Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wade Robson Accuses Michael Jackson of Molestation

Australian choreographer Wade Robson dropped a bomb in court.
In a stunning reversal, the famous dancer, 31, revealed a graphic list of molestation allegations against Michael Jacksonreports Radar Online.
Robson wants Jackson’s estate to admit that between 1990 and 1997, when Robson was between 7 and 14 years old, the King of Pop committed the listed crimes against him.
The documents accuse Jackson of “putting his hand over Robson’s clothed penis,” “taking Wade Robson’s hand and putting it inside [Jackson’s] underpants,” “French kissing,” showering together and much more.
Robson also accuses the “Bad” singer of showing him pornography and telling him “he loved him.”
When Robson first filed his complaint with the legal system, Jackson’s estate demanded more time, and said they couldn’t properly answer the allegations because the defendant is deceased. Robson’s attorney responded by saying, “Just because Michael Jackson is dead does not alleviate the corporations’ responsibility to respond.”
The Jackson estate filed a motion on July 25 asking the judge to reduce the number of admission requests from 143 to 35, but ultimately wants the case dismissed because of the time Robson waited to file his claim.
Robson famously testified on behalf of Jackson in 2005. He adamantly denied that he was ever abused by the pop star.
He claims to have suddenly come to this realization after the birth of his son. “This is not a case of repressed memory,” Robson told “Today” in 2013. “I have never forgotten one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”
It may be that the subject was molested prior to meeting Michael Jackson.  This type of language ("emotionally...unable and unwilling...") is often found in sexual abuse victims who were victimized at a very young age and the sexual abuse interfered with brain development, particularly about boundaries, sensory perception, and what is "normal" in human connections.  
Sexual abuse victims can develop Disassociation Disorders, which in speech, sounds like "passivity", as if they were watching themselves be abused.  This may be the brain's way of protecting itself.  


GeekRad said...

A little late and I am have a hard time understanding why the estate would be responsible for Michael Jackson's actions.

trustmeigetit said...

I also think Mccullay was molested and lied to cover for Michael.

I think his reasons are more of embarrassment. My husband was molested when he was very little and to this day will not ever speak of it and only a handful of people know.

It's worse I think for men to admit, especially if it's another man.

But I believe Michael did molest these boys.

He also had a bell near his bed that rang if someone entered his room. Why else would you need that?

And I think having his own children changed his mind about it. I think that's where the drugs came in. I think he was trying to stop the urges. I also wonder of his doctor knew and so continued to sedate him thinking he was protecting others. That's a long shot with the doctor but I do beive Michael was a predator and the drugs were his attempts to stop the behavior.

trustmeigetit said...


Mccullay also testified to the bell being there as did others. So this is not a rumor or lie.

Buckley said...

So Robson lied under oath- he had a chance to send Jackson to jail, chose to lie, and now wants money for being a victim? Jackson was sick and should have been jailed and stopped. Robson should be charged with perjury.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely sick what Michael Jackson did to those kids. I definitely believe he molested them. I don't think though, that his "estate" should have to be held responsible. What is meant by "estate", his kids? Obviously I know it has to do with his money, but who's in charge of it? His kids and/or someone representing them? I'm sorry, I feel really bad for this person, if he was truly molested by MJ, but it's not his kids fault. If someone was in charge of the estate AND they were in on or aware of the molestation, then I'd feel differently. I don't find it fair to make someone else answer for anothers wrongdoing, especially when the accused isn't even alive to so much as comment or reply. I hope if this person is truly a victim, that he get professional help to deal with the trauma that I'm sure lasts a lifetime.

Beth said...

I completely agree with you. I think the heavy sedation was the only was to sleep at night having no way to cope with the horrors he committed. He was a tortured man by his own making.

Stacey said...

Great analysis as always, Peter. Would it be possible for you to analyse the entire interview in depth? I would really like to hear your input.