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Beverly Carter Suspect Claims "Accident" And Wife is Also Arrested

The suspect accused of killing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter defiantly denied murdering her in a jailhouse interview, claiming that Carter's death "was an accident."
"I didn't murder her, and anything that did occur was an accident," Arron Michael Lewis, 33, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping, capital murder and four counts of a felon in possession of firearms, told NBC affiliate KARK in Arkansas from behind bars.
Aaron Lewis' wife has also been arrested. 
Please note that "I didn't murder her" is immediately weakened by "anything that did occur" which gives positive indication that something, indeed, did happen.  This is to add a fourth element to the denial. 
We saw this same phrase from a man who gave a young woman the drugs that caused her death:  he distanced himself as not "killing" her, because the "drugs killed her" which we may find something similar in this case where as his actions, or his inactions, caused her death.  
The statement, however, shows withholding of information by the suspect. 
Carter, 50, went missing while showing a home on Sept. 25. Her body was found five days later in the Little Rock suburb of Cabot. Investigators have said Lewis first contacted Carter about a home for sale, but Lewis refused to confirm how the two met. "It didn't have nothing to do with her showing the home. Just a place to meet," he said. "It wasn't necessarily like an appointment."
Here we see that he continues to withhold information and refuses to issue a reliable denial.  
He added that while Carter did leave the home with him in his car, investigators were overreaching in the kidnapping charges. "The kidnapping's false. I mean, somebody goes with you of their own free will, they're not being kidnapped."
This is to acknowledge that she went with him voluntarily.  The overall passivity suggests that he caused her death yet blames circumstances instead. 
Authorities have pinned the crime on him because he's a convicted felon, he told KARK. "It's not as clean cut as they're wrapping it up to be," he said.

update:  a second suspect has been arrested.  

The wife of Arron Lewis, Crystal Lowery, has just been arrested in connection with the murder of Beverly Carter. The arrest was the result of the continuing investigation in the case. The case is still ongoing. The warrants for this arrest are sealed as are the other warrants and reports regarding this incident


john said...

Authorities have pinned the crime on him because he's a convicted felon, he told KARK. "It's not as clean cut as they're wrapping it up to be," he said.

How was she murdered, and what state was she in when they found found her ?

john said...
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Anonymous said...

anything that happened was an accident........anything? anything? If it was an accident then there would have been one, singular, accidental thing that caused the death, not just anything and everything anyone could say happened was all accidental....geez

Anonymous said...

He's looking to share the blame. a)Disparages the victim by alluding to her willingly going with him to meet her death (by accident, of course).
b)Gives cell phone to wife to share the blame (referred to her as a prostitute in the past).
c)Orginal statement given to press shares blame with a GI from San Antonio.
d)He uploaded videos demonstrating how to steal products by deactivating security devices (he was very forthright and unassuming in doing so).
e)Which of his many statements are truthful, if any? (None listed on this blog post are!).

Peter Hyatt said...

I've not covered this case in detail. If there are links with extensive written statements, please post.

Thank you in advance,


Anonymous said...

Peter, you'll just have to Google the story. I forget when it broke, but he made statements to the reporters at the police station the day of his arrest. It was absurd! Then he claimed an accomplice.

The body was dumped at a location where he once worked. After he kidnapped the woman, he wrecked. Then he stole a dump truck from the company where her body was located. Here's the kicker: he got around town in 30 mile increments and no one knows how...really.

There are Facebook postings of his love for his wife; soon afterwards his ad goes out for companionship as he is once again single and ready to go for a ride on his motor sickle.

She (the disgruntled wife/soon to be ex) enters into a brouhaha with a online suiter that is interested in his photo and warm for his form.

He claims to have kidnapped the woman because she was "a rich broker."

To catch you up to speed, he baited the woman out under the guise he was interested in a house for sale and would be paying with cash. The woman, Beverly Carter, is around 50 years old; her photo posted with her real estate ad is probably around 15 years old. The man is approximately 33 years old and has a history of theft and general chaos across the state ever since anyone can remember.

Okay, having said that, he now claims the woman left with him willingly to avoid what he's already said: he kidnapped her.

It is also written by another woman that he pushed her out of the car in an area at night and said: I hope you get raped!

Oh, yeah!

So, just Google and start from the beginning as it is waaaaaaaay too convoluted to describe on this blog and statement analasis will never do this idiot justice. You need the whole picture.

But, he is excellent fodder.

Anonymous said...

He's one link to a 3-part seires they did at his holding cell. A person may have lost their job over this interview:

She went missing September 25th in Scott, Ark and found in Cabot, Ark. He lived in Jacksonville, Ark.

There's lots of his words out there and even a video on Youtube of him teaching others how to commit crimes (altruism).

Anonymous said...

I treid to find the Facebook posts, and amongst all the rhetoric what with a reporter allowing a neighbor to remain anon yet only stating he lived across the street and two doors down, I ran across this (a lot of action in the area):
"Front reads: "You will die! SOON, I'm a monster Your loved ones will be dismembered before your handcuffed self in my basement prison. The torsos will gargle draino,Then the real pain will begin! For you. Buried alive with hungry rats". -- The back had something's about "watching through windows, breathing heavy" and "waiting"....."

Police have the note now.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good start to sum it up (the bloody phot was taken at the car crash scene prior to the murder arrest) and there's a little facebook banter on this blog post:

This is something you have to read and watch for yourself. It's crazy without Nancy Grace.

Anonymous said...

Here's an old picture Lewis; look at his eyes! Compare the photo to newer one- he's still crazed looking. (Erotomania)

Anonymous said...

Just so you get the full Monty:

Anonymous said...

This is a must read for you, Peter!
This guy is supporting evidence for all you ever have to say. Classic threes:

Mr Carter was already concerned, but a string of strange messages received in the early hours of Friday morning really caused him to panic.

“All of a sudden I received three texts in a row,” he told local station THV11.

“One said, ‘Yes’, then she sent another that said, ‘My phone’s low. The battery’s down, and I’ll call you whenever I get signal.’ ... And, then, straight back-to-back, I received a text that said, ‘Oh, I’m out drinking with some friends.’”

The last message confirmed to Carl that something weird was going on. His wife of 35 years is ‘not a drinker’.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Use of "you" often:

LITTLE ROCK, AR - " I mean, the first thing you do is panic."

Arron Lewis' tears fell to his jumpsuit as he talked from behind bars -- the suspect now charged with Capital Murder in the death of realtor Beverly Carter.

On the night of Sept. 25, investigators said Lewis scheduled an appointment with Carter to look at a house in Scott.
"It didn't have nothing to do with her showing a home," Lewis said. "Just a place to meet."

We asked Lewis how he met Beverly or how he first heard about her.
"Going on that scale is pretty much what I'm waiting to speak to my lawyer on," he said.

What Lewis did say is that Carter willingly got in to his car that night.
"I never denied her going with me. As far as kidnapping, I've never kidnapped anybody. "
"You're saying that Beverly got in your car on her own free will that day?" KARK's Shannon Miller asked. He nodded.

Lewis didn't give details on what happened between that moment and Carter's death.
"You made a big mistake and you better be hoping no one finds out, " he said.
Investigators found Beverly's body in a shallow grave nearly thirty miles from Scott. on the property of a place Lewis used to work.

"I can say this much, we were already there," Lewis said.
"At what point did you get there?" Shannon asked? "Was it that Thursday night?" Again, Lewis nods yes.

Lewis alleges Carter's death was an accident and that authorities wouldn't buy his explanation based on his criminal history.
Lewis was asked what happened in that moment of panic.

"You've tried about five different ways," he said. "I really just want to give in."

It's not the first time Lewis let his guard down in front of our cameras. On Sept. 30, Lewis said he wanted to plead guilty and get it all over with.
Now in prison, Lewis maintains his innocence .

"I didn't kill her, I didn't murder her."

"You've never physically harmed a woman?" asked Shannon.
Lewis' responded, "I've never laid my hands on a woman period."

As he awaits trial, Lewis sits in solitude-- sorry for everything that's happened.

"It hurts on a daily basis, just because you know that what happened was an accident, doesn't mean everything is okay."

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tania cadogan said...

"You've never physically harmed a woman?" asked Shannon.
Lewis' responded, "I've never laid my hands on a woman period."

Unreliable denial

Notice he minimised the reporter's question from physically harmed to never laid a hand on a woman.
he adds an additional qualifier PERIOD which further weakens his denial,

lulu said...

When are we going to find out this was a murder for hire by Beverly's creepy husband?

Anonymous said...

Peter, you could write an entire chapter on this guy! And, it could be used to help women who feel compelled to beleive or even save the fools like him from himself/others.

He prides himself in lying-to women, that is. If you notice when watching interviews he doesn't run his mouth as much around men.

Sitting back in an easy chair, it's easy to think: This guy's an idiot, that would never happen to me. However, this woman was smart but some how managed to get snared. He rarely committed crimes alone so he must have some social skills in convincing others of his ways. (I'm waiting for the evidence of his wife's involvement. Bet it's thin.)

He's at the age that a severe mental illness could be taking over. A progession from property crimes to stalking to 1st degree murder of a stranger.

and, Lulu, no...this isn't a soap opera and the "creepy" husband did it.

lulu said...

Anon @7:26
Get bent. The husband made some oddly deceptive statements when Beverly went missing...that's what I was referring to. Take your armchair detective/psychologist skills and shove it.