Monday, March 3, 2014

Missing: Myra Lewis, 2 Years Old

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -
Sunday evening the Mississippi Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert for two-year-old Myra Lewis of Camden.
Multiple agencies are searching for a missing two-year-old, who went missing Saturday morning.
Metro One is assisting in the search for the missing toddler.
The Madison County Sheriff's Department, Madison and Ridgeland police and fire departments, Rankin County, Hinds County and Rankin and Madison Emergency Management are all cooperating in the search.
Myra Lewis was last seen at her parents' home on Mount Pilgrim Road in Camden Saturday morning.
"Parents stated they last saw the two year old around 10 am yesterday (Saturday) morning there were several kids there. The father was watching an infant child inside the other children went outside to play and the two year old wandered off," said Sheriff Randy Tucker, Madison County Sheriff's Office. "We've searched approximately four square miles around this residence and unfortunately have not been able to locate Myra."
Sunday morning emergency crews continue to look for her in a rural area along Mount Pilgrim Road, where the family lives.
Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said the toddler went missing around 10 a.m. Saturday, but his office didn't receive a phone call until 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
That's when several police agencies volunteers, and rescue crews started their search.  Even local volunteers pitched in.
"I thought about my baby and it could have been my baby and it's so sad she only 2 years old and it just deepens my heart because it could have been my child he's 2," said Cassandra Bacon, a local volunteer.
The family was too devastated to go on camera Sunday night, but Myra's mother did talk to us over the phone.
"I was leaving to go grocery shopping and I saw her walk back into the house with her sister," said Ericka Lewis, mother of the toddler.
Lewis said the child's father was inside the house.
Lewis described the toddler as 34" tall and weighs about 25 pounds.
Lewis said the little girl was last seen wearing a turquoise sweater with a black bear on the front and khaki pants with pink shinny shoes (tennis) with glitter on them.
Lewis said sometimes little Myra sucks her thumb upside down.
"We've got approximately 70 individuals in the woods here right now like I said we had about 250 last night so we've had the average joe citizen, men, women and children come out. Anytime there's an infant involved especially one of this age you kind of pull at the heart strings of the community so we got the help," said Sheriff Tucker. 
"We just want her back home. We won't worry about pressing charges, we just want her back home safe," said Lewis.
If you have any information on Myra's whereabouts, please call 855-642-5378.


John Mc Gowan said...

The family was too devastated to go on camera Sunday night, but Myra's mother did talk to us over the phone.

"I was *leaving* to go grocery shopping and I saw her *walk* back into the house with her sister," said Ericka Lewis, mother of the toddler.

Lewis said the child's father was inside the house.

"WE just want her back home. We won't worry about pressing charges, we just want her back home safe," said Lewis.

Given this was a phone call, we don't know what questions the reporter asked her.

The use of the pronoun "We" is distancing language and it is often the language found when one wishes to share responsibility or guilt (Dillingham) and is something parents of teenagers are quite familiar with. At times, the guilty will use plurality as one wishes to dilute guilt within a crowd, as if to fade into a larger group, and not feel so singled out. PH

However,given it was a phone call, we don't know whether the Babys Father was present at the time of the phone call, and she is talking for both, although the expected is for the mother of a missing child to use the pronoun "I", and again she may have?

It could also be that she feels guilt (Josh Bearden) for not being there to stop her baby from going missing.

The six hour gap to the time she went missing and phoning LE is concerning.

More statements needed..

Sus said...

John spoke to most of what I noticed.

"was leaving" does not necessarily state she left.

"leaving" is a form of "left". Her mind is on that time in that house. That could be because she left a bunch of kids and an infant with her husband.

JoAnn said...

Most troubling is the time gap between missing & reporting. That's a very long time to search on your own for a vulnerable toddler. It would help to know if the family had prior experience with child services & perhaps feared consequences for "misplacing" a child.

Dacea said...

The 6 hour gap is the biggest red flag to me. I am still angry about the 2 hour gap from Hailey's abduction to the issuing of the Amber alert. Time is so very critical. I am praying they find her safe and that she did just wander away.

anon said...

Peter, just wondering, why did you underline the phrase "average joe citizen"?

Red Ryder said...

Sus said,
"was leaving" does not necessarily state she left
WJTV" Sheriff Randy Tucker tells us Myra's mother and father are being questioned about the disappearance, but he says that is standard procedure. They are not considered suspects or persons-of-interest."
There is such a small statement to work with but the gap between time last seen and reporting is alarming.
Something else that is odd is the "just" want her home, then "won't" worry(?)about charges, then "just" want her home "safe". Coming home changes with the qualifier of "safe".Maybe I am reading too much into it.
Also what is the deal with worrying about the charges? when I read that it made me think that she might possibly know who had Myra and be reaching out to them. Again, maybe I am reading too much into it?

Giraffe said...

Honestly, it sounds like an incompetent father doing a bad job babysitting.
The use of "we" by the parent seems no different than the way some other parents have used "we" to say "we want her home" in cases discussed here where the parents were deemed innocent.
Is the mother's use of the word "leaving" sensitive? I know the word "left" is sensitive.

S + K Mum said...

Not saying it's the same as Jahessye Shockley's case but this reminded me of her. Jahessye's mom said she left to go to the grocery store and she was missing when she returned, if I remember correct.

I really hope it's totally different :(

Anonymous said...

The "tone"of suspicion even in innocent parents plight is disgusting.This blog revolts me.Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Anti "black"much....?

Anonymous said...

Malary Pullen WJTV
***BREAKING*** Madison Sheriff's Department calls off search for missing 2 year old Myra Lewis. Case is now being treated as an abduction.

Shelley said...

Anonymous 1:00pm said... “The "tone"of suspicion even in innocent parents plight is disgusting.This blog revolts me.Goodbye”

Again I ask those that do not agree with this blog come here? It just makes no sense.

But I have to ask you… if you really are still reading which I think you are…. Why do you assume “innocent”. Their 2 year old is missing and they waited 6 HOURS to call for help? I am sorry, no normal parent would do this. They may search for a few minutes but the panic would sit and and you would want help. As many people as possible.

My cousins daughter was able to get out the door at the age of 2. I was there and I remember the panic she had. She was screaming her name and hysterical in seconds and was frantically running all over the area with me and her mom. It was horrible and she found her in about 5 minutes.

I know if she had not she would have had the cops there to help.

It is just not normal to sit and wait that long when a child is missing.

So you may assume innocent but this is NOT expected and usually there is a reason when a parent does not act properly. Just look at history.

Shelley said...

I also need to say something.

My son just turned 6. My son NEVER plays anywhere with out me being right there by him except our backyard. And that yard is secure. Tall fencing and locked gate. We also have a very alert guard dog that would be barking of someone even was standing in our front yard.

At the age of 2, she never should have been left with out an adult. Even with other kids cause they don't always pay attention.

That alone to me removes any "innocent" claims as you are responsible for your children.

It sounds like she was not in a secure place and I blame parents even if kidnapped the same way I blame the McCanns even of Madeliene was kidnapped. You should be there.

Anonymous said...

The delay in calling help was to long.

Anonymous said...

So you have a "2"year old...AND a "guard dog"????? Not the best combo.

S + K Mum said...

Unsure why anon@1.02 thinks comments are anti black? Have I missed something?

That is a very silly assumption to make when they do not know the race or ethnicity of any of the posters on here.

Red Ryder said...

LE says Myra has been abducted:(
I repeat what is the deal with worrying about the charges? when I read that it made me think that she might possibly know who had Myra and be reaching out to them.
Maybe that is the reason for the delay in reporting?
Anon~Skin color has nothing to do with SA. Myra is black,as is her family. Lisa Irwin is white,as is her family. As far as I can remember, there has never been a discussion or a post by Peter where color or race has been of relevance to statement analysis (the purpose of this blog). I find it odd that in the horror of an missing and probably abducted child you would choose to focus on non existent racism.

anon said...

Shelley, not every parent is as good as you. In the 1970's parents never watched their kids playing outside. In 1978, I was 4 yrs old--I got stuck upside down in a snowdrift because a snowcave collapsed on me. Big apartment complex, my mother was inside tending to the other kids. Point being, we were very little kids who played with no supervision--thats how it was back then. Not everyone is a vigilant parent. If the Mom was gone, the Dad probably didnt notice for hours. Am I the only person who's ever noticed a lot of Dads are idiots? And I say that sincerely. We Moms keep track of everything while the Dads, some earn money but exactly what else do they do without excessive prompting? Seriously...anyone? They put their dirty dishes NEAR the sink one time! They changed a diaper once! Yippee!!!! Most are fairly to severely incompetent when it comes to childcare.

ima.grandma said...

If the parents had illegal contraband (drugs, stolen property, the list goes on) they would need the time to have their house "presentable" for LE to inspect their home for clues to Myra's disappearance.

Sus, I didn't think about your pickup on the words (was leaving). Good catch. Maybe she never left at all. You're right, she never says she went to the store and she doesn't mention anything about returning. If she did go buy groceries, her return from the store would have been the time she noticed Myra missing and that would have been contained in her remark. The only reason it would make sense to say that was the last time she saw her would be that the father told her she never made it back into the house.

This case is one that observant neighbors will have an impact upon. If there were children playing in the front yard, it is my experience that children playing draws other children. Perhaps, responsible parents of other children were watching with a careful eye. They would also be able to offer info as to when the parents started searching for the little one.

Anonymous said...
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Sus said...

I haven't heard whether the father lives at the home with the mother and children, or was visiting and babysitting?? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Sus,I think he lives with them :-)

Dacea said...

I am anti child abuse. It doesn't matter if it's the perpetrator is white or black, Asian, Indian, Egyptian, whatever. Six hours is six hours. I live in a community that was just rocked by the abduction and murder of 10 year old Hailey Owen. Time is a huge factor. I have been critical of our police department for waiting 2 hours before issuing an Amber Alert for Hailey. Our police force is predominantly white. I am upset that these parents waited 6 hours before reporting their toddler missing and I offer no apologies for it. I pray they find her and I pray the police are wrong she just wandered away and they will find her.

ima.grandma said...

Disclaimer:  My comments and contained conjecture are jmo based solely on info presented by media, my experiences and the analyzing skills I have acquired. This is a one-time announcement to fully cover this and subsequent comments made by me.

aka: common sense

just Jen said...

anon 1:56, really glad you got out of the snowdrift! I, too, am a 70 ' s kid. My brother and I were outside playing from sun up to sun down only running in for lunch. It was a different world. When I was four or five, I went for a bike ride with a six or seven year old girl. She said we were going to the store, so I hopped on the back of her bike. When we passed the corner store, I remember getting worried, but she wanted to go to the big store. We finally got there, and she put a tube of toothpaste in her jacket and one other thing that I can't remember. Then, we left and headed home. About a third of the way back, a police car pulled up behind us and hit the sirens once. I was so happy! My tush hurt, the girl stole stuff and I wanted to go home. He asked if we were Krissy and Jennifer and she shouted out, "No!". I ran in front of her and said, "Yes!". We rode in the back seat, and when we got close to my house, it looked like a party. There were dozens of people lining up half of the block. As we got closer, they were all cheering and clapping. I was really excited and waved and laughed, until my dad took my arm and spanked that tush all the way up to the house. We had been gone two to three hours. My parents were terrified.

The thing is, after searching the block and asking neighbors, they called the police. I can't imagine the mother if this little girl, coming home and not flipping out and calling the police, unless she was grocery shopping for six hours.

By the way, I learned a long time ago not to generalize about people. U have seen wonderful fathers and clueless fathers. To say most are incompetent is a bit harsh.

just Jen said...

Sorry, mother OF this little girl, and... I have seen.

ima.grandma said...

JustJen...I love your comment!

Anonymous said...

Just Jen great post x

Anonymous said...

The Madison County sheriff says his team is regrouping this morning. They plan to continue searching this afternoon.

Read more:

Shelley said...

Anonymous at 1:46pm said... So you have a "2"year old...AND a "guard dog"????? Not the best combo.

No, I have a 6 year old and a lab that is very protective of my family. He is part of our family and was adopted as such… but I say “guard dog” because he is so protective of us and hears everything. Someone stops in front of our house he is aware and he even alerted me once to someone just standing at my front door and scared them off.

So my point was that the only time I do not right there watching my son (he is 6 and I was always right there when he was 2) is our back yard. While it is secure, someone could technically jump the fence… But my point is that my dog would already be barking before they got over the fence.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, sometimes I am glad I got out of the snowdrift also, so I thank you for celebrating it. I am glad you got home OK also, and picturing everyone lined up down the block cheering certainly brought to mind the '70's and how things were then. I can appreciate too you are saying that even though it was the '70's parents at least still noticed if there kids were missing, and I do agree.
Some parents are not that vigilant and certainly when people say that they hover over their kids while the kids play in the backyard, that is the way it is now, but not everyone does that and I don't necessarily think it makes them a terrible parent. Also, not every Dad is useless, but some do seem to be, I feel like Dads just do not notice much or remember details of things that need to be done AT ALL!!!
For this girl to be missing 6 hours is a long time. I would say now thinking about it, perhaps there was substance abuse involved. Alcohol or particularly heroine could make someone act like that where they are not looking outside to check on their kids.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelley said...

This also reminded me of Isabel Celis’s mom when asked why she didn’t speak out or search. Her reason… they were “grieving”.

These parents are “devastated”.

Grieving and devastated to me don’t sound like desperate to find them. They sound like they know the end result and that the child is gone.

I mean think about it. Would you sit home and “grieve” if your child was missing. Or would you be doing anything you could to find them. Would you sit down and be devastated or would you be “scared”, “horrified”, “worried”.

It just does not add up when you add in the 6 hour wait to call.

In fact, Peter talks all the time about “expected behavior”.

I was talking to some co-workers about this case this am. A lady I work with said back in the 70s when her son was 6, he was playing out front (back when this was actually common) and he took off to his friends house without telling her. So when she went to call him in, he was nowhere. Her and her husband were frantic, screaming his name and running all over the neighborhood. She said after 10 mins she called the cops. She wanted help and wanted it now.

She described how she felt and she used words like she was terrified and in panic mode. She didn’t go sit inside and grieve. He was home within 20 minutes. But she said that was hands down the most fear she has ever felt.

‘Devastated” sounds like mom knows this child is not coming home. “Devastated” is what you would say when you found out your child was found dead. When you child is missing and could be found and brought home, you do what needs to be done to find her.

Yes we need more statements for sure. But my initial thoughts are that there is more to this story and this is not a kidnapping.

And anyone who wants to bash me for my initial views, remember this site is about SA.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

When a child goes missing under a parent's watch, I always seek to learn if substance abuse was a factor.

This is without regard to race.


Anonymous said...

Shelley, You make a good point. Initially, I had thought they might have been "devastated" bc people had been searching a 4 mile radius in rural territory and couldnt find the little girl and they had assumed she'd wandered off. In my opinion, I think we would need further statements. In the Celis case, the girl had not been thought to have wandered off--the only possibilities were that melodramatic opera singer Dad had harmed her or an intruder kidnapped her.

just Jen said...

Thank you! I really enjoy your comments, too!

elf said...

Could the dad have been trying to find her on his own? Maybe scared to tell the wife? I don't know what kind of shopping takes 6 hours though, unless the mom had to go to several different stores bargain shopping for the month maybe. Ill wait for more statement samples before I try to make a guess on what happened. I do hope the baby is ok.

Anonymous said...

To the anon that thinks Dads are idiots, you must know some incredibly douchey men. My husband and the men I know are smart, aware, and involved. Your description of men is out dated and offensive. If a man made such disparaging comments about women, I dare say you would have your feathers ruffled for sure. I see you've bought into the media stereotype of men. If this is the totality of your life experience with men, I hope you find a new group of friends and I pray you don't have sons.

just Jen said...

Thank you!

just Jen said...

Anonymous, I totally agree, something is way off with the timing of this whole situation. I just read the new thread and saw that someone stated that each parent thought the other had little Myra. Hmm. For 5 or 6 hours? Unlike the 70's, we are a civilization with cell phones glued to our ears or hands. Hard to believe that in that time, neither touched base with the other. I would really like to know when the last non family member saw this gorgeous little girl.

Theresa said...

People devastated over their child they fear has been stolen are going to be on tv begging all eyes to be searching for her, saying she needs to be home to sleep with her lovie, begging for anyone with information to come forward, and sharing as much as they can to humanize their little one. I don't care who saw me on my knees ugly crying, my kid needs me to stand for her no matter how I happen to feel? If they are upset they should consider how their baby feels!! You'd never find me too devastated to appeal for my daughter's life!

Anonymous said...

"I was leaving to go grocery shopping and I saw her walk back into the house with her sister," said Ericka Lewis.

Alibi building.

CEC said...

Anonymous 1:20 AM,

"I was leaving to go grocery shopping and I saw her walk back into the house with her sister," said Ericka Lewis.
I also thought "alibi-building" when I saw that statement. It reminds me of Billie Dunn's "Hailey went missing while I was at work".

I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dogs with childrenn is a bad combination(Shelly),

Anonymous said...

I understand that the authorities heart's are caught up in this situation and they want to sympathize with the parent's of little "Myra" but I'm hoping that they will soon catch on to the many red flags in this situation. The story just does not add up and I could be wrong, but I personally feel like the mother or parents (if the father was really involved) are hiding evident information from authorities.. From 10am to 4pm that's a long time to get your story together.. No mother in their right mind would ever wait that long to report their 2 yr old or a child of any age! The mother needs to be a suspect as well...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't have enough to have an opinion yet...I just need a statement or two.

I always think "substance abuse" in a case where a child goes missing and a parent is present.

Here is a caveat: see new article.

Anonymous said...

New Year's Eve 2013 - our family had an early evening meal at a friends large three story house. We stayed several more hours. It was just a meal. No one even had a beer that night. Between the two family there are 7 children ranging in age from 3-16. They played happily all over the house. We watched a movie. At about 9:15 my husband put shoes on out three year old. I was still helping clean the kitchen. She was wearing her back up outfit from her bag because she had spilled water on her clothes. About 15 minutes later we were ready to go - no one could find her. Inside we raced around this giant house - 6 older children and 4 adults. I remembered that she had shoes on - she would not have gone outside without shoes. We ALL ran outside into the cold night calling her name.
Between 9:15 and 9:30 she had simply walked out the bottom floor back door. She climbed the steep driveway (this house is at the base of a mountain - next to a wildlife preserve). She had traveled across three front yards and knocked on a front door. The kind souls inside bundled her up and asked her questions about who she was and where she lived. She was guiding them toward us as we rushed frantically into the night to find her. We all met in the street. They were just before calling police. We were too. I didn't sleep for a few weeks. This still terrifies me. There are SO many alternate - horrible things that could have happened. We did notice her missing within 15 minutes and that was WAY TOO LONG! I can't imagine not knowing for 6 hours.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:45,

I am not bringing in a media steroetype of men. It is my own stereotype. I am sure their are very smart, aware men out there! No offense taken. My feathers are not ruffled!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't think the child just wandered off I think some else went on all that time they stayed there and she never wandered off then if she was outside someone stop on a rural road a community and stopped and got the child I am sure more than 10cars pass through the there everyday. I think it was planned the baby left with mom and some happened that's my thought and a ATV
had crime scene tape in it then they came out with evidence bags maybe they beat the child and killed the child the night before and the father dumped the baby body when the mother left maybe the father killed the child and dumped the body and told his wife the baby was missing when she got home I just don't know I think they need to take a lie detector test in both parents

Anonymous said...

Why is having a guard dog and a 2 year old not the best combo? Dogs are loyal when trained properly dogs (or animals in general) are good for kids in so many ways! Google it! Dogs become very loyal n protective of the ones they love it is good to have them around. Look up the story of a dog saving a 7month old from an abusive babysitter if they are trained and loved properly they become part of the family..bottom line

Anonymous said...

How can you even say that without knowing the dog or the family? Maybe you need to be reinformed...look up dog that saved 7month old from abusive nanny...dogs become family and tend to protect all those who can't protect themselves...they.are loyal when taught correctly and treated cannot judge without knowing the dog or the family...

Anonymous said...

I'm praying now please don't touch that baby

Anonymous said...

We will find you who ever got that precious pretty baby

Anonymous said...

I think they need to expand their search!!!there's no way that they would discard a body near their home & nt to mention wen a child is missing everyone is a suspect!! BC the mother & father needs betta communication,

Anonymous said...

Not to mention how many times the father hav changed the story

Anonymous said...

I think Mcsd is full of shit!!! They gt to b family related to them!! Hw in the hell the can't see these different stories & nt arrest them for child neglect! Or suspicion??? Or sum!!

Anonymous said...

As she "was leaving" did she run over Myra with the car??