Friday, January 9, 2015

Update on Missing Woman Adkins

In the initial analysis:

The husband of the missing woman's language indicated that there was likely an argument between them.  The analysis showed this via:

a.  the use of "told" rather than "said" (which had just been used)  "Told" is often one-way, authoritative or even argumentative, while "said" is softer.
b.  the "New Year" may suggest the need for new beginning
c.  the absence of her name by the husband
d.  his grandiose description of the relationship was a verbal indicator of trouble between them.

She has been found and I believe police handled this well, including labeling it "suspicious."

It was labeled as such because, they said, she did not have a habit of leaving her children. This was what was told to media, yet the husband revealed that she did, in the past leave.

Now, in the update, we can see possible confirmation of the analysis:

"The best part about this whole thing is that my kids get to see their mom smile again whenever that is."

Note the best part is not that she is found alive.  This may suggest the subject (husband) did not think she was in danger and left for a reason.

Note next that he does not mention seeing her, for himself, in light of the grandiose language he used to describe their marriage.  

Then, the "smile":  The kids get to see her "smile", rather than see her.  Had they not seen her smile?  Was she suffering from depression?

Police may have also labeled this as "suspicious" because they suspected that there was something wrong between husband and wife and felt there was missing information.  

A woman who was reported missing on New Year's Day was found Wednesday.
Stockton police said their missing persons unit received a call.
"So they went out and met with her, determined that she was safe, no crime was committed against her and right now the family is requesting privacy," Stockton police spokesman, Officer Joe Silva said.
Adkins, 26, was last seen at her North Stockton apartment complex before she went for a walk around 1:15 a.m.
On Monday, police deemed her disappearance suspicious because she had never left her home in that manner.
Adkins' husband, 26-year-old Joe Shepard said he did not know why his wife had walked away from their apartment, leaving her phone, keys and drivers license.
"I haven't seen her yet at all. The policeman is telling me, you know, she's safe and she's in good hands, but as far as me seeing her and everything, no," Shepard said.
On Wednesday afternoon, Stockton police posted on Facebook Adkins was found safe. Police said they were not commenting further because the family had requested privacy.
"In the beginning, we thought there was a possibility it was suspicious and we did put a lot of resources and manpower into this case," Silva said. "Once you get a good resolution at the end, you know, it makes the department and the community feel a lot better."
Shepard said he is just relieved his wife is ok.
"She's safe, she's good, she's in a safe spot and right now we just want rest," Shepard said. "The best part about this whole thing is that my kids get to see their mom smile again whenever that is."

thanks to Vitak for update. 


Anonymous said...

Well. At least he puts his kids first instead of himself. This goes a long way in discerning this mans' character in my book. More than I can say for her since she walked out leaving her kids scared half to death, not having the slightest idea where she went or whether she was dead or alive. Whether they'd had an argument or not, or whether she wanated to scare the c'rap outta her husband, she owed the kids at least this much. IMHO.

John Mc Gowan said...

""She's safe, she's good, she's in a safe spot and right now we just want rest," Shepard said.

"she's in a safe spot"

This suggests to me she is not at home, and with her family. Why does he not say she is home and safe with her family ?

Is there a history of D/V ?

Is she in a safe (house) "spot" away from her husband.

His language, and hers, being the more authoritative "told" have the hallmarks of possible D/V.

Had she had enough ?

trustmeigetit said...

I know it's not my business, but I am so very curious. In part as we often don't really get the truth, and knowing the truth will help with understand SA even more. If we knew the reason, it would help us understand his choice of words.

One thought I did have is what Peter also mentioned. Depression. Saying she's safe. Had she put herself in harms way? Considering suicide, were there drugs maybe? I am almost wondering if she may be hospitalized. And since the kids have not seen her it sounds like... then it seems more like the issue is with her.

I just don't think she was fearful of him, or she would have likely taken the kids. Especially since she it appears she has family that is close. Like her brother. She had someplace to go.

My sister in law (husbands sister) is in another state right now as she had moved with her kids dad there. Shes young, 22 with 4 kids. No job, no car and the dad took her phone. They were fighting and she wanted to leave so she found a shelter, got a ride and took the kids with her. She has no resources but figured this out. She was not in physical danger, but the verbal abuse was such that she choose to leave. BUT she only left when she was able to figure out a way to take the kids. She would not have ever left them. Even though she swears he has never been physical with anyone and is only verbally abusive to her.

So, I guess leaving the kids with him to me takes out the possibility of violence... Unless she has issues and failed to put the kids first. That is possible too. I would just not leave my kid in a violent home. And she has family nearby she could go to.

Will be interesting to see if we find out more or if this was the last we will hear about it.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Chief's wife 'alert ' after shooting


"Chief McCollom has issued no statement as of Tuesday, and the GBI offered no other details beyond the news release above.

Ballard said the agency may express its view pertaining to whether a crime has been committed, “But usually they just give the facts.”

As in any case, Ballard stressed the need to wait until all the facts are presented before determining if a crime has been committed and if charges will be filed.

GBI Public Affairs Director Sherry Lang on Monday said, “We let the facts speak for themselves.” It is the prosecutor who determines if charges in a particular case will be brought, Lang added.


GetThem said...

"whenever that is..."

Perhaps his perception of her is that she does not smile a lot?

I would be curious to see more from the brother because I believe she told him what she was doing or where she was going. To finish her party somewhere. She must have been really wasted and mad at him to leave the kids behind.

Buckley said...

"She's safe, she's good, she's in a safe spot and right now we just want rest," Shepard said. "The best part about this whole thing is that my kids get to see their mom smile again whenever that is."

Keep in mind that Shepherd feared his wife could be dead and possibly visualized having to tell his kids mom wasn't coming back. So the focus on safe might be relief from what he feared, and the focus might be more "kids get to see mom" though clearly he hopes the change will make her happy, but isn't optimistic that will happen quickly.

Anonymous said...

OT: but analysis text of convo from French shooter with French journalist is available here.

"No, we are not murderers.".... and watch how the reporter's leading question played out.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there isn't much excuse for this woman not soothing the worries of her kids while she was missing for seven days by not letting them know she was okay and alive. Even if she might have been scared to death of hubby, she or someone else could have gotten the word to the little ones that mommie is okay, but she didn't. This was a rotten thing she did to those kids, no matter what her problem was.

It was rotten enough that she walked out on them if she really was afraid of her husband, or for any other reason; but to leave your babies in the hands of a violent man is just plain crazy, not knowing what this violent madman hubby/daddy might (very likely!) also do to the kids.

If I were the husband, I don't know that I'd even want her back, particularly if he had not been abusive towards her. She could pull this c'rap on the kids (and him) over and over.

Anonymous said...

TrustmeIget it; your sister-in- law was very brave to stick it out even with no money and no car until she could leave and take the kids with her, and even then with no phone which her hubby had taken away from her. What a low-down dirty skunk. What if she'd had an emergency with one of the kids and her with no phone! Just hope she never takes him back after suffering through all this.

Men like him don't get better, they get worse. I wouldn't believe it either, that he had not at least been physically shoving her around. Probably playing around and throwing the money away too, leaving her stuck there with four little kids. Next time he might really hurt her AND the kids. The dirty dog. Let's just hope somebody talks some sense into her and she keeps as far away from him as she can get.

John Mc Gowan said...

Mom Who Wrote She 'Couldn't Wait' For Baby Now Accused Of Murdering Him

A 17-year-old mother who posted on Facebook about how she couldn’t wait for the birth of her child is now accused of beating the boy to death.

Daniela Villarreal, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder and felony child abuse, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Police received a call from her home about an unresponsive baby at around 4:20 a.m. that day. The child, Luis Miguel Jr., was pronounced dead at a hospital. He was less than a month old.

An investigation revealed that the baby, who was less than a month old, died as a result of a physical assault, according to WCNC. Villarreal, who voluntarily came forward to talk to officials, was charged following a police interview.

Prior to the boy’s death, Villarreal made various Facebook posts that indicated she was excited to be a mom, according to WSOC-TV. In one post quoted by Dreamin’ Demon, she wrote , “Cant wait til this little Boy comes and Im able to do what i want!! I want to be successful in life!!”

C5H11ONO said...

When you review all the statements “quotes” from the husband and apply it to the theory below, his words make sense as well as his sensitivity indicators.

I believe that his wife may have a drinking problem. After all, it was indicated but not quoted that he had reported that he had “told” her to stop drinking. It may be that the problem with drinking has been an issue with her. Alcoholics will find any excuse to drink and being New Years Eve, she may have really been inclined to raise her elbow and often. Being with someone that gets sloshed is a real nuisance and he may have gotten pretty exasperated yet again with the sloshed wife. I’ll bet she was also not a nice drunk and was just as vicious as you can get. (This may be why he stated that he wants his kids to see their mom smile again, because the last time they saw her she was an angry drunk). He may have not spoken of it to the media because after all, he doesn’t want to be responsible for revealing that his wife left drunk. He may be concerned that if they find her drunk she would get arrested, and he possibly may be an enabler.

"She gave me a hug and a kiss and told me it was a new year," he said. "I said 'yeah baby, it's a new year.'" – picture this scenario with a woman that is drunk telling her husband that it was a “new year”. Not New Year’s. And then picture his reply. It sounds like she promised him she would stop drinking, but he is aware that she’s out of control.

He stated: "I loved her since I was in middle school," he said. "She is beautiful, gorgeous, the most beautiful thing in the planet to me."
--I can see where the love is gone. He fell in love with another woman. The one that surfaces when she’s drunk is awful and he is living in a nightmare if this is the case. How can you leave her if they have little kids behind? He is in a very precarious situation. I suspect the relationship is in trouble, but he is probably reluctant to leave because he fears it may affect the kids, after all, it was his priority when indicating that they will get to see their mom smile again.
"I woke up and saw my kids sitting next to me. I didn't see my wife," Shepherd cried.
When he stated this there was tension. The kids were sitting next to him. I suspect that since she has done this in the past, the kids naturally go to him for him to fix the situation. It must be so awful to be the parent that sees the kids suffer in this fashion. He must have thought that she was up to it again.
Her mother and family may very well not have a knowledge of what is happening. Alcoholism has a way of being hidden to others. I’ve read that the alcoholic develops a lot of the qualities of a sociopath. They Lie often and show no remorse, particularly when they get what they are seeking, which in this case is alcohol. So the family may very well not be aware of what is happening.

"I haven't seen her yet at all. The policeman is telling me, you know, she's safe and she's in good hands, but as far as me seeing her and everything, no," Shepard said.
--If his concern was that she is “safe” it may be because he was aware that she was drunk the last time he saw her and was concerned for her safety. I would be concerned for a “drunks” safety if they left in a car and they haven’t been seen.

Could this be why he said the things he said? I hope they all work it out. It is a new year. It’s a great time to make things right!

Anonymous said...

C5H, I can see how you are imagining all these heavy drinking scenarios that could be happening with wifey poo, and maybe you are right to a degree. But I also see a man who is still in love with his wife, is not an abuser and who is totally devoted to her and his children; and a wife who is involved with another man who took off to be with him on New Years Eve after reluctantly spending the earlier part of the evening with her husband that she no longer loves and has come to resent the 'trap' she thinks she's in with him and the kiddies.

Also, I think someone in her family is aware of her illicit affair, knows who she is involved with, and helped to keep it secret as long as he could; most likely her brother who knew where she was the whole time. If not him, perhaps a close friend or other confidant.

These types of searches are expensive. I feel that whoever helped her cover up her mysterious disappearance, knowing LE and others were searching for her, ought to be prosecuted right along with her for helping her pull off her disappearing act.

Sorry, I don't have a lot of compassion for her, whatever the circumstances she conjured up, seeing as how she ALSO walked out on her little kids and left them scared to death and worried sick about her; the same but only worse emotionally than what she did to her frightened and under suspicion husband.

The Lurker said...

I did something like this once after a horrible therapy session with my husband. I had to get away or I was going to crack. But I wrote a letter that told the kids how much I love them & mommy needed a break over the weekend. My husband was forced to do everything I normally do including caring for our kids w/special needs. After the weekend away he was appreciative of me & agreed to see a counselor for himself so I would come home. Sometimes drastic measures are needed. But I knew my kids weren't in danger. I can't imagine leaving without word or if they were in danger. If my husband beat me I would literally die first before abandoning my kids to a monster. I hope we hear what happened. It's so rare to get a "happy ending" where the wife/mom is found, but her poor babies were put through the emotional ringer, nevermind all the money, time, and resources that were wasted.