Monday, November 10, 2014

911 Call: Mother of Two Beaten To Death By Boyfriend

Mother-of-two 'brutally beaten and left for dead by her new boyfriend' who she went to visit for the weekend
Emily Lambert, a third grade teacher, was found dead after being beaten to death and now her boyfriend Robert Earley is under arrest.   Thanks to John for posting.  


Operator-"911 what is your emergency?

Caller-"Yeah erm, my girlfriend whe..left last night er we were at the Stevens bar inn (inaudible) and she hasn't made it back to the hotel. She-i don't know where she went. She left with, she was talking about leaving with someother guy, and she hasn't made it back."

First note that there is an incomplete introduction;  "my girlfriend" but without her name.  He is reporting her missing. 

A truthful report of a missing person should be where the subject tells us what he knows, what he saw, thought, etc. 

Here we have two "lefts" indicating withheld information regarding what happened to her in this time period of missing info.  

Note also any struggle with a pronoun.  "She, I..."

Pronouns are instinctive.  There should be no mistake with pronouns.  

Note the change from "left" to "talking about leaving"

When one mentions speech in the statement (call to 911) it may be the reason for the crime. 
Operator-"Ok, and where you at

Caller-"The Stevens Inn"

Operator-"What room"?

Caller-"Er 402"

Operator-"What is your name?"

Caller-"Its Robert Early"

Operator-"How do you spell your last name?"


Operator-"And you phone is--------------------"

Caller-"Yes, yes"

Operator-"And where do you live Robert?".

Caller-"Er, er,er US Texas"

Operator-"And is (Inaudible)

Caller-"Yes Mamm"

Operator is typing. The Caller fills in the silence by saying "Ive been pacing since 5:30 this morning"


Caller-"Erm, just because--she was pretty intoxicated and she has some insecurities and..

Note the need by the caller to disparage the victim. 
Note the need to express his "pacing" and the reason.  
operator-"Ok, What is her name?"

Caller- "Emily Lambert, i just, i didn't know maybe she got picked up for PI" (maybe she walked down the road, she was, she was in a really cute dress and some high heels, and i had her ID, and her phone was in the room on the charger. We took my phone. And, i really didn't think anything of it because she was like, she was like, well this guy over here has been hitting on me, and he said if you arn't going to treat me right that he will take me home.And i was like whatever if thats what you really want"

Note that he not only tells us what he did not think, but also the reason.  This is very sensitive. 

Note also the attempt to once again, disparage the victim, and seek to cast blame away from himself. 

He also verbalizes the argument between them.  (see the mention of speech above)

Operator-"Ok, what kind, what color dress?"

Caller-"Erm, it was like white and black (pause) with black high heels, with little biddy silver balls, i think on the bottom of the heel. And her purse is in the car and she doesn't have anything with her. Ive driven up and down the street, and looked to see if she was walking down the road or something."

"to" here is the same as "because" as he feels the need to say why he looked for her.  
Operator-"uh uh"

caller-"And havn't seen her. I mean ive called, ive talked to her parents, her ex husband, she aint, nobody has heard from her"

In an open statement he is reporting a missing person yet feels the need to say that he has not seen her.  This is a very strong indication of deception.  He was not asked if he had seen her.  A person should tell us what they saw, heard and said, not what they did not see, did not think, etc.  

He also reports what she does not have. 
Operator-"Ok, is her phone in the room, or, her purse is in the car?"

Caller-"Yes, her phone, her phone is here. she didn't, she was wearing a little, she was wearing, she didn't have any pockets"

Operator-"Ok, let me have an officer come and see you2

Caller-"Ok, thank you"


Droll Skeptic said...

Ummmm... He says he "tried calling her" after already stating numerous times "she had nothing with her" not even her purse...and having said her cell phone was in their hotel room with him "charging".

Droll Skeptic said...

He also made sure to give his whereabouts as in their "hotel room pacing since 5 AM". Me thinks something significant happened between 5AM and the placement of the 911 call for which he specifically needs an alibi!

impulsive said...

OT: I would be interested in your thoughts about the whole Bill Cosby thing in general but I came across this interview specifically :

john said...

Earley and Lambert got into a physical confrontation at their hotel room, which ended with Lambert being knocked unconscious and loaded into Earley's silver 2007 Hyundai Elantra. Police said Earley told two separate accounts of the event before confessing to knocking her unconscious and taking her body to the remote location.

The crime began at the hotel, this is why we see the high sensitivities with the words "Left, because and to.

john said...


Day 3 of the search for missing Fayette County girl continues

FAYETTE COUNTY - Day three of the search for missing Lilly Neff is underway, and now family and friends are taking the search into their own hands along with the help of the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

Rufus Legg, Lilly's Stepfather, said "myself, my boys, and my cousins were going to hit some gas stations in the local area and maybe hopefully allow us to look at surveillance cameras, maybe she was seen on one of the cameras."

The family has been searching all day Monday by hanging up missing posters at gas stations across the area, hoping that they will lead to an answer.

"At this point were running out of leads, information that we received that this girl was at a party in the Hico area of Fayette County on Friday night/ Saturday morning" said Captain Jim Sizemore.

Sizemore said that they received a tip Saturday saying that a hunter identified her in the woods along Route 60. After talking with family members, all they want is to have their Lilly back.

Rufus said "Lilly I love you and I want you to come home, I'm not mad at you, your mothers not mad at you, your brothers miss you, they love you, we need you to come home Lilly, please."

"Your my baby doll, you're my precious angel, I am so worried about you please just come home for mama, I need you Lilly" said Sherry Legg, Lilly's Grandmother.

If anyone has any tips or information on the whereabouts of Lilly Neff, please call the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

Anonymous said...

How much more Texan cam one get? Where on God's green earth is US Texas?

Their mammies teat feed 'em 'til they're 40, then send them out to find a good woman to set them right.

Oh, yeah, she must have a big, big gun because she is in charge of defending herself, her children, and....US Texas.

Sella35 said...

@ John about Lily Neff- Missing girl found safe.

elf said...

Today little Lisa Irwin would have been 4 years old. She deserves so much more than fake birthday parties given by selfish, neglectful parents. She deserves so much more than crocodile tears and lies. She's missed out n four birthdays, over 12,000 goodnight kisses, a million smiles captured on film, a trillion giggles, her first day of preschool...she's been denied so much by the very people who were supposed to give her everything.
What is my birthday wish for Lisa? That her parents tell the world the truth. Give Lisa peace. Give Lisa dignity. Give Lisa justice.

john said...
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john said...

Sella35 said...

@ John about Lily Neff- Missing girl found safe.

Thank you Sella :)

That's great news..