Thursday, November 6, 2014

Billie Jean Dunn Wants Hailey's Remains Released to Family

Billie Jean Dunn's attorney has issued a statement, and Dunn, herself, has spoken to the press insisting that the remains of Hailey Dunn be released.

The only response officials give her is that testing continues.  This case has caused no small amount of controversy and has been covered extensively by the Statement Analysis blog, as Dunn made many appearances on the Nancy Grace Show.

Note in Young's statement is the singular "person" responsible; not "person or persons..." which is expected.  That he narrowed it down to a single person points to Shawn Adkins, Dunn's former boyfriend, yet it was his client of whom he was unable to stop from public speaking, which gave us the large volume of information on the case, particularly, via deception.

Both Dunn and Adkins failed their polygraphs, but no one has been charged in the case.

Statement of John S. Young 
Attorney for Billie Jean Dunn
RE: Anniversary of the Disappearance of Hailey Dunn

The anniversary date  of Hailey's disappearance always brings sadness and compassion for Hailey's family-- her mother, Billie, her brother David and her extended family.  It reminds us how fragile life is and how a senseless act of one yet unknown can take the most precious gift of life.

While Hailey's remains have been located and, one would assume, fully processed for the investigation, the remains of this young girl have not been released to the family to allow a burial and final closure to this tragic story.   I do not know why law enforcement has chosen to hold these remains, and there may be valid investigative reasons for doing so.  However, it seems that common decency would suggest allowing the family to have final closure would be the proper thing to do.

Several law enforcement agencies have been involved in the investigation at various times since Hailey's disappearance, including the Mitchell County Sheriff's office, the Scurry County Sheriff's Office, District Attorney investigators, Texas Rangers and the FBI.   While I am sure that the investigation is not 'closed' in the sense of an arrest being made, I am, however, not aware of any active investigation into Hailey's death.   It is my understanding that the FBI has, in fact, closed its investigation, returning the investigation to local authorities.  

Of course, we all hope that the person responsible for this senseless death will someday be apprehended.  Until then, I think everyone associated with the case will remember the day Hailey disappeared with sorrow.

end of statement.

The case is covered in more detail in:

Wise As A Serpent; Gentle As A Dove: Dealing With Deception


Apple said...

"We do want her home, and do want her here with us, we want to know exactly where she is, we were able to have a public memorial, but we haven't had a private memorial, because we don't have her remains back," Dunn said.
We we we we

Buckley said...

I notice that twice when referring to her murder he calls it "senseless" but never anything like "brutal" or "cruel" or "malicious." As if someone wasn't being brutal but was not within their senses.

Anonymous said...

"It's a lot harder, she died in that area, I just hate the area," Dunn said.

How does she know Hailey died in that area? They are speaking about the Colorado City area when Billie makes this comment. The lake area where Hailey was actually found is about 25 miles away per mapquest. Thinking about places 20 to 25 miles away from where I live, I don't consider them in my area. Leaking?

Peter Hyatt said...

well said, anonymous.

Buckley: a good pick up. I think most mothers would use the words you used.

john said...

Of course, we all hope that the person responsible for this senseless death will someday be apprehended.

This is unexpected in my opinion.

I would expect.

Of course, we all hope that the person responsible for this senseless death will be apprehended.

The addition of the word "someday" weakens her assertion that she wants whomever is responsible caught.

Buckley said...

I thought that too, John. On the other hand, that we are almost four years out doesn't instill confidence there will be an arrest.

john said...

OT Updates

Disturbing new details emerge about man last seen with Christina Morris

Report details theft arrest of man linked to FW woman's disappearanceMan Last Seen With Texas Woman Lied To Police

Maybe said...

Off topic - update Honet Boo Boo

john said...

OT Update:

Will convictions lead to answers about Erica Parsons?

Anonymous said...

It was her fringgin' boyfriend and his ghoulfriend covered!

tania cadogan said...

off topic

Fox News Latino has obtained exclusive photos of the injuries Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of U.S. teen Natalee Holloway, sustained inside a Peruvian prison.

According to his lawyer, van der Sloot was attacked twice in the last two weeks inside the prison. His last cut, in the kidney area, required 15 stitches and was described by a prison doctor as “profound,” according to prison document obtained by Fox News Latino. He did not require surgery, and the injuries are far less severe than previous reports claiming he was in serious condition.

The 27-year-old Dutch national, who is serving a 28-year prison sentence for the murder of a Peruvian woman, is recovering in the infirmary of one of Peru’s most notorious – and dangerous – prisons. Maximo Altez Navarro, van der Sloot’s lawyer, and the inmate’s wife, who also spoke to Fox News Latino, are demanding that he be moved to Lima or, at the very least, a hospital where he can receive appropriate care.

The top authority in the Peruvian prisons, or INPE, Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe, has disregarded van der Sloot’s claims that he was injured in prison – saying van der Sloot harmed himself to play the victim.

The convicted killer was serving time for the murder of Stephanie Flores, when he was suddenly transferred to the Challapalca Prison in August of this year. Prison authorities said he had threatened to kill one of the guards.

Altez said his client is in real danger and was stabbed by fellow inmates to draw the attention of the press in the hopes of having the infamous prison closed for good.

Challapalca, which sits at an altitude of 15,737 feet in a remote area of southern Peru, is a desolated place where temperatures can plunge to minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

“It’s where they take inmates to torture them,” Altez said.

Van der Sloot’s wife, Leidy Figueroa, said she went to visit van der Sloot in prison on Sunday, Nov. 2 and said she panicked when she saw his injuries.

“He was losing a lot of blood,” she said, adding that van der Sloot knew his attackers and is certain the inmates want him killed in order to shut down the prison. “That’s what Joran told me,” she said. “We want to bring him down [to Lima], they want to kill him.”

According to his lawyer, van der Sloot is the only foreigner and by far the most notorious inmate in Challapalca, which holds around 350 of the “worst criminals” in the country.

But prison officials in Lima have repeatedly denied claims by Figueroa that van der Sloot is being mistreated, and say she’s outright lying.

After Sunday’s alleged attack, Figueroa returned to the prison with a judge, two police officers and a photographer and a petition to argue his life is at risk and should be moved to Lima immediately.

At the time of this posting, the judge had not yet rule on the motion.

Figueroa, 25, married the convicted murderer on July of this year while pregnant of their now 7-weeks-old daughter. They met in prison in 2011 and Figueroa swears he is a changed man. “God has opened the door to his heart. All is paid in this life and he is paying now; God has a mission for him,” she added.

When inquired about Natalee Holloway, whose body was never found and whose case remains open, she just said: “We don’t speak of the past, we only speak of the present and the future.”

According to the Peruvian criminal code, van der Sloot is eligible for parole in four years, after having served almost five of the nine years that make up one-third of his sentence.

GeekRad said...

The anniversary date of Hailey's disappearance is more than a month away. Interesting that he would make this statement now. I am not sure what, if anything to make of that.

GetThem said...

I'm disappointed I couldn't analyze anything on the attorney's statement but maybe one thing: "While Hailey's remains have been located and, one would assume, fully processed for the investigation..." AND "While I am sure that the investigation is not 'closed' in the sense of an arrest being made..."
Two assumptions that contradict each other. One one hand he assumes the remains have been fully processed but on the other hand he says the investigation is not closed.

I get a big impression that Billie Jean is very controlling when her ONLY concern is being able to bury the body and hide it. It seems she's more worried with that, then allowing LE to take as much time as they need to catch "the person responsible." I'm not hearing grief. I'm sure the lawyer would love the body buried at this point too so he can protect his client.

trustmeigetit said...

I thought the words above were from the attorney?

That changes the analysis as far as some of the language, right?

He doesn't know Hailey.

Anonymous said...

This woman reported finding an abandoned baby. It turns out that the baby was hers! Absolutely crazy.

Anonymous said...

Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case
By Damien Echols
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Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin on Aug. 19, 2011, the day they were release from prison image
Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin on Aug. 19, 2011, the day they were release from prison.
Scott Ellington, the prosecuting attorney for Arkansas's Second Judicial District, said in a recent interview that, "There are no ongoing investigations by governmental investigative authorities" concerning the West Memphis Three case.

Ellington may be the only person on the planet who believes there is "closure" in my case.

I have heard the word closure more than once. The first time was when I was told that the Arkansas attorney general suggested that the State Supreme Court justices reject the appeal of my death penalty, because "we all need closure on the West Memphis Three case." It was easy for him to seek closure, of course; he was not sitting in solitary confinement on death row for a crime he did not commit. Thankfully, the Supreme Court did not listen and ruled unanimously to review our wrongful convictions.

No one wants closure more than me, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and the families of the murdered children. I for one am tired of reliving the horror of my arrest, wrongful conviction and the 18 long years, dying every day in an isolated cell, waiting to be executed. And while the Alford plea almost three years ago enabled us to be released, we neither were exonerated nor were the real killer(s) brought to justice. We continue to fight for both.

Now with the opening of "Devil's Knot," the latest film on this tragedy, some are once again calling for closure. After all, aren't four documentaries, a feature film, books, numerous network television features, hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories, blogs, bloggers, websites and God knows how many tweets on the murders of the three boys, enough? I guess not. People are still compelled by this story and want answers to the many lingering questions surrounding the case. True closure won't happen until those questions are answered.

Unfortunately, there has been little cooperation from the authorities. We have tried through the U.S. federal court in Washington, D.C., to obtain case files and records of forensic testing performed by the FBI at the request of the West Memphis Police Department during the initial investigation of this case. Incredibly, the FBI says that it cannot find those records. There is nothing, however, to prevent the state of Arkansas from making public its own records of correspondence with — and testing results from — the FBI's investigation into the murders. Indeed, in order to really bring closure to the West Memphis Three case and to help provide answers to the many questions about this case, including who really killed the three boys that dreadful day 21 years ago, the State of Arkansas should simply open up all of its investigative and forensic files on this case. The sunlight of public disclosure and inspection of those files will help to shine a light on the truth here.

Finally, along with the state of Arkansas opening up its investigative files, DA Scott Ellington should keep his promise to review new evidence given to him by my defense team in a meaningful manner, and he should avoid giving comfort to the real killer and discouraging new witnesses from coming forward by proclaiming that the case is "closed."

Damien Echols was released from death row in Arkansas in August of 2011. He and his wife, Lorri Davis, live in New York City.

Anonymous said...

anybody pay attention to the west Memphis three case?? have been researching it a lot, I think Damian may actually be guilty after all. does anybody else have thoughts? statement from him above.

Anonymous said...

West memphis Three: Mr. Bojangles is most likly suspect. Byers was a herion user and was targeted. Two weirdos rolled into town from California prior to the slayings.

It was a drug/entertainment/cause killing to promote an agenda and allow the media to run the investigation and run the drugs.

1st clue-Ms. Byers car shuts down on Hollywood. 2nd clue-faceplate of officer's watch changes colors. 3rd clue-suspicous vans rolling in area after man reported photographing Byers boy.

Create hysteria and roll in the bucks! Isn't that what NG and her ilk do? Isn't that what retired federal investigators do? Perhaps this is why the FBI can't find the files. Just stickin' up for their chums hoping no one will know what they are really up to.

Anonymous said...



Last year, you did an analysis of the Statement of Chase Merritt -- business associate of Joseph McStay, whose remains were found in the desert in California.

CHASE MERRIT was just arrested in the quadruple murder of the McStay Family !

Wishing you well, Peter.

Thank You !

john said...

OT Update:

Cops: Suspect arrested in murder of McStay family

Jen Ow said...

Hi John,

Surprising news about the arrest in the McStay case! I'm glad to see movement in the case, and I hope they have the evidence needed for a conviction.

I have to admit, I'm surprised by their theory of how/where the murders took place. (blunt force trauma, inside the home). That theory doesn't seem to be supported by the known evidence, as their home contained no sign a struggle, no blood, etc.

I always had a hinky feeling about Joseph Mcstay's brother, especially after their bodies were found, and he made some very strange statements.

It will be interesting to see what led LE to arrest Merritt, and I hope justice is done for those innocent boys, and their parents.

john said...

Hi Jen,

i think there is more to it than initially meets the eye ?

Peter Hyatt said...

perhaps McStay arrest will give some hope for Hailey's justice

Ulla said...


Jen Ow, I second your comment.

I also still have a strange feeling about Joseph McStay's brother, even at the press conference today. His behavior just doesn't ring true to me. I noticed he continues to wipe away nonexistent tears and also seems to be putting on a show.

I wonder if he is just an unusual character, or if he did have some involvement. He has made some questionable statements for sure, like:

"My fear is that I'm looking for two adult shallow graves and ... my two nephews' crosses," Joseph's kid brother, Michael, told the Orange County Register a few weeks after the Feb. 4, 2010, disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Here's a gentle reminder for those salivating over this childs' death:

tania cadogan said...

I agree, i also have a problem with the brother.

His statements set of red flags and alarms.

I wonder if he is involved in some way, perhaps he would inherit the business.