Sunday, December 21, 2014

Analyzing Tweets: 2 NYC Police Executed

Statement Analysis is applied to Tweets, text messages and emails.  

Melissa Mark Viverito is counsel speaker closely associated with Mayor DeBlasio and these tweets are about the execution of two police officers.  Police and the Mayor's office are at odds. 

Mark -Viverito  sent two tweets about the NYC police officers executed.  Statement Analysis follows the same principles, noting a baseline.  If, for example, one tweets without pronouns, then the norm is "no pronouns"; yet if one tweet uses a pronoun and the other does not, this should be noted.  

The pronoun "I" is used in the first one, but not in the second.  Note Statement Analysis following: 

Tweet #1:

I am truly horrified at the acts of violence perpetrated against our officers. I'm praying for officers shot & their families.

Tweet # 2

Zero tolerance for any act of violence against police officers who protect & serve our city

Now here are the tweets again:

Tweet #1:

I am truly horrified at the acts of violence perpetrated against our officers. I'm praying for officers shot & their families.

We note that in this tweet, the pronoun "I" is used twice.
We also note that tweets are short and abbreviated, therefore additional wording is to be considered very important.
Note the additional word of "truly" with "horrified."
This shows sensitivity about being "horrified." Why would one's one horror at the execution of two police officers need emphasis with "truly", as if it would not be believed?
This is a weakness.

Tweet # 2

Zero tolerance for any act of violence against police officers who protect & serve our city

Here we have the same subject sending a second message to the public, yet there is no pronoun used. This would appear to show distance between the writer and the message. Above, she was "truly" horrified, as if one might not believe her horror, and she was praying for the officers and their families. This prayer needed no emphasis.
Yet, in the 2nd message, she uses no pronouns. One might expect the pronoun "we" (or even stronger, "I") given that she is aid to Mayor DeBlasio.

The second tweet has no ownership via pronoun usage.

The relationship between the mayor's office and police is not good, as seen here in the distancing language, from the mayoral side.
From the police side, note the NY Post article below:

Police turn their back on de Blasio

A blue wall of silently seething police officers turned their backs on Mayor de BlasioSaturday night — literally.
As the mayor and his entourage snaked through a jammed third-floor corridor at Woodhull Hospital, where two officers had been pronounced dead just hours earlier, scores of grieving cops faced the walls — and away from the leader they believe has failed them.
Earlier, de Blasio approached a cluster of cops at the Brooklyn Hospital and offered, “We’re all in this together.”
“No we’re not,” an officer replied tersely, according to a cop who witnessed the icy scene.
The rank-and-file’s anger at the mayor was palpable citywide.
“It’s f–king open season on us right now,” one officer said. “When is he going to step up?”
Modal Trigger
Slain NYPD officers Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos.Photo: DCPI (2)
Speaking moments after the bodies of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were driven away, as hundreds of cops stood at somber attention, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said, “There’s blood on many hands tonight.”
“That blood . . . starts on the steps of City Hall, in the Office of the Mayor,” he said.
Just last week, cops began signing a “Don’t Insult My Sacrifice” waiver, distributed by the PBA, that warned the mayor and speaker to stay away from funerals of cops killed in the line of duty.
It is not known if the officers slain Saturday had signed the waiver. which singles out de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito for their “consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve.”
Many cops said they blame deBlasio for helping to create a climate of distrust in cops that has turned them into targets.
They pointed to Hizzoner just last week calling an assault by Brooklyn Bridgeprotesters on two NYPD lieutenants an ­“alleged” assault, even as dramatic video of the attack emerged.
De Blasio revealed in an ABC News interview earlier this month that he and First Lady Chirlane McCray had instructed their biracial son, Dante, about the “dangers” that police pose.
Modal Trigger
De Blasio wipes away a tear during his press conference at Woodhull Hospital.Photo: EPA
But just moments after the stunning cold shoulder in the hospital hallway, de Blasio wiped away tears at a press conference in which he spoke of meeting the families and praying “over the bodies of these two officers.”
“When a police officer is murdered it tears at the foundation of our society,” he said. “It is an attack on all of us, on everything we hold dear … Therefore every New Yorker should feel they too were attacked, our entire city was attacked, by this heinous individual.”
Answering a question about the politics at play in the wake of the tragedy, he said it was a “time to think about these families. I don’t think it’s a time for politics or ­political analysis. It’s a time to think about families that just lost their father, their husband, their son.”
Mark-Viverito, who accompanied the mayor to the hospital, tweeted earlier that she was “truly horrified” by the shooting and was praying for the officers and their families. Five minutes later, she tweeted: “Zero tolerance for any act of violence against police officers who protect & serve our city.”
Vernon Geberth, a retired NYPD homicide lieutenant who wrote what is considered the detective’s bible, “Practical Homicide Investigation,’’ was unmoved.
“De Blasio’s comments have given license to the anti-police activists and thugs to attack the police,” he said. “His comments have been absolutely despicable. Telling his son he should be afraid of the police? I’m not surprised these two police officers have been assassinated as a direct result of de Blasio’s comments.”


Anonymous said...

The wiping away gesture is used all the time without actual tears flowing. Its a device. If we don't see tears we can not assume they are there.
My feeling is that the shooting is a hoax. Like so many suspect events this one occurred during a drill. None of the faces I've seen in any of the many photos are consistent with a real event. There are photos of people wiping away non existent tears. There are also no photos that show the cops behaving other than relaxed and casually, in fact some are even smiling and playing with their phones. And why not? They are all collecting overtime to be part of a drill that provides the perfect cover and resources with which to stage this so called execution. The blood looks fake and staged. The perp who supposedly killed himself at the scene hardly looks dead or even seriously wounded in the photos of him on the stretcher.
I am a believer in SA. I am also convinced by evidence at sites such as and that many events in the public eye are staged to manipulate us the public.
Media fakery is hard to fathom and hard to even consider objectively but if one makes the effort there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that many events that manipulate our emotions, opinions, votes and spending habits and faked specifically to obtain certain results and to keep us distracted from more important news on a worldwide scale.
I realize this is not a popular view. Rarely if ever are efforts made to consider and discuss these possibilities. Usually the replies if any are ad hominem attacks devoid of any evidence or any evidence of having considered the evidence offered. I suspect that some students of SA may be more open minded than the general public and more willing to consider the evidence that events like this, Sandy Hook and the so called Boston Marathon bombing were staged with actors and devoid of victims.

Anonymous said...

OMG at 11:25 p.m.! Make believe, hoaxes, no tears, no bodies?!

You are really off the beam. I mean WAYYY off. I hope you find some mental health treatment before you wind up on a make-believe Ruby Ridge blasting away at non-existent people.

You get my drift.

Anon "I" said...

I have yet to go look at the links noted. There are many sources that are questioning a variety of events that are occurring nowadays with legitimate concerns. It is always smart to ask questions and evaluate facts especially as new information becomes available. Not everything is a conspiracy, not everything is innocent.

Buckley said...

Sometimes sentences don't start with a pronoun; one can't take two "tweets" and proclaim a pattern or lack thereof. Putting "I think" or "I believe" in front of "zero tolerance..." in that sentence would have only weakened it, allowing for other beliefs or thoughts. It's stronger without qualifying it as a belief or thought of one individual.

So, tweet #1 has qualifier: sensitive. Tweet #2 not qualified: sensitive.

as seen here in the distancing language, from the mayoral side.

Is the sensitivity only on "the mayoral side"?

“De Blasio’s comments have given license to the anti-police activists and thugs to attack the police,” he said. “His comments have been absolutely despicable. Telling his son he should be afraid of the police

"Absolutely" despicable akin to "truly" horrifying?

"Telling his son..." Lacks personal pronoun- "He told his son..." Would show more ownership and commitment.

I’m not surprised these two police officers have been assassinated as a direct result of de Blasio’s comments.”

See, take "I'm not surprised" off that statement and it's a stronger assertion. As is, it is a statement about the speaker's lack of surprise more than it is attributing the murder to a "talk" the mayor had with his son.

Why the need to qualify "result" with direct? "Direct" result implies what?

"Hey, Tyrone, did you hear the mayor told his kid to do everything a cop says and show caution since they carry guns?"

Cool, Lamont! There are 2 cops- let's kill them since the mayor gave us a green light!"

""What parents have done for decades who have children of color, especially young men of color, is train them to be very careful when they have a connection with a police officer," de Blasio said."

Parental responsibility to keep their kids safe vs government union responsibility to advocate for dues paying police officers? Easy choice, if we believe the self-serving media/union propaganda that we can't do both.

Buckley said...

And Council Speaker Melissa ​Mark-​Viverito is a member of the legislative branch. She isn't an "aide" or employee of the mayors so I'm confused as to why her statements are being attributed to the Mayor's office.

Unknown said...

Buckley, I was wondering if you have a blog or site if your own I could follow? I often find your posts thought provoking and logical.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The family of a Philadelphia college student who disappeared early Thanksgiving morning said Sunday that police divers had found his keys in the Schuylkill River.

Shane Montgomery, a 21-year-old student at West Chester University, was last seen on surveillance footage walking into a parking lot along the river's bank after leaving a bar in Manayunk, Pa., where he had been drinking with friends.

Kevin Verbrugghe, Montgomery's uncle, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the keys had been found in the water just south of the parking lot. Verbrugghe said he confirmed the keys were his nephew's by trying them on Montgomery's front door.

WTXF-TV reported that members of the community in Montgomery's hometown of Roxborough and Manayunk gathered at a local Catholic church to pray for his safe return.

Montgomery had spent the night of Nov. 26 at Kildare's Pub with friends. However, staff at the bar have said that they saw nothing out of the ordinary that night.

"The manager present had no info Shane was causing a problem nor intoxicated and stated she noticed nothing out of the ordinary, other than guests leaving the building, pub Operations Director Jim Townsend told WTXF. The bar also told the station that Montgomery's tab that evening came to $17.

Montgomery is described as being 5'11", 145 pounds, with light brown hair. He has a Celtic cross tattoo on his shoulder.

A $65,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Montgomery's whereabouts. Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police Northwest Detectives at 215-686-3353

John Mc Gowan said...

Tania's OT

Divers find no more clues of missing WCU student

PHILADELPHIA >> Officers from the Philadelphia police marine unit searched the Schuylkill River in Manayunk Monday but did not turn up any new clues into the disappearance of West Chester University Shane Montgomery.

Click here to see a photo gallery.

Divers spent two hours in the river Monday following up on the discovery Sunday of a set of personal keys in the river. Volunteers from the Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit found the keys, which members of the Montgomery family positively identified as belonging to Shane.

On Monday Karen and Kevin Montgomery, parents of the West Chester University student who has been missing since Thanksgiving morning, waited while divers searched the waters.

Capt. Mark Everitt, commander of the Philadelphia marine unit, said crews performed a more extensive search downriver to the Manayunk Brewery but found nothing. He said there were no plans for more searches at this time with rain coming on Tuesday. He said visibility was two to three feet.

Buckley said...

Thanks, St. T, and no I don't. A blog of my own sounds horrifying! :/ I may pick at Peter's analyses but I am in awe of what he's created here.

Sara said...

I found it insulting for the police to blame the mayor's comments rather than the police brutality evidence that's all over YouTube these days.
I was raised with warnings about the police, similar to what the mayor said he tells his son.
My dad let me read Serpico way back in the day. Last I heard, Frank Serpico is still in hiding in Switzerland. Unless he has died by now.
What happened to him is what happens to the good cops----they are either corrupted, or they quit.
Interestingly, this is what Frederick Douglas said happened to slave owners. They became corrupted or ceased owning slaves. Pardon me, "slave" is no longer PC, I meant "enslaved persons".

Anonymous said...

Here is an example of non-existent tears, I challenge anyone to point out actual tears in this video. C'mon folks, this is a smart crowd and ostensibly objective, tell me if I'm wrong or right.
As for the predicted ad hominem attacks the second poster in this thread provides a typical and not particularly creative example.

Anonymous said...

Lots of laughter. No tears at what should be a very solemn moment. Seems more like a party doesn't it?
Can you view this with an open mind and tell me I'm wrong for doubting the story?

Anonymous said...

I agree that the videos you've posted above look weird from that perspective. No idea what those people are laughing about! But either this family exists or it doesn't. Supposedly the officer's son goes to Bowdoin College. That's a fact that can be checked, right?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Buckley said...
And Council Speaker Melissa ​Mark-​Viverito is a member of the legislative branch. She isn't an "aide" or employee of the mayors so I'm confused as to why her statements are being attributed to the Mayor's office.
December 22, 2014 at 2:25 PM

My haste; my mistake.

thanks, Buckley,


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:54 a.m. on 12/23 and @ 8:57 a.m. on 12/24; yes, you are wrong in so far as your knowledge of all peoples and all wakes for all deceased. I submit:

1) My cousin, a devout Christian family man, suffered and lingered near death with a rare brain disease for two years and finally died. At his burial there was great celebrating with bands playing joyful gospel music, dancing around his grave site and hundreds of white balloons and dozens of doves released with praises sang for his welcome into the holy kingdom. It was a beautiful time of rejoicing for the many who attended his beautiful service. No tears.

2) A professional young man that I knew well recently passed away of a massive heart attack. He was well known and loved within the art community where he did most of his work. He was given a Christian funeral service in a fundamentalist church by his mother.

However, following the Christian burial service, the local art community who revered him so highly gave him an RSVP wake at a large well-known downtown cocktail lounge celebrating his lifes' work, providing drinks, food and a continuous big-screen showing of his work. Hundreds were in attendance toasting him and speaking of their respect and love for him. This was a magnificent celebration that I attended. There were no tears, just laughter and celebrating in awe and respect for him. I am proud to say, I am his mother.

So dear, be aware, you cannot speak for the tears or lack of for all deceased all the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughtful reply 8:57. I appreciate your points but would distinguish in this case that we are seeing the behavior of wiping away tears that simply are not present in the cases I cite. So there is an incongruence to these actions. Neither do the conditions of the faces show the kind of redness and puffiness we all instantly recognize and associate with crying. Again this is not at a point of celebrating the dearly departed but ostensibly in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy. Were these real deaths then certainly there would be a time for smiles but this would not be the time and by their own actions these individuals are laying claim to tears.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25PM 12/21/14

Thank you for your post! I seek to know the Truth about situations. I have said for decades we have pravda news in the U.S. I do believe there are false narratives not only in the printed news, or said by the current administration, but also on view for us to see and hear on vids for public consumption.

I was struck by the 'Laughing" by said parents of deceased children at Sandy Hook, and laughing officers around the hostage situation in Australia. Now we have the widows/family members of deceased officers in Brooklyn acting oddly in front of the cameras. You either have tears or you don't, it is clear they do not. Lui family members: tons of sniffling, yet, not one tear. Ramos family: male relation (?) laughing & acting light-hearted before the "official" press statement by a woman (was she the wife or someone else?) How odd that there was no mention of her relation to the dead officer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 8:54. The news conglomerates are few and vastly wealthy and powerful. They are all owned jointly with film studios. They have the motive, means, and opportunity to keep the public perpetually distracted and skewed towards created drama. The smart minds here at this great site are among the few who might retain enough objectivity to begin to see through false events and even analyze and discredit them. A search on youtube of NY shooting hoax will offer some excellent video analysis in some cases.
Just as one example, the alleged shooter of the cops posted a photo of his own leg moments before his alleged death. In the photos his left sneaker had no laces at all. In the photo allegedly taken minutes later while on the stretcher a lace is fully evident in his left sneaker.
What accounts for this? What accounts for so many things that ring false or contradictory in this story?