Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ad: Statement Analysis Services: Corporate Training

Peter Hyatt:  Statement Analysis Services 

Statement Analysis Services (SAS) offers 2 day trainings in Corporate America. This course is specifically designed for business needs, rather than law enforcement.  Law Enforcement training is 2.5 days.

Part 1:  Statement Analysis and detecting deception
Part 2:  Interviewing based upon analysis.  ("Analytical Interviewing)

When a company is able to learn the truth, it is at a great advantage.  Whether it is plugging the right person into the right job, or detecting deception to solve a problem, or detecting deception as a preventative means, getting to the truth is always advantageous in business.

From employee interviewing to Human Resources resolving disputes, the knowledge of Statement Analysis will directly save companies money.

*Reduce unemployment costs
*Reduce shrinkage and theft
*Resolve employee disputes
*Conduct internal investigations
*Statement Analysis Background clearance for Credit
*Anonymous Letters can be anonymous no more.
*Learn to use Statement Analysis is sales techniques, entering into your customers' language, and learning to listen carefully to their needs.

In the interview process, when an applicant is found to be deceptive, did you know that the applicant is more likely to

a.  "Fall" on the job and file a claim?
b.  Steal from you?  This includes time theft
c.  Trouble other employees and damage morale
d.  Harm your reputation
e.  Take clients and business away

In general, the deceptive person will put his or her own needs before the material needs of the company.


it is only getting worse in American corporate life as many are now "gaming the system" in order to get money their hands have not earned.

It is time to fight back, and the weapon of choice is the truth.

The deceptive applicant is a "problem bringer" to your business and not a "problem solver."

Join the growing list of companies who have been trained and are successfully dealing with deception and have saved countless dollars and countless headaches through the ability to discern deception.

For a consultation contact Peter Hyatt at PHyatt1962@gmail.com

References upon request.  Consultation is 1 hour.  1 year post training follow up support.  I am also sometimes available to conduct actual interviews.

Please note that companies are now being able to identify fraudulent employees, and are able to reduce losses with this knowledge.  Each company that does an internal investigation is able to utilize these principles, and conduct legally sound, non-intrusive interviews, and can even identify those employees who are not only honest, but who should be considered for promotion.

For an example of this may be found here where Statement Analysis shows you how to identify the right person for the right position.

Knowing the truth is invaluable.


Buckley said...
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Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, Buckley.

Can you tell that I received a phone call while I was typing?



Buckley said...

No problem :)

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Florida authorities opened a new investigation into the 2010 death of a woman whose shooting was ruled a suicide, her family's attorneys said on Friday, after questions were raised about the local police department's handling of the case.

Florida Governor Rick Scott earlier signed an executive order appointing a state prosecutor without apparent conflicts to investigate the death of Michelle O'Connell.

Scott appointed Jeffrey Ashton, a state attorney from the Orlando area, to oversee the investigation.

'Today, we are heartened that this won't be the end of my sister's story,' said her sister, Jennifer O'Connell, in a statement. 'We will continue to fight for Michelle, as long as it takes.'

The 24-year-old mother was found shot to death on Sept. 2, 2010, at the St. Augustine home of her boyfriend, St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Banks, whose weapon was used. Banks has denied any involvement in her death

On Monday, Michelle O'Connell's friend Ciara Morris told ActionNewsJax 'I’m very confident someone like Jeff Ashton will do the right thing and give this case the look that it deserves and answer any lingering questions and look at all the facts from scratch and not just the former investigation but he will put it together himself. It gives us a significant amount of hope.'

Questions about improprieties in the death inquiries, in which local law enforcement authorities investigated one of their own, have drawn national media attention.

Last year The New York Times reported that at the scene 'though investigators collected the gun, clothing and other evidence, they never tested it for fingerprints, DNA or gunshot residue. Officers also failed to canvass neighbors; failed to file required reports on what officers had seen that night; failed to download Mr. Banks’s cellphone data or collect and test one of the shirts he wore that night and failed to isolate and photograph Mr. Banks before he was interviewed.'

During an investigation with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), two women later said they heard Banks and O'Connell argue before she was killed, according to the newspaper.

Later, a crime scene re-constructionist with the FDLE 'concluded that for the shells to end up where they had [...] whoever pulled the trigger had to have been left-handed. Unlike Ms. O'Connell, Mr. Banks is left-handed,' The Times said.

The newspaper also contacted various experts, who disagreed with the assertions of one of the medical examiners brought in that O'Connell shot herself with the gun in an upside down position and its tactical light caused an injury on her face.

O'Connell's friends and relatives have said that evidence such as a bruise, cut and a broken tooth suggest that she may not have killed herself, but was the victim of abuse. They stressed that she would never have left her young daughter, Alexis.

Christine O'Connell told The Times that Banks abused her sister on multiple occasions.

'She was afraid of him, and Alexis was afraid of him,' she told the newspaper.

'There is no evidence and no truth that points to Jeremy Banks as being responsible for Michelle O'Connell's death,' said Banks' Florida attorney, Mac McLeod, adding that a brother with whom she was close is supporting Banks.

Others in the O'Connell family had petitioned Scott for the independent probe. Their request moved forward as he faces a tight re-election campaign.

The new investigation also follows heightened attention to domestic violence amid allegations of abuse by players in the National Football League.

The attorney for Banks, who is suing a FDLE investigator involved in the case, denied allegations of abuse in their relationship.

Tania Cadogan said...

A new witness recently emerged accusing Banks of inflammatory remarks the night after her death, said McLeod, calling the allegation false.

In an affidavit obtained by ABC News, Danny Harmon claimed on Sept. 3, 2010, '[Banks] told me that all she ever did was put him down and make him feel bad about himself. He was going to be moving on with his life, and he wasn’t going to let the [expletive] hold him back anymore.'

'It is part of the bigger picture of women who stay in relationships that are fraught with violence and abuse,' said Janet Johnson, a Florida attorney for the family.

'Our belief is that Michelle had told him that it was over and that she was ending this cycle, and that's what precipitated this horrible ending,' she said

Sheriff David Shoar said in a statement 'Since 2010, many of you have become aware of the tragic death of Michelle O’Connell. The more this case became controversial, the more we embraced the idea of having two experienced death investigators who are 'objective,' 'expertly trained,' with years of experience and who have not been subjected to the vagaries of social media, examine and review this case. On many occasions I have thought about asking for this but chose not to once I realized the utter unfairness it would be to Deputy Banks. Along that same line, I often wish some of us could walk for a bit in his shoes. We are confident that the new Special Prosecutor will reach the same conclusion that one law enforcement agency, two State Attorney’s including one who was assigned as a Special Prosecutor by the Governor, and three medical examiners; that the tragic death of Michelle O’Connell was the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. We certainly hope that the O’Connell family finds peace and acceptance in the findings of this new Special Prosecutor, something we have never been able to provide.

'We must also remember that a year and a half ago I filed a very serious complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement accusing two of their personnel with serious misconduct relating to this case. Immediately after filing this complaint, one agent retired and the other was placed on paid leave where I believe he remains today.

'Additionally, State Attorney Bill Cervone is currently investigating one of those agents (Rusty Rodgers) for 'Official Misconduct' in regards to this case and his treatment of Deputy Banks.

'Finally and very importantly, Deputy Banks and Michelle’s brother Deputy Scott O’Connell have both filed civil lawsuits against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and their agents Pape and Rodgers. It is truly ironic that the man that certain members of the O’Connell family have accused of being culpable in Michelle’s death is the one filing a civil lawsuit where one cannot hide behind the Fifth Amendment.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2783799/Family-friend-thrilled-authorities-announce-investigate-death-Florida-cop-s-girlfriend-allegedly-killed-HERSELF-deputy-s-gun.html

trustmeigetit said...

Tania was talking about a new issue the Mccanns had with a woman bashing them on Twitter.

Very interesting update to this…

“Madeleine McCann Twitter 'Troll’ Brenda Leyland Found Dead After Sky News Segment; Network Could Face Inquiry”

Looks like they are speculating suicide…. But you have to wonder what really happened here. Even if its really suicide… I wonder if some big treats were made. I mean, we know that the family has political and police on their side.

This is VERY interesting

Link below


Tania Cadogan said...

Hi trustmeigetit, yes a bunch of us has contacted the police and media regarding the harrassment and threats from certain tweeters towards her, a lot of which are disgusting to say the least.

It seems certain of the mccann supporters have found that they have no logical response when asked to provide evidence to support their belief in the mccanns innocence, instead they resort to name calling, demeaning, harrassment and threats and worse, the same old response when they have no reply.

Whereas pretty much all those who don't buy the mccanns version of events for whatever reason and make it known by questioning alleged sightings, their statements, their behavior etc are called haters, forkers, trolls etc, which is interesting since we use the files to back up our reasonings.

I have been called out as a troll in that i am open about my disbelief of their stories and explain clearly why i know and believe what i do.

I am still waiting for the media and police to come visiting as it will be an eye opening discussion for them.

It seems they target the vulnerable and avoid like the plague anyone who says bring it on, basically because those of us who are saying bring it on know that we will get the information out to the public that the msm are sitting on, something the mccanns do not want.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Collins that played the Dad on 7th Heaven confessed on tape to child molestation. You will note he uses the number 3. He claims to have only been inappropriate with 3 children. He also is very vague on some of the details but is pretty blunt with others.


The Ghost Of SweepyFace said...

These "parents"are GUILTY.

trustmeigetit said...

Tania… If we have a death, possible suicide….. This is NOT going away.

And it’s not like the McCann’s are q quietly going about life. The gall to sue others. That just takes the cake.

I keep thinking the s#$% will eventually hit the fan and all the BS the Met and the politicians keep trying to dish out will finally come back to bite them all in the butt.

And that they will hit a point where they can no longer protect them.

Probably not but I do think things are starting to get out of control and the more the McCann’s sue and stand to get richer off this, the more people will get pissed.

It’s going to take lots of people asking the questions to get them to finally stop protecting them.

Sweepy Face Ghost Agrees said...

I iiii agreeeeeeee eeeee wooooooheyyyy

Anonymous said...

very sad, the suicide of the McCann troll. But, it just shows you that the type of person who would troll like she did is not mentally stable. Now her family will suffer like the McCanns are. Hey maybe we should investigate the trolls family. Yea that's the ticket. Let's blame her family. I bet she was molested as a child.