Thursday, January 8, 2015

3 More Cosby Accusers' Statements

Three more women have accused Crosby. We look at their short statements below, with bold type added to the article.  We look for strong pronouns and past tense verbs. 

Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault by three new women

from NY Daily News 
A former assistant to Cosby's late agent at William Morris, who identified herself as Kacey, claimed the comic drugged her her at the Bel Air Hotel.
Three new women have added their voices to the chorus of accusers claiming comedian Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them.
Appearing Wednesday at a press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred, two said the fallen funnyman spiked their drinks and accosted them in Las Vegas in the early 1980s, while the third - a former assistant to Cosby's late agent at William Morris - claimed Cosby drugged her at the Bel Air hotel.
The assistant, identified only by the name Kacey, said she considered Cosby a father figure for most of their working relationship between 1990 and 1996.
She said things turned freaky when Cosby invited her to his home to read a script for a possible part on his hit NBC sitcom - a script that ended with a "passionate kiss."
"Each time it came to the 'kiss,' I did not want to participate," she said. "He was insistent with him pressing his body against mine and coming in for the kiss."
At a later meeting at the Bel Air hotel, Cosby insisted that she take a large white pill to relax, she told a conference room packed with reporters.

"I declined several times, but he kept insisting, so finally I ingested it. He insisted that I open my mouth and lift my tongue to make sure that I swallowed it," she said. "Next, I remember waking up in a bed with Mr. Cosby naked beneath his open robe."
Kirkpatrick said she blacked out for most of Cosby's stage show and woke up back in Cosby's dressing room alone with the comedian.LUCY NICHOLSON/REUTERSKirkpatrick said she blacked out for most of Cosby's stage show and woke up back in Cosby's dressing room alone with the comedian.
Alleged victim Linda Kirkpatrick said she was 25 in 1981 when she played against Cosby in a Las Vegas tennis tournament and got an invitation to his casino comedy show.
She said Cosby fed her a clear drink in a champagne glass with red fruit at the bottom that tasted so "terrible" so she only finished half.
Kirkpatrick said she blacked out for most of Cosby's stage show and woke up back in Cosby's dressing room alone with the comedian.

"I was lying down. Cosby was on top of me kissing me forcefully," she claimed, adding that she had no idea how she finally got home.
Speaking with Allred at her side, Kirkpatrick said Cosby called the next day to apologize and asked her back so he could make it up to her. She was young, starstruck and naïve, so she accepted, she said.
The second night they played backgammon in his room before he allegedly attacked her again, she said.

"He caught me off guard, went after me again, grabbed me from the front, locked me in an aggressive hug, with his arms wrapped around my back and forcefully tried to kiss me," she said. "He held so tightly against his body that it was obvious he was sexually aroused."

The third alleged victim, identified as Lynn Neal, said she was in her mid-20s when she got to know Cosby while working in a Las Vegas health club.

She said Cosby took her to a restaurant after inviting her to his Hilton show one night in 1982 or 1983 and ordered her a shot of vodka.
She said she tried to eat off his plate of collard greens but was told there wasn't time for her to eat too, only drink.

"By the time we walked back to his dressing room, I was having problems walking," she said. "When we entered the dressing room, I sat on the couch and he started taking my pants down. I said, 'What are you doing? Stop!' But he didn't, and I was weak," she recalled.

"He told me to calm down, he wasn't going to hurt me and then he started having sex with me," she said. "(He) was talking about how an orgasm is like a thermostat, building pressure."

Note:  Sex abuse victims often use the following phrases:

"he had sex with me"
"he began having sex with me"
"he started having sex with me"
consistently using the word "with" between the assailant and themselves.
We do not find the word "we" entering the vocabulary after the sex assault begins. 
We do find "start" and "began" as the subject is still likely suffering after-affects of the assault.  

She broke down crying as she described "struggling to walk down the hallway trying to get out of the hotel."
Allred praised the women for telling their stories despite reports that Cosby is spending big bucks on private investigators tasked with digging up dirt on his accusers.
She also blasted Cosby's onscreen wife, the actress Phylicia Rashad, for reportedly defending the comedian in an interview with

"Phylicia, if anyone did to you or to your daughter, your sister or your mother what Cosby is alleged to have done to these women, I have no doubt that you would not be saying 'Forget these women,'" Allred said.
"Phylicia I vow to you that I will not forget these women, because women matter. They deserve respect and dignity," she said.
"Forget these women," Rashad reportedly told Showbiz 411's Roger Friedman earlier this week.
Cosby (L) got some public support from his former ‘Cosby Show’ co-star Phylicia Rashad.Michael Stewart/WireImageCosby (L) got some public support from his former ‘Cosby Show’ co-star Phylicia Rashad.
"What you're seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it's orchestrated. I don't know why or who's doing it, but it's the legacy. And it's a legacy that is so important to the culture," she said.
The 66-year-old actress, who portrayed lawyer and mom Claire Huxtable on "The Cosby Show" for eight years, was steadfast in her affection for her former co-star.
"I love him," she reportedly said.
"Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV," she added. "And it's worked. All his contracts have been cancelled."
So far Cosby, 77, has avoided direct comment on the flurry of allegations that have dented in his wholesome, all-American image.
His wife Camille went to bat for her him in December, calling Cosby a "wonderful" man and questioning "who is the victim?"
Cosby's lawyer, Martin Singer, has slammed some accusers' stories as false, "increasingly ridiculous" and "completely illogical."
After introducing the three new accusers Wednesday, Allred called on ticketholders to boycott Cosby's upcoming shows in Canada.
"I would suggest you think about how you want to help (Cosby)," she said, arguing that any profit he makes could be used to fund his "attack dogs."


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Bill Cosby receives standing ovation despite protests


In a statement released after the Ontario show, Cosby said: "Dear Fans: I would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring laughter back into your lives tonight. Also, I would like to applaud all of you and give you a standing ovation for respecting yourselves, the theatre and the event organisers that produced a spectacular show for the Kitchener Community."

Read More:

trustmeigetit said...

I am shocked that Rashad is taking his side… What is wrong with her? Any woman that would defend a rapist… which lets be honest, that is clearly who he is at the core…to me has something deeply wrong with their soul.

I will never watch anything that Cosby has done or buy anything that would in any way to go him ever again. Rashad is now in the same boat.

Just as I refused to listen to Michael Jacksons music once I came to the conclusion he was guilty, which was after that long crazy interview he did where he just kept stating “I would never hurt a child”. I didn’t know SA back then, but I knew that response was bad.

It is time that celebrities stop being beneath the law. I am pleased to see Gloria is their attorney. I love this and I hope this drags out for years and drains his finances and destroys his career.

It’s bad enough that no charges can be brought due to the time… which I still think should be allowed… but at the least they can destroy the future he has left. I hope he never has another peaceful nights sleep again.

What still amazes me is that Paula Dean was treated a thousand times worse for saying a deragatory word years ago. But this man rapes tons of women and people stand by his side?

We sure have issues in America!

Anonymous said...

What's he deal here? I mean in these women coming forward all these years later and in Gloria Allred making her accusations and allegations now?

Even if they're true, most of these women have no witnesses or any circumstantial evidence, none of them ever filed any charges against Cosby and most of these allegations range from twenty to thirty years old.

From a legal standpoint; what does Gloria expect to gain from bringing them up now?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Gloria Alred will say and do anything to be before the cameras.

I'll do another article on behavioral analysis of sex abuse victims and why so many years of silence can go by.


trustmeigetit said...

Anon.... Not everyone has the strength to come forward... And even some that tried before were shot down, threatened etc.

Imagine trying to go against him. Rape victims are often even victimized again when they come out. They become the target. And regardless of someone's past or lifestyle, they don't deserve to be raped. And the simple fact that many times a rape victim lost their case, should tell us that reporting it doesn't always get Justice.

And again, some tried and no ome would help them.

The simple fact that you are focused on the timing they choose to come out vs what Cosby did is really sad.

Cosby is the only one to blame here. Not victims who choose not to speak out years before.

trustmeigetit said...

I realized your question was more about the legal standpoint...

Bill is calling the women liars. They are claiming defamation.

~mj said...


Thank you for your comments, particularly the understanding you have for how inappropriate Rashad's comments are.

The accusations against Cosby are horrifying and I patiently await to see where it all goes, my heart goes out to victims of abuse and I clearly see evidence of Cosby abusing his position and taking advantage of women. To what extent and how much I personally believe from the women who have come forward, is just that, a personal opinion.

Regardless of what I believe, there are some fundamental truths here: Drugging women for sex is wrong and our society seems to give celebrities free passes.

Rashad's comment to "Forget these women" is outrageous and us the viewers should stand up and say so. To not, would be allowing celebrities to live by a different set of rules. She can feel free to stand by Cosby all she wants, but without proof one way or the other, her comments are disgusting and shameful and she goes beyond "standing by her colleague"

And I for one am glad the attorney spoke out against Rashad's comments.

Sus said...

Rashad speaks to ABC nightly news:

"I am a woman. I would never do that."

"That is a misquote. That is not what I said. What I said is, 'this is not about the women. This is about something else. This is about the obliteration of legacy.' "

"I would never.." Hmmm

Anyone see much difference between "Forget the women." and "this is not about the women." ? I don't.

Rashad is still most concerned for "the legacy." I guess the impact of a successful complete family on a long running TV show. TV is pretend. Does Rashad not realize this? She is defending a pretend show with people who acted.

Anonymous said...

MJ; apparently you are not aware that Phylicia Rashad made a statement lambasting the publication of the comment supposedly made by her "forget these women" and clarifying that she did not make this comment. Perhaps you and Gloria Alred should click on the New York Daily News or other publications and read Rashads' denial statement for yourself since you seem not to realize this is not what she said.

TrustMe; I was not focusing on the timing of the sexual assaults of these women by Cosby as you accused, as if to imply they don't matter now so this makes me a sad person; I was asking strictly from a legal standpoint 'what does Gloria Alred expect to gain from her allegations made now at this late date?' And I still wonder.

Thank you Peter for your new article on behavioral analysis of the sexual abuse victim. This explains a lot.

~mj said...

Excellent point.

Sus said...

I just posted her "denial." The "denial" where she says "this is not about the women." and continues to defend the legacy.

It is about the women. They want validated. For Rashad to dismiss them for the sake of a pretend TV show and a bunch of actors is pathetic.

trustmeigetit said...

Looks like maybe Rashad got some backlash….

Phylicia Rashad says she was 'misquoted' in interview defending Cosby

That is not what I said," Rashad told ABC News exclusively. "What I said is, 'This is not about the women. This is about something else. This is about the obliteration of legacy.'"
Three new accusers (Linda Kirkpatrick, Lynn Neal and Kacey, who did not give her real name) came forward at a press conference Wednesday where attorney Gloria Allred scolded Rashad, saying, "Phylicia, you should be supporting these women."
Rashad responded to those who might think she was dismissive of the accusers, saying, "I am a woman. I would never say such a thing."
Rashad did not want to speak on the allegations that Cosby had drugged and sexually assaulted women, but according to the 66-year-old actress, the claims seem contradictory to the character of the man she got to know for 12 years on The Cosby Show.
"He's a genius. He is generous. He is kind. He's inclusive," Rashad said. "What has happened is declaration in the media of guilt without proof."

The worst part of her attempt to back pedal is the comment “This is not about the women. This is about something else. This is about the obliteration of legacy”

Not that I fully understand what she even means, but I think it is most certainly about the woman and how that man choose to use his power to violate them. She should be ashamed!

Clearly it was not done to her.

But then there are murderers who are married and are never harmed by their spouse. Just because it was not you, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to others.

And I guess she does not get that after about 20 women coming forward, this is not about the media…. This is about the victims standing. The number of people making the same claims, when they have nothing to gain, tells me this is not just a random accusation, this is a history of violence that this man she calls her friend has done against many. How anyone would stand next to someone like that is appalling!

trustmeigetit said...

Anon, I addressed that I mis understood and explained.

Gloria is pursuing "defamation". For Bill calling the women liars.

trustmeigetit said...

Anon...this explains the case Gloria took on better...

Bill Cosby of Sexually Assaulting Her is Now Suing Him For Defamation
Dec 11, 2014 • Post A Comment
“Bill Cosby’s biggest threat isn’t the many women who are now coming forward to accuse him of sexual abuse from years ago,” says an article in The Hollywood Reporter, which continues, “Instead, Bill Cosby’s biggest danger is Bill Cosby.

“The comedian is now facing a lawsuit from Tamara Green, who claims that she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby when she tried to help him find investors for a club in the 1970s. The woman isn’t suing Cosby for the abuse but rather what’s been said in recent months about the incident. In a defamation lawsuit being handled by a trial attorney who once represented Paula Jones against Bill Clinton, Green asserts that her reputation was hurt by being called a liar by Cosby through his publicist and lawyer.”

Notes USA Today, “Green first told her story in 2005 on the Today show [see below] and in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper and has since told it to multiple media outlets this year.

“Each time, she asserts, Cosby, through his lawyers or his publicist, denied her allegations, defaming her by declaring them ‘absolutely false.’ The suit claims Cosby’s publicist, David Brokaw, also defamed her after she later told her story to Newsweek.”

Green says she was a 19 year old model when she was allegedly assaulted by Cosby. She later became a lawyer.

The USA Today adds, ” ‘This lawsuit provides an opportunity for Ms. Green and Mr. Cosby to litigate the truth or falsity of the comments,” [Green's lawyer Joseph] Cammarata said. ‘It provides them an opportunity to have their day in court, to present evidence and allow a jury to determine who is telling the truth and who isn’t. It’s that simple.’

“Cosby’s lawyer, Martin Singer of Los Angeles, issued a statement responding to Green’s lawsuit. ‘We are very confident that we will prevail in this proceeding and we will pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action,’ he said.”

Statement Analysis Blog said...

i'M with trustme, Gloria would not be involved if there wasn't something in it for her.

Analyze her words; it is fascinating. She is something else, indeed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Gloria Alred does what brings her money, or the fame that can lead to money.

Gloria Alred never met a man she could like other than the faces on dollar bills. She enjoys ripping men to shreds and feigns to be a fighter for women's rights.

Her statements indicate a narcissism not generally seen.

She should have been Casey Anthony's attorney.

~mj said...

I'm with you, Sus. - anon is annoyed that I called Rashad's comments shameful on another post. This topic IS about the women and not the "legacy" - Sadly, the crux of this whole matter lies in the very fact that, not everyone sees that point.

Deejay said...

A popular sleep aid widely available during the 60's - 80's would have all the symptoms described by the women. It is a barbiturate pill or capsule that takes about 1/2 hour to work and the effects last about 9 hours. Commonly called Quaaludes.

Memphis Pat said...

Not that you aren't a genius, Peter, but it doesn't take a genius to see that Gloria Allred never misses an opportunity to be in the news. However, I have believed these women from the beginning and if it takes seeing Gloria's mug on TV for the next decade to make the serial rapist, Cosby suffer as his legacy bites the dust, I'm in. It also doesn't take a genius to see that Ms. Rashad stands to lose a great deal of money in residuals from The Cosby Show if the reruns go away (which they surely will). Peter, have you contacted the New York Times about Statement Analysis of the one victim whose story holds up as truthful? I believe that might sway some of the Cosby crusaders with their "innocent until proven guilty" rants. Thanks for the good stuff today about delayed reports from victims. I personally know that to be true. It's also important to know that one survivor speaking up almost always emboldens others.

Droll Skeptic said...

Of course Phylicia Rashad wants Cosby's accusers "forgotten about". She is personally invested in his "legacy". Her career is/was built directly OFF his legacy.

I imagine the royalties loss Rashad will incur, should all the networks cancel airing those syndicated 'Cosby Show' episodes, would be substantial.

It's sad that a woman would demean herself by defending a rapist's "legacy" in order to protect her own monetary interests, by publicly bashing his victims...and then hinting at some kind of giant, race-driven, conspiracy being at play.

Stay classy, Phylicia! $$$

Anonymous said...

MJ; I am the anon who took issue with your extremely judgmental castigation of Phylicia Rashads' opinions in the Cosby matter, when, right or wrong, she has every right to voice her opinions just as you do, yet she is to be shamed but you're not for doing the same thing. It was this attempt to shove someone elses' opinion down their throat that was annoying, not you as a person, or your beliefs in the guilt of Cosby; which I happen to agree with. Whether we like it or not, or whether we agree or not, Rashad does have the right to voice her own opinions.

However, in voicing my opinion, I believe that you are partially right; YES, "it IS about the women", etc. etc., AGREED; and, YES, what Cosby has done does affect the legacy of the culture progress made by the black community as a whole, as stated by Rashad. At least in their mind it does.

Having been in business for many years MJ, and having worked personally with and gotten to know numerous black clients and their families, I can tell you from personal experience that it does affect and hurt their upper middle class families deeply when one of their own that they had been so proud of, commits these horrible crimes. This reflects on them all as a whole, when they thought they had made strides to pull themselves up out of these types of public spectacles. They do relate it back to their own racial misfortunes.

Further, I feel that Rashad is wrong in saying this movement of women out to destroy Cosby is a conspiracy. Good heavens, NO way is this a conspiracy! These women don't even know each other, have never gotten together to plot and scheme this nightmare they have lived through and still are, nor do they have a secret ring leader conspiring to destroy Bill Cosby. Now THAT is just plain malarkey. Ludicrous! So you see, you and I are not so far apart in our opinions.

Anonymous said...

P.S... Actually, Rashad should be madder than hell at Bill Cosby for destroying her career and livelihood residuals for the rest of her declining life due to the fact that the Cosby Show reruns have been cancelled and their entire team has lost their income from these shows.

Man on man, I'd want to bash in his stupid ugly head. Seriously.

Fact is, Rashad and everyone else who has lost their income and other benefits from the cancellation of The Cosby Show and other acting gigs done by them and other actors with Cosby; all due to this ape-like creature causing them to lose their income, should be suing the hell outta him. I would. Right now. Quick. Before Gloria Alred and her team justifiably gets their hands on his last dime.

wreyeter72 said...

I think some of the accusers are telling the truth but maybe not all. But I also think claiming defamation because the person you accuse of a crime against you denies your claims is ludicrous! If a lawsuit is won based on "I accused him of raping me and he said I was lying," then we will have a serious onslaught of frivolous lawsuits to follow! How is someone being accused of a crime supposed to defend themselves (guilty or not) without calling their accuser a liar? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

ummmm.... Good point wreyeter72. Even if the women are ALL telling the truth, and they could be, or maybe not all; what a can of worms THIS could open up! Wow. A magnitude of lawsuits this country has never heard of. They will be compelled to PROVE the accuser or the defendant is lying, one or the other, and how can they ever do THAT? My, my. Do tell....

Unknown said...

Actually, I think what the victim Tamara Green has done is smart.

It's not really about defamation, (but that's the claim that will get them into the court room)'s about her being able to present her case, and put her account and any evidence she has, up against his account. It's simply a way to force him to answer her claims.

If Cosby seeks a way out, and settles again as a way to avoid her accusations and any supporting evidence from being presented...then he is basically admitting that he CAN'T answer her accusations.

By suing for defamation, she is providing an opportunity for both of their sides of the story to be vetted in a court of law. Her lawyer says as much:

"This lawsuit provides an opportunity for Ms. Green and Mr. Cosby to litigate the truth or falsity of the comments,” [Green's lawyer Joseph] Cammarata said. ‘It provides them an opportunity to have their day in court, to present evidence and allow a jury to determine who is telling the truth and who isn’t. It’s that simple."

Will Cosby step to the plate, and leverage his 'denial' against her account? My guess is no.

Kellie said...

wreyeter72 said...
"How is someone being accused of a crime supposed to defend themselves (guilty or not) without calling their accuser a liar?"

By speaking up with a reliable denial. If he didn't do it he should say so, then he would have no need to make accusations. It seems to have been lost that Cosby has not simply said, I didn't do it!

Kit said...