Thursday, November 20, 2014

AP Bill Cosby Video Released

note within the video:

When asked about the allegations three times:

1.  Crosby:  "No no we don't answer that."

2.  Cosby:  "There's no response."

3rd time:

Cosby:  "There is no comment about that. And I tell you why, I think you were told, I don't want to compromise your integrity but we don't , I don't talk about it. "

We have:

Passive language which conceals responsibility


Confusion of Pronouns

Later, to the journalist:   "if you want to consider yourself serious, it won't appear anywhere."

Think of what this reveals about the subject.  

"We thought AP had the integrity to not ask."

The arrogance described by his victims is evident in the video, particularly his demand to "immediately" call "his boss."


Anonymous said...

Peter, I'm glad you are covering this. I went to pick up some takeout tonight for dinner and everyone in line was staring intently watching this very interview. The first thing I thought when I heard the "we don't talk about that" and then "We-I don't talk about that" was I wonder what Peter would say. HIs arrogance really does shine through especially acting as if him addressing these accusations would violate the interviewer's integrity (?!)

OldPsychNurse said...

IMO, this woman has told others her alleged rape story for over a decade…errrrr…except for the police whom she never contacted. Over the last decade, she internalized appropriate emotions and language that correspond with her rape story. Notice that in her version, even though she was a young adult at the time of the incident, she accepts ZERO personal responsibility for VOLUNTARILY meeting with Cosby numerous times where she always ended up having sex with him. In other articles, she portrays herself as a pitiful, fatherless, needy supplicant who was brainwashed and completely helpless to stop a variety of people from transporting her around the USA to provide sex to Bill Cosby. (Read as: Bowman has at least one personality disorder.)

Aspiring actors, actresses and models frequently ALLOW themselves to be abused on the "casting couch" in hopes that their powerful partner will help them become famous. Bowman and the other alleged victims fall into this pathetic catagory. After their first sexual encounter with Cosby, they INTENTIONALLY placed themselves in more situations where sex with him would be the inevitable end point. VOLUNTARY consumption of alcohol and sedatives helped quelled their disgust of Cosby and themselves related to their humiliating decision.

Cosby's alleged rape victims grew old and concluded that their potential for fame had expired. They realized that they had benefitted little from sexually servicing Cosby, so they agreed to cry rape in one woman's legal action against him.

Bill Cosby took advantage of aspiring adult actresses and models who CHOSE to trade sexual favors with him to receive his assistance in becoming famous. That’s sociopathic behavior, but it’s not rape.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that Bill Cosby was creepy and never understood why people couldn't see that.

Karen T said...

Peter, Thank you for this post. I believe her & I wondered what SA would reveal.

Jem said...


So, it makes more sense to you that upwards of 13 women colluded to take down Bill Cosby than that he actually might just be a bad man? Seriously?

At least one woman went to the police and the DA declined to press charges.

The idea that you may actually be a nurse on a psych ward where there have been/are/will be victims of assault and abuse - and you cannot "volunteer" for abuse, which I sincerely hoped and believed a psych nurse would know - is a scary one.

GetThem said...

OldPsychNurse -- If someone is drugged against their knowledge and wakes up to discover that someone had sex with them... that is rape. It is not consensual. If during the drug induced encounter the victim is able to tell the perpetrator to STOP, or... is unable to tell them to stop, that also is not consensual sex. That is rape.

I'm not convinced he is a sociopath either. I would categorize him as a paraphilic. But, none of this is SA, so I'm done with this convo.

MPA said...

When I see how Cosby behaves here, I can perfectly picture him threatening his victims, since that is what he seems to almost do to this journalist. Sensitivity!

Also the repeated use "we" is glaring. He alone is being accused, no one else.

Old Psch Nurse, the pathological behavior was Cosby's, not his victims'. Sheesh.

GetThem said...

I guess I'm not done! OldPyscyNurse you are wrong when you say the victing "accepts ZERO personal responsibility for VOLUNTARILY meeting with Cosby..." I disagree. She freely admits she met with him. Thank you for pointing out she had "at least one personality disorder." If we use your theory that the sex was consensual, then what of all her personality disorders? Perhaps there should be a charge for having sex with someone who is noted to have at least one personality disorder. You mention that she portrays herself as pitiful, fatherless and needy... is that how you see her? I think it's a reach for you to believe you have gone into the minds of 12 different woman and know how they feel. I don't know if you're being deliberately provocative or if this story just hits a little too close to home for you personally. Something is missing in this puzzle tho.

Buckley said...

These women are remiss for not pressing charges but they are victims of rape. Being ambitious, sharing wine- these are not things that give permission for sexual assault. Even taking pills he gave them- stupid but not an invitation to rape.

Bill Cosby must be a very little, insecure man to believe the only way he can "get him some" is to drug women and force himself on them while unable to physically resist. Even if he doesn't go to jail, he will surely rot in hell.

OldPsychNurse said...

Notice that in the article below, Barbara Bowman says she was thrown out of her NYC housing when she FINALLY refused to sexually service Bill Cosby. This means Bill Cosby was paying all her bills in NYC. Sorry, Barbara, but if a man is paying all your bills, flying you around the USA to have sex with him that makes you his prostitute or girlfriend, not a rape victim.

OldPsychNurse said...

Google another alleged victim of Cosby, Janice Dickinson. She is a washed-up model who has bragged about how many Hollywood stars she has laid. Accusing Bill Cosby of rape is very similar to her verbal castration of MANY male Hollywood stars.

Here are some castrating excerpts from her Playboy interview, “I’ve F***ed the World”:
"Did a bunch of lines with Jack Nicholson all night and when it came time to do the dirty, dirty - he couldn't get it up!"

“In my 20s I had them all on my speed dial. Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, Mick Jagger, you name it. It was fun, but the excitement of celebrity wears out really fast.

Mick Jagger was one of the worst. He was just terrible. I felt sorry for him. He was so bad and short. And just not good. I'm sorry, you were the absolute worst, Mick! You have the smallest penis alive."

In Janice Dickinson’s book “Everything about Me is Fake” (Yes, that’s the actual title.) she castrates Sylvester Stallone by stating he only wears custom-made elevator shoes and she was really disturbed about how short he was. But according to her book, her repulsion didn’t stop her from having sex with him. By her own admission, when Stallone tried to end their sexual relationship, she lied to him that she was pregnant with his child.

Read the story of another of Cosby's alleged rape victims, Therese Serignese. Her story is ridiculous. In addition to it's absurdity, it strongly suggests that she and her mother are gold diggers.

Stop being bleeding hearts! Recognize the pattern with Cosby’s alleged rape victims who had decades to report their alleged drug poisonings and rapes to the police, but didn't.

OldPsychNurse said...

Read other interviews by Barbara Bowman. She describes Bill Cosby as someone who was only going to “take her under his wing”, but then she revealed that Cosby paid for her MANHATTAN ($$$$$$$$$) apartment. She states she never took money from him, but she lived in Manhattan and went to acting school , fgs, only with his money. She states she didn’t take money from him, but mentioned that she, her mom, and grandparents got the royal treatment from him They were flown first class to numerous celebrity events and vacations.

While Barbara (an adult) and Cosby were having sexual encounters, Cosby rewarded her and her family with money and gifts. When she finally refused to participate in sexual activities with Cosby, her relationship with him ended. This = prostitution.

Here’s more evidence of some of Cosby's alleged rape victims' lies: The powerful ORAL (not injectable) sedatives that the alleged rape victims claim were used on them did NOT exist (oral medications which cause COMPLETE ANTEROGRADE and brief retrograde amnesia). Illegal ORAL drugs causing complete anterograde amnesia began to be manufactured in 1989-early 1990s.

Buckley said...

Bleeding heart? Hardly, but I'd rather have a bleeding heart than a dark heart that thinks a woman forfeits her ability to consent to sexual activity because she is ambitious or may have had other sexual partners working in the same field as the rapist.

Consent is an easy term to understand. It has nothing to do with whether or not you consented with another partner, the length of your skirt or anything like that.

If I was wrongly accused of drugging and raping 12+ women, you know what I would do? Deny it. Bill Cosby hasn't come close to a denial. He drugged and raped these women for decades.

GetThem said...

LOL, you're a nut.

GetThem said...

Thank you Buckley for going back on track. You're right. Bottom line is no reliable denial from BC.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why cosby keeps bringing up that he'd specifically expect better from the associated press. this confirms my strong suspicions that the ap is controlled and they do often not ask questions that should be asked.

Buckley said...

It confirms my suspicions he wants us to believe the stories are false, though he cannot bring himself to simply say the stories are false.

Anonymous said...

Cosby knows a boss tells an ap journalist what to ask and what to ommit. this is interesting and verifies huge "free" press problems beyond cosbys obvious guilt as a rapist.

Anonymous said...

I am with oldpsychnurse in "the women must have had an inkling or were using him to try to have a better job".

I am not blaming the victim, but maybe the word victim is not correct, nor is the word rape.

I do think he is guilty of using these girls for sexual pleasure, and I think they are guilty of using him as a sugar-daddy, or as a career advancement.

The word rape is being used too lightly anymore...I WAS RAPED. I was at home when two men broke in and raped me for hours. Rape is not putting yourself in a position and doing it over and over.

I have also been in a position to be sexually used by an older man who could have furthered my career, at the time, he promised me a car and home. I chose not to have sex or claim sexual harassment.

He does not deny the claims that he had sex with these girls nor does he deny he raped them. Perhaps he is guilty in his mind of raping them, since he knew they were naive or young.

The girls for the most part admit they had sex with him and they were awarded with various gifts. They now claim he raped them. I think giving sex for favor is not rape. THIS IS NOT RAPE.

Buckley said...

They came to after being drugged, surprised to find his dick inside them. That is rape.

Bonnie Blue said...

Why would Bill Cosby bring up the issue of "integrity" on the part of the interviewer and also AP? He acts as if THEIR integrity was in question or being compromised because they asked him about the allegations. It's almost as if he doesn't even understand what the word "integrity" entails.

Cosby has no business questioning any person's integrity, considering he has NONE himself!!!

Kellie said...

Veiled threats is the order of the day with Mr Cosby. The tenor of his character is self-evident.

Kellie said...

Truth has a momentum of it's own and like cream ALWAYS rises to the top usually in the most unexpected moment. His essence is unmistakable. Dictatorial, predatory bully.

I don't care how many times some of these young, frightened and confused women felt they had a need to return to his company, none of those returns changes the fact that he took advantage of them in an immoral and illegal way! What bad decisions the victims may have made AFTER that fact do not change the wrong that he did. AND their return may have been misguided but it was not criminal. WHY do so many people want to make this the victims FAULT? Are you all so afraid of being a victim yourselves that you feel you have to envision a scenario in which you would know EXACTLY what to do to avoid being mauled by a predator?

Kellie said...


That's a bob and weave tactic. If you cannot directly refute an accusation then you attack the credibility of the accuser. Which is exactly what he threatened to do the women he raped.

His being is so stressed by the thought of lying that he cannot bring himself to say he did not do it. Rather his first line of defense is to make veiled threats. And his use of the word scuttle speaks to his mentality! A scuttle is a container of sorts to store or hide things in. But there's another interesting definition of that word too. -
to sink (one's own ship) deliberately by holing it or opening its seacocks to let water in.
I think that one fits nicely :)

Trigger said...

I know that "big stars" like Bill Cosby get away with rape because the victims are afraid to tell about the rape because they fear that will suffer more pain and shame by being blamed for the rape by the mass media or called deceitful and opportunistic so that they may gain media attention.

"Date rape" is accommodated or ignored in many instances because of the "avant guard" nature of the entertainment industry.

trustmeigetit said...

"we don't answer that"
"i don't talk about it"

To me it sounds like he is saying in his head "yep, it happened..... BUT WE/I don't talk about it.
To me he admits it's the truth. But just saying that they are not going to talk about it.

And for those that are blaming her, while I agree she should have stopped seeing him once he crossed the line, I think the fact that an attorney even laughed at her means she would have been facing a very big battle and would likely have lost. She probably knew that they would make her look like a tramp and make Bill look like a good guy trying to help.
She also had no one (that she knew of) to back up her story.
To go to the cops would also likely have led no where.
I doubt many would have believed her back then.
I am glad things are changing a bit, but it is still not a world that always protects the victims.
Add in the fake victims stories, it really is destroying society.

trustmeigetit said...

So I just looked at the typed words, and now I am watching the "after video"

What struck me, aside from the fact that he is someone insulting the reporter by saying he thought he had the integrity not to ask.. was Mrs. Cosby and her fake smile.
They married in 1964... So we are talking not just about him assaulting all these women, he also did it married so was betraying her as well.
Yet she sits there on her little chair with a solid supportive smile.
So I think when people give these woman a lot of crap about putting up with it as long as they did, think about the fact that even his wife has put up with this.
And lets say she had no clue... these accusations coming out non stop by someone new every few days would make a normal woman start to question the man. I know I would.
Even if I thought I had a loving faithful husband for the past 50 years, one would make me question things, but 2, 3, 4, 5 I would now be filing for divorce.
Instead she sits there proudly with that solid unbroken smile.
What must go on behind closed doors for her sit there by him.

And another one... "Lou Ferrigno's wife Carla Ferrigno accuses Bill Cosby of assault"
I would love for Lou to confront him.
I would find that very interesting. What would he say then?

Anonymous said...

Bringing over - The last two months have been Bill Cosby on fire. The comedian's stand up to be the opening act, to what is today.

The women who have come forward, the women to be of the same obscure it happened, it did happen. Each to share their own story upon the premise of intimidation and undisclosed. These women to be under the spell of his fame, his notoriety, his agents. As Cosby wasn't a one man cyclone. He to be who he was, a man, yet he walked on water same time. As he was in good company in the late 60's, the 1970's. He was a comedian that broke the barriers. He not only to have his stand ups recordings, he had his own cartoon, he had his place and face in PBS television. Name another who had what he had? I bet you cannot recall a single person.

Bill Cosby was, if you chase him, he began stand up in Las Vegas, early 60's. He started in the trenches, and he was of many times boo'd off stage. He not to stop, as what happened ? he wasn't of the monologue that kept the Vegas audience laughing. So he recreated himself. He instead of doing improv, that he wasn't very good at. He utilized his wife Camille into his act. I know I have heard the early 1960's audios. He then to incorporate his childhood, his own children as they were born. That he gained and earned an audience. Not as Bill Cosby the " man" yet Bill Cosby the kid growing up, the husband, the father, he to leave out " the entertainer". Where did the entertainer exist? as he was being paid, he was under contracts, he was bought and sold. He was of major endorsements. This part of him, who was his pseudo personality that walked him into doors of kings. He found when he was alone, he thrived upon who his handlers made him to be. Bigger than God. It simply wasn't his to share. As he was who he was, and a part of him was not Hollywood created. The Hollywood, the fame, the drugs, the alchemy enhanced him. Adding the years dated of the allegations, the women who have presently came forward.

They not to come forward, they not to say a word, this is the sense and sensibility upon them, (year of) not him. If you truly know the history of Bill Cosby, how he went from a low scale Vegas Showroom, to " in every tube of America" in the early 1970's - it makes total sense.

The powers made him yes a God, and he upon his own demons, used this against them. He to be of, you don't own me. I will show and tell you who I am. Yet, none of his victims came forward. So he kept on, as he I truly believe, he wanted to be found out, before the victims tallied post one. His own wife covered him, he to lose respect for her, he to know he did heinous. She to be, as long as you provide, I will look the other way. Do I think that Bill Cosby is an evil man? No. What do I think of his early career, he tells us who he was. That he too was a victim. He had no say, he was to jump when he was told, he to be of who they said. He signed a contract with the Devil, in the late 1960's. He did willingly, not to understand what came with it. He is not a victim of his doings, the women are.

Do I think that the women who have come forward are lying? No. If the media in the last month or so is of any reflection of the Cosby himself, My bet is we will be reading his OBIT by mid 2015. irreconcilable differences, his cause of death. He will not ever admit to the allegations. What he did do. As when he did do what he did, he did it. That he lost himself, his personality of extreme, the almighty dollar fed him to be the monster, he was allowed to be. He was permitted by too many people, this what fed him. As he was and has never been known as " Bill Cosby" the man. He was paid to be the person he wasn't. He is a caricature interweaving himself, as a fraction of who he himself has not ever been recognized for. William H Cosby, Has he ever known himself? - ask him today and he offers: Silence, as he is still owned

Buckley said...

*shaking my head and rolling my eyes*

Anonymous said...

This might sound weird, but I think people who live an evil life begin to show it in their face around middle age. Whatever has happened as Bill Cosby aged, he does look creepy now. Also,that "delighted smile" on his wife's face is ridiculous! Is she delighted by rape accusations against her husband? She couldn't possibly be. I wonder what kind of brainwashing control or terror he has instilled in her over the years! I bet she has been severely abused by him. To actually be trained to smile like that while your husband is being publically accused of raping multiple women! For real, I bet he has done some very sick things to his wife throughout their marriage!!!

Anonymous said...

Buckley - I am not defending him, if you are rolling and shaking over my commentary. You are awake, and you know what is present day.

Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, they are only as good as who represents them with technology. Bill Cosby wasn't of this era, he didn't have a computer to recreate his voice for profiteering " $$$"

If you have seen it, released in the last week. Aaliyah the music artist. How her life was snuffed by a so said " plane crash" She had true talent. Who was her nemesis at the time, ' Beyonce Knowles" - she then in the all girl band, Destiny's child. How was it that Beyonce rose to the top?

This is what is it all boils down too. It's all about the MONEY.
The Illuminati, who are and have always been the core of " fame" internationally. Follow the music today, is any of it true " singers, artists" singing? no it's all canned loops, as in frequency to sell singles, cd's.

There is no such thing as a copy cat today, as copying another is to prove who your not. Cover songs are not money makers. As why Buckley? the persons, bands who sang these songs were of real,not computers, they can't be duplicated.

These bands have their own earned and embedded signature. That can't be stolen.

Mainstream music today is what it is: computer generated voice, computer generated beats, a persona, a brand created off of psychology. It's not music Buckley, it's Profit off of brainwashed simpletons who do not know the difference.

1968 first release, no one ever to duplicate their sound, nothing, not even close, Led Zeppelin * Danish radio 1968 - they were not owned, they had leverage, they were a never before, -that Led Zeppelin cracked the music world wide open. They to provide never before known bands, their avenue in..

Cosby too was of his - that they the powers saw him, as a Led Zeppelin - in his day, early 60's.

Buckley said...

Oh okay. When you put it like that...

Sorry for smh and rme :)

Kellie said...

I'd like to think perhaps Camilla's smile is for a very different reason! ;)

Anonymous said...

Buckley - watch, listen, anyone else is free to, it's what it is, knowledge is power.

Anonymous said...

Wow, his arrogance really did show through! And who is he sharing the guilt with, "we don't talk about that." Who is We?

Drugs he used, where did he get access to the drugs used on the women. The modus operandi remained the same. How much did those around him know?

Renita Chaney Hill is in the news for stating Cosby stated a 4 yr relationship with her when she was 15 years old! His handlers had to know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:00,

Interesting point about the "we" and you asking who is he sharing guilt with? I wondered the same thing, and thought is he trying to include his wife in the word "we" since she is sitting next to him? I thought, no, that doesn't make sense. My next thought was, it really does sound like he is sharing the guilt with another person or persons rather than just using "we" to spread the guilt, it does seem like he has a specific person in mind, especially when he says "we-I" like he thinks better of saying "we" for fear of exposing that there is someone else involved. I wonder what Peter thinks. My gut feeling was like he really was thinking of another specific person.
It is really messed up how he had that MO of always drugging these women with pills!!! He is a serial roofie rapist! It's really scary! My other gut feeling I briefly wondered, just because the behavior was serial raping with drugs, if it had ever escalated even further to a point where he had physically harmed or even killed someone?! Because why did he want all these women unconscious before they were raped? It's really scary and the chronic nature of it really does beg the question of whether it ever escalated to worse.

Buckley said...

His lawyers?

Anonymous said...

OT: Sex offender denies involvement in case of missing woman

It would be interesting to read analysis on this statement. Seems very suspicious to me.

Buckley said...

I don't like that he won't refer to her by name, but "I didn't hurt the girl" is straightforward. He sure gives a lot of incriminating evidence about the drug deal, though the statement is sadly, 90% paraphrase :(

Trigger said...

No reliable denial

Bill Cosby wants "his" audience to believe that he is above reproach, but his arrogance and manipulative statements have revealed his mind set.

He thinks that he is entitled to control the information.

This will prompt investigative reporters to get to the truth, just as statement analysis has.

Anonymous said...

Saying you did not "hurt" the girl is not the same as saying you didn't kill the girl.

Kellie said...

Cosby Twitter Fun!

Mike Grady ‏@mgrady69 tweeted 4m4 minutes ago
So ironic that Bill #Cosby, who went such great lengths to tell kids of America to pull their pants up, has been caught with his pants down

Anonymous said...


That is interesting. I didn't think of that, it could be lawyers he is referring to. That would be a real powerplay like he pictures himself unified with a group of lawyers.

I really wouldn't be surprised if Cosby is hiding an even worse skeleton in his closet than the rapes. It is disturbing to try to figure out what else he might have done if he was comfortable drugging women unconscious and raping them for decades. So weird too like he seems to have been slick in tricking people into taking them like Janice Dickinson said that he had given her the pills for cramps, I am guessing in his mind he was always focused on ways to trick people into taking the pills although one interview I believe the woman said he just handed them to her and told them to take them. Just so creepy!

OldPsychNurse said...

Another aspiring actress/model, Renita Hill, traveled the USA with Cosby, went to his hotel room at night, and experienced anterograde amnesia. This story differs from Cosby's other accusers' allegations. Unlike the other women, Renita was underage.

Renita is bizarrely unsure if she was sexually assaulted by Cosby even though she was drugged, he groped her, and she had no idea how she ended up in her bed in the mornings after a night visit to Cosby. It’s important to note that Renita or her proxy accepted a large amount of money from Cosby. The article posted below states that Cosby paid for her college education.

Renita, underage at the time of her involvement with Cosby, is a rape victim.

Maybe said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 7PM responding:

Cosby's we don't talk about that comment sounds more like something a pedophile says to a child - along the lines this is a secret between you and I - we don't talk about that with others.

Most people who have an attorney say something along the lines, my attorney advised me not to talk about that. I don't believe it is common to include your lawyer in something "we don't talk about." He has allegations flying all around him and his lawyers must realize at some point a comment will have to be made. People will think he is likely guilty of some wrong doing the longer he avoids the constant stream of allegations.


Buckley said...

I believe it is common for a lawyer and client to agree that the client should not talk about allegations made against him. Recall all the times Peter has told us how BJ Dunn has talked against the advice of her attorney?

Sus said...

Bill Cosby has "settled with" and paid off a lot of women throughout his career. More likely his management team does. He's the wild card, they clean up his mess. I believe Bill Cosby views the world as "we"..."I'll do what I want, take no accountability for myself, someone follows behind and takes care of it."

Anonymous said...

Cosby Show producer Tom Werner - through the production company Carsey-Werner - has publicly stated, "these recent news reports are beyond our knowledge and comprehension."

Werner was due to produce Cosby's NBC sitcom, the show is now cancelled.

Werner did not say beyond my knowledge.....more ''sharing' here....with beyond our knowledge. Did individuals in the production company ever here rumors about impropriety on Cosby's part and ignore it?

Sue, I tend to agree with you. That's what Cosby's comments, body language and attitude say to me. Others clean up his mess. Some will no doubt claim, its beyond their knowledge, or he/she had no knowledge. Camille comes to mind here.

Buckley, I could see how he could be referring to his lawyer, but his wife is sitting right there. He did not say who the "we" happens to be. Another SA principle is not to say it for him, correct?


Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Could someone please answer a question about pronouns? If pronouns are instinctual, does it make sense for a person to refer to themselves and another person as "everyone"? I am concerned my son's father may be using drugs. I will not allow my son to see him as my concerns are great of drug use. My concerns stem from bizarre behavior from his father including the fact that, by his own admission, he keeps all the lights off in his house and sits in complete darkness. He adamantly denies being on drugs, which I suppose is possible, but his erratic moods and other facts make me suspicious. When I was trying to talk to him about my concerns over the phone, he said he wasn't addressing these ridiculous accusations and also said "maybe I'll talk about it tomorrow, but not right now when everyone is tired". The "everyone" only referred to me and him, as there was noone else awake in my house and it is only him in his house (according to him). This was the second time he's used "everyone" to refer to me and him. He also came out of one of his cruel periods, and asked me last week if he could buy our son a winter jacket, (he switches lately from cruelty to sweetness, another thing I am concerned about) and said he remembered I had a coupon for this sporting goods store and he figured while he was there getting our son's jacket he would buy a video camera that could be mounted on his head. I said "That coupon is expired" and he said "shit!" like the only reason he wanted to get my son the jacket was so he could buy a video camera to mount on his head. I googled these cameras. They are used for sports like skiing so the person can film the landscape as they ski without having to hold the camera. He does not do ANY kind of outdoor or indoor activity. I literally feel sick to my stomach, and so concerned I will not let my son visit with him. I just do not understand why would someone keep their house in complete darkness? He said it is because he feels he "doesn't fit in with the world" but seriously, I don't believe that. Anyone know about the darkness thing, is that a drug thing????

Buckley said...

It's a depression thing. It sounds like he is depressed.

I don't know what's going on but the worst thing you've mentioned is sitting in the dark and a suspicion of drug use with no detail of actual drug use. Has he forfeited his parental rights? Please don't deny a man from seeing his son based on dark house and
Pronoun analysis. If there is drug use, or if you have any legal pull, get a custody agreement that includes a drug test or something. Let an impartial authority help you sort it out. All due respect, my pronoun analysis and reading of what you are not saying makes me wonder if you are being possessive of your (plural) son.
Pronoun/statement analysis is awesome, but it should never replace due process. Again, sounds like depression and that he's using "everyone" as hyperbole because he grew tired of talking about it.

Buckley said...

Or insist he get help for his depression, but don't just leave it as a gut judgement then withholding any visitation without some sort of plan as to what it take for you to feel comfortable with his exercising his right as a parent.

Buckley said...

Agreed, he's using "we" to deflect guilt, but it was asked here, who "we" referred to, so I threw in my two cents, especially because someone took the "we" don't talk about it and started making assumption about sharing the guilt of the acts he's accused of, when the "we" don't talk about it is in the context of the cover up, not the acts themselves. I said lawyers to try to return it back to the cover up he is engaged in with lawyers, management company, etc.

Anonymous said...

Buckley, Thanks for your response. It could be depression, I just was getting like a sick feeling in my stomach it was something secretive going on or something? I wasn't basing it on the pronoun use. My major suspicions of the drug use is because he was actually free to see our son anytime and would see him frequently but he has been doing this thing for months where he will very regularly, every other week, tell me that he is "no longer (name of our son's) father and basically throw a fit to emphasize the point" and oftentimes make a gesture to prove it like dumping any of our son's belongings he has in his car in my driveway. I am talking about like camping equipment, and when I say don't do that you'll hurt his feelings! He is unstoppable. He does it anyway, and our son told me "I don't like him anymore." Our son is 14, so he's not a little kid. I don't know, maybe he's just being a jerk or depressed and acting jerky and I am reading too much into it. I asked him, could I walk through your house if you are not hiding anything because I did become very concerned (the mood swings made me concerned and the total darkness thing, also his eyes sometimes appear bloodshot with pupils dilated, he told me this is from the darkness) (normally this would have been no problem for me to enter his home) and he became enraged saying noone is allowed in his house!!!! It very well couuld be a depression thing it's just hard cause he cycles our son through rejecting him and then embracing him, and it seemed so strange. But maybe it is depression :(

Buckley said...

Yes, sounds like manic depression with the cycles and then other details. Your son is pretty much old enough to decide what he wants in the way of a relationship, so if I were you, I'd advocate for him in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Where were this woman's parents...she was 17...? Why do women continue to put themselves at risk by going to men's hotel rooms where the first thing you see is a bed? Actors,athletes all have many charges brought against them after Women enter men's rooms. I doubt anyone has complete recollection after pills and booze...maybe she consented and doesn't remember. No one wakes up vomiting into a toilet are coming out of a black out and don't recall what happened just before . Booze and drugs were accepted in the 80s in many environments and almost every one said yes to them... As a young woman I was instructed by my mother not to enter a man's bedroom that the consequences of what could happen would be my responsibility...!

OldPsychNurse said...

Comic Bill Cosby would invite young models into his New York dressing rooms, and then pay them thousands of dollars, his former “fixer” has claimed.
Scotti – a veteran employee of American TV network NBC – also admitted he would be the go-between for monthly payments to women of up to $2000 per month in 1989/90.

Repeatedly subjecting oneself to a perv and accepting his monthly check is prostitution, not rape.

(Yes, a FEW women who came forward refused to be alone with Cosby a second time and didn't take his money.)

OldPsychNurse said...

Dilated pupils should immediately constrict in light unless there's a brain injury, stimulant abuse, or use of mydriatic opthalmic drops. Those who abuse stimulants have dilated pupils and therefore, they have difficulty seeing in sunlight and bright indoor rooms. Bloodshot eyes and irrational behavior are other symptom of illegal drug abuse. You are very smart to keep your son far away from your ex. Stay safe!

wreyeter72 said...

I think we are talking about a very fine line here. Of the woman was being financially supported by Cosby, and she was spending a lot of time alone with him, AND here is the important part - after the first time she was sexually abused by Cosby (if she was drugged then it is rape because she cannot give consent if she is unconscious) then at what point did it become prostitution? When she went back to Cosby to be alone with him again and again. However, the first time was rape. So Cosby is guilty of rape, and a twisted manipulator as well. After all, can you imagine the pressure to "prostitute yourself" when if you don't, you lose your home and everything else?

Anonymous said...

1. Cosby is legally bound by past settlement agreements to not make any comments about any questions regarding sexual assaults

2. EXTORTION, look it up and learn already

3. Both sides committed EXTORTION: no rape transpired, EXTORTION did

4. That is why the women's television interviews and print interviews and self-written print articles are all contradictory and self-incriminating: the women knew they are complicit in and guilty of extortion, that is why they contradict themselves and incriminate themselves: their contradictions and self-incriminations are ADMISSIONS of their complicity in EXTORTION

5. Cosby's attorney Marc Singer IS allowed to deny all the accusations, he is allowed to respond to each and every sexual assault allegation with denials, and has failed to do so

6. Marc Singer released a statement in response to NBC Scotti's claims and the statement was an ADMISSION of Cosby's guilt: instead of denying Scotti's two claims he ADMITTED the two claims were accurate because he accused Scotti of mislabelling the professions of the women involved instead of denying Scotti's claims. Singer also ADDED additional information to Scotti's claims by CORRECTING Singer's claims (secretaries! not just models! secretaries too!)

Suzi said...

I guess working in a profession that regularly drugs people into submission, it can be pretty easily dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Consensually and intentionally and knowingly drinking yourself into a drunken blackout is not defined as "being forcibly drugged into submission"

It's defined as being a drunk and refusing to stop drinking to prevent drunken blackouts

Anonymous said...

Thank you Old Psych Nurse for the information. I had wondered if he might be on coke which really surprised me when I began to wonder if that is what he is on because I did not think he would ever get into something like that. But his behavior has drastically changed, sitting in complete darkness, pupils didn't constrict in light, he was not in his dark house when I saw them, as, noone is allowed in there lol! He was in my kitchen. He used to be an OK person, and was fairly responsible about being a father, but now, his personality is very erratic and it's just awful. It is awful to watch what drugs can do to a person, even worse the way they flip it around on anyone who calls them out saying the person is delusional, imagining things, that me thinking he is on drugs is just a "fantasy". My God what a nightmare!