Tuesday, December 30, 2014

4 Month Old Baby Taken Off Life Support UPDATE

Baby taken off life support, police investigating death

A 4-month-old baby was taken off life support Monday dying in an Alabama hospital.

The baby's family in Warren is demanding answers, even blaming each other, while police down south investigate.

Gene McInvale was admitted to a hospital on Christmas day.  Gene was put on life support from which he would never recover.

His family says the child  was abused most of his life.

"He has a skull fracture, three fractured ribs, bruising around his legs," said Kathryn Horle, baby Gene's aunt. "And we just found out he is legally blind."

One side of the family blames the father, James McInvale, Jr. but he said he left Warren for Alabama because his wife's family was "toxic"

"A few months before I moved back down, my son was being abused," McInvale said.

The child's aunt said the mother, Susan McInvale, tried to get a personal protection order against her husband James. But the family says a judge denied it

"(Police) stated that there isn't enough substantial evidence," Horle said. "But the thing is domestic abuse is not only physical, it's emotional, it's mental."
So what happened once the child was in Alabama?

"My ex-girlfriend says it was an accident," James McInvale said.

FOX 2: "Do you believe her?"

"I don't know honestly," McInvale said. "I said why didn't you tell the police, she said because she was scared."

McInvale says he was out of the house fixing a flat tire when the baby was hurt. He says his ex-girlfriend was watching baby Gene.

"She told me he hit his head on the side of the bedroom door," he said.

Note the change from "said" to "told"--this is inconsistent and may indicate deception on the part of the subject.  

The next morning, he said Gene wouldn't eat.

"I tried to give him a bottle," McInvale said. "And he won't take a bottle from me and that is when he collapsed in my arms."

That's when he was admitted and Susan McInvale was notified to come to come down  to Alabama.

"I took him from her, she knew about it," James McInvale said. "She didn't do anything to get him back."

It was the mother who ultimately decided to end life support, fearing there no hope for recovery.

Now the child's aunt is hoping police in Alabama will focus the investigation on the father.

"He's a monster," Horle said. "I'm glad he's in Alabama and if he gets prosecuted he will get the death penalty. I hope he fries for it."


Dadeville Police Department investigators have arrested a 23-year-old man who they believe caused injuries on Christmas Day that left his 4-month-old son on life support.

James Edward McInvale Jr., 23, of Davis Circle in Jacksons Gap is in the Tallapoosa County Jail, charged with second-degree domestic violence assault and aggravated child abuse. 
A judge has set the total bond for McInvale at $250,000.

Investigators say that they were called to a residence on Christmas Day in response to an unresponsive 4-month-old child.  
There they found a child with injuries so severe that he was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Birmingham.
Dadeville Police Department Assistant Chief Chris Martin would not elaborate on the injuries the child suffered, only saying the boy suffered multiple injuries.
“This is an ongoing investigation and it wouldn’t be proper to give any further details,” Martin said. “But I will say that that this is one of the worst cases I have ever seen and I will leave it at that.”
Information reported by family members said that as of late Monday, the child was in grave condition and on life support. 
Officials at Children’s Medical Center said Monday night that they had no information on the child that could be released.
While family members contacted did not have any additional information about the child’s condition, social media posts in the hundreds asked for continued prayers for the little boy.
Martin would not comment on what evidence led to the arrest on the infant’s father or any details of how the injuries may have occurred.
“Due to the investigative discoveries and uncovered evidence in the case, an arrest has been made and the charges are what we have at this time,” Martin said.
“That’s not to say that things couldn’t change if circumstances dictate. The case is still ongoing and being vigorously investigated at this point.”
No additional information was released, but a search of court records showed that McInvale has guilty pleas from 2012 for harassing communications 
and promotion of prison contraband. Records indicate that he received probation on those charges.


Sus said...

This is sad. A little baby should feel love and caring. Instead he spent his four months on earth tortured.

Buckley said...

Awful! I hope he does fry.

Anonymous said...

Video, Press 12/30 without update of Father's Arrest

The relative speaks on behalf of the mother, the family. The father on audio with reporters. He has no shame. He is a monster.


trustmeigetit said...

I hope the person responsible for this fries.No child should ever endure abuse. I want to know of it was both parents abusing him or just dad.

Dad said "And he won't take a bottle from me and that is when he collapsed in my arms."

So "won't" ... he slipped into present tense. And then he said "he collapsed in my arms"

Ok, at 4 months old, they are not usually even sitting up on their own so need constant support. They are not collapsing... They are already unable to hold themselves up. That comment concerns me.

Anonymous said...

This mother should also be charged. There is no way she would not have known that the father was abusing her baby if he had been in her care since birth and had previously been abused by him whether she was aware of it that day or not. She should be held liable for not maintaining a safe environment for her child.

Laws should be changed in this country that automatically charge a parent or caretaker when a child has been abused by the abusing parent, step-parent or partner and the bio-parent or guardian does nothing to stop them. Many parents are allowing their helpless children to be abused by their co-partner and are doing nothing to stop them.

Tania Cadogan said...

"A few months before I moved back down, my son was being abused," McInvale said.

The baby was 4 months old, how many is a few months?

Was he being abused right from the get go?

Is this a confession?

Before he moved down to Alabama he tells us his son was being abused.
Did the abuse stop once he left?

When did she become his ex girlfriend?

How did he obtain custody of the baby?
Was it by legal means?

He doesn't say he got awarded custody, only that he took him from her and she did nothing to get him back.

Anonymous said...

What is most sickening is if the judge had signed the protective order, the man would never have had the baby in his care. But judges are so quick to dismiss whatever a woman says when it comes to domestic abuse.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like the baby didn't have it good either way. I know if the father of my child was abusive I would go to the end of the earth to get my kid back. Not just leave him in harms way because I'm to lazy to go to another state.

Anonymous said...

If you see her on fb shes more worried about her damn boyfriend then her kid. Idc nothing would stop me not even a judge if my kids life was in danger she knows more then she is saying in my eye mom and dad are guilty

Anonymous said...

Wow.....Martin is top notch! He is sure to Solve ANY and ALL crimes. In the HUGE Tallapoosa Co.

Anonymous said...

I was called to jury duty once on a case similar. We were warned not to discuss it, but at break I realized everyone already knew the particulars but me. I made sure I got off the case.

The mother claimed the boyfriend fractured the skull which caused mental retardation; the defendant claimed it was the real father that did the damage. He said/she said scenerio.

These people shouldn't be having children until they grow up. Screw the death penalty, screw the abortion nay-sayers, screw the TV judges-these people will always bring trouble to others even if their child isn't there for them to abuse.