Thursday, April 23, 2015

Million Dollar Liar

When information does not flow from experiential memory, it is difficult to recall, even when using self-reference, such as, "Like I said", or "As I earlier reported", which are indications of self reference. 

Eventually, readers caught on, but the damage was long done.  

None of it’s true’: Australian cancer advocate Belle Gibson admits she never had the disease


Belle Gibson has admitted she never had cancer almost two years after rising to fame by claiming she had healed herself.

She’s been selling a sick lie.
An Australian woman who made herself a celebrity by claiming she all but cured her own cancer with a healthy diet has admitted she had never the disease.

"No. None of it's true," Belle Gibson, 23, told Australian Women's Weekly about her dreamed-up diagnosis.

Belle start saying on social media two years that, four years after being told malignant brain cancer would kill her in months, she had healed herself with a whole foods diet, exercise and alternative treatments. She amassed a massive online following, created TheWholePantry app -- which was downloaded more than 200,000 times -- and wrote a book based on the app, all bringing more than $1 million into her wallet.
But over time her cancer concoction started crumbling, with several outlets questioning her story and pointing out inconsisties in stories she told about her supposed sickness. She admitted last month that she never donated money she had promised to charities, and Consumer Affairs Victoria started investigating her, the Guardian reported.
Before coming clean, Gibson deleted most of her social media profiles or made them private.
None she tells Australian Women's Weekly she was truly passionate about spreading health food tips, but knew nothing about cancer.
“I don’t want forgiveness,” she said. “I just think (admitting the truth) was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.’”
Gibson reportedly cried often throughout her revelatory interviews.
The magazine's investigation found that Gibson received electromagnetic therapy from an alternative health quack last year, and results from those tests showed she never had cancer. Only then did she go to a real doctor, who told her the same thing. The doctor who she claimed to have given her a diagnosis in 2009 does not appear to exist.


John Mc Gowan said...


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WARNING Graphic video content!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Belle's payback will be when she gets an inoperable cancer that lingers for years, puts her into a coma for several more years and eventually does her in in great agony. Not saying I wish this on her but it could happen.

Cancer is not something anyone wants to lie about happening or deceive others for money. Payback and its' pain (AND costs) is very real. AS IS CANCER.

John Mc Gowan said...


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ima.grandma said...

A penny for your thoughts Peter . . .

Lis said...

I'm curious if reading her blog posts would have revealed the truth.

I started reading Suzanne Somers' book about doctors who supposedly cure cancer and I could not get through the first chapter, it was written so deceptively.

Lis said...

So this comment:

“I don’t want forgiveness,” she said. “I just think (admitting the truth) was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.’”

I don't know if someone asked if she was looking for forgiveness, if not she spoke in the negative which makes it sensitive. Does she want forgiveness?

She "just" thinks it is the responsible thing to do (now that she's been caught). "Above anything" (?) she wants "people" to say 'okay she's human'. "Human" is a lot softer than "liar" and does not carry the same connotation does it? I wonder how she sees that. Does she see all people as liars?

It seems like she expects people to just shrug their shoulders and walk away, leaving her with her ill-gotten million?

Anonymous said...

Lis, I am curious to know what you found deceptive in Suzanne Sommers book relating to doctors who supposedly cure cancer? I haven't read the book but did find excerpts from the book to be true.

IMO, you'd have to have had cancer to be fully apprised as to just how deceptive the conventional medical profession is in treating it. It's not a pretty picture. In my own experience, they first pander to pharmaceuticals and to each other; the patient is secondary and is rubber stamped to meet the slanted guidelines of the slanted medical profession and the pharmaceuticals they peddle.

Some, who slap each other on the back and help to cover up a misdiagnosis will lie through their teeth (including deliberately deceptive lab work reports) in support of each other while leaving the patients' cancer to spread and kill the patient. Some, when they finally do find a medical doctor who will treat their cancer are doctored to death with barbaric poisonous (pharmaceuticals!) treatments. The poor unsuspecting (and believing) patient does not realize the medical trap they have fallen into until after it's too late while they die a slow death.

So far as I have been able to ascertain, Suzzane Somers is not being deceptive about this; and yes, there are alternative methods to treating cancer. Bear in mind, I didn't say 'curing it' as in actuality, there is no real cure. Some (few cures) do occur by happenstance primarily through nutritional alternatives but those are unique as there are many types of cancer. There is no blueprint cure for any of us. There are however, nutritional benefits and alternative physicians that genuinely do care and can help us, that can lead to many years of well-being, although the cancer can (and usually does) recur at anytime.