Saturday, November 1, 2014

Report: Jian Ghomeshi's "Evidence"

from and the Star:

"Ghomeshi, who is apparently self-obsessed and constantly checking for mentions of himself on Twitter and Facebook, heard earlier this month an ominous quote from Jesse Brown during a podcast appearance, a reporter who had contacted him about the sex abuse story this summer. Ghomeshi mistook the statement to be about him and as a "last ditch" attempt at damage control, went to his bosses at the CBC with what he called "evidence" that exonerated him. 
Turns out, the evidence was "graphic" videos, which Ghomeshi thought would prove to his employers that the women who were about to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct were lying, as (according to him) it's possible to bruise a consenting partner in the context of BDSM. 
Ghomeshi was fired that weekend. In the ensuing days, 9 separate women came forward with differing stories of what looks to be a pattern of abuse spanning more than a decade. Even the superstar crisis management firm he hired this summer dropped him.
Icing on the cake: the "ominous" Jesse Brown statement that spooked Ghomeshi so much that he ran scared to his employer with dirty videos was about a completely different story. "


Anonymous said...

I would love if you had the time or the want to do an analysis on Lee Harvey Oswald and a man who sits in prison who said he was the grassy knoll shooter of JFK.... This would be so interesting..... Her is a link to James Files so called account of JFK..... Thanks My personal email is

Anonymous said...

Forgot to leave the link for James File...

john said...


The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald

An analysis by Mark McClish

Kellie said...

"Ghomeshi mistook the statement to be about him..."

lol I LOVE it when the cat lets himself out of the bag...

He is a creep. Plain and simple. All of his explanations are far too complex to be the truth. I find deceivers to be reliant on creating confusion and doubt. Like most good defense attorneys! heh

Anonymous said...

She means the world to 'us'??

Anonymous said...

I felt from the beginning that his 'evidence' almost had to be videos and not emails or text messaging. Videos are more authentic than emails which can be changed by someone whose crafty enough to know how to do it and text messaging can be done by someone else using your phone.

Of all the rotten....! video taping these poor women while he's degrading and physically abusing them. Low-life b'stard. I just hope somebody can nail him with some criminal charges.

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Maybe said...

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done analysis of the statements surrounding rapper Snoop Dogg's murder trial in the 1990s?

He was defended by Johnny Cochran and his very own "dream team," as he called them. He was acquitted after years of trials.

john said...

Iv'e been reading you book Peter,"Wise As A Serpent; Gentle As A Dove" and came across this, in the Charlie Rodgers case.

"Being a victim in a situation like this, or a survivor, um, It should be noted that deception is often indicated in statements that begin without a pronoun

This is something new to me, and i will be on the lookout for this in the future.


Peter Hyatt said...


this is an important point.

When Texas Jet Ski Murder question was raised, "What happened?", the wife answered,

"Just had three boats chasing us..."

Tiffany Hartley

This is how she started her answer. Not only is the pronoun "we" missing, but "just"?!?

Anonymous said...

Peter, please tell me what you think of these sentences:

2nd detain done in tie to Beverly Carter murder
October 31, 2014 Jonesboro No Comments

North Arkansas Electric Cooperative wants to make certain each child has a possibility to put their best feet forward.

With a assistance of Academy Sporting Goods in Jonesboro, a commune is giving divided some-more than 1,000 pairs of jaunty boots to area third graders.

Article source:

'2nd detain done in...'
'...a commune is giving divided some...
'...jaunty boots..."

and, last but not least

'...each child has a possibility to put their best feet forward.

john said...

I notice when pronouns are dropped or missing completely. Not starting with one, is new. And as you say in your analysis, it doesn't connect them to their statement at the point of starting.

Anonymous said...

At the onset of this "breaking news," I thought it would end this way with a video or other promotional tool utilized to sell their porn over the scandal.

Why is a writer so interested in the women's stories? Millions of women are beaten and abused each and every day. What makes this guy stand out above the crowd? I'll tell you: To promote more of the abuse!

Anonymous said...

Oswald dit it! He's guilty. There probably WAS a second shooter; it's history now and matters not.

Tippet was sent to 10th St. @ 1:11 on 11/22-bad numerology and bad Karma. He was sent to his death by a bad sequence of numbers that Texans today refuse to give up.

Conspiracy theorists reek havoc over the land. Why can't they get over it?

The sixties gave birth to generation unknown to the coders, unknown to the language experts, and unknown to poetry of death. The New York paper declared: God is dead!
The sunflowers are all gone now. Soon I will be, two.