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The Habit of Liars: Bill Cosby on the Attack

I often struggle to get others to have a clear vision of what damage a liar brings.   By the time someone believes me, or even the statistics I present, it is too late:  the damage has been done.

Liars put their own selves before others and will do irreparable harm to the lives and companies they are associated with.

Rather than outright lie and say, "I didn't do it", they will attack the accuser.

We saw this with Lance Armstrong and we see it in liars.  Rather than deny the message, they attack the credibility of the messenger.

They do this because they have a need to do so.

Attacking the messenger is not always wrong, but when it supplants the reliable denial, it enters into a different category.  The source can sometimes reveal the motive.

In the case of Bill Cosby, Statement Analysis of one of his accusers showed veracity:  he did it.

There may be others who will falsely accuse him, and there may be other victims who remain silent.  We allow the subject's own words to guide us.

Statement Analysis deals with what one says; but it also deals with what one does not say.

Bill Cosby did not deny the allegations.  If he won't, why should we?

Cosby’s private investigators dig up dirt to discredit rape accusers

Bill Cosby has hired a battalion of private investigators to dig up dirt on his many accusers, The Post has learned.
The comedian, fighting an onslaught of accusations that he sexually assaulted more than two dozen women over many years, is paying six-figure fees to private investigators for information that might discredit his alleged victims.
Multiple sources confirmed that Cosby, through his Hollywood attorney Martin Singer, is implementing a scorched-earth strategy in which anything negative in his accusers’ pasts is fair game. 
At least one Glendale, Calif.-based firm with a half-dozen former LAPD detectives on staff is muckraking for Cosby, a source said.
“If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?’ ” Cosby told his legal and public-relations team at a recent meeting, according to an insider who was present.
“You can’t say that I put something in your coffee, threw you in a cab and then you go on and live a high-profile life, a famous life and you never complain,” Cosby said, referring to supermodel Beverly Johnson, who claimed “America’s Dad” spiked her cappuccino during a visit to his home in the 1980s, the source said. “You mean you never reported it to the police? You never tell anyone?”
The source continued: “The strategy isn’t new and it’s quite simple: You say I’m a bad guy, well, let’s see what gives you the right to throw a stone at my house when your home is also made of glass.”
Another source, who has worked with Cosby for at least a decade, confirmed the alleged legal strategy.
“It’s sort of worked to some degree already,” that source said. “They were able to find out information about Beverly Johnson’s boyfriend who said she only had good things to say about Cosby. We found out that Beverly never told her live-in lover of several years what she’s now telling the media and we found that to be strange.”
 - Source
The insider said they’ve also been able to dig up information on another accuser — Katherine McKee, an ex-girlfriend of the late Sammy Davis Jr. who said Cosby raped her in the 1970s. 
The comedian’s investigators were immediately able to dig up internet posts in which McKee allegedly praised Cosby’s stand-up act and wrote glowingly of him. 
They also discovered a published interview in which she said she is “used to lying.”
Singer refused to address the hiring of private detectives but said Cosby has not been able to rely on the press to be fair.
“You [the media] don’t need private investigators to find out information about the accusers. A simple Google search will obtain the information,” Singer said.


Anonymous said...

Saying"The source 'is just heresay peter.Anything could be attributed to 'the sauce".

Tania Cadogan said...

As do the mccanns

Sus said...

These points stand out:
1. "and then you go on and live a high profile life. A famous life and you never complain."
Always pay attention to the words after "and then". Bill Cosby focuses on Beverly Johnson's success. I now see it isn't a sexual disfunction, but a means to hold power over another, a compulsion to destroy lives.

2. The article states Katherine McKee is "used to lying" directly after stating she wrote glowing reviews on Cosby's shows. I wonder if they understand this portrays Katherine McKee as keeping Cosby's secrets.

3. In the last paragraph Singer encourages the media to google and find the dirt on his client's accusers. He insinuates the media hasn't done their job by not googling the accusers. He is continuing Cosby's path of destruction. None of it will be allowed in a court of law. The job of defense attorneys has increasingly become to stir up the masses against accusers and even our law system.

S + K Mum said...

Digging dirt then hoping the accusers will take a pay-off or walk away so the info won't be made public. Blackmail.
If he was innocent, why would he bother spending all that money when he could just say he didn't do any of it. Sad and nasty.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Saying"The source 'is just heresay peter.Anything could be attributed to 'the sauce".
December 28, 2014 at 9:08 AM

This reminds me of Sean's hockey T-shirt:

"Education is important, but hockey is importaner."

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

A father has been charged with murder after the body of his two-year-old son was found dumped in a lake, police have revealed.

Steven Blue, 31, is being held without bond following the death of Tristan Blue in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Police announced on Thursday that Blue had been arrested following the disappearance of the child a day earlier from their apartment complex.

The boy's mother Briana Dangerfield, 25, was also charged with accessory after the fact, altering and destroying evidence and attempting to conceal the death of her son and a misdemeanor child abuse.

On Friday a search operation launched by authorities in the area discovered remains believed to be of the boy in Beaver Dam Lake in North Wake County.

According to WCNN, in a 911 called released by Raleigh police on Friday, the caller told the dispatcher she woke up 15 minutes previously to find the boy had gone.

They added that there was a package outside the front door and was concerned because the youngster could not normally open the door to the property

One member of the community told the station that those living near the apartment complex where the boy stayed were heartbroken at the news.

'It's a somber mood. Everybody is just kind of moseying around and doing the best they can. Of course there were plenty of police officers patrolling so everybody is just kind of in a downward type of mood.'

Miss Dangerfield's bond was raised from a $100,000 secured bond to $1 million after additional charges were added to that of misdemeanor child abuse

Read more:

GetThem said...

“If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?’

1. No denial.
2. He cares what everyone thinks of him regarding the accusations.
3. Why does the world "need" to know what kind of people are accusing him?
4. Does it matter to him what "kind" of people they are? Are they the "kind" of people to whom he feels he can take advantage of without penalty?

“You can’t say that I put something in your coffee, threw you in a cab and then you go on and live a high-profile life, a famous life and you never complain,” Cosby said...

1. He can't deny he did it?
2. Why does he feel they can't say these things? Does this go back to the "kind" of people they are in his mind and that he can do what he wants to them?
3. Why can't they go on and live a "high profile life?"
4. "Go on" from what? The rape?

“You mean you never reported it to the police? You never tell anyone?”

1. No denial, just more attempts to attack credibility.

--The source continued: “The strategy isn’t new and it’s quite simple: You say I’m a bad guy, well, let’s see what gives you the right to throw a stone at my house when your home is also made of glass.”

1. Is "ALSO" made of glass. An admission?

Lemon said...

Bill Cosby's attempt to control the narrative by focusing on his victims' behavior is telling. It is more bullying behavior. He is loathsome.

trustmeigetit said...

Some of these victims did try to tell but no one wanted to beleive them. Kinda hard to pursue anything if your laughed at.

That's the part I am the most upset about. That as victims they were laughed at.

The statute of limitations should not matter. The man needs to face charges and should face court. The fact he won't and only is attempting to put the focus on others is a shame.

sad part is will work for many.

If I was fat accused I would stand strong and deny. Not go "oh but hey look what they did"

Famous people have gotten away with much worse. He knows he won't be charged.

Anonymous said...

It's so awful that he is doing that to these women trying to "dig up dirt on them". Is he a psychopath?
When I read about all these women accusing him of drugging them unconscious and raping them (and God knows how many haven't come forward) I really am wondering why noone is doing a behavioral profile on him. His serial drugging unconscious and raping is likely to have escalated to even worse crimes at some point. He was a serial rapist who was drugging the victims unconscious which makes me wonder if he was possibly necrophiliac??? His attempt to discredit these accusers when there are no criminal charges pending make me wonder is he hiding something even worse which I already was wondering.

Kellie said...

Truth is simple. It's also unavoidable. Bill Cosby is making the situation complicated for a reason. He's a sociopathic, scummy thug. His image makes my skin crawl. I won't be surprised if 100's of women come forward before all is said and done. I also wonder if he practiced his craft outside the community of Hollywood hopefuls! How many women did he rape, and worse, before he became the Great and Powerful Coz!

I cannot wait to see what event cracks open his facade beyond any doubt. It will be something simple, unstoppable and totally unexpected by the monster.

S + K Mum said...

From a previous post, it seems his wife is standing with him on this......(silly woman) but I was wondering did they have kids? If so, what are they saying to the accusations? I wonder if he fathered any children outwith his marriage.

John Mc Gowan said...


Deputy fatally shoots man during struggle in Coachella

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine who would want to have sex with this ugly mole (moles all over his ugly face... Yuk!) or put themselves in a questionable position with this creep that might be even slightly suggestive. Yikes!~ I'd want to puke if this thing made a move in my direction.

This includes his plug-ugly wife who also happens to be bald with her stupid looking shaved head. Dang. At least put on a wig, woman.

I understand they have five kids together. She is a highly educated woman herself. She needed this b'stard like she needed another hole in her stupid head. "Smart Women, Dumb Choices" (The name of a book). She falls right in there. Ugly besides.

BTW, the actions of Bill Cosby are quite common for the 'good ole boy' set of successful rats in the business world, not just confined to the entertainment industry. This is the dirty way many of them treat women and get away with it. All day long everyday.

John Mc Gowan said...

Disparagement of victims is always a "red flag"

C5H11ONO said...

“If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?’ 

--If you’re going to say to the world
If is conditional – therefore to Cosby, he believes there are those that will choose to say to the world what he did to them and those that will opt not to. This should be taken as a threat to those that have yet to come forward.
--“I did this to you” – this is an embedded confession with “this” being close to him.
--“Then the world needs to know, “What kind of person are you?” – He questions this himself. This doesn’t seem like he is all too sure about what kind of persons these women are. He could have stated it as, then the world needs to know what kind of person you are. Could this be that there was very little dirt uncovered on them?
--Who is this person that’s saying it? – This person being close. Why did he go gender neutral when all the accusations have come forward from women? He is speaking in present tense. Why was he unable to state, who is this person that is saying those things about me. He chose to be unspecific and stated “it”.

Cosby shall be forever remembered as a dirty scumbag pervert.

John Mc Gowan said...

Nonverbal Communication Analysis Bill Cosby, Rape Allegations, AP Interview - Body Language Tells


Anonymous said...

OT: Hoping some of you have looked at Jessica Chambers case. It is horrible. The worst part is that no news channels are covering it. The sheriff said he didn't expect any arrests. Never? Why? Who stands to lose the most if her killer or killers are found out?

Dee said...

The body language link was interesting. Thanks John.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I recognize your interesting the body is fascinating.

Anonymous, do you have a link for that case?

Unknown said...

The cos is on the attack, grasping at straws and is done. I hope all his victims find the peace they need in order to move on...

Meanwhile in spare time I've found some great SA practice, if anyone is interested check out alien abduction blogs, I'd really love Peter to analyze some of these statements...out of this world ...literally!

Here's one to start (try to go to the first blog entry):

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Divers who found keys are back in Schuylkill River, looking for West Chester University student

C5H11ONO said...

Saint Theresa, funny you should request...I too enjoy going the alien route for SA practice.

I transcribed it, so if anyone is interested...I can post!!

Anonymous said...

Most likely Jessica Chambers was murdered by a black person. This would explain the quitness since the Ferguson protests are continuing and could move southward.

Few white guys murder by torching someone. It could be a white guy, but I'm betting a black guy is more likly. Maybe even a female accomplice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:45 -
The body of model Paula Sladewski was found in a dumpster in North Miami, which is predominantly black, although she was found in an industrial area. But lets face it, the news failed to report what kind of neighborhood she was found in. Interesting that you should point that out. I agree with you. By the way, her killer hasn't been found.

Anonymous said...

John Mc Gowan said...

Re Jessica Chambers.

Jessica Chambers murder: agencies search for suspects

The place on Herron Road where 19-year-old Jessica Chambers of Courtland was set on fire by an unknown assailant used to be something like a rural driveway, but now it serves as a shrine to the popular, pretty teen whose death has grieved and horrified more than just her own community and state, but has impacted people across the country.

Read More:

Tania Cadogan said...

C5H11ONO said...

Saint Theresa, funny you should request...I too enjoy going the alien route for SA practice.

I transcribed it, so if anyone is interested...I can post!!

December 29, 2014 at 3:34 PM

Hi C5H11ONO, please as i got sorry video unavailable.

Thanks in advance and have a great new year xx

BostonLady said...

I agree Bill Cosby is guilty of these assaults. Instead of standing up and speaking out that he is innocent, his is going behind the scenes to attack the women again. His lack of denials speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...


Good analysis. I agree that that is an embedded confession.
You asked why he spoke in gender neutral terms (good catch on your part!) since all who came forward were women. Well, interestingly enough, that isn't quite accurate as a few weeks ago, Kirk Cameron (remember him from "Growing Pains") came forward and said Bill Cosby had drugged him and had sex with him during The Cosby Show Days. For some reason, this received very little publicity which I do not understand, and I wonder if it means that Bill Cosby has some power over the AP Press at this point.

Buckley said...

I so far believe the women accusing Bill Cosby. I'm not believing Kirk Cameron's statement. What do others think?

Another rape allegation has surfaced against famed comedian and actor, Bill Cosby. This time it is from another familiar 80s face: Kirk Cameron.

Kirk Cameron, actor and Christian-activist, who rose to fame on the hit television sitcom “Growing Pains”, revealed to the TMZ offices that he too had been drugged and raped immediately after auditioning for a recurring guest role on “The Cosby Show.”
Cosby wanted to “whiten up the show a bit” and Kirk Cameron was tossed around as somebody who could play a French foreign exchange student.

His lawyer gave an announcement on Cameron’s behalf to the press, here is an excerpt:

“…I’ve seen so many brave women come forward and I feel it’s time as a caring and honest man to come out and say, Cosby not only raped women, but men, at least this man. I am tired of the media worshipping and praising a man that has a past so terrible that it is unbelievable. I have kept this terrible secret for years, but the incident was also a major factor in what led me to Jesus. I wish I had come out sooner, but it’s tougher for men as our masculinity can get called into question when we are sexually assaulted by another man. Why wasn’t I strong enough to fight Mr. Cosby off? Is he a stronger and more physical man than I? I hope I can help other men come out and together we can stop this devil. I will be pursuing damages that are not going to be disclosed at this time.”

On Tuesday, Cosby’s attorney, John Schmitt, issued a statement saying Cameron is simply trying to revive his failed acting career. Schmitt also said the fact that there are allegations by Cameron “does not make them true.”

But this particular accusation is interesting. We have a very successful Christian-activist and Christian actor who doesn’t need any press or financial reward, which does cast a shadow of guilt over Cosby.

Cosby has never been criminally charged with sexual assault, but he did settle a civil case in 2006 brought by Temple University employee Andrea Constand who claimed he drugged and groped her at his suburban Philadelphia mansion.

What makes the Cameron allegations different is that while he was given the customary glass of wine and pill (the recurring theme in all the Cosby sexual assault charges), he did not pass out like the others. After the wine, Cameron felt a sudden attraction to Cosby, his inhibitions became lost and he became an active participant in the abuse.

Cameron’s legal defense believes he was given “Spanish Fly” which is an aphrodisiac drug Cosby had often joked about in standup routines. The drug alters the brain, making the user sexually receptive and excited.

Cameron would not go into detail about what happened during “The Cosby Show” audition, and hopes to keep the despicable details out of the public press. Cameron urges fans to pray for him and the sexually assaulted women.

Anonymous said...

“It’s sort of worked to some degree already,” that source said. “They were able to find out information about Beverly Johnson’s boyfriend who said she only had good things to say about Cosby. We found out that Beverly never told her live-in lover of several years what she’s now telling the media and we found that to be strange.”

Is it strange that I don't find it strange? My husband of 26 years doesn't know things. Not every one wants to talk about it. If you feel you are handling it, and moving forward, then why bring it up? I don't like to talk about things.

Eventually, you (have to) deal with it. When the time is right, even 30 years later, you face it. These women accusing Cosby are very brave and strong. This might not be their time to deal with it but have slowly come forward with their own stories. It shows a willingness to support the other women and to be selfless. I support them all.

Bill Cosby must know he will never be looked at the same way again! I hope it cracks his soul.

1crosbycat said...

Off topic but I bet Peter sees it himself and analyzes...Megan Kelly show now 9-10pm et on FNC is having new videotapes of baby Lisa Irwin parents being interrogated.

New England Water Blog said...

9:27 I do find it strange in the context that she "only had good things to say about Cosby".
There is a vast difference between holding in a secret or trauma and speaking positively about the alleged attacker. I think some have jumped on a bandwagon and I believe SOME but not ALL of the claimed victims.

C5H11ONO said...

The interview I transcribed was the original uncut interview. It has since been removed and I can't find it. there are other links that will refer you to bits and pieces of the original interview. It is known as the Alien Interview where a person by the pseudonym Victor, was interviewed about aliens at Area 51.

Here is what I put together:
Original no longer available:
Partial interview:

What is your occupation at area 51?

I won’t answer that. I have had reason to be present at area 51 and I’m not going to clarify whether or not I was there as an employee.

Are you saying you were there as a visitor.
I’m not going to specify why or in what capacity I was there. Only that I was there.

Can you tell us how many times you were there?

When I agreed to this, my fundamental ground rules that I would not be asked to divulge personal data that might help pinpoint my identity. If you continue to ask questions that are out of bounds I won’t hesitate to terminate this interview.

Are you saying that the number of times you were present at area 51 is enough to pinpoint your identity.

Any specifics will narrow the field of suspects. Of course I could lie. Let’s say I’ve been there 47 times or any way more than once

Let’s turn to the tape itself. The copy you supplied is not the original tape.


Was the original at area 51 when you copied it?

That’s out of bounds.

Is it fair to assume that the copying of tapes at area 51 is heavily restricted?

You can assume anything you like. I would say that’s a fair assumption. That’s obvious. I will say that this tape was copied under special circumstances. Otherwise copying it would have been impossible.

Can you be more specific?

More specific? OK I’m sure they figured this much out already. Recently there was a wholesale transfer of video documentation from analog tape to digital disc storage and a couple of instances this allowed data to leak from the highest security system to a less high security system. Even so this particular tape was the only... I think that’s about all I’ll say about that.

C5H11ONO said...

Was there something about this particular clip that made it more accessible to be copied?

Not necessarily no.

Was there something about the content that caused them to file it differently or give it special handling?

This interview is terminated.
The interview resumed only after a discussion of the ground rules.

Have you personally seen the alien being that appears in the tape?

Yes I have, but I stress I was not necessarily present at the interview session that appears on the tape. I’m not going to be specific. I may have encountered the being at another time.

What can you tell us about the alien interview we are about to see.

This one is rather recent or late in the series. The interview process has been ongoing since the being arrived which was in 1989, approximately twice a month they sit it down for a session that generally lasts from 3-5 hours. If they try to go longer than that or if they schedule the sessions more frequently the being becomes unresponsive. There is a fair amount of infighting among the scientists from different disciplines to get their questions asked.

What has the alien revealed?

Various minor technical details of the saucers. The physicists and engineers are frankly frustrated. They feel the being is withholding information. Possibly concepts are getting lost because all the information has to come thru a telepath. But also it may be that the bulk of their scientific knowledge is just too advanced to be translated into our primitive conceptual framework. It’s analogous to if a human scientist were to try to translate quantum mechanics into the grunts and screeches of a chimpanzee.

That’s not a very flattering comparison.

Frankly there’s a high attrition rate for scientists in the program. You’d think they’d be energized by the challenge. But a lot of them take the ego deflation very hard when they find out not only how much they don’t know, but how much they aren’t even capable of understanding.

What else has the alien communicated?

Oddly enough the being seems to have a much easier time communicating spiritual concepts.

C5H11ONO said...

Let me just state here publicly to head off any clever ideas anybody might be having. I have never been am not now or never will be suicidal.

But how will the public know if something happen to you since we don’t know who you are.
I’m taking care of that trust me. If something happens to me, if I die, people will know who I am.

Do you think it’s a reassuring sign if these aliens can communicate with us on a spiritual plane?

It would be nice to think so, but I’m not sure if it’s really such an achievement considering the mismatch between our intellects. I mean you’re not going to have much luck making your dog understand calculus, but if you pet him on the head and say “good dog” aren’t you communicating spiritually? And doesn’t the animal control officer say “good dog” when he comes to put some poor stray to sleep. Doesn’t the vet try to reassure the animal just before he spays it? When you are dealing with beings whose intellect is so far beyond your own I don’t think it’s safe to assume they have your best interests at heart.

What about the content of the taped segment you brought.

As I said, this is late in the series in fact it’s quite close to the end.

Because of his unwillingness to reveal his own identity. Victor’s story stands or falls on the credibility of the tape he supplied. Here exclusively for the first time anywhere is the uncut uninterrupted alien interview tape shown in its entirety in real time.

You removed the soundtrack from the tape before you turned it over to this program.

That’s correct I can’t allow the voices of the project personnel to be heard by the general public. There’s a very good chance their family or friends on the outside might recognize them.

Is it your purpose in releasing this tape to expose area 51 to the world?

My purpose is to expose the existence of the aliens not compromise these individuals. I made the decision to come forward, I’m taking precautions to protect my own identity and I don’t think it’s fair for me to put these others in danger of exposure. In any case the interview on the tape went nowhere it was interrupted as you’ll see.

Can you describe for us what we’re seeing?

All right we’re looking at the interview suite at S4 it’s kept dark for the comfort of the aliens. The figure was just barely visible at the left foreground is the telepath and behind the camera is the ??? (rayt) seating area for observers, although in this case I believe the only other person that was present was a military aid.

The alien is seated behind the glass partition in a bio containment area which is maintained at bio safety level 2, the lowest designation. That’s primarily for the protection of the aliens, not us. The theory is that if they were going to infect us with an alien bug it would have happened 50 years ago. In fact all the indications are the aliens eliminated microbial and viral life from their own eco system long ago. They aren’t susceptible to our diseases directly, but it has been shown that microbes can reproduce and form colonies within their respiratory systems which tends to exacerbate the debilities they seem to suffer

C5H11ONO said...

anyway in our environment. In fact you can see here the alien is beginning to flag. The interview is not going well. The telepath was trying to clarify some points from a previous interview but he wasn’t receiving coherent responses. AS you can see the being is in real distress. At this point the telepath is sending out a message to the medical staff. He’s trying to communicate with the alien but he’s getting no response. There’s very little he can do. There’s no direct connection between his space and the bio containment area. That’s the aid stepping in on the right. Ah the medical staff should be there by now. They’re slow in responding. There they are. I have to say the medical personnel with us for us is less than first rate. They tend to be selected for their willingness to keep secrets rather than their medical competence. By the way he’s not shining that light into the eyes. It looks that way but in fact he’s checking for hemorrhaging around the eye sockets and in the nasal cavity. I’m sorry. It’s very hard for me to watch this.

On May 23 1997, Victor gave a radio interview on the nationally syndicated show Coast to coast AM with Art Bell. Speaking by telephone from an unknown location, Victor answered questions from host Art Bell and his guilt UFO expert Shawn Morton.

From the Kingdom of Nye, Coast to Coast continues with art bell.
AB: It is going to be a very interesting morning. Let’s see if we’ve got Victor on the line. Victor are you there?

I’m here.

AB: Welcome to the program Victor.

Afterwards, this is what Bell and Morton had to say about Victor’s credibility.

AB: What a hell of an interview huh.
SM: Boy o boy, talk about making history on the radio. It was, as far as I could tell, he answered every question properly as far as exactly where the locations are, to the you know descriptions of the you know the transports, the 737’s the ZTS43’s, um the retinal scans the side levels at S-4.

A veteran of countless controversial interviews. Art Bell still found himself impressed by his encounter with Victor.

AB: In the first um I think half hour I sensed that I was a getting a kind of a run around or that I was not satisfied with the quality of answers that I was given, but as the interview progressed and Victor to some degree began to relax, I began to get a different sense, and that was that, he was telling me the truth. I think Victor was scared. I think Victor really is scared. And so I, my judgment of the interview after about the first o maybe 20 minutes/half hour is that we began to get some real information. It was a significant milestone there’s no question about that, in broadcasting.

If the government has really been in contact with superior aliens, wouldn’t we see some evidence of it, for instance amazing new scientific new discoveries?

Victor: Limitless free energy, a cure for cancer. We might if the government’s motive were the betterment of mankind. The government’s motive is control. And just as much as they crave control, they fear loss of control. Knowledge is power, but power does not necessarily com-cure competence.

C5H11ONO said...

The people at the top of this program are intellectually very average. They are not capable of making proper use of what’s been handed to them, but they have no intention of letting anyone else ever get a chance to solve the puzzle. And let’s not forget there’s also the real possibility that the government is being manipulated by the extra-terrestrials for their own purposes.

You could have released this tape to the news media, but you insisted on being paid for it. Doesn’t that cast doubt on your own motives?

Victor: Yes and I was aware of that going in, but that’s a cross I’m prepared to bare. I find it disgusting that the most important event in human history is being kept secret simply because certain unimaginative officials have the power to do so. But at the same time I do see the irony in my own actions. All I can say is had I had the choice I would not have insisted on profiting from this revelation, but since by lifting this veil I have endangered not only my career but possibly my life, I felt the need for some small measure of monetary freedom to deal with any eventualities. And let me say I could have demanded significantly more money than I did if I have been willing to compromise my anonymity. There have been other whistleblowers who jumped at the chance to become celebrities which I think cast even more doubt on their motives than some people may be casted on mine.

Do you believe your life is in danger as a result of making this tape public?

I would hope not. I would like to think my government is a little more civilized than that. But at the same time I don’t intend to give them the chance to prove me wrong. At any rate to a certain extent I’m counting on being disbelieved. Obviously they would like me to be perceived as a hoaxster, if something were to happen to me, if I should die suddenly in a freak accident it would obviously lend credence to my story. And I assume they understand that and will act or not act accordingly.

Why should anyone believe this tape is authentic?

Use your own judgment. That’s all any of us can do. There’s been so much secrecy and disinformation over the last 50 years that it’s become impossible to prove anything in the face of official denial. Of course the flip side is nobody really believes anything the government says.

Did this alien die?

I can’t answer that with certainty. I do know the interviews came to an end. Whether the being died or was retired and I don’t mean that in the spy ?? sense of how to get killed, I mean retired from the interview process. I just don’t know. I’m fairly certain it didn’t go home. At least not in the physical sense. But these beings they don’t seem to be very concerned about dyeing or awaiting death.

Why do you think that is?

Maybe they know what comes after death with more confidence than we do. Maybe there’s another vessel waiting for them on the other side.

The other side?

Yes, which may in fact where they come from in the first place. I’ve heard the claims that they come from Zeta Reticuli or the Pleiades, but it hasn’t been established that they come from out there at all.

C5H11ONO said...

Their saucers may not travel through space as we know it. They may fold in from another dimension another reality.

You make them sound almost supernatural like angels or devils.

Supernatural is just a term for aspects of nature we don’t understand. For many people they certainly do serve the functions of angels and devils. Forces, forces we can’t comprehend. Have you had enough of me? I think I’ve earned my money.

Maggie said...

Ch5iHinio....what color doors did your spaceship have???////?//??/???

Anonymous said...

Maggie while the telepaths were trying to communicate with you, why did you become so agitated?

Unknown said...

CH511ONo..:lol thanks. Good find, there's some "CE4" accounts that you have to check out.

Here's a few of them
Spirals end
Orange orb
And Emma brown files. Which are super interesting because dr David Jacobs the man who wrote the abduction book Secret Life and the Threat is being called out as a fraud.. For putting false ideas into her head during hypnosis. So all the aliens turn out to just be our government abducting her.
Have fun ! Lmao

Anonymous said...

Buckley, I do believe Kirk Cameron's statement. I'm curious, Why don't you believe it?
I think one thing people kind of overlook is that Bill Cosby's behavior is very pathological and yes it absolutely indicates severe sexual deviancy. There is nothing shocking to me that he also drugged a male (Kirk Cameron). I'm not saying being gay is a sexual deviancy, what I mean is just that I bet Bill Cosby did a lot of stuff we are not even hearing about worse than what is obviously awful enough (drugging and raping women) and I actually think his behavior with drugging all these people who some may have already had drugs or alcohol in their system certainly could have put them at risk of death. The reason why I'm not surprised he drugged a male is because any pattern of serial sexual assaults would have escalated and deviated at times from his typical M.O. The really scary part is how it may have escalated. This is frightening, disturbing behavior that unfortunately, I just can't see how he could have done it probably hundreds of times and not escalated to worse. He also has had a chokehold over the press for decades to suppress news of his actions from being made public! There is a story about it on the UK Mail today is you're interested. Also, I saw a clip with Wendy Williams (talk show host) who was saying on her show how back in 1990 when she was doing radio she mentioned a story the Enquirer had run about Bill Cosby and some kind of accusation and he called up her manager screaming and swearing at him and wanting her fired!!!

Kellie said...

I believe Kirk Cameron. His militant position against homosexuals now makes perfect sense!

Kellie said...

Abused children often speak glowingly of their abusers. I know this from personal experience. Abused children are also conditioned to feel responsible for being abused! Childhood conditioning always carries over into adulthood and to other abusive scenarios. I have no problem understanding why Beverly Johnson may have spoken highly of Bill Cosby.

Anonymous said...

Extra money for LAPD retirees...just why they entered the force.

They'll launch a PeeWee Herman defense: I know you are, but what am I?

Anonymous said...

I too understand why Beverly Johnson spoke glowingly of Cosby, but for a different reason in addition to the one Kellie outlines. In years gone by women who had a dalliance with a married man kept it to themselves whether he caused it by force or she participated willingly. Women have always known to keep it quiet, deny, deny, deny; paint a glowing picture of their abuser if this is what they have to do so as not to create suspicion; otherwise, they would wind up exactly where these women are now. Forever suspected as being liars who are looking for a payoff, or seeking revenge for some hypothetical thing that never happened, or their fifteen minutes; and made to look like fools.

As for Kirk Cameron, absolutely I believe him, Buckley. As a successful man within his own right and as a Christian, if for no other reason, he would have no ulterior motive other than just as he has stated. Sad, Cosby did him great psychological damage. I hope his coming out with the truth all these years later helps to heal his troubled soul.

John Mc Gowan said...

Subpoenas, lab results in Jessica Chambers murder case may provide more clues

Dane said...

I think the whole Kirk Cameron incident is a hoax... I could not find anything about it on any credible site

trustmeigetit said...

What is interesting about Cosby.. is in his search for “dirt” he has come up with only that the victim spoke highly of him.

Wow, you sure showed everyone.

I am angry that charges cannot be filed. What he did, drugging and raping are serious crimes. He should be in jail. Period.
I do have to wonder… some of the “missing” people in this world… was Cosby involved? Are there deaths at his hands? I think investigators need to start to investigate him.
They say criminals progress. So if he was doing these crimes in the 70’s (not sure the first actual case), imagine how much he has progressed? I would not put murder past him at this stage. And if someone did threaten to go right to police… I can only imagine what he may have done.
He needs to be investigated now. We may solve some missing person cases.

As back to the point about the one victim praising him….
My family and I went to a show years ago for David Copperfield. 1992 I think….The man saw my cousin walking out and had his people get her. They first asked for ID to confirm she was 18 (she had just turned 18 and he was 41-42) and then brought us all back stage. The following day he took her to dinner and he forced sex on her in his limo. She never said anything about it for years and often bragged that she had gone out with him a few times.

The fact is people do get caught up in the “guess who I know” façade. She didn’t say anything as she felt partly flattered and for a while then was even sure no one would believe her since she choose to go out on a date with him. And let’s face it, she is probably right. Over the years there have been a few others who have said the same thing but nothing has really hit the news like what has happened now with Cosby.
I am hopeful things change. Celebrities just have a job that puts them in the public eye. That does not make them special or better. But society in general has given them this power. It needs to be taken away.
This is just their job. Nothing more.
They are not special or better. In fact, I still struggle with the fact that you can act a part and get paid $100 mil per episode. In what world does this make sense? To act? Yet firemen, police officers… get paid minimal salaries to put their lives at risk to save us.

And I do believe Kirk. I think as a man, it’s harder to speak out. My husband was molested as a child and to this day (hes 41) he refuses to speak about it. He only told me after we had been together a few years because something that we found out about a family member that had also been molested and he decided at that time to share. But he has not spoken of it sense and refuses to tell me details when I have asked.

trustmeigetit said...


Comment by Bill's wife finally. Interesting how she also does not deny a single allegation. I wonder.. Is she also a disturbed indivual or is she just that stupid that she will stand by someone that would rape?

"A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man that I do not know," Camille said in the statement released to the public on Wednesday. "It is also a portrait painted by individuals whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral."

"None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim," Camille added. "But the question should be asked – who is the victim?

GeekRad said...

Thank you for the Jessica Chambers link John. The surveillance videos are very interesting. It appears she sees someone she knows and walks off frame towards them. There sure is a lot of milling around at that gas station.I wish we had some of the statements of the people LE has interviewed.

Sara said...

On Janice Dickenson-
Very interesting clip of an appearance she made on Howard Stern in 2006. She was discussing her book and says her publisher prevented her from writing about Cosby. She said all she would say is that "he's a bad man." So there is some proof that she is not simply jumping on the bandwagon at this point.
This clip gave her more credibility in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


I would be surprised if there have not been deaths at Cosby hand.
It is scary enough that he prefers his victims unconscious, and equally frightening is how he treated Beverly Johnson who, when she swore at him (when she realized she had been drugged by him) he became very angry dragged her down the stairs and threw her in a cab. Beverly Johnson was and is an extremely famous celebrity so I wonder what Cosby would have done if someone who was not one of the world's best known people defied him when he was trying to get them unconscious or when the person woke up if they realized what had been done and became angry with him and stood up to him. That coupled with, Cosby does not seem to have ever even attempted to "seduce" any of his victims just goes right to the step of making them unconscious, so he could have possibly just made someone dead instead of unconscious if the person wasn't cooperating with his drugging plan or maybe even if the person was just a total unknown person. How would he have treated an anonymous drug-addicted prostitute for example? He dragged Beverly Johnson down the stairs and threw her in a cab. What would he have done to someone noone knows (a prostitute or just someone with no family to notice if they suddenly disappear or someone who noone was aware that that person knew him or was with him so if he had killed them there is no way police would ever know the victim was with him to suspect him?

Anonymous said...


With some perpetrators of serious crimes, they have been known to hide it from their wives, but with his crimes spanning decades and being so frequent, I personally doubt he maintained a "split personality" showing Camille only the good side. My guess is that Camille has been severely abused by Bill Cosby and I really doubt he had a respectful sexual relationship with her. My guess is that he has probably raped her many times. Because even the way some of the victims who remember him starting to molest them before they had passed out describe what he did to them he sounds just so disgusting, not like a normal man who has ever had normal sex if you get what I"m saying. I believe he was probably very degrading to Camille sexually.

John Mc Gowan said...

"A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man that I do not know," Camille said in the statement released to the public on Wednesday. "It is also a portrait painted by individuals whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral."

Note when she talks about the "portrait painted" in the media she use's distancing language "man" no title attached ? Yet when she talks about Cosby's "accusers" she then attaches his marital title "my husband". This brings him close to the alleged victims. If he is innocent of said alleged crimes, i would expect her to continue the distancing from his accusers.

There appears to be no vetting of the ("accusers", dropping his title of "my husband) before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral."

We then have the repartition of the word "portrait" making it sensitive, along with the word "painted". These words are often associated with images in ones mind. What image is she "painting" in her mind ? What are the significances of these words to her.

John Mc Gowan said...

I may have found the significance of the words "portrait" and "painting" used by Cosby's wife ?

As Peter says. Words do not come from a vacuum.


What some viewers of the television show may not know about is Cosby’s love of art. Throughout the show, the painting that was hung above the fireplace in the Huxtable home was different in every episode.

Buckley said...

The Kirk Cameron story originated on a fake news website,, for one. I could go on, but that seems like enough.

Sus said...

The Kirk Cameron story is satire...sick satire, but satire. It is made up.

Looking at Camile's words - different man, portrait of a man, portrayed, I do not know, portrait painted, appears, stories, viral. No matter what Camile meant to convey, her words show she is questioning who Bill Cosby is.

Sara said...

I really feel for these women. I know how they feel. My ex raped me for years, while I slept. I suspected, but didn't know it for sure. I think he drugged me, but again I don't know for sure. The proof came when I discovered his hidden video recordings he had made surreptitiously. Then I knew-- all the bad "dreams", the fog covered broken memories, the disturbed pajamas, the questions in my mind. It was all real. Because I had proof, I was able to get him prosecuted. He got a plea deal, but at least I had some justice.
He is a narcissist. I think Cosby is as well. I suspect he has drugged Mrs. Cosby too. She is probably planning a quiet divorce. You cannot imagine how difficult divorcing a narcissist is. My divorce was unlike anyone else's. I hope she escapes. Were it not for the video evidence I would surely have lost custody of my 3 children. At least Mrs. Cosby will not have that worry.

Kellie said...

Even if the Kirk Cameron story is a hoax it's telling to me that it's so easy to believe that Cosby could have done it! I have no problem believing any accusation against him at this point and that goes to his overall character.

Buckley said...

What makes the Cameron allegations different is that while he was given the customary glass of wine and pill (the recurring theme in all the Cosby sexual assault charges), he did not pass out like the others. After the wine, Cameron felt a sudden attraction to Cosby, his inhibitions became lost and he became an active participant in the abuse.

Cameron’s legal defense believes he was given “Spanish Fly” which is an aphrodisiac drug Cosby had often joked about in standup routines. The drug alters the brain, making the user sexually receptive and excited.

You find that easy to believe?

Kellie said...

The Cosby situation has yet to reveal all of it's dark secrets and he knows it. That's why he is going to ridiculous lengths to silence everyone. Those bully tactics worked for a while, but those days are over. Truth is a force of nature just like water.

Be sure your sins will find you out! In other words, don't kid yourself that you can hide the truth forever. It just doesn't work that way.

Kellie said...

I'm not talking about SA Buckley. lol I'm talking about the ease of believing Cosby is capable of anything! These allegations aren't the only ways he's been fraudulent. Check out the info on how he got some of his "honorary titles".

Sus said...

I know what you mean, Kellie. So many have come forward that I could believe about anything of Bill Cosby.

But this is the dead (excuse the bad pun) give away to me: "...he became an active participant in the abuse." and "making the user sexually receptive and excited." Bill Cosby's MO is to have his victims incapacitated. He even asks them to act drunk and incapacitated when trying out for a part. He doesn't want them "participating" and "excited."

I have to wonder if Bill Cosby was abused and has to replay through others that he was not aroused by it. There is definitely some deviant power struggle going on his mind.

Kellie said...

Yes Sus! He's really quite sinister isn't he? Far beyond a twisted fetish, he is malicious in every thing he does. Not to minimize the sexual abuse in any way, but I am actually more troubled by the criminal drugging of his victims. His attitude displays a contempt towards people in general and especially towards women. I believe we will ultimately see him tied to murder.

I had a rogue boyfriend who convinced me to try Seconal along with wine. It not only made me non-functional (in a hallucinogenic way!) when I did finally rouse my memory was blank. Cosby's ultimate goal was to have these women remember nothing of his sexual abuse of them. And he knew that because of the lifestyle of the times and circumstances they would be brushed off as just another party girl or gold digger! That is a pathology I don't think we have a name for!!

I've wondered if his drunken father abused him. Especially with the forced oral sex many of the women have claimed. Possibly even made Bill drink with him! There are so many layers of possible angles it boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations.

3 other weird things: How Cosby would ask these women to pretend they were drunk as the drugs took effect. Also he asked some to wet their hair. Also he took one woman to a mirror as the drugs took effect and said "do you see the light around you?"
I truly think he is a necrophiliac and one possibility is that he may have actually killed in the past and then was attempting to simulate or act out something he had done in the past. The wet hair (did he drown someone or throw a body in water?) The wanting the people to pretend they are drunk (was the victim drunk)? The asking one woman to look in mirror and ask does she see the light around her? This brings up an image of death to me and the person "going into the light". I truly wonder if he did commit a murder maybe early on and was trying to replay memories of it? I mean, this stuff (wet hair, fascination with drunkenness, wanting victims unconscious, talking about a light, it has to come from somewhere in his head!?!?

Anonymous said...

I think the imaginations of some of you are running away with you. There is no evidence that Bill Cosby every killed anyone; actually, not even a whisper of such a thing. Nor has their ever been any evidence of him having been abused by his father while a child. Git a grip.

However, recalling when his only son was murdered beside the road with a broken down car, he acted very cold in his statement at the time. Like, 'oh well, so what... he's dead, shyt happens'. Not his exact words but the same attitude nonetheless. Unfeeling.

I do think he's guilty of raping these women, whether through coercion, manipulation or via drugs and by force, and in the case of some of them through using them on the pretext of furthering their career when he had no intentions of helping them. He was cleverly having fun at the expense of others and enjoying every minute of it.

What we have here is a man void of conscience. There are many men (and women) who move about quite normally every day who have no conscience, spending their lives hurting others and getting away with it. Because they can.

Having googled the supposed abuse by him of Kirk Cameron, apparently this is a dirty hoax perpetrated by someone wishing to harm Mr. Camerons' reputation; however, this remains to be seen since there have been no statements made by Kirk Cameron.

Kellie said...

I find it intriguing how often some feel the need to criticize and minimize others before expressing their own opinions on a matter.

Kellie said...


Reasoning based on inconclusive evidence; conjecture or supposition.

A conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by conjecture.

Contemplation or consideration of a subject; meditation.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what "dirt" he can get dug up - none of it has anything to do with the allegations against him.

Two wrongs don't make a right, Bill.

He's belittling his accusers, in hopes that people will not believe the allegations. It's apples/oranges. Some people will favor him due to this, but I think the vast majority will see right through it. It's wrong of him, and it's childish too.