Thursday, October 30, 2014

Statement Analysis Analytical Interviewing Seminar In Maine

             This is an open invitation with limited seating.  

Statement Analysis and Analytical Training one day seminar on December 16, 2014, from 9AM to 4PM at Jeff's Catering, in Brewer Maine.

Jeff's catering in Brewer, Maine is located at 15 Littlefield Rd.  Brewer, ME  04412   

Seminar is from 9AM to 4PM, with lunch provided.  

Each attendee will receive the Training Manual, mp3 copy of the recorded lessons, a copy of "Wise As A Serpent; Gentle As a Dove:  Dealing with Deception" and follow up support.  

The seminar will include:

Analytical Interviewing 

I.      Introduction
II.    Intuitive Test
III. Principles of Statement Analysis

 Sample Statements for analysis:

a.  group analysis

   IV   Pronouns and Lie Detection  (Pronouns and Confessions)

Lunch Break

V.             Two Lefts---High Sensitivity
    VI.   Self Analysis –write out statement
    VII. Obtaining and Using a Statement in the Interview
VIII.   Principles of Analytical Interviewing
IX    Sample Interview for Critique
X.     Interview Exercises

X1.       Question and Answer Session 

Registration is limited so if you can attend and wish a brochure, please email request to: 

Spotting a liar helps:   Law Enforcement, Social Services, Law, Human Resources Hiring and Dispute Settling etc.  


Anonymous said...

Peter, maybe you can go for a bike ride with Ebola nurse and analyze her comments. :)

Anonymous said...


what do you make of this:
Police tell ** that a person in the law firm opened a letter and white powder fell out. According to officers, there was also a letter in the envelope, but authorities haven't released what the letter said.

a) What was written in the letter was much more important than the powder
b)White powder is intriguing
c)Can a letter really talk?