Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carolina Adkins Disappearance Ruled Suspicious

Police have ruled the disappearance of Carolina Adkins, 26, a "suspicious" case.  

Adkins left her Stockton apartment after 1AM on New Year's Day.  Her husband reported that he told her to stop drinking, but went to bed thinking that she was going to the living room.  She left the apartment without taking her personal belongings.  

If officials release  the 911 call, analysis will be posted.  

 Anyone with information can call the Police Department at (209) 937-8377 or Crime Stoppers at (209) 946-0600. Callers can remain anonymous.
Informants also can text information to "Crimes" (274637) using the keyword "TIPSPD," or they can click on "Submit a Tip" on the Police Department's Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

of course it's suspicious, she's gone with no explanation.

sidewalk super said...

He looks like he's at least 7 ft. tall and works out. She's no match for him if he were inclined to hurt her.

Lily said...

She has been found safe! Great to see good news for once. I didn't think there was going to be such a good outcome.

Buckley said...


trustmeigetit said...

Very quiet about what happened. I wonder of we will ever find out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she kinda ran away and then had a change of heart. Glad she's ok.
Glad husband didn't have to go through wrongful endless suspicion.

S + K Mum said...

Good news!

John Mc Gowan said...

Stockton woman found after 7 days

(Just one question. Why won't they allow her husband to see her ?)

A woman who was reported missing on New Year's Day was found Wednesday.

Stockton police said their missing persons unit received a call.

"So they went out and met with her, determined that she was safe, no crime was committed against her and right now the family is requesting privacy," Stockton police spokesman, Officer Joe Silva said.

Adkins, 26, was last seen at her North Stockton apartment complex before she went for a walk around 1:15 a.m.

On Monday, police deemed her disappearance suspicious because she had never left her home in that manner.

Adkins' husband, 26-year-old Joe Shepard said he did not know why his wife had walked away from their apartment, leaving her phone, keys and drivers license.

"I haven't seen her yet at all. The policeman is telling me, you know, she's safe and she's in good hands, but as far as me seeing her and everything, no," Shepard said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Stockton police posted on Facebook Adkins was found safe. Police said they were not commenting further because the family had requested privacy.

"In the beginning, we thought there was a possibility it was suspicious and we did put a lot of resources and manpower into this case," Silva said. "Once you get a good resolution at the end, you know, it makes the department and the community feel a lot better."

Shepard said he is just relieved his wife is ok.

"She's safe, she's good, she's in a safe spot and right now we just want rest," Shepard said. "The best part about this whole thing is that my kids get to see their mom smile again whenever that is."