Sunday, October 19, 2014

Police: Heather Graham's Remains

Police say human remains found Saturday in Virginia could be those of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham – who was last seen on Sept. 13.
Further forensic tests are needed to confirm whether the remains are those of Hannah Graham, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo told a news conference. The remains were found on an abandoned property in southern Albemarle County by a search team from the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office, Longo said. They are being transported to Richmond for identification.
"Right now we have the discovery of human remains and a great deal of work ahead of us," said Col. Steve Sellers, Albemarle County Police chief. "We cannot and will not jump to any conclusions regarding today's discovery. I ask for the public's patience as we move forward and pursue what is now a new, ongoing death investigation."
Authorities are asking anyone who recalls seeing any suspicious activity or vehicles in the area of Old Lynchburg Road in Charlottesville – where the remains were found – to contact the Albemarle County Police Department at 434-296-5807.
Thousands of volunteers had searched for the 18-year-old Graham in the weeks since her disappearance.
Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., 32, has been charged with abduction with intent to defile Graham. A preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 4 on the charge. In the meantime, Matthew is being held in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.
Police officials Saturday afternoon had blocked the road leading to the site where the remains were found.
Surveillance videos captured some of what Graham did the night she vanished. Authorities say she met friends at a restaurant for dinner Sept. 12 before stopping by two parties at off-campus housing units. She left the second party alone and eventually texted a friend saying she was lost, authorities said.
She can be seen walking unsteadily and even running at times, past a pub and a service station and then onto a seven-block pedestrian strip that includes the Tempo Restaurant.
Tempo Restaurant owner Brice Cunningham has said Graham appeared to be incapacitated as she walked away with Matthew. Police have said they have no reason to believe she and Matthew knew each other before their encounter.
Matthew, an operating room technician at the university's hospital who sometimes drives a taxi, had been drinking at the bar earlier that night before he encountered Graham, Cunningham has said.
A week after Graham went missing, Longo publicly described Matthew in detail without naming him, saying investigators wanted to talk to the "person of interest" and had searched his apartment because he was the last person to see her.
Matthew showed up at police headquarters, asked for a lawyer, and then sped away, according to a police account. His exit prompted a warrant for "reckless driving," a charge that Longo cited as he named the suspect and appealed for information from anyone who saw him with Graham the night she disappeared.
Matthew was arrested a few days later in Galveston, Texas.
While Matthew was a fugitive in Texas, Virginia police added a charge of abduction with intent to defile, a violent felony that under Virginia law compels suspects to submit to DNA testing.
Very quickly thereafter, Virginia State Police announced a "forensic link" to Harrington's killing. That case, in turn, has been linked by DNA evidence since 2012 to the rape of a woman in Fairfax, Virginia, who survived after a passer-by startled her attacker, the FBI has said.
Following Matthew's arrest, Christopher Newport University released a statement noting that he had been named in a police file involving a Sept. 7, 2003 sexual assault on the Newport News campus. Matthew was a student there from January 2003 through Oct. 15, 2003.
Matthew had transferred to CNU after three years at Liberty University, where he also was briefly on the football team.
When he was at Liberty University, he was accused of raping a student on campus. That charge was dropped when the person declined to move forward with prosecution, Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Doucette said.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Anonymous said...

The associated press contributed to this report? What about the title? Was that your doing? Perhaps a Freudian slip?

Not knowing who made this blog post, one could assume: a) Peter has gone off the deep end and now thinks of himself more highly than he ought by first trying to oust his boss, then his wife b) His wife is so infatuated with other people's murdered children she desires to become one herself c)Peter has trusted his classes to someone who desires to take over more than his blog!

Anonymous said...

Please...refer to "Generational Liars and Violence."

It's a deep, deep hole..........

isa said...

I have made the same mistake when searching for news about Hannah. Heather and Hannah are similar names and since the former is a well known actress, I find the mix-up understandable.

I have no clue what the first comment by Anon is getting at... Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Its a lunatic.

Unknown said...

Hi isa,

I'm as lost as you!

I feel that way a lot lately, lol

Unknown said...

I've also done the same thing in looking up Heather Graham, rather than Hannah Graham, several times over the past few weeks.

It's easy to do!

Anonymous said...

One thing that worries me that the media seems to have ignored is that the man suspected of two murders of women worked in an OR. Is anyone going back and investigating to make sure there were no untimely deaths on his watch?

Buckley said...

Easy mistake to make. I had to read through it all a few times to figure out what Anon was talking about. Still unsure of most of it.

Anonymous said...

It's an easy mistake to make but also an easy mistake to fix.

HANNAH Graham is a murder victim who at the very least deserves to have her name cited correctly on blogs discussing her.

It's called respect.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Hannah Anderson's family thanks volunteers who helped them cope

SAN DIEGO - Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson, who made national headlines last year after being kidnapped, is raising awareness about an organization that helped her family grieve.

Anderson faced an audience Saturday night for a fundraiser to support volunteers who helped her family cope during tragedy.

"Obviously, I was mourning myself, so I needed one-on-one time with my dad so they helped family I really couldn't get to at the moment."

Authorities say family friend James DiMaggio set his Boulevard home on fire last year. The bodies of Anderson's mother and 8-year-old brother were found inside. They say DiMaggio then kidnapped Anderson and took her to rural Idaho, where FBI agents tracked them down six days later. DiMaggio was shot and killed.

"I was at a point where I didn't even know how to feel myself and how can I help my family?" said Anderson's grandmother, Sara Britt.

That is when a volunteer with Trauma Intervention Program – known as TIP – called the family and offered services.

Britt says TIP helped with funeral planning and emotional support.

"Everyone had their own feelings and wanted to get them out," she said. "My brothers – all three of them – had so much anger, and she calmed them down and let them speak."

The family says they are still healing. They declined to discuss the terrifying and tragic details of last year's incident with 10News.

They say they want to move forward and focus on the ones who helped them.

"It means so much to me to know there are people out there who care for people who are having hard times and who will be there for them," Anderson said.

Her grandmother told 10News that she wants to become a TIP volunteer in the next year or so.

Anderson says she is taking forensic classes in high school and plans to go to Cal State San Marcos to eventually become a detective.

Anonymous said...

Wow anderson is one hell of a story. "obviously" I'll be interested to know how her detective career pans out. and if she ever cracks and realizes how bs her own story sounds.

Anonymous said...

HA would make a great detective in a town that doesn't hold their police repsonsible for much and instead allows the media to run the show. She takes great photos and all she'd have to do at this point is learn to be a great spoksman and actor (which she's already proven she can do).

The only people who'd know she was no good would be the ones needing help. But, isn't that what it's all about anyway?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

NEW YORK – Police say a man charged with fatally beating his stepdaughter for allegedly soiling her pants had 15 prior arrests.

Kelsey Smith was charged with assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17-years-old.

He was arrested Saturday after New York City police responded to a Brooklyn homeless shelter apartment where the child, Jeida Torres, was found unconscious and unresponsive.

Police say Smith was watching the girl and her 5-year-old brother while their mother was at work. They say the boy had bruises to his body and was hospitalized in stable condition.

Police found Smith at a relative's Queens apartment, where he allegedly tried to slit his wrists. He remained hospitalized Monday in stable condition. It wasn't clear if he had a lawyer.

Police say his prior arrests included one for assault.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even notice the mistake and maybe it's because they found the actresses body but I also wonder if it's a mis naming due to Heather Elvis. Both cases many of us follow. People make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people do make mistakes. I just reviewed an article @USA Today in which the reporter quoted an Albermale deputy stating the corpse they found in relation to the search for HANNAH Graham was fully skeletonized with no hair. An "expert" was drawn into the lair of liars and pontificated on the outcome of such a find.

Ghastly! Ridicoulous! Totally soooooo Nany Gray

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's an easy mistake to make but also an easy mistake to fix.

HANNAH Graham is a murder victim who at the very least deserves to have her name cited correctly on blogs discussing her.

It's called respect.

October 20, 2014 at 1:02 AM

I agree, fellow anon.
But in the past such mistakes have gone unchanged. I have a feeling that PH writes the posts quickly and moves on...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Yes, people do make mistakes. I just reviewed an article @USA Today in which the reporter quoted an Albermale deputy stating the corpse they found in relation to the search for HANNAH Graham was fully skeletonized with no hair. An "expert" was drawn into the lair of liars and pontificated on the outcome of such a find.

Ghastly! Ridicoulous! Totally soooooo Nany Gray


it is strange, not sure what you mean about the "lair of liars"....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

October 20, 2014 at 2:02 PM

I am well aware of what a lair is.

If you are thus describing mainstream media pundits, we are in agreement.

Dadgum said...

Does it seem interesting that several of the most recent serial killers are black? Conventional wisdom used to be always look for a Caucasian man ... Wonder what has changed?

Anonymous said...


In their quest to build a more perfect white male by supplying all contributing factors why this speciman should take the blame for all the ills in the world, they neglected to take samples of black males at the time they were building serial killer profiles.

Now, they are back to square 1.

What is more interesting is how a photo of Jessee Matthew in his 1998 cab was featured under "My Ride" in a now dyfunct newspaper in the area whose last article was "Kinda a Drag" about a student killed by a TR3. Lyrical, but not long-lasting. It was snapped not long after the last stalking rapist was captured. He, too, was a '...really nice guy."'

Anonymous said...

i wish the header would get correcred too.

i do not know reason but i agree all famous serial killers from previous recent decades are white. maybe whoever is training serial killers has embraced divercity.

Anonymous said...

Or the police are getting lazy and the white ones are hrder to catch.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Actress Daniele Watts, who played the slave CoCo in Django Unchained, and her boyfriend have formally been charged with lewd conduct, one month after claiming Los Angeles Police used racial profiling in their arrest.

Watts maintains that she and boyfriend Brian James Lucas were only kissing in her car, parked outside the CBS Studio Center, when police approached them on September 4.

However, witnesses allegedly told police that the two were having sex in public and the LAPD stepped in to investigate the claims.

Watts was arrested when she refused to show a responding officer her identification.

An arraignment is scheduled for November 13, and if convicted the two could face a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Her boyfriend took a picture of her crying after her arrest, and it quickly went viral.

While civil rights activists initially rallied around the actress, she is not being asked to apologize after the LAPD viciously denied that any racial profiling happened in the incident.

They backed that claim by releasing an audio recording of the arrest in which officers struggle to explain the arrest to a hysterical Watts.

'You're not the one in handcuffs, you're not the one who's spent your life being called a n*****, and growing up in the South and now I get the cops called on me,' she says through tears.

'I'm an actress at this studio! I'm in a major sitcom and I'm still being put in handcuffs because I'm making out with my boyfriend.'

Watts' claims were not taken well by the responding officers, which included a woman and a hispanic.

Sgt Jim Parker, a 25-year veteran of the force, who is openly gay, was another one of the responding officers, and says she picked the wrong group to allege profiling.

'How funny it is. She kind of didn’t really get the right mix there. It’s quite comical.'

'It’s a new generation. It’s not about who you are or what religion you are or what color you are, it's about who you are and what you do in uniform,' he told MailOnline.

Read more:

Mary said...

Thanks, John, for the Anderson update. "Obviously" she was still mourning and couldn't help family members, because along with the aggrivation of family wanting support, selfie practice is held most days, all day.

On a scale of 1-10, how innapropriate is my mourning attire? A ten? Excellent! Will you take my picture? Is my panty line visable? Cool!


Anonymous said...

Tania Cadogan = Tania Head