Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fake Hate's Mentor

Here are some strange quotes from the former Fake Hate's mentor...from 2004.

two articles:

Last Tuesday was the sixth anniversary of the famous fake hate crime of Kerri Dunn at Claremont McKenna College. In case you missed the story way back then, Dunn, a visiting psychology professor at CMC, was scheduled to speak at a campus forum on racism. During her talk, she shocked the audience by announcing that she had been — that very day — the victim of a hate crime. Ta da!
Her car had been vandalized, its windows smashed, tires slashed. And profane, anti-Semitic graffiti covered the wreckage.
The campus was shocked. CMC and all four of its sister colleges canceled classes (they didn’t even do that on 9/11). An emotional student body held a giant rally against racism. The riveting spectacle was covered by network news.
Undoubtedly, the whole affair would have been a great career boost for Dunn if only two students hadn’t seen her doing all the vandalism herself. Dunn lost her job, of course, and also went to prison for lying to federal investigators and for insurance fraud. (She had claimed that $1,700 worth of items, including a laptop computer, had been stolen by the hate-crime bogeyman. These items were later found in a closet in Dunn’s home.)
Dunn might have avoided prison if she hadn’t tried to cash in. But her long years of education at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where she earned both a Ph.D. and a J.D., were not sufficient to instill in her an appreciation for the risks associated with perjury and fraud.
By the way, she wasn’t even Jewish.
Dunn-like stories have become all too familiar. Recently, we have watched the noose drama at UCSD, brought to us by an as-yet-unidentified “minority” student who finally admitted to placing the noose in the library herself.
And who could forget the Columbia University professor who claimed she found a noose on her office door a few years ago, after she came under investigation for plagiarism? She was fired for the plagiarism, but the noose case remains unsolved.
Then there was the infamous Duke lacrosse case. And another case at Northwestern. We could go on. And on. And on.

Where Kerri Dunn is now, I have no idea. But clearly her legacy is alive and well.
(Special thanks to my friend John Wilson of the New York Post, a CMC graduate and Kerri Dunn survivor, for bringing this anniversary to my attention.)

Claremont Professor's Past Is a New Puzzle

from 2004
    Kerri Dunn taught criminal justice but she was a shoplifter. While earning a PhD in psychology, she was ordered into counseling for stealing.
    Dunn, 39, was a hero to many students at Claremont McKenna College, lifting her voice for the oppressed. Then she became the professor who may have betrayed them.
    She railed against hate crimes. Now she is suspected of staging one.
    Dunn -- a Catholic converting to Judaism -- prided herself on being passionate and outspoken. But court records and interviews with colleagues, students, friends and police reveal a woman of contradiction and secrets.
    Dunn had returned from a campus forum on racial intolerance March 9 and found her car spray-painted with slurs, the windows smashed and tires punctured. A hate crime, authorities said. A week later, Claremont police alleged that Dunn, who has a law degree, had done it herself.
    Dunn has denied any wrongdoing and declined to comment for this story. The FBI and the Los Angeles County district attorney's office are investigating.
    Gary S. Lincenberg, her California attorney, will not comment on the alleged hate crime or on her police record. James Michael Rierden, an attorney in Nebraska who represented Dunn for an arrest four years ago, said she pleaded guilty to shoplifting, paid a $200 fine and agreed to counseling.
    "I was surprised," Rierden recalled. "In light of ... her going to law school, I found it even harder to understand -- just the risk she was taking as far as her legal career. I felt, 'We have a pattern here [for shoplifting] and maybe she needs help.' "
    Pam Manske, a friend of Dunn's, chalked up the shoplifting to high jinks. "She'd been a student -- sometimes students do goofy things," said the commercial real estate agent.
    Dunn's sister declined to be interviewed for this story and other family members did not return calls.
    Students and colleagues at the Claremont Colleges said their questions about Kerri Frances Dunn might go unanswered.
    John Seery, a professor of politics at Pomona College, said: "It looks as if we were punked."
    A Cross Burning
    As a psychology teacher at Claremont McKenna College, Dunn was passionate and engaging, and railed against discrimination.
    Since January at the Claremont Colleges, four students had burned an 11-foot cross and someone had scrawled a racial slur on a calendar with a picture of George Washington Carver, a black agricultural scientist.
    Dunn told her classes on March 8 that she was upset by their apathy. What's it going to take? Dunn demanded angrily.
    Antoine Grant, 18, a freshman, remembered it this way: "She was mad that we weren't mad. She said we needed to stand up."
    The next day, Dunn spoke from the audience at the campus forum on hate crimes. Shortly before 8 p.m., she went to move her car and later told police that was when she first saw the vandalism.
    Casey Pick, a 19-year-old sophomore, was walking to a women's symposium later that night when Dunn stopped her. Pick thought Dunn seemed dazed. Dunn asked for directions, and the two women walked together. Dunn did not mention her car, Pick said, but seemed nervous and frightened.
    Dunn was scheduled to speak, Pick said, but told the group she could not because her car had just been vandalized. Someone called campus police, and Pick walked Dunn to her car.
    "It was appalling," Pick said. "Glass was everywhere, and she was visibly shaken." Pick remembered that Dunn asked her several times to read the graffiti aloud.
    Pick helped organize one of the campus rallies held later that week.
    "I looked into her eyes, and I know she couldn't possibly have done this to herself," she said.
    A day after her car was damaged, Dunn spoke with The Times.
    "I'm the No. 1 person who's been speaking out, and it [the graffiti wording] said, 'Shut up,' that's what led me to believe it was targeted toward me," Dunn said.
    How would vandals have known her Honda?
    "They could have easily seen me walking to my car," Dunn said.
    Dunn said she believed it was one of her students or a friend of a student. She was converting to Judaism, something her students would know. One slur was anti-Semitic.
    "The bummer of the whole thing," said Dunn at the time, was having to rent a car.
    Word of the vandalism spread quickly. Classes were canceled at five of the Claremont Colleges. Most people were stunned.
    Dunn was a sympathetic figure. She stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall and has long brown hair and green eyes. On campus, she donned loose skirts, rather than the suits that some colleagues favored.
    So many students didn't understand the anti-Semitic slur found on Dunn's car that Hillel, an on-campus Jewish organization, produced a fact sheet explaining the term kike, said Rabbi Leslie Bergson, director of Hillel and the Jewish chaplain for the Claremont Colleges.
    It was the first sign to some that the incident didn't ring true.
    A week later, police said they had found two people who had seen Dunn vandalize her own car.


    Lemon said...

    Best line:
    "By the way, she wasn’t even Jewish."

    Tania Cadogan said...

    off topic

    MARIETTA, Ga. (WXIA) -- Jury selection for the murder trial of Ross Harris, charged with killing his 22-month-old son, Cooper, by leaving him in a hot car in Cobb County, is scheduled to begin Monday, Jan. 12.

    And prosecutors have disclosed all of their evidence to Harris's attorney, as required by law.

    But even though the prosecutors, from the Cobb County District Attorney's Office, released everything they believe they have against Harris, Harris and his attorney continue to insist Cooper's death was an accident, and that there is nothing in the state's evidence that can prove otherwise.

    The core of the evidence is centered on the prosecution's contention that Harris murdered Cooper by purposely leaving him in a hot car this past June.

    Prosecutors have said they believe Harris had decided he wanted to live a child-free life.

    They provided Harris's attorney with more than 120 computer discs containing videos, photos, Harris's cell phone records, the contents of his home computer hard drives, his emails, and interviews with seemingly everyone who came into contact with Harris that day -- witnesses, co-workers, friends.

    The evidence list makes it clear prosecutors have constructed a timeline, tracking Harris's every move, every conversation --

    -Before he left Cooper in the car strapped in his car seat, in the parking lot at work

    -While Cooper was dying in that hot car, when, prosecutors say, Harris, who is married, was in his office sexting with others

    -After Cooper died and Harris drove away with his body still in the car seat, and got out of the car a few minutes later as witnesses watched him reacting to Cooper's death

    Harris's attorney, Maddox Kilgore, declined to comment about the state's evidence, which he first saw earlier this month.

    But Kilgore has said repeatedly that there is no hard evidence that Harris purposely killed Cooper, it is all circumstantial, and that Cooper's death was a horrible, tragic accident.

    There are still several, major defense motions pending that seek to throw out some of the evidence and reduce the charges.

    One of the motions addresses Harris's sexting that day. Prosecutors say Harris was sexting with a minor girl, in addition to women. Kilgore wants Harris to have a separate trial on those charges, while the prosecution wants those charges included in the murder trial to show what Harris was doing after leaving Cooper in the car.

    Also, the state is waiting for Kilgore to disclose what he might use in the trial.

    There is no indication, yet, whether the two sides might end up reaching a plea deal, to avoid a trial altogether.

    The 8 counts against Harris:

    Count 1 Malice Murder

    Count 2 Felony Murder

    Count 3 Felony Murder

    Count 4 Cruelty to Children in the First Degree

    Count 5 Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree

    Count 6 Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony

    Count 7 Dissemination of Pornography to Minors

    Count 8 Dissemination of Pornography to Minors


    Unknown said...

    It's hard to imagine what motivates these fake hate perpetrators...they must not be busy enough, lol.

    Who has the time, or the energy, to do these kinds of crazy things!

    John Mc Gowan said...


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    Amaleen6 said...


    Apparently, if it's the same Kerri Dunn (PhD, JD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln), she's an adjunct professor of psychology now at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Interestingly enough, she doesn't list her experience at Claremont.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    Anonymous said...

    All of these fake haters get off too easily. They should have been given much harsher sentences, not only to pay for their crimes but also to attempt to deter other sick hate-freaks from committing these types of hoaxed up fake crimes that we as a tax paying society have to pay for in the long run.

    I can't believe how they are able to walk right back into their previously established career positions with all the perks.

    With a felony record, they should be given minimum prison sentences and placed probation for a lengthy period, required to undergo mandatory psychiatric care as well as be required to wear an ankle bracelet that warns, "felon - hate crime offender." FWIW, just my opinion.

    Anonymous said...

    Hard to imagine how little Cooper Harris sat in that stifling hot car suffocating until he died a horrible death, without daddy Ross not thinking to remember him left in the car. Unbelievable. In a hurry to get to his sexting and masturbating off and on all day? Not a good enough excuse.

    Even knowing the b'stard had his mind on sexting with six different women still does not justify his lapse in memory no matter how hard you try too. Didn't he even speak to the little boy or look over at his car seat from the time he strapped him in until he pulled into his parking lot; when it was placed just to the right of his right shoulder in the middle of the backseat between the two bucket seats facing backwards, which means Coopers head would have been very close to daddys shoulder and less than an arms reach in distance?

    How could he miss seeing him there, particularly when the car seat was too small and little Coopers head would have been sticking up above the top of the car seat? Or when daddy went to his car after lunch to place light bulbs on the front seat; couldn't he smell the vomit, feces and urine little Cooper had already dispelled in his agony, or hear his final death struggles and choking/grasping for breath if he wasn't already dead by this time?

    Or when he got into the car after work, how could he not have smelled the decomp odor plus all the other smells that would have already been obvious as soon as daddy opened the car door?

    This idiot, who was broke BTW, and could not afford to meet up with his buds to go to a movie like he plotted to do; expects everybody to believe that he didn't smell this decomp until he got way down the street then whips into a parking lot, slams on brakes, jumps out and fakes up a surprise death scene of his baby? WHO does he think he's kidding?

    I hope he fries. AND, that charges will soon be filed against his stupid little brain dead wifey pooh who IMO is not innocent in this horrible baby murder 'by suffocation'.

    Unknown said...

    I am confused whether I should feel honored that she is the best professor I ever had, or should I feel sad that you are so misled by the media and some politically adjusted versions of the story? It is rare, that you meet someone 5 ft 4 with so much fire in her soul to fight for what she believes in, even at the cost of her own career and reputation. All I ask, is how many of you would you commit suicide to save your child? If an ideal, be it equality, be it justice, or just a small brick in the wall called "fight against racism"...if this ideal is intrinsically adopted as your own flesh and blood...how far would you really go for it?? Perhaps the end should justify the means, maybe then speaking up would be the bare minimum requirement, maybe then we wouldn't be so self absorbed to protect our own interests, maybe then we wouldn't criticize a pioneer. Simplicity is indeed the final achievement, and Kerri Dunn is nothing but simple.

    BigDnMo said...

    *I am confused whether I should feel honored that she is the best professor I ever had, or should I feel sad that you are so misled by the media and some politically adjusted versions of the story?
    She was found guilty of fraud. Exactly, how is that a "politically adjusted version"? The items she alleged were stolen were found in her closet.
    *It is rare, that you meet someone 5 ft 4 with so much fire in her soul to fight for what she believes in, even at the cost of her own career and reputation.
    It is disturbingly common for people to victimize themselves for fame, attention, or reputation enhancement.
    Conclusion; you are either an idiot on a monumental scale, or too stupid for words.