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Marv Albert and Jian Ghomeshi Analysis.

Marv Albert said, regarding allegations he had physically abused a prostitute: 

"I categorically deny these charges and intend to vigorously defend myself against these allegations.  I am confident that I will be completely exonerated when these allegations are addressed in a public courtroom."

This same statement with emphasis and analysis:

"I categorically deny these charges and intend to vigorously defend myself against these allegations.  I am confident that I will be completely exonerated when these allegations are addressed in a public courtroom."

Rather than say, "I didn't assault her" in some form, he "categorically denied", which means to "refuse to accept" the charges.  This is different than saying "I didn't do it."

Note also that he "intends" to defend himself which does not mean one will follow through with one's intentions.  We change our minds frequently.

To state "I am confident" actually weakens the statement.  It is unnecessary language.

He is a professional broadcaster and continues with additional wording that when taken together, sound persuasive.  When broken down into parts (analysis), make the statement weak.

He not only "denied", or refused the allegations, but he "categorically" denied them.  This is a word meant to strengthen the denial.

"Vigorously" defend himself is another attempt to build strength in the statement.

"I am confident" is the third.

"completely" exonerated instead of just being "exonerated" is the fourth.

It amounts to this:  Which one is stronger?

a.  I am happily married.    OR
b.  I am very very very very happily married"?

The first is a strong, confident statement.  The second uses the word "very" in an attempt to strengthen the assertion.  By using it four times, it screams for a divorce attorney to cash in.

In Albert's statement, he avoids telling us "I didn't do it" instead employs a number of words in an attempt to sound strong. He even employs time:  "when" rather than issue a reliable denial.

He did not "vigorously" defend himself, and, in fact, did not "categorically deny" the allegations.

He pled guilty.

With Jian Ghomeshi, we have another man using a lot of words to avoid saying, in a simple form, "I didn't do it" in regard to the allegations.

What sounds strong to some, is weak to Statement Analysis.

This is a follow up on my analysis of Jian Ghomeshi's Facebook post.

My initial analysis of the subject was personally unpleasant.  Having worked for years with victims of not only domestic violence, but of those who have been sexually assaulted, made it more challenging, personally, than it could have been.

I know, too well, perhaps, the pain that families and loved ones of victims go through.  My personal religious views only heighten the difficulty in objectivity in analysis, as the subject has taken that, which I believe has been gifted to us as a means of not only procreation, but expressing intimacy, and is specifically designed as an antithesis to pain in this life, that one who holds that inflicting pain upon another, particularly in the parts of the body designed for gentleness and pleasure, with strong emotional connection, is a deliberate perversion on the part of the subject.

I have written extensively on the life long sufferings of victims of sexual abuse, owning that there does not appear a way to measure the psychological pain inflicted upon them, except to say that it is lifelong, and it impacts both mental and physical health.  It is cancerous and pervasive and I do not think there is a "safe refuge" for the victim, anywhere, in this life. Even holidays, normally filled with joy for most of us, can provoke painful memories.  The gentle touch, with all of its healing remedies, was turned into pain, shame and degradation. I do not know how to quantify the pain for those sexually abused.  Statistics on substance abuse, suicidal ideation and even suppressed immune systems do not do justice.

This was in my mind while doing the analysis.

I am indebted to those of you who's comments were pithy and applicable, and rightfully could be added to the analysis.  Hence, the conclusion of the matter, that is, that the subject is 'misleading' his audience via withholding information, remains the same.  It was difficult keeping my own disdain out of the analysis.

Those who take up the mantle of discerning truth from deception must always be aware of personal limitation.

I must be aware that this topic elicits emotion in me that does not belong in analysis.

Reports are now that another woman, a fourth, has come forward.  I expect more.

I recognize that it appears that all of his alleged victims are female.

It also appears that they were all younger than him, and that they were fans of his.

This puts them in a vulnerable position while putting him in a position of exploitation.

That he did "nothing wrong" in assaulting women, simply because it was "consensual" only shows how deeply self-deceived he is.  One commentator wrote that he was "trying to persuade" his audience.  True enough, as any post might be an attempt to persuade, but this commentator, I believe, meant it this way:

While reporting "what happened", he went on to persuasion, rather than reporting, and was heavy at that.

I agree.  It is a "red flag" of Statement Analysis because it came in the portion of the statement dedicated to "what happened", and it shows weakness.

Even the mention of the popular books and authors is an attempt to appeal to those who have a positive emotional connection to the books.  I do not.

We also saw his need to disparage his victim.  This is another "red flag" of Statement Analysis.

That he felt the need to tell us that one victim was "in her early 20's" bothers me.  When there is no need, that is, when information is "unnecessary", we recognize it as very important to the subject, himself.

Why did he have a need to tell us that the "woman" (not "person", "child", nor "teen") would need clarification as an adult?  In his mind, he appears to be preparing for another form of "consent", namely, the legal age of consent.

Every day in our country, women call out for help against violence.  Susan Murphy Milano's "Heads Up" was  a practical means of escape.

This meant teaching the victim how to collect her personal belongings, items she might now have previously thought of (birth certificates, social security cards, etc), and make careful plans (often to leave the State) to a safe haven, while not triggering the suspicion of the abuser.

For all the bad rap on lawyers, there are those who donate a portion of their paychecks for this very purpose, as women in these situations are often subjugated financially, and do not have the means to start anew, and need help.

Women who were interviewed by The Star claimed  Jian Ghomeshi physically attacked them on dates without consent. They stated that Ghomeshi hit them with a closed fist or open hand, bit them, choked them until they almost passed out, covered their nose and mouth so that they had difficulty breathing, and that they were verbally abused during and after sex.

Ghomeshi appealed to:

Fans of his program,
Fans of the two authors cited,
Those who feel their company has no right into their private sexual lives.

This likely encompasses a large group of people.  I do know anyone who wants their company to have knowledge of their private sexual life.  

Yet it is a sophisticated way to avoid saying "I didn't do it" as he believes that he didn't "do anything wrong", knowing that people will consider his actions reprehensible, hence the need to not only change the dialog from assaultive behavior to freedom to privacy. 

In Statement Analysis it is similar to avoiding the question, making the issue sensitive. 


Anonymous said...

Thank You Peter Hyatt for continuing your efforts.

Articles written present and past

10/28/2014 The case of Jian Ghomeshi: commentary from the anti-violence frontline

What Jian Ghomeshi’s Accusers Were Afraid Of -10/27/2014

This woman has had her life torn apart for sharing her experience meeting " Jian"

June 2013, IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Accidentally Went On A Date With A Presumed-Gay Canadian C-List Celebrity Who Creepily Proved He Isn't Gay

Jane said...

Re his description of one of his girlfriends as being "in her late 20s," someone commented (on, I think) that perhaps this was his way of showing off that he, at age 47, was attractive enough to date a woman in her 20s -- that he couldn't help but brag about her age.

Anonymous said...

This Go-messy fella sounds like a real creep. Being hit with a closed fist and suffocated? Wow! Sounds like attempted murder not sexual exploitation.

I had a creepy similar incident happen recently. Had a yard sale and reconized some of my problems. One woman I'd caught trying to look in my home from the street attended and came back after a cop came to pick up his dog that had run loose.At the same time, a man I'd never seen before mentioned he'd never be able to leave the state then looked at an axe and asked how much? She said: Getting something for your girlfriend?

It was so creepy!

There are people like this all over. This guy sounds like someone who used his celebrity to abuse people.

Mary said...

His defense of CBN fired him because of his personal lifestyle doesn't address why CBN also barred from being on CBN property.

I guess he couldn't weave an answer into his 'I was fired for being a sexual minority' lies when he was barred for sexual harassment. He also leaves out he punched these women in the face. Why would all these women want to lie about abusive behavior? He said one ex wanted revenge but what do the other women gain from lying about physical abuse? Nothing. They actually stand to lose much & face harassment from his "fans." He tried to get out front & win public opinion but he's losing. His blog post was too obvious as to what his true objective was.

Thanks Peter!

Anonymous said...

new case, kind of a family jim jones thing. two people in the home were spared.

trustmeigetit said...

If some has already been convicted and sentenced.... And then chooses to say something to the family of the victim... Is "I'm innocent" more reliable? This was the convicted person comment.

"I am sorry," he said through a translator. "I'm very sorry for what happened to your daughter. But I had nothing to do with it. I am innocent."

Tania Cadogan said...

trustmeigetit said...

If some has already been convicted and sentenced.... And then chooses to say something to the family of the victim... Is "I'm innocent" more reliable? This was the convicted person comment.

"I am sorry," he said through a translator. "I'm very sorry for what happened to your daughter. But I had nothing to do with it. I am innocent.

An unreliable denial, It violates the principal of 1st person singular, past tense, event specific.
He doesn't say i didn't do whatever the crime was..

he apologises twice for whatever happened to the woman's daughter.

Apologies in a statement should always be noted, and here he repeats it making it sensitive.

BUT refutes or negates or even in some cases compares what was said previously.
Here it is immediately after he apolgises twice, negating or refuting his apology perhaps

He tells us he had nothing to do with IT but doesn't tell us what the IT is that he has nothing to with.

Here would be the perfect place for a reliable denial yet he doesn't

He tells us he is innocent, not that he didn't do said crime, and, if he can't say he didn't do said crime using 1st person singular, past tense, event specific, then i can't say it for him.

PS My captcha words were peter ottomen :)

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A mother-of-three who vanished as she headed to the Talladega Superspeedway alone nine days ago has still not been found - and police say they have few clues.

Theresa Benn's husband Kevin told police he dropped her off near the racetrack early on Sunday October 19, Lincoln Police Investigator Amanda Crow said.

She was last seen on Speedway Industrial Drive in Lincoln, which is more than three miles from the track. Authorities do not know if she ever made it to the track, which opened at 5am.

Kevin Dulaney, who said he left his wife to walk to the track alone because he did not want to join her at the race weekend, alerted police that she was missing at 7.30pm that day.
Authorities are looking into reports that she was carrying a purse and a cell phone at the time and they are checking her cell phone records to see if they can determine her location, Crow said.

So far multiple tips from people have turned up nothing, she said.

'There's really not a whole lot to go on,' she said. 'We have searched the area and have been responding to tips but we really don't have a small enough area to search yet.'

She added that police have interviewed people known to Benn but would not identify them.

Crow would not say whether or not foul play is suspected and that it is being treated as a missing person's case for now.

Benn, who has two adult children and a 15-year-old, also goes by the name Theresa Andrews Dulaney. Police say they believe she has been married before and Andrews is her maiden name.

She was wearing blue jeans, pink cowboy boots, a black tank top and a large, diamond-covered belt and buckle at the time of her disappearance.

She is described as being 5 ft 5, weighing 108 lbs and having blonde hair.

She is the second person to go missing at Talladega in the last 18 months.

In May 2013, Nicholas Bower of Georgia disappeared the night before the Cup race at the track. His body was found 10 days later in a nearby creek, but authorities said foul play was not involved.

Anyone with information on Theresa's whereabouts is asked to call 205-763-4063.

Read more:

Do we have any statements from the hubby?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Michael Payne, the father of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, has died aged 45, The Sun reported.

His daughter was eight when she was killed by paedophile Roy Whiting in 2000.

Mr Payne, who had struggled with alcohol-related problems since his daughter's death, died in Maidstone, Kent, where he has lived since separating form his wife Sara.

He had told of being filled with "anger and bitterness" over his daughter's murder.

Whiting, already a convicted sex offender when he snatched and killed the eight-year-old near her home in Surrey, was given a life sentence in 2001.

Sarah's murder led to the development of Sarah's Law, which allows parents, carers and guardians to formally ask the police to tell them if someone has a record for child sexual offences.

More than 700 disclosures of paedophiles have been made across England and Wales, and Scotland, since powers under Sarah's Law were rolled out nationwide.
Last updated Thu 30 Oct 2014

Anonymous said...

who drops a 108 pound lady 3 miles from her destination at 5 in the morning.

sounds like foul play to me.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Anna Cardwell Speaks Out About Mama June's Alleged Relationship With The Man Who Molested Her

trustmeigetit said...

Thanks Hobs!

I was a little torn on that case. That was the man convicted of killing Chandra Levy. I still think Gary Condit had something to do with her death, I just was not sure if he maybe killed her himself or had her killed. If he didn't issue a reliable denial, then I am back to wondering if Gary paid that man to kill her.
Just never felt Gary was innocent in that.

C5H11ONO said...

One of the victim's compelling side to what happened (Good comparison to Ghomeshi's tale):

Actual recording:

C5H11ONO said...

PS-I would you like it transcribed?

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Shrewd lady. Well done to the operator too for latching on to what was happening.

911 Call: Woman orders pizza to report domestic abuse

A popular Reddit thread asked users who were former 911 operators, “What is that one call that you could never forget?”

User Crux1836 wrote:

I had a call that started out pretty dumb, but was actually pretty serious:
“911, where is you emergency?”
“123 Main St.”

Note her she does not begin with a greeting (hi, hello etc. She is straight to the point, the point being her address. We note in 911 calls if the caller is greeting the operator. This could be to curry favor, and to get LA on their side.

“Ok, what’s going on there?”
“I’d like to order a pizza for delivery.” (oh great, another prank call).
“Ma’am, you’ve reached 911”
“Yeah, I know. Can I have a large with half pepperoni, half mushroom and peppers?”
“Ummm…. I’m sorry, you know you’ve called 911 right?”
“Yeah, do you know how long it will be?”
“Ok, Ma’am, is everything ok over there? do you have an emergency?”
“Yes, I do.”
“..And you can’t talk about it because there’s someone in the room with you?” (moment of realization)
“Yes, that’s correct. Do you know how long it will be?”
“I have an officer about a mile from your location. Are there any weapons in your house?”
“Can you stay on the phone with me?”
“Nope. See you soon, thanks”
As we dispatch the call, I check the history at the address, and see there are multiple previous domestic violence calls. The officer arrives and finds a couple, female was kind of banged up, and boyfriend was drunk. Officer arrests him after she explains that the boyfriend had been beating her for a while. I thought she was pretty clever to use that trick. Definitely one of the most memorable calls.
Buzzfeed News tracked down the 911 operator, who is now an environmental attorney with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“This call occurred almost 10 years ago,” Keith Weisinger told Buzzfeed, adding, “I remember feeling relieved we had an officer close by who could respond quickly.”

Thankfully, Weisinger had experience dealing with domestic dispute calls. “I dispatched for a county of 200,000 people and I would say I handled one or two domestic disturbance calls a night. Frequently, drugs or alcohol were involved.”

Weisinger doesn’t know what happened to the caller after police arrived, but admires the caller for her bravery. “Whether she had thought of this trick before, or it just came to her, she indicated the urgency of her situation without giving away the true purpose of her call.”

rANDIE said...


Shrewd lady. Well done to the operator too for latching on to what was happening.

911 Call: Woman orders pizza to report domestic abuse

A popular Reddit thread asked users who were former 911 operators, “What is that one call that you could never forget?”

Statement Analysis Blog said...

if you have time to transcribe, it is so very much appreciated!

C5H11ONO said...

Transcribed! I tried to catch all her utterances as best I could, and I may have missed something. (I wish I had that Dragon software!)

Can you tell us how you first met Jhian Ghomeshi

I met Jhian about, it was, it was over 10 years ago, and it was at a Christmas media party, and I had friends who knew him and worked with him, but I myself had never met him. And uhm at the party uhm he was smitten with me, and I was taken by his charm, he’s a, he’s a very charismatic man, no question.

Did you want to go out with him?

C5H11ONO said...

Uhm, well at the time I, I hadn’t, I just thought we were, kind of, having a connection, but I didn’t know he was going to ask me to come out with him, but when he did I, I said yes. I was just coming out of a relationship, a very long one, and I hadn’t dated for a long time, so I was liking the attention, and I thought he was you know, a charming man.

Can you describe that first date you had?

(Clears throat) Well, he first asked me to come to a taping of his show, and I did, and after the show, you know, he he noticed me at the show and h… and he lit up and it was like you came. And uh, we hung out a little bit with some of his colleagues and then we went off alone to a pub and y-- just chatted and there was absolutely nothing about that, that gave me any indication that there was anything to worry about or you know he was charming, like that would be the word I would give Jhian, is charming. And, then after he drove me back to my car, and we chatted in the car, and we, and he was getting flirty, so in the car he you know, was looking like he wanted to do a little more, and then he asked me if he, if I would undo my buttons, and I said no, because I didn’t know you. And he reached over and grabbed my hair very hard and pulled my head back. And it really took me off guard, but I I don’t know precisely exactly what he was saying, but I, I’m thinking it was something along the lines of do you like this and and I don’t know what I said, but it was a week night and it was late and I had to go.

C5H11ONO said...

How did you feel about that? When you finally, you got out of the car then you got in your own car, what were you thinking when about that experience?

Well, First I didn’t like it, and that’s not my style, uhm but also did did I miss something not dating for a while or, and also I kind of put to that if a couple gets together there is always a little learning curve and it could be you know, don’t hit me so hard or don’t kiss me like that or whatever, but uh that wasn’t part of my repertoire ever. So I just kind of, I was more shy and I just thought I’d figure it out later.

Why did you agree to see him again?

Because like I said, I hadn’t dated for a while and I did like him. And and all the time I spent with him up to that point was great, there was nothing about him that I that I didn’t like, and that I though you know maybe he’s just a little too rough and I can sort it out.

What happened on the second date?

Well I went to another taping of the show, but we didn’t hang out after that, but then I went to another one and there was a big snowstorm, and a girlfriend of mine came, and so, on, at the end of the night, we had we had taken the subway, and didn’t drive that night because it was too treacherous, so at the end of the night he asked me to come out with him, and I said, well my, I have my friend here, and he and he agreed to drop her at a subway, and then we went on to his house, and then we, when we were at his house it was fine, it was, he you know, put some music on, I was, you know looking at his living room, and he had some interesting things in there, and uh, you know, again, we were flirty, and but in that flirting he grabbed my hair again, but even harder, threw me in front of him, on the ground and started closed fist pounding me on my head, repeatedly, until my ears were ringing, and I started to cry.

Did you struggle?

Uhh, I was, no, I was, it was, I was in shock, and when you get hit in the head everything rings, and you know it’s hard to do anything, but try to, you know there was no conversation, about I like, you know, some..anything, and uh he didn’t ask me if I like to be hit, he didn’t ask me, uh you know I wasn’t expecting it, and he hit me repeatedly. And..

On the head? Always on the head?

On the head, yeah, on the si..., on one side of my head over and over, and on the, and I’m on the floor and I’m and then I’m in tears and he, he said you need to go.

C5H11ONO said...

What did you say?

I don’t, I didn’t say much at all after that. I got in a cab and cried all the way to my friend’s place, I didn’t even go home, I was I was, a mess, I went to my friend’s place and stayed at her house and cried all night.

Your friend is a nurse isn’t she?


We’ve spoken with her and she says this you did arrive in this state.


What did she, what what state where you in when you arrived at your friend’s house?

In tears, I was I was just a mess, and she you know, was ww. saying typical friend things like you know he’s not worth it, and you can do better and you know, and and at this point it’s like wow why did I even, you know, cause I, as I said I hadn’t been dating, and she was she was comforting in a typical friend way, and but but, you know people have asked my why didn’t you press charges or, that’s that’s a tough one.

Why didn’t you?

Because it’s too difficult to prove, it’s embarrassing, in the moment you’re, you know myself I was so distraught, all I wanted to do was curl up in a corner, I didn’t you know, I I wasn’t expecting to go out with this man who was seemingly charming and nice, and you know I come from an an educated family and I thought wow my dad would really like you. And then to get physically abused like that it was it was shocking, I re.. I didn’t expect it at all?

Did your friend who is a nurse, did she see the any physical signs of this beating?

Uhm, no, no. She, well not that she mentioned. If any..he hit me on the head, so and I wasn’t bleeding, and I wasn’t, it was just more of a, the trauma of being hit in the head.

There was no need to seek medical attention then?


C5H11ONO said...

Did you think anytime, as this as you said this happened more than a decade ago, did you think at any time when you that you should have gone to the police?

Yes. I I absolutely did, and the thing is, it, I couldn’t just you know forget about it, I was constantly reminded, and I’m remarried now and my husband knows about it, but every time we hear Jian on television, or you know for commercials for CBC or or anything, I I have tur turn it off quickly, cause I, I I can never look at him without thinking of this, I can’t understand why this man who, he’s he’s such a great tv personality and radio personality has this dark dark side to him and, and it’s been hard because I’ve I’ve had to to suppress it and just put it you know, down to some bad experience, but then when this came to light, uhm a few days ago, it almost, it gave me permission to speak and I thought maybe someone will listen to me now, because I don’t think if I had said anything back then that anyone would care.

Did you compare notes with anyone, you know of some of his circle of friends, did you ever feel that you should say, hey does, do you know if this happened to anybody else?

No. There’s actually only one person in his circle of friends that I’m speaking to, because it’s a very sensitive subject with the rest, and because, you know it’s hard for some people to understand because they’ve only seen the side that I saw and to see that other side you have to be behind closed doors.

He has written as you know a Facebook post, Jian Ghomeshi says in this that he has adventurous forms of sex that includes dominance and submission, and that, anything, that is, that any implication that this was not consensual is a lie. What do you say to that?

That’s what made me...the… enfuriated me, because there was nothing to to prepare me for this, nothing, there was no talk, other than what I said in the car when he pulled my hair, I think he might have been saying, do you like it rough, but there was no we’re gonna you know engage in this type of play, we were we were fully clothed we weren’t having sex, we weren’t even, we weren’t even at that point, you know of, you know in our in our our time together our relationship, so there was nothing. It came out of nowhere, and and and during that time you’re wondering, or I was wondering, if is he going to keep beating me? What is this? This isn’t something I’m familiar with. I don’t understand why he didn’t say to me, OK I like to do this and this and this, and this, and I’m gonna, you know when you’re not looking I’m gonna start hitting you in the head and throw you on the floor.

And why did he stop?

Probably because of my tears.


And he realized that Uh I maybe I wasn’t game, or I I really don’t I don’t know it, why did he start was my question? Why did he start without asking?

What do you want to happen with your story, telling your story. What do you, what he’s been fired, what what where do you want this to go, what do you want people to do with what you are saying to them now?

Well now now that it’s not just me against him, I wish that there was some way that I could press charges against him now. It’s been a long time, I don’t know that I can any more.

Have you been in touch with other women? Or attempting to get in touch with them.

No No I don’t I don’t know any of the other women.

C5H11ONO said...

I think the interviewer stunk! Sheesh! She was harder to transcribe than the girl!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

thank you!

John Mc Gowan said...

NINE women now accuse fired CBC host Jian Ghomeshi of sexual abuse as it's revealed he 'would turn his teddy bear to face the wall during violent sex'

Jian Ghomeshi was fired from his CBC radio show Q on Sunday amid sexual assault allegations
Since he was fired, five more women have come forward to detail dates with Ghomeshi that turned violent
Actress Lucy DeCoutere is one of nine women who claim to have been physically or verbally abused by the former radio host
Ghomeshi is allegedly fighting his firing, saying he was only let go because executives found out about his BDSM lifestyle

Read more:
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