Thursday, January 15, 2015

Statement Analysis: Reality Television Shows

Nothing says "reality" than 7 young adults, without jobs, living together with a camera following them around.

Yet it is that a trend began in America and continues to this day, called "Reality TV."

Fascinating at times, tedious at others, the "reality" in question is as vast as human nature; that is, inscrutable.

Readers here are generally used to a crime being committed, the accused speaking, and analysis posted revealing whether or not the subject is telling the truth.

But what of those on reality television?

Is there a train wreck out there that you just can't turn away from?

A mother berates her five year old incessantly, while creating an entitled-on-steroids monster.  Emotional abuse, perhaps?
Another has an overweight, ill-mannered child exposed to not only child molesters, but on display for the world to laugh at, not with,  the uncouth behavior that is, until the network was exposed for knowingly following around a neglectful mother.
Deceptive women from Long Guyland feign to have "inside" knowledge of life, with neo-gnosticism that, apparently, is enough to gain an audience.
Another man, quite popular, took to wrestling dangerous animals, eventually exposing his child to the dangers, that is, until one of them took their own justice and dispatched him.

Today, there seems to be no end to the number of shows that focus on Alaska and the mentally ill who embrace solitude as if it was a virtue, or those who make a living in the most dangerous, but adrenaline rushing manner.

Do you watch any of these shows?

I have caught a few episodes of "Life Below Zero" recently and noted that one character, in particular, takes to praising animals.  The praise or adoration of said animal is a key to her intention:  she plans on stalking and killing it.  "Brother bear", from 400 yards away will either be her prey, or she shall be his, she tells us.

You can't make this stuff up.

I've done analysis on "Honey Boo Boo" mother, who was deceptive about exposing her child to a child molester, but I was caught by some readers:  True enough, I have not watched the show.  Owning my hypocrisy, I went to see it only to find that not only was there a cancellation, but no re-runs appear to be shown.

It's not my fault I haven't seen the show, right?  Forget the raging clever barbs in "Pride and Prejudice"; we have someone spilling spaghetti sauce on her shirt.

That's entertainment?  At least YouTube takes time to delete things.

Like all humans, we get to see the flaws as well as the moments of love, tenderness and kindness.  Not everyone understands a 9 year old daughter filleting a moose or eating raw whale blubber, but the language used is...

fascinating, especially when we see one man who seems unable to stop saying "my wife", "my wife", while another man is verbally abusive to his...

on the same show.

Regarding these shows, I thought it interesting for readers to post:

1.  What show you have watched
2.  What deception indicators you have picked up
3.  An explanation of what you encountered.

Since it is supposed to be unscripted, the Free Editing Process should be engaged.

It would be fascinating to read your opinions and analysis of "reality" television show characters.


trustmeigetit said...


So I started watching the show The Killing on Netflix. First 2 seasons. Just found one thing very interesting in relation to SA with even a television show.

They had a suspect in a murder investigation. He was eventually cleared as they found the actual murderer... but the victims father at that point thought he was the man that killed his child and was going to kill him. He said to the dad "I didn't kill Rosie". Just kinda made me smile. SA seems to be strong even when it's just a script. Like the writers knowing this guy was not the murderer.... gave him a reliable denial as part of the script.

For those of you that have not seen this show, it's really good. I ended up watching the first 2 seasons in one weekend as I could not stop. And seeing the detectives refuse to give up finding the murderer, even putting themselves in danger really made me wish they had more like that... And specifically have them working on the Isabel Celis, Hailey Dunn, Dylan Redwine, etc etc etc cases.

trustmeigetit said...

So as far as this post.. I too never watched Honey Boo Boo. To me it seemed like it was a show paying a child to be obnoxious and rude.

Now I will admit that me and my son love to watch the MTV show The Challenge. But it's more of game to me than just reality TV.

Outside of that, I find myself more interested in shows like The Killing, The mentalist. I like seeing crime solved and Justice served. Even if it's not real. And of course I watch Forensic Files (I can really practice SA) and Dateline. I always try to really focus on times they share police interrogations or statements made before they are convicted.

I like reality TV less and less as time goes on.

trustmeigetit said...

Another OT.

Looks like the Myra Lewis case is getting some more publicity. On the Help find me facebook page, they mentioned that

Then what I found interesting, she (the admin for the page which by the way is NOT the family) said that Ericka (mom) contacted Marc Klass for help. I wonder if this is true or a lie. I am so convinced that mom knows exactly what happened that either she is pulling a Billie Dunn move or she is lying.
Meanwhile, mom has not posted anything new on her own page. And interesting enough, the posts I mentioned that appeared like she was just enjoying life (even said she was having a great day) are gone. Must have hit a nerve. She removed them.
She doesn't seem to be talking much anymore now that she got called out a few times. So we shall see if she really did ask for more national exposure to the case. I will admit I wonder what Marc Klass would say if he does meet with her. Will he support her or walk away like he has with others he didn't believe.

trustmeigetit said...

Billie Jean Dunn January 2014:

"I want to take other mothers under my wing and get their child's face out in the media,"

"I want to make sure Hailey has a legacy and I will start doing some advocating."

What has she done? Nothing... Are we surprised? No....

Note what she didn't say...

"I am going to make sure Hailey has a legacy" or...." I am going to be an advocate".

Instead she "wants to..." and "will start..."

John Mc Gowan said...


I was watching a re run of 48 Hours and came across this. I'm unsure whether this has been covered or not for S/A ?

911 calls of Camm family murders released

Eyewitness News is hearing the first call for help made by a former state trooper after finding his wife and children murdered.

David Camm was acquitted last month in the murders after spending 13 years in prison. Camm made a frantic call to the Indiana State Police to report the murders.

Listen to the 911 call here. (Warning - this audio file may be distressing to some listeners.)

Dispatch: Indiana police radio, Patrice. Can I help you?

David Camm: Patrice, it's Dave Camm. Let me talk to Post Command right now.

Dispatch: Okay, he's on another line.

David Camm: Right now (shouting). Let me talk to Post Command.

Dispatch: Hold on.

Post Command: Dave?

David Camm: Get everybody out here to my house now!

Post Command: Okay. All right.

David Camm: My wife and my kids are dead. Get everybody out here to my house.

Post Command: Okay, David. We got people on the way, okay?

David Camm: Get everybody out here.

Post Command: Everything's gonna be okay.

David Camm: Everything's not okay! Get everybody out here now! (shouting)

Post Command: Go to David Camm's house now. Do you know what happened, David?

David Camm: No. They're dead. I just got home from playing basketball....Oh, my God. What am I gonna do? Get everybody out here! (crying)

Post Command: David, they're on their way right now, okay? I've got everybody coming. Listen, I'm gonna let you talk to Patrice. I've got people coming.

David Camm: I've gotta get across the street. I've gotta get some help. I've gotta go across to my parents' house.

Post Command: David, do you need an ambulance?

David Camm: I've gotta go!

Dispatch: Dave? He hung up.

Police found a horrific crime scene. Camm's wife and son on the garage floor, his daughter still in the family SUV, all shot to death. Bullet holes could be seen throughout the vehicle.

Camm, who resigned from the Indiana State Police just four months before the killing was now the one and only suspect.

"I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this," Camm said in an interview.

"What do you mean? You cannot believe what?" a detective asked.

"You are going to try to blame me for killing my children," Camm said. "I did not do this."

Much of the evidence hinged on Camm's bloody sweatshirt. Was the blood transferred from the victims when he tried to help them or proof he was there when they were killed?

Time and again, he insisted he was innocent.

"I didn't do this. I didn't do it Mickey. I didn't do it. I didn't do it,"Camm said.

Camm was convicted twice and successfully appealed those convictions twice. He was finally found not guilty by a Boone County jury last month.

Anonymous said...

My comment doesn't pertain to reality shows, but rather my question is inspired by Peter writing about the man on the reality show saying "my wife".
I have read before on here about how the words one chooses to refer to their spouse can reflect whether it is a good or bad relationship.
I have recently encountered multiple incidents of the brother of someone I am close to using what I find to be odd language to refer to his ex-wife that he recently divorced after 20 years of marriage. The brother of this person I am close to recently divorced his wife. We'll call my friend "Jim" and his brother who recently divorced his wife "Matt". Jim has known Matt's wife for 25 years and knows her name well!!! However, Matt, when talking or texting with Jim calls the wife he divorced my "X" when referring to her. He acts like Jim is a stranger and never knew Matt's wife's name even though Matt and his wife were high school sweethearts and were together for 25 years until he began acting bizarre and divorced her. The only other way Matt has referred to her when texting with Jim is "his mother" when referencing that he needed to ask his divorced wife a question about their son. The reason I find this so bizarre is that Jim has known his wife and her name for 25 years and Matt now refuses to use his wife's name in a way like Jim never knew her name. What do you guys make of this? Am I wrong to think it is pretty bizarre?

Tania Cadogan said...

I watched part of toddlers and tiaras with mom one day round her house (i refuse to have them on in mine)

We were both shocked by the language and behavior of the children and the overt sexualising of them bu invariably the mom. The overt gayness of the host ( your children are safe with me for i am gay) and the absolute creepiness of the judges, even the female one.
All the hangers on, the make up artists the photographers, the classes teaching them how to do their thing all screamed paedophile paradise.

I watched a couple episodes of deadliest catch when Phil Harris died, apart from the true crime /real interviews where i practice on the fly and criticise (my bad) i avoid all the big brother/ honey booboo/americas net whatever/x factor and the like.

John Mc Gowan said...


Wife of Peachtree City police chief paralyzed after shooting.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

ATLANTA – The background of a suburban Atlanta police chief is under scrutiny as authorities investigate how he shot his wife early New Year's Day.

Peachtree City Chief William McCollom called 911 and reported he accidentally shot his wife Margaret while they slept. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case.

McCollom has been in law enforcement for 30 years, primarily in seaside communities in South Florida.

Investigators who previously vetted McCollom for police jobs found no evidence of any criminal background or major misconduct. He was a certified police firearms trainer in Florida, and he instructed a SWAT team in combat shooting.

GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang says McCollom's background in law enforcement will be part of the investigation.

Do we have a motive?
Four divorces is an awful lot of alimony to pay out

Statement Analysis Blog said...

In one, he was ordered regarding the title of his home.

Also, for all:

When I say "history of D/V", it means just that:

Interviews with former wives, their friends, family members, collateral contacts, etc, may show a history of D/V allegations against him.

It does not mean successful prosecution and conviction.

It also needs to be clarified:

some domestically violent men work out a plea of a lesser charge.

The conviction is often less than the allegation.

I believe his words indicate a history of domestic violence, but as Tania has suggested, money may be in play as well.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


we must; we must watch Honey Boo Boo! Even if it is Youtube, we must.

I am the major hypocrite for having taken shots at that which I have only seen commercials for.

Anyone else watch Life Below Zero and "know" a few things from the language?

trustmeigetit said...

Ok Peter. I will find an episode to watch...


trustmeigetit said...

John, I have never heard of that case, I am going to look at it now.

But it really stands out that he NEVER asks for help for the victims.
He also just states they are dead instead of saying they are shot and need help.
And does anyone know what "post command" is? It looks like maybe headquarters for the state patrol? If so, I am concerned why he would not call and ask for an ambulance first. Meaning help for his family.

Post Command: Go to David Camm's house now. Do you know what happened, David?

David Camm: No. They're dead. I just got home from playing basketball....Oh, my God. What am I gonna do? Get everybody out here! (crying)
If he "just got home" as he states he should be calling for help and be concerned they are not breathing... Not just claim they are dead and never ask for help for them. As a state trooper, he also knows CPR and I don't even see that he is commenting about vitals, attempting CPR nothing.
David Camm: I've gotta get across the street. I've gotta get some help. I've gotta go across to my parents' house.

Post Command: David, do you need an ambulance?

David Camm: I've gotta go!

Then again, says he needs to go across the street, not attempt to save his familys life. And when they ask if he needs an ambulance, he just says he has to go. When he should have been asking for one call along.
I am concerned he got acquitted. This is alarming.

trustmeigetit said...

David Camm: "I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this,"

Detective: "What do you mean? You cannot believe what?"

David Camm: "You are going to try to blame me for killing my children, I did not do this."

Also alarming... He speaks of being blamed for "killing his children", not his wife too or his "family". I am reading more now and there is another man who was convicted who actually had his blood on 2 of the victims. I wonder... If David killed his wife BUT the other man killed his kids.

John Mc Gowan said...

48 hours

Kellie said...

Honey Boo Boo's mom, June Shannon, posted a video after being confronted about being involved with a child molester. Listening to that, and the Dr. Phil interview, I had my first strong awareness that I'm really learning a LOT from this blog! :D

jen dugena said...

1. What show you have watched
World's Worst Tenants
2. What deception indicators you have picked up
I cant help but feel that teh show is scripted -- reactions of tenants seem over the top when confronted - too dramatic I think. and then when teh credits rolled -- there it was, I saw it indicated 'scenes are inspired/or based from true events'
3. An explanation of what you encountered.
one episode had a tenant that kept a generator in his closet - a fire hazard - his reaction when caught seems like he was acting; another tenant had a boyfriend that fucked a doll outside the apartment during the night & when the guy was caught, out came teh girlfriend from nowhere when minutes before they said she was at work

1. What show you have watched
19 Kids & Counting
2. What deception indicators you have picked up
3. An explanation of what you encountered.
I dont see any deception indicators. Im just wondering how the hell can a mother with 19 kids remain soft spoken and calm when she has 19 kids.

1. What show you have watched
I think it was 48 hours - the episode was where a woman called 911 to report that her husband has been shot. When the police came, they asked her is she heard or saw anything and her response was: "I heard nothing" "I saw nothing"
3. An explanation of what you encountered.
Why this response when a simple "no" or "none" was more than enough? Based on her response, it seems she heard something & saw something. When she was being interrogated by police, she had dupers delight on her face - you could see her smile!

jen dugena said...

Later on in the show, she was convicted & found guilty of killing her husband - it helped that there was a video of her going to a lake to look for the gunshe used & threw that kille dher husband.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched any. I have a full time job watching my back from those who'd like to produce their own.

Is it art;is it science? Or, merely criminals at large?

Anonymous said...

Anon at January 15, 2015 at 1:38 PM

It may seem strange to you but to “Matt” it is appropriate. The change in language reflects a change in reality for the speaker – in this case it is a change in reality for Matt. You indicated that when Matt was married to his wife he referred to her by her proper name. However, Matt filed for divorce and they are no longer married. His reality changed and it is reflected in the language. She is now “the ex” or possibly “my ex”. Matt’s changed language reflects that they are no longer a pair, that there is now a separation (divorce) between them. The shortening of “the ex-wife” or “my ex-wife” to “the ex” also removes the word “wife” and denies her the title of wife. It is common to see the word wife or husband dropped in language following divorce and even more common when the divorce is particularly difficult. The fact that Jim knew her and knew her name is irrelevant to Matt as the speaker. Matt’s reality is that they are no longer married, she is no longer his wife, and calls her the ex as a way of distancing himself from her.

Regarding Matt’s use of calling her “his mother” in reference to his son’s relationship with his ex, it is also appropriate and expected since it is distancing language. Matt removes himself entirely from his connection to her and only established his son’s connection to her. Based on your description of the situation I believe that it is likely that it was a difficult divorce and there are likely ongoing disagreements. I think you are seeing that reflected in Matt’s language.


jen dugena said...

In American Idol, judges JLo, Keith Urban, etc. say to some contestants, "Im going to say yes." While for some contestants they just say "Yes!"

I noticed that contestants who sang so-so or had a so-so voice seems to have the "Im going to say yes" reaction from the judges. (As if the judges doubt their own decision to say yes(?))

Anonymous said...

Anon (Akula) 10:03,

Thank you for your input. It is interesting, and I think true, what you said about Matt's language reflecting a change in reality for him. I do tend to think it is odd but perhaps because I was used to hearing her name, but looking at it from the perspective that he has distanced himself it makes sense and also that it reflects a difficult divorce and ongoing problems was an astute observation on your part. I was a bit concerned that he might be kind of dehumanizing his ex-wife for lack of a better word, as it seemed like he was not using her name with people so familiar with it and just calling her my "x". He also had taken down all of the pictures of his young son from his condo, he had told multiple members of his family this. However he said he felt guilty so he put one picture back up so that there would not be no pictures of his son in his condo. Jim was in Matt's condo and noticed that was in fact true that he put one picture back up of his son. He claims to be a great Dad and setting a great example and concerned with teaching his son family values by keeping him in touch with family, however I thought that was very odd and somewhat unsettling that he took down all of his young son's pictures from his condo.