Thursday, January 29, 2015

Statement Posted by Cynthia Whitlatch

How do words come from actions?  This is a key element of the success and accuracy of Statement Analysis.  

1.  The person sees something happen (or is involved).  

2.  The person then decides what details to edit out.  The person cannot say everything that happened, as it would go on forever, and it is impossible.  This choice is the "free editing process" that we all do.  Each one of us makes a choice of what not to say.   Please note that most all deception is via withheld or suppressed information.  It is rare to lie outright.  When someone does lie outright, it is a signal that something is very wrong with that person.  

3.  The person next chooses what words to use to describe what happened.  These are specific words stored in the memory portion of the brain, from an internal dictionary that is:

a.  personal
b.  subjective
c.  internal

The exceptions are pronouns and articles, which are universal and instinctive.  These go by far quicker in the brain processing.   

4.  The person next chooses what syntax to use, that is, how the words are arranged.  This includes verb tense, comma (pause), question marks (including verbal), and so on.  This is the arrangement of words and phrases to make a coherent sentence.  In other words:  the speaker desires to be understood.  The words are used to communicate meaning, even in deception.  

5.  The person then chooses what order to speak the words. This is always analyzed and the brain chooses the order of events quickly.  

In a verbal statement, this entire process is measured in less than milliseconds.  It is what makes Statement Analysis so accurate:  the editing process in which the person chooses his or her own words.  

Yet, we apply the same principles to the written statement.   Here, a statement is posted by Cynthia Whitlach. 

What is the setting, or reason for her posting this statement?  This is the "accusation" or, the reason the subject has written.  The words represent the subject's "reality", but not necessarily reality itself.  This is where truth from deception must be discerned.  

This is the video that caused Cynthia Whitlatch to post her comment on Facebook. 

What do you see in the video?  

Next:   what do her words reveal about her?

Our words reveal us.  We are known by the words we choose, and when done verbally, the entire process is, still to science, immeasurably fast.  This is why we listen in Statement Analysis, and train listening skills, rather than interpret.  


Deejay said...

I hope this does not confuse Peter's post- but Cynthia Whitlatch is the name of the female police officer speaking and shown a bit in the video.

New England Water Blog said...


Someone in my trade called to see if I knew a guy who was a mutual customer as it turned out. He had messed up a small order with him and the customer was mad and would not contact the other dealer. He asked if I would pass on a message to the customer and I agreed to. In just sending the quick email I closed it with "Thats all I know". Yet I knew much more than I stated I knew.
Just an interesting spontaneous case of doing SA on myself and getting caught :)

John Mc Gowan said...

LE. "You just swang that golf club at me"

Member of the public. (MOTP)

"I did not"

LE. "yes you did right back there"

MOTP. "I didn't swing/wave no golf club at you.

Deejay said...

I did not see any aggressive behavior from the older man. He did (correctly IMHO) state that he did not do anything several times. At some point, maybe he should have put down the golf club, so that he did not get in trouble for resisting an officer.

CW: In short statement, uses the word black 8 times, including:
blacks accusing, black racism, black paranoia, black racist, black poor poor me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I will post my analysis and view point of the video after allowing others a chance to first.

It is interesting to me that the original news article did not have the video.

In the comments section, many comments demanded to know the "back story"; that is, what this man "really" did and why the officer stopped him.

Then, the vehicle camera video was released.

The comments demanding to know the backstory ceased.

Please take the time to watch it, particularly from the time she stops him, to the point where she stated that he swung his golf club at her.

Listen to her assertion. Key in on her words and her repetition. It is important.

Then decide:

Was she truthful?
Was she exaggerating?
Was she lying?

If you believe she is lying, rather than incorrect, or even exaggerating, she will then fall into the < 10% category of liars, which makes her not only unique, but there is much more to discuss.

thank you,


Anonymous said...

I did not see the man raise the golf club up off the pavement at any time, much less swing it. He appears to be using it as a cane.

rob said...

Didn't she say he did it 'back on the corner of such and such street'? Was she just driving by and he raised it? Was she out of the car and he swung it? I'm not sure what happened prior to this point of video.

One thing I can say is, just do what the officer asks, if it isn't going to hurt you, and there are witnesses all around on the street. but I do guess, if he had put it down, she would have cuffed him.

Sus said...

She says she is going to review the tape to see IF he was caught on tape swinging the club AS I TURNED THE CORNER. She leaves open the possibility that what she claims is not on tape, thus possibly not true. Yet, everytime the subject claimed innocence before that, she said "You're being videoed."

I hate to do it, but I say the officer lied, then lied again changing when he swung his club.

John Mc Gowan said...

She says "You just swung that golf club at me"

Yet when she pulls up, she says put that down please arn't you holding a golf club ? This is in the form of a question. This leaves room for doubt that she doesn't know what it is, so her accusation is flawed from the beginning. Otherwise, if she identified it earlier, she would have said straight away "put that golf club down"

This along with his denial, for which i believe is a RD. She is out right lying about her accusations.

Sus said...

I want to add at first I saw nothing wrong with what the officer was doing. I figured she wanted to talk to the subject, maybe had a complaint about a vagrant swinging a club (all assumption on my part) and wanted him to put down the club before she got near him. She clearly told him what she wanted and that it was being taped. But when she said he had swung at her, I changed to, "uh oh. She's making up things to look like she's not profiling." The other officer was great. He dealt with the subject in a respectful and professional manner.

GeekRad said...

She lied to the man telling him she saw him "swang" the golf club at her and her post clearly shows she is a racist or at least far too sensitive about black people. I agree with Sus and Deejay, he was using the golf club as a cane to lean on and had no aggressive behavior. I think she is lying, not incorrect about seeing him swing a golf club. She made a beeline for him and all he was doing was standing on the corner waiting to cross the street. I watched frame by frame and at no time did he come close to swinging the golf club. My goodness, this is an old man, not a dangerous looking hood.

Buckley said...
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Buckley said...

She says at one point he swang the club at 11th and Pike. They are at 12th and Pike. If you go back early in the video, the intersection where she turns left- that's where she says it happened. There is a black man crossing on her right side as she turns left. The video is grainy, so it's possible he raises a club, but he isn't anywhere close to her so if she thinks he attempted to assault her while she's in the car and he's on the sidewalk, parked cars and a road between them, she's paranoid. Even IF he raised the club, there could be any number of reasons for it.

She is heading east on Pike, turns left onto 11th, right onto Pine, right onto 12th. She stops him at 12th and Pike.

The man I see at 11th and Pike is heading West on Pike, so to get to 12th and Pike, he would have had to change directions and cross 3 streets at a single intersection to head back in the opposite direction so I'm not even sure it's him. Also, if he "swang" a club at her, she does not call it in until he says call someone else. Why did she make three turns after the alleged incident? Why not stop then? Or turn around with lights?

John Mc Gowan said...

It will be interesting to see her dash cam vt at 11 and pike, and also find any cctv around there, outside shops, banks, and traffic junctions etc in that area ?

Buckley said...

John- You can- it's on the video. Look at the man heading opposite direction at 9 seconds in he's next to a sandwich board then crosses the street.

I see another black man in a white shirt and a baseball cap right after she turns onto 11th. He's on her right on the sidewalk right after she passes the red pickup. This is at about 21 seconds.

GetThem said...

I had a problem hearing most of the video, but that was horrible treatment of an elderly man. I couldn't hear any of the conversation when there was no yelling. What I saw, was no swinging of a club and I rewound the video twice to be sure. The female officer accused him of swinging a club at her. I found it totally confusing because she was accusing him of something that didn't happen. I felt really badly for him and they are lucky he didn't have a heart attack in the back of that van.

Tania Cadogan said...

The only thing that could be construed as swinging his golf club is when he transfers it from his right to his left hand.

She says he swung it at her right back there.
Where is right back there?
I rewound the tape and didn't see anything even on freeze frame.

Why would he swing a gold club at her?
Why would he swing a golf club at a moving vehicle from the sidewalk with a distance of several feet between them?

What is her definition of swinging the golf club?

I can see her reasoning at asking him to put it down before approaching, what i don't see is any reason for her to be stopping him.
Does she stop everyone with a gold club?

What made this case different?

it seems she is escalating the stop, not asking him even as to why he has a gold club especially since he is old and claims to have had it for 20 years ( using it as a walking aid perhaps?)
he is not waving it around nor being aggressive, he asks her several times to call for someone whereupon she tells him he is being video and audio recorded.

Even though he didn't put it down he was not being aggressive so why was she escalating it into something it wasn't?
Since he was not being threatening and she was a safe distance from him, why wasn't she talking to him?

She then tells us she is going to stop the tape and review it to see IF it caught anything.
Since she told him what he is alleged to have done and also that he is being video and audio recorded, why does she say IF rather than express th certainty it would have been caught on camera?

I didn't see anything despite viewing the video several times and freeze framing.

Is her excuse then going to be well maybe i was mistaken, he didn't swing the golf club at me like i thought ( perhaps he was switching hands or even doing nothing at all/ it was someone else waving something as she went past and it wasn't him or a similar excuse)
By using IF, she allows for it to be something else.

What will she say next if it is shown he didn't do anything as claimed?

I wonder what her police record is like?
Does she have any infractions, or have question marks regarding arrests etc

Anonymous said...

SA experts need help!!

Me "did you sleep with her?"
Him "no I didnt"
Me "why should I beleive you"
Him "because I'm not lying to you"

Bad place. Need help. Is this strong like "because I'm telling the truth" or different

Anonymous said...

With the above thing..I asked the same question about flirting. He responded "because I love you". He was lying. Found messages. I'm not wondering how far it went

Anonymous said...

Found messages.

Can you be more specific?

Unknown said...


First, I'm so sorry for the troubles you are going through!

It has to be hard, and I hate to imagine you having this brutal conversation, but you should probably ask him outright if he 'had sex with her', rather than 'slept with her'.

Although it's obvious the implication of your question, he may be able to answer truthfully that he never 'slept' with her, where engaging in sex acts is something completely different.

(I would also ask very specifically about each type of sex act, that is if you feel you need to know, and want to work this out...if not, don't torture yourself with the details.)

I hope you get the answers, and the peace of mind you desire. You will be in my thoughts!

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

SA experts need help!!

Me "did you sleep with her?"
Him "no I didnt"
Me "why should I beleive you"
Him "because I'm not lying to you"

Bad place. Need help. Is this strong like "because I'm telling the truth" or different

Firstly i would not have asked did you sleep with her?
The whole idea of sex is to stay awake during the proceedings.
If he stayed awake then technically he did not 'sleep' with her.
A better question would have been did you have sexual contact with her?

Anything in the negative is sensitive.
Rather than telling you what he is doing, he tells you what he is not doing.

His excuse may be the word sleep, he stayed awake rather than he fell asleep.

Sexual contact is a catch all phrase, covering a wide range of activities.
You may have to get into specifics such as did you kiss her?
Did she kiss you?
Did you have sexual intercourse?
Did you have penetrative intercourse?

The phrase sexual contact could depend on his definition of sexual contact and whether he was the proactive one or whether she was the one making all the moves.

Your questions would be in response to his answers and using only language he has introduced.

If you have found incriminating evidence, he needs to know this is serious and perhaps relationship counselling is needed to find out where the issues are, how they can be resolved if at all.
It means he has to be honest and you have to decide if the marriage is worth saving, especially if this is not a first offence.

I am sorry you having these problems in your mariage, i hope it works out well for you, whatever the conclusion, Good Luck

Anonymous said...

This officer is projecting. Her own sense of persecution skews her reality. The man did not swing the golf club.

Lisa said...


Ex-Tukwila Cop Says SPD Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Is "a Racist" Who Once "Stole Marijuana" from Police Evidence

Dash Cam Video Shows Seattle Cop Falsified Charge Against Elderly Man Walking Down Street (Updated)

SPD reviewing officer who posted troubling comments, arrested man with golf club

SPD Officer Removed from Street Duty as Elderly Vet Says He Was Arrested Because He's Black

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thanks, Lisa.

Given what she did to the 70 year old vet, followed by what she wrote, "racist" is the right description.

When someone is handcuffed, they are vulnerable in a way that is acute.
When someone is handcuffed and knows that he did nothing wrong, he feels that he has no "appeal"; that is, no one to help him.

He might suffer for the rest of his life from nightmares, and so on.

I hope to post an article about this soon.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Statement Analysis should be used to screen out potential officers in the application process.

It is something that training makes a huge difference. Corporate America benefits from it.


GeekRad said...

Thanks you for the links Lisa. I cannot believe the police department defended her.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

They did NOTHING about her lying about the 70 year old man.

They only ACTED when she posted on FB!!

GeekRad said...

It is awful that they did nothing until she posted on Facebook. I am guessing without the mayor demanding it the department would still have done nothing. At least she is now off the streets and being investigated. I look forward to statements from her and others in LE.

Unknown said...

This video really upsets me. I couldn't get any sound the first time I watched it, and when I read the comments, I was shocked to learn that there even was a golf club involved, because I thought he was holding/using a cane when a I watched it without sound!

Then I watched it on youtube, and after listening to her best excuse, (which was that he swung it at the other corner) I am still baffled as to why she would feel she had a legitimate reason to stop him. She alleges he swung it, not that he hit her, or her vehicle with it. He is a 70 yo man on foot, she is in a moving vehicle. At no time was she in danger, even if he did swing it.

Swung means that contact was not made, so what is her problem? If he swung it, in an effort to insult or challenge her, does she have nothing better to do? He isn't slinging dope, or attacking innocent people walking down the street. He posed no immediate threat to her, or others. At best, (*meaning her claim that he 'swung' it earlier was actually true) this was solely about her ego, and her perception that he showed disrespect toward her.

Combine that with her FB rant, and it's not hard to conclude that she was 100% in the wrong. Shame on her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hobbs. I used that phrase as we both us that phrase for sex. But I can see how he could lie well under that mind set.

We are for sure going to counseling. We have kids together and in all honestly, our relationship has been going through a rough patch.

Thoughts on that denial. If I ask that again directly with "did you have sex"

Is "because I'm not lying" the same as "because I'm telling the truth"

He's been crying a lot so I know regardless he regrets this. But for my own sanity I will contine to ask.

Falconwings said...

Anon 6;45,

I think "because I'm not lying" is a fairly strong denial.
I had seen what you posted the other day about the pinterest thing, and, from what you described, it does not sound like he was looking to take it much further, more like on-line flirting to boost his ego and perhaps a bit of escapism from reality.

Tell him to cut the crap.

Gather your inner strength, and tell him he needs to respect you, and that you are a beautiful kind person and that he needs to treat you with full respect or get out. Be firm. Stand up for yourself. Tell him to cut the crap.
As hurtful as his behavior is, if he were really looking to cheat, I don't think pinterest is the place to get results.
Demand respect for you and your marriage.
Tell him to cut the crap. Tell him to stop his ridiculous online flirting on pinterest. Take back your power and put him in his place. Say, "yeah, you're a real stud flirting on pinterest. How about now you start acting like a real man and respect me and our marriage or get the hell out."

Anonymous said...

And also, tell him at this point he needs to delete his pinterest account.
Tell him you're not interested in staying with a man who goes on pinterest because that's more for women who want to pin objects they like or clothes they like.
I am saying this to you not to put your husband down, but because he does not need to have a pinterest account and I am trying to inject a little humor also.
He is a husband and a father. He doesn't need to waste time on pinterest.
Tell him he can check cnn or sports or the weather but other than that he needs to spend his time being a husband and a father.

Karen T said...

I could not watch the whole video. For me, it was clear that she was lying and clear that we all watched a grave injustice. I immediately saw that this man was using his golf club for a cane. People, any people, any color, have a right to walk down the street without being subject to harassment followed by arrest. I couldn't watch him get arrested. It made my stomach hurt. :( Someone needs to remind Ms Whitlatch that a 70 yr old man in broad daylight has nothing in common with Ferguson night-time looters & rioters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to those of you that commented about my issues with my husband. Your feedback really helped.

i have asked a few more direct questions and everytime it was "no I did not..."

Feeling fairly strong it was not more than flirting.

Still a betrayal.

He even say down and apologized to our son and told him dad was wrong. Our son heard me crying and arguing about it and came out very upset that cheating was bad.

We will be doing counseling and I know we have a lot of healing...for now again...thanks everyone for your comments.

Anonymous said...

This woman is an idiot! Bar none!
Perhaps she should lay off the TV a while as it seems her rage at this man was based on controversy in a state far, far away.

White people are out to get black people and make them paranoid. White people like her.

Anonymous said...

Eight times she said black! Wow! I'm surprised she didn't pull out her gun and mow him down.

TxTchr said...

Using "because" is a reason to explain. A truthful denial would be I didn't sleep with (specific name of woman). She needs to ask him what "sleeping with" means to him..