Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Deception, Humor, and...your Pet!

Want to have a chuckle or two over deception in advertising?

Take a look at this website:

If you post any analysis, be sure to reference which article you are viewing.  We'd need to know specifically which article you are citing for deception.  Specifically.



John Mc Gowan said...

A quick skim through.

October 15, 2014

"In their TV commercials, their advertising, and to consumers on their website – that they never use this ingredient."

"Never" is future conditional, it does not mean "Did not/didn't, unless the question is have you "ever"...

"this" is close.

What is the real truth here? Blue’s Chairman, Bill Bishop, repeatedly told their pet parents, “I can assure you that we’ve never purchased one kernel of corn or one ounce of poultry by-product meal.”

Again the word "never" crops up

This would be the perfect place to issue a reliable denial.


Did not/didn't

Event specific. Purchase one kernel of corn or one ounce of poultry by-product meal.”

October 14, 2014

There is a lot of focus on mislabeling x6 in this article making it very sensitive. Blame shifting. And qualifiers in abundance.


Anonymous said...

Serial Podcast about Adnan Syed - in prison for 14 years for murder of ex-girlfriend after Jay Wilds testified against him. Here's the link to Jay Wild's interview after the series ended.


Can't tell who's deceptive, but intriguing.

C5H11ONO said...

From 10/14/2014 article:
"from documents it obtained through the legal process from one of Blue Buffalo’s ingredient suppliers."

--Apparently Purina obtained documents from one of Blue Buffalo's ingredient suppliers. Oh the sentence would have worked well this way, but Purina had the need to add "through the legal process" in the sentence. You can bet your butt that they got these documents through other means.

From May 7, 2014:
"For more than 85 years, Purina has been in the pet food business, and 99% of Purina pet food sold in the United States is manufactured at Purina’s own plants in the United States. By contrast, 100% of Blue Buffalo pet food is outsourced and made by third-party manufacturers."
--OK 99% of pet food sold is manufactured in the US. This means that 1% of pet food sold is manufactured elsewhere. They have plants outside of the US as well.
It didn't say that 100% of Blue Buffalo pet food is manufactured elsewhere, it changed to "outsourced" and made by third party manufacturers. Purina was unable to state that the third party manufacturers are NOT in the United States.

GetThem said...

"Since this Wilbur-Ellis plant was the source of some of our chicken meal, we may have received some of these mislabeled shipments, and there likely are numerous other pet food companies who also received these mislabeled ingredients."

1. Since "this" Wilbur-Ellis..." --"This" signifies closeness.
2. "some of our chicken meal..." - concealment of how much "some" means, was it 50%, 60%, or more?
3. "We may have received..." -- Not taking ownership or fully admitting they received and used by-products.
4. "mislabeled". Since when did the by products become mislabeled?
5. "...likely numerous other companies who received shipments..." -- Attempt to shift blame and smokescreen other companies into the mix.
6. "...Mislabeled ingredients." -- repeating the word "mislabeled" indicating sensitivity.

"The FDA has been informed of this situation, and you may rest assured that this mislabeling poses no health, safety or nutrition issue."

1. The FDA has been informed..." -- Informed by who? Not BB since they don't claim to be the informers so we can't claim it for 'em.
2. Repeating of "this mislabeling." Closeness with "this" and sensitivity with repeating mislabeling.
3. "... poses no health, safety or nutrition issue." -- I don't know what to make of that statement since Wilbur-Ellis was responsible for the deaths of 12 pets in 2007 and the current "mislabeled" packages are from Wilbur-Ellis. Maybe... the mislabeled packages were also mislabeled and they actually are dangerous. If they are blaming W-E for mislabeled packages, how can they trust anything that comes from W-E unless they know more than they are admitting.

MzOpinion8d said...



Please, please, please do statement analysis on this guy!! I'm begging you!!

Anonymous said...

Please, please do analysis of the "Serial" podcast episodes from This American Life. It is ripe for SA. One of the guys who declined to be interviewed for the story is now participating in a current 3-part interview series. There is just so much wrong with this story and I think a lot of people would benefit from your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! MzOpinion got here first!

shat said...

Yes please analyze the Adnon Syes casr, tje Serial podcast has over 5million hits and a lot if attention since Jay got interviewef and admitted perjury.

Tanya said...

I have to agree, Serial has driven me mad trying to figure out the truth. I have tried listening to the episodes again and I don't recall Adnan ever saying "I didn't do it". He always says "I'm innocent".

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have been hoping that Peter would pick up the case and use SA to help shed some light.

Anonymous said...

It actually can pose health risks, because some pets are sensitive to certain ingredients. Blue Buffalo advertises itself as some wonderful, super-duper product. You pay WAY more, to NOT have those by-products. My vet warned against Blue Buffalo, as they don't perform testing/trials on the food. Basically, their "testing" is done on customers pets. After so many pets get sick or what have you, then they recall. In the last instance (the one being discussed), I don't understand why there wasn't a recall and/or refund or replacement provided. People paid a lot of money for what they thought was high quality food, but got low grade by-products instead.

kimisan03 said...

@Tanya, in all the recordings SK has played, Adnan has NEVER said "I didn't do it." He always says, "I would never do something like that, I didn't have any ill will towards her, etc." My limited (!) skill in SA says that he is very deceptive.