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AJ Hadswell: Unreliable Denial and Wesley's Sister Statement

When someone is deceptive while a family member is missing, there is something amiss.

Most times it turns out that the deception was directly related to guilty knowledge of the missing person's status.

Once, it had to do with drugs and neglect, and not the missing child.

We must, therefore, remain open, even when "deception indicated" unless we find that the deception is directly related to the question of involvement.
Good journalism goes a long way, though sadly, it is rare.

"I had nothing to do with her disappearance" initially sounds strong when Wesley Hadswell first said it, but he was not finished speaking:

"I had nothing to do with her disappearance..." with the rest of the statement:

"I didn't have anything to do with her disappearance; I don't know where she's at.  I can't bring her home unless somebody gives me the information."

This came after almost 20 minutes of speaking.  I would prefer:

 "I didn't cause AJ's disappearance."

This is something he could have said, right from the beginning, without the need to wait, nor the need to add to it.  It is almost as to say "The interview is over.  I didn't cause AJ's disappearance. "  This is why when someone does issue a reliable denial, media only gives a short blurb, if anything, at all.  It is when they sense that something is wrong, that the story remains alive.

Wesley Hadsell had lots to say and his "I had nothing to do with..." not only has distancing language of "nothing to do with" but...

"nothing to do with" can come later, but the reliable denial looks like "I didn't cause AJ's disappearance", rather than "nothing to do with", as if it is just an association with a crime.

Having "nothing to do with" is not a reliable denial, by itself.

He was not done there, however.  He then said:

"Honest to God, I didn't have anything to do with my daughter's disappearance" brought in the element of Divinity, increasing the statistics that his statements hold deception.

At times, when someone says "I swear to God", the person is sending a signal:

"Please believe me because I have not always been truthful.  I really want to be believed now, so I am using this oath, but at the same time, I am telling you of my need to make an oath."

In his jail interview, he stated that police accused him, among other things, of being attracted to AJ, to the point of marrying her mother, 5 years ago, just to be near AJ.

He then did not deny it.

We sometimes come close to a reliable denial, but the subject goes beyond the elements, or alters a single word.

"I didn't steal the f***ing iPad" only to later confess.

I.  The pronoun "I" is present
II.  The past tense "steal" is present (though I prefer "take", in morally neutral language)
III.  The "iPad" is the specific item.

This sounds reliable.  Remember:  if it has 2 elements, or 4 elements, it is not reliable.

Note that the item is not an "iPad" but a "f***ing iPad", which altered the statement, showing a need for both emphasis, and an element of anger.  This makes it 4 elements or 4 components.  This also made it unreliable.  Later, the subject confessed.

The innocent will say so, early, and without addition nor subtraction.  Wesley Hadsell took almost 20 minutes of rambling to express a denial, yet did not limit it to make it stronger, but did, as deceptive people do, added to it for emphasis.

Now, his sister expresses doubt.  A liar troubles the world, and puts himself before the material interests of business, and the natural interests of his fellow man.  They trouble police departments, as we saw in the recent shooting in North Carolina.

The officer's written report said one thing but the video said another.  We do not have the report yet, but suffice for now:  it contradicted the video.  He is now under arrest for murder.

Here, what is Wesley Hadsell's most pressing interest?  Finding AJ?

Wesley Hadsell’s sister doubting brother’s innocence in AJ’s disappearance: “I had blinders on.”

Norfolk, Va. – Just hours after police find human remains during a search for missing teen Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell, her aunt speaks to NewsChannel 3.
Wendy Stokes says she’s losing faith in her brother, Wesley Hadsell — AJ’s adoptive father.

“I’m not a judge. I’m not a jury. I’m not saying he’s guilty. I’m not saying he’s innocent, but it’s really hard to have faith in someone when he can’t be honest,” Stokes said.
Hadsell, who already has a long history of felonies, is in jail right now facing several more charges, including breaking and entering and obstruction. Those charges are all in connection with his adoptive daughter’s disappearance.

Since his arrest, Stokes says she’s had her brothers back and believed him when he says he was just trying to find AJ. At least, that was the case until remains were discovered Thursday during a search.
I have always had faith in my brother no matter what. Every time he has gone to jail, every time he has gone to prison, every time he has gotten into trouble, I have always had faith in him,” she said. But with everything that has already come out and the charges they got on him I just don’t know. It’s hard to keep that faith.”

When asked if Stokes believes her brother is involved in AJ’s disappearance she said, “I don’t know anymore. At one time, I didn’t think he was, but now I don’t know. In my heart I don’t want to believe he did, but there are things that when you start seeing on TV, places they are looking. I’m his sister you never want to think that anybody in your family could ever do anything like this.”
From jail, Wesley Hadsell has been calling Wendy almost every day and she says in those conversations, red flags popped up. She says his story kept changing and that he asked her to put up a GoFundMe page for him, wanting money for his support rather than to find AJ.

That which does not come from experiential memory often experiences change as the subject does not keep track of his lies. 

“It’s a support page. He was wanting more people on the support page than the AJ page. I don’t understand it.” Stokes added.
Stokes says she doesn’t want to convict her brother, but as of right now, all faith in him is gone.


Sus said...

"places they are looking..."

I believe this was the deciding factor for WH's sister. She deleted her support page for him soon after remains were found on or near HER property. LE wasn't on a blind search yesterday. They went directly to the abandoned house. Confession? Jailhouse snitch? Pings with property searches?

Anonymous said...

If his own sister is doubting, that says volumes!

John Mc Gowan said...


Suspicions About Dad In Barway Collins Case Draws Attention Away From Missing Boy

The rumors about Pierre Collins picked up after police named him a suspect in the disappearance of his 10-year-old son, Barway Collins.
“There were rumors that he took out life insurance, rumors that he was a felon, that was a child molester,” Pastor Harding Smith, a spokesman for the Collins family, told NewsOne in an interview.

Smith, who heads Minnesota Acts Now and Spiritual Church of God, said none of those rumors are true.
Collins did take out a $30,000 life insurance policy on four of his children, but that took place three years ago. Smith also said Collins has no felony record and child abuse allegations against him were found to be unsubstantiated.

Even if they aren’t true, the rumors surrounding Collins are dividing the tight-knit Liberian community in Crystal, Minn. at exactly the time they need to come together to help find the missing child.

“They have lost a lot of friends in the community. People have taken him to trial and found him guilty in the court of public opinion,” said Smith, who said his role as a clergyman was to help a family in need and not speculate on Collins’ guilt or innocence.

“We’ve spoken with the father and he has over and over again maintained his innocence. We want Barway Collins to be in the spotlight. We don’t want this to be about Pierre Collins. We want to do everything we can to bring the boy home,” Smith added.

Barway was last seen on March 18 outside his home at Cedarwood Apartments in Crystal.

The 4th grader had just exited his school bus and was seen at about 4:30 p.m. walking away from the parking lot at his apartment building.
Crystal Police named Collins a suspect in the case after video of Barway on the bus showed him saying that he saw his father and his uncle.

“This video also has audio, which reveals that Barway had verbally stated that he observed his father and another party which he refers to as his “uncle” as he exited the bus.

As he approaches his home, it appears he is called over to the parking lot area,” Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering told NewsOne recently.

“The father and the party described as an “uncle” are the last known people to have seen Barway.

Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that Barway’s father has not been completely truthful with us,” added Revering, who said that Collins had refused to disclose who the “uncle,” possibly a fictive relative, might be.

Collins has neither been arrested nor charged in connection with his son’s disappearance and has maintained his innocence.

John Mc Gowan said...


“In working with the police I’ve been truthful with them.

Whatever I told them is true,”Collins said in a television interview with 12 News. “I’m willing to work with them so my son can come home.”

Collins said during the time frame his son went missing he was at home with his wife, but then left to go to the store. He says it was possible his son saw him driving off.

“I’m doing everything to bring my son home,” Collins said.

Smith said he’s not upset that Revering named Collins as a suspect.

“There are no other leads and the last person’s name Barway called was his dad and an uncle,” said Smith.

He was also complimentary of the job police have done so far.

“Chief Revering has done a fantastic job on this case. I know she has worked 19 hours on this case on some days, but we need to look at other possibilities as well,” said Smith. “We need to look at sexual predators in the area and broaden our horizons.”

As for police allegations that Collins was not being truthful about identifying the uncle Barway may have been referring to, Smith said Collins claims he is unaware of who his son may have seen.

“In African culture, people who are sometimes not your actual uncle but are close to the family are called uncle out of respect,” said Smith.

That means Barway could have been referring to any number of family friends and acquaintances when he pointed out his “uncle.”
Smith’s feelings were shared this week by several leaders of the Liberian community in the Crystal area.

“Every story about the dad is reducing the level of support Barway Collins deserves,” the Star Tribune reported Abdullah Kiatamba, executive director of African Immigrant Services, as saying.

“[We want to] keep the focus on little Barway, because if we lose track of that, it diminishes the importance of him,” added Seyon Nyanwleh, executive director of the A-Mon-Nue Sports and Social Association.

John Mc Gowan said...


Smith said all the accusations have weighed heavily on Collins, who is no longer speaking to the media.

“Mr. Collins has lost a considerable amount of weight and he has not been able to work. If he went to work people would be saying: ‘Your son is missing and you are at work!'” said Smith.

“He is at a peculiar place where there is little to no money and the community will need to help this family. The law states that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but it’s not easy in a small town like Crystal,” he added.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts or circumstances of disappearance for Barway Edwin Collins may contact the Crystal Police Department at (952) 258-5321 or (800) 222-8477. Callers may remain anonymous.

The reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person responsible for Barway’s disappearance is now up to $12,000.
You may also contact the Black and Missing Foundation’s confidential Tip Line with information.

Anonymous said...

"The officer's written report said one thing but the video said another. We do not have the report yet, but suffice for now: it contradicted the video. He is now under arrest for murder."

Peter, I am dismayed by the inclusion of this opinion in your post. We do not have the report yet, it has not been released, therefore how do we know it contradicted the video? I know no such thing. I prefer to wait for more to be released before I assume the officers report and the video contradict each other.
I am not justifying what the officer did btw. I want the facts not a media driven narrative.

John Mc Gowan said...

AJ Hadsell Search: Human remains found outside abandoned Southampton home

Anonymous said...

men marrying women just to get to the daughters --

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
"The officer's written report said one thing but the video said another. We do not have the report yet, but suffice for now: it contradicted the video. He is now under arrest for murder."

Peter, I am dismayed by the inclusion of this opinion in your post. We do not have the report yet, it has not been released, therefore how do we know it contradicted the video? I know no such thing. I prefer to wait for more to be released before I assume the officers report and the video contradict each other.
I am not justifying what the officer did btw. I want the facts not a media driven narrative.

You can search media for yourself, if you wish.

what I have posted is not media driven, however.


Anonymous said...

Media has covered the police report, so they got it somehow. It was a contradiction.

ima.grandma said...

Snipped: OT
I have confirmed through three different sources that on the morning of March 22nd, the day that ‪#‎NoahThomas‬ was reported missing by his mother Ashley Jennifer White, at least two people entered the family's backyard and searched inside the septic tank.
In a face to face interview, I was told the time was around 11:20 AM when these two people arrived on Highland Road in Dublin. I'm told initially the concern was that possibly the Thomas' landlord had suffered a heart attack. The landlord I'm told, quickly conveyed that he was fine but that #NoahThomas was missing and could not be found.
I'm told that just after 11:20 AM, March 22nd after learning the search was on for a 5 year old little boy, these two people raced into the backyard. They told me they knew that every yard in that area of Highland Road had a septic tank and if left uncovered, a child could fall into it.
I'm told that police were already inside the Thomas' home and several things were taking place simultaneously; LEO's were trying to establish a timeline, they were creating search teams and interviewing Noah's parents, who I'm told appeared "distracted."
Other law enforcement sources, not involved directly with this specific stage of the investigation, tell me that this "moment in time" can be incredibly chaotic because officers are focused on finding the missing child and that effort is primordial.
While officers were inside the home, the two adults were outside, saw the septic tank and ran to it.
I asked "Was the lid on or off?"
"The lid was on, but it popped off like a Tupperware lid .

ima.grandma said...

Snipped OT part 2

Orly. It popped right off."
I'm told the men looked inside the 1000 gallon tank and saw it was full. The stench was overpowering. They looked around and saw what appeared to be two metal poles nearby. They grabbed those poles and put them inside the eight- by four- by five and a half foot septic tank. They began probing vigorously yet tenderly, knowing a little boys body could be inside the dark water.
"Orly, we thought we felt something and we stopped. We pulled out the poles and ran and told police."
I'm told at least one LEO followed the adults to the septic tank. They told the LEO that their fingerprints were all over the metal pole and the septic tank lid "because we opened [the tank] and began looking for the boy."
The adults said they watched as a LEO took the metal pole and also probed gently inside the tank. After a while, I'm told the LEO pulled out the pole, placed the plastic lid back on the septic tank and the cursory search was over.
The following note is important: the sanitation technician who discovered Noah's body four days later inside the same tank, told me it appeared that there were as many three feet of thick sludge on the bottom of the tank. I'm told a septic tank accumulates about a foot of sludge every five years.
It's possible that the two adults may have felt some of that hardened sludge and thought it was Noah. It's also possible that when the LEO probed inside the tank, s/he didn't probe where the adults did, and therefore never felt the same object or hardness that the two neighborhood residents said they felt. Whatever it was the two adults felt inside the septic tank the same day Noah was reported missing, is certain to become part of the investigation.
This reporter conveyed all the information in this post to the PIO (Public Information Officer) for Pulaski County, who in turn relayed it to the Sheriff, the date- March 27th.
I asked the PIO to ask the Sheriff directly if the two pound septic tank lid was removed before the sanitation technician arrived that Thursday to drain the tank. The PIO, after conferring with the Sheriff, relayed that the tank had been removed shortly before the sanitation technician arrived. It was not made clear if the tank was removed by FBI agents or local law enforcement. Either way, the PIO conveyed the lid had been removed, LEO's had looked inside and the determination was made to not attempt to go any further until the tank was drained.
I asked the sanitation worker what he saw when he opened the tank. He said that first he removed the septic tank lid, placed the suction hose inside and began "skimming'' the top. He did this he said with FBI agents and other LEO's just feet away. He said that about 'halfway through, I saw what looked like a little butt and some pants and that jacket."
What happened next?
"I was told back away and go sit inside the truck."
This reporter reached out to the Richmond office of the FBI to ask about the progress of the investigation into the death of Noah Thomas. An FBI agent returned my call and all the information in this post was conveyed directly to the agent. This reporter asked if the FBI knew that two adults were saying that they had opened the septic tank lid within an hour of Noah being reported missing? Did the FBI know that local law enforcement, according to the adults, also probed inside the tank that same morning, but that part of the investigation never went any further?
The FBI was quick to point out that it was NOT part of the investigation. Why not I asked? I was told that Noah Thomas was not taken out of state, therefore the agency was not required to be involved from that investigative angle. It did however ''provide necessary resources'' to local law enforcement as requested.
Noah's parents, Ashley White and Paul Thomas have both been charged with felony child abuse and neglect and are being held without bond. No one has been charged in the death of Noah Thomas

ima.grandma said...

Site of above OT

John Mc Gowan said...

UPDATE: Human remains found positively identified as missing Norfolk woman