Friday, August 22, 2014

"Left" in Statement Analysis

This has been covered repeatedly due to the high sensitivity level of the word "left" when it is used as a connecting verb between two places.

Please see previous articles and stay tuned for next audio lesson.

I leave this with you for consideration:

An account or story is something that moves forward.

Read a statement that is an account of "what happened" as moving through time.

"First I did such and such, and then I did this, and next I did that...." and so on. The brain of the subject (author) is continually moving forward so that the story or account may be complete.

When you encounter the word "left" as a connecting verb between places, picture this in your mind:

The person was moving forward, in what happened, point after point, event after event, and suddenly, the word "left" indicates that the person has stopped at that point, and has paused.

There is missing information.

70% likely missing information due to rushing, time, traffic, but 30% likely critically withheld information.  (LSI)

The brain is moving forward when suddenly the brain has stopped.

It stopped for a reason.

Your job is to find out why it stopped.

What is missing?

If it stops more than once, near by, you've likely got your answer..

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