Tuesday, August 12, 2014

James Wright Friends With Daughter's Killer

James Wright, himself accused of child molestation years ago, revealed that his daughter's rapist and murderer, 17 year old Gabriel Gaeta, was a close family friend.

This may have been part of the information that Child Protective Services learned and used to get an order to remove the other children from the home.

Pedophiles are known to share not only child pornography, particularly online, but also stories, and perhaps, victims.

Even in small towns in America, it is shocking how pedophiles are able to identify and be-friend each other.

An autopsy showed blunt-force trauma to Jenise’s head, as well as evidence of strangulation by ligature and sexual assault.
In the court papers, the murder allegation included the aggravating circumstances of concealing the commission of a crime and sexual motivation. The murder and rape allegations also listed the aggravating circumstance of a particularly vulnerable victim.
A judge found probable cause to hold Gaeta at a court hearing Monday afternoon. Bail has been set at $1 million.
In a search of Gaeta’s bedroom at his home Saturday, investigators recovered blood-stained underwear, a shirt covered in blood and mud, blood-stained shorts and a bloody towel, according to the probable-cause document.
Jenise’s body was found submerged Thursday in a muddy bog in a heavily wooded area, covered by a small wood pallet.
Gaeta had attended the vigil for his victim. 
“It’s devastating and it’s going to be hard to forgive,” James Wright said. 
Wright said the teen had been to their house “many, many times” and was a friend of their older children.
Wright had even taken the teen under his wing, and taught him how to chop firewood to make extra money.
The teen’s mother had also been to their home, he said. 
What else did these two have in common?


Anonymous said...

This was my first thought.
I said to my mom that I am sure his attitudes about female children were conveyed, but he must have forgotten to say "don't do this to my daughter." My mom said it's more likely that he wanted to do it to his daughter (as he did previously to his step-daughter) and maybe the neighbor boy acted out what the father felt he could not. Who knows? Whatever their relationship, not only did Jenise's parents neglect her, they brought a predator into their home. I'm interested in statement analysis regarding the father's statements about the man that raped and beat and strangled and murdered his daughter.

First he asks for forgiveness for the perpetrator. Later he is quoted as saying it's going to be hard to forgive.
He mentions feeding the boy and letting him sleep over at their home.
He mentions that he was teaching the boy about responsibility (about men's responsibility in the world). Sickening since the father did not behave responsibly with regard to the supervision and protection of his own child/children.

Suzanne said...

Have the parents shown any signs of grief here? All the statements I've seen have dealt with "forgiving the family friend" vs. any anger about what was done to his poor innocent daughter (who I have yet to hear him call by name). Perhaps the crime went unreported because daddy knew exactly what was going on (or perhaps even participated or videoed).
"Pedophiles are known to share not only child pornography, particularly online, but also stories, and perhaps, victims."

It may be a stretch, but something definitely stinks in this whole situation.

Anonymous said...

I want to know when each individual member of the Wright family last saw this child. "The family last saw Jenice at 10:00 in her bed on Sat . Night."

How nebulous can you get? WHO saw her? What was she wearing? The father admts she wasn't there on Sunday morning . The FBI said there was no sign of abduction. When did anybody start to check on Jenice?

While she was missing, her father asked anyone she had stayed with to " send her home."

Unreal, this family.

Anonymous said...


super interesting challenge to Snowden story

Suzanne said...

The father Jim Wright: "My head’s just swimming, I don't know what to think. She went to bed, she was asleep. Wake up, she’s probably out running and playing."

Jenise's body was found in thick mud (swimming reference?)

"She went to bed.." Was Saturday night one of those nights where close family friend Gabe slept over?

Buckley said...

I do not condone what Wright did- either his sex crime years ago or his seeious neglect of his daughter. But let's keep perspective here- what I've read about Wright's crimes is far different from this brutal rape and murder.

Does anyone suspect Gaeta committed this crime while intoxicated? If he was, whoever got this 17 year old liquor needs to be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor if not something more serious.

Anonymous said...


Baby Cooper's mom on her tortured existence...


Buckley said...

Or steroids- he's a wrestler, he repeatedly talked about his inability to sleep in his askfm answers.

Memphis Pat said...

It would be interesting to know where everyone spent the night on these Gabe sleepovers as it seems the mobile home only has 2 bedrooms. I'm convinced the "father" and the teenager have a history of molesting Jenice. Heartbreaking.

Memphis Pat said...

I also question the "father" already talking about forgiveness of the rapist/murderer. It took years and years for me to come even close to forgiving my daughter's molester. I spent a great deal of time wishing him back from the dead so I could do something terrible to him. Read the stories of other parents and you will find they felt the same way. There is a great deal more to this story. Maybe they'll get Gabe to talk and it will all come out.

Anonymous said...

ha also says something about men having to be responsible as men, even outside the home...this is not the exact quote, but its in the article, and it almost sounds like code...are we not responsible as men within the home? interesting...

trustmeigetit said...

We all need to stop calling this piece of garbage her father. He was not.

Regardless if he was involved in this crime or not (I am not convinced as he could have teamed up with this other monster) he is still and always will be a child molester. There is nothing worse.

And this mom.....pretty sure was aware of his past (have not heard this was new information) yet choose to bring it into a home with her children.


They then BOTH failed to ensure this little girls safety.

Sure everyone can say that it’s fine for young children to run out and play, but she is 6 and was allowed to what, leave without even asking? Not acceptable by any good parent.


Yes, it’s possible they had no role in her murder…. BUT still highly neglectful and to me any parent that would being a child molester into their home is no parent at all!

She to me must think this is acceptable. Which makes me also question what she may do.

I would NEVER in a million years allow that. NEVER.

Then, the part that concerns me about their relationship to the murderer is that he has slept over at their home.

WHAT? Why?

This is also NOT normal.

Now, unless the garbage was friends with another teen in the home and was spending the night with his friend, this is just not acceptable.
Just like Michael Jackson having kids sleep over NO NO NO!
If the 45 year old man next doors asks for your 8 year old to spend the night the answer is not just no...but HELL NO you freak.

So many excuse Michael as just being different so it was fine. NO! You are allowing fame to cloud your judgement just as those horrible parents that left their children alone with him did. WRONG.

These people need to be put to sleep. Molesters do not change and they get out and they abuse over and over often leading to murder.
We need harsh punishment. You will do more time for possession of marijuana than these horrible crimes.

So anyways, the relationship being James and Gabriel needs to be looked at. There is the chance they both were involved. I am not sold on this being just Gabriel.

trustmeigetit said...

On another note, someone molests my child, there is no forgiveness. How anyone can even consider that baffles my mind.

Someone that would do permanent harm to your child does not deserve forgiveness.

Parents talk to your kids so they know to tell.

My mom did it and I found out as an adult several cousins of mine were molested by relatives that never even have me a weird look. But I was raised to know I could tell my mom and she would protect me.....and I am sure these relatives knew my mom would likely kill them.

So raise your kids to know they can come to you and that you will protect them. That's one way to help protect your child.

These predators always say they know who they can do this to and get away with it. Sure it's sad we have to do this but if that decreases your child odds of encountering this, why would you not do it?

S + K Mum said...

Well said!

Trigger said...

Mr. Wright and Mr. Child Killer are close friends.
It's not surprising considering the way Mr. Wright behaved towards his children.

He disparaged a six-year old murder victim who was his own daughter after he didn't bother to report her missing for a day.

What a lousy parent, like the poly-amorous "parents" who experienced the same tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Yes the father can refer to the rapist/murderer by name as someone he cared about and was close to but has yet to refer to his daughter by name or exhibit any grief whatsoever for the brutal rape, beating, murder, and dumping of her body.
Of course that hasn't stopped him and his wife from setting up a bank account to collect money in his daughter's name.

Carnival Barker said...

Well said, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Did they get their other kids back? I hope not

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dad molested Teenager, and then Teenager killed Child.

Pak31 said...

As far as Jenice's dad is concerned, he's an ill human being. He will never view what happened to his daughter the same way a "normal"/non pedophile would. He isn't going to see it as bad as we see it. That is just the way it is. I just feel for her. She didn't stand much of a chance with the parents she had. She had to depend on them and they failed her.

MzOpinion8d said...

To trustmeigetit: Mom was fully aware of his past - it was her now-adult daughter that Wright was accused of molesting at age 8.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Perhaps Dad molested Teenager, and then Teenager killed Child.
August 12, 2014 at 9:44 PM

This is what I would be investigating.


Anonymous said...

That's what I was wondering too. :(

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was asking in my last post, perhaps Gabe was mad at James , not Jenise, thus the source of very personal rage and anger she was subjected to... Perhaps she was just a proxy for who w
He was really angry with--- her father, James... Who was "teaching" him how to be a man...what exactly IS his definition of a man? Does it include sexual objectification and abuse of minors?

Suzanne said...


Looks like daddy forgives Gabe.

Anonymous said...

"I would sit on the couch and wait for her to come down the road and wait for her to slam the door, but I'll never hear that again," said Denise Wright.

"I as a father now have to find a way to bring back their trust on how to negotiate with people again," said Jim Wright, as he discussed how his other children are handling the news. "How are they going to be able to trust anybody. If we say it's okay for them to come through the door and we feed them, like we did Gabe."


Suzanne said...

James Wright: “How could I possibly have known that an ill will would happen to us?”


Anonymous said...

Articles released in the last hour state James Wright as saying "I've already forgiven him."
Well that was fast - didn't he just say yesterday that it was going to be hard to forgive?
This guy certainly is a saint isn't he - able to forgive and move on so quickly, ready to get his kids back and reunite his family and heal.

Anonymous said...

James Wright, whose daughter Jenise was found a muddy bog near their Bremerton, Washington home several days after she vanished on August 2, said that Gabriel Gaeta made a bad decision.

'Gabe was tempted by the fallen,' Wright, a member of the Latter-Day Saints who has previously faced child molestation charges of his own, told the Kitsap Sun.

'With the free will given by our Father, he chose wrong. I've already forgiven him.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2724154/Father-slain-girl-Ive-forgiven-him.html#ixzz3AIxenYJZ
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the parents care more about the murderer than their daughter

Anonymous said...

well that would explain sex abuse charges, they like to punish their children in sexual ways.
gotta get things wright with god before he can help you with your needs.
people seem to have a problem with cutting off their right hand when it offends them. i still recall the father that disowned his son and threw him out of his home when he found out his son was gay. people were pissed at the dad for that. those same pissed people are probably the people that understand why this dad isnt hating on the turd.

Anonymous said...

"People don't wake up and suddenly make a major shift in how they've been their entire lives and suddenly decide to kill others."