when talking about people who know them.Why not say MY FAMILY given he has taken ownership of what he calls "A situation" previously.Is he sharing the praise from the public,and if so why..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

John this is for you

Link to Search warrant findings

Anonymous said...


Nevermind that didn't work..

will keep looking

Anonymous said...

Oops it did work. Copy and paste it into your browser and should come up like a champ.

The list is quite long...

Anonymous said...

Notice the searched warrant is checked "seized".

My thought is why would they need one to begin with. There must have bee question about withholding evidence of information.

If it were my home and my child I would open ever single door, window and demand they take everything possible (including the kitchen sink) so they can do their job and catch the killer. They wouldn't need a search warrant cause I'd be helping them load it all in the van (so to speak of course).

Strange they felt the need to have a judge sign this at 1 in the morning and act so quickly. Something is not right here.

Anonymous said...

Macon said it is still unknown whether any of the items seized are significant to the investigation.

“There’s nothing on the list that most people would not have in their home,” he said.

Read more here:

Yep I'm definitely naive.

Anon 7:47

dadgum said...

I thought it odd that the judge who signed the search warrant is named Gallagher..

Must be a common name in he area?

Sus said...

Re toilet paper rolls: I'm feeling like a weirdo/hoarder. I save them to make little bird feeders. I also made some Christmas ornaments that didn't turn out too well. My granddaughter made the cutest May Day flowers with rolls at her preschool. And I have rope and wire sorted and stored in rolls in the garage.


Sus said...

Haha. This should have gone on another post where someone asked why in the world anyone saves toilet paper roll tubes.

I'll leave it here and really look like a weirdo. Actually, I fit right in now, don't I?

Anonymous said...

followed him SLOWLY through town

He wasn't speeding

Pineapple said...

Oh! Oh! I know how this translates:

I pulled you over because I am an a**hole.

sha said...

If the Marshall had the BIGGEST TIRES he could LEGALLY have on HIS truck, and this other driver looked at him as if his truck's tires were bigger, THEN MAYYYYYBE the guy looked FRIGHTENED, SCARED, or CAUGHT/BUSTED and that's why the marshall measured his tires.

Anonymous said...

The boy lived with him until 2011, when he went to live with his mother, and was a normal kid who loved video games and baseball, he said.

"He was a very bright, well-adjusted child, at least he was when he left here," said Smith Sr. "He pushed buttons and would aggravate you. But, other than that, it was just the typical way ... of a typical boy trying to get his way."

Smith Sr. also helped raise the half brother accused in the case, he said. The teen moved from West Virginia to California after his mother abruptly pulled him out of school, he said.

"I taught him how to walk. I helped him when he was on the baseball team here," he said, recalling that he called the half brother "little Spider-Man."

A phone listing for the boy's mother, Shawna Smith, was disconnected. Messages left at a second number associated with her address were not returned.

Investigators told Smith Sr. that Terry Jr. died after a hit to the head but declined to say more, citing a request from police who are still working the case.

Hundreds of volunteers searched for Terry Jr. for more than three days in abandoned trailers and campsites tucked into the scrubby hillsides of rural Riverside County, where horse ranches dot the landscape and large stretches of land remain undeveloped. Sheriff's deputies fanned out on horseback and with bloodhounds in the triple-digit heat and helicopters buzzed overhead, searching for clues.

A detective involved in the search gave credit for the discovery of the body to a volunteer woman who said she had a vision of where to find Terry.

Detective John Powers told KFI-AM radio on Thursday that Pam Ragland and her children came to the property where investigators, including him, had searched thoroughly already and found the body immediately.

"She actually went right up the driveway of the house, on to the property, and right up to the body of this boy," Powers said. "Not in 23 years have I ever seen anything like this."


Anonymous said...

Alanna Gallagher update: It's been confirmed via numerous media sources that the young girl's parents are indeed being investigated -- which has been made rather obvious without it having to be confirmed. Most of the searches for evidence have taken place in and around the home of the three adults -- who are in a so called polyandrous relationship. It should also be noted that there are other children in the home, siblings of the slain Saginaw, Texas child, but their ages haven't been confirmed.
The Saginaw Chief of Police Roger Macon also clarified that nobody has been eliminated as a suspect in this investigation -- including the parents. However, the child's parents are not their "prime suspects." This vague clarification only sheds more suspicion in the direction of the three adults in the home -- named Karl Gallagher and Miles McDaniel. The woman that they share is Laura Gallagher. While Alanna's last name is Gallagher, it should be noted that Miles McDaniel is the girl's biological father. So it appears that this Miles McDaniel person is cuckolded in a three way relationship -- a very unorthodox environment for young children, and possibly part of the reason why discussion online about the family is heavy with suspicion.
It's fortunate to report that Macon says there is no proof of child abuse in the Gallagher/McDaniel home. Nonetheless, that doesn't change what was said by neighbors last week about little Alanna being unhappy about going home, choosing to stay out to play. She was also described as a girl was more mature than other children her age. Of course, given the lifestyle that her parents lead, it's no surprise that she was matured beyond her five years before her untimely murder.
Miles McDaniel says that he was questioned for over eight hours by investigators and he is doing everything he can to cooperate with the search, but judging by the report made from his statements this cooperation isn't very positive in nature. It's odd that officials are claiming that these people are not their prime suspects while still investigating them as if they are. Still, it all goes hand-in-hand with their claims that this is an isolated murder.
Hopefully some closure can be had for the community of Saginaw, which is still collectively reeling at the senseless murder of this little girl. What's most horrific about this entire thing is that the perpetrator is likely someone the community trusts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update anon@10:45. Very disturbing case

Anonymous said...

I find this rather cold for such a young child. No "our daughter" who we loved so much and will miss dearly... etc.


Alanna Gallagher, 6, passed away Monday, July 1, 2013. Funeral: 11 a.m. Thursday at Calvary Lutheran Church, Richland Hills. Interment: Greenwood Memorial Park. Alanna was born June 12, 2007, in Saginaw. She was a vibrant, friendly, outgoing girl who loved to be around people. She was active and well known in her church. Alanna was student at Willow Creek Elementary in Saginaw, and loved to ride her purple scooter. Survivors: Parents, Karl Gallagher, Laura Gallagher, and Miles McDaniel; sister, Maggie Rose Gallagher, brother, Jamie Gallagher; half-brother, Brendan Rowanoak of California; grandparents, Robert and Barbara-Kay Seiver of Zachary, La., Linda McDaniel of Burleson, Margaret and Mike Allen of Babylon, N.Y.; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Alanna Gallagher update,from Anon 10:35

Nonetheless, that doesn't change what was said by neighbors last week about little Alanna being unhappy about going home, choosing to stay out to play. She was also described as a girl was more mature than other children her age. Of course, given the lifestyle that her parents lead, it's no surprise that she was matured beyond her five years before her untimely murder.


If memory serves me correct,i think Peter touched on the subject of children who had NO STRANGER DANGER,and were more mature for their age.


Young children have natural stranger anxiety. Children of Neglect often have none because they have learned to get attention from wherever and whoever will offer it. The danger of this is obvious and needs little explanation. The young girl who learns to obtain male attention will eventually become a young woman who will have learned that male attention comes from her looks, rather than from accomplishments in life, like homework, ballet, ice skating or making the honor roll.

Neglectful parents often boast. "Look how social my daughter is! She is not afraid of anyone!" not realizing how deep Neglect has taken root.

A child has natural stranger anxiety, not paralyzing fear of over-protection, but neither should the child be the "rock" of a home; parentified, and often acting in the role of peace maker, keeping the family together. Neglectful parents see the very things I am describing and brag of them in their language. (Peter Hyatt)

Anonymous said...

John, you are right!

Thank you for bringing it up again.

I know a few kids like this and have been scoffed at by other parents b/c my kids are not fearless enough. They don't approach or take to strangers let alone someone we know on a "acquaintance" basis. They stick close to our sides no matter where we are. Even when in an open play area for kids they need to be able to see us. Our kids are what most consider "immature" for their age. They don't have the "street smarts" that others have b/c they are never alone in the "streets" to start with. They don't ride bikes, scooters or play in the street ever without our presence. And never to a public restroom without Mom or Dad. For my son if Dad is not around I wait outside and call out his name to make sure anyone else in there knows I'm standing right outside. At ages 9 & 11 I walk them to and from school bus stop. I know children who will ask a stranger to unwrap their lollipop and Mom thinks it's cute; I think it's horrifying. A perp would love a child to willingly come to them to unwrap a lollipop. The runaway children in stores who have no fear of not seeing mom or dad is scary too. All it takes is a back to turn and they become easy pray. I was glad to read your post, John as it reminds me I am doing the right thing.

Thanks again :)

mommaklee said...

It is way past due to have the encryption put back in and have EVERYONE register in order to comment. It's time for ALL of the Anons to pick a name or leave.

I am disgusted at the vile language I have to wade through just to read through the blog and the comments.
It's hurting the respectability of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Really? pick a name or leave?

Didn't know you were admin. And don't insult the rest of us b/c of a few who chose to use smut as a way of communication. I don't like it either but telling all anons to leave is quite a heavy pat on your own shoulder. And rude!

mommaklee said...

Hi, latest Anon,

I am speaking to blog controls, not attempting to insult the "good ones" but you all are notorious for making discussions difficult and the "anon" posting vector is problematic because of what is most likely one troll but potentially multiple others.

This blog used to have more controls, but they were lifted because the regular commenters had trouble sometimes with reading the wonky letters and numbers and sometimes had to make multiple attempts.

The degradation of the blog comments section is evidence that the controls need to be re-established.

I was short and if I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. I've been here for nearly two years and I read other blogs. The stuff I have to trip over here takes the cake for disgusting. Nowhere have I read such vileness and vulgarity. I am sure it can be helped.

Sus said...

Most newspapers do not allow for personal sentiments like you mentioned. They also limit relatives names to only the closest of kin. If you want to add more, you must pay.

Anonymous said...

SHite off!

Anonymous said...

Anon=sexy xxxxxxxxxxxx

ME said...

Sort your head out.

sally said...

Stfu *^^^^^*