Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Where's Maine?"

Heather had the occasion to call AT&T about, surprise surprise, extra charges on our cell phone bill.

The customer service rep was American.  He sought to make small talk.

Statement Analysis?  Not necessary.

Rep:  "So, how's the weather?"

Heather:  "It is really cold.  Last night was -10 zero."

Rep: "Really?  Wow!  That's cold.  Where do you guys live?"

Heather:  We are in Maine.

Rep:  "Maine?"

Heather:  "Yes, Maine."

Rep:  "Really?  Where's Maine?"

Heather:  "Huh?"

Rep:  "Where's Maine?"

Heather:  It is in New England..."

Rep:   "Oh...umm"  (pause)

Heather:  "In the northeast."

Rep:  "Uh, right.  Anyway, which number is the extra charge on?"

Heather:  "New England is the northeast part of the United States.

Rep:  "sometimes these charges just happen..."


Anonymous said...

Rep was american? or did he sound like he was an american?

MaineLady said...

Funny. Most Americans know Maine as the land of lobster. When I'm travelling out of the country I usually say Maine, North of Boston and New York. Here's a news story out of Maine: Local Lawyer accused of Domestic Violence among other things, pled down to simple assualt, but the judge wanted to censor the news! sounds like he may have some connections and they don't want that getting out. Luckily the news station isn't backing down.

~mj said...

I'm not sure of the age of the rep, but if he was younger, I am absolutely not surprised he didn't know where Maine was. Education in this country is pitiful.

Kitt said...

When I was young and serving in the military, I was asked by fellow soldiers where I'm from. Many times, when I answered with "Oregon," the next question would be "But what state?"

GetThem said...

I recently had a Comcast rep that sounded "American", or at least did not have an accent. By the end of the call, I wasn't convinced she was definitely in this country and I didn't think to ask. I can't believe a long time citizen and adult wouldn't have heard of Maine. If that is the case though, I hope he is able to keep a job, because he may have other learning problems.

Anonymous said...

I work in a call center. Over the years I have talked to people in the south that didn't know where North Dakota is, or thought it was in Canada. I have also been asked if we drive cars (vs horses)
btw -40 to -50 below w wind chills right now.