Sunday, August 17, 2014

Statement Analysis Audio Lesson: Introduction to Pronouns by Peter Hyatt


we got the recorder, and we've got lots of lessons, too, but we are sooooo struggling with the uploading part and after a few false starts:

Here is Introduction to Pronouns In Statement Analysis by Peter Hyatt, which is the first of many audio lessons to be released.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us.  We focus on two separate groups:

1.  Law Enforcement

2.  Business

In business, we focus on Human Resource interviewing, internal investigations, uses for journalist, therapists, and so on.  The Law Enforcement Seminar uses criminal statements only.  Each seminar is 2 days in length, with 4 hours of homework.  It is intense.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Is this working??

Jo said...

Yes, I am able to hear audio.

Tania Cadogan said...

yep i can hear it

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I hope to get some in depth and challenging studies up as progress is made!



Tania Cadogan said...

Is there a way i can save this to my playlist so i can eventually burn them onto a disk?

Tania Cadogan said...

Never mind Peter i rummaged through their help page and only if there is the download option under s track can it be downloaded ~Sigh~

Carder said...

Record onto a small recorder, then burn to disk.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Peter for sharing this with us.

Ps, You sound very different from your blog radio. lol.

Hi Hobs, i opened a Sound Cloud account through my FB and saved it to my faves. Also, if you press follow, it will automatically update any further posts from Peter. Sadly there is no down loud option on this.

John Mc Gowan said...

^^ Download, lol. It is getting late. :-/

Tania Cadogan said...

Thanks, on their help page it says you can save files if the author allows it to be downloaded.
There is an option for it and if they do allow it, then a download tab is under said file.

Anonymous said...

OT: The more this guy talks, the more uncomfortable I become, and the more fearful I am that Lynn will not be found alive.

It has been 41 days since I last saw Lynn. It has been 41 days since I last touched my bride’s hand. On all but one day we have searched for her in the regions surrounding our home. Each day we have stretched our search further and further away. That’s 40 days of focused searching without a single item found to give us any direction or understanding of her disappearance.

This is a painful message to post, and the reality is almost too overwhelming to admit.

I knew this day would come if Lynn were not to be found first. Honestly I feared it would have come sooner – and I count it as a huge blessing to have had so many people helping us for so long! But with each passing week there has been a marked decline in the number of volunteers who have been available to brave the brush and thickets, the scratches and cuts. So many friends have invested themselves and paid their own way by the sweat of their brow. Most have spent hours only to return soaked in sweat.

I am unspeakably indebted to every one of you – for every ounce of effort you have labored - for every drop of sweat – for every scratch and tick bite – and for the love which has pushed you to help! I also owe deep gratitude to all of you who have been so remarkable in the way you have helped organize, manage, feed, and take care of everything from cleaning to caring for animals, and all the many details that you have stepped forward to do – all without ever being asked!

As the numbers have dwindled and the pace has slowed, there was one day this past week in which no one was able to come help. On that day I had to face the reality of what I already knew, but was not willing to face.

Our daily open invitation searches have come to an end after today. Weekends will continue to be dedicated to searching. (Of course I am only talking about the ground grid search of farms and forests in this region. Our efforts to make the general public aware, posting flyers and targeting communities, will remain active at all times. SEARCHES BY APPOINTMENT AND WEEKENDS WILL CONTINUE.)

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

OT: part 2 This next week the unseasonable rainy weather is expected to persist. Together with the waning number of folks who are available to continue on a hit and miss schedule, leads us to face the fact that we will no long be staging open invitation searches each weekday moving forward. However, it would seem that the Lord has said we are shifting our focus and our efforts.


Starting this coming week we will plan searches on an appointment basis. Anyone who wishes to gather a few folks for a search effort can contact us and we will work on a schedule that works for you. We will announce those schedules if additional people can fit into the team(s) for that day. I expect the next many weekends will continue to be devoted to the areas we still need to finish. (There are still some large undeveloped woodlands that have no human activity that must be covered!)

I am NOT upset with anyone. Certainly I am NOT mad at the Lord. I know how you have been pouring out your love for Lynn and our family, in so many ways. We receive all of your efforts and love knowing how difficult and heart rending it has been for you to attempt to express or demonstrate your hearts during this difficult crisis. And how could I ever question the love of God when He poured out every drop of His love for us on the Cross of Calvary!

Please do not over-interpret this post. I am only keeping you updated on the details. My heart is VERY heavy. Admittedly, I have gone through more Kleenexes these last 41 days than I have in my entire lifetime (a very hard and humbling admission for me). And I know how you have been shedding your own tears, and praying with your own wounded heart.

We know that the Lord is doing a work in all our lives during this season. (Other than teaching me to keep salty liquids out of this laptop.) We can also be comforted, at least to a degree, that Lynn has not slipped through the fingers of God. He does not ‘drop’ those He loves and He does not misplace His precious sheep!

Our crying out to the Lord, even in anguish, is in no way an indictment against a God of such great love! On the contrary, it only underscores our reliance, faith, and trust, in a Savior who is willing to work out a higher plan that is for our ultimate benefit in a fallen and sin filled world.

So I invite you to join with me and to continue to give all Glory to God, as we continue to search as much and as well as possible to Find Lynn Messer!

Lynn – remember that the Lord told Gideon that he still had too many soldiers for God to get the Glory! Many times the Lord had to downsize man’s ambitions so He could execute His plan in a way that the people could not credit anyone with His mighty works. This is one of the reasons I continue to raise the standard of God’s Glory, because only He can bring a conclusion to this season, and only He is deserving of the Glory! I will not stop searching nor praying for you! Allow Him to hold you, and in due time He will hand you back to me! We will take all the time we need to refresh your heart and restore your spirit. And we will return our praises to the Lord together once again!

Buckley said...

Anon, that's a strange statement!

The thing I noticed the most about the pronouns is that he uses I to own his feelings and sadness, but always "we" for searching (and there are a lot of opportunities to say it) until near the end he says "I will not stop searching nor praying for you." God will hand her back, not the searching.

It has a lot if passivity to, especially related to the search.

John Mc Gowan said...

Search continues for missing Fort Lauderdale teen
Neighbors, members of Shaina McBride's church pass out fliers over weekend

Her fathers statements throw up quite a few red flags. There is a lot of distancing language, both towards his daughter and his boat.


"If we bring up anything or I have to think about it, I can't take it," said Shaina's father, David McBride. "You read about things, you hear about things like that but you never think it's going to happen to you, right? And particularly with me being what you could call an overbearing father, whatever you want to call that."

"Let that child go on with her life, you know, and let her go," said David McBride.

Family Searching For Teen Missing Two Days


“She took absolutely nothing off the boat not even a charger for her phone. She didn’t take clothes or a toothbrush which says this child did not positively, did not decide when she walked off that boat that she was going anywhere,” said David McBride.

“Something happened when she walked off that boat that changed the whole outcome of what happened. We don’t know what that something was,” said McBride.

“Somewhere when that child came off my boat, someone had to see someone had to see whether someone took her or in what direction was it out toward parking lot, whatever it is somebody had to see something,” added David McBride. ” I would say to someone who has her or has her captive or keeping her from coming back keeping her from whatever that they would let her go so she can go on with there life. (Does) not matter what at this point has happened let the child go on with your life and let her go, I don’t care if you ever ever get caught.”

If you have any information, contact Broward County Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS or Fort Lauderdale Police Department at (954) 764-HELP.

mouse farts said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

Yikes John, you are right about the red flags.

What's with the that child, this child, the child and she?

He admits he is overbearing.

So much distancing, he doesn't say her name or refer to her as my daughter or even our daughter.

Has he been polygraphed?

Dacea said...

Buckley, There have been so many statements by Mr. Messer that all have the same tone and odd focus. He has been more focused on people coming for the search and thanking people than he has been on urgency in looking for Lynn. This jumped out me in the very brief paragraph where he actually addressed his wife.

"Allow Him to hold you, and in due time He will hand you back to me! We will take all the time we need to refresh your heart and restore your spirit. And we will return our praises to the Lord together once again!"

Considering he is an evangelical this reads like he knows she is in Heaven.

Peter, I can't wait to listen to the audio!

John, the way he responds about his daughter does sound alarming and how many times could he say "The boat, that boat" , etc... He refers to the boat in the same manner he refers to his missing daughter? Odd

Anyone wanting to read more statements by Kerry Messer in reference to his missing wife, you may find them here.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Dacea,

It is alarming isn't it. The above Audio works.

Hi Hobs,

i can't find anything that says he has taken a Polly.

trustmeigetit said...

OT Myra Lewis

There is a facebook page for Myra Lewis. It’s called: Myra Lewis “help find me”

I would copy and paste the link but my iphone won’t allow me to do that.

First, this was NOT done by the family but caring strangers. I always think that says a lot. When strangers put in more effort.

As if it’s not bad enough that the childs own siblings are posting selfies and having a good time while their baby sister is missing.. then to have mom and dad doing nothing really to find you. But sure, they are just innocent victims…

Anyways, there is a new post on the site that is apparently from the mom. I have typed it below for Peter to hopefully analyze.

I am typing it as it is written so the typos are the moms…

And the person posted a screen shot of the message originally from the mom to prove it came from her.

The last sentence seems out of place. Not sure if the person that is admin on the site messed up with the copy and paste but I put it as it was on there.

Ericka Sanders Lewis

August 15th, 10:25am

Hey everybody, this is Myra Lewis mother. I have some things to say, but first. We wan’t to thank everyone for partisipating in helping with the “help find me” page I would like for everyone to keep using the flyer that were made by the Help find me page with her information on it that’s the only way we bring my baby home all the other talks everyone was reading wasn’t me are my husband that was my mom comments I talk to her about it so if everybody can like the page again that will make us happy We just need all the help We can get on finding my baby Myra Lewis Its hard for us everyday not knowing our daughter is. Trying to think about what we can do on bringing our daughter home she has a lot of sibling that miss her so much they talk about her everyday. I know she is ready to come home we need help on finding her and bring her home. I cry inside everyday when I see her pictures and when my other children about her cause I cant give answer about where she is. I cry when I talk about her it hurt so bad for a family to go through when your daughter just vanish without a trace and no signs. That’s why we need all the help we can get from everybody. So if anybody see hear anything please say something I have a lot more to say I’ll be back and talk to y’all and keep yall on up dates just keep looking and talking about her so no one won’t forget her she is two year old she is getting older five months has gone by just keep helping us Thank Y’all God bless all the helpers

Out trace are signs where can be

Anonymous said...


That was an awesome pronoun lesson. Thanks for posting.

Earlier today I was attempting to explain to a friend of mine what SA is, what it is not and how it works. He wrote back to me and asked if culture, language or education affect the analysis. I explained to him that it does not and used pronouns as an example. I laughed a bit while listening to your audio file because it sounded almost exactly like what you were saying. If I knew you posted this yesterday I could have just given him a link.

Thinking about it, I will send him a link. Thanks again for this top notch lesson.


Vance Holmes said...

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson hasn't released a statement, but an un-named "friend" of his called the The Dana Show.

"Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away."

(present tense, here and throughout)

"And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue."

(inner thoughts and feelings)

"So, he stands up and yells, "Freeze!" Michael and his friend turn around."

(body position -- very specific here)

"And Michael taunts him."

(now non-specific)

"And then all of a sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed."


"And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming."

(unnecessary, defensive)

"And, so he really thinks he was on something."

jo said...

Her father, David McBride, insists that she didn't run away and fears the worst.

"Something happened when she walked off that boat that changed the whole outcome of what happened. We don't know what that something was," said McBride.

(How does he know there is already an outcome to the situation? "Was" past tense as if the something is done and over.)

The teen reportedly left her cell charger, clothes, shoes, toothbrush and purse, reports the station.

"She didn't take clothes or a toothbrush which says this child did not positively, did not decide when she walked off that boat that she was going anywhere," David McBride told the station.

(Tells us what she didn't do and explains why/what she did. "which says")

Twice he says "she walked off that boat" Does he need to persuade that she "walked" off the boat?

C5H11ONO said...

Is this an example of an emboldened liar?

Is this an example of technically speaking the truth, but withholding from "correcting"?

-Akula said...

Oops i forgot to mention"loves your blog"xxxxxxx -Akula

mouse farts said...