Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boy Found Dead in Home

UPDATE:Harrisburg mother said she didn't know son was dead upstairs in her house.
Criminal charges have been filed against a man regarding the dead body of a young boy found at a Harrisburg home late Friday night on Green Street.
Jarrod Nicholas Tutko, 38, was charged with endangering the welfare of children, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse early Saturday morning, according to court records.
Bail information regarding Tutko was not immediately available.
Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico confirmed this morning that Tutko is the father of household.
Marsico declined to answer any other questions about the arrest until an autopsy is performed on the boy's body on Monday.
Police said the body had been in the home for "several days."
City police were called to home at 2119 North Green Street at approximately 8:40 p.m. and quickly requested both the Dauphin County Coroner's Office and city detectives and forensics units to the scene.
Both parents had been taken from the scene for questioning. The mother and father left the scene — both in handcuffs — in separate police cruisers, police said.
The couple's five remaining children — several of whom suffer from undisclosed medical conditions — were being handed over to the care of county children and youth specialists as of Friday night.


Dacea said...

I haven't found statements yet.

Tania Cadogan said...

why have they not charged the mom as well since she is the other adult there.

She knew what was going on and by doing nothing condoned the abuse, by doing nothing she was an abuser as well

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder why he got off the plane before it left?

What are the family dynamics like, are they divorced and was it amicable?

Who has primary custody if the parents are separated?

Anonymous said...

Updates unfolding


The mother of an 8-year-old Pennsylvania boy whose decomposing body was found on the third floor of their home said Saturday she didn't know he had died until noticing the smell.

Kimberly Tutko said her husband was the primary caretaker of their mentally disabled son, and he waited several days to tell her the boy had died, ( ) reported. Police were called to the home Friday and found the boy's body.

Kimberly Tutko told Pennlive she understands people will find it difficult to believe she did not know her son was dead.

She said her son was severely mentally disabled and often difficult to control. He would rip up the flooring and carpeting of his bedroom, smear his feces on the floor and walls, and refuse to wear a diaper, she said.

He lived on the third floor and was primarily cared for by his father, while she looked after another disabled child who requires round-the-clock care and stays on the second floor, she said.

"My daughter relies on me," Kimberly Tutko said. "I take care of her and my husband takes care of Jarrod Jr."

Kimberly Tutko said her husband told her their son died Tuesday.

"I said to him 'Why didn't you say anything?'" she said. "He said he was too afraid to say anything because of other kids in the house."

A photos inside the home, mother unable to detect the odor of her dead son, graphic pictures at link. View at your own risk. No words, this poor little boy. The 5 kids, the father was worried about? his excuse of not informing the mother. What was he worried about? someone may take them into protective custody? They to have a chance of being in a clean healthy caring environment? so sick !

Anonymous said...

That's so strange. She never went up to his room or interacted with him (for her not to notice that his presence wasn't even in the home)?

Anonymous said...

O/T but the adoptive mother of Erica Parsons, missing since 2011, has created a web site about Erica that I really wish someone with SA skills would look at.

The mother and father are suspected in the disappearance after they claimed they let Erica go to live with her maternal grandmother Nan - problem is Nan doesn't exist.

Erica wasn't reported missing until Aug. 2013 by her adoptive brother.!about_her/cjg9

The parents were just arrested on federal financial fraud charges. They are a pair of grifters and very likely are in involved in a homicide.

Anonymous said...

Kimberly Tutko of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, realized her son was dead after smelling a strange odor coming from the third floor of her Green Street home. It turns out her 8-year-old son, Jarrod Jr., had been dead for several days.

When Tutko told her husband about the smell late Friday, he went upstairs, coming back with their son wrapped in a sheet.

Kimberly told the Associated Press when she pulled the sheet back, she realized the boy had been dead for some time. Her husband revealed their son had died Tuesday. When she asked her husband why he did not do anything, “he said he was too afraid to say anything because of the other kids in the house.”

The couple has five other children, ages 3, 6, 10, 12 and 13. Several of them suffer from undisclosed medical conditions, and they were handed over to the care of county children and youth specialists Friday night.

Jarrod Jr. was severely mentally disabled and diagnosed with autism and Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic defect that causes behavioral and learning challenges.

After seeing him and speaking with her husband, Kimberly called police, and Jarrod, 38, was charged early Saturday with endangering the welfare of children, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse, court records show, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported. His bail was set at $500,000.

Kimberly has not been charged with a crime.

While she understands people will not comprehend how she did not know something was wrong with her son after several days, Kimberly said he was kept on the third floor and primarily cared for by his father.

She has a daughter who has autism and is a vegetative state, is blind, has a feeding tube, a collapsed lung, and is confined to a hospital bed on the second floor of their home.

"My daughter relies on me," Kimberly Tutko said. "I take care of her and my husband takes care of Jarrod Jr."

It is unclear how Jarrod Jr. died, but an autopsy is scheduled for next week.

Buckley said...

At least she called police and we're not dealing with a "missing," but yeah, how do you not notice that for days? Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could care for a child in that condition-especially with another disabled child and three more. The man surely worked. I feel sorry for the three children that are not disabled.

The room where the boy lived was awful. Another room looked normal.

If they weren't mentally disabled themselves, they would be after caring for so many with disabilities.

wreyeter72 said...

These parents were clearly overwhelmed, whether because they weren't educated enough, financially stable enough or mentally stable enough to care for children with such severe disabilities on their own. Was there not a soul besides the two of them who ever entered their home? Did no one care about these kids at all? Doctors ? Teachers? Therapists? No other relatives? It's tragic all around that neither of these poor children were hospitalized to receive proper care, and I would like to know why not!

Katprint said...

The mother's statements in the "update" about confronting her husband use the subject "I" and the completed past tense.

The division of child care responsibilities isn't wonderful but it is also not an impossible story, in my opinion. After my second son was born via c-section, my mother-in-law took care of my older 2 year old son for about a month while I recovered. He was still in diapers but I was prohibited from lifting anything heavier than my newborn to avoid splitting open my incision. I don't think that there were any days where I didn't see my 2 year old during that time but I was so groggy and exhausted that possibly that might have happened during my first week home from the hospital.

Anonymous said...

more of the story on Peter Bresko

Nanna Frances said...

It is sad this happened. No one can tell LE you cannot arrest me. LE ignored his complaint of being unable to breathe. More training is needed for handling such big men who have medical issues.

Anonymous said...

I would like everyone to join together with US and help find Erica. I just believe you really need to know the true facts about the whole situation, and the complete facts about the young lady you're looking for.
We have people calling in leads for 18 month old babies. Others say they was under the impression Erica was a “special needs” kid and possibly have Downs syndrome. If the public is getting information like this than Erica will never be found!
I think everything needs to come out from the time we got Erica until the very time we heard her voice in 2012 for the last time.
This site will be kept updated every single day until we find our daughter and the lady that called herself, “NAN”.
Our message to Erica and “Nan”…
We love you very much Erica, and I know you know this. We need to know where you are and if you’re safe!! You’re not in any trouble at all. You haven’t done one thing wrong. You know our number please give us call anytime.
Nan… Why? I just don’t understand why, who you are, and what you are? I will make sure we find you. I will never give up looking for you. There is more than one person behind this I know of at least 3. I will find every single last person responsible for Erica, Toby and Sadie’s life being destroyed. I want you to pay for what you have done. This isn’t a threat! IT’s A PROMISE!!

Peter, could you please analyze this? This is a post from Erica Parsons Stepmother regarding her disappearance. Please read into this case, the two adoptive parents most likely killed Erica. Their statements and behavior are very suspicious; they didn't report Erica missing their son did, two years after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Erica Lynn Parsons
- Born Feb. 24, 1998
- loves to read
- loves to wear hair dark in color and long.
Her last time we saw her was when she went to Nan's house on Dec. 17th, 2011. ​

This was also at the bottom of the statement. Very odd she writes "her last time we saw her"? It's all odd, but please Peter, please analyze these statements.

Anonymous said...

I think everything needs to come out from the time we got Erica until the very time we heard her voice in 2012 for the last time.

How does she know it would be the last time? Hmmm.. Very concerning she doesn't say the last time I heard her voice but we heard her voice for the last time. Wow, and she's literally blaming Erica even in death for them losing their other kids!

Buckley said...

I think I've seen analysis of that Casey Parsons statement recently, either by Peter or maybe John in the commentary. I'm not finding it in a search though.

Anonymous said...

She even says everything needs to come out within the time frame Erica was alive with them. She's leaking marbles here, yes Casey everything does need to come out, please do open up and share.

Anonymous said...

We want EVERYONE looking for Erica, please.
I really don't care how you feel about my husband or me, please don't let that stop you looking for an innnocent young lady.
Erica is out there. We NOW know we have been told some horrble lies to take one of our babies away from us. Someone has to see her face everyday. I KNOW she is safe, she has to be!
Please if "Nan" is reading this: Please just drop her off at a safe place she will know what to do. Call me. I'll meet you anywhere. Most important please take care of our daughter! We love her very much!!

Please USE this form to send in LEADS to the whereabouts of ERICA PARSONS only. This isn't a comment form. All replies (ALL) will be given to LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone notice that on the pictures of Erica that Casey posted she looks very withdrawn and her smiles are so sad. In a Halloween pic they posted she is wearing a princess costume that looks appropriate for a 5 year old or smaller, yet all the other kids have on regular sized and appropriate costumes. She also looks much smaller compared to the other kids that look well fed. It's very sad to imagine what Erica went through everyday for her whole life with these adoptive parents.

Rachael said...

If CP says 'Honestly' one more time on that farce of a website I am going to lose my lunch.

Anonymous said...

I know, I guess she hasn't checked out this sight. Lots of deceptive statements by both adoptive parents of Erica, it's so sad nothing is really happening.

Unknown said...

The mother gives an interview: