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Propganda's Progression and Techniques

In part one, the introduction to propaganda is laid out in which some, in straining to define propaganda say the familiar line of 'hard to define; unmistakable when present', yet we are not at the mercy of being unable to discern truth from deception, and should not be of those who discount everything that is said. 

Recall the HLN analyst who jokingly dismissed Casey Anthony's statements with "I know Casey is lying; her lips are moving."

Comical, yes, but most unhelpful.   For within deception lies content.  Content is something we need if we seek the truth.  

Remember:  Even if a statement is deceptive, at statistical height, it is possible that every sentence is truthful, and that the deception is from withheld or suppressed information.  Therefore, within the sentence structure is content of value for us.  

Thus it is with propaganda.  

I began with a nod towards Nazi Germany, specifically during the period of time just post WWI ("just" being a decade, as we look back over several decades) where dissatisfaction, demoralized citizens was evident, but the economic boom of the 1920's kept this at bay.  People working are often too busy or tired to complain.  The young nationalist socialist party (think "national" socialism versus "international" socialism today)

                                                   Propaganda Pattern in Speech 

1.  Initiate ---light comments, interjections. These are often adverbs added for emphasis.  After the Treaty of Versailles, the anti-semetic (that is, anti Jewish) rhetoric was often restrained and sometimes included the obvious Jewish names attached to the banking or manufacturing industry.  This 'name dropping' had an emotional impact associating the "betrayal of the fatherland" (Germany) with Jewish business professionals.  The association was deliberate.  After the crash of the US and worldwide stock markets, the Treaty of Versailles was targeted as the cause of economic woes and unemployment. 

2.  Increase the frequency--repetition means sensitivity or importance.  When a word is repeated, it is important.  Repeat something often enough, no matter how false, and people will become accostomed to it, via the natural "dulled listening" that Statement Analysis reverses.  When a topic is repeated often enough, we must ask why.  Why is this needed to be repeated over and over?  Is there a message that I am getting that I am supposed to accept without question?  This leads us to  

3.  Seek 'moral high ground' with words like "as well all know" and "of course" and the opposition is ridiculed as "ignorant", but more so, "less moral" or "less ethical." If you do not "see" something so "obvious", there is a defect found within you, and not the topic at hand.  This is "elitist" thinking at its political best.  The Nazis used it, and today it is back in vogue, in a large way, in our country.  

This is also often found in "the negative", that is, what a movement or ideology is "not."  There were even early denials of anti-Semitism in the Nazi movement (though they quickly did not see the need to tone down much), and often sought to assure religious organizations of what they were "not" after.  

When promises, for example, are made in the negative, they are very important and should be taken note of.  "We just want rights for A, we are not seeking B" is the most common tactic in the negative and should certainly cause the listener to think that:

a.  The need to introduce B is to make A sound more palatable. 
b.  The real target is B, and once A is obtained, B will be sought.  

Always mark that which is in the negative as important.  

This technique uses comparison (once I have scared you by flaunting B in our face, A seemed more palatable to your taste) and it uses negation, that is, what something is not.  This has gained prominence in "all things Muslim" coming from our White House, in earnest.  "Sharia Law", once a phrase that made people shutter, now is heard, over and over again.  We are being told where it is "not" being practiced.  

4.  Diversionary language  is when a new topic is introduced (sometimes in the same sentence as the topic) in order to divert attention away.  It is the need to persuade that is noted in Part 2, and it is in the need to divert that is flagged here. 

The national socialist party diverted attention away from its own agenda and onto communists, with increasing frequency, which was done to unite those who would normally be opposed; democrats and socialists, in the fear of what communism would do to a society. 

Recently in a comment about the killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt, Barak Obama introducing  wars of 1000 years ago, to divert the attention from the timely Muslim violence.  This language must be flagged as "out of the boundary of the topic", therefore, "very important" 
This is usually a stage where we move from "sensitive" to deception indicated", in that there is enough without a speech (statement) to clearly indicate the additional language is deceptive.   This still may be with much "missing information" within it. 

"It's the ideology, stupid."

That Obama now takes out the specific element of "religion" from the murders and violence against non adherents show a need to change the language (propagandize) of the news and how it is perceived.  

The principle for the reader/interviewer/analyst remains the same:  if a question is posed and answered, but the answer goes beyond the boundary of the question, the information is critical. 

When asked how far her missing daughter, Hailey, had to walk to get to a sleep over, the mother answered the question in the number of blocks, which would have sufficed.  Then she said, "She wasn't allowed to just..." which: 

a.  Showed the mother of a missing child referencing her in the past tense, an indication of knowledge that Hailey was dead;
b.  The need to persuade that she was a good mother underscoring the very opposite.  

That the child was missing and the mother knew she was dead and the mother needed an alibi came in less than 25 words, or about 15 seconds of speech.  

5.  Outright deception --the "10%" factor. 

This is where a lie is told where the lie reinvents reality.  

 "Polish regular army has fired upon German citizens at a radio station..." which is the outright fabrication of reality.  This is where 'the gloves come off' and a new position takes over. This was the German cover story, believed by its people, to justify troops sent into Poland in September, 1939, thrusting the world into its second mechanized warfare that would soon engulf the world and tens of millions of lives would be lost. 

People often forget why World War II was fought. 

WWII was found to save Poland. 

How did that end?  As victories were celebrated by the allied countries, Poland was enslaved for the next 4 + decades.  

History books are authored by the victors, not the losers.  

What we have learned about the Benghazi cover up is the same "False Flag" method of deception; presenting something as if it is one thing, while it is another.  

Ideological opposition is no longer simply answered, it is now going to suffer by some form of punishment, and this is usually seen in language that shows steady increase:

a.  "Coal in the mouth", that is, the 'hot word' that should not be spoken as it is dangerous.  Making certain words more "dangerous" to utter due to consequences, including loss of social privilege, boycott, or even loss of employment. 

This is also seen in the negative. 

It is not just that "loyal" adherents are given influential jobs and promotions, others who are more worthy are "not hired", or "not promoted" due to the holding of the belief that is against the propaganda, or for exposing the propaganda news (that which seeks to influence). 

b.  Financial threats can move towards court law suits. 

c.  Loss of freedom:  Imprisonment. 

d.   Where imprisonment did not work, the National Socialists Party moved to death.   

What propaganda is being pushed today?

For years we have been worried about a Muslim country obtaining the nuclear bomb and have supported Israel's right to exist.  These two facts are mutually exclusive, as we have known that should a Muslim nation (that is, a nation that is ruled by Muslims) obtain the nuclear bomb, it would be used against Israel.  

Now, the United States, under Barak Obama, is seeking to make certain Iran gets the nuclear reactor necessary to build the world's most devastating bomb.  The White House (that is, the President and his varied spokespersons federally) has

a.  sought to portray Iran as an ally of the United States
b.  sought to marginalize the Prime Minister of Israel by deliberate language
c.  sought to influence Israel's election against the current PM. 
d.  has betrayed its strongest ally in the area. 

When Obama was first running for President, his full name, "Barak Hussein Obama" was used, but it was then "coal in the mouth" to use his full name, with claims of racism.  This was a diversion from his Muslim heritage.  

His Muslim heritage and subsequent beliefs were not revealed to the American people in a clear manner until after his reelection.  

Any criticism of his policies was met with "racism", which, linguistically, is a diversionary tactic.  This put the "coal in the mouth" of critics of his policies to silence. 

We have now reached a point where "all things Islam" are being portrayed in media with the mantra "Islam is a religion of peace", which is necessary to counter:

a.  Islam teaching for order by coercion from the Koran
b.  Islam history.  

By using diversion (introducing Christianity into the statement on Islamic violence) Obama has shown the need for propaganda.  

When the head of the FBI  feels the need to lecture the American people on Islamic theology, there is an unveiling of just how far reaching the influences (by either appointment or fear/threat) this propaganda has gone.  He should be lecturing us on criminal investigations, not a theology that demands world conquest. 

There are no Jews hiding bombs under their yarmulkes, nor Christians wearing "WWJD" bracelets made of explosives, running into women and children at public events, in order to destroy lives.  There has always been and always will be, those who take religion as a cloak to masquerade their intentions in violence and conquest, but the Mohammad religion, "Islam" (order) or commonly called "Muslim religion" is one in which its main instruction is the Koran, which has explicitly violent instructions towards those who do not 'yield' to its teaching.  No other major religion teaches conquest by violence other than the Muslim religion. 

With Benghazi, there was a need to portray the Islamic attack in a different context than what it was.  When the Coptic Christians were killed for being Christian, Obama had the need to change the language, but instead of diversionary language, he outright stated that they did not die due to religion.  

It may have begun what George W. Bush said that a "peaceful religion" had been "hijacked" which was stated while standing upon the ruble of dead bodies, it has since increased in frequency and intensity, in 2008, but far more since 2012.  

The Islamic propaganda by the White House indicates language that, at least for some, is not believed.  (See the FBI statement for one who does not believe what he asserts about the "tenants" of Islam.)  

Note the change of language of definition by Obama when it comes to "transparency" and its meaning. 

Note the violation of the constitution and the rule of law under "executive order" as well as the outright threats to law enforcement (by federal employees) to not enforce our immigration laws.  

Note the lack of response from Women's Rights Advocates regarding Islamic teaching on women's education, or their basic role in Islamic rule.  Nothing.  Silence, or almost robotic language defending Barak Hussein Obama. 

Note the increase in law suits, realized or threatened, against disagreement of today's relevant issues. 

Note the absence of real dialog and debate, both in Nazi Germany of the 1930's and of the United States today.  Certain positions are shouted down, with threats of law suit, termination of employment and more.  

Note the lack of use of the phrase "freedom of speech" today. 

In 1976, we celebrated our bicentennial birthday as a nation.  I was a young boy and thoroughly enjoyed the year.  I did not hear the word "succession"in any form, that I can recall.  I do recall, however, the abundance of pride in our "freedom of speech" where we had the right to be idiots should we so wish, but to think for ourselves.  It was precious to us.  I believed that since the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, that death rates due to wars have plummeted, and that in my life time, I would not see a bomb detonated in anger. 

When tensions increased between India and Pakistan, I, like millions of others, waited and wondered if we would see such a terrible weapon used.  

Indoctrination of children was important to the Nazi cause, just as it is important to Obama today.  How is this being done?  

One watchdog group over terrorism took out ads warning the homosexual community in San Francisco against Islamic teaching.  

They reported that the city counsel "condemned" the ads as "hate speech."

ISIS then showed a picture of a gay man being thrown off a roof, stoned by the waiting crowd.  

Each day, even when main-stream media edits out or ignores, video and testimony arises of more dead at the hands of the practitioners of Islam.  Who are the victims?  What do they have in common?

The victims are singular:  men, women and children of all races who hold one thing in common:

Refused to submit to Islam.  

This was their cause of death.  

Obama told us it was their economic plight, and not "Allah" that they were really shouting as they blew up, decapitated, burned alive, or machete'd victims to death.  

From a recent article, money is going to be critical to the wording: 

"In 2004, Obama released an update of his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” with a little-noticed new preface about the attacks.
“On September 11, 2001,” Obama wrote, “…history returned with a vengeance; in fact, as Faulkner reminds us, the past is never dead and buried — it isn’t even past.”
“This collective history, this past, directly touches my own,” he added. “Not merely because, as a consequence of 9/11, my name is an irresistible target of mocking websites from overzealous Republican operatives. But also because the underlying struggle between worlds of plenty and worlds of want…is the struggle set forth, on a miniature scale, in this book,” which at its core is an indictment against Western imperialism, racism and colonialism.
Obama goes on to say he identifies with the “desperation and disorder of the powerless,” and how they can “easily slip into violence and despair.   “I know, I have seen, the desperation and disorder of the powerless; how it twists the lives of children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi in much the same way as it does the lives of children on Chicago’s South Side, how narrow the path is for them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily they slip into violence and despair,” he wrote. “I know that the response of the powerful to this disorder — alternating as it does between a dull complacency and, when the disorder spills out of its proscribed confines, a steady, unthinking application of force, of longer prison sentences and more sophisticated military hardware — is inadequate to the task.” Until these “economic and political grievances” are addressed — “not as a matter of military affairs” but by changing out “corrupt” regimes that “suppress Islam” and by funding more foreign jobs programs — terrorist attacks will continue to plague the West, he said.
(end of article)

There should be no surprise to learn that tax payer dollars are being flooded into Muslim countries to "build good will" and help rebuild Mosques.  At times, it seems that the 'dirty business' news of what is happening, is almost too much to keep track of.  

Propanganda stories by those who fear Islam's encroachment do not help.  The best weapon is truth and when one posts deliberately false or misleading information, once learned, the credibility is lost and propaganda has been fought, not with truth, but with propaganda.  It is not helpful nor necessary.  

The history of Islam is not an ebb and flow of violence and peace; there has never been peace nor has there ever been, nor ever will be, acceptance of Israel's right to existence.  This is not new information, but that which has always been known. 
Just as Roosevelt's Jewish advisors downplayed reports of the Holocaust as distractions to the war, so it is that today's fighters for women's rights and for freedom, have grown silent in the face of Muslim belief, especially about women, gays, and freedom of speech.  
Have they bought into the propaganda?
Or, are some of them opportunist, simply nodding to Obama, waiting their time to come out from under his yolk, and then speak out?
Are they afraid?
Do they fear the IRS?  Never before in history have we seen such a fractioning of the country, outside the War that existed between the States, 1861-1865.  
Do they fear career repercussion?  
How far must the country go before it says "no mas" and begins to push back against the deception of today's propaganda?  How far will the thuggery against freedom, once called "fascism" but now "political correctness" take us, before we unite. 
Will such articles as this be no longer permitted by the ever increasing control of government, now extending its grab upon the internet?
I hope we do not see a nuclear bomb detonated in anger (or even in testing) in not only my lifetime, but in my grandson's lifetime.  Our nation has become a nation of people afraid to speak up, and a nation of punishment for those who do.  
Should we arm Iran with the nuclear bomb, I fear that I will live long enough to see it used, likely upon Israel before upon us, depending upon how much we yield to Islam, perhaps. 
In our original beliefs, we held that no one man could go to war since the history of the world has left us scarred from war, and that only an elected body of officials could declare war. 
President after President has circumvented this law and has gone to war without Congressional approval. 
It will be a long way back to the rule of law. 
It begins with respecting the fact that although we are to be called "equals" under the law, we are not all equal in life.  Some are stronger than others, and some are smarter than others.  Politicians do not hold the answer to natural inequality.  Where one has, another is tempted to take it.  Obama fed this with his famous "you didn't built that" speech, and his deceptive denial about it later.  Our inequalities in life mean we will always disagree on many things in life:
we used to respect those disagreements, no matter how far apart they were, within our own inequalities in life, understanding and practice.  Our tolerance was to be two-way, and only interrupted when lives were in jeopardy (no freedom of speech to yell 'fire' in a movie theater).  
The redefining of language and the disdain for the rule of law has made us ripe for propaganda.  
We may not like it, but evil does exist.  Not everyone intends for the good of others.  
Liars cause trouble, personally and professionally.  
Propaganda is a mixture of lies within greater truth, underling the weakness of the need to persuade rather than report.  
We must return to discerning truth from deception.  It is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of freedom and the hope for its return.  
A long time ago, Solomon said, 
"The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth."
What we believe; we do.

If your religion teaches conquest by violence, you will ether believe it, or you will abandon it.

North Korea does not have the Muslim fatalistic view of the world, but threatens due to economic sanctions against it.  For them, it is not a religious belief, sacredly held, but of selfish, self preserving autocratic rule.

With Iran getting the nuclear bomb, the belief system as its reference, is a threat to the very survival of Israel.


Anonymous said...

"Is there a message that I am getting that I am supposed to accept without question?"

Certain things are not supposed to be questioned, as it's not considered PC. The questioner then has coal in their mouth. :/

Anonymous said...


John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter,

i posted this as an OT under another article and it has gone lol.

I was wondering what you think of baby Rees's fathers statement and the distancing language "That baby"

Family stands by mother accused of killing 20-day-old baby who was found dead in a wetlands after she said they were abducted


'Our family is grieving not only for the loss of our grandson Justice, but also the possible loss of our daughter Sami Green,' Green's parents, Randy and Laurie, said in a statement released on Sunday morning and shared by CBS.

'She has never been in trouble with the law. We know in our heart that Sami would never do anything to intentionally harm her newborn son Justice. She loved him very much.
'Her entire family supports her through this most unbelievable time in our lives.'
Frank Rees, Green's partner and Justice's father, also said he was standing by his fiancée.
'I will stand by her side through all of this,' he told KXTV. 'I know that she wouldn't intentionally hurt that baby. If there was some sort of accident or something that either she's not remembering or that she feels ashamed of or guilty about, she knows I'll forgive her.'

Read more:

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I was sent a statement and posted it for analysis but then learned its origin so it had to go!


Dee said...

Thank you for this article Peter. You explain the subtleties so well.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic Becky Watts

The two people arrested over the disappearance of Becky Watts in Bristol have been rearrested over her murder, police have said.

More follows...

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

The two people arrested over the disappearance of Becky Watts in Bristol have been rearrested over her murder, police have said.

A 28-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman had been earlier arrested for kidnap on Saturday.

Police have said they now have both been rearrested on suspicion of the more serious charge.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

You're welcome Dee.

This is not a Democrat or Republic, conservative or liberal story, but one of Freedom versus oppression and there can be no peace until one or the other wins.

This is a violent religion that has pathological hatred against Jews and Christians, and a powerful, corrupt, lawless leader of the free world now coming out in his support and reverence for the religion.

I believe that many well intentioned liberals, who longed for care, and better life conditions for black Americans, as well as a concern for people who would like to live here, voted for him without knowing that he was more than just 'friendly' towards Islam.

I think right wing propaganda only aided Obama to the point where even Marxism was not taken seriously.

The "coal in the mouth" was the fear of being labeled racist in opposing Obama.

More and more black leadership has spoken up against him, not only feeling betrayed, but lied to.

Since we act upon our belief, he should have been plainly asked about his Islamic beliefs openly, just as Americans have the right to know what, if any, religion a person holds to when running for office.

If someone says, "I am agnostic", then the people can decide how this may impact decision making, just as it would if someone said, "I am an orthodox Jew who believes in the 10 commandments."

Then, as we vote, we may consider how this belief in the 10 commandments might work itself out in practice.

My own opinion of Obama has changed dramatically in just two years.

He appeared to be a sharp speaker, without a resume of any accomplishments. When he was given the Nobel Peace Prize, I thought he would politely turn it down.
When it came to debate, I thought he would allow transparency.
When it came to even his own vacations, I thought he would be modest, acutely aware of ostentatious expense.
When it came to the disaster at the Gulf, I thought he was going to literally roll up his sleeves and encourage the area, on the ground.
When it came to religion, I thought he was mild in affection, from childhood, with Muslim tradition, but not belief.

In short, I felt that he possessed only a gifted tongue, yet utterly without talent or commitment. He had no resume for the job other than the color of his skin.

I was wrong.

He has nerve of steel, and is bent on re-making over the entire country in his image, which shows priority, not to black Americans, nor to business to employ citizens, but to Islam. I think this is why black Americans feel so betrayed and angry. I thought we were going to see lots of educational initiatives and not a ban on twinkles.

I didn't think he would take such lengthy, expensive vacations, out golfing while Rome burns, over and over. I didn't he would double the cost by getting as far away from his wife as he did.

when someone says that a Republican president spent just as much time on vacation or as much money, it is no answer. It speaks to my expectation. I did not think he would come even close to the nonsense of waste of money the way he did. His ego and arrogance allow for nothing but.

The tearing down of the borders, the cruel ridicule of business and hard work, the money trail to Muslims, the most utter betrayal of Israel, the importing of muslim terrorists, the playing of the race card....the socialized medicine, the pounding away of freedom of speech, the hatred of people of faith...

This is why I am paying close attention to Obama apologetics: do the speakers actually believe the pro Muslim wording they are employing?

Thus far, various samples show "no" which then leads to:

What causes them to do this?

a. loyalty to Obama?
b fear of Obama?
c. promise of work after he leaves office?
d. $?

Unless the weakness in language is due to something else...I am open to suggestions.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I wish I had covered more of this case.


S + K Mum said...

Awful news :(
I hope she is found soon, only 16, so sad

John Mc Gowan said...


More from baby justice Rees's father Frank Rees.

The father of 20-day-old Justice Rees – the infant whose body was found near a Knights Landing slough – says he is standing by Justice's mother, and his girlfriend, Samantha Green after she was arrested Saturday morning in connection to the baby's death.

Frank Rees said the helplessness he feels for his son is now extended to 23-year-old Green, who sitting in a Yolo County jail cell for a crime he believes she did not commit.

"She loved that baby more than anything in this world," Rees said

Rees said he had been filled with anguish this past week. On Monday, Green and his son vanished. Rees and family members started searching for the two, handing out flyers and reporting their disappearance to law enforcement.

Green was found Tuesday evening near the Ridge Cut Slough area in Knights Landing by a citizen who heard her calling for help. Rees said she was wet, disoriented and had several cuts.

"The first time we were able to talk, she was just sobbing hysterically," Rees explained. "I said,what about the baby. She said he's dead."

Justice's body was found in a thicket on the south bank of Ridge Cut Slough Wednesday morning by the Yolo County Sheriff's Office. Autopsy reports said Justice drowned or succumbed to hypothermia due to exposure to cold water and air. He had been dead for several hours when his body was found, authorities said.

Rees said he had a really strong bond with Justice. So strong that Rees says he believes he knows the exact moment his son lost his life.

"I could feel the moment he slipped away," he explained.

Green told investigators that she and her son were abducted Monday.

"For her to be out there, and for that long, something was keeping her there," Rees said. "She was running from something."

Rees suspects Green's fear and determination to escape something is what brought them to the slough.

"I believe, in my heart, she did everything she could," he said.

Yolo County sheriff's detectives said while they investigated Justice's death, Green's tale of events never lined up.

"She made comments about she was there for so many hours screaming and hollering," Sheriff Ed Prieto said during a press conference Saturday morning. "We were able to determine that perhaps (that) didn't happen."

Green was booked into Yolo County Jail for murder at about 12:15 a.m. Saturday and is being held without bail.

Rees said Green was arrested just a few hours after the couple finalized funeral arrangements and had their final goodbye with their son.

"We put him in the outfit we brought him home in," Rees said. "I swaddled him."

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Peter.
There was little media coverage for several days and even then it was slow to spread.

The step mom and dad showed sensitivity in regard to past tense usage and also the strange facebook comments, the varying deswcriptions of her persona which seemed to contradict her fb posts, the strange behavior of the step mom - stoic and calm and no real emotion whilst the dad went to the other extreme.

I and many others picked up on this and commented, wondering if the language was due to guilt or guilty knowledge, belief or suspicion she was dead or if the sensitivity related to something else, something which became clearer when he posted about her tidiness and letting her make as much mess as she liked (yet the kitchen was very untidy and cluttered) there was also the suspicion from his comments about her being too shy to buy a bus ticket or go to the till and the mentioning of being the source of all evils (which was subsequently deleted when it was picked up by commentators) as to whether this was subtle demeaning.

the step mom's pronounced negative head shaking in relation to wanting her back and what seems to be a strange living arrangement caught many eyes including my own.

Were we reading it right?
Were they involved ?
is the sensitivity to do with something else perhaps rows or fights over her lack of tidiness or perhaps even her makeup and attire?
She was 16 yet the didn't report her missing for 28 hrs even though they didn't know where she had gone or with whom and their texts and calls remained unanswered.

I wonder if the suspects arrested are known to the family and it what way?
Are there other things which will come out?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

One year later, Myra Lewis is still missing.

Madison County officials have a press conference scheduled on Monday at 2 p.m

Dee said...

"This is not a Democrat or Republic, conservative or liberal story, but one of Freedom versus oppression and there can be no peace until one or the other wins."

Peter, this is so true.

I did not vote for Obama either time. From the time he became a candidate there was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on but I didn't trust. Through learning here at the blog I've become able to see what it was that set off my "spidey sense" back then.

In his first term he slowly eroded our freedoms and liberties. His second term has produced an escalation. It seems to be at a fever pitch now. I've seen from my own friends the backlash that can occur from speaking out against it. I've been told I don't know what I'm talking about. I've been called a bigot and worse.
My tipping point came when he refused to call the Jewish people that were murdered in Paris Jews, instead calling them "random folks". He refused to call the Coptic Christians that were beheaded by Isis Christians, instead saying they were "Eqyptian citizens". He is downplaying why they were targeted.

I said to my husband recently "I feel like this is the beginning of a time for our country that's like the beginnings of Nazi Germany." Everyone get in lockstep, don't dissent.
The world said never again, how quick we forget. First they came for the Jews, then the intellectuals, then those who didn't conform and fit their perfect society - the mentally ill, the handicapped, gays.
Those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic Becky Watts

The uncle of missing teenager Becky Watts has spoken exclusively tonight to ITV News following the arrest of two people on suspicion of her alleged kidnap and murder.

Speaking on behalf of Becky's father Darren, to end speculation and rumour, Sam Galsworthy said no-one on his side of the family had any connection to her disappearance.

Reading a statement, sitting beside Becky's grandfather John and step-grandmother Denise, he said: "We want to make it absolutely clear that no member of Darren's side of the family are implicated in any way.

"Every family member who was part of our search for Rebecca still remains with us.

"We are aware that this is an ongoing investigation and cannot say anymore.

"We can't thank the public enough for their support. Please respect our privacy now as we process this information.

"Either way, we still want her home and we will continue our search for Rebecca."

I noted he specified darren's side of the family (her dad) rather than no member of the family which could imply a family member not related to darren perhaps step mom or someone else?)

Time will tell

GetThem said...

To 'wag the dog' means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue.
The expression comes from the saying that 'a dog is smarter than its tail', but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would 'wag the dog'.


John Mc Gowan said...


Becky Watts

Man, 28, and woman, 21, are arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering missing teenager Becky Watts

John Mc Gowan said...

Tania said

I noted he specified darren's side of the family (her dad) rather than no member of the family which could imply a family member not related to darren perhaps step mom or someone else?)

It's interesting that you pointed out the above. I noted this the other day.

Mrs Galsworthy said

'I went to a hospital appointment and left her at home at around 10.30am.

I wonder too if there maybe a connection between "Stepmother" an the two people arrested.

Again, as you say, time will tell ?

Anonymous said...

and at the same time you are proud to hate all Muslims like Germans hated all Jews. do you not see that you have been bamboozled yourself.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic. Just hoping one of lobg term SA peeps think.

My cousin has been dating this guy that I just don't fully trust. Can't figure out what, just that something's off.

she has dating him 2 years, and she moved in (she pushed the issue mainly saying it was smart financially so wasn't like he asked her). That was a year ago. He still has not said "I love you" saying he just needs time. That his ex ruined him. She cheated. Ok, I get sucks...but this was like 6 years ago.

My husband says he feels weird around him. That he smiles at him in a weird way. Like he is checking him out. My husband is convinced he's gay or bi. And she's got tons of pics and he's never smiling. I took de pics on New Years, 2 with my husband (he put his around around his shoulder) and he has the biggest smile. Weird.

So she had some boudoir photos done for him for VDay and when I asked what he thought, this was her response below. To me seems odd but I am still new to SA and so I'm not sure why.

"He just had the smile OMG....didn't say alot and just took it all in and then thank you"

TxTchr said...

Obama will once again turn his back on Israel by refusing to attend the speech given by PM Netanyahu. I find it interesting that a foreign diplomat has to come to our country to explain why it's his job as the PM to defend Jews.
"As prime minister of Israel, I have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these threats while there is time to avert them," he said.

What does that say about the lack of moral obligation in this country?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering if she was missing longer than the time frame given by her family. They said something about it not being strange for her to stay over friends houses, or something like that, didn't they? I'm wondering if they waited even longer than they've admitted, to report her missing. She's older, with friends, (not like a toddler, where we have to basically take the family word fir it), so it might be easier for law enforcement to get a better idea of when she was last seen by someone other than household members. Has it been stated anywhere when she was last seen and/or heard from, by anyone besides her household family members? I wouldn't really accept texts as proof, more so, physically seen her or at least personally spoken to her on the phone.

Anonymous said...

In the least, it sounds like he wasn't too impressed with the photos. If he can't tell her that he loves her, then he obviously doesn't. I know you said she pushed the issue, but why would either one of them want to live together? It seems like she's pushing for something that just isn't happening. You can't make someone love you. The longer she goes on pretending, or hoping, or whatever it is she's doing, the more she's going to end up emotionally hurt. I don't think I'd even bring it up to her though, as it could ruin your relationship with her. I think all you can do is just be there for her.

Anonymous said...

He has to explain it, because our own government officials can't or won't. :/

At least he's looking to avert them. What is our government waiting for?

Anonymous said...

If Congress thinks they can fix the mess after two years, they should not run for re-election ever again.
The damage this guy is busy doing is not going away, and he is escalating it's level. His handlers must be so proud.

Nothing he says can be trusted, and he is surrounded by zealots who fear nothing and respect no one.

He has pretty much emasculated our once superb military, they can't be used to overthrow him now, can they?

Anonymous said...

And we are forgetting the indoctrination common core is giving our youngest citizens. History has been rewritten, altered, islam gets the most words and is favored. Those youngest citizens grow up with a warped, untrue version of our history, our world.
I now find it hard to watch movies where our government and military are portrayed positively and with honor and integrity.
Long gone under our current dictator.

Anonymous said...

The apologists are in the comfort of the herd, family, group.
If they attempt to escape, then they suffer the loss of income, banishment.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

My OT Update:

Sheriff Shares new Details regarding Death of Justice Rees

Yolo County Sheriff, Edward Prieto, faced reporters, sharing new details regarding the death of Baby Justice Rees in an emotional interview.

“I am a grandfather of eight,” he said. “You could be the toughest criminal. But infants are special. Special.”

Justice Rees, only 20-days-old, and his mother Samantha Green were reported missing on February 23. Green turned up Tuesday in the Ridge Cut Slough in Knights Landing. Baby Justice Rees was found there dead the next day. Green was arrested Saturday, on murder charges.

The Yolo County Sheriffs Department conducted criminal background checks on both the mother, Samantha Green and father, Frank Rees.

Frank Rees was arrested Sunday evening, on unrelated charges. He had three misdemeanor warrants: Driving on a suspended license and having no car title in Yolo County, and a DUI charge from Lake County.

Rees’ bail is set for $120,000. Green has no bail.

“I am extraordinarily sympathetic and passionate about this young little infant that was found deceased… More so for him that the parents in all honesty,” Sheriff Prieto said.

Frank Rees and his family are responsible for making funeral arrangements for Baby Justice. When asked why deputies could not wait to arrest the father until his son was buried, Sheriff Prieto said he must abide by the law.

“You know, I have so much information on this man it is hard for me to be extraordinarily sympathetic.” the Sheriff said. “But he has had warrants for sometime so he could have taken care of this anytime if he had chance to. And obviously he chose not to. But when you get a court order, it is a court order. That’s when a judge tells you to take this person into custody.”

Both Green and Frank Rees are scheduled to be arraigned on March 4, 2015 at 11:00 am at the Yolo County Jail.

Family Conflicted over Mother Charged with Murdering Baby Justice

As Samantha Green prepares to spend a third night behind bars, her family is expressing conflicting views towards the 23-year-old.

On Saturday Green was charged with murder in the death of her baby, Justice Rees.

“We know in our heart that Sami would never do anything to intentionally harm her newborn son Justice. She loved him very much,” said Green’s father, in a statement.

Green’s mother and sister later released a statement as well:

“We do not support the decisions my sister has made. We fully support law enforcements efforts as well as the district attorneys efforts to ensure the truth is discovered and that justice is served for Baby Justice,” said Wanda Cozart and Aissa Green.

Green and Justice were reported missing Monday, then Green turned up Tuesday in the Ridge Cut Slough in Knights Landing. Baby Justice was found dead there the next day.

Criminal defense attorney, Richard Dudek says there’s a long road ahead for Green.

“It’s just the beginning of this, and there’s a long way to go in terms of uncovering what could be facts in this case before any determination would be made, and before an determination of what her defense may be,” said Dudek.

Investigators believe Green is the sole person responsible for her baby’s death.

Dudek says the young mother’s mental state may become a factor in the defense’s case.

“Whether or not it’s known that she in fact was responsible for the death would then trigger the next phase into any kind of defense.. certainly they’d look into what was her mindset, was she suffering from post-partum depression and whether or not that’s a viable defense here,” Dudek said.

Green is being held without bail. She is expected to be in court Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Looks like God mad my posts disappear!

Anonymous said...

Nope. It must have been good enough for them to use for their fake charity and redux.

Anonymous said...

I'll be getting off this scrubboard highway soon. You can pretend you are teaching Kritical thankin' to the masses after I'm gone.

Anonymous said...

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The conspiracy theorists can run people off the road all they want, causing finanical loss and stacking up medical bills in the name of freedom.

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Someone is going to make these people look big one day. It won't be me.

Anonymous said...

No sense in inventing a law against stalking and extortion. No one would enforce it if is is done for charity and the common good.

Anonymous said...

And, now I see another would prefer to be with their own kind.

The peson that once lived there got ran over, too. An elderly woman. She said they never attempted to slow down. I beleive her. Oddly enough, someone at the teach proper English to the foreiners had an identical car as hers. It was as rare as the SS a military man drove.

"I think they are peddlin' meth." If that were true, one of the many cops in the neighborhood would have caught them. Nope. Looks like a typical human trafficking operation to me.

"I found this safty pin in your drive."

Must have been from those Zeta beotches that inquired about the dresser. I found one there, too.

Do you have any cell phones for cell? Nope. Sold them to the camel jockies so they can stalk you.

Anonymous said...

Its a Jungle Out There!