Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tiger Woods' Statement About Losing His Tooth

Tiger Woods was photographed without his tooth and speculation in the media centered on his serial cheating and the possibility of being hit by his wife.  

His publicist said he was hit by accident by a cameraman.  Tiger Woods refused to comment on it. 

His tooth is now fixed and he has spoken out about it and the media said he was "sticking to the camera man story.  

Instead of saying, "The camera man's equipment hit me", plainly, here is his statement:  

“The photographer changed positions, and I got hit.  It was an accident.  There was blood everywhere. That didn’t feel very good.
Lindsey had finished up. I walked up to the top. I had my mask on so no one knew who I was, trying to blend in, because there is not a lot of brown dudes at ski races, OK? Yeah, hey, we blend in, wouldn’t we? So that was the whole idea of why I wore the mask, and then I came up above.
I was looking down, and all the camera guys are below me on their knees or moving all around, trying to get a picture because she’s hugging people, saying congratulations to the other racers as they are coming down. Some already finished, some are there already in the changing area. Dude with a video camera on his shoulder, right in front of me, kneeling, stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth. He chipped that [tooth], cracked the other one.
And so then, you know, I’m trying to keep this thing so the blood is not all over the place, and luckily he hit the one I had the root canal on. That’s the one that chipped. But the other one had to be fixed as well, because it had cracks all through it.’’


Anonymous said...

Okay the photo doesn't show any blood.

But he's all "masked" up in disguise.

Was this another ski event after the one his tooth got hit?

New England Water Blog said...

Speaking of golfers this one is pretty amusing...

"I've never lied to anyone. I only told you what I knew and what someone had told me."


New England Water Blog said...

Speaking of golfers this one is pretty amusing...

"I've never lied to anyone. I only told you what I knew and what someone had told me."


Anonymous said...

Why does it matter who he is, and that he's "brown"?

I'm white and wouldn't think twice abour seeing a "brown dude" at a ski event, or anywhere for that matter. I don't understand why some people love to keep race/racism going strong. I wouldn't have even though about his skin color, until he brought it up. I also wouldn't recognize him for the life of me if I ever saw him anywhere.

Kellie said...

“The photographer changed positions, and I got hit."

I can't articulate why this statement seems unexpected to me. Isn't saying "I got hit." against a rule of SA? It's distancing. It should be something like, the camera hit me or the photographer hit me with his camera.

Anonymous said...

"...trying to blend in, because there is not a lot of brown dudes at ski races..."

Absolutely inappropriate, unnecessary and racist.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for anyone who might be willing to answer. My sister has filed for divorce from her husband, because of his chronic drug use and lying about it, and because he is verbally abusive to her and their kids, and has been physically abusive with the kids. He, of course, says he hasn't used drugs *that* much, what he has done isn't worth breaking up a family over, he's had to forgive her sins too, etc.

He is sending texts to everyone in our family, asking us to pray for restoration for his family. They all include language about them having made a promise "till death do us part," and about him trying to fulfill their promises to God. They all also include, "I will do EVERYTHING to get my family back." EVERYTHING is always in all caps. I am wondering what EVERYTHING is, in his mind, and what it is that he hasn't already done.

Do you think I am being overly sensitive in feeling threatened by this language?

Unknown said...

Yeah, and that mask is sure to help him blend right in too!

'Nothing to see here folks, it's just me, Tiger Woods...golfing phenom, multimillionaire, and new member of the rough riderz crew'.

John Mc Gowan said...

"there is not a lot of brown dudes at ski races"

I'm not sure if it is the same in the USA, but across the pond here in the UK, this word is deemed politically incorrect. We are told by the PC brigade to use the term "black" even though the word "brown" in my mind is a closer description of his skin color. Also as a commentator above has pointed out, it does smack of subtle racism. I am surprised this hasn't, as far as i'm aware, been picked up on by the media.

John Mc Gowan said...


Meet the couple with a 57-YEAR age gap: Playboy model insists she married 82-year-old multi-millionaire husband for love


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Robert Allenby: “I never lied to anyone”


“I told you what I knew, and I told you what someone told me. I never lied to anyone.


John Mc Gowan said...

My opologies for another OT.

Male Victims Of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out.

‘We're Up Against A System That's Not Designed To Help Us'


Suzanne said...

To Anonymous at 8:05AM:

YES, I think you should take it as a threat and I believe it could be used in court as a threat. I don't know if he's ever been physically abusive toward her, but people who are verbally abusive can easily escalate to physical abuse. You say he is already physically abusive toward the kids. She is absolutely doing the right thing by getting out. I'm sorry she has to go through that and I would definitely save those texts.

Mary said...

@anonymous 9:01pm:

Hi Anon- In your reply, you said, "I'm white and wouldn't think twice abour seeing a "brown dude" at a ski event, or anywhere for that matter. I don't understand why some people love to keep race/racism going strong. I wouldn't have even though about his skin color, until he brought it up."

I wouldn't have noticed a "brown man" at a skiing event either, and although I have zero respect for Tiger Woods, the person, what he implies about racism in the US is true. I agree with you some people race bait but racists also more outspoken than I've ever personally witnessed in my 30+ years. Yes, as a white female I've been sheltered from being exposed to a lot of the harsh realities of the world, but I still live a semi sheltered life but hear many more people who no longer hide their racist opinion.

As a psych major, our class studied and discussed this topic at length. My professor believes Obama being the president for two terms pushed a lot of closet racists to verbally speak out but oddly, most racists essentially just ignored Obama's first term in office.

I don't mean to start a race debate here on Peters blog, and I certainly agree with you some of the race baiting I've seen has been OTT, but I also see another side where, I think, more African Americans are now more aware than ever how alive and well white supremacist groups and racism is today. I've been ignorant on this most of my life admittedly ¯\_(* *)_/¯ but I've been shocked to learn of and witness racism just over the last few years. But again, I'm a white female, so maybe I've just never witnessed it before but this might be nothing new for,a lot of non-whites. One thing is certain, however, racism is talked about now more than it has for roughly 25 years.

Have a great Wednesday!

rob said...

I love when a billionaire has to bring race in to justify being accidently hit in the mouth. That tells me there is more to the story. I would have felt more agreeable if he had said he didn't want to steal the limelite from his new love.
Maybe Oprah can chime him to help him, as she is another billionaire who has to constantly deal with racism.

Anonymous said...

he does not actually say the camera hit him.

Sus said...

Your sister and your family can get an order of protection using that text. Ask that you not be contacted by him again. It's not what he meant by it. It's how you feel from it...threatened.
PS Never believe a druggie about anything.

Anonymous said...

If your sister gets a protective order, it can state in it that he's not to contact her family also.

I would get it just to be on the safe side, but I think he's playing games, and trying to "win over"some of her family -trying to make her look bad, and him look like the poor guy who just wants his marriage to work. Been there, done that, he sounds like a sneaky liar. Some jusges will recognize the behavior, others are completely blind to it. I hope she gets a good judge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, brown is not pc, but it will never be picked up by the media, because he's "brown", and he's the one who said it. I believe he's 1/2 black 1/2 white (not 100% sure on that), maybe he doesn't consider himself black, but brown instead?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, no race debate here. I'm open to all opinions and views. :)

Anonymous said...

So true rob, in regards to Oprah too. Her interview with Raven Simone was quite interesting.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon,

Is is possible for your you to ask your sister to keep a journal of events without him not knowing. Doing this will help, if she decides to persue charges against him. My prayers go out to her, her kids, you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, all, for your comments about my sister's situation. She is documenting everything. She has a personal protection order but it seems that it is useless really. But I will look into our options. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

Anonymous said...

to Mary regarding noticing black people-

I think the level of noticing depends on which part of the country you live in.

If one is in Detroit, noticing a black person wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

However, in my very small town in Mid-west America, we didn't have any black people living here until recently. So, yes, we notice them, but in a very short time the novelty of it has worn off and I look at them as just another new resident. When I have traveled through Detroit, I have also noticed there weren't a lot of people who look like me.

That being said, I don't know if Tiger's comment was intended as more of a distraction from his tooth or if he is just a closet racist.

I am wondering also that if there was "so much blood" why wasn't a photo snapped of a "bleeding Tiger Woods" or blood all over snow. If one wants to talk about something that really stands out- that would be blood on snow- way more so than a "brown dude" at a downhill skiing event.

Anonymous said...

To Anon@8:05-

I agree with John about keeping a journal about your sister's husband's activities. Your sister should be very discreet about it as well.

Also know that the most dangerous time of a relationship ending for an abusive person is when he/she finally realizes he/she no longer has a chance.

That comes at different times for different people. Examples are when divorce papers are filed; when the divorce is final; when their partner finds someone new. Each thing can be a trigger for the final showdown. When someone says, "I will do everything to get my family back" everyone around should be taking that seriously. So anyone who is seen as the "one" standing in the way of him getting his family back is the one who needs to be concerned. That can be your sister, you, a new boyfriend (which I would strongly discourage for quite a while), cousins or your parents.

Does this mean she should cave in and get back together with him? Absolutely not. There are professionals who deal with this type of situation and I would recommend you and/or your sister find these professionals and engage their services.

Karen T said...

IF Woods was hit in the mouth with a camera knocking out a tooth & that picture was taken after the hit then that face mask would be covered in blood. Covered. However, if he was at a different event where he was hit I would think that would have made the news. Why do people bother with making up lies on something that is no big deal. Just say I got drunk, fell down knocked my tooth out. Or I slopped in the shower... whatever. I guess Tiger is just pathological.

Karen T said...

OH- and for the record, Tiger's dad was black & his mom is Asian. He identifies more with Asian. I would think a person could call their personal skin any color they like. I personally think it is jacked up to call white people "white" I am pretty pale but my skin is not the color of snow. My daughter is from a blonde haired ruddy man & pale me. She has olive skin. But she is called "white".

I am so over labeling people by the color of their skin. Why do we insist upon putting people in a skin color box??

Anonymous said...

I think his "brown dude" comment is being misconstrued by many. I think he's saying that in relation to keeping a mask on so he could remain incognito and, being a celeb, not get recognized. Because "being brown," he would be less likely to blend in with that predominantly white audience, and thus be more apt to be recognized as Tiger Woods. That's all, no biggie.

Maggie said...
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