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Baby Delano: Father is Deceptive

Statement Analysis has shown that Willie Wilson, Baby Delano's father, has been deceptive in his account of what happened to his missing son.

He has not spoken a great deal, but what he has said has been deceptive.

Please note:  when someone has brain damage, or acute mental illness, the account, even if untrue, may not necessarily show deception.

A woman said,

"My two children are missing.  I need a vacation."

Note that there is no problem with either sentence, until we put the context together, considering that a vacation and missing children are close together.  Reality:  she does not have children.

Deception is indicated when the subject intends to deceive the recipient of information.

Willie Wilson is indicated for deception because his account intends to deceive, not because he suffered a blow to the head, or had an alcohol blackout, or anything along these lines.

As to what actually happened to Baby Delano, he has not spoken enough for us to know.

Did he kill the child?
Did he sell the child?

With the family willing to speak, a journalist trained in Analytical Interviewing would get answers, even if Wilson continues to deceive.  This is because the words he choses in his attempt to deceive, must come from somewhere, and will likely be related to what is on his mind:  what happened to Baby Delano.

Here is the news story:

Saturday will mark one month since 6-week-old Delano Wilson disappeared.

His father, Willie Wilson, told police a man and woman took his infant son in an alley in the 1400 block of Henry Street after the man robbed Wilson at gun point and attacked him.

Eyewitness News ran a story earlier this week about Wilson looking for a sketch artist to draw the people he says took his baby. Following the airing of the story, the family got several offers to help.

Eyewitness News sat down again with Wilson Friday night, for a first look at the people he described to a sketch artist. The ones Wilson hopes someone will now recognize.

Even though a month has passed, Wilson says he can't forget what they looked like.
"This is it exactly. Exactly it. Like, it had me in tears when she was finished doing it," said Willie Wilson, holding up two sketches, one of a man, the other a woman.
Note the connection to the sketch, and not to the two "suspects" via the word, "it."
How would you react, presupposing truth?  Would your focus be upon the sketch, itself, or upon the two people who took your baby?  Taken in context with his other statements, he continues to be deceptive.

Wilson said the pictures were of the faces of the two people who took his 6-week-old son after the man robbed him at gun point and hit him, leaving him dazed and unable to fight back.

"Somebody knows something and that's the whole point. That's why we needed the sketch artist. This is what we needed. This is the extra step that we didn't have before," said Wilson.

"It was a line of faces and noses, eyes and stuff, you know. Just to help guide her. She did a great job," 

Note the absence of personal information, including rage, anger, frustration, hatred, etc, in this statement, and in the statement above, in which he clings, linguistically, to the sketch, but distances himself from the people the sketch represents.  
This may cause police to consider that he may not have sold the child.  It isn't conclusive, but it is something that should be considered:  harm, resulting in death, rather than sale. 

Would you have said, "That's them!  That's the *&*^()* that took my baby!" or something close?

Willie Wilson is lying.  He knows what happened to the child, and this is why police have not "cooperated" with him.   

Wilson said of the hour long process that went into the sketch artist drawing the people Wilson described.

Wilson said investigators never offered him a sketch artist, he believes because they're building a case against him.

Police though, have never named Wilson or the baby's mother, Taniasha Perkins, as suspects, saying repeatedly their primary focus still remains on finding baby Delano.

Investigators have interviewed the couple and removed items from their home during the investigation.

Wilson said he now hopes the sketches will become another piece of the effort to bring his son home.

"This opens up a whole other avenue, basically and we just want to let them know, we not stoppin', " said Wilson. "We out here. We still doing what we gotta do. Regardless of who help, who doesn't help. It's not going to stop us."

Wilson said he plans to give police copies of the sketches and hand out flyers with the pictures on them to anyone who will take one.

"I'm not going to give up," said Wilson.

We asked IMPD to comment on these sketches.

They told us in a written statement that IMPD has its own sketch artist. Police said the case was still active and open and encouraged anyone with information about missing baby Delano to contact them or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Web Extra: "I Just Want My Wife Back," Missing Realtor's Husband Speaks Out

Fears for real estate agent who disappeared after showing home to mystery buyer two days ago
Beverly Carter, 49, was showing a home in Scott, Arkansas, on Thursday
Husband went looking for her after she didn't come home

Niall MacDougall said...

I wonder how uncomfortable the sketch artist must have felt after Willie's reaction to the sketches produced.Though out their career they've no doubt heard that their sketches are 'fairly accurate' or very good,or even bare a 'striking resemblance' to the suspects they have ever sketched.

...and now they have produced a masterpiece which is exactly...EXACTLY!!! what the suspects looked like. I'm sure even they know full well that that is an extremely unlikely scenario.

Jo said...

John, did you see video of husbands plea. There is a link to it in article. He uses past tense- she knew what she was doing, she was good at it.... He also says he doesn't care if she is hurt and then at one point says " that's all I have to say". He never speaks to his wife or speaks of his love for her. Just wants her back. I also find it strange that he did not call her but rather went to the home.

Tania Cadogan said...

Lots of head shaking in his interview (it's very faint)
She knew not she knows.

A lot of pauses where he self edits,
she was going to bring me supper that.. tonight..last night.

By nine o'clock i knew something was wrong, by eight o'clock i knew something was wrong but i gave it till eight thirty.

i just would like to have my wife back and.. that's all i really have to say

Lots of negative headshaking when he asks to please let her go.
It is also interesting he stands still most of the interview except when asked if she said anything about the viewing where he staps off to one side and then steps back again ( flight or fight response>)

OH dear a big red flag.
But, as far as the real estate goes, i think every woman needs to know (head shaking) there's some crazy people out here(?) in the world (head nodding) and I'M SORRY, there is, and i pray that they'll be better than... Beverley
been doing it for about 12 years, she KNEW what she WAS doing, she WAS dang good at it

They need to poly him, his body language is off and use of past tense so soon is always a red flag.

John Mc Gowan said...

Re my OT,

In this clip her husband says "I wish they would let her come home"

Who are "they" he speaks of?.

He also goes on to say " We, will walk away and "they" will never hear from "me" again"

Again we see the plural crop up in his language. Why is he convinced there are more than one person involved in this? If at all anyone. she may have decided to leave him. Why does he not ask for her to come home.? Why is he asking "Them" to let her go. Have LE give him reason to use this type of language? Do they believe she has been taken?. Although in some reports, they say there was no signs of a struggle.

These are only sound bites, it would be better if we had the whole conversation to put it better into context. However, these are his words.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:52, your post is thought provoking.

missing black child not important because father is liar, suspects weren't speeding, and improper English is spoken (normal among poor black folk).

In leui of:
Missing blonde in Ark. whose husband uses passive verb would make him a good candiadte for a witch hunt. A murder mystery!

Delano Wilson an innocent baby, he is lacking press, you are correct. He isn't lacking press coverage due to his race. It's the information provided by Wilson to investigators that didn't pan out. That they pulled the Amber Alert, due to the ambiguous information by who: The father. His story didn't prove to be valid. This has been in the press, IMPD this is an active investigation, yet no one is coming forward.

Why is the father poking IMPD? that they are not communicating with him? why he went purposely on the news, after 3.5 wks no press, if only I had a sketch artist! A woman volunteer sketch artist came forward, a poor one at that. He to say Exact it, her finished sketches. This is a farce. Who is re-victimized yet again by his own father, Delano.

He is not serving his son justice, he is making himself look like a grad of clown school.
Tricks are for kids, silly rabbit. He is making a mockery of his son's missing. This doesn't set well with the public. It detours them from supporting the parents. It detours persons from becoming involved. If they are capable of this much deception on the news, what are they capable of face to face. No one enjoys being duped.

A precious baby is the victim, and if you go back to every video of the parents, in press. Not once do either of them say his name.

How is the public to transcribe their lackey into their hearts? that this sweet baby " Delano" is actually personal to them. When they cannot even say his name. They are selling a story. The neighbors may have shut them out, the persons who do not believe them. Yet there are people who are doing whatever they can to help. It's simply not press worthy.

Children missing are children missing. Within the communities that when that alert is heard, a missing baby. It reaches, it's painful, and people will volunteer their time, for the baby to be found. Irregardless of the story presented as pure lie. People do not forget.

Bianca Jones, she morning of Dec 2, 2012 was reported missing. Bianca Jones, Detroit. Her father to be of lies, he to tell DPD he was carjacked, it was live coverage here in Detroit. Helicopters, live streaming on the scene within mins of his 911 call. Detroit Murder Capital, Bianca Mattered. He was on Nancy Grace. Where is he now, in prison. LWOP for the murder and disposal of his daughter Bianca. Her body has never been recovered. She isn't of Detroit press, she is of no one looking, no one is of care. Why? because no one has come forward demanding her to to be found. Speculations that her mother was involved as she stood in court defending the sperm donor, over her missing just turned 2 yr old daughter.

Bianca Jones her photos are online, one look at her and all you see is a pretty baby, a sweet innocent baby, for anyone to hurt her it's beyond brain scope. She who is no longer among us, she is not forgotten. The deception of her parents to overshadow her worth. Her not being found has nothing to due with her skin color, nor Nancy Grace. For her to be found, she given a proper funeral there is thousands of Detroiters' who would do, do right by HER, Bianca.

Anon, by your post, you are awake, you care. You are correct of divide in media, it's all about sensationalism National Level. The truth isn't of meaning to NG for the most part, she reads her scripts of her informed via her producers. Where does her producers gain the info: sources may vary

Anonymous said...

In this day and age does anyone else find it odd that the "baby stealers" had no tattoos, piercings or other identifying marks on their persons?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sounds like he's exaggerating when he states EXACTLY! He's lying, I bet if someone else offered to draw he would say the same. If someone purposely drew a part of the face different than his description he would have said it matched, because he probably would remember every detailed lie.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

BREAKING: Suspect Named in Missing Realtor Case

Bench warrant issued in disappearance of Beverly Carter — UPDATE

Jen said...


The woman in the sketch! Its Jennifer Lopez!

Now, if only we can identify the dude, the case will be solved.

This Wilson character is a genius coming up with this. (big eye roll here)

John Mc Gowan said...


Ex-BA Pilot Denies Child Sex Offences
Bartle Frere is accused of abusing underage boys in India while working as a captain with BA, as well two boys in the UK.

Jen said...

With respect to the husband of Beverly Carter who referred to her in the past tense may have had pretty good information or a feeling that she is already dead- not because he killed her, but because he knows something else that would indicate she is deceased.

Unknown said...

It appears that Morgan Harrington's murderer has been identified! He is the same man suspected of abducting Hannah Graham.

The article I read says that LE is confirming a 'forensic link' between Harrington, and Jesse Matthews. (the suspect)

I'm having trouble linking the article from FB. I'll keep trying, but it can be found on NCB29.COM.

Sadly, it doesn't look good for Hannah.

Unknown said...

Apple said...

Ugh Jen, how awful. Her poor family.

Unknown said...

So terrible, Apple :-(

I also read that the DNA profile matches a 2005 rape case, where a man fitting Matthews description was startled by a passerby, and fled, after raping a woman who he accosted, and dragged into the woods.

It's terrible to think how many women he has probably victimized that we know nothing about! If he had been brought to justice in 2005, Morgan and Hannah would have been saved.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Suspect arrested in missing Realtor case

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:57
Here me now, beleive me later: I won't be forced into your terrorist charity!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

By Sky News US Team

The body of real estate agent Beverly Carter, missing since last week, has been found in Arkansas, local reports say.

The body of the 49-year-old woman was found in a shallow grave, according to the reports.

Authorities have been searching for Mrs Carter since last Thursday, when she failed to return from an appointment to show a home to a potential buyer.

On Monday, police had arrested Arron Lewis, 33, on suspicion of kidnapping Mrs Carter.

Now authorities are planning to charge him with capital murder.

Mrs Carter told her husband she was going to meet the potential buyer at a repossessed property in the town of Scott, east of Little Rock.

Mr Carter said he later found his wife's car abandoned with her purse and wallet still inside at the address where she had scheduled her appointment.

He said he received three out-of-character text messages in a row from his wife's phone at about 1am on Friday.

The first read simply: "Yes."

The next said: "My phone's low. The battery's down, and I'll call you whenever I get signal."

The final message read: "Oh, I'm out drinking with some friends" - though Mr Carter said his wife was not a drinker.

More follows...

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Christina Morris

Investigator Gives Thoughts on Finding Christina Morris

PLANO -- The weathered posters for Christina Morris are a reminder to folks in Plano the 23-year-old is still missing. Morris seems to have vanished without a trace, and Plano PD has yet to come up with a clue to solve this case.

"There are two things you have to consider - was this a random act, or was it planned? And at this point it could be either one," Private Investigator Andrew Fisher said.

RELATED – Staying Relevant: Mom Holds Vigil for Missing Daughter Christina Morris

Without a Trace: Boyfriend Speaks Out About Missing Girlfriend

New Clues: Surveillance Released in Christina Morris Case

Even though he hasn't been involved in this search, Fisher says he'd start with all the security cameras - and there are plenty at The Shops at Legacy .

"It would take someone a couple of days to gather up that photo evidence and put it together that would allow the examination of license tag numbers of people coming and going at our particular point in time," Fisher explained.

Surveillance cameras may have helped solve the case of another missing woman, Hannah Graham. Video shows the UVA student coming and going the night she disappeared. She's spotted at a gas station and then at a bar.

The prime suspect in the case was caught more than 2,000 miles away here Texas. A deputy spotted Jesse Matthew Jr. on the beach in Galveston Wednesday afternoon and took him into custody.

Back in Plano, Fisher says if he was investigating Christina's case he'd re-interview the folks who knew her best.

"The boyfriend is a good guy to go to, he knows something, he is going to know something." said Fisher. and then there's criminal background checks, phone records and emails

"We've got to eliminate people, that tells us where we are." said Fisher

fisher knows time is not on Christina's side, she`s been missing for almost a month now.

"We've got to get down to things that we know, and right now we don`t know a lot but we got a good place to start." Fisher said.

Anonymous said...

Another fake hate crime solved.

lulu said...

Does anyone else feel a murder-for-hire vibe going on with Beverly Carter?

Suzanne said...

Yes, Lulu. That's what I am thinking too.

Tania Cadogan said...

Why would the husband use past tense so soon after she vanished unless he knew, suspected or was given reason to believe she was dead?

Perhaps there were issues in the marriage causing him to show sensitivity?

Jo said...

I am with you LuLu.

John Mc Gowan said...

Yes Tania, it was so soon after she went missing that he used past tense. Maybe, as you say, they had marriage issues, and he wanted her to not come back. Insurance maybe.

Just speculation i know.

Anonymous said...

Re Beverly Carter. You all had it wrong. this is why this can be dangerous. her husband had nothing to do with her disapearance but you all jump on the "husband" did it bandwagon. Tanya, polygraphs are not foolproof. The poor family losing a wife and mother but all you think about it "he did it". Disgusting.

John Mc Gowan said...


Where did we all have it wrong?

Where did we say he done it?

Apple said...

I read a couple quotes from Beverly's husband. There is a possibility that he had more information from LE than we have heard. Now ive read the concrete company where she was found was a place the perp worked and also stole a truck from over the weekend. Her husband may have been privy to forensic evidence as well.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments John. Husband knows more, take a polygraph, spoke in past tense........ do you people even think of the damage you can cause families? Other o/t comments in other posts try to make something out of a tragedy. I can think of 2 cases from Aus where everyone jumped to conclusions and were wrong. the damage caused to these families is unfair. They have already suffered tragedy but then to be targeted by "armchair" experts is incomprehensable. Maybe we treat people a little different in Australia. Maybe we aren't automatically so suspicous. Maybe is a cultural thing. I just find sometimes that people automatically attack family before they know the facts. No one of this blog knows anyone's full story. So how can you judge others? A few years ago a mothers lost her 2 sons. They died in her house, she was with them and they were napping and didn't wake up. Smothering, the media said. Persecute her - she is guilty. Turns out the poor Mum lost her two babies because of a faulty heater in the home that leaked carbon monoxide. She wasn't guilty but the media and people blamed her. Wasn't even her fault. A few times the Aussie media have got it wrong. They tend to be bit more careful now. "A dingo has got my baby"......

trustmeigetit said...

This is a statement analysis sight. The whole point is to analyze staements.

That's what people come here to do.

And not one person has said "he killed her".

What been said is "he needs to poly.....there are red flags.... I find that strange"

We are all learning and making observations.

But how often is there proof we are wrong.

You used the Dingo case but we still do NOT know for sure what happened.

Convictions or acquittal means nothing at the end of the day.

Until we have concrete facts or someone confesses, who knows.

What we do here is flag off statements.

And the realtor cases... Just cause they have a suspect doesn't mean the case is closed. And I read one comment that clearly stated the husband may be aware of more information (past tense) that we don't know that can explain things that statement analysus flags.

Anonymous said...

Random killings usually go without a logical reason but to me it seems odd that Beverly Carter's killer says "because she was a rich broker" What did "rich" have to do with the killing? He did not gain anything financially from killing her?

Anonymous said...

I wish, Peter would have a "Current Topics" place to comment for those OT posts. Those are interesting, too, but it's frustrating when one has no time to wade through the OT stuff when expecting to read comments on a case being discussed at this moment.

Anonymous said...

@John.... The dingo was innocent. We do know what happened in this case. The Chamberlin's were found innocent. They were also persecuted by Australian media because they were seventh day adventists. The media knew nothing of that religion and made them out to be very strange and weird. It has been proven time and again dingos can attack. I am an athiest by the way, so no connection to churches. Lindy Chamberlin was hounded and treated extremely unfairly. This was one of the biggest cases of my life and I followed it closely. Also read her book. Very interesting reading. Movie was crap.