Saturday, August 9, 2014

17 Year Old Arrested in Rape and Murder of Janise Wright

Teenager arrested in connection to death and rape of 6-year-old Washington state girl 

Kitsap County investigators have arrested a 17-year-old male who lived at the same mobile home park as Jenise Paulette Wright who was found dead on Thursday in a field near her home.

A 17-year-old male has been arrested for murder, manslaughter and rape in connection to the slaying of a Washington state girl and is being held as a juvenile.  The 6 year old went unreported for almost 24 hours as she was allowed to wander the trailer park.  The parents said it was a "safe" place for her.  

Investigators stated the suspect is also a resident of Steele Creek Park. 

He has not been identified, but the suspect will be booked into a juvenile detention facility on second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter and first-degree rape.

It’s not clear if Jenise's family knew the suspect   


Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for Jenise, she had a beautiful smile. I believed it was someone outside her home but it's shocking to hear that a teenager killed her. This happened to another 6 year old girl where her parents let her roam the neighborhood and she was later raped and killed by a 17 year old.

New England Water Blog said...

Its a horrible shame to think that the parents casual indifference and neglect created the conditions for this attack.

trustmeigetit said...

Still blame mom and dad for allowing her to be running sound alone outside.

I hold them
Somewhat responsible. She was only 6. It's too young to be outside on her own.

Buckley said...

They can hold him as juvi now but charge him as adult, right?

Yes, the parents don't need to be parents ever again.

Anonymous said...

The perp was evidently a neighbor of the family, according to some news reports. I'm thinking Jenice knew him and trusted him .

Whether he killed her in the woods where she was found or killed her in his house or in an abandoned house the teenagers frequented, hasn't been revealed.

Anonymous said...

The parents need to be held accountable for their part in this - child endangerment and criminal neglect. They need to answer and pay for their part in this. They didn't even call the police, a neighbor did! I am SO ENRAGED that this sweet young girl was roaming the streets looking for love and attention wherever she could get it because her parents could not be bothered to know where she was, what she was wearing, who she was with, whether or not she was fed, etc. Anyone who defends their behavior as normal or acceptable is in deep, deep denial and/or totally delusional about what acceptable parenting is. I hope their other children are NEVER returned to them as they are completely incapable of caring for them.

Anonymous said...

OT: I just saw a story on CNN's website saying Leanna Harris (whose young son, Cooper, recently died in a hot car) when filling out some kind of forms that asked her relationship to the VICTIM, wrote "self"!

trustmeigetit said...
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trustmeigetit said...

I still am so bothered by her parents.

I have a 6 yr old and if I woke up and he was gone I would loose my mind.

He is not allowed to go out and play anytime with out first asking, and the only place he's allowed to play with out me or dad right there is our fenced in backyard. Even if he goes to the park 5 house down there is always an adult with him.

A kid can be in danger at any time. This world is filled with crazy people.

People either need to make their kids a priority or heres a new one DONT HAVE THEM.

It's actually totally preventable!

Thenn said...

I think that the parents blame themselves too. Me? I don't. Jenise wasn't raped or killed by them so I'm going to put all the blame for this little girl's rape and murder on the head of the person who did it - who chose to do it - the person who is responsible for their actions and must be held accountable.

The "circumstances" don't really matter when it can happen regardless of neglectful parenting or over-protective, helicopter parenting. I have a belief that children should be able to play in their neighbourhoods without the risk of being raped and murdered by despicable wastes of oxygen. I believe that the fault of it lies on the heads of the rapists and murderers and they and they alone are responsible for it.

I will not deflect the blame onto the parents. It seems like a great defense in the making for the rapist and murderer. "It's not my fault, judge. The child was out walking all alone in the neighbourhood because her parents let her roam all over it." ... Yep, great deflection, great excuse. Wonderful enabling, people.

For the parents? I couldn't imagine learning my six year old daughter was raped and murdered. It would destroy me, inside and out. I think it's enough of a punishment and a heart-breaking consequence for their incredibly stupid and selfish decisions in parenting. This being said, I am a strange creature. See, I'm capable of empathy and I use it often to gain insight into how others feel and even think. Not many people have this superpower or if they do, they rarely use it. If they did and if they fostered a notion of "you are responsible for what you choose to do" as opposed to "blame everything else", the world, I daresay, would probably be a better place.

Anonymous said...

In my subdivision there is a family with 7 kids. 15 total but only 7 live there. The mom works third shift so she sleeps during the day. The kids roam all day. As soon as she leaves for work at 10pm they roam again. The youngest was 4 when we first moved here. The older kids are supposed to watch the younger ones but they never do. It is not uncommon for them to enter my house and take food out of the cupboards. CPS is involved but don't have enough to remove the kids. It is very common to hear the little ones at the park after dark. Not unlike Jenise.

Anonymous said...

My first thoughts: Was it her brother?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the neighbors who reported that Jenice wandered the park since the age of three unsupervised ever reported it to CPS in the past. And if CPS investigated it or did anything about it.

If it wasn't reported or investigated, then perhaps many more people dropped the ball.

Maybe some good can come out of this horrific situation. Perhaps more parents who don't realize the kind of world we live in will take precautions and supervise their kids, even when the kids complain or rebel.

I used to run pretty wild in my neighborhood in the 50's, as did most of the kids around me. But I think it was a very different time.

Sad, but true.

Unknown said...

The frequency of these types of crimes (child rape and/or murder) was so much less in those days that no one realised it was anything other than a random inexplicable event.

~mj said...


I am a firm believer in empathy, to me it is the glue that holds humanity together. Without it, society would be a dark, dark place. Having said that, empathy goes only so far and the misuse of it can turn into enabling. Not holding those parents responsible too? Is only enabling more parents to be as neglectful. This tragedy will only be repeated.

Certainly it is the fault of the rapist and murderer! In this case, he needs to be held accountable, without a doubt. But so do her parents on some level and no, the loss they may feel is not enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It seems these days you can't turn your back on your kids because the wolves are out prowling. Yes they were neglectful parents, but that doesn't give another human being the right to take aeay a child because they are not being watched. When are we as a society going to address the real problem of why there are so many wolves in our society? Because people are so self-absorbed, neglectful, abusive and can barely manage their own lives anymore, so many children are falling through the cracks. What is happening? These abused and neglected kids many times grow up and become the same way or worse themselves. This country is in dire need of mental health counseling on a large-scale.

FreeRangeMom said...

When a child is removed from their parent and put into foster care, the child just became MORE AT RISK. It is a statistical fact that a child is more likely to be actually harmed in Foster care than in the care of their real family. Sad but true. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Also, the world has NOT become more dangerous. Crime statistics prove this. There is nothing wrong with letting your children do as your parents let you do.
Jenise's siblings belong back in their home!!

Anonymous said...

His name was leaked by a relative trying to defend him on facebook:
Gabe Gaeta

Anonymous said...

the relative even states they don't support his actions, and that what he did was wrong, but that this individual had "been there" for him when he needed it, so he was returning the support...not a smart way to keep a wonder his family all turned their facebook friends lists private... they forgot to make posts and pics his picture was leaked too...and voila....that led to his facebook account...good going!!

Anonymous said...

His neighbors who saw him arrested leaked his name as well, and there is talk that he attended her vigil in fake mourning, and that this was a planned attack with a second male accomplice...the press release said he confessed already as well...

Anonymous said...

How nice, two big hulking freaks against one little under-sized six year-old! If true, that is the lowest of the low.

I'm so glad I grew up under different conditions in this world. Not that the world was perfect. We had the Nazis and Hitler. and Josef Stalin and his terrors, but the teen neighbor next door was a good guy!

I despair for the generstions coming up. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Tweet from Gabe Gaeta @gabe_gaeta · on Aug 3 "Can we get a moment of silence please?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Tweet from Gabe Gaeta @gabe_gaeta · on Aug 3 "Can we get a moment of silence please?"

That is not the same Gabe Gaeta, that one is an athlete from CA.

This is the suspects twitter

Polo said...

I feel terrible for this little girl. I echo the sentiments of an earlier poster who said she was, "looking for love and attention wherever she could get it." Heartwrenching.

From a statement analysis perspective, this was a good exercise because the father didn't do it. I did suspect the father based upon the delay in reporting the missing Jenise and among his comments, he said that a "it was a bad day gone wrong." Also, I didn't hear a denial from him unless I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:58
To be very clear, the neighbors who live in the park are posting that there is a RUMOR , still totally unsubstantiated, that people overheard this guy and another male his age following the girl around the park before initiating sexual conversations toward to
R with her, and that it was never reported by anyone until she was found dead... The same poster claims these two guys premeditated the attack and that she was killed elsewhere and dumped behind the houses after the fact... They claim he confessed to his family
and to cops, and that it will all come out soon... I'm hoping it was just him, bad enough as it is...he was photographed at her vigil lighting candles, to avoid suspicion likely... For the person who queried what lifestyle he was raised in to think his actions/crimes were ok, the answer is he knew it was not ok, that's why he did it in secret and hid her body, then lied until the cheek swabs came back... His actions show intent, not insanity...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 4:53 pm - I think it's the same guy. Look at pic here, and compare it to the photo posted on the other message you referenced.

Anonymous said...

The suspects brother posted on Facebook
” When things are said and done I'll talk, until then please stop messaging me and my family. I don't think you'd like it if the media put you on blast then have everyone talk shit about your family while your at your lowest. Please just leave it be until Monday. Lets just hope that Janice is at peace.”

Buckley said...

Ironic that the suspect's brother can call her by name when the father cannot.

Anonymous said...

It's this crap that is causing more and more stress on parents to become hoverers,and helicopter/tiger parents because God forbid anything accidentally happens to our children...those who don't even know us,blame us.
This terrible teen did something evil,he is ultimately to blame. If he is that sick to do this,it could've been any child. He was close to the family and groomed her so Jenise trusted him. He deserves blame !

Anonymous said...

Is this the kid?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone really needs to leave the parents alone. They are already dealing with a lot. I have lost a child too, and trust me their were mistakes made. MISTAKES. You never really want to believe that this could happen to you or your family. NO PARENT IS PERFECT! We all make mistakes as parents. LEAVE THEM ALONE. They are punishing themselves and will forever.

Mimi said...

It's just not true that these kinds of crimes are becoming more prevalent. As someone else said, in fact crime statistics show that they are down.

Twenty or so years ago, before everyone had Internet access, few people outside the immediate area would have ever heard about this case.

But now the planet is so interconnected that we hear about many such cases that we would never have heard about before this technology.

Which makes it seem like such crimes are increasing, thereby fomenting parental paranoia.

But they are not. We just didn't hear about them back in the seemingly good old days.

Anonymous said...

He was at the vigil. With scratched up hands.

S + K Mum said...

Parents did not murder Jenise, BUT she got up in the morning, left the house and was away ALL day before they bothered to check where she might be.
Certainly not parents of the year - this is not a mistake on their behalf, this was normal it would seem. Perhaps if they went to look for her that morning they might have saved her. The fact she was left to do as she pleased because her parents didn't care to supervise her is probably the reason she was targeted. She was neglected, her siblings will be neglected too and I don't think that's okay for the parents to be allowed to continue to neglect their children. Parents try to do everything they can to protect their kids and yes predators will strike, What did Jenise's parents do to try to protect her?

Anonymous said...

.where I live if a child is seen wandering someone in the community always calls the police and whoever was in charge gets arrested. Why didnt anyone call the police when they saw Janise wandering around in the past. The parents were negkectful but so was the community.

Unknown said...

His profile pic is a bit disturbing. He also seems so narcissistic in his answers. Maybe that's just teenage boy ego? idk.

Anonymous said...

Really? I think most of his answers sound typical of a teenage boy. Definitely narcissistic and obnoxious. But typical of a boy that age.

Unknown said...

@ anon, lol, yeah, you are right. what are your thoughts about the rumor there was another boy involved?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! The parent's should be held accountable for there neglect! This never should have happened. It is so heartbreaking that this beautiful little girl had to suffer!

Anonymous said...

OT:Please analyze the statements of this father, who was not only accused but is a convicted sex offender.

Anonymous said...

The boy arrested knew the family and his family and Jenise's family members are all "friends" on facebook. The brother may be able to say Jenise's name (he even made posts when she was missing and when her body was found), but his post about people not messaging him is all about him and "what is happening to his family." Nothing is happening to his family. He and his family are not victims. His brother raped and murdered a six year old girl.

Anonymous said...

I am also so disgusted with Jenise's father now asking for forgiveness for the person who raped and murdered his daughter. I guess when you are a child molester it's easy for you to understand and forgive another child rapist for their actions, even when it's your own daughter that is the victim.

Anonymous said...

I live near this area and have to say that it definitely feels different when it is so close to home. I don't know the families involved but people I know, know them. One thing I am learning is to judge the parents, but not blame them.
I see comments on the net where people are blaming the parents for her death. Let's remember that it only takes seconds or minutes for a child to be abducted. If the killer had been planning this, then she was his target and would have done the crime whether her parents were neglectful or not.
Any parent who is super watchful has had times where they have stepped back in their house to go to the bathroom, or take care of the laundry, or prepare a snack for their child while the child continues to play outside. Parents do what they can.
Jenise's parents may have been neglectful but lets remember where the blame lies. Society needs to stop blaming victims of crimes and start placing full blame on the perpetrators.
Rest in peace, Jenise.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ August 11, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Are you asking Peter?

Unknown said...

yeah, his brother murdered and raped a little girl. Not him nor his family. So they sure don't deserve any form of agression or invasion.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:12
Asked about his history as a sex offender, Farnell said he no longer feels any urges to sexually assault young girls and insisted Pipah would be safe in his care.

“I will do everything in the world to protect my little girl,” he said. “I have no inclination of doing anything like this. I don’t have any thoughts about this at all. That is the 100 per cent truth. I cannot do this again.”

Farnell rejected the suggestion that his predilection for young girls had influenced his decision to bring home his daughter and not his son.

“I’m actually ashamed you would say something like that,” a tearful Farnell said. “Honestly, there is no reason to be concerned. I’m not going to harm my little girl.”

“Everybody hates sex offenders — they’re the lowest form of people, not even worthy of breathing,” he added. “I know that. That’s why I’ve tried so hard and wanted to be a good father for my children so that at least the people can see that I am a good person now.”


Anonymous said...

Her brother is eight. I thought it was her father since he has a history of raping little girls.

Anonymous said...

First of all dumbass a relative "his cousin" was not the first one to leak the name it was actually a neighbor and second in America its innocent until "proven"guilty. He is a suspect not a convict remember that

~mj said...

Anon@ 12:02 - ditto.

Anonymous said...

August 11, 2014 at 12:23 PM

The 17-year-old neighbor arrested in connection with the rape and murder of 6-year-old Jenise Wright was a “close friend of the family,” the girl’s father said Monday.

“It’s devastating and it’s going to be hard to forgive,” James Wright said of the male suspect.

Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Hauge said the teen will be charged as an adult Monday afternoon in Kitsap County Superior Court with first-degree felony murder and first-degree rape of a child.

Wright said the teen had been to their house “many, many times” and was a friend of their older children.

Wright had even taken the teen under his wing, and taught him how to chop firewood to make extra money.

The teen’s mother had also been to their home, he said.

The Wrights will be at a custody hearing in court at 1:30 pm, hoping to regain custody of their two children, 8 and 12, who were removed by Child Protective Services last Monday.

trustmeigetit said...

I agree with FreeRangeMom who said...
When a child is removed from their parent and put into foster care, the child just became MORE AT RISK. It is a statistical fact that a child is more likely to be actually harmed in Foster care than in the care of their real family. Sad but true. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

This is very true and why it is a never ending cycle. In some cases kids will get lucky and get a good foster home, I work with a man that was in foster care. He has several horrible ones but then was placed with a family when he was 14 who he stayed with until he graduated college. They are parents to him and they have been wonderful. But this is rare. He said he lived in over 10 homes and only that one family was good to him.
Also, oneof my good friends in high school was in foster care from the age of 6 on. Some were even worse than her own parents (abuse and molestation) as far as the abuse level but being that they were strangers, she said it was even worse. That being an outsider made it all so much worse since she also didn’t ever feel like that was her home.
It destroys a child to not have someplace they truly feel safe. I cannot even imagine the horror.
Imagine living with strangers on top of being abused.

It caused so many issues with her later to include being addicted to drugs for years as it was her only escape from reality.
It’s sad that we cannot protect our kids.
I don’t even know how we begin to do that.

But I for one do not think a 6 year old has any business coming and going as she pleases.
Mom and dad let her run around as if she was old enough to make smart choices.
A 6 year old is not capable of that.
I recall being 6 years old and I may have played out side with friends but I had to ask to go out and I had to stay where my mom could see me on my street. If I went past that., I had to ask and she had to know where I was and I had to be with one of my friends or an adult.
Still I am way more careful with my own child today.
I think we have more sickos out there just because there are more people in general. And when you consider the fact that most the time these sickos came from home where they were abused it’s like a cycle that just grows and expands. Dad abuses his 6 kids, those 3 kids grow up and abuse their kids etc etc etc.
Yes I get that not everyone continues that cycle, but typically that does happen from studies I have read.
And yes, at the end of the day, it is that 17 year old kid that is responsible, but Janice did not have good parents. She was 6 and was an easy target.
Those freaks know which kids are easy targets.
So why allow your child to be an easy target just because you feel they should be safe.
The fact is they are not.
These predators are out there and while even with the parent that hovers it could happen, the odds are substantially less if your child is not allowed total freedom to run around alone.
To me, I will always err on the side of caution when it’s my childs life and/or safety on the line.
It is just not worth increases the odds of being a target because you don’t think you should have to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

Jenise's craptastic parents are very much to blame. This was a crime of opportunity that should never have been presented.

Anonymous said...

Why don't parents TEACH BOYS AND MEN TO NOT RAPE?!??? Why BLAME THE VICTIM who is 6 yrs old and knew these neighbors? WHY??? It's a disgusting Rape Culture that perpetuates violence against and hating of girls and women. WAKE THE F* UP!!!

trustmeigetit said...

No one is blaming the child.

I'm only saying as a parent you should protect your child. A 6 year should not be allowed to come and go as she pleases.

trustmeigetit said...


Has anyone heard an update on Oscar Pistorius?

They said the verdict was supposed to come in today, the 11th. And it's now 10pm on the 11th in Pretoria. Yet I find no updates...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Teen accused of killing/raping Jenise will be charged as an adult.

trustmeigetit said...

It seems that cases where it's stranger, the body is just tossed with no real stress for being caught. Not always just seems to be the case.

Then in the cases where at least us SA folks believe it was the mom and dad or spouse (or those that are close to the victim) most the time the body is never found.

It's like mom and dad or spouse have more reason to make sure the body is never found.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Tania Cadogan said...

iscar pistorius verdict is due sept 11

Anonymous said...

James Wright his statements upon HIS relationship with arrested 17 yr old. He outside the court house, custody hearing, his stated.

"We were friends. We fed him. He split wood with me at my house.

"I was trying to teach him to be responsible to his community — even when we leave home, we are responsible as men," said Wright,

He, Wright, he has no shame. He failed the arrested 17 yr old? he wasn't done with him yet? his teachings.

We also look for any subtle blaming of the victim as human nature does not like the feeling of guilt. This is concerning.

James Wright quoted when Jenise was MISSING

“She is a social butterfly,
she’s the youngest, she's a spoiled little brat, and she’s the princess of the household and she gets her way most times than the others and the older ones can’t stand it,"

Who is the older ones, are they siblings? or the teen neighbor/s?

"I'm hoping that she's just spending the night somewhere,” Jim Wright, her father, said.

“She's really independent. She tenacious. She's got her name written all over the house."

She WAS SIX, she to write her name all over the house, no pronoun of personal within his language. Her home, was Not her place, not her house?

Jenise, she his to chastise, she he attacks. Stroking his ego, for his own neglect, his own lack of acknowledging her as a human being. She Not to need HIM for a father figure, he not to provide for her.

The neighbors fed Jenise says the neighbors. He not to protect her. Yet he brags of how he provided for "the arrested" who is accused of raping and murdering her in the first degree..teachings of how to be a responsible man.

She is to him, she has no ownership, she wasn't to belong, she was a commodity.

James Wright is a Martyr.

His teachings upon the arrested, possibly the why, the how, the reason the 17yro chose, hurt, raped, killed Jenise? he payed attention? he learned him how to be a man?

Chesters are not Men, they are to be removed from society. Even if they stop the touchy, feely, hand grabbing doesn't mean they stop hurting innocent children. As it is mental grooming first, physical 2nd. Predators do not stop preying, they sit back and watch.

Anonymous said...

i hear ya Anon 6:01
so daddy taught this boy his ways, but he forgot to say , but dont do it to my daughter.
the teen probably did pick up on attitude that little girls were just sex objects and not worthy of anything more.

Anonymous said...

I hope Gabrial Gaeta's life is a living hell from now until the moment he dies. I hope he is raped and beaten repeatedly. I am so disgusted and angry and disturbed by the violence he committed against that tiny little girl.

Anonymous said...

I agree..the parents should be charged with neglect..that baby should of never been out alone!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jenise's craptastic parents are very much to blame. This was a crime of opportunity that should never have been presented.

August 11, 2014 at 4:08 PM
I agree and I also where Jenese's sex-offender dad said he took this kid under his wing and was trying to teach him...creepy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

i hear ya Anon 6:01
so daddy taught this boy his ways, but he forgot to say , but dont do it to my daughter.
the teen probably did pick up on attitude that little girls were just sex objects and not worthy of anything more.

I agree

Anonymous said...

It was a brutal assault by this 17 year-old high school wrestling star who weighed 182 pounds!

Jenice had multiple skull fractures; she was strangled, and sexually assaulted. She was thrown away in a bog like garbage.

She never had a chance betwen her negligent parents and this pedophile violent perp!

Anonymous said...

Yes that seems to be true.

As awfully sad as this case is, at least Janise didn't become another "missing child". I'm at the very least glad she can be laid to rest. Rest In Peace Janise. :(

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing that he was "teaching" the 17 year old, knowing of his own past with child molestation. I don't care how long ago it was (and who really knows how long ago it really was (if he ever did it after that), he's sick in the head, in my opinion. He shouldn't be around any children, ever. I know that seems judgemental, but I don't care. When it comes to something like that, I can't seem to refrain from judging.

Anonymous said...

Omg it's so sick and so sad. Look at her picture. How could someone, another human, do such things to her? :,(

Anonymous said...

Henise's bloody and semen stained shorts were found about 15 ft. from where they eventually found her body which was buried deep in the mud with a wooden pallet half-way covering her grave.

So she wasn't found in pajamas. She was supposed to have been seen in her bed at 10:p.m. Sat. night.

But in the affadavit by police before the hearing today, LE states that the perp is being charged for crimes from Aug. 2 -- Aug.7.

Aug. 2 was Sat. They have the perp committing a crime ON SAT.

How could she be in bed,I presume in pajamas, at 10:00 and her body found outside with her shorts not far away? Unless the shorts were p.j. shorts.

I don't believe she ever got home on Sat.. I believe she was with her murderer on Sat. and she never got home that night.

Anonymous said...

One of the local Fox newsguys posted this re the suspect:

"Neighbor just told me suspect Gabriel Gaeta often walked the neighborhood with #JeniseWright #Q13FOX"

Sounds like a lot of grooming was going on.

Anonymous said...

Another Fox tweet:

Jamie Tompkins ‏@JamieQ13FOX 1m
Mom/neighbor just told me she confronted Gabriel Gaeta two yrs ago -told him to stay away from her 11 yr old daughter #Q13FOX #JeniseWright

Buckley said...

They let her roam for entire days and you presume she is made to wear pajamas like a normal bedtime routine?

Anonymous said...

lol buckley, these people probably think they routinely made her brush her teeth after oral sex too. teaching a child personal hygiene habits at a young age is important.

Anonymous said...

Yes they can hold him as a juvenile n charge him as an adult. But once that boy is convicted (if lady justice gets her way) if it's anyway like it is here where I live he will be put in big boy prison. And there my friends I say this loosely my god have mercy on his soul.

Anonymous said...

I do feel if the parent(s) could have a re-do they'd probably be more involved. Don't get me wrong I'm not pushing excuses for them by far I'm one of those "helicopter parents" as dubbed so graciously by "the experts" . in my opinion (not as if it counts for much) one or both were too preoccupied to notice that thier 6 y/o baby was gone now if this was an older child it'd b different but Wtf. what in the he#* was so much more important than a your 6 y/o little girl & where n with who was she supposed to be during those 24hrs. I know it's none of my business people but dang at least if it was me I'd at least explain my lack in parenting skills and/or judgment. I feel bad for saying that and most people would say then why did u? I'd say cause someone somewhere is out there making this same mistake thinking that ur neighborhood is "safe" but wake up America no one is safe when child predators are out there. For every one registered there's many more who are up and comers or just haven't been caught yet. I talk to my boys even though 2 of them are already teenagers as often as I can about these sickos n even though they say "ok mom I've heard this a hundred times" I tell them "then 101 times won't kill u then but those sickos will" my oldest is 17 n i couldn't imagine what his parents are going through but if I knew in my heart of hearts he did it I'd throw him to the wolves. This sort of thing happened to me when i was a little older than 6 but I lived through it i have had a long road to travel but I lived through that too. I just couldn't let my son hurt someone else daughter then stand in front of him n support him for doing such a horrific thing. Even though I don't believe in our justice system I'm hoping this time if he did it that he pays the price for it.

Tania Cadogan said...

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. – The parents of a 6-year-old Washington girl found dead last week sat in a courtroom as a judge ordered a 17-year-old boy under investigation in the child's death and sexual assault held on $1 million bail.

Prosecutors in Kitsap County filed court documents Monday saying they had sufficient evidence to hold Gabriel Gaeta on first-degree murder with aggravating circumstances, felony murder and first-degree rape of a child. They are pursuing the case in Kitsap County Superior Court, where Gaeta is expected to be tried as an adult.

Kitsap County prosecutor Kelly Montgomery asked for $1 million "based on the heinous nature of the crime that is alleged."

She also asked for other conditions, including that he not be allowed to contact minors under age 18 or frequent areas where minors would go. Judge Kevin Hull agreed to both the bail and other restricting conditions. Hull also granted prosecutors' request for a mental-health evaluation for Gaeta.

Prosecutors said they want that competency evaluation before filing charges against the teen.

Court records released Monday showed Jenise Wright suffered blunt-force trauma to the head and was strangled and sexually assaulted. Authorities said they linked evidence found near the girl's body to the DNA of Gaeta, who was friends with her family.

A message left with Gaeta's lawyer Monday was not immediately returned.

Gaeta arrived in court with a black jacket over his head. He spoke softly as he answered the judge's question. His next court date was set for Aug. 28.

Jenise's parents sat in the courtroom's second row. James Wright, Jenise's father, told The Seattle Times the suspect was a close friend of the family and had visited their home many times.

"It's devastating, and it's going to be hard to forgive," he said.

Court documents lay out grisly details into the death of Jenise, who was last seen when she went to bed Aug. 2 at her family's home in a Bremerton mobile-home park. Officials have said there were no signs of forced entry at the residence and no indication Jenise was taken from her room.

The girl's body was discovered Thursday almost entirely submerged in a nearby muddy bog. It appeared to have been moved between a half-hour and three hours after she died.

Searchers found a small wood pallet over the body, and also located a nylon duffel bag on top of the pallet. They earlier discovered Jenise's underwear and shorts about 15 to 20 feet from where her body was found.

Authorities say forensic evidence analyzed by the Washington state crime lab linked the clothing to the teen's DNA. The sheriff's office collected DNA cheek swabs from Gaeta and dozens of other nearby residents during the investigation.

Detectives interviewed the teen Saturday, during which time he "clearly nodded yes" when they asked whether he was the only one involved, according to court documents.

Tania Cadogan said...


"Certainly, as you can see from the probable cause statement, his interactions suggested that he knew that responsibility was rightfully focused on him," Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Hauge said.

Authorities then searched his home and found evidence, including a blood- and mud-covered shirt and a bloody towel in Gaeta's bedroom.

His residence is two homes away from the access to a wooded trail leading to where the body was found, according to the court document.

Katelynn Christenson and her friend Amanda Ungren, both 18, were among those who crowded the courtroom Monday.

The two said they went to the same junior high school as the suspect. They said they weren't close with him but saw no signs of violence.

"He was a nice kid," said Christenson, who said she called her mother in tears when she heard who the suspect was.

Ungren said she didn't know Jenise's family but lived in the same trailer park when she was a child.

"It hit close," she said. "I came to support her and only.

Anonymous said...

ANON AT 3:22 am: Considering that one of Jenise's older sisters was the one Jenise's father molested and her mother went on to marry him and have 4 more kids with him, I don't think anything would improve their parenting. All the mother did was provide more victims for him.

Anonymous said...

"It was hard learning [the suspect] was a friend of the family,"

James Wright said outside the family's home in a mobile home park in rural Kitsap County.

"We were friends. We fed him. He split wood with me at my house. I was trying to teach him to be responsible to his community — even when we leave home, we are responsible as men."

His language is odd, ad I am hoping, especially given his past pedophillic history, and the more recent accusations his older children were removed for, that the cops are seriously examining the exact nature and length of his "relationship" with this teen...

The personal brutality and anger against this little girl, one Gabe allegedly knew so well(for years?), may well have been some sort of built up pedophillic obsession gone fatal, but one has to wonder if something else prompted the obvious destructive sexual rage that led to her brutal death, and horrible way she was discarded as well...
Anger, violence, an atypical outburst of rage, why now...?

It certainly begs the question if his "teachings" included, either subconsciously or overtly, the sexual objectification of young girls, but also grooming and molestation of the teen himself...

Perhaps he was not angry with the child, but her father...

Just a question that needs to be asked, since so many people are posting the he was a nice young guy, did not appear violent,and the parents got zero red flags as well...BOTH sets of parents...

Can someone please do some SA on the father's latest statements?

Something is not setting right with me about this whole case, and the story they gave for not knowing she was gone or where she was all day before they reported she was does ot add up...

when the crimes are listed as having occurred, was she or was she not home that Saturday night, and where was Gabe? Did mom and dad sleep in the same room, and who went to bed first?

I have questions...he goes from "We" to "He with Me" to "I" all in the same is confusing, because in the first line, he says it was hard learning the suspect WAS a friend...

Anonymous said...

ok this is the court docs, the dad says HE was the one who saw her last that night, and the one who noticed her missing at 0700, thats 7 am for all you non-military types...and that he did not become concerned until she had not checked in by her standard check in time of 2-4 hours...for a six-yr old....then it says NOTHING else about the parents concern, Nothing about the MOM, but says SIBLINGS become concerned at about 2030 and start looking for her, NOT the Parents...2030 is 830 pm at night, so 4 hrs check after noticing her gone at 7am would have been at 1100 am...

11 am to 830pm is 9 1/2 hours past his initial concern when she did not check in, but he never told mom or acted on it(looked for her)? WTH??? He and mom NEVER followed up on their concern? something is very wrong here...

Here are the court docs:

Anonymous said...

holy cow, why was he on anti-depressants?

MzOpinion8d said...

From link at:

(MOTHER SPEAKING)"I miss her and I love her so much," she said. "It’s why I haven’t talked to anybody. It's too hard."

Now she and her husband Jim are sharing their pain and how much they miss Jenise.

"I would sit on the couch and wait for her to come down the road and wait for her to slam the door, but I’ll never hear that again," said Denise Wright.

It's a situation made harder because they say they know the suspected killer, Gaeta, was someone they had invited him into their home and considered him one of their own.

"It’s even harder now knowing who did this to her, because he was like family to us," said Denise Wright.

The Wrights said Gaeta often spent time at their home. He would eat with them and even spend the night.

"I as a father now have to find a way to bring back their trust on how to negotiate with people again," said Jim Wright, as he discussed how his other children are handling the news. "How are they going to be able to trust anybody. If we say it’s okay for them to come through the door and we feed them, like we did Gabe."

If the details of this case weren't hard enough, the state removed the Wright's other three children when Jenise disappeared. They're now fighting to get them back, so together they can mourn the loss of Jenise.

"We have to heal," said Jim Wright. "We have to move forward. The healing process will begin when our family is put back together."

MzOpinion8d said...

Oops, I posted too soon! I wanted to ask for analysis on the quotes in the article, and ask if the mention of "eating" and "fed him" is significant?

Suzanne said...


Suzanne said...

They use Gabe's name but not their own daughter's name! Did/do they care for this P.O.S. more than their baby girl? What the H*** is wrong with this family?

just Jen said...

I am truly sorry for the horror that you have lived through. I respect your humanity and grace for Jenice's parents; however, there are mistakes and there are common sense guidelines when raising children.

Anonymous said...

This family doesn't act like any LDS families I knew when my kids were in school. Those kids were great and their families were wonderful, so said my kids, but those kids were carefully monitored.

Even in high school they were not allowed to go to parties unless they were held at other LSD parents' homes. My kids were invited to the LSD kids' homes for parties, but the LSD kids were not given "free range".

Perhaps times have changed.

Anonymous said...

"He said he has forgiven the 17-year-old neighbor arrested on suspicion of the killing. He is taking the steps to heal and is leaning on his faith in Jesus. But without the other kids — ages 8, 12 and 16 — in the house, the healing won’t start."


"James said he could not talk directly about Gaeta, as it is an active criminal investigation, but said that he has forgiven him.

“How am I going to be in His grace if I don’t forgive?” said James Wright, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. “I know my Father loves me, and he loves my children, and he wants us to be happy.”

“Gabe was tempted by the fallen. With the free will given by our Father, he chose wrong,” James said. “I’ve already forgiven him.”

Hmmm. Just hmmm, is all.

Anonymous said...

hey, Dad of Jenice, have you read this?

"Page 5 of the Probable Cause document states: There was evidence of blunt force trauma to the head resulting in multiple skull fractures, evidence of sexual assault (pre-motrtem vaginal tearing and genital trauma), and evidence of strangulation by ligature."

Did this "forgiven" young criminal
ever do anything to Wright's other daughter, the 12 year old? Makes one wonder.

Anonymous said...

“That absolutely kills us,” James said. “We’re at home, it’s an empty home, how are we going to heal?”

“It’s like the house is dead,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Even if little Jenice wasn't allowed to roam, even if her parents were "hovering" type parents, this guy was a family friend and in Jenice's home all the time.

He would have found opportunities to do what he did even if Jenice had been kept in a gilded cage.

Anonymous said...

It's possible he may have harmed her anyway, but it would have been a lot less possible if her parents had supervised her. Seriously, if you woke up at 7 am and your 6 year old daughter wasn't in bed or in the house, you wouldn't be concerned until over 13 hours later?

The mother who told him to stay away from her daughter didn't end up with a child dead after being raped, strangled and bludgeoned, because she paid attention.

Anonymous said...

" Seriously, if you woke up at 7 am and your 6 year old daughter wasn't in bed or in the house, you wouldn't be concerned until over 13 hours later? "

I have doubts that the family really saw her at 10:00 Sat.night in her bed.

The Dad said (while she was still thought to be missing) something to the effect of "If she's staying at your house, send her home. She has a home."

He made just one odd statement after another. It was very lax parenting letting her wander around the park since she was three. According to other residents. I don't get the parenting style. Why did she wander?

Anonymous said...

Amen Then.... Its rediculous to blame the parents who where yes neglectful but they did not kill and rape their child and are surely living in a hell all of their own dealing with the mistake they made.. My son is going to be 9 in sept and sometimes after school he is home alone for an hr or so before his sister gets home. This is due to the fact I'm a single mother with no extra income to hire a sitter... Also in my state perfectly legal... So in most popular opinion I come home from work and my 8 yr old has been God for bid hurt Its my fault BC I had to work... Noooo I think not.. Leave the blame where it should be on the killers head and hands ... He chose to rape n kill that girl.. Most monsters look for the best opportunity and had this been any child allowed to be out playing that day either 6 or 16 that sick monster would have carried out his wicked deed... I no way say these parents should be awarded for their lack of supervision but neither should they be condemned for trusting a neighborhood and neighbors they felt safe and trusting enough to let their children play in or around

Anonymous said...

"People don't wake up and suddenly make a major shift in how they've been their entire lives and suddenly decide to kill others."