Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Ferguson Case and Eric Garner

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  It cares not for how light, or how dark, a pigment of the subject may be, as the "subject is dead; the statement is alive" to us.

We judge words, not voice inflection, smirks upon a face, nor color of skin.  To the many who thanked me for the analysis...I hope I was thanked for the labor, not the result.  For analysis does not have "a dog in the fight", that is, an agenda.

The truth is the truth.

In the span of 30 days, we saw:

  An accuser of Bill Cosby was truthful in her account of being drugged and raped, while an accuser of a college football player was lying.

Both cases could have blown up with cries of racism.

Racism was not a part of the analysis; only the application of proven principle in an even-handed manner.

The results are what they are.  Statement Analysis doesn't artificially "score" upwards, nor downwards, based upon rape, even though police exams might...

and have.

We recognize that words, having been used millions of times by the subject, will guide us to the truth, and separate it from deception.

Having watched the nation react to Ferguson, I was slow to analyze, knowing that the results would likely not change any racist mind.  Yet, there was also the case of Eric Garner, which bothered me much more than Ferguson, that coincided with Ferguson, yet did not draw the same emotional reactions from our nation's leaders as did the Ferguson case.

Why was that?

Why did the President of the United States react mutely to the death of Eric Garner, while taking dramatic steps in the Ferguson case?

Having analyzed the interview of the Ferguson shooting, veracity and reliability within the language show that Darren Wilson was truthful in his account of the shooting.  He responded to a robbery and found a beligerent who attacked him, causing the officer to respond with lethal force.  At the time of the interview, the fabrication of "hands up" was not yet propagated in media.

The Eric Garner case has not had a full interview or analysis, therefore, few statements have been available for analysis.

Eric Garner had a lengthy history of arrests and was an avoidable death, with critical mistakes made all around.

1.  Eric Garner made the decision to resist arrest.  This is something that places responsibility with him.

2. The officer used a choke hold, which is not allowed by NYPD.  This places responsibility with the officer.

Yet, what was the police responding to?

In the Ferguson case, the responding officer was sworn to protect life and property, and both were in danger as he arrived on the scene.  A chronic law breaker who had just committed a robbery, the shooting victim boldly walked in the middle of the street, in defiance of laws he would not submit to. He had been raised in lawlessness, and died as a result of it. His mother and step father reacting with staged shock at the Grand Jury's lawful finding, and called for violence, looting and destruction in their own neighborhood.

But in New York, someone, somewhere, made the decision to send police to respond, not to a dangerous situation, but to one selling untaxed cigarettes.


Or, that is, lost revenue.

Garner was a giant of a man, which would, automatically, put his breathing in question.

His widow stated that his death was not a case of race, much to the disappointment of Al Sharpton, who has made a handsome living manipulating and race baiting.  He has produced nothing, but has lived off the pain and fear of others in life.  His language reveals a racist and an opportunist, yet he was embraced by the President of these United States.

Garner knew what police were there for and he resisted, using his massive girth to force them to become physical.  Going outside the boundary of their own rules was wrong, just as resisting arrest was wrong.

Yet, someone in authority, somewhere, made the decision to send armed officers to a locale where no violence had taken place, and no danger to life or property existed; only lost revenue.

We have yet to hear the name of the authority who made that fateful decision.

Had a summons been mailed, the cops who responded to Garner would not have been put in the place of "tax collectors by force", and could have let the court system take its course.  I recognize that had Garner failed to respond, eventually would have elicited a warrant for his arrest and then...

perhaps someone of skill could be called in to arrest him without incident, relying upon verbal skills; something noticably absent from the video.

I recently asked some officers about the cry, "I can't breathe!  I can't breathe!" of which the answers were singular:  it is something they hear regularly, and it could be that since "most everyone claims it", the responding officers did not take it seriously.  Garner's size, alone, should have suggested otherwise.

Garner's widow said he was a "lazy man" and she felt that the local officers did not like Garner, and claimed that they often taunted him, making it personal. With this, she said, it was still not racist.

In Ferguson, a Grand Jury got to the truth, of which Statement Analysis agrees.  The White House responded to the rule of law as has become a norm:

they simply disregarded it with Holder going now after a federal indictment.  In other words, this administration is going to punish an officer for not being the same skin color as the criminal to satisfy their own racism and political agenda.

They are racists decrying racism.

Eric Garner did not deserve to die.  His widow's frustration goes deeper than this. She said he was a "lazy man" who hated to work and did not wish to follow rules in life, but made his own.

He lived life by this philosophy and because of it, he died.

In Ferguson, the young man was raised in lawlessness and violence, and it was in bold defiance of the rule of law, he died, a justifiable death.

Now, the racism of our President will seek to punish the police officer.

This sends a signal to police officers everywhere about their work, the risks they take in responding to calls where suspects have different skin pigment than their own.

We learned that several grand jurors asked Darren Wilson, "Why didn't you run away?"

This shows the inability to think critically, if not "think" at all.

What message has been sent to law enforcement?

If you are a white police officer and the belligerent suspect is not white, perhaps you should walk away, and pretend to not see him, or seek to get back up that is of the same skin color.  If you are a white officer and your partner is black do you betray him??  This is insane.
Poor test scores do not translate into strong critical thinking and if there is one attribute that is so very necessary to one who is carrying lethal force it is critical thinking.

The danger to the community is immeasurable.

We now have policing by pigment tone, with safety judged by color.  This is illogical.

You don't think that black police officers will stop and wonder if they need to pull their gun on a white suspect, going forward?  Pendulums swing both ways. They know that where there is outrage, there is backlash, and must also consider the consequences.

Racism is stupid.

Yes, it is stupid.  To not hire the "Best and Brightest" is to not hire that which is best for the department, or the company.  In an attempt to stamp out racism, racism is used but called "hiring quotas", which eventually led to discrimination against some United States citizens.

Where one applicant scored an 85% on his police exam, it was "adjusted" down to a 73%, due to "racial sensitivities" allowing for someone who scored lower, to be hired instead.  The one who studied long and hard to score well found a career somewhere else other than law enforcement, though it was his dream.  A lesser qualified officer was hired, in his place.

This helps no one, but hurts everyone.  It is, in my religious faith, the sin of "respecter of faces"; something not only forbidden, but it is stupid.

If I own my own business and person A can produce 12 widgets per hour, and person B is willing to only produce 8 widgets per hour, which one will I hire?

If the business next door to me will hire Person B due to skin color preference, do so, which will only allow me to better compete as I hire the best for the job.

Jackie Robinson's numbers justified Branch Rickey's contract.  That there was a Negro League was the choice, and I don't know if Hispanics, for instance, were not allowed to play in the Negro League, but eventually, as is the case, drive for excellence won the day.  People rather see excellence more than matching skin color.  There are no "affirmative action law suits" filed against the NBA for not hiring enough players with lighter skin that I am aware of, yet ticket holders sure seem to love the game and spend a lot of money.

What would happen to a NBA team that decided to only hire players by race; specifically matching the race of the majority of people in their neighborhood?

By this criteria, my guess is that initially, a lot of tickets would be sold, and a lot of rallying cries would be heard.

By the second season, the horrific losing team, yet all the same color faces as the neighborhood, would be playing to an empty auditorium.

Said auditorium, replete with crickets in the background, would be shut down and out of business.

In 1972, as a young boy, I was thrilled, taking cues from my father, when the NY Mets received Willie Mays, in time for Mother's Day game, in which the great Mays homered, and made a spectacular play leaping into the air, coming down to tag out a runner.  My father was peculiar in whom he allowed his sons to look up to, not wanting us to emulate 'bad guys' in baseball.  Mays' race wasn't discussed, but his fielding, hitting, running and how his hat flew off his face, was.

A few years later, we met "Dr. J", Julius Irving, who was a polite gentleman towards us, much as Joe Namath had been when we met him.  Neither man's race was discussed, though my father stayed off the topic of Namath's "girlfriends", not wanting us to learn improper lessons from "Broadway Joe."

We cheered home runs and boo'd strike outs.

When Hank Aaron broke The Babe's record, we listened as my father decried the threats Aaron had been under, as ignorant.

Lessons well received.

England freed their slaves without a single shot being fired.

Economics have a way of working things out.

Many of us had thought, before Barak Obama took office, that the nation had made strides against the folly of racism.  Many people thought Obama was the "change" they so wanted.  He even was given a  Nobel Peace Prize for...well, for just having dark skin.  He hadn't accomplished anything...yet.

Had he manned up, he would have refused the award and politely told the committee, "wait until I accomplish something, first."

I believe many Americans voted for him, sans resume, simply to show the world that they were not racist, even as they made a conscious decision to vote racist, rather than by resume.  (There was nothing in Obama's resume to indicate qualification for office other than getting a few street sign names changed.).

What will he be remembered for?

Pollsters tell us that a major drop in support for him has been among black voters.

For me, he will be remembered for the famous "you didn't build that" speech, insulting the Protestant work ethic that made America great.

For others, it will be the "Great Divider in Chief" who used the most powerful organization in the world, the IRS, to silence his enemies, while ignoring the plight of inner city blacks by his lawless actions and threats, including the tearing down of the border of security for the people.

Ferguson was just another opportunity for the opportunists which includes Al Sharpton, President Barak Obama, and Eric Holder.

It is a strange twist of fate that these men, so intent on proving the messianic nature of government as the all provider of mankind, sent out, through its endless bureaucratic tentacles, armed men to take down Eric Garner for...

selling untaxed cigarettes.

It is greed of which all evil blossoms.  Nothing in our world exhibits greed more than government, which is an insatiable drain upon our wealth, lining the pockets of its own, more than anyone else.

Ever see a welfare recipient get wealthy?

Me, neither.

It was the tariff that 600,000 plus Americans died for, in a divided country.

It is "jobs" according to the President, that has caused him to threaten, bully, and intimidate border states, should they seek to enforce immigration laws, even while blacks protested saying that this would hurt their own struggle for the American dream.

Lawlessness caused the death in Ferguson.  Our President's disdain of the rule of law mimics that of the step father who cried out to an angry mob,

"Burn the bitch down!"


Was it righteous indignation that caused looters to stroll through Walmart with shopping carts full of...


That'll learn 'em.

Who owned the businesses that were burned down?

For my personal  religious belief, racism is a sin, but it is a stupid sin, that yields nothing but trouble; and trouble it has brought, and trouble it will always bring, because it is illogical.

It is our own leadership that is not simply fanning the flames, but much more so as adding gasoline to that which should have been extinguished long ago by now.

They have a reason, a very selfish reason, for keeping the fire going.

It's the genesis of sin, and the very reason wars are fought, no matter what the victors later write.

 Fame is but an instrument for which greed is satiated, though never able to be.

There will be more, and as long as a public is willing to believe an excitable lie rather than boring fact, there will always be a platform for the opportunists to go front and center on us, and line their own pockets on the tears of the broken hearted.


rob said...

We hear so many times, from black parents, especialy affluent black parents, about the talk they have to give their sons. That talk needs to include how to respect authority. You do what you employer/boss says, if you want to keep your job. You listen to what the coach says if you want to play. You do what a gun carrying officer says, with-out resisting or attacking him, if you want to live.
If I am stopped for speeding, and I tell the officer 'I am sorry, sir', as opposed to telling him 'what the f--- you messing with me for', I'm pretty sure I'm going to fare better than you are.
As for the arrest for selling cigs, my understanding is the local shop owners, who are required to charge the outrageous taxes called LE about it. I too think it is overkill, but is is a law. If he had already been arrested for the same thing 9 times, it ain't like he didn't know. I did some googling, and it appears the fine/penalty increases with each offense.
But my problem with the whole thing is no one in the media ever says 'the unarmed teen who attacked a cop' or 'the guy who has already been arrested 9 times, but was resisting this time.'
Let's hear some media on cops who have been killed or disabled on the job, just for stopping a speeder or a shop-lifter. There are bad apples in every profession, but still, where would we be with out them.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thanks for the point on the local shop owners.

At some point, decisions were made to arrest him for it.

I cannot help but wonder:

could it have been handled differently?

As to the widow's claim of taunts and insults...I believe her. It is human nature.

I also think he used his size in resisting but what would possess someone to resist one who is armed, or worse, attack one who is armed?

rob said...

What if they had tased him, like so many people wanted done in the Ferguson case, and the taser had killed him, because of his state of health? Would that have been easier to accept?

I hate to see anyone needlessly killed, especially a husband and father and a teenage boy, yet what is the answer? Does LE walk away because the person does not want to be arrested?

Anonymous said...

12/17/2014-They've moved all the way to the White House, but Barack and Michelle Obama say they're experienced their share of racism.

"There's no black male my age, who's a professional, who hasn't come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn't hand them their car keys," Obama said in an interview with People magazine.

First lady Michelle Obama told People, "I think people forget that we've lived in the White House for six years. ... Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs."

She cited another incident involving her husband: "He was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee."

Mrs. Obama told a story about how, as first lady, she once went incognito to a Target store in the Washington area.

"The only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf," Mrs. Obama said. "Because she didn't see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn't anything new."

All that said, the nation's first African-American president and first lady said that things have gotten better, though more progress is needed.

"The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced," President Obama said. "It's one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala — it's another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress."

Both of their experiences shared were they truly that monumental as in collateral damage? I will never forget the time,,, what is negated by Mrs Obama? was the woman elderly? did she ask her for help simply because persons believe in the good of people? She whines someone asked her for help, as she was incognito. Queen Elizabeth wasn't incognito, it didn't stop M.O. from touching her as if she was a homeless lady trying to cross Michigan Ave.

Obama in a tux, he asked by another for coffee. Could it be the person thought he was a host and not a waiter? He looks important.. When a man is dressed for an occasion black tie, isn't it the Man makes the suit, not the suit makes the man? as we've seen 1000's of photos of Obama himself, his lack of posture. His own shown lack of respect within the oval office: his foot on the desk.

No one within his youth provided him with the knowledge, all persons are assessed within seconds by others (first meetings / human nature). What you provide in body language, you will receive in return. Stand up straight, shoulders back, walk tall, offer a firm handshake, smile, be approachable: social etiquette 101 or would this teaching moment been deemed: racist

Buckley said...

It was the tariff that 600,000 plus Americans died for, in a divided country.

South Carolina Declaration of Secession, word count:
Taxes: 1
Revenue: 0
Tariff: 0
Slavery: 6
Slaveholding: 5
Slaves: 6
Fugitive: 4

Mississippi Declaration of secession
Tariff: 0
Tax: 0
Revenue: 0
Slave: 4
Slavery: 3
(“In the momentous step, which our State has taken of dissolving its connection with the government of which we so long formed a part, it is but just that we should declare the prominent reasons which have induced our course. Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery”)

Florida Declaration of Secession
Tariff: 0
Tax: 0
Revenue: 1
Slave(s)/slavery/slaveholding: 14

rob said...

Why do they think this doesn't happen to everyone sometimes?I'm white, it has happened to me. Ask some Asians or Hispanics.
When Oprah and Tiger Woods, who are Billionaires, yes with a 'B', try to claim they are discrimated against, I can't help but think 'discrinate against me!'

trustmeigetit said...

Well said Peter.

I wish there were more people in the world like you.

And I fully agree. Race/Skin color should not matter. The best qualifications, the best person, etc.

I was not raised with religion but was still raised to treat everyone fairly. I have friends of every size, shape, color. It is your character that determines my opinion of you. Nothing more.

I get frustrated when others comes to your blog and call you a racist yet would never call Al Sharpton a racist.

Also, I have seen a lot of with comments on stories/posts about Mike Brown stating “what if it was your kid”. To that, my response has always been “I have not raised my kid to be a criminal". My kid is kind and loving. That is how I raised him.

Michael Brown was an adult at that point becomes responsible. However, I do still hold parents responsible for the kind of human they raise their kids to become since statistically they grow up to be just the way they were raised.

In this case, mom and dad raised Michael to be like themselves. Had they raised him to be a good law abiding citizen, he would be alive today.
I blame them and Michael both. The fact that they want to make this about race and not face the fact that they raised him to break the law is sad.

Yes, regardless of the reason he is still their child. It is still sad that a life was lost. But they clearly do not see where they also failed him. A kid that walks into a store and steals with no regard for anyone is not someone heading down the right path.

People need to face what is wrong and stop just pointing the finger. I do not see anyone protesting to stop crime, violence or gangs. Instead they protest and riot over what they choose to call race when it is not about race at all.

And for those that say the cop should have ran apparently do not understand that the cops job is not to run away but to protect.

You attack a cop, you are responsible for the consequences. Period

Unknown said...

Exactly Rob!

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day grabbing a few last minute Christmas decorations and an older woman walked up and asked me where to find the 'decoration hangers'. They were right around the corner, so I showed her, and 'reached them to her' as she requested. Then she asked me about the wreath supplies I had in my buggy, and I showed her what she needed to make one.

I didn't assume for one minute she thought I worked there, nor that she was degrading me as 'help'. She needed something, we made eye contact, and she asked me. End of story.

How Michelle Obama could interpret an everyday encounter with another human being as an example of subtle racism takes a special kind of arrogance.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anons OT

The Obamas open up about racism, how the President has been mistaken for a valet and Michelle was confused for a Target worker when already First Lady

Michelle Obama said prior to White House life: 'Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs'
Mrs Obama said when she went on a low-key visit to Target as First Lady in 2011, a fellow shopper asked her to get something from a shelf
The President agreed with LeBron James' decision to wear an 'I can't breathe' T-shirt - protesting Eric Garner's death - on the basketball court
The Obamas have opened up about their first-hand encounters with prejudice as they spoke candidly about tough questions America is facing over race.
The President and First Lady recalled a time when Barack was handed someone's car keys to fetch the vehicle at valet-parking, while he waited outside of a restaurant.
Michelle Obama told People earlier this month that prior to holding his powerful job, her husband faced his share of prejudice.
She said: 'Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs.'
She said even when she went to Target as First Lady, a fellow shopper asked her to get something from a shelf.
'Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn't anything new,' she said.
Of her husband, Mrs Obama added that during one event: 'He was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee.'
The President said racial relations have gotten better, but more progress is needed.
'The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced,' Obama said.
'It's one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It's another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.'
Scroll down for video

The Obamas' candid comments came in the wake of months of tense protests across the country as America faces up to questions about race following the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York at the hands of the police.
Obama agreed with basketball star LeBron James wearing an 'I can't breathe' T-shirt in protest of Eric Garner's chokehold death by an NYPD cop, on the basketball court in New York

Obama agreed with basketball star LeBron James wearing an 'I can't breathe' T-shirt in protest of Eric Garner's chokehold death by an NYPD cop, on the basketball court in New York
The President said basketball superstar LeBron James did the right thing when he wore an 'I can't breathe' T-shirt - referring to the chokehold death of Mr Garner - on to the court.
He told People: 'I think LeBron did the right thing. We forget the role that Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe and Bill Russell played in raising consciousness.
'I'd like to see more athletes do that - not just around this issue, but around a range of issues.'
Following the death of Michael Brown, a black teen who was unarmed when shot dead by a white cop in Ferguson, Obama met with young people from the area.
He told them to express in peaceful ways what was going on in their lives - but cautioned them not to think all problems could be solved in the short-term.
The Obamas said now that their daughters, Malia, 16, and 13-year-old Sasha are older, they are able to discuss questions of race with them.
Mr Obama said: 'What we have tried to explain is that history doesn't always move as fast as we'd like.'
The President also spoke about his feelings of nostalgia about Christmases past now that their daughters are teens.

John Mc Gowan said...


The President told People: 'Kids don't want toys now. They want iTunes cards.'
The Obamas also shared intimate moments from White House life - including secret dance parties taking place in the Yellow Oval Room.

On one recent Friday evening when the Obamas had a small group of friends over, Barack acted as DJ and they cranked the music up in a room that is more used to hosting visiting royal dignitaries.
Obama shared his top playlist for getting people on the dance floor with People magazine.
'We started with Aretha’s Rock Steady. Sly and the Family Stone.' the President said. 'Then we ended the night on Al Green, and everybody did a slow dance.'
The first couple's love of music and dancing is well-known, and while the commander-in-chief may only be spinning the decks behind closed doors, he was recently seen grooving with Santa Claus at the lighting of the National Christmas tree in D.C.
The interviews comes just a few days before the Obamas are set to jet off on their annual vacation to Hawaii for almost three weeks.
The first family will leave Washington, D.C. on Friday for the President's native state and won't return until January 4, the White House said.
It is not yet known where they stay this year, though they have traditionally rented out a property on Oahu island.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Missing Myra Lewis.

Lifted from FB page.

Note the numerous references to "Water"

Myra Lewis " Help Find Me"
20 hours ago
Ericka Sanders Lewis

13 mins ·

This is Myra Lewis and her sisters and her two cousins at a party she need to be home with her family if anybody can help and help on finding her please help give me some advice on what to do on getting somebody to talk to me are call me for help I miss her so much I can't cry like I want to cause I got my little ones at home with I dont want them to be sad if I cry they cry I don't understand why they want give me any information on what they come up with on the leads if we not a suspect's I'm just saying don't make sense its crazy for me to go through this when I was the one call for help I gave them everything they wanted if the police would tell everything I didn't leave my by myself me and my 17year old son left he know Myra didn't leave with us why they never said that my son with me.My seven year old daughter took her in the house she took her by the hand and went in the house to wash her hands. The water was off in the sink I cut it off cause had a leak i for got i cut the water off when i talk to her i remember i cut it off so i no her and myra went in the house when i ask her she said the water was not working and
My husband don't take Myra know where without her car seat. Her car seat was still seating in the same place where I put it in the house that's how I know my husband didn't go anywhere either the children would have told me they went some where are if there dad left out house the reason why my seven year old said she was with me is because she didn't she nomore after they left out the bathroom to wash Myra hands when I ask my daughter where did her and go after they out the bathroom she said in the room to watch cartoon so Myra musta thought I was still outside so come out and saw I was gone and went straight to her grandparents house cause that's where we go all the time me and her sisters are just me and her when they are at school in the morning he's not a mile away from where I leave she didn't have to walk the street we go through the pathway when the police brought the dogs out they stop at her grandfather driveway and it bark onetime the suv they took it need tires so I couldnt drive it I drove my father in law truck not the suv
Im saying this on here cause the media not going to put all this out if everyboby can share this for me on there page are where so the nation can see thank yall reading what say I know people going to still say what they want but its ok I know who GOD is

let them eat cake said...

Maybe the lady asked Michelle O to help her get something off of a shelf because M.O. is a beast of a "woman" and taller than the average man. Maybe she saw her manly arms and the item off the shelf was something heavy that a real woman would have trouble lifting. Why was M.O. even in a Target? Doesn't she have people to get her whatever she wants/needs? What a disrespectful and arrogant person "she" (I have my doubts about that pronoun) is.

Anonymous said...


I have read this a few times and don't know how you get from this case to railing against affirmative action. A summary of this post might be: "A black man was brutally choked to death by police for selling cigarettes out of the package. Why do blacks get unfair advantages? Stop racism against whites!" It's almost as if it hurts you to admit that someone black might have been unfairly treated so you add in all this other bluster about white victimhood. You are not a victim. Why do you want to be a victim?

rob said...

Everyone is a victim sometimes. Just depends on the circumstances.
I don't understand people who only see themselves as mistreated.

Sara said...

The utter blindness displayed by many posters is stunning, yet understandable. Please open your eyes. You live with a false sense of security. I don't think the its a black/white thing, I think it's an "us" vs "them", us being a law enforcement officer, them being non-law enforcement. My gosh, when a cop has the arrogance and nerve to ARREST a Fireman who is responding to an emergency, can't you see how "off the deep end" cops have become? Or how about the LAW ABIDING West Point Graduate gunned down by cops at Costco? Or the EMT driving an ambulance pulled over for speeding with a patient in back?
Open your eyes people. We ain't living in Mayberry any longer. White parents need to train their children just like black parents do --1) fully cooperate, we will sue later if the arrest is illegal 2) shut up, invoke your 5th amendment right, especially if innocent, cause if you are innocent then the only evidence they could possibly have on you is what you say, 3) shut up 4) shut up 5) secretly tape all encounters when possible

Apple said...

OT: NH kidnapping

SuperScary said...

2 NY emergency medical technicians officially report suspected police brutality.
The EMT's reported that the cops were arguing with their patient who had his arms and legs restrained and was on the stretcher. The patient spit at or on one of the cops. Both cops grabbed him and pulled him off the stretcher and beat the crap out of him, then placed him back on the stretcher. The EMT's reported the cops.
Now the "Cop Forums" on the Internet are filled with some comments by cops that should scare the BeeGeeBees out of law abiding citizens-- they are gonna get revenge on the precinct the EMTs are from, ticket them for any and all infractions, make them pay, etc. etc. etc.
I am really scared after reading this--police officers being so vengeful, petty, and planning to abuse their power as a payback. These were just random cops posting. Random cops sssoooo incensed that another professional would report "one of them".
The posters ought to be tracked down and fired. Americans do not need this type of officer.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and interesting in relation to Baby Ayla Perhaps?

BANGOR, Maine – Maine's former top drug prosecutor who fled the state and set off a nationwide manhunt after being convicted of child pornography charges has been sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison.

James Cameron said in federal court Wednesday in Bangor he felt ashamed, and said there's no excuse for his conduct especially since he understood how it affects child victims, having served as an assistant attorney general for 18 years.

Cameron was convicted in 2010 of 13 counts of child pornography. He was incarcerated for a year before being released on bail pending appeal. While on bail, he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and fled the state. He was arrested weeks later in New Mexico.

Under federal guidelines, Cameron could have gotten more than 30 years in prison

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

FBI join hunt for killer who burned Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers alive as police admit they have no leads

Hunt for killer of Chambers, 19, has so far stymied local detectives
Federal investigators have been called in to assist with the probe
FBI, the US Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are all now involved, along with state and local authorities
She was found burned alive on a rural road on the edge of Courtland, Mississippi on Saturday evening after she bought gas
The gas station cashier claims that Jessica told him she was 'going somewhere' and that she took a phone call as she left the store
Ninety minutes later, a motorist called 911 to report a burning car
First responders found Jessica with burns to 98 per cent of her body and she managed to tell them something - but they have not said what

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Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A father who pleaded with the public for help finding his eight-year-old daughter after she went missing in September has been arrested for killing her.

Hiawayi Robinson, who was found dead behind an abandoned building in Prichard, Alabama two days after she went missing, died as she was being sexually abused by her father, authorities said.

Hiawatha Robinson, 38, was arrested on charges of first-degree sodomy and murder on Tuesday afternoon, and if convicted, he faces up to life in prison for each charge.

'The facts will show that while engaging in sodomy in the first degree, Hiawatha Robinson Jr. caused the death of Hiawayi Robinson,' Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said while announcing the charges at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

In Alabama, the charge means someone is accused of engaging in 'deviant sexual intercourse' with someone under the age of 12, reported.

'Deviant sexual intercourse is defined in the law of the state of Alabama as sexual gratification involving the sexual organs of one person and the mouth or the anus of another person,' Rich said.

Rich would not say whether the alleged abuse by the father had been ongoing, reported.

He was booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail around 12.50 p.m. on Tuesday.

Authorities had searched his home in October and then his girlfriend's home, although they would not elaborate on what they found. Rich said she did not expect any additional arrests in the case.

It comes exactly three months after Hiawayi was reported missing on September 16.

Her father had claimed she had returned to his home after school to change before heading out to her aunt's house - but she never arrived.

After she was reported missing, the authorities and the community searched for her, and her parents, who are separated, appeared on television to appeal for information.

'I'm going through pain,' Robinson told Fox10 as he stood beside her mother, Yosha Populus.

'I've been up for the last 24 hours, I've been up all night searching for her - ain't had anything to eat, anything to drink, I ain't going to stop until it's over with - until she's in her home. That's all I want, that's all I ask for.'

When asked what he thought might have happened to her, he said: 'Nothing.'

'I don't believe nothing happened to her,' he said. 'I believe she's out there. She's out there. They just need to let her come home. Her daddy gonna find out what the f*** going on.'

Her mother also pleaded for information as she stood beside the girl's father.
After the arrest was announced, Populus's godfather, Kourney Adams, told 'She's been praying it wouldn't be him.'

But he added that they were thankful that finally someone has been arrested.

'We thought they had given up,' he said. 'Thank you to the FBI and the Mobile and the city of Prichard for doing their job.'

State Representative Napoleon Bracy, who helped search for Hiawayi, expressed his shock.

'He came out there saying he wanted to volunteer to help look for her,' he said. 'He came out there and acted like he was trying to help us search for her, and he knew the community was hurting.

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Sarah Highcove said...

Thank you Peter, I was waiting for your analysis and I agree with your take on these cases 100 percent. I was absolutely astounded that Ferguson got all the attention while the Garner situation was truly the one to become upset about. This is exactly why I try to read the facts and read behavior and statements to see the real story and cast aside the perspectives presented by the media in forming a decision about any news event.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. I don't know how many times I have been shopping and had someone walk up to me asking for me to help them assuming I worked there for me to reply umm I don't work here? Is it racism? No... Is it stupidity? Yes.

Anonymous said...


John Mc Gowan said...


Gas station clerk cleared in Jessica Chambers' death

Panola County residents seen in gas station video speak about Chambers murder case

Christina Morris Missing: Enrique Arochi Charged In Connection With Disappearance

Maine town marks three-year anniversary of toddler's disappearance
Police do not believe Ayla is alive, but investigation ongoing

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. Garner wasn't bothering a living soul. Just standing on a street corner minding his own business, only to be harassed by a slew of cops who cost him his life when he wasn't prepared to "mind" them fast enough. For doing WHAT?

trustmeigetit said...

Myra: Mom has never expressed any concern for Myra. She consistently talks about her. And I am sorry, if one of my kids was missing, my concern would not be “not crying” in front of my other kids. We would all be terrified and would all be searching. I would not be concerned about tears. Like that is the least of their worries if your child is missing.
The simple fact that family is having fun in most of their photos (look at the sisters facebook pages ) partying and having fun taking selfies is not what a normal family would do with a child missing.
Fact is… it would destroy them.
Looking at photos, they all appear to be just fine.
I think abuse was the norm in that home and the constant references to the water, when washing her should have nothing to do with her missing is very concerning.

Michelle: Ok, I agree with let them eat cake. I thought the same thing as I have heard Michelle is very tall. She is making something about race that’s not about that. It’s a tall person thing I would bet.
And I find it hard to believe when she was already first lady she was just hanging out at Target too. And I get asked questions all the time at Target. I am white so it’s clearly not cause she is black.

And… “Maine's former top drug prosecutor who fled the state and set off a nationwide manhunt after being convicted of child pornography” This is alarming but not shocking anymore. Whats scary is that there is so many of these monsters hiding behind the wall of good (IE Priests, cops, got officals, attorneys).

Hiawayi Robinson: I hope he is beat every day for the rest of his life in prison. And I wonder how much mom knows. I talk to my kid all the time about bad people. I want him to know that mom has his back and will protect him no matter who or what hurts him. So I struggle to understand how she was even allowed around him. How does mom not know.
Talk to your kids. I have friends tell me they don’t because they don’t want their kids to live in fear. Well, sorry but I would rather my son have some fear than to be found dead or to be abused. Predators all say they know which kids they can do this too. So speak to your kids parents. Make them aware. My mom did it and while I had a healthy fear of people, I knew my mom would protect me. I found out as an adult a couple of relatives had molested a few of my cousins. But they NEVER touched me. And I think its cause they knew I would tell my mom, that she would believe me and they would rot in jail.

*****So talk to your kids people please!! Especially since the victims often grow up and become offenders themselves. It’s a cycle we MUST STOP!

John Mc Gowan said...

Re Myra Lewis.

Another entry from FB.

"Myra Lewis " Help Find Me"
November 27

My heart is heavy today as we sit down to eat out Thanksgiving dinner's Myra is no where to be found. It's like stepping stones to try to find you. Sometimes when things knock you off your feet, pushing you to the lowest point, you pick yourself up and keep going. I promise you Myra we will exhaust every thing we can to find you. God wrap Myra in your arms, which I know you have and will continue to do so.

Is this leakage. Will Myra be found in a river/stream etc.

"My heart is heavy"

"It's like stepping stones to try to find you."

Sometimes when things knock you off your feet, pushing you to the lowest point,

This is the most disturbing part of her statement.

God wrap Myra in your arms, ,which I know you have and will continue to do so.

Buckley said...

John- Here's a third...

Ericka Sanders Lewis: If anybody can recall a car are any vehicle riding slow are pull on the of the road On March1,
2014 or can you can tell me who funeral it was on mt piligrim rd that are can you tell the police about the funeral when I left home it was a funeral so anybody from that funeral may know something please tell somebody are police to let everybody know My daughter had to leave the string door open and she must have just close the main door Myra knew how to open the main door she didnt know how to open the string door because it was loosen and thats her got out the house looking for me when she see didnt see she tried to go to her grandpa house because that's where we go sometimes she have to go in the street we had a path you can see who walking the path but but nobody was not home they left early that morning so if anybody seen her walking dont be scared to talk GOD KNOW EVERYTHING IF YOU SEEN HER TELL

Notice all the "why" Myra had to do something in that statement. Lots of rationalizing and persuading.

John, I hear what you're saying about leakage and river. There's a lot of washing of hands in that first passage. But if "stepping stones" and "when things knock you off your feet, pushing you to the lowest point" are leakage, then I'm thinking of ground more than river- stepping stones are only going to be seen in a shallow body of water.

But in the above passage and the first one you cite, we see the noun "path"- another place we might find stepping stones. Plus a lot of imagery about the street. The funeral cars driving slow or pulled over. Her mentioning using her truck not her SUV (that was tested for evidence). Mentioning in two passages Myra maybe being in the street.

The two key questions being:
1. What happened? and 2. Where is she?

I wonder if she was hit by a car "knocked off her feet" and if she is buried along a path with stepping stones. Ericka wants us to know other cars went down the road that day while she wasn't there. She has images of Myra needing to be washed after being outside (but while she allegedly wasn't there) But the water's turned off so...not sure what that means- unable to get her clean? Don't know, but there do seem to be a lot of (not) random things in the statements.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Buckley,

You make very good point about the "path" and "stepping stones". I've just re-read it again and noticed this.

"My daughter had to leave the string door open and she must have just close the main door Myra knew how to open the main door she didnt know how to open the string door because it was loosen and thats her got out the house looking for me.

Now, we see a lot of references to "water" which is often associated with abuse. We now have the words "doors" opening and closing and entering her language. This is often associated with abuse too.

This doesn't bode well. Have they been investigated in the past for neglect abuse etc.

Take the following into consideration:

Doors Opening/Closing, windows opening/closing
Coverings; blankets, towels, etc
Water; washing, bathing, showering, laundry, etc
as possible linguistic indications of sexual activity including sexual abuse.

Doors opening and closing are sometimes found in the language of children, recalling a time of abuse, where the door opening increased anxiety, for example, in the statement. For some adults abused in childhood, we find similar references, where there is no necessity in referencing water, doors, windows, but it is found, just the same. PH

Buckley said...

So, if Myra was abused we'd expect the flags in her mother's language? Or are we wondering if Erika was abused? Do we expect the same flags in the abuser?

I don't know about a systematic pattern of abuse: I'm still stuck on the incident that caused her to go missing and stuck that it has something to do with cars and the street. And that Erika seems to be alibi building that she wasn't there but has visual images "took her by the hand..." Of something she says she wasn't there for.

trustmeigetit said...

I agree John/Buckley with the door and water references.

I just doubt she was hit by a car. To me, that would be classifiable as an accident and would not need to have a body hidden. That is so easy to explain. She ran out of the home and was hit by a car. Or we didn’t see her and ran over her. Happens and I don’t recall a case where the parents were charged for it. It really can be an accident.

Now one thing that I can not seem to find an update on… CPS had removed the other kids from the home. There were several. Are they home now…

If NOT…. That concerns me that she speaks about trying not to cry in front of her other kids. If they are not there then that is clearly just her trying to make us think she’s a caring mother by trying to shelter the others. But if they are not there…..
Either way, why the need to tell us you are crying.

I can’t imagine my son was missing and I was talking about myself and how I was or was not crying.

I would be looking for my son. Every day all day till I could not walk anymore. I would be hysterical but would not need to tell people.

Not to mention, that facebook page was created by strangers. Not even the family did that much.

I think she found out about it and may know shes a suspect (and if the other kids are removed from the home that says a lot) even if its not been officallly stated and shes trying to persuade people.

Again, we don’t see her searching or calling out. Shes posting excuses and explanations on facebook.
This case doesn’t seem to be getting much media attention either.
I typed up the statement mom made to the news back in July and Peter did analyze that one too so that is below as well just for reflection on this case. Again note at this point, her daughter is “missing” and her other kids were “taken” from the home.
Quotes are moms statement and then Peters comments after 0000
“Theres a struggle out here for me and my family right now. They just don’t know what we are going through out here. With our baby being gone and my children are with someone body else and not in the home with us. “

****Note "our" baby being gone. This is not expected from a biological mother of a missing baby.

“I just want all of them, they just don’t understand what I’m going through. I just want my children. My life would be better. I just want them. That’s all I want. I just want them to come home to me. So, I can continue to raise them and help them be the….what they wanna be in life. I just want them to come home. I miss them so much, it’s been 2 months. I just want them so bad. I just want them.

****It is striking how self centered the mother of a missing child is.

Statement Analysis has indicated her for deception. She has guilty knowledge of what happened to her child and that her child is not coming home. This, even while speaking to the media, is difficult to hide or suppress.

That her children are with "someone else" and not with "us" is the dominant thought, not Myra's plight.

We expect:
"What has Myra?"
"Is Myra okay?"
"Is she getting fed and cared for?"
"Why haven't the police found her?"
"Give her back!"
and so on.

Statement Analysis deals with what one says and what one does not say.

trustmeigetit said...

I just checked out moms Page "ericka sanders lewis"

Outside a couple recent posts about Myra...

She shared a video of a couple having sex on a bus and commented about the nerve people have.

Then a post about having "a good time" at church (who is having a good time when your childis missing)

Then pripr she shared a post about pork (the meat).

It's like your missing child isn't really your focus.

trustmeigetit said...

Checked out dads page..his last post (12-11) was about Nicki Manajs leaked sex tape.

Mom and dad clearly are focused on finding their missing kid.

Makes me sick.

Us Asa's followers seem more concerned for a lot of these "missing" kids that the parents.

trustmeigetit said...

Just noticed something with Peters analysis.

Ericka "with our baby being gone and my children being with someone else"

Peter noted that she said "our" referring to Myra. But I just noticed that she did take ownership of the other kids with "my children"

John Mc Gowan said...

trustmeigetit said...
Checked out dads page..his last post (12-11) was about Nicki Manajs leaked sex tape.

Mom and dad clearly are focused on finding their missing kid.

Makes me sick.

I seen that today it knocked me sick too.

Here is the best time line i can find, scroll down.

Buckley said...

This is not an analysis, but a summary/translation of what John posted from facebook. I just had to put her words into something more...English. If I've assumed anything not in parentheses, feel free to correct me.

But it seems to be she wants to resume communications with police and had talking points she needs clarified:

1. Myra needs to be home with her family.
2. Erika wants help getting police to talk to her.
3. Erika is sad and wants to cry but wants to seem strong for her other kids. (This far out I can believe she doesn’t want them to see her cry about the missing girl. I'm more surprised people would say that after 9 months, I'd still be crying in front of my children over it. But maybe that's me, and yes, I'm a parent.)
4. Erika is “just saying” it doesn’t make sense that the police won’t tell her anything because she’s the one who called for help.
5. She gave the police everything they wanted.
6. She wants us to know her son was with her when she left and that he can corroborate that Myra was not with them “when they left”. (She doesn't say "Myra didn't go with us.")
7. There seems to be a disagreement with police as to whether the son was with her when she left.
8. Erika watched the 7 year old take Myra by the hand in the house to wash her hands.
9. They weren’t able (?) to wash Myra’s hands because the water had been turned off due to a leak.
10. Erika had forgotten she had turned the water off (I’m assuming at this point she had told 7yr old to take her in to wash hands- though she doesn’t tell us that.)
11. There was a conversation afterwards with 7 yr old about how the water was off.
12. Erika’s husband didn’t leave the house with Myra because the car seat hadn’t been moved and the kids would have told her that.
13. The 7 year old apparently stated that Myra was with her mom.
14. The seven year old didn’t know where Myra was after they left the bathroom.
15. It’s possible Myra left the TV room looking for her mother, left the house which she was able to do because the “string” door hadn’t been closed.
16. She thinks (this assertion seems stronger than the “looking for me” assertion) Myra went to her grandparents house along a path, which they do frequently. It’s less than a mile away.
17. She doesn’t have to take the street- the path gets them to the grandparents.
18. Police dogs hit on something at the grandparents driveway and barked once.
19. Erika didn’t take her SUV because it; she took her father in law’s truck. (father in law= grandfather nearby? Was there a switching of cars at grandparents?)
20. She wants the media to report these things so the nation will know.

Anonymous said...

Ericka Sanders Lewis
I want to say this the reason why I never said anything because the FBI Agent told me and my husband not to talk to the media stay off facebook dont talk
No nobody I never understand that
Like · Reply · More · Yesterday at 7:07am

Buckley said...

And I don't mean to imply I wouldn't still be crushed my daughter was missing after 9 months, just that I accept the reasoning that you want to be strong in front of young kids, for them not to stay in a state of sadness. I get that. But I still think she's not telling us what really happened.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Its standard operations in a case like Myra's. The police will not share information with suspects. I just have one question for you Ericka :
Did you hurt your daughter Myra

Unlike · 3 · December 13 at 11:34pm

Note the question is directed at her ?

Also note the past tense reference ?

Ericka Sanders Lewis.

Ask your self that you think we suspects you tell me what you heard and don't come here asking a BLACK women about hurting her child WE dont do THOSE KIND OF THINGS she WAS not my only child she WAS number 6 why i do anything to my baby girl i love her with all my heart ok if you not on here for good don't get on here you will be deleted stop starting mess we just want my baby home
Like · December 14 at 12:00am

Ericka Sanders Lewis Do you have children not a child
Like · December 14 at 12:03am

Buckley said...

I just doubt she was hit by a car. To me, that would be classifiable as an accident and would not need to have a body hidden. That is so easy to explain. She ran out of the home and was hit by a car. Or we didn’t see her and ran over her. Happens and I don’t recall a case where the parents were charged for it. It really can be an accident.

I would agree personally, but I'm a lot more trusting of authorities than some people are. What if there were drugs or alcohol involved? What if she's worried her other kids will be taken (not an unreasonable fear in her world)?

I don't know for sure- I'm just wondering why all the street and car references, yet none about abductors or "who took her". Why was the SUV taken and searched for evidence? Why the need to tell us "she didn't have to walk the street we go through the pathway"? Why does Erika feel the need to tell us she switched cars? Why did the dogs hit on the driveway of a place Erika felt the need to suggest her daughter might have gone after wandering outside? Why the need to ask if anyone saw "car or vehicle" driving slow or on side of road" and nothing about "taking" of a child?

trustmeigetit said...

Ok, so I am looking at the Find Myra facebook page comments. Mind you mom is just part of it, is NOT the admin.

But mom commented about not getting information from the cops. To that a woman responded “cops don’t give information to suspects”

Mom commented that she “don’t know nothing”

Then the woman stated it was standard in a case like this to not share info with suspects. Then and I am going to quote her actual question…

“I just have one question for you Ericka: Did you hurt your daughter Myra?’

Ericka responded..
“ask your self that you think we suspects you tell me what you heard and don’t come here asking a black women about hurting her child we don’t do those kind of things she was not my only child she was number 6 why I do anything to my baby girl I love her with all my heart ok if you no ton here for good don’t get on here you will be deleted stop starting mess we just want my baby home”

Buckley said...

she WAS not my only child she WAS number 6


trustmeigetit said...

John looks like the same comment just stuck out to both of us!!

Did you hurt Myra.

Tania Cadogan said...

The mutilated grammar and language make my head hurt,

Ericka responded..
“ask your self that you think we suspects you tell me what you heard and don’t come here asking a black women about hurting her child we don’t do those kind of things she was not my only child she was number 6 why I do anything to my baby girl I love her with all my heart ok if you no ton here for good don’t get on here you will be deleted stop starting mess we just want my baby home”

Apart from the past tense, which is a huge red flag.

don’t come here asking a black women about hurting her child we don’t do those kind of things
This would prompt me to ask, what kind of things do you do then?
She refers to asking a black women (i would presume she meant woman as the question was directed at her) yet she replies with the pronoun WE.
This would indicate shared cooperation and unity, who else is she referring to apart from herself?

Note also she doesn't answer the question, "Did you hurt Myra?"
By not answering the question she answers the question.

Instead of saying I DIDN'T/DID NOT HURT MYRRA/MY DAUGHTER MYRA/MY LITTLE GIRL she instead replies saying we don't do THOSE KIND OF THINGS.
These is close, those is distancing.

From her response, it would perhaps rule out accident such as being run over by a car, accidentally falling or similar.

Those Things is linked to Hurt.

Was this perhaps not hurt but punishment?

We don't hurt our kids, we discipline them ( akin to the man who beat his child with a stick leaving cuts and bruises inc. on his scrotum and then claimed it was how he himself had been raised and he hadn't meant to hurt the child. Why then use a stick and beat him so badly if not to hurt?

WE just want MY baby home
This is unexpected, why does she need to include WE and yet uses the first person singular MY.
She takes ownership of the baby yet is is shared wanting her home.

Just is used to minimise.

I wonder who the daddy is?
Is it the current live in or someone else?

Further statements would be interesting to say the least

John Mc Gowan said...

“I just have one question for you Ericka: Did you hurt your daughter Myra?’

Ericka responded..

“ask your self that you think we suspects you tell me what you heard and don’t come here asking a black women about hurting her child we don’t do those kind of things she was not my only child she was number 6 why I do anything to my baby girl I love her with all my heart ok if you no ton here for good don’t get on here you will be deleted stop starting mess we just want my baby home”

1) She answers the question with a question my the question itself sensitive to her.

2)She doesn't answer the question.

3)She uses distancing language "don’t come here asking a black women about hurting her child" The question was directed at her NOT a black woman.

4) She brings race into it, which has nothing to do with it. Would she have brought race into it if she didn't see the profile picture of the poster ?

5) Reflective language "hurt"-"hurting

6)The question is directed at her, yet she uses the plural "We". This is often used to share responsibility and hide within a crowd. (Dillingham)

7)"We don't do those kind of things" What are the things they don't do ? "Things" < plural.

8) She then speaks of her "child" in the past tense "was"

9) "Child" is often associate with abuse.

10) We then have a change in language from "child" to "baby girl" to "baby"

She uses "child" when talking about not "hurting" her distancing language and talking of her in the past tense "Was" "baby girl" when she says "she loves her, and "baby" when she wants her home.

elf said...

I kinda rattled her cage, I think lol thank y'all for posting this :) I copied onto a piece of paper but still hadn't got around to posting it here.

Buckley said...

What was the pic the admin said to delete?

trustmeigetit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trustmeigetit said...

I believe it was my photo that was deleted.

Moms Facebook page was like a sex tape on a bus and a comment she made about it. Then the prior post she was talking about having a good day at church. It just pissed me off. Cause I know iff kid was missing i would be focused on finding him. Not sharing videos and I sure would not be having a "good day". So I was asking about it. And the admin contacted me so pretty sure that was it.

I can tell she doesn't think mom is innocent but she just didn't want that on the page.

I get it. I just get pissed that these people get away with hurting their kids!

I did ask her to tell us what she's doung to find Myra and to tell us about her polygraph too.

But the "did you hurt Myra" question was awesome and glad she was asked that. Her response gave us so much info!

So thank you elf! I think that was the first past tense used? I think..,

trustmeigetit said...

Question she was ASKED I meant.

I am a passenger in a car on my phone...sorry for typos

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Great question Elf!

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

The photo is still there. It is under the reply's to the question " Did you hurt your daughter Myra"

Buckley said...

I ran across this missing/murdered child article with a statement from the boy's mother and thought it was interesting. Presumable he was murdered by two young men and the parents are not suspects, but noticed some things in her statements to media:

"The family of missing Aynor teen Zachary Malinowski held an emotional press conference Sunday afternoon.

They begged for any information from the public to bring him home for his birthday on December 17th.

Malinowski's mother, Missy Jordan, released a statement about the recent arrests in her son's case.

She wore her son's Patriots jersey and said the arrests reflect great progress, but they are bittersweet for her family.

"We will remain strong and not wavier in our faith in our investigators or the CUE professionals who continue to search for my child," said Jordan.

Malinowski's been missing since August 25th, 2013.

His mother decorated a Christmas tree in her family room for Zack with pictures of him and his dog Taz.

However, a time of year that's meant to be joyful is bittersweet for Malinowski's family, following the arrests of two men who are charged with the kidnapping and murder of Zack.

Jordan had a message for the two suspects in her son's case.

"The two that have been arrested for his kidnapping and murder, please, please, I beg you, tell where my baby's at. We need to find him," she said.

Jordan says at this time she's received little information about her son's case and the recent arrests.

She reminds everyone her son is still missing and would like to bring him home for his birthday December 17th and for Christmas, his favorite holiday.

"I am so grateful that they have caught who has done this to my son. I'm not going to get any closure for myself as a mother until my child is buried in peace. I need to find him, and I need to bury him," said Jordan.

She says right now it's up to police if there will be any future searches for her son's body.

1. She calls him "child," "son," and "my baby." In these statements, she doesn't say his name.

2. She uses "we" for who will remain strong, yet, calls him "my child" in the same sentence. Later, she says "we need to find him," but later, "I need to bury him."

3. She wants us to know she is remaining strong.

4. Those arrested for the crime are male, yet she calls them "the two" hiding the gender of the accused.

5. Authorities aren't sharing details of the case with her.

What am I reading into this language? Nothing.

trustmeigetit said...

The photo is gone.

She doesn't understand that I was not sharing "trash" I was asking mom to explain why she was sharing videos and talking about "having a good day" on Facebook wheile she has a missing child. It was a screen shot to prove what she was doing so she couldn't just delete it. All her "supporters" need to see the reality.

Get out there and at least act like your looking for your child. She's just telling us what her priorities are and it's not her daughter.