Friday, January 30, 2015

Officer Cynthia Witlatch: The Rarity of Outright Liars

In Seattle, a 70 year old veteran is waiting to cross the street.  He is walking with a golf club, used as a cane.  William Wingate was simply walking in a downtown area.

This is from a video dash from Seattle Police officer Cynthia Witlatch.

Officer Witlach then yells to him to "put it down."

The man responded by saying it was his.  He had to pull the hearing aid out to hear the yelling officer.

She continued to demand it to be put down and finally says to him that he swung it at her as a weapon.

He is dumbfounded.  It is used for walking and he did not swing it at her.

He responded with a reliable denial, upon hearing her accusation.

She arrested him and he spent the night in jail, falsely accused of a crime.

Seattle Police did not react to this falsehood.

But, when Cynthia Witlatch posted on Facebook, SPD took action and placed her on Administrative Leave.

The false arrest and fabrication of reality did not appear to be reacted to by her superiors.  Her Facebook posting, however, did.

Which is the greater ill?

Regarding her lie:

She fabricated reality when she said, "You swung it at me."

He did not.  She articulated that which did not happen.  Most deception is from the editing process where most every word is true, and the deception is found in the missing information.

This statement is a direct lie; that is, the rare, direct fabrication of reality.  She not only called it a "weapon" but put the words together of something that did not exist, nor could be interpreted as a motion of a weapon.

The arrest is the ill that should have brought her superiors to understand:

She is the rare, less than 10%, liar, who has the ability to fabricate reality.  This means:

a.  She has learned this from childhood
b.  Will be statistically, many times more likely to:

"fall" on the job;
file suits against others;
testify falsely
falsely accuse co-workers;
steal on the job;
steal off the job;
do whatever pleases her, without concern for the impact upon others...

in short, the "liar" is capable of doing more harm to the police department she works at, the public, and any business she connects with, and anyone she is personally involved in.

She will always put herself above the material needs of anyone, and everyone she comes in contact with.  She may be mentally ill, or, in the least, psychologically damaged, but however she is classified, she is trouble.

Employers often learn the hard way just how bad the liar is, too late.  She should have been screened out early on.  What caused SPD to hire her?

Every Seattle law enforcement official now has a mess on their hands, in some form or another. They all will be blamed to some degree, though only her superior and the one who interviewed her for the job should be dealt with.

Employers look over the mess on their hands.  Sometimes it is financial, sometimes it is personal, and sometimes it is more messy than they can put in categories.  Reputations, law suits, ill will, morale, bad public relations, loss of trust and confidence...on and on it goes.

When they are cleaning up the mess, they lament the damage done.

Do the honorable officers in law enforcement need this black eye of racism in the wake of the lying mob in Ferguson and the media, hungry for headlines, willing to print "hands up" lies just to get traffic to their sites?

Do the hardworking and honest professionals need to have this liar create even more strained relations with law enforcement, especially after hearing the demagogues paint police, in NYC and elsewhere, as inherently racist?

Cynthia Witlatch is trouble.

Her condemnations of racism indicate projection when you watch her in action on the video.  Her posts do not indicate her racism; her action does.  In her posting, she decries black racism.  Black racism is racism as much as any other type of racism.  Yet it was she, Cynthia Witlatch, who arrested and terrorized a senior citizen who did nothing wrong, and would need to explain to her superiors, why she fabricated his actions.

The victim's hands were locked in a vulnerable position by being handcuffed.  As a 70 year old, he would already have the natural anxiety that comes with the loss of strength.  We all like to have our hands free, to protect ourselves.  Being vulnerable to being struck is frightening, but it is even more frightening to an older man.

To add powerful restriction to this vulnerability may be something that impacts him for the rest of his life.  He may suffer nightmares because of her actions.  There is a report that she bragged of a "beat down" she and others gave to a black suspect.  I do not know if this is true or not, but I believe Cynthia Witlatch is capable of doing more rotten things than I can list.

The standard I use is ancient:  "Do unto others as you would have them done unto you..." works well.

When you meet an officer, he is armed with deadly force, and you are not.  Most are cognizant of this position of vulnerability and do not exploit it.  Witlatch is quoted as saying she has gone after citizens for "contempt of cop", which, if true,  suggests a psychological void that she used her position of authority and deadly force to fill, at the expense of others.  Hence, profile of a "liar" as one who will put herself above all needs of others.

Whatever it was that caused SPD to hire her, should be revisited.  Statement Analysis would have revealed this deeply troubled liar.  Racism is just one outworking of the liar.  She will damage anyone who displeases her, at any time, with the most unexpected results.

Even after all the years of studying lies, interviewing liars, of all ages, I am still unable to qualify the damage a liar does.

I have the pleasure of working with professionals in and out of law enforcement.  Each day that passes, they are not known in the media.  Yet, they feel the sting when a Cynthia Witlatch rises to prominence, and causes the public to unjustly judge them.  They do not lie, and they do not enjoy the pain of others.  They are acutely aware of their position of authority, and exercise professional manners out of respect for the public, and respect for themselves.

Statement Analysis is used by companies in the hiring process with startling results.  Companies that are prone to theft and shrinkage by employees have verifiable figures of lessening losses, year after year, after working with an analyst in the hiring process, and getting their best and brightest trained.  Law Enforcement should be no different.

Societal or political pressure in hiring will consistently be proven, year after year, to cause damage, while those free to hire "the best and brightest" will benefit.

Cynthia Witlatch should not have gone past the interview process.  If done correctly, her original application would likely have kept her from even being interviewed.

If she returns to the streets of Seattle, it will not bode well.

Remember:  she is not the usual deceiver.  She is rare.

She is willing to deceive with a camera running.  She cannot stop herself from lying.  It is instinctive to her, engrained from childhood.  Less than 10% of deception is found this way and when it is seen, it should be quarantined for the danger it poses to all.

I don't like to think of any of my children being pulled over, but I know from experience of many law enforcement officials of whom I would know, if they had to pull over my son or daughter, would be honest, respectful and fair minded.  This is my personal "litmus" test knowing those who believe "do unto others as you would have them do unto you..." or "treat others the way you want to be treated..." as their standard.

I would fear Cynthia Witlatch.

Every profession has liars, who are all dangerous in one way, or in another, or in yet another.  It is just that in law enforcement, we have both deadly force, and a growing anti-law enforcement sentiment in our country.

 This is an unfortunate combination and even after the murder of two NYC police officers, little has been said from our nation's leaders to defend law enforcement.

This, too, is unfortunate.  The Cynthia Witlatch types should be seen in context of the thousands who do their work for us, at pay grades lower than what the job demands.

Hiring the best and brightest, as some companies, I believe,  are still free to do, is a solution that shouldn't warrant discussion.  Law enforcement needs our best and brightest, and the salaries should be commensurate.  Like school teachers, law enforcement officials have a major impact upon society and should be paid in kind.

Screening applicants, via the skills of Statement Analysis, will be a solution that should be discussed.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

George Zimmerman won't be charged for allegedly throwing a bottle of wine at his girlfriend, Florida State Attorney Phil Archer said Friday.

Zimmerman, 31, was arrested Jan. 9 for suspicion of aggravated assault inside his parents' Lake Mary residence.

"While it is clear that the officers had probable cause to arrest Mr. Zimmerman which was affirmed by the circuit court judge at initial appearances, the subsequent recantation by the victim of her initial statement along with new documents provided by the victim and her attorney precludes my office from proceeding further," Archer said in a statement.

Neither Zimmerman nor his girlfriend called 911 during the incident. Police learned of the alleged fight when Zimmerman's girlfriend was pulled over during a routine traffic stop and told the officer she was just involved in an altercation with George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the February 2012 shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin inside a gate community in Sanford, Fla.

This is getting tiresome.
As long as they keep dropping the charges, letting him get away with it, the more he will carry on doing the same aggressive things, each time escalating it, until, one day there is another dead person by his hands.

Then we will see the blame shifting, the winging of hands as to why nothing was done, especially given his pattern of escalating behavior.

He needs to be tried and to do jail time to end his little caesar complex, that he is untouchable.
If they don't, there wil be another innocent dead person.

Trishapatk said...

I still wonder about whether it is true that he may have swung the golf club earlier, as the officer says at the beginning of the taped segment. She refers to a specific spot where he had done so. She sounds believable to me at that point. However, it does not appear on the tape. I did look at the two places on the tape where one poster said something could be seen. I couldn't see anything going on. But, that does not mean that it didn't happen.
We can't be sure about that but whether he was swinging it at her or not, why didn't he just put the golf club down when he was told to do so? Isn't that what most innocent people would do when told to do something by an officer? It seemed to me that he was feigning being hard of hearing at times, at other times he seemed to hear just fine. Moreover, he was belligerent. He may be completely innocent of swinging his golf club at her but that does not excuse being belligerent and sort of "picking a fight" with a police officer - instead of just complying with her simple request.
We can't know how things would have gone if he had put the golf club down - but it sure seems to me that at the outcome would have been better than calling in another officer and then going to jail.

it seems to me that his attitude towards her confirmed her perception of him doing something disrespectful such as swinging a golf club as she simply rode by.

Buckley said...

Did you notice that she didn't say anything about the "swing" until he moved it from one hand to the other? Then, in a voice that sounded threatened, she intoned "put it down." Not long after that she makes the accusation he swang it at her, including the word "just". Later when the other officer is present and the gentleman is being cuffed, and it's clear she's going to have to account for it, does she say "back at 11th and Pike".

Also notice when she calls in for backup she does not mention the swinging at her, only that he refuses to put it down.

GetThem said...

It really is fascinating to see this type of liar. I'm sorry it was at the expense of this poor elderly man. On top of her unique lying capability and prejudice against blacks, she is also someone that preys on the weak. She preys on the people she was hired and paid to protect. Cynthia Witlatch is the epitome of a "bad cop."

Anonymous said...

his initial resistance might be related to some of SPDs recent problems with excessive use of force. downtown Seattle is a mean place at times and the police are not always pleasant. I hope they fire her and look for someone that doesnt have that attitude.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Derbyshire's chief fire officer broke down in tears as he told jurors he was not a rapist and had "never harmed anyone in my life".

Sean Frayne, 48, is accused of raping a woman in a pub in 2006 while his wife was in another room.

He said he had been foolish, but the sex was consensual and that she had "kissed him passionately".

Mr Frayne, of Fixby, Huddersfield, was suspended from duty when he was arrested for rape in February 2013.

The 48-year-old told the trial he had been drinking in the pub and followed the woman out of the bar into another room.
'I am a fool'

There she kissed him passionately and instigated sex, he said, which was brief.

He told the hearing that afterwards she had said "we shouldn't have done that" while his wife was in the building.

Asked why he did it, Mr Frayne said: "I am a fool. I've never experienced anything like that in my life... a full blown come-on."

The court previously heard a friend of the victim wrote two letters to Mr Frayne without her knowledge after she confided in him.

Mr Frayne showed his wife the letter because he believed he was being blackmailed and had received other anonymous emails attacking him over changes he made to the fire service.

The couple went to confront the woman, who denied sending the notes and said to him: "You know what happened that evening."

Asked in court why he replied "no" to her, he said it was because he had not told his wife they had had sex.

But he later had to admit what he had done when a second letter was sent.

Mr Frayne became tearful in court when he described the moment he was arrested early on a Saturday morning, saying he was "terrified" and it "wrecked my life".

Asked by his barrister if he raped the woman, he said: "No. I have spent 30 years in service protecting people, putting in processes in place to keep people safe.

"I have never hurt anyone in my life. I should have not accepted the advances she made to me."


Oh dear,
We have the usual i couldn't have done it because i am a good guy spiel

we have rape minimised to hurt.

We have the future conditional WOULD.

We have the blaming of the victim

What is missing is the I DID NOT RAPE THAT WOMAN/

He admits they had sex but claims she made all the moves and it was therefore consensual

Anonymous said...

Moorers released on bond today.

GeekRad said...

Trisapatk, I have to respectfully disagree. He was not at all belligerent. He was shocked and scared and then held his ground because he has been walking with that golf club for 20 years. It had to have seemed like an absurd request. He was so afraid that when the second officer arrived he had to tell him she won't hurt you. She fabricated the story and the police report. There is no way a man who moves as slowly as he does and had trouble getting into the van could have high-tailed it from 11th and Pike to be standing on the corner when she pulls up. And she only tells the other officer that. As Buckley points out, she tells the man he "just" swung at her until the second officer arrives.

King George III said...

We can't know how things would have gone if he had put the golf club down - but it sure seems to me that at the outcome would have been better than calling in another officer and then going to jail.

We really could have used that kind of attitude back in the 1770s.

Buckley said...

Wow- Seattle PD has some issues...

A Seattle teacher plans to sue the city after he said he was pepper sprayed when he walked by a police officer while he talked on his cell phone with his mom.

In the video above, Garfield High School teacher Jesse Hagopian can be seen walking by a line of cops on his phone as a female officer sprays him in the face as she yells "get back."

KIRO reports that the incident took place during a "Black Lives Matter" rally on Martin Luther King Day.

On Wednesday, Hagopian filed a $500,000 claim signifying his intent to sue unless he can reach an agreement with the city.

"Soon after I answered the call I felt the piercing pain shoot through my eye," Hagopian told KIRO.

A spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney's Office told KING that they couldn't comment on a pending claim.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole declined to comment on Hagopian's allegations, but she said all six use of force incidents that took place on Martin Luther King Day are being reviewed by the department, according to the Seattle Times.

Kathead said...

The police chief has ordered a comprehensive review of cases involving Whitlatch. The Office of Professional Accountability is doing an IA on the officer.

GetThem said...

While it's true he should have put the club down the first time he was asked, the fact that he is hard of hearing, wears a hearing aid and is elderly comes into play. He is a citizen and he has the right to ask why he is being asked to put down his golf club. SHE doesn't answer him. She avoids a direct response answer until she finally decides to say he "swang" a club at her. You are correct that it does not mean he didn't swing the club earlier, but it also does not mean he did either. The video does not show him swinging a club and he denies swinging a club. He was treated poorly and the male officer didn't even offer his arm to help the man into the back of the van. He simply kicked a box over for the man to step into the van. In the many lessons I hope she learns from this incident, I also hope she never uses the word "swang" again.

Anonymous said...

Good plug for your services, Peter. However, perhaps gaining an understanding of how others process media events could also be a predictor of odd behavior.

Ferguson rallied the racist in many. Casey Anthony rallied those who want to kill off derelicts and purge society of people just like themselves. Zimmerman rallied those who want to tromp on everyone's rights and property.

This womanis a natural born bully and sought a weaker subject upon whom she could hurl her nonsense. Perhaps this is why she chose her profession. Others like her will 'get her back.' Just like the moron cops in Fla. that went after the State Trooper that dared to protect other lives than one single cop.

shmi said...

I know it's a useless question, but why? Why target him? There were other people of color she could have lied about on her route. There were younger men and women. Is she a racists? idk maybe bully is a better word. She chose the man walking with a makeshift cane.

I despise her! I hope she gets fired, and cannot work in law enforcement anywhere. Such a waste of taxpayer money. Such unneeded stress on an old man.

Anonymous said...

Trishapat Her own superiors don´t believe her. Practiced liar- You can hear her raising her voice to make the claims stick on audio even though anyone watching the video can see that she invented them. You can hear the bewilderment in his voice when she blatantely lies! Belligerent and disrespectful? No, he stood his ground as any law abiding citizen has every right to and pointed out the obvious, that he was using a golf club as a cane. You think that´´confirmed her perception´´ that he would do something ´disrespectful´ like swing his cane at her? Please. You´re on a SA blog.
I am flipping out that for the very first time Peter has found for the Black civilian and not the cop. Even though (or because?)she hasn´t killed anyone. But then I saw the picture of her with her girlfriend and understood why.
Peter do you stand by your defence of Zimmerman even though a pattern of a gun grazy, violent domestic abuser is emerging?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the officer claiming he swung the club at her at a different location? 11th and pine or something....

Statement Analysis Blog said...



Listen to her language, itself. Remember: deceptive people are counting on your to project your own honey upon them, and interpret.