Saturday, September 6, 2014

Statements Out of Vogue

From time to time, readers have asked about expressions that go in and out of vogue.

Imagine, 1,000 years from now, people studying our culture and wondering if:

"This guy was so cool..." meant that some people, due to atmospheric conditions, say sociologists, had lower body temperatures.

We've had a few chuckles with, "wicked good" in New England.

There are statements, that is, ideas expressed by words, which in some generations were considered to be wise when applied to life.  Some have been considered wise (the theme, at least) for hundreds and hundreds of years, but suddenly (or so it seems) an idea, belief (expressed as statement) is not only discarded, but the very opposite is considered 'best', particularly for children.

What do you make of the following quote?

What has time done to it?

Why is the antitheses so popular today?

"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves; it is thinking of ourselves less."- C.S. Lewis


kevin said...

I firmly believe the malfunction is in modern child rearing techniques, lack of discipline=lack of respect=self centeredness, narcissistic behavior has to follow.

kevin said...

Being"gay"I have no children but if I had,id teach them"morality"

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww Kevin....ur nasty.

Tania Cadogan said...

Todays society is all me me me.

My generation who were born in the 80's and 70's are the product of the free love, peace to all, rebel against the man, be cool generation.

Our children became and are becoming parents who went to the other extreme from strict discipline to no discipline.

They raised their children with few if any rules and a huge sense of entitlement.

the result is our children carried it on, no discipline, kids will learn when they are reasy, no rules, id it sounds like hard work is needed change it so it becomes effortless, why should i work when the man will give me everything i want and if they don't i'll sue.

We see the result in todays young generation.
Children with no concept of parental control, being allowed ,nay encouraged to take what they want, do what they want, we see students leaving school with top grades yet barely able to write an application letter or do simple maths, employers having to provide education in order for their employees to do even the simplest of jobs.

We see horrendous crimes being committed by children, even those of 6-7 because someone told them no or someone had something they wanted.

We see teachers saying don't bother with correct spelling, it's still the same word if you spell it phonetically.
Have they seen medications?
Many have very simialr names, the only difference being the ending, 'one instead of 'ine as an example.

I am sure those same people would be pretty p155ed if they died because their doctor couldn't spell.

Tpday's youth is i want it and i want it now and they will take it regardless.

We have children having children,

At what point will society say enough and start controlling what are in effect becoming feral animals.
The post apocalyptic society is well on the way with no nuclear war needed.

Will there be a crime so horrific done by someone of an age where they would nornally not be charged that will cause society to stop dead and about turn back to discipline?

Will it go to the other extreme?

Vhildren will be isolated from society until they are trained and can be trusted to behave in a suitable manner?

Will children no longer be raised by parents but rather by an organisation?
Wull it end up that licences need to be obtained before having a child and depending on your income, social class, education etc you are restricted to a certain number?

Will society divide where the have, those with the education, the money, the good genes are allowed to breed and they become the teachers, the leaders etc and those of the lower social classes, poor genes, little to no education etc become the drones, used to clean, manufacture etc?

Will it end up that those of a certain genetic makeup are used for specific roles?
Some become the soldiers due to a family history through the generations for anger, violence, crime etc.
Others becomes teachers, doctors, scientists teachers, others the leaders, the thinkers etc.

Scary but if you look at todays society and follow the logical path generation to generation, parents passing on their behavirs and thoughts to each generation, it will end up as a car crash, a post apocalyptic scenario,

Anonymous said...

Slenderman's words has prompted an attempted murder. Again!

Lyrical, whimsical words of cool, cool carnage.

Thus is the world in which we thrive.

Anonymous said...

But, the roast beef sammich got the best of your humility, eh?

Anonymous said...

Tania, it would appear that you have devoted far too much time in dwelling on this subject. What difference does any of it make in the long run?

Why trouble your pretty little head over all that is wrong with us, our children and this world, that you can do nothing about; when all those who have gone on before us could do nothing about anything either. The best and only thing you can do is pray for us, yourself and the evil times yet to come; just like all those deceased billions whose names we don't even know, couldn't do anything either.

Oh, they fought wars and killed each other over trying to make these changes, still all dead. Do you think that you; or I, or anyone else, can make one iota of a difference in the big picture other than to seek Gods' wisdom in your OWN life and the lives of those around you?

Aren't there billions upon billions of dead people already lying in their burial spots or cast to the wind? Did any of these escape the final curtain call? Not a one. Aren't we ALL destined for the same fate? And aren't all of those still living and all those yet to come ALL destined for the undertakers table who are yet to follow behind us; that is, if they aren't disposed of in some other way first? Good, bad or indifferent, either way, still all deader than a doornail.

Do you think ANY will escape the death blow when the death angel shows up to carry our soul over, either in one direction or the other? Got news for you. We are ALL destined to meet our doom and face our maker. Now, that right there is scary!

Alls I can suggest is that you feast your eyes upon Jesus and stop wasting your mind on all these things that you or no one else can fix or change!

Now, there's a plan for ya!

Tania Cadogan said...

Alost everything can be changed if you put your mind to it (apart from a few laws of physics)

What does religion have to do with the collapse of society unless you include the genocides of millions of people, the mass slaughter of millions more, the horrendous atrocities perpetrated on man by man caused by someone believing in a different god to you or the same god but in a different manner?

If i cause a change in one person and they go on to cause a change in another and so on, eventually there will be billions all making a change.

I still do not understand why someone needs to believe in an invisble entity who will reward them if they are good and punish them if they are bad, who allegedly sent his son down who was tortured and murdered and who has a ghost as a sidekick.

These days anyone claiming to be a prophet a la the good old days would be sectioned and medicated or treated as a cult leader.

How are we to know if the so called lord hasn't been back down and is currently residing in happy meadows home for the insane or dead because some religion called them a false prophet and must die for blasphemy.

i will laugh my socks off if it turns out we got here by panspermia (big word look it up) or were the result of tinkering by extraterestrials.

have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Like I said. Are not they ALL DEAD? And so will YOU be, and I will be, and everyone sitting here will be; none shall escape their appointed hour or be able to ward off the death angel. Some sooner than later. BILLIONS before us could tell the tale but they can't come back to warn us.

Take that as you may. Find any excuses you wish to use to pass off your silly pseudo-intellectual nonsense; however, THOSE are the facts. The bell tolls. Loud and clear.

Deal with it or lie to yourself like many millions and billions before you have done and many more will continue too. Your choice.

Tania Cadogan said...

We are ALL destined to meet our doom and face our maker. Now, that right there is scary!

Coolies, i have always wanted to meet an extraterrestrial.

Will it be casual or formal wear or can i get away with smart casual?

Anonymous said...

“I begin to suspect that the world is
divided not only into the happy and unhappy, but into those who
happiness and those
who, odd as it seems,
really don’t.”

Anonymous said...

From the anonymous who posted at 2:09 and at 3:11; I suspect there is a merit of truth to your quote, Anon posted @4:04.

Acceptance of our lives and its' many struggles, with happiness and peace is not fleeting or lost to those who really seek to find it, in spite of the evil and confusion that's all around us.

Kellie said...
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Anonymous said...


The new and improved GenX is me, me, me, me....

Older books taught math, reading, and writing along with Biblical principles.

It was in the 70's I had to read a book about cannibalism. I was soooooo grossed out (colloquial term of the era) and had to switch to another.

I learned to spell phonetically, which may explain why I still can't spell. You don't use it, you lose it.

Even at the turn of the last century, children were having children and at a faster rate than today. There was more sexual, physical, and any type of abuse you can imagine out there. Those weren't the good old days for some.

"How are we to know if the so called lord hasn't been back down and is currently residing in happy meadows home for the insane or dead because some religion called them a false prophet and must die for blasphemy."

To answer that: test the spirits.

post apocalyptic scenario, doom,certain genetic makeup,...terms often associated with cult like leaders and followers.