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Statement Analysis: Hailey Dunn Mother Interview from 2012

Recently, the mother of slain 13 year old Hailey Dunn has, through her attorney, asked that her daughter's remains be returned to her.  Thus far, officials have refused to. Without ever naming her a "suspect" formally, they have treated her and her now ex boyfriend  Shawn Adkins, as such, particularly in refusing to take her calls. 

From the beginning, both Behavioral Analysis and Statement Analysis showed:

Guilty knowledge of the death of Hailey Dunn, by both Dunn and Adkins.  
Need to control information by Dunn. 
Inclusion of sexual perversion and substance abuse to the element of violence. 
Behavioral Analysis:  No urgency, no desire to search, hinder the flow of information, hinder the investigation, protect Adkins, etc.  

No one has been charged in connection to Hailey's murder, to date. 

Dunn's attorney, John Young, was unable to keep Dunn from speaking to the public, as he watched her own words entangle her, including linguistic indication of the "second finding" of remains, being those of Hailey's, as they were found in the "ugly fields" she mentioned. 

Dunn's supporters from social media, pointed only to Shawn Adkins.  Recently, in her attorney's statement, he wrote about a single suspect, rather than the unknown, "person or persons responsible..." as expected.  He, like the rest of us, is subject to the principle of 'leakage' in language. 

Here is an old Q & A from Facebook that someone recently sent me for analysis. 
Knowing what we do about the case, including the failed polygraphs, is it still of value?

True enough, much is now known since this interview.  Do the words still reveal information to us?  Let's see: 

Billie Dunn answering questions...In her own words. All gathered between Sept 3 -6 2012

Q.. last week on Hailey's birthday we got so many messages saying that you and Clint are back together and I told them all that it is just rumor until it comes from you so are the two of you back together?

 A..We aren't back together as a couple,but he was here on haileys bday. He stayed two days. It was great. Clint & I were best friends before he got w Naomi. Now that they aren't together we can be close again. I love him. I spent half my life with him,but we've been separated 4 yrs.
If it got Hailey back we'd be together forever in a heartbeat.
Right now,I'm dating someone,I'd rather not comment on his personal life.clints,I mean.

Q...I would like to ask Billie if C-City LE is still helping and communicating with her? ccity le doesn't communicate with me. I communicate with FBI & rangers.

This is a truthful answer. 

The word "with" when found between people, indicates distance.  The subject communicates with "FBI & rangers", but they do not communicate with her.  This is the same with C-City LE (Law Enforcement).  

The law enforcement agencies assigned to this case did not communicate with the subject, whom they believed held guilty knowledge, therefore, treated her like a suspect, without formally naming her a suspect to media.  She had been interviewed, interrogated and failed her polygraph and lawyered up.  She was not a mother of a missing child but one who was in conspiratorial communication with Shawn Adkins, her boyfriend at the time of Hailey's death. 

Q..You say that since you and Shawn have been split up that he has done some things and now you can't stand him so what I want to ask is now that you see the things he is doing do you truly believe that Hailey was afraid of him?

A..Hailey didn't like Shawn at 1st,that's the 100 th time,but I know u probably haven't heard me say it. So no it took her a while to quit blaming him for me & Clint not getting back together. I still don't think she was afraid of Shawn. Haileys loud,strong & outspoken. She has me,her dad,my bros,my uncle's,any of us,she would've said.

To "think" is to reduce commitment.  This is not the mother saying, "Hailey was not afraid of Shawn" but only to "think" she wasn't.  One might question why a mother would not know such a thing, having lived with both of them. 

The subject had known of the threats made against them, but still invited Adkins back into her home after reporting the threats to Law Enforcement.  This may cause some to question the word "think" used here. 

Q..Was it the first time Hailey would have stayed at MB's house for the night?

A..No its not the 1st she wouldve stayed at MBs. She rarely stayed at friends though,they usually stayed with us. She also went to mbs all the time just to hang out for a little while even.

This was the story that came from the then Nancy Grace Crime Library in which a young girl on her way to a sleep over had been assaulted.  The subject had downloaded and printed out this story and used it in her cover up story.  This was eventually recognized by Nancy Grace who commented upon it, as the story the subject floated fell apart. 

Q..I do hope DA Investigator Billy Sides finally let you see what was on that xbox?

A.. Billy sides never did show me the pics & Idk that he ever did anything he said he would.

Note the use of first name only.  
Note the insult that continues about him doing "anything" he said he would.  

Billy Sides was the DA's investigator.  He professionally worked the case for justice for Hailey, and did not work "for" Dunn.  

He worked to build a case against her and Shawn Adkins because that is what following the evidence led him to.  At any given junction, he could have said he would attempt to do "this or that", as requested by Dunn, especially to keep the flow of information going.  This is not to 'break one's word' but an investigator must:

a.  loyalty towards truth only
b.  seek to balance the flow of information while protecting the integrity of the case
c.  Listen with empathy towards Dunn for the sake of the case. 

There is often a feeling of 'betrayal' for a guilty subject when she realizes that the investigator does not work 'for her', but for the truth. 

Sides avoided the spotlight and worked the case.  He could have sought traction for his career by going on The Nancy Grace Show and other media outlets.  

He did not. 

If one wishes to consider the subject's criticism of Billy Sides, one should realize how easy it would have been to seek fame from the case rather than stay within his profession.  

The x-box contained pornography.  One can imagine how this personally impacted the investigator's relationship with the subject.  Knowing that the x box was accessed by two children, it likely bothered the investigator, who, like a professional, would have to seek to conceal his own disapproval.  

It is not easy. 

Q..Billie were you mad with LE that they would not let TES come in?

A..Heck yeah I was passed when le refused help,it wasn't just TES either,it was also team Adam,also another le dept.

Law Enforcement knew that the location of the remains of Hailey were known by the subject and Shawn Adkins.  To spend tens of thousands of dollars, particularly money that is donated to Texas Equasearch by the public, on something that could be solved, instantly, and without cost, was something they must have considered.  

Statement..For the record I don't watch NG anymore I dislike the way she cuts people off if their opinion is not the same as hers.

Response..I'm still glad Nancy got Hailey national attn
                 no matter what its done to me,it's got her attn,right? That's all that matters. It's hurtful & ppl are so mean but at least they know           haileys face.

Law Enforcement knew, from the interview, interrogation and polygraph, that Hailey was not "missing" but that the subject and Adkins were withholding the information of where Hailey could be found. 

Texas Equasearch (TES) learned a valuable and expensive lesson in the case of Casey Anthony:  they do not work with parents who lie about their "missing" children.  

Nancy Grace began her programming supporting the subject, as did Marc Klass.  Both Grace and Klass turned on the subject, first with Grace discovering:

New Year's Eve party while Hailey had just been reported missing;
drug use;
failed polygraph;
pornography including child pornography and bestiality

Klass publicly shamed the subject, specifically after making a strong effort to assist her.

Both Grace and Klass work as "brand names."  Klass raises money for the foundation to help families.  He owed it to the families to separate himself from murder.  
Grace is also a brand that people watch as she presses for justice.  She would not partner with the subject, either.  

Q..Billie, I have really thought alot about the true stories that were found in your house. Who picked the titles that you were reading?

This is a good question.  It would have been better asked without the statement before it.  The statement alerted the subject as to the Interviewer's thought process.

The story floated about this case came from a true crime story of Carlie Brucia.  The Interviewer tipped her hand with the statement that she was thinking of this case.  

The question is, "Who picked it?"

A..1st of all,I can't read crap like that now that my daughter's missing. I had never heard of those stories either until I logged onto true crime,likeany other ppl I worked with. There we're about 7 or 10 stories,all we're disturbing & creepy as hell.
And no,I had not read them all,but like I said before,I just can't understand how those wicked ppls minds work.
I can't do anything about my character being judged by the fact that those stories use to intrigue me,instead of being judged based on who I am.

Deception Indicated.

The first thing the reader should notice is the question:  "Who picked out the stories?"  For new readers, these were true crime stories downloaded with some printed out from the subject's work computer and office printer.  Included in these, was the story of Carlie Brucia, a little girl who was assaulted while going to a sleep over.  This is where the subject got her cover story for Hailey.  

Notice now that the question is "Who?", which is answered by "When."

She was not asked "When did you...?"  This is critical and indicative of not only deception, but the sensitivity of timing.  

Here we have a good deal of information.

1.  The subject avoids answering the question, "Who" picked it out.  The question is now to be considered "sensitive."  This indicates that she, herself, picked it out.  This is consistent with her intelligence level being more than Adkins who she called, "MHMR" or "mental health, mental retardation" in social services/medical language. 

2.  Note the subject can't read them "now"; that is, having read them previously.  The sensitive topic is this:

The subject took one of the true crime stories and made it her cover story for Hailey.  Keep this in mind as you read what the subject said:

3.  "either"

This is a common tag for liars.  It allows them to change their opinion or answer with it.  It alerts the listener that they are not going to get a firm answer. 

4.  "like any other ppl I worked with"  

This is to suggest that "I am as normal as the ppl I worked with" giving us the indication that this is anything but normal.

Remember, these additional words are not necessary. Unnecessary words become the most important for us.  It shows that she has a need to sound normal

5.  "I had not read them all" is also "unnecessary" wording.  If she had 10 stories, did she read 9?
Note the need to make them "plural" ("all") because there is one story, in particular, that she wishes to avoid. This is a early teen-like attempt to say "everyone was doing it" to the scolding parent, attempting to hide guilt within a crowd.  Parents learn this early.  

6.  "Creepy and disturbing"

These are interesting terms in light of both child pornography and bestiality (besides homemade pornography) in their possession. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term "bestiality", it is the sexual abuse of animals and is very violent.  

If the true crime stories are "creepy and disturbing" it would be interesting to learn about her reaction to the other things found on various computer and memory devices in the possession of herself and Adkins.  

7.  "like I said" is a self-reference, as she is not speaking from experiential memory, but memory of what she stated previously. 

8.  judging her character.  

Many people do read true crime and it is not expected that reading true crime would cause anyone to judge her character.  This is likely an example of leakage, where she is not thinking about the true crime stories, but of what other things they possessed that were not known by the public:  child pornography, bestiality and the "blood lust" videos where violence and sexuality are linked. 

Statement..what I didn't understand is why you stood by Shawn when everything pointed to him.

In the Nancy Grace appearances, the subject told us two things:
1.  Hailey was deceased
2.  The subject needed an alibi

This statement is unnecessary.  Both she and Shawn failed the polygraphs and she was the spokesperson for the two.  It was her language that indicated deception.  

Her response will show how they are linked together.

Question:  What is it within her language that links them together?

Response..,im just now,for the 1st time,hearing about other stories shawn supposedly told. and to now know how he has harassed me & creeped me out n the last 6 mos,just makes me wonder. makes me sick that i let him n my house.
he had me convinced that everthing le told me about him was a lie,bcuz hell,i know they lied about me. painting haileys rm,,having a party,when my family came together during a time of need. etc
i just seen such a completely different side. & i thought he loved us. him & hailey played around like buddys. he always tried to keep me i see something else in him.
 i tried making him leave for months before he did. i would drop him off,he came back without even asking. everyday i begged him to leave until finally i threatened him with my uncle & he left & im so glad,i feel so much better! i have more friends,more money! ive never once missed him.

Note that the subject ties herself, linguistically, to Shawn Adkins in the topic of lying to law enforcement. 

Q..Was Luminol Testing done in her house and or Clint and Shawns Grandma's house?

A..Luminol,only in my house. said that the night Hailey was to be at MB that David came into your room at either 9 or 10 on that Monday night and he said mom I don't like Hailey over at MB her boyfriend is always there, did Hailey and MB bf not get along?

A..David was only letting me know that boys we're allowed at mbs.

Q..There was a poster that was removed from your bedroom wall, what was on the poster?

A..The poster was actually clints,it was of a skeleton riding a motorcycle. They took ridiculous things. Some of it I just think they liked.

The word "actually" is used to compare two or more things.  Here, she is thinking of someone, but blames Clint, instead.  

She then adds insult, claiming that law enforcement took things from her home they they "liked."

What would she be thinking about that they took just because they "liked"?

This is a very strange statement. 

Does the subject think that police would steal common items?

Or, might the subject be thinking of the pornography that she filmed of herself in the home?

Q..Was it normal for you to wash the coveralls on a regular basis or did SA come to you at this time and ask you to wash them for him?

Note that the question pins the washing of the coveralls to the subject, Dunn, herself. 

A..I always kept up on the laundry,so no he never asked me to wash them.
as far as I know the coveralls are missing. I never washed/seen them after he told me he quit his job.

Please note that the question is avoided, making it very sensitive to her.  

The coveralls should be looked at in context, as Adkins talked about "gutting a deer" in relation to Hailey's disappearance.  

This suggests that the coveralls needed cleaning in relation to Hailey's death.  Police have not released information (physical evidence) about the remains, and asked the gentleman who found the remains to not speak of them.  

Q..Billie what were / are your thoughts on the way Shawn quit his job?

A..Shawn never would hold down a job,he's lazy,so I just don't know what to say about him walking out the minute he walked in.

This is an interesting answer specifically because the suspicion of the Interviewer is obvious:  Shawn Adkins went into work to be seen, only, as he was building his own alibi.  

Q..Do you know why Shawn tried to put Hailey in a negative light saying she was promiscuous?

This is not only to disparage the victim, but to shift blame from himself to her, as I believe, based upon the language, that this was a sexual homicide, fueled by both drugs and alcohol, and the de-sensitization of pornography, including "barely legal" and child pornography.  

I also believe that charges will eventually be levied. 

A..I certainly don't know why the loser would say that. It's one of many statements he claims le lied about.
 But I don't want to speak for him & hate speculating on what I think happened. I only know facts where I was present

Not knowing why Shawn made this claim, itself, is buttressed with "certainly."

"Certainly" is a word used when we do not want to be questioned.  

Q..Ok I gonna ask the Christmas photo's of you Shawn, Hailey and David...... was Hailey upset?

A.. We were at Shawna mom,the kids don't really know them,so I know she was already uncomfortable,plus she didn't wanna go in the 1at ace,she wax ready to go to Snyder & get presents from my mom & brothers.
she wasn't mad,just anxious to get to gmas!

Q..Billie, I was going to ask you to speculate … do you have a ‘gut’ feeling?

A.. I've honestly always felt it was a stranger abduction,I can't say why. But I do think without evidence,anything is a possibility.
 Maybe bcuz human trafficking is so prevalent here in TX,maybe bcuz we lived off of a major interstate.
And cc le will not consider human trafficking,they absolutely refuse.
Bivens laughed at me when I said I thought she was abducted.

Note the word "honestly" to trigger the listener that she really wants to be believed here.  It weakens the assertion of "stranger." It also begs the question as to why, in other areas, she did not need the feeling of adding "honestly" in other places.

Next, note that with Hailey "missing" this long at the time of the interview, that the mother of a missing child would have many thoughts and have thought these things through extensively.  Instead, we get the honest admission:

"I can't say why."

"Can't" means to be restricted.  

What has caused this restriction?

a.  information, or the lack of it.  
b.  consequences.

a.  information.  Since she has had such a long period of time to think through why it was a "stranger" and not Adkins, as she claimed that police told her it was, or that her lawyer sought to blame, it is difficult to accept that it is a lack of information.

b. consequences

She may be restricted from saying due to consequences.  If she explains why she believes it is a stranger abduction, readers/listeners will respond and she would face the consequence of having to defend that which cannot be defended;  as fiction is difficult to defend logically.  

The subject is intelligent. 

Statement..some girls were arguing with Hailey the day she went missing. They we're at the middle school playing bball. The parents didn't want the girls names released,so le never divulged that. It was 2 girls,I believe,haileys age. I don't feel the girls arguing is relevant.

Q..The hair dresser said she saw Hailey walking with a younger boy that Monday. Do you know who that child is?

A..It was naomis son.

Statement..Le said they took the dogs to all hotels & they picked up her scent at the one by the house. I personally seen the dogs going toward MBs. Obviously they picked up her scent at counts & mbs also bcuz she was there alot. I would've liked sex offenders cars checked by dogs. But that didn't happen.

Statement..I definitely don't believe there was any child porn on her Couter,someone would be arrested,if they can't pinpoint who then arrest everyone who accessed the computer during that time!
There was none on shawns flash drive that was at my house.

Please note that the Interviewer did not introduce child pornography into the statement, the subject did. 

Note the sentence:  "I definitely don't believe there was any child porn on her Couter..."

Note that "believe" is weak.  "There was no child porn..." is strong.

Note next that "definitely believe" is the second layer of weakness to the statement. 

Telling us specifically where it wasn't will give traction to the belief that she knew where it could be found, just as she knew where it would not be found. 

Q..Billie, would you be so kind as to clarify if Hailey did walk to the ALCO and/or the dollar store on Sunday? What time? And did LE in fact see evidence of this on surveillance footage?

A..yes there is footage of Hailey on the dollar store Sunday.

Q..I noticed Hailey’s Facebook page does not show the posts that were viewable when she went missing.
May I ask why posts were removed?

A..connie took over her fb soon as she went missing,adding friends,changing things,even after le asked her to stop. sure she was trying to help so no,idk anything about it or why it was removed.

Q..Was Hailey playing the x-box in David's room, the living room , or her room?

A..she was playing xbox in davids rm.

Note that the x-box is what the investigator refused to tell the subject what was found on it. 

Q..why you got a tattoo of Hailey so soon after her disappearance?

A..i needed a tat of her name,thats what i wanted bcuz i already had davids,but find myself staring at her pics all the time,so o got a portrait & am do glad i did. i csnt get a portrait of dave,he says it would embarass him.

Q..Naomi's son said Hailey was talking to someone in a whit van is that true?

A.. i heard he said hailey left in a qhite van too. i heard he told le that. with a mexican guy.i heard about the van from clint.

Q..I would like to know why were Hailey's classmates stating that she had told them that she hated Shawn?

A..Hailey did not like Shawn at all at 1st,it wasn't until the last yr they started playing around,getting along.


1.  Shawn Adkins threatened Hailey, Billie Jean and Clint Dunn.  Billie Dunn appropriately reported this to police.  This was protective action.
2.  Billie Dunn then invited him to move in to her home in which Hailey lived.  
3.  Billie Dunn defended this action by saying "he only threatened me" and not Hailey. This indicated she did not see the harm in exposing the child to violence against the child's mother. 
4.  Hailey "hated" Shawn, but the subject changed the language of "hate" to "did not like."  This is to weaken, or minimize the topic of hatred.

5. "playing around" is a strange choice of words.  Note that Adkins boasted of his "playing" with Hailey using bodily function descriptions.  

Q..being Hailey has a MYSPACE & FACEBOOK account who monitored HAILEY while on the internet, if you had no computer at your home?

A..Connie monitored her acts,she's the one who have her permission to start them. I didn't know she had fb.

The question is, "Who monitored?" and she answered, "Connie."  Yet, she went beyond the question's boundary to tell us what she did not know.  This is to include herself into the answer, indicating a need for justification.  

Q.. Billie do you know if it is true that Shawn's Mom had him take a private polygraph test and he failed?

Question is:  Do you know if it is true?  This is a "yes or no" question. 

A.. someone,who i dont trust,in le did tell me he took a private polygraph in dallas but shawn would not admit it to me.

Note the avoidance of answering "yes or no", instead using an explanation in an attempt to discredit law enforcement. 

Adkins sought the support of his family and took a polygraph, but failed it.  

Please note that even her insults towards Adkins are tempered.  She cannot push him too far. 

In her response, not only does she avoid the yes or no element, but she defends Adkins by disparaging law enforcement. you feel that Connie had anything to do with Hailey missing?

A..connie had nothing to do with haileys disappearance.

Note that the subject is capable of making a truthful statement without qualification or going beyond the boundary of the question.  It is not "habit", but deliberate. 

For more information on this case, and others, see at Amazon, the paperback, 

"Wise As a Serpent; Gentle As a Dove:  Dealing with Deception"

Also keep an eye out for an announcement Peter Hyatt's upcoming book on Missing Children.  

This, and all posts in the Statement Analysis blog, are the personal opinions of the author.  All parties, including those here, are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

The speculation is whether or not someone who speaks publicly is believed.  In this, and other cases, the opinion is given, but it is given with explanation.  


Bonnie Blue said...

I remember that you said awhile ago that if you go back through transcripts and re-evaluate them that you can glean much more information that was missed the first time around.

I wonder if you went through a few key articles or interviews, how much more you would realize was there?

We have all of the puzzle pieces. There is something we are not seeing.

Also, there has to be a logical reason these two have not been charged and arrested. LE can see what we see plus have more information than we have been privy to. What are they waiting for? What is that one important detail they still feel will be required for conviction?

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Blue,

It could be similar to the Baby Ayla case where LE just doesn't feel they have enough evidence and doesn't want to risk prosecuting it till they feel the case is solid. Peter is 100% sure that Sean and Billie are responsible and has done great analysis, and I am convinced Billie is lying. This is one case where I have a gut feeling though like I am not 100% sure Sean killed her. All arrows point to him being the killer, Peter's statement analysis of Billie is great and spot on, she is lying. It is just odd in that I am not 100% sure Sean did it. But my opinion or gut feeling is not relevant. It is likely Sean did kill her, it is a matter of whether prosecutors have the confidence to prosecute the case. They probably could prosecute it. It just would require the jury to "connect the dots". Many prosecutors don't have the confidence the jury will be able to do that. The time frame she went missing, they probably could convince a jury beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sean was the killer. Then his suspicious behavior right afterword, it all backs up that he is guilty. They could take the angle why would he lie about quitting work, why would he quit that morning, where did his coveralls go, etc. It just requires connecting the dots. But most prosecutors won't take that risk to prosecute a case where there is no "smoking gun" to prove the guilty party is guilty.

GeekRad said...

Anon, I agree. There is so much circumstantial evidence against Shawn- the cell phone pings in the area where Hailey's body was found, his lying about going straight to his mothers after quitting his job, the way he quit and said he was fired, failing a polygraph, saying LE should look at he a Billie and more. I agree, the prosecutor wants an iron clad case, a smoking gun or a confession. He likely feels, as we have seen in other cases, that a jury will not be able to connect the dots. The fact the FBI have not released the Hailey's remains tells me the case is still active, contrary to the attorney's claim that the FBI has closed the case. I am so frustrated that Shawn has not been arrested and the case is not moving forward.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Baby Ayla, Baby Lisa, Hailey Dunn, Kyron Horman, Haliegh Cummings & many more cases just turn up cold & LE drops it & moves on. I am beginning to wonder what is the job of LE ? Many cases are going cold.

Buckley said...

I think it's more prosecution/lawyers worried about about win loss record than police, wouldn't we guess? Add Ramsey to the list.

Buckley said...

I should add: I get why it's tough to charge with a crime of murder when there's no body, but in the case of Hailey, that's no longer true- it's clear there was a murder.

john said...

The child pornography is more than enough to make arrests!. This may lead to one or the other throwing them under the bus ?

elf said...

I find it interesting that Billie ask that haileys remains be released more often than she ask for justice for Hailey. On the hope for Hailey fb page its always 'release haileys remains so poor Billie can have closure and we want justice too'. Its like justice comes second to Billie having her own way... I can't wait for all of bullies lies to come back on her!

elf said...

*Billie's not bullies lol easy mistake though.

Bonnie Blue said...

You know, Billie has incensed a whole lot of people and no doubt LE just as much.
Maybe that is all that they have is against Shawn, but we all know that Billie was equally involved and guilty, if not more so!
What appears to be stalling by LE could possibly be them waiting to gain more evidence specifically against Billie so she does not walk free.

john said...


Mother-of-two 'brutally beaten and left for dead by her new boyfriend' who she went to visit for the weekend
Emily Lambert, a third grade teacher, was found dead after being beaten to death and now her boyfriend Robert Earley is under arrest


Operator-"911 what is your emergency?

Caller-"Yeah erm, my girlfriend whe..left last night er we were at the Stevens bar inn (inaudible) and she hasn't made it back to the hotel. She-i don't know where she went. She left with, she was talking about leaving with someother guy, and she hasn't made it back."

Operator-"Ok, and where you at

Caller-"The Stevens Inn"

Operator-"What room"?

Caller-"Er 402"

Operator-"What is your name?"

Caller-"Its Robert Early"

Operator-"How do you spell your last name?"


Operator-"And you phone is--------------------"

Caller-"Yes, yes"

Operator-"And where do you live Robert?".

Caller-"Er, er,er US Texas"

Operator-"And is (Inaudible)

Caller-"Yes Mamm"

Operator is typing. The Caller fills in the silence by saying "Ive been pacing since 5:30 this morning"


Caller-"Erm, just cos a--she was pretty intoxicated and she has some insecurities and..

operator-"Ok, What is her name?"

Caller- "Emily Lambert, i just, i didn't know maybe she got picked up for PI" (i don't know what that means). maybe she walked down the road, she was, she was in a really cute dress and some high heels, and i had her ID, and her phone was in the room on the charger. We took my phone. And, i really didn't think anything of it because she was like, she was like, well this guy over here has been hitting on me, and he said if you arn't going to treat me right that he will take me home.And i was like whatever if thats what you really want"

Operator-"Ok, what kind, what color dress?"

Caller-"Erm, it was like white and black (pause) with black high heels, with little biddy silver balls, i think on the bottom of the heel. And her purse is in the car and she doesn't have anything with her. Ive driven up and down the street, and looked to see if she was walking down the road or something."

Operator-"uh uh"

caller-"And havn't seen her. I mean ive called, ive talked to her parents, her ex husband, she aint, nobody has heard from her"

Operator-"Ok, is her phone in the room, or, her purse is in the car?"

Caller-"Yes, her phone, her phone is here. she didn't, she was wearing a little, she was wearing, she didn't have any pockets"

Operator-"Ok, let me have an officer come and see you2

Caller-"Ok, thank you"
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Anonymous said...

It is possible that LE has evidence that one person committed the crime against Hailey and know the other person knew of the crime and covered it up, but just doesn't have what the Prosecution needs to convict both individuals. Once one is convicted, it would be harder to then go back and try to convict the second based on the convicted persons testimony, if that person would even cooperate. There are no second chances.

Anonymous said...

There is much complacency among the public now that LE has not made any arrests for sooo long.
So many of these 'slam dunk' cases have now grown Cold.

Anonymous said...

You repeatedly state Carlie Brucia was assaulted while GOING TO a sleep over, and this is where the subject (Billie Jean Dunn) got her cover story for Hailey (Dunn).


Carlie Brucia was assaulted while RETURNING to her home, AFTER a PARENTAL APPROVED sleepover at a friend's house, and called her mother BEFORE leaving her friend's house, so her mother KNEW to expect her home within a reasonable time.

Carlie's mother KNEW her daughter was at a sleepover, and knew when her daughter left the approved sleepover.

HUGE difference ...

"Carlie Jane Brucia (March 16, 1992 – February 1, 2004) was sexually battered and murdered by Joseph P. Smith after being kidnapped from a car wash near her home in Sarasota, Florida on February 1, 2004, while returning from a friend's house. She was reported missing by her parents within half an hour of her abduction.

The kidnapping case became famous after a surveillance video showing the girl surfaced. The video, taken from a security camera located behind a car wash, shows Brucia being confronted by a man, later identified as Smith, who then grabbed her arm and led her away toward a car that was spotted on another camera. The video was shown nationwide and spurred a massive manhunt for the abductor."
- Wiki "Carlie's Law"'s_Law

Anonymous said...

"Sleep over" and "friend's" house are the only commonality between Carlie Brucia and Hailey Dunn cases ... add "found deceased".

Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
"Sleep over" and "friend's" house are the only commonality between Carlie Brucia and Hailey Dunn cases ... add "found deceased".
November 16, 2014 at 9:48 AM

Excellent point.

Peter Hyatt said...

Bonnie Blue,

true enough. I will take the time and go back through interviews.

As to prosecution, I understand their concern was assigning responsibility is the issue:

Both Adkins and Dunn were deceptive and are linked together.

but who did what to Hailey? Which one inflicted the death blow? Which one, perhaps, drugged her?

The murder charge is tougher than, for example, conspiracy.

I struggle to explain my confidence that justice will be served. Perhaps it is faith.