Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christina Morris: Last Man Seen With Her Speaks 

 In the interview, he only parrots back what the Interviewer says...she does not give him opportunity to speak freely. This may have been due to her desire for notice, or it may have been his reluctance; the video does not make it clear. It is not a reliable denial but more information is needed. Broken quotes and leading questions...His body language does not inspire confidence in his responses. Police obtained search warrant for his car:

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - Plano police have searched the car of
 the man last seen with missing Fort Worth woman Christina 

Morris last seen entering a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy, 
in the early morning hours of August 30, with a high school 
acquaintance, Enrique Arochi.
According to the warrant, which was executed in September, police 
searched Arochi’s 2010 Chevrolet Camaro for bodily fluids, hair 
and DNA evidence. The warrant does not say what was found.
Police also say Arochi has made many false statements over the 
course of the investigation, which have hindered detectives, 
including lying about contacting Morris’ boyfriend right after she 
Arochi’s phone shows that calls and text messages were sent to 
Morris’ boyfriend, Hunter Foster, at 3:50, 3:53, and 3:55 the 
morning of her disappearance.  Arochi initially denied that he 
spoke to Morris after they left a mutual friend’s nearby apartment 
to walk to their cars.  But when police traced calls and texts to 
Foster on his phone, Arochi changed his story and told police that 
he let Morris borrow his phone and that she must have placed the 
calls and texts.
Police also say Arochi lied about where he parked his car the night 
Morris disappeared.  He said he did not park in the same garage as 
Morris.  But when police showed him surveillance video of his car 
driving out of the same garage, he admitted he did park there.  
Detectives believe Morris may have been in his car when he drove 
out of the garage at 3:58 a.m.  Arochi has told police that Morris 
has never been in his car.
According to the warrant, police are also investigating damage to 
Arochi’s car, which was repaired after Morris’ disappearance.  
Police say they have video of Arochi examining and cleaning 
unusual parts of his car at a grocery store in Allen, hours after 
Morris disappeared.  Police obtained that video on September 24.
Arochi had bruising to his “bruising to his right forearm” and 
“abrasions to his right hand” following Morris’ disappearance and 
told police that he had punched his car fender.  But police took 
pictures of the damage to an auto repair shop, which found the 
damage inconsistent with his story.
One of Arochi’s coworkers also told police that he “looked like 
s***,” was walking with a limp and had a visible bite mark on his 
arm the day after Morris disappeared.  Arochi told the coworker he 
had been in a fight the day before.
Arochi told police that he took Adderall and consumed 10 shots of 
liquor and 3-5 beers on the day Morris disappeared.
Arochi says he has a prescription for Adderall and maintains he had 
He denies his injuries had anything to do with Morris, saying they 
happened before she disappeared.  “I didn’t have any bite marks on 
my arm, I had an accident that day changing my tire – and there’s 
proof of that cause I texted my girlfriend telling her I was changing 
my tires and that’s been cleared,” said Arochi.
“The inconsistency was where I parked because both parking lots 

look exactly identical,” continued Arochi in an interview with 

KRLD 1080. “And I don’t have a sense of direction so I didn’t 

really know where I parked.”
Arochi says he has been told by Plano police that he is not a 

suspect, only a person of interest, and he says he does not feel like 

a suspect.


john said...

Police: Christina Morris probably left shopping center in man's car

trustmeigetit said...

I hope they took photos of the bite marks. Seems they could get Christina's dental records and match them up.

That would tell us if those were her bite marks. It sure sounds like it could be self defense.

trustmeigetit said...


I was looking to see if there were any updates on Isabel Celis and found this article with some odd statements by mom and dad. The full link is below but I have just pasted the 3 odd statements below.

"Because we've become stronger and we are becoming stronger, we will be ready for when Isa comes home because whatever she has to deal with we'll being dealing with her," Becky said.

****It really bothers me that he said that his child being kidnapped has made them "stronger". That would normally destroy a family. I know Peter has commented about how most couples don't even stay married. And it is interesting that many of those we think lied as a team (Celis's, McCanns, Bradley's etc) have managed to stay "strong" together.

"Everything was voluntary. I was saying, 'Do whatever you need to do,'" Sergio said. "Yes, it was heart wrenching, on top of the fact of everything that already happened, to be separated, but we were more than willing to do everything we absolutely could."

****I find it odd that he choose the word "separated". That to me seems to take away the severity of being "kidnapped" as they claim. I would never say I was "separated" from my child if he was kidnapped.

"The boys were like, 'Let's watch TV in your room, Mom,' and so I have Julian and Sergio lying next to me," Becky said. "Usually, it would be all three of them and all the sudden I would be at the foot of the bed. I really missed her then."

****She doesn't say her name. Just missed "her"

"I feel like she's somewhere north or in California somewhere out there," Becky said.
****This is the most alarming statement. She has said she has no idea who would take her but now "feels" like "she" (not Isabel) is North or in Cali?

If your child was kidnapped you would not have any idea where a kidnapper took her. I wonder if this was a slip?

Buckley said...

Trustme- "Separated" is referring to when Sergio had to stay separated from the boys per DCS "request," not referring to the kidnapping.

Notice he says "everything" was voluntary- not specifically that he agreed to stay away from the boys. Was it voluntary? Doubtful.

Odd that they hire a PI from Calif. and also get a tip Isabel is in California.

trustmeigetit said...

Looks like the remains found in Florida are NOT Heather Elvis.

I just looked for an update and there was an article 5 days ago about that.

Anonymous said...

wow that's a gulity guy.

Lisa said...

My 2 cents to the night...
He says "I have no idea" as a response to a question about what happened to her. No ideas at all = lie.

At 1:17 min he says "I HONESTLY did not see anything when I AM WALKING to my car." He isn't honest about everything he says and slips into present tense.

His last comment seems to say he wants to come forward and tell the truth because his family is affected. Maybe he will crack soon.

I look forward to the analysis people will post :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

He has been arrested for kidnapping after test results came back on DNA found in his car.

Anonymous said...

He has been arrested after results came back on DNA found in his car.