Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Depth Analysis: Steven Capobianco

"The Forty Percent Rule"

In the SCAN technique, when analysis is reviewed after a passage of time, the same statement can yield up to 40% more information.

This is because of the emotional and intellectual trail the statement leaves in the analyst's mind, as he progresses through the statement.  The trail is followed to completion, or so it seems.

When the same statement is viewed again, disconnected from the intellectual and emotional original trail, the analyst will focus on different words in the statement, which can yield a good deal of new information.  The analyst needs "fresh eyes" on a statement.

Let's take a look at a single question from the case of missing Charli Scott from Hawaii as an example.

Charli was pregnant and has been missing for several weeks, with her ex boyfriend the apparent "Person of Interest" in the case.

Mileka: "So tell me about what happened Sunday night."
Good solid question.  

Although it pinpoints time frame, and better is, "Tell me what happened...", we learn that the time in question is sensitive to the subject.  By asking "What happened?", the shorter question allows for the subject to begin the answer where he chooses.  It may have yielded more information.  For example, domestic disputes often have a lengthy introduction as the guilty subject will emphasis how it is "her fault", and "stall" the pace of the statement to stay away from the critical time period, which in this case, is Sunday night.  

What if the subject had been asked "What happened?" and began his statement with learning of her pregnancy?  This may have even revealed motive.  

In Analytical Interviewing, the Interviewer uses as few words as possible, as the information is not with the interviewer, but with the subject.  
Steven: "Sunday night? She picked me up from my house at 8:30, drove out to my truck that I got stuck in Keanae and she dropped me off at my truck -- it took me about 10 minutes to fix my truck, 'cause I had extra light tools with me at that time. And then we came back to Haiku. And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I'm absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I started speeding up 'cause I drive a little faster than she does."
1.  Answering a question with a question  

"Sunday night?"  He answers the question with a question, which is a pause to allow him to think, making the question, itself about Sunday night, sensitive to him. 

From Mark McClish:  "Are you having a surprise party for me?"   Answer:  "Am I having a surprise party for you?  Oh, no..."

Plan on the party.  

Principle:  When one answers a question with a question, the question itself is sensitive. 

2.  Dropped Pronoun

"Drove out" does not have a pronoun.  

Pronouns are instinctive for us as we use them from the earliest days of speech.  When someone drops a pronoun, the person is removing himself from the sentence.  Why does the subject wish to remove himself, and Charli, from this statement?

a.  Premise One:  Guilt.  It is possible, for example, that guilt will cause the dropped pronoun. 
b.  Premise Guilt:  Not Reality.   It is also possible that this did not take place, at all, that they did not drive together as he has reported.  

The analyst should be aware of both possibilities here, and see if the rest of the statement supports either of the premises. 

She picked me up from my house at 8:30, drove out to my truck 

"She picked me up from my house at 8:30" is very strong.  This is likely truthful.  

"drove out to my truck" does not say who drove.  What was expected?

a.  "We drove out to my truck"
b.  "She drove me..." or "She gave me a ride" and so on. 

There is a reason he does not want to be in her vehicle, driving to his truck.  

There is no "we" (connection) in driving to "my truck"; yet he uses "we" afterwards while being in different vehicles.  This is a disconnect for us, but not for him.  He must guide us.  We must have total faith in the subject to guide us. 

In the principle of "total faith", the dropped pronoun means we cannot have faith in this portion of the statement.  We can have faith that she picked him up from his house at 8:30" because he has firmly told us. 

We cannot have faith in the statement after that. 

Driving to the truck caused a dropped pronoun, but while allegedly in different vehicles, it produced the pronoun "we", which shows unity and cooperation. 

 Why would there be no unity before when they were physically together?

A dropped pronoun is a reduced commitment.  He does not say "She drove me" or "we drove" and there is a reason why he wishes to not commit to this statement.  It may be from a number of different causes, but for certain, a dropped pronoun is done for a reason.  We see this when teenagers do something wrong.  "Went to class" when skipped. There is a reduced commitment for a very good reason which the investigation will likely show. 

3.  Repetition:  

Anything that is repeated is important.  

We may not know why but it is important .  Note any word that is repeated and ask, "Why?"

Note the repetition of "my" truck, and not "the" truck after taking ownership.  Usually, someone will say "my" and then "the" following. The "truck" is of sensitivity to him. What is it about the truck that causes him to not use an article ("the") but the possessive pronoun?  An in depth interview likely revealed this answer.  
4.  Question Boundary. 

He was asked "What happened?" which is appropriate.  When someone feels the need to explain "why?" instead of "What?", it should be considered very sensitive.  This is color coded in SCAN with blue, making it the highest level of sensitivity.  When there is more than one "blue" highlighted, it is an indication of extreme sensitivity, as Mr. Sapir calls it a "cluster of blues", and the interview (and investigation) should target itself within these two "blues."
He feels the need to explain this time period "ten minutes" which may be precisely where there is missing information. 
5.  Commitment:  

Commitment is seen with straight language.  

Note the reduced commitment with "pretty sure" but then the heavy emphasis of "absolutely certain", making seeing her headlights something sensitive to him. 

within this short statement,  information is missing, and it is very sensitive (the highest level of sensitivity) to the subject.  The Interviewer seems to grasp this. 
6.  The Reason Why:  

When one is asked "what happened?" but goes on to explain why something happened, it means that the subject anticipates being asked, "Why did you do that?" even before the question is asked.  This is highlighted by SCAN as very sensitive.  (highest) 

He then feels the need to explain why he sped away.  This is very sensitive to him.  That he drove away from Charli at a high speed is sensitive to him.  

7.  Unnecessary Information:  

The principle is this:  unnecessary information is very important to us.  It is part of the subject's language for some reason that we must learn. 

9.  "Extra light tools" instead of "tools" is unnecessary information, making it important to the subject.  It may prove that these "extra light tools" were part of the case.  They are important words even if we do not know why. 

10.  Time:  

 "At that time" indicates that he did not have his "extra light tools" with him at another time that he is thinking about.  What other time is he considering?

11.  Change of language.  

When language changes, there should be a change of reality within the statement.  If not, it may indicate that the subject is not working from memory.  Here are the typical examples:

"The car started to sputter and died.  I left my vehicle on the side of the road."  It was a "car" while it worked, but became a "vehicle" when it no longer worked.  When the subject picks it up from the garage when it is repaired, it will turn into a "car" again. 

When language changes, there must be a reason for it.  When there is change without a justification found within the statement, the analyst should be on the look out for deception, as it may not come from memory.  

Here we have two changes of language:  

Note that "rearview" became "rearview mirror" and "lights" became "headlights"; yet, there is nothing within the statement that appears to justify this change.  

This may be another indication of deception. 

It is possible that this drive, with Charli in his sights, did not even happen...

If it did, there is deception contained within, and the fact that the "truck" is repeated and with heavy ownership (pronoun) the deception is with the truck. 

Did he deceptively lure her someplace asking for a ride?  

 Did the ride even take place?  

These are things the police will need to learn more about to get to the truth.  Subjects who lie bring more suspicion to themselves, even if they didn't "do it" but are deceptively hiding something else.  Best is to come clean, even if there is collateral criminal activity, than to be seen as completely deceptive. 

In this statement, with just one answer to a single question:

Deception indicated.


Tania Cadogan said...

And then we came back to Haiku. And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I'm absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I started speeding up 'cause I drive a little faster than she does."

I mentioned this is the chatroom on your show on sunday , another great show by the way.

I noticed the change in pronoun from WE came back to Haiku to I got to twin Falls.

Onlt he got to Twin falls, so where was Charli since she didn't make it to Twin Falls otherwise it would have been a WE
Since her body has yet to be found and he tells us he speeded up from there indicating haste, perhaps a need to get away, to distance himself, maybe they should be checking there .
it is sensitive to him.

AND at the start of a sentence indicates missing information.
This is linked to his introducing EXTRA LIGHT TOOLS
Why does he need to add the qualifiers EXTRA LIGHT
Tools is often the only word used or maybe light tools as opposed to things like hammers, jacks, crowbars etc.
Is the introduction of extra light to indicate he only had tools that could not cause an injury such as small screwdrivers, spanners or wire cutters. tools which would be hard pushed to be used as a weapon.
Was she beaten to death with a heavy object, a heavy tool such as hammer, wrench, jack etc?
It can't be me as i only had light tools excuse?

I would be interested to know what tools he usually carried in his truck since most men will have some tucked away somewhere.
Does he have any tools missing or suspiciously clean (especially if he uses and throws them back in the box)

ANDalso starts the sentence And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. which also indicates missing information.
Now we have missing information in regard to Haiku and lights. making it doubly sensitive.

And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I'm absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror
Hear we have missing information and changes in language which indicate a change in reality.
What has changed?
First he is PRETTY SURE which then changes to ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN
The changes in reality happen when WE CAME BACK TO HAIKU

Secondly hethen changes from LIGHTS to HEADLIGHTS
What has changed in his reality?
Did the headlights change from on to off?
What lights does he refer to when he says lights?
headlights or tail lights perhaps even indicators or some other light?

Finally he changes from REARVIEW to REARVIEW MIRROR
Again what has changed in his reality?
Rearview could be mirror or even window.
He doesn't tell us so i can't assume.

the entire time.
The entire time what?
The entire time of the trip?
The entire time of the murder?
The entire time of something else?
He doesn't tell us so i can't assume.

it took me about 10 minutes to fix my truck, 'cause I had extra light tools with me at that time.
This makes me wonder if this is the time it took for the murder to be committed.
It feels akin to someone saying goodbye at such and such a time.
'Cause is used to explain why something happened.
Why does he feel the need to say how long it took to fix his truck and the reason?
This is sensitive.

What was wrong exactly with his truck and what did he use to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, you continue to impress.

Anonymous said...

First he says "my truck that I got stuck" then he says "fix my truck."
"Fix" doesn't seem to agree with "stuck."
You fix "my truck that broke down" and you pull out "my truck that got stuck." (Note that he says he got it stuck.)

If all he needed was "light tools" to "fix" his truck, why not ask any friend with any vehicle to bring him out there? Or even hitchhike? (Which is what he said he did to get home when it got stuck.)

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – A Georgia teenager charged as an accomplice in the fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy in his stroller wants his trial moved to juvenile court so he can avoid being prosecuted for murder — a legal move the slain baby's mother says she opposes.

A judge Tuesday ordered a mental evaluation for 16-year-old Dominique Lang, who is charged as an adult with felony murder in the March 2013 slaying of young Antonio Santiago. Lang didn't pull the trigger, but he testified last summer that he accompanied an older teen who shot the child while trying to rob his mother in coastal Brunswick.

Georgia law doesn't allow juvenile courts to hear murder cases. Prosecutors haven't opposed the move, but Antonio's mother, Sherry West, said Lang should stand trial.


Amaleen6 said...


Apparently, the Moorer family were living in not only filthy but dangerous conditions, given that they have children.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob great as usual :) Peter when you say"sensitive"what exactly do you mean(in your analysis)I know the words meaning BUT...Your "meaning"? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

SOME Humans are ANIMALS.

Lemon said...


A police report from February 21 - the day Tammy and Sidney Moorer were arrested at their home on Highway 814 - indicates more about their home life at the time of their arrest. It states that the whole family was home and asleep in the same room when police and SLED agents arrived to execute their search warrant.

"Three firearms were out in the open at the time. Two long guns were leaning against the wall while a compact pistol rested on the night stand beside the bed," the report states.

The home was noted to be unsanitary, with rotting food on the kitchen counters, bedrooms in an "unlivable manner," and the back yard peppered with animal waste.


-thanks to Amaleen6 for the link

TxTchr said...

The bf disparages Charli - is he leaking marbles?

Mileka: "Do you think Charli may have had any enemies?"

Steven: "That's hard for me to say. I didn't hang out with her very often. But, I mean, she had kind of a mouth on her -- I could see her pissing somebody off. But again, I don't want to speculate -- I don't know for certain."http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/24721045/exclusive-ex-boyfriend-of-missing-pregnant-maui-woman-speaks

TxTchr said...

Here's another weird twist.

Carly Scott’s family is outraged after the missing woman’s landlord allegedly entered her Maui home and took her personal belongings, according to a report from Hawaii News Now.

Scott, who is five-months pregnant, was reported missing on Feb. 10 by her mother Kimberlyn. Four days later, Scott’s family accompanied police — who needed to collect DNA evidence — to the missing woman’s rental home, where they say some of her items were missing, including a TV, stove, and baby toys intended for her son.

In an interview with Hawaii News Now, the landlord — who asked to remain off camera — claimed that Scott owed him money for rent and took her stuff in order to “protect it.”

Kimberlyn said that the landlord also demanded hundreds of dollars for the return of her daughter’s belongings.


TxTche said...

Missing to murdered according to the article.

Carly Scott, the missing pregnant woman who disappeared on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 9, was murdered. That grim news was delivered Friday by police on the island, who recently discovered grisly new evidence in the case of the 27-year-old who was five months pregnant with a baby boy, to be named Joshua.

On Tuesday, police sources told the local news outlet Hawaii News Now that they were waiting for forensic lab reports on some new evidence, that included a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone found near where they had earlier discovered articles of clothing belonging to Carly Scott, as well as gloves and duct tape.

They also found the missing pregnant woman’s bra, which apparently had been slashed.

“We want to dispel rumors that Charli’s body has been recovered,” the family said in a statement posted online. “Sadly, this is untrue. That said, we feel strongly that evidence of this crime should be presented in court and not via rumors and shoddy news reporting.”

Earlier, the SUV that Carly Scott was driving the night she disappeared was found burned and flipped on its side at a popular surfing spot known locally as “Jaws.” But the SUV was missing its grill — and that part of the vehicle was also discovered recently. The SUV grill bore a distinctive skull ornament, allowing police to identify it as belonging on the missing — now murdered — pregnant woman’s SUV.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I believe is : "She picked me up from my house at 8:30" The rest of the story feels made up.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

And I'm pretty sure I saw her lights in my rearview the entire time. I'm absolutely certain I saw her headlights in my rearview mirror until I got to Twin Falls and then I STARTED speeding up 'cause I drive a little faster than she does."

"He then feels the need to explain why he sped away. This is very sensitive to him. That he drove away from Charli at a high speed is sensitive to him.

Hi peter, could it also be sensitive to him because he didn't drive away, given that he only states he "STARTED" to do this, and started doesn't necessary mean he went through with it?

ima.grandma said...

FYI: Posted on the find Myra page:

Could we maybe help get some signatures for Hailey Dunn who was murdered?
We are 6 days from a year that Hailey Dunn was found. There have been no arrests made and Hailey has not been released to be laid to rest. We are 147 signatures short of sending this petition to Scurry County. Please help us. Hailey's nightmare began December 27, 2010 when she was kidnapped. Her remains were found March 16, 2013. She deserves justice and to be laid to rest.
Both are grossly unfair to Hailey! Please sign and please call , we are getting no where on our own. Thank you for your continued love and support

County Sheriff
Sheriff Trey Wilson
400 37th Street
Snyder, TX 79549

Phone: 325-573-3551
Fax: 325-573-4456


GeekRad (formerly local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I am on it ima.grandma!!

GeekRad said...

When I say I'm on it I mean I am putting pressure for an arrest, not giving Billie Hailey's remains. Hailey was not kidnapped unless you consider Shawn and Billie to have kidnapped her before they murdered her.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you GeekRad, I knew you would especially be motivated by this! I find it distasteful the petitioner took advantage of the situation with their hidden agenda. The killers need to be held accountable. The appropriate LE need to jump on the momentum taking place within resourceful and determined agencies around the country in seeking justice for our murdered children.

ima.grandma said...

I should add the admin of the Myra site is encouraging viewers to sign and it seems to be working. My uneducated guess is the admin never heard of Miss Hailey Dunn before she was contacted by the Hope for Hailey group.

ima.grandma said...

I hope I don't run this into the ground, but the exact petition states:

Hailey Dunn is a 13-year-old West Texas cheerleader who went missing from her home on December 27, 2010 in Colorado City, Texas.  Hailey’s scattered remains were found less than 20 miles from her home at Lake J. B. Thomas in Snyder, Texas this past March 16, 2013.  There have not been any arrests, any viable suspects, or viable public persons of interest announced.  We are asking that Scurry County Sheriff Trey Wilson to please convene a Grand Jury to look at evidence if they do, in fact, have a viable suspect.  Hailey’s remains have been sitting in an evidence room since their discovery in March of 2013.  If Sheriff Wilson does not have the evidence or ability to convene a Grand Jury to look into Hailey’s case, we ask that Hailey’s remains be released to her mother and father, Billie Jean Dunn and Clint Dunn, so they can lay their precious daughter to rest.  The pain and agony of having to bury their daughter should not be compounded by knowing their child’s body lay on a shelf in a box.

It also has the link to their page with admin posts signed from Billie, Clint and David. They are blantantly challenging LE to indict them or give up what may be the most critical physical evidence they have. It's hard to read Billie's words without feeling anger.

Unknown said...

I agree ima, that was infuriating to read.

I guess Billie thinks if she puts the word 'viable' in front of POI, and suspect...it erases the fact that she and SA have been the focus from day one.

GeekRad said...

Yes it was infuriating!
By the way, I don't think the Sherrif has the reamains to release. I think the FBI still has them as they were doing forensics. The whole situation is infuriating. If only LE would have the courage to arrest Shawn and Billie. One of them will give the other up.

Unknown said...

I think you are right GeekRad, about both things. The last I heard the FBI was in possession of Hailey's remains, and I also believe that one will inform on the other when they are finally charged. I refuse to believe they won't be charged, there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to indict them.

At first I saw Adkins as the weak link, and I thought he would be the one to give it up, (before Hailey was found).

However, now that Hailey has been found BJD has repeatedly attempted to cast suspicion on ONLY Adkins. Her facebook posts and comments have turned on him. She is deep in CYA mode, and I think she would roll on him in a heartbeat, claiming to have had some kind of ephiphany, snapped out of her denial, etc.

If either Adkins or BJD were 'smart' they would realize that the race to turn states evidence began the day Hailey was found.

John Mc Gowan said...

LE should take a leaf out of the Heather Elvis case book, and arrest them on technicalities. Then put pressure on them, and see who throws who under the bus.

GeekRad said...

If only LE would take a look at the Heather Elvis case book! I am really surprised there has not been an arrest or any pressure on Billie and Shawn. A local newspaper reported that the FBI now has the lead and that they are asking for leads and information. Surely the FBI can piece this together. They are supposed to be the experts. Let's start with 1+1= 2, 2+2=4. Baby steps....

Red Ryder said...


I didn't hear anything about this before, maybe I missed it. 2 rolls of duct tape and gloves were found near her clothes. A volunteer paints a grim picture of taping her up with rocks and then into the depths:(
There are 2 other missing women.
Some articles are trying to link the cases but I doubt it.
Where are all these people? Heather? Myra? Charli?
It is sad.

chalkmarks said...

OT - hope that is ok - I just finished reading this article and was struck by any sense of the husband's expression of grief or mourning the loss of his wife. (She died on January 11th.)

chalkmarks said...

oops - link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2579082/Heartbroken-doctor-tells-desperately-fought-save-wifes-life-plunged-waterfall-didnt-strength-pull-strong-current.html

chalkmarks said...

sorry - this is my first posting here - It should read 'not struck'

(great start huh lol)

Dacea said...

I admit I haven't followed this case very well, so please forgive my confusion. Is there a reason for the Carly/Charli differences? Hobnob, I learned a lot from the first post of yours on this thread! I didn't even notice the switch from we to I at Twin Falls. I've been wondering if he could have attacked her with a heavy tool and thus the need to clarify light tools. I'm so sad for her family. They likely not only lost their daughter but their grandson as well. :(

Anonymous said...

Some of you might be interested in a little background on Mr. Capobianco which you can find on my Community FB page < A study to find out what happened to Charli and Joshua Scott>.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon 4:30,

Can you provide a link please?

TxTchr said...

OT Dotty Sandusky - interview w Matt Lauer

Dottie Sandusky talks to the Today Show about what she believes regarding her husband, Jerry Sandusky, and his innocence or guilt.

It didn’t take but thirty seconds into the interview for Dottie’s words to reveal what she really thinks. Dottie says to Matt Lauer about her husband:

“Do I believe him? I definitely believe him. Because if I didn’t believe him, when I testified at trial, I could have not said what I said. I would have had to tell the truth.”


TxTchr said...

I've followed this blog for over 2 years now. This is my first attempt at analyzing. (Be kind :) )

"'Do I believe him?'" When a question is repeated, it is considered sensitive.

""I definitely believe him."" Definitely is unnecessary in the sentence, making it doubly sensitive to the subject. Definitely is also to convince.

""Because if I didn't believe him, when I testified at trial, I could have not said what I said.'" - because is used to explain the reason why - which further indicates sensitivity. "'when I testified at trial'" - meaning there was a time when she did not believe him. Could have not also means having the option of choosing not to do it. Dotty did not say "because he did not do it".

"'I would have had to tell the truth.'" Dotty does not say "I told the truth". The phrase "would have had" is a conditional perfect tense that is used to express an action that would have happened but didn't. It explains why the action did not occur - an "excuse claus" - the one that gets you out of trouble.

Dotty attempts to convince Matt Lauer that she believes in her husband's innocence. Her statement is unreliable.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Shawn is (or was) the weak link. Billie is hardened and intelligent.

Shawn is fearful and dopey.

He would have given up Hailey's remains long ago had he been arrested, and he would have blamed BJD.


Suzette said...

Just saw this on Facebook from Newswest 9 (Midland, TX) Hopefully, they'll post a link to the story later tonight.

It's been almost a year since 13 year old Hailey Dunn's remains were found about 20 miles from her home.

Today, NewsWest 9 talked to a family spokesperson about any updates. Coming up at 10 tonight, we'll tell you how the supporters of the teen are trying to get her remains back home to her family.

ima.grandma said...

Good job TxTchr!

ima.grandma said...

I hope this PR ploy by Billie and her followers backfires on them. It would be fantastic if 'push comes to shove' and justice wins out! Billie's leaking marbles will be her downfall. Expect her to speak out, she thrives on attention.

TxTchr said...

Thanks! ;). I hope Peter will do a more in depth analysis. I see incredible teaching opportunities in the interview!

ima.grandma said...

Yes, I discovered the case about a month ago while reading about another woman that went missing in Maui the month before. I also thought it would be an excellent opportunity for Peter's analysis. The ex-boyfriend was instantly transparent for those of us who study SA. It sure comes in handy when I watch my 'Real Housewives' shows. I'm a closet fan for the cheap entertainment and I can read those women very well.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LC said...

To Anonymous above:

Is that you, George Marie Anthony?

jenbee said...

The Facebook page mentioned by Anonymous at 4:30 is an interesting read. Put the name of the page (what Anon listed between brackets) into your Facebook search box and the page will come up. If you check back, Anon, are those pictures of guns Steve's?? Where were those posted?

Anonymous said...

In the case of dropped pronouns, does the principle still apply to a list?

For example, "John woke up, brushed his teeth and ate his breakfast"

That was my thought on seeing the dropped pronoun here; although the "she" returns in the third item (dropping him off) it could still conceivably have been forming as a list of things in his mind.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!


P.S. This does not detract from the fact that this man is almost definitely involved in Charli's disappearance.

GeekRad said...

The newswest9 story about Hailey was about the petition to release her remains. Nothing new unfortunately.

GeekRad said...

I agree ima.grandma. I hope this PR stunt backfires and they arrest Shawn and Billie. But I am not holding my breath. My FBI contact told me they get leads from to time and they follow up, but nothing solid. He is not involved in the case, nor is his office so he doesn't know, or doesn't share details. By the way, the Scurry County Sherriff isn't returning calls related to the petition. Not that I blame him. What could he possibly say other than it is out of his hands. The FBI reportedly has the lead.

Suzette said...

I was hoping the newswest9 story would have some quotes from Billie, but, like GeekRad said, it was just about the petition.

Back to reading, learning and lurking. One day I'll be confident enough to analyze with you all.

Anonymous said...

A conversation I had with Stevens Girlfriend "Cass" (She) 2/8/2013
A conversation I had with Stevens girlfriend last Saturday night 2/8/2013

Me: So the Nation is speculating that Capobianco did this for you. Im not so sure. Just the word on the street.

10 hours ago

She: I would be careful of what you say to me and what you take off of my Facebook.

Me: From a Woman"My best friend had a dream the Monday she disappeared that Charli was in but she wasn't upset. Her unborn son was confused and she was trying to comfort him but she had found peace. She said she was okay. My friend turned around in the dream and saw Steven behind her and didn't tell us about the dream until she saw Steven's face in the news. We live in a small community, but she had never seen him before that"- Quoted

Me"I would be careful about who you date

She: I'm not dating him anymore.

That wouldn't be the safest decision for me, all around.

Me: Good News! Thank You! Awesome! Best of Luck and Good Future.

She: Who ARE you?

I know you must know me.

You must have met me while I lived there.

Me:Perhaps. What matters is that you are not engaging in bad decisions which could screw up your so very young life. You want to be old and look back at your life with fondness and pride.

She: You don't know me. Now take my picture down, before you are the reason of fucking it all up.

You seriously don't know what you're doing.

You could really jeopardize a lot here.

Take it down. PLEASE

You don't know why I say this now. But if things go correctly, you will know one day.

Me: Its so integral to the story though

She: I understand the way it looks.

But genuinely am only trying to help.

Me:Well you were not in the state so you are not in any trouble

She: You won't believe me until the truth finally comes out! So I'm not wasting my time.

Me:I believe you because you have nothing to gain a least from what I see except to clear your name against Stevens actions.

She: If it weren't for people like you who make assumptions without acknowledging the source, YES I will have to clear my name. So please stop.

Me: I've heard a detective has been considering your role in this, aren't you worried about coming back?

She: Just don't you worry about that.

Me: Im not. Just a heads up

Anonymous said...

Part Two

She: Oh. No heads up over here. You're telling me what I have already known for quite some time.

Me: I understand

She: I knew as soon as this happened that it looked like a twisted love triangle.

What a shitty spot for a gal like me to be in.

Ahh, I suppose I will never go after another "mysteriously sexy man".

Me:Seriously Movie Stuff

She:Tell me about it.

Why won't you just tell me who you are?

You're talking to me with respect and almost always have.

Me: No Joke. Its a movie. Romantic Jungle, Youth, Sex . Murder...it makes me sick like its all made up but its real

She: & you are on the outside of it all blowing it up for entertainment! I am living this nightmare asshole! Her family, his family, my family are all living this twisted, exhausting nightmare.

Don't you see that you are making matters worse for everyone!

Me: Im not joking around though Kiddo. This is a serious mess and you need to get your feet out of the muck and take flight. These guys are not worth it.

She: Once again, you don't know what is actually going on. I appreciate the concern, though. But not really because you are trying to turn my happy place against me? I'm swimming through what feels like lava to do what's right for everyone and make sure that I have a clean slate on this. & you are on the verge of completely destroying it.

Me:We need the truth to come out.

She: It will.

It's just a matter of time.

Me: Im not trying to turn your happy place against you but if what you say is true do you think it is really safe for you here?

She: I have made my safety one of my first priorities. Promise.

I will be just fine.

Me: You are innocent and a muse for a crazy kid who thought he could get something better and didnt know how to deal with what he had. Nobody is blaming you

She:I know that.

Me: I will take it down but she needs to come clean- to be brave, because the others involved are cowards

She: I will be more than happy to talk to everybody and anybody who has questions for me, when I get there. Or whenever whoever sees me. I want to help. I'm hoping I can.

Me: Awesome.

She: Please, come to me when I get there. It's very soon.

Me: Tuesday?

She: How did ya know that?

That's all too creepy....

How many people know that?

Me:Im closer than you know. I need to preserve my anonymity right now.

She: If you are closer then I know, then you would know what has been actually going on. So that's not true.

Me:I dont want you involved in this. Its stupid and you deserve beter

She: Damnit damnit damnit.

I can't wait to find out who you are. Lol

hum but I would love to not be involved but I already am, whether I like it or not.

Me: Think of me as an imaginary friend.You might call me "Doughnut"


Me: You're older, correct?

She: Oh come on. I answered your questions. Answer mine douche.

Me: Do you have any relationships with the Scott's? They seem like nice people. Would you be comfortable speaking with one of them? ( I am not one of them btw)Yes I am older

She: I want to tell you things...

Me: I understand things get haywire.

She: I want to tell EVERYONE things....

Me: This is what I told Steven"There is a balance inescapable in life. Everything seeks stability which is why water runs downhill. You are 98% water. You seek stability."

She: & I will. When I know it's safe.

Me: There will be balance. There always is. Everything will be all right, It always is.Seriously you cant keep a good molecule down!

She: I'm not sure exactly what the last phrase means....but I'm going to go with it.

Did I know you from mana?

Me: I am ubiquitous on the island. Everybody comes to me.And everybody traipses through Mana at one time or another.

She: If you are such a great person, this Facebook does not back it up very well.

Me: Did you know Mana used to be a CO-OP. Just Farmers bring down produce and selling it


Anonymous said...

For get it its too long. Maybe you have an email I can send it too

Anonymous said...

Facebook me at Crabapple Jones

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think I did that wrong, too. Would you be able to link to a page of the complete conversation? I have seen the FB site which you mentioned. I am just going to write as anon. since I have none of the Other options. Thanks ever so much.

Anonymous said...

Moderator, please fix my posts. This oldster is rather lost, but I do want to follow this case. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Saying that she 'dropped him off at his truck' sounds like she let him out and drove away. When you drop someone off you leave them there, right? Mentioning he had extra lights is kind of odd to me, if it was dark and a friend drove you to your stuck or broken down vehicle, wouldn't they NOT drop you off but STAY with you while you got the vehicle running again? Wouldn't they pull around to shine their headlights where you needed to see?

Anonymous said...

I will need to go back and listen to SC interviews with police. But I think what he said was when he went back to repair his truck he had 'extra light, tools". Meaning that with Charli's head lights he had "extra light" and he brought" tools". Not that he had extra light tools. Let me know if you hear it differently.

Thanks for all the information, I find it all very interesting.