Friday, March 27, 2015

Deception or Betrayal? US Declassifies Israel's Nuclear Program

In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration has declassified top secret Israeli documents on their nuclear weapons program.  The US had always kept this "classified top secret" for Israel, while Israel continued to give no indication on whether it had nuclear weapons or not.  This unity was done to keep a nuclear arms race from developing in the world's most volatile area.

This was largely ignored in mainstream media, with the release coming from an Israeli media outlet.

The release came just days before Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to congress, and is seen as a "retaliation" for his accepting of the offer to speak, without Obama's approval.

Israel long maintained, with the United States, to not make any public declarations of Israel having nuclear weapons.   Both nations felt that the secrecy, alone, was a deterrent, but should Israel declare its arsenal, it would provoke Muslim pride "for Allah", as seen in the hyperbolic language that is commonly deployed.  ("Americans will be swimming in their own blood, with the blood rising to the level of..." and so on).

America and Israel understood the ideology, noting the "shame" that would be upon other nations, who, in surrounding the tiny Israel, steadfastly refused, since 1948, to acknowledge its existence.  With such a small population, and as small geographical area, it is surrounded by those who's religion teaches that devoutness to it means to bring death to Jews.  It is a powerful ideology.

This coincides with a new report that says that the Obama administration agreed to let Iran develop centrifuges underground, in a safe bunker, where Israeli jets would struggle to reach in a military strike.  This while nuclear regulators have reported that Iran is not allowing access to inspectors.

While previous administrations have specifically stated that Iran could not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, this administration is going forward with plans with Obama stating that he will "tell the American people" the details of the deal after it is signed, but not before.

While John Kerry reported progress, the Ayatollah led chants of "Death to America" in public.

Upcoming:  The correlation to language to the willingness to die, looking at what Hitler told youth about Jews.


rob said...

Can 2016 come soon enough?

Anonymous said...


What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

All of the current president's actions toward Israel would indicate his support and practice of Islam.
All of Israel is in danger because of bho.

Anonymous said...

How much treason will our Congress allow?

Unknown said...

It's like Obama is going down a list, checking off ways to undermine America's strength, values, and general safety, as well as bring about the end of the entire world as we know it.

Oh wait, that's exactly what he is doing.

Unknown said...

I'm fed up with Congress too.

In the last midterm, we the people elected those who we thought would work to reverse his illegal, unconstitutional, and overtly dictatorial actions...which he flaunts in the face of the very people he is meant to serve.

I'm still waiting.

Dee said...

Anon said..."All of the current president's actions toward Israel would indicate his support and practice of Islam.
All of Israel is in danger because of bho."

Anon - Not just Israel. We're ALL in danger because of BHO.

Unknown said...

Exactly Dee!

I'm not sure how anyone could defend ANY of Obama's actions, but especially declassifying the nuclear capabilities of another country!? How could this action be beneficial to anyone, in any way? It ONLY serves to destabilize the already volatile region, and to insult, alienate, and endanger our ALLY Israel.

Obama is a dangerous, maniacal narcissistic, who has abandoned diplomacy, and resorted to force, intimidation, and retaliation, in every action he takes. He is a disgrace to the Presidency, and to the people of the United States.

Anonymous said...

"All of the current president's actions toward Israel would indicate his support and practice of Islam."

You're just nuts.

Dee said...

I agree Jen. If Bill Clinton was impeachable, what Obama has done and is doing is 10 times worse. Why is no one calling him out on it. Our country is in danger.

Unknown said...


I notice you offered no rebuttal along with your snark.

He is getting pretty hard to defend, isn't he? ;-)

maudes harold said...

This must be how the Jews must have felt in the late 1930's in Germany. I couldn't get past the first sentence.

Unknown said...

Hi Dee,

I don't understand either.

Like Rob said, 2016 can not come quickly enough, and I'm counting down the seconds!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this major news, on air and newspapers?

bho is trying to set Netanyahu up as the bad guy that bho must discipline but the real game might be the elimination of Israel entirely, either by leaving Israel exposed, alone and unreinforced while the hostile neighbors aim and fire, or by threatening Israel with aggression from the United States if Israel tries to strike the neighbors first pre-emptively in an emergency.
The way I see it, Israel, in the eyes of bho, is the bad guy no matter what.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

We hear less and less partisan remarks about Obama, with barely anyone left to defend his destruction of our country.

His divisiveness of race is nothing compared to what he is doing to strengthen Islam.

Saudia Arabia went public yesterday as it now wants the nuclear bomb, too.

I did not understand Obama when first elected. I dismissed his Marxist background as youthful nonsense, and his islamic upbringing as something that he was too sophisticated to embrace.

I was wrong.

He spoke little of Islam before the first election and even minimized it before re-election.

He has terrorized a nation, using the Justice Department and the IRS. We have muslims and muslim sympathizers in so many positions now.

Immigration has robbed black communities of jobs.

The "white privilege" will have unfortunate consequences of the "kick back" of human nature. When they condemn a race, yet say that everyone wants to enter this terrible "white privilege built" country, they are setting up a natural defensive response, which is not peaceful nor just.

Anti police sentiment from Obama on down:

This morning, I saw PBS showing black children holding up signs with:

"My skin color is not a target" and "hands up", as it was a powerful anti-police propaganda.

He has betrayed everything we all stand for and has been the most hidden administration that I can recognize, instead of the most transparent.

He took the national debt and put it on steroids.

He showed his disdain for the constitution and the rule of law.

Republican and Democrat cowards refused to stop him.

His "restorative justice" is destroying black youth, where educational rigor should have been in place. A race that survived slavery has succumbed to the illegitimate victim status, which destroys drive.

He has overtaken health care and now the internet and praises places like Denmark and the UK where the Muslim population is now voting in its own people and refusing to assimilate.

History is being made before our eyes.

Congress is full of cowards.

Various forms of Islam are fighting for control, but the losers will be all of us, as they kill homosexuals, degrade women, and destroy civilizations, just as its teaching says to.

Words are powerful and one thing skeptics do not consider:

They ascribe selfish motives to all and this is not so. There are those who willingly do things, sacrificially, in the best interest of others.

It is only those of privilege and cynicism who cannot accept that one may have a noble motive.


Unknown said...

Well said Peter!

For anyone still unconvinced that this action against Israel was retaliatory in nature, please note that while the sections of the nearly 400 page document regarding Israel's sensitive nuclear program were declassified and published, sections regarding other countries, such as Italy, France, Germany, etc, remained classified.

Unknown said...

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