Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fake Rod Stewart?

These stories are silly, but sometimes supply a statement in 'everyday life' that readers can relate to.

Only the NY Post would carry such a story!  I have added emphasis to the man's denial.

What sayest you?

Does this man go around enjoying Rod Stewart attention?   Yes, or No, and explain your answer.

Hint:  caution advised.

Who is the fake Rod Stewart? NYC man denies it’s him

The search is still on for a phony Rod Stewart with spiked blond locks who is duping star-struck fans across the city.
The bogus Brit, who bears a striking resemblance to the “Maggie May” singer, has been seen in the Meatpacking District, posing with fans, crashing World Cup soccer bashes and was even spotted outside a Bronx schoolyard. An Instagram user last week posted a pic of one Rod lookalike sitting on a subway train, prompting commenters to dub him “Rockaway Rod.”
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A Rod Stewart lookalike was spotted on a train in NYC.Photo: goingwitheddie.com
Paul Anton, 62, a divorced dad-of-three who lives in Midtown West, confirmed to Page Six he is the man in the picture — but denies he’s posing as the “Do You Think I’m Sexy” star.

Here is his denial.  Is it reliable?
Anton, who insists he’s hardly a rock star and works in real estate, told Page Six, “I have never pretended to be Rod Stewart. I am a respected businessman with children, I have never asked for free drinks. I pay my own way. People do mistake me for Rod, but I always say I’m not him. I would like to shake Rod’s hand and say I am not an imposter. I love his music, but I wouldn’t pretend to be him. And I’ve never been to the Rockaways.
When asked why he keeps Stewart’s trademark tousled blond cockatoo coiff, he added, “This is the way I look.
Meanwhile, Stewart’s manager, Arnold Stiefel, insists there is at least one, and perhaps many Faux-Rods, still at large.
He said, “This has been going on for years. The first fake Rod sighting was 15 years ago when Jann Wenner said, ‘I said hello to Rod and he ignored me.’”
Stiefel continued, “I said, ‘That’s not Rod, he’s in California.’ Then we got a call from a deputy sheriff outside New Orleans saying, ‘We’ve got Rod Stewart in the drunk tank, he’s been arrested for being drunk and disorderly in a bar.’ I said, ‘You’d better call the Dorchester in London because he’s there right now.’ The real Rod . . . thought it was funny, but said, let people know it isn’t me.”


trustmeigetit said...

First of all...he looks way to much like him to not be trying to be him. That hair is Rod's trademark hair is sure not the style anymore.

The .....OT:

I’m a little confused by this latest Mccan lawsuit. Is it not true that they hit the sketches of Gerry or I mean… “Efits” of a stranger….

Kate and Gerry McCann Suing Sunday Times over 'Madeleine Clue' DefamationBy Dominic Gover

September 19, 2014

Kate and Gerry McCann are suing the Sunday Times for defamation over print claimsThe parents of missing Madeleine McCann are suing the Sunday Times newspaper for libel over claims printed in 2013.

Kate and Gerry McCann began legal proceedings against the Rupert Murdoch-owned title after it claimed they had kept secret from police "a crucial piece of evidence" in the investigation.

That alleged evidence was an e-fit of a potential suspect which was created by a former British spy for the McCanns' own probe in to their daughter's disappearance.

Also cited by the McCanns in their complaint were comments posted by readers below the online version of the article, which was pulled down by News UK just under two weeks after publication.

But it caused the couple "severe embarrassment and distress," they claimed in court documents..

Alleging the Sunday Times' article damaged their reputation, the McCann's said that the story implied they had allowed "the trail to go cold," reported Press Gazette.

The Sunday Times later apologised for the article, which had carried the headline "Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years" and "Investigators had E-Fits five years ago."

The McCanns are seeking unspecified damages.

Tania Cadogan said...

Never does not mean did not.
He repeats never3 times in relation to pretending to be Rod Stewart, free drinks andthe Rockways.

I would like to shake Rod’s hand and say I am not an imposter.
I would ike to know his definition of an imposter.
Why would he need to shake Rod's hand and say he isn't an imposter?
Say not tell?
Why Rod and not other's unless Rod himself has made an accusation
Imposter and not lookalike (often a term used to make it known they are pretending to be whoever)
Imposter would imply that he was falsely pretending to be Rod to gain some kind of benefit.

I love his music, but I wouldn’t pretend to be him
I love his n music is strong , then he follows it with a BUT. It can refute what preceded it, or can be used to compare, or even negate what preceded it.

Wouldn't is future conditional, he may not. will not imperonate him in the future, especially since outed, he doesn't tell us he didn't in the past.

I am a respected businessman with children, I have never asked for free drinks.
I wonder what question he was asked to make his statement?
Why does he need to introduce he is a respected businessman with children?
he tell us he has never asked for free drinks, never doesn't mean did not.
Did he use his appearance to get free drinks, perhaps not directly by asking, rather by not denying he was Rod.
Rather than saying i am not who you think i am, he continued the charade.

People do mistake me for Rod, but I always say I’m not him
What people?
Strangers, family, friends, collegues?
He doesn't say he if often mistaken about who he is, he simply says people.
But can refute what preceded it, or can be used to compare, or even negate what preceded it.
When does he say he is not them?
Say not tell which is stronger?
Does he deceive by ommission?

I think he has tried it on and has been caught out, hence his statement.
By the way, he looks nothing like rod and if he has an american accent that's a dead giveawy the moment he opens his mouth.

Tania Cadogan said...

the public were not told of this e fit for 5 years, they claim it was passed on to LE a year after they were released, in which case why didn't they or LE relase these e fits?

They came from the group run by convivted conman kevin halligen who claimed to have a team of hihjly trained ex cia etc.
The team itself were genuine and did investiagete and concluded the mccanns were deceptive as their story didn't hold up. They weren't paid.
A member of the group who did the investigation said they were gagged by the mccanns on presenting their report.
The e fits were finally released on crimewatch ( a programme that asks the public for help in finding criminals)
It was reported the efits were obtained only after LE went to the trustees of the fund to demand they hand over their files.

On the night it was shown kate and gerry were sat next to DCI Redwood.
It seems they didn't know what would be shown judging by the looks on their faces when the efit was pictured behind them ( i think several thousand rang the show and said it's gerry mccann) I called them and pointed out the resemblance as well as telling them about their statements regarding Maddie being dead ( crash course SA 101 to the WPC i spoke to)

The mccanns waited many months before finally deciding they wanted to sue the Sunday Tiimes . They initially demanded an apology over the 5 yr claim before the efits were handed over (i think they said it was less than that)


As you can see, they are not happy lil campers hehehe

C5H11ONO said...

"I have never asked for free drinks. I pay my own way."

I would say it is an unreliable denial. I am curious if the person conducting the interview asked him if he's gotten free drinks from his "fame" for him to be quoted as saying this, or if he said it in the free editing process. If this is the case, I would say that what we say in the negative is important, and he may not go around posing as Rod, but I'm sure there have been times when he's been at a bar and taken up the free drinks because he pretended to be Rod Stewart.

John Mc Gowan said...

He looks nothing like him lmao :-)

Tania Cadogan said...

he reminds me of a blonde Sharon Osborne :)

Tania Cadogan said...


It's Barry manilow ( it's the nose)

trustmeigetit said...

Also Tania..

On the Gerry… I mean “E=Fits” they (Kate and Gerry) have a page on their Madeline page for leads.

They have the Tanner sighting….. Some guy that was watching their apartment and the best…. “a woman was behaving suspiciously in the area of the Port Olimpic Marina in Barcelona in the early hours of May 7th 2007.” Why would this make the cut for your find Madeleine website but not the Smith sighting??????????????

That is one question I would like to ask them.

Here is the link…


If a child that could have been Madeline was seen with a man….and it was not Gerry… WHY WHY WHY would you not pursue that lead. Why would you not have that e-fit shown to everyone in the world.

Instead, on their page of suspects…. One of the most crucial sightings is just not there.

If that doesn’t scream that it is in fact Gerry I don’t know what else would….

To then now be looking at yet another law suit.

I am so ready for these 2 to finally go down. The lawsuit train needs to end!

Enough is enough!

Tania Cadogan said...

they ignored the snith sighting for a long time until they were forced to acknowledge it in their ,ockumentary and even then they tried to change the man from the Smith description (gerry?) to the 'man' tanner saw.

Even though tannerman was discredited by DCI Redwood who claimed it was a tourist taking his child from the creche, the mccanns still have it on their site as they have to bloster tanner's sighting (and gerry's alibi)

The Beckham lookalikie which clarence did a huge presser for , turned out to be an Aussie heiress with a lot of mioney and high priced lawyers so that was quietly dropped, yet no big presser about efit man,

Anyone would think they were deliberately ignoring it because it was in fact gerry.

If they ignore it, it will go away, sadly for them it won't and it hasn't :)

Anonymous said...

Is there not a difference between "I never pretended to be x" and "I HAVE never pretended to be x"?

I have never pretended to be Rod Stewart either at any time. My denial is entirely reliable. On the other hand, the first phrasing is grammatically incorrect and substituting
"never" for "did not" is not convincing.

trustmeigetit said...

I agree Tania!

What also amazes me is that they keep trying to make Tanner man and Smith man the same person.

YET don’t share these CRITICAL IMPORTANT (if you have a real missing child) e-fits on their website.

For them to be the same person would mean someone kidnapped Madeline and then went one direction. Then what, was lost? Changed their mind and then went to the other side of their resort and was spotted again.

Pretty risky to be running around with a kidnapped child for a good 40 minutes.

Kate McCann: “….To me, the similarities seem far more significant than any discrepancy in timing". I am staggered by how alike they are, almost identical in parts.”

Gerry McCann: “…Irish family saw a man and they gave an almost identical description of the man and the child

Seriously Gerry McCann it was you carrying a dead Madeleine that night.

If they were not trying so hard still to convince us it would not drive us as crazy.

But to do this, and sue others… You are no better than Billie Jean Dunn.

The only difference is you had better jobs and connections.

Anonymous said...

ha. I swear to god I know this guy. i met him years ago in a bar in Lake Arrowhead, he had me going for a bit that he was Rod Stewart. When I finally was just like - I don;t think so - he grinned and have in and asked me not to tell. He really had a few other girls convinced, he was workng it hard. I think he ended up taking them home or at least to the parking lot. ha haha. I'm sure it's same guy. but not him in first pic.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure I met the guy on the train but not guy in face book pic

Anonymous said...

Random odd fact: My parents have a good friend that is a Rod Stewart impersonator for a living. He does cruise ship shows, that kind of thing. He really does look a lot like Rod. It's creepy.

OT: Football enthusiasts might have heard of the mishandling of a player with a head injury in Saturday's Michigan game. The President of the UofM issued a statement today. I admit I was a bit surprised to see how many times he used the word I and not we. http://michigan.247sports.com/Bolt/Michigan-President-Releases-Statement-31625518

Unknown said...

Who does he think he's kidding, lol! He doesn't look like Stewart in the eyes/face...the only thing that makes him look like Stewart is the hairstyle.

When asked about the hairstyle he gave a passive answer, "This is the way I look".

As if he fell out of the womb with that hairstyle, and it's resemblance to Stewart's is a mere twist of fate! His hair is heavily dyed, processed, and styled, to achieve the look he is going for...Rod Stewart.

If he truly isn't trying to impersonate Stewart, then he would surely pick a less conspicuous hair style...one more befitting of a respectable business man of his age!

As for the drinks, he may have never ASKED for them to be free, but I doubt he turned down the offers. I also find it hard to believe he corrected any mistaken admirers.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Stewarts, here is a link to TONY Stewart's comments to the media yesterday.


Unknown said...

This guy is awesome. My husband and I, along with friends met him a few years ago in midtown at a bar. He's a funny and very easy going dude. He isn't hurting anyone, we bought him drinks and he bought us rounds as well. Did he maybe get more drinks from others across the bar who yelled over "if ya want my body and ya think I'm sexy come on fake rod let me know!!!"...? Yes. But it's all good...if I were rod Stewart, I'd thank the guy for keeping my name out there.

Unknown said...

Oh and whoever said he looks more like Barry manilow is dead on! Lol!

Kellie said...


Missing realtors body found


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:


(Bloomsdale) KMOX Radio is reporting that Lynn Messer's family has agreed to take lie detector tests in regards to Lynn's disappearance.

The 52-year-old Sainte Genevieve County woman vanished three months ago from the family farm near Bloomsdale, in the early morning hours of July 8th during a thunderstorm.

Her husband Kerry says when he woke up, Lynn was gone with no trace. Since her disappearance, family and friends have conducted search after search but with no sign of the woman.

There is a Facebook page called Find Lynn Messer where you can find out more information about the disappearance and upcoming searches.

If you have any info on the disappearance, call the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff's Department.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The Meredith Kercher murder case will be heard in Italy’s highest court of appeal in March next year, more than a year after the second guilty verdict.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were re-convicted of killing the 21-year-old British exchange student by a Florence court in January this year.

If the verdict is upheld, Italian officials are expected to start the process of extraditing 27-year-old Knox from the US.

The case will be heard by the Court of Cassation in Rome on March 25th, the highest appeals court in Italy.

A court of cassation does not re-examine the facts of the case, but will only rule on the interpretation of the law in the guilty verdict by the Florence court.

Meredith Kercher, was found dead in 2007, at the age of 21, in the apartment she shared with American student Knox in Perugia, Italy.

Knox and her Italian then-boyfriend Sollecito were initially found guilty of Kercher's murder and sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison

After four years behind bars, the pair were acquitted on appeal and Knox returned to her Washington state hometown.

Knox has since won a creative writing degree and was recently pictured in Brooklyn, New York, on a date with her new rocker boyfriend.

She has vowed that she will never 'willingly' return to Italy if the verdict is upheld

In July her 30-year-old ex and fellow convict graduated from Verona University after writing a thesis describing how he is innocent of Meredith’s murder.

Earlier in the summer, Sollecito gave a press conference in Rome in which he appeared to distance himself from Knox, saying he was 'not a guarantor' for her, adding that he could not be sure if she was with him the whole night when the murder took place.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2776349/Meredith-Kercher-murder-trial-reach-Italys-highest-court-March.html

trustmeigetit said...


Since you are British....question

The term "jemmied" in terms of the shutters in the Mccann case...

Is "jemmied" a common phrase used over there and if so, what does it typically mean?

Skeptical said...

I think he was having a good time enjoying the perks that came with pretending to be Rod Stewart until he was busted. It may be more difficult to pull off from now on.

trustmeigetit said...

My last post was in response to the anon at 1:21.

Anonymous said...

Jemmied or jimmied means forced open with a crowbar or lever

Tania Cadogan said...

Correct Anonymous.

It means to use force to prise something open often in reference to a crime, often using a crow bar or similar tool.

The impression given in the intial stories from the group and the mccanns family members is that the front was hanging open and the metal shutters outside the window had been smashed open/ visibly damaged indicating a forced entry and exit.

This was quickly dropped when on investigation neither the door nor any shutter were damaged in any way shape or form.

The statements from the mccanns family members would be classed as excited utterances since they repeated what they had initially been told by the mccanns directly.

Clarence mitchell their spokesman had to do a volte face when confronted with the evidence of non damage.

it should be noted that it was reported that earlier , during their vacation, gerry had mamanged to break a shutter .
This leads me to wonder if perhaps it was a trial run?
If so then we have premeditation and murder.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Mother of missing teen Erica Parsons pleads guilty to fraud


trustmeigetit said...

Thanks for the comments on jemmied.

There is a sight that I'm sure the MCCann's either wrote or had written that just discredits everything against them. The comment about the shutters they only state Gerry and Kate were not quoted directly as stating.

So I was wondering if it was a common word used there.

But I think it's more likely they just repeated what the Mccanns said since they wouldn't even know the window had shutters as well.

trustmeigetit said...

I do wonder now if the family members who said this still think Gerry and Kate are innocent?

Anonymous said...

Where's hobnob?? ;(

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon, I am hobnob, when i started my own blog and tinkered with the buttons and settings for it, i ended up posting in my real name.

I also changed my av but since i don't want to skeer people on this blog i changed it so it now shows my usual casual hobnob av so as to reduce any confusion.

I am beyond all help confusion wise since i have different nicknames/work name s i use depending on what i am commenting or posting on or working in.

Please feel free to either use my name Tania (a name i mostly hear only when i have been naughty) or my Hobnob or Hobs name in here or on my own blog.

ME said...

Hi am"ME"Liverpool poster:) I'm the same!if I log into google id in a Mexican,or some other I.d lol glad your still posting :)

Tania Cadogan said...

Rhanks and me too.

Using my real name makes me appear almost normal. :)